What Is the New World Order? – Questions For Corbett #019

by | Dec 31, 2014 | Questions For Corbett | 20 comments

Every month James dips into the mailbag to answer questions from subscribers, Twitter followers, listeners and interested bystanders. This month he tackles questions on Gary Webb’s “suicide,” mandatory voting in Australia, tax truth, the New World Order, Gladio B, Greenspan the Goldbug, and much more.

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  1. hey. thanks for answering my question, and well done for correctly pinpointing my implication. and also, succinctly describing it! im also pretty chuffed im now famous and on a corbett video. i will show all my friends immediately 😀 ‘cartoonish’ is a perfect description of exactly what i was railing against. the definition of the NWO you present here is a rational and feasible one (and some of it provable as you say) – i guess what i should have added to that is what i encounter on the internet as the publics perception of the NWO, which seems to be a vastly different definition to yours.

    1) the idea that it is a – as you say – one dictator overload type affair which is simplifying matters far too much.

    2) the thing that keeps coming up – population control, and in fact this is the one i have a problem with. ive lost count of the people that cuss others on youtube etc for being ‘sheep’ and ‘blind’ and that they will die in the big cull thats coming. the proof they present for this seems to be things like georgia guidestones, fema camps with loads of ready made coffins in, coupla kissinger comments etc. id quite like to know where this started from.

    ok its weird there are fema campes with lots of coffins in but this doesnt prove there is going to be a cull on purpose by this dictator overload that enslaves the world. this is a common perception i see around and i also agree that yes we should take the data in for ourselves and work out our own ideas – but this is precisely what i dont see from these people i talk of. they assume *everything is the dark illuminati jesuit luciferian roman cult lizard NWO blah, and to me that the same as completely discounting it as conspiracy theory (argh i hate that) i guess what they are thinking is that, these overlords will run the world into the ground till it collapses and then oh look weve found the great solution to all this which is world government etc.

    im aware various public figures talk of population control and eugenics, but i dont see anyone promoting the idea of purposefully killing off millions of people. i always say to my mates im for eugenics as long as its me on the board of directors culling stupid people. thats sort of a joke, only ideally, i would like all the stupid people to drop dead in the next few minutes, but never mind.

    talking of stupid, im embarrassed to say it, but i didnt know wells wrote that book, and i certainly didnt imagine it wouldnt be a work of fiction when i first saw it come up on the screen there. wow. will check it out !

    this site *is a great insight into how you have developed and changed your thinking (referring to mind renewed podcast now) – ive been checking it out for about 4 years now listening to a lot, i guess you could say im a fan. eurgh, what a horrid idea. i have fans of me, i find it disgusting. heheh.

    anyway dont waste yer time following this up, i just wanted to provide some more clarity on what i meant. i was going to say you should bear this in mind when you are propagating these ideas, but then you are already intrinsically fighting against this simplification. there is one more guy though ive encountered on my travels a few years ago im curious as to whether you have bumped into and thats Frank o Collins – ucadia. now there is some freaky ass sheet. i wonder what you reckon to all that, hes quite a character. son of a jesuit priest apparently. anyway have a great new year and may you continue to go onward and upward.

    • how do you know the organisers are not occultists? do you know them personally ? i think the problem i have with it is that we have this entity *THE nwo, but it isnt like that really. what am i seeing in what sir corbett is saying is a disparate bunch of rich greedy and misguided people who think that globalisation is the way forward. read way to them getting more cash and power. its more of an ideology than a group. so can we stop referring to it as a group now!? 🙂

      the problem is over simplifying the whole thing, and then presenting your opinion as fact. not you per se, but most of the entire internet that bleats on about this stuff, that lets face it, they havent got the foggiest idea about. theyve watched a coupla youtube vids, seen a coupla quotes and thats all they need as proof! this issue is divisive , quite negative for our community and allows outsiders to point at us and say ‘lunatics’

      what is wrong with having one world ? nothing. the idea of countries and different languages is silly considering the planet is so small. its the government bit on the end i object to. im totally for getting rid of countries.

      i would prefer people say ‘the globalists’ when talking of this bunch, because the NWO is too ridiculously loaded at this point i think. i saw a message on youtube somewhere yesterday, saying if you add up these last three planes (crashes) numbers they come to 8888. now go look up ‘CONOP 8888’ on google.


      oh did i laugh. this is akin to a lot of stuff i hear bleated about the NWO, the luciferian stuff, the roman cult, jesuit blah etcetcetcetcetc. it really doesnt matter if these people are occultists or not, because satan, demons and magic spells dont exist so they are unlikely to effect me! anyway enough of me, have a great new year everyone!! lets make this one to fight back in whatever way we can. the politico-financial complex must be destroyed along with the disgusting propaganda machine. ok. so get on it! 😀

    • hey schymles 😉 i just dont think of the idea as one group with a united purpose. the globalists are not all the same are they. you have different factions and individuals with different motives.

      oh that romsn cult stuff i heard off frank o collins, but i dont believe a word 🙂 its interesting tho about these hidden papal bulls written on the skin of human children, but guess we aint going to find out if its true unless we all break into the vatican.

    • gosh. long have i heard of the supposed correlation between child abuse and the most powerful people in the world, with many people hinting the british royal family are involved on the internet. as with most things, i take with a grain of salt. but, just as we are talking about population control and powerful people – THIS turns up!


      so this guy epstein


      financier of:

      Epstein currently sits on the Mind, Brain and Behavior Advisory Committee at Harvard University, and is actively involved in the Santa Fe Institute, the Theoretical Biology Initiative at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, and the Quantum Gravity Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a former member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York Academy of Science and a former board member of Rockefeller University.[22]

      oh and a convicted sex offender.


  2. Again excellent work James, on the topic of alternatives to TV for kids. I’ve raised my daughter by myself since she was 5 and the day ex moved out was the day I signed my child up in any activity she wanted to try, my daughter now plays AA girls hockey, OYSL soccer and Tier 1 girls fast pitch, she works out regularly at gym and run 5 & 10 km runs (places regularly in top 10 now). She has a brown/black belt in Karate, figure skated till grade 7 (switched to hockey) and did competitive gymnastics till grade 8 (hockey and soccer conflicted to much and had to choose). I can tell you the idiot box in our house has rarely been used and the life lessons, friends learning to work as a team , etc from participation in sports is worth every penny I have put into (yes my clothes are often from value village and my hobbies are on hold for last ten years, so be it). I have always let her choose the activity she wants to be involved in, she chooses the sports but I do not care what she chooses, has long as she picks something. She has gone to music lesson, drawing/art classes, tried acting camps all of which she enjoyed but in the end liked sports the best. I have attended every practice, game or event she been too, always had a policy to be involved in the activity in anyway possible (be it coach, manager, board of directors, general helper etc etc etc). I’ve made sure she helps with the work of what ever we do where she can (ie when I was on board for her fast pitch association as equipment director she help in every aspect of the team sizing nights, uniform ordering & distrubution). She signed up to volunteer at local hospital last summer always attend full credit summer school courses in high school. I can go on for sometime about what I did to keep that idiot box off but you can get the picture from the above. So I will summarize it all with few choosen statements I’ve repeated to her all her life

    1- pick activities to be involved in because your not sitting around house bored
    2- shopping malls are only places you go when you need something, they are not hangout places and you will not hanging out at them
    3- I don’t care what you pick, but I put a solid effort getting you there so I expect a solid effort at them and what ever you start you finish, ie no quitting halpf way through the year
    4- I don’t care what level you play at has long has your not the weakest player on the team and not the strongest. If you are in top 3 for strongest you need to move up, if you are bottom 3 you need to move down. It’s not about level its about challenging yourself and improving!

  3. haha johhny morris! i used to watch him n all! i was allowed to read enid as a child and your mum is still right.

    DISNEY: look up subliminal message in disney films, with many lewd things inserted for a few frames. there are balanced versions of this on the web, and then you have your illuminati satan blah youtube videos that will tell you this is a concerted effort to spread evil throughout the world. the priest with a hard on is perhaps the most shocking one.

  4. Also to speak to the Australian Voting Question one could also take the fines to court and either a: plead guilty to the FACTS of which they cannot hear as the court can only hear “charges” then take control of your strawmans’ Trust account (MUST BE 100% ACCURATE IN PROCEDURE) or b: Say at pleading “I have been advised to Not recognise this level of Juris (Which is Stature/Legislative) and waive all benefits to it”. Which as far I as I’m learning is an active pathway within Cannon Law still accessible to all, that allows the Magistrate to essentially automatically access the strawman account and benefit a fee. But at the end of the day it is about keeping all parties in HONOUR.
    PS Gotta love Open Source Learning.

  5. The NWO or “Global Governance” is a plan and and a goal, by whom is trickier to answer but we can be sure of one thing and that is that those leading and coordinating it have no care or concern for humanity or the planet and any other kind of life on it except their own. Could we call them evil? Absolutely.
    As for what to watch on the screen with your child, I wouldn’t be too concerned about it because his parents are his best teachers, you are already highly selective and you will teach him to consume and view critically. My kids grew up on a lot of Disney movies-Jungle Book was one of our all time favorites. I can pick apart the references now, though! My children are fine young adults despite what they were exposed to.
    Here’s a good example of why it is a good idea to keep kids away from contemporary programming; you could argue that there is a geo-engineered sky in this image from Arthur (another program loved by all in my home!)

    I think the Wallace and Gromit claymation series are great and recommend them.
    And as Jeannett said above, Pippi Longstocking (the older version)was also a big hit here.
    Mr. Bean for the whole family and when your son gets older.
    or Charlie Chaplin with the fabulous music to accompany it!
    I would definitely go with older more artistic entertainment!

    • i think you have a very good point there, the only way i can imagine all the vastly different countries of the world capitulating to some global force is through a massive catastrophe. these dynasties – theyre not in a club, some of the individuals within them are globalists. semantic / pedantic point perhaps.

      actually. what am i talking about. some of them are in clubs. just none of them are called the NWO.

    • very nicely articulated lulz. your algorithm is correct in my view 🙂 ‘blob of sameness’ 🙂 is quite similar to a phrase i use for our ‘culture of nothing’ – god i sound like im from north korea.


      anyone else seen this, hilarious. its actually a fake by new zealand director slavko martinov. absolutely brilliant.

    • If the NWO isn’t a unified group, but more of an ideology or goal, isn’t it also possible that it’s just a natural tendency of political systems in general? I’m trying to get at the “root cause” of the NWO. For example, if the globalist ideology per se did not exist, would there still be a tendency to “global governance” just due to the benefits for the parties involved?

      If so, then advocating national sovereignty or local government rings a bit hollow, since the root issue is political systems as such. After all, globalization of voluntary society, such as us commenting on this blog from many countries, is not a bad thing at all. So maybe a better rhetoric is to oppose coercive institutions (government being #1), not globalization per se.

      • A very important point, Apollo Slater. As a “Canadian” of “British” descent living in “Japan” with my “Japanese” wife and half-“Japanese” son, arbitrary lines on a map denoting the limits of a particular gang’s territory have little meaning to me. The natural state of humanity is global freedom, which is what we should really be seeking moreso than falling into the false nation-state/global government dichotomy.

  6. James, speaking of children’s programming, would you consider discussing “Babe” for an upcoming FLNWO? I watched this and loved it many years ago and saw it as a great lesson in kindness and respect…but now I see it as carrying a much darker kind of “inside joke” about how to control the masses. I am sure you and your colleagues could be very articulate in your analysis of this film.

  7. Hi James,
    Congratulations on another excellent episode of questions for Corbett.
    I am not a parent. But I am a conscious professional musician (or rather a professional musician with a conscience). I have played with Adele, Beck, Johnny Cash and Tom Waits to name a few. But I also spent a few years working on a wonderful American children’s cartoon program for Nickelodeon called THE BACKYARDIGANS. A show in which the 5 characters meet in their common backyard to go on magical musical adventures. Every episode has a different theme and a different musical genre. We would record a few songs per episode which were then choreographed and performed by real dancers who were then used as the basis for the animated characters dance numbers. This was some of the best work I have been involved in as a side man. I got to play with some of my musical heroes on this show. All the musicians played together in real time (a rarity these days).
    And the kids who watch this program are exposed to a wide variety of musical styles and some great choreography. The story lines often involve typical kids fantasies but do not stress violence, consumerism, anti parent or harmful self image messages the way so many Disney shows do. The plot lines are mostly riffs on classic films and comedies so it can be quite entertaining for adults as well. There are episodes about a samurai pie baker, Canadian mounties on patrol in the snow, a swamp creature ….etc., all with killer music. And I think it is perfectly appropriate viewing for any 5 to 7 year old.
    Good Luck with the whole issue of electronic media and your child. I am sure you will learn a lot from this experience.
    -Smokey Hormel

    • Thanks for the comment and the contribution, Smokey. I’ve never heard of The Backyardigans but I will check it out.

  8. Hi James, excellent QFC. My brother, who has a 15 month old, and I were just talking about how we’d love to see you make an episode on raising children.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Hi James,

    I think nature/wildlife videos and programs are a great option. Your son will likely gravitate towards certain types of animals, which will help give you a sense of what to explore further. Just a thought.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, BennyB. He’s already honed in on and learned to identify cheetahs, koalas and elephants in his picture books.

      • Nice! While I think of it, this is a great resource: http://www.arkive.org/

        It’s a really nice nature/wildlife database with pictures and video clips for tons of different species. Probably a bit more for future reference, but it’s a really good one and it’s of the no-nonsense (i.e: “watch what happens when!”) variety, which is a major plus.

  10. Thank you for addressing the Gary Webb issue. I really appreciate your non-knee-jerk, non-defensive response. I did not know the family had expressed an opinion already, which makes the son’s recent statements less relevant. I think your term “suicided” is one of your many great contributions have little doubt it applies here. At the very least, given the patterns that have emerged, who could fault us for being suspicious?

    And this leads to my next question, which is why do you think some people are suicided and some are not? For example, the children in the Franklin Scandal were just discredited and I think the state sentator from Nebraska is still alive. But the DC Madame’s killing is hard to defend with a strait face. Maybe with the pedophile rings there are just too many people they’d have to kill? That might explain Epstein. But what about the Economic Hitman? He says that he is protected because killing him would be too incriminating. Yet Webb put his story out and he wasn’t protected?

    I know there are unique facts for each case but I wonder if you see any trends and how the foretells fate of the Epstien victims.

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