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On today’s Thought For The Day, James riffs on a conversation in the Corbett Report comments about the Exxon logo and the surprising things hidden in many corporate logos.

Comment thread on Exxon logo

Interview 191 – Freeman Fly (clip: 4m27s – 9m43s)


  1. Secret Agent 666 by History prof Richard B Spence goes (as a side line to the main work) into how Masonry was the way people got ahead in the Victorian Civil Service… the more powerful people them got into magic things like OTO in the same way older kids move into new hobbies when younger kids copy their present ones.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUN9A_Nskjk thkelly interview w him
    WISH he was a guest on Corbett report as it would be a good show.
    Anyway.. my take is that the REAL master plan behind it all is to reenact the type of change that happened when Christianity became the main religion- only the plan is to externalize the Lucifarian / satanic religion that a number of these people practice in secret
    The biggest thing that makes me think that there is a desire to re-write the religious scene and externalize some form of satanism as the main religion of society is the way that its promoted in the media- by people who clearly KNOW something about what they are writing of.
    The externalization of whats hidden and making it accepted by normal people is a generations long process but clearly they are making headway when you consider that things like STrange Angel, or the ”chilling adventures of Sabrina’ (how many parents will let kids watch unattended because they assume its the same as the 90’s TV show??) and now being put out- work that has symbolism and things that are impossible to have randomly been included.
    ABout 5 min in this reviewer actually says of the COMIC (not TV) version that it creeped him out how much research went into the story
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAiQuKWJchs If you follow only one link I post it should be This one , a comic review…
    Dennis Wheatly wrote about these kinda things and knew what he was on about
    https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZxV9uSWNxFPX/ review book on bitchute.. Christopher Lee also spoke about such things (long windedly) and the idea that satanism is a joke or libertarian movement is an amazing change in culture
    Its also stupid to think that hollyweirdos like Johnny Depp and the guy who did Lord of the rings are going to blow millions getting a confessed satanic kiddie murderer like Echols out of jail so they can hang out without a
    coreligionist link.
    https://crimerocket.com/2018/10/31/who-do-you-despise-the-most-in-true-crime-damien-echols-is-my-pick-warning-graphic-images/ page on the case… Williams Ramsey has also done good research

  2. Is this the face of a logo? Three days after a couple a thousand people of New Jersey show up at the capitol to kill a skull and bones bill, the minions of evil introduce the bill again. Obliviously statism never sleeps. What will be the logo of someone like this
    ( crazy ? ) man ?


    Is he crazy for taking action or is this a deception? Is the American flag a logo for his cause or has he been deceived by the promise of this logo, as all other logos deceive?

    I asked a group of friends the other night if government works 1% of the time you ignore the 99% of corruption? They all agreed government works 99% and only fails 1%. I said see how it works.

    • Libertydan, he may be using the words ‘ establishment and blue bloods’ instead of the words JFK used. He definitly looks depressed and may well be heading to a crisis of existence like so many others who have been so foolish to speck exoterical esoterically.
      Given careful listening in my humble opinion, he is saying much of what TCR is saying.
      He seems to be many things, uninformed isn’t one of them.

  3. Tom Steyer, the only billionaire running for the democratic nomination, who made his money in oil, yet his biggest talking point is fighting climate change, has been drawing a symbol on his hand:


    I’m new to Corbett and this entire section of the world, but after watching Why Big Oil Conquered the World, and learning a little bit about these secret societies, I can see how the dots could possibly connect.

    Does anybody have any insight into this?

  4. Jordan Maxwell has made a pretty solid case that Sun worship is front & center for TPTB, and that the rising sun symbol (sun on the horizon with outreaching sunbeams) is a favorite of theirs.
    He believes that is what’s depicted in the modern 1971 iteration of the Shell pecten logo.
    According to Wikipedia, that 1971 logo was designed by none other than Raymond Loewy (same guy who did the Exxon logo).

    • They are without doubt practitioners of another religion, with which they wish to replace Christianity…. I’d say it more likly they are Satanists in the sense that its hard to imagine a SOl Invictus or such like cult existing thru the middle ages in a culture of Christianity and then bursting out. Its more likely a growth of rebellion vs the dominant culture, either by certain sects of jew (not all) or natively.
      Wicca is a totally new creation and has zero historical basis in even the middle ages let alone pre-christian times. Survival of a totally non christian cult would be hard in the dark and middle ages

    • Sun Worship IS Christianity. Read Chapter 4 of From Hell by Alan Moore…

      • CRM114
        1)Alan Moore is an occultist and magician- not sure you should trust what he says even if he thinks he actually knows something.
        2)Christianity is NOT sun worship.
        I suspect you have been drinking the “zeitgeist” Movie coolaid? Those ideas are generally a rehashing of some kind of the very poor historical work done by early amateurs in Egypt before we could read hieroglyphics… a rehash of old , frankly rusbbish , ideas from 200 years ago that keep comng up because they suit the ‘zeitgeist’ (pun intended) 🙂
        Thats where the “ossiris is Jesus” rubbish came from, a lack of knowledge at what they were looking at and an enlightenment mindset looking to take down established church power. Its also the same way we get “bacchus is jesus!” narative, also BS if you actually look into it.
        Now… I will admit that Constantine WAS into Sol Invictus more then Christianity, but unless you are talking about some of the weirdnesses in practice that the Roman Catholics let occasionally let creep in for social reasons that is in no way a part of the theology

        • This has nothing to do with a stupid youtube movie. You can read the chapter and we can try to have an intelligent discussion or you can dismiss things out of hand because you are already in contact with the one true Reality…………………….quack quack

          • Since I dont HAVE a copy thats not possible, however the stupid idea of the solar cult being involved in the origin of Christianity is an old and utterly rubbish idea. I was just going thru some of the places it has come up recently, (the zeitgeist movie) but its recycled periodically.
            Its not an idea that is new, nor is it a discovery or invention of Alan Moore, so if you want to discuss it go ahead and make a case.

              • not sure what you want me to read there- from hell not there

              • I dont generally download stray PDF’s on my actual PC, I can do it when I get my other machine up next. That aside, why dont you just make the case for Jesus being a sun cult?
                Its not like a comic book is evidence of anything OTHER THEN POSSIBLY that the author believed such a thing… as I have said, tose ideas are not new, they arose AFAIK when Europeans first started to take an interest in Egypt but were not able to read the actual inscriptions…. if you have an author who has some evidence (other then alan moore making a assertion thereof in a comic book) then I’d be interested. On the other hand if you want to say ALAN MOORE thinks such a thing I would say your prob right… but why and how does he think that? WHat are his sources?
                If you dig up the bibliography of books with astronomical JEsus and BAcchus Jesus they tend to be sourced from mostly discredited olde tymers or people with occult ideas.

  5. This such an important topic… Micheal Tsarion has done some great work on this subject in the past as well Jordan Maxwell. Tsarion though has been taken by the Trump / alt-right psy-op since the last selection and now promotes people like anne coulter. A real disappointment to see… he was one of my favorite researchers years ago.

    Symbols certainly speak to the subconscious as well as events do on a deeper level.

    Michael Hoffman wrote a book called “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” which is one of the most important books written on the subject of psychologically binding people. Symbols are just a mere part of the binding process, the book delves deeper into the symbolic patterns of unfolding events that were to begin with the new century. That in turn would trans-form mankind into the transhuman and we are seeing it happen with all of the madness being promoted in regards to all the schism identities that have popped up.

    I highly recommend this book to everyone:

    This is truly mystery babylon that we are living in and it is the great work of lucifer. But lucifer is no mythical being – I believe it is a fallen race of aliens who have been here for a very long time and they know us psychologically far better than we know ourselves. Hence the effects of the symbols.. Jung began to tap into a way to free us and he was on to something when he stated:

    “A great change of our psychological attitude is imminent,
    that is certain…we need more psychology, we need more understanding
    of human nature because the only real danger that exists is man himself,
    he is the great danger, and we are pitifully unaware of it,
    we know nothing of man, far too little. His psyche should be studied
    because we are the origin of all coming evil ”

    Lucifers influence is the origin – but mans psyche is a great manifester of the collective conditions. They know this well and the symbols is part of how man is mind controlled.

    If fact, mind control is at the root of all of this. None of their bullshit could fly without it, from the belief in the simple lie down to the trauma based mind controlled slave.

  6. That Fry guy lost it when he ventured into the devil bs.

    • I don’t believe in Allah the muslim god… but muslims do plenty of actions in the real world because THEY believe…. why would it be hard to imagine that people who believe in satan might worship him and do things in the real world because of that belief ??
      That would be like imagining that pedo’s CANT exist because we cant imagine why they would do their disgusting actions…. a non-mystic history book on the subject is ‘secret agent 666’

      • Allah is Arabic for God, and is used by Arab speaking Christians and Jews to refer to God, in other words it literally translates as God.

        • in scripture God has a name… the reason that mohamed never used that name for allah is that the jews who were paid to read him their books never said it aloud- instead using “Lord”.
          ‘baal’ (as in the recently revamped “arch of Baal”) also means ‘lord’ which in English means something like ‘giver of loaves/bread’ but while that title may be used to refer to God or to ‘the baals’ (‘g’ods) worshiped by pagans.
          Allah is not the same as the God of the Bible.

          • God has 72 names in scripture including YHVH, El, El Shaddai, Elohim, etc. Gods name in Latin is Dues, Got in German, Jehovah in English, I don’t understand what’s so difficult understand about a word being translated into another language.

            Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic are all Semitic languages and share words and cognates. Yes Allāh is a direct translation of one of the Hebrew words for God. In Christian Arabic Bibles it’s the word used for God. It’s not a separate Deity and never has been.

            • El, El Shaddai, Elohim are titles NOT names, anymore than ‘Captain’ is the name of the guy running the ship or “General” isa the name of the gy ordering the army or “director” is the NAME of the guy running the company
              Gott and Deus are ALSO words that mean “God” but they are NOT names, for example ‘moloch’ would also be referred to as “‘A’ deus” (or a deity) or “A” Gott (a god)
              Allah is never called by the name of God anymore, then Baal or moloch is, because muhamed DID NOT KNOW THAT NAME, because the jews who he was copying never said it aloud to him and he could not read hebrew.
              Theologically it would also be VERY strange if the same God who hung out with jews then decided to hang out in a little black rock formerly worshiped by pagans.

  7. Anecdote:

    MASONS –
    In 1979, I worked as a bellman for a 650 room hotel spread out on 14 acres by Love Field Airport in Dallas. It literally looked like a castle.
    A bellman knows what goes down.
    One time the Masons had a big bash. We are talking high profile businessmen, judges, etc. Their armed security ballroom was locked to keep out hotel staff while they had gambling tables going on inside. (I peaked through the door cracks.) They had one cordoned-off hotel wing where they kept a room full of working girls. Masons would go to the prostitute room, pick the girl of their choice and take them to another room. Sometimes, the couple even did their act in the hallway. Occasionally, I would deliver food to the girls. An interesting, adventurous era for me.

    (The above comment was snagged from the Thread at Corbett’s Episode 158 – Requiem for the Suicided: The DC Madam )

  8. ‘…It’s not for fun I tell you that much, its more to it than putting their signs everywhere. When you get on this rabbit whole you will understand why towards the end….’
    Are you not telling us because its too horrible or because its hard to understand? Just tell us why you think so we can compare ideas- I think its to slip it into the external, exoteric, world and change our culture into a mirror of their ideas, just like Christians did to the old Roman.

  9. While exposing the hidden symbolism of a logo may have an entertaining aspect to the unwashed the same symbolism serves very powerful purposes to those who understand the esoteric of occult knowledge. One of the more knowledgeable proponents of Natural Law and against Statism, Mark Passio, was a former Satanic priest who has often stated that if you do not understand occult knowledge then you cannot understand how secret societies wield such immense influence and power from behind the curtain and over much of the world’s structures and through them holding the rest of the unknowledgeable population in such a power differential as to make the later play things.

    Here’s an introduction to Passio in conversation with Tragedy and Hope’s Richard Grove : https://tragedyandhope.com/history-solutions-how-to-escape-the-psychology-of-control-with-mark-passio/

    • I saw Mark Passion a while back, he struck me as similar to Ted Gunderson who was mostly believable but went that little bit further to make the subject skunked and stupid to people who happen across it wthout prior exposure to the ideas.
      Not saying anything bad about him personally but that was kinda the feeling they both gave me.

  10. An Exxon employee responded thusly:

    It’s assumed that the name Exxon comes from a branding agency or researcher, that someone got paid well to find a name and that it has no particular meaning. They wanted a name that couldn’t be mistranslated, like the old car, the Nova, which was popular in the US, but in Mexico, nobody wanted a car whose name in Spanish, “No va,” means “Doesn’t go.” As I recall from college biology, an “exon” is a part of DNA that gets spliced out and nobody knows why it exists.

    As for Shell, it was named as a tribute to the old family business of shell trading. Talking with designers, sometimes they use old symbols because they like the look and symbology.

    • Not to downplay the significance/importance of this piece, but if you looked long enough and tried hard enough I would imagine you could find links to Satan in almost every logo out there today.

      For example, it took me all of two seconds to see the obvious link between Freeman Fly and Freemasonry.

      • Fawlty Towers
        True you can get carried away with it but we know that being in the Mason’s was the way people climbed the Victorian English civil service ladder, so you would expect plenty of powerful people to use their symbolism- the thing is that regular folks like to copy their ‘betters’ and use it themselves even if the don’t understand the meaning or correct use.
        The whole thing with music industry skin puppets using the symbolism is to make it something the lower classes aspire to

  11. ‘…Venus is a planet and Lucifer is a demon, so they are not the same. They are associated…’
    The planet is the ‘morningstar’, the Goddess venus is aphrodite, born from the foam of cronus;’s nuts being thrown in the ocean as I recall and – like in the panting- comes in the sea shell.
    The use of a serpent to describe the devil comes from the Book of Revelations.

    “….The Sol Invictus cult went into what has now become inner circle Christianity, which is Luciferian……”
    There is no inner secret to Christianity, that is a Gnostic teaching and the gnostics may very well be lucifarians- they are not Christians, they just have some superficially similar ideas which made them infect Christians with teachings that became heresies in Christianity.
    My understanding is that Cabalism (which is so popular with the rich and famous) and Gnostic ideas are similar and related but I don’t know enough to say.
    “… The association of the pentagram with witchcraft is confusing and was probably used to tar country witches…”
    The pentagram was often used as a good luck sign (and used to represent the wounds of Christ….maybe…) for a long time. The INVERTED 5 pointed star was considered satanic for a long time and is possibly linked to or representative of the baphomet figures head. It may have been a folk magic symbol.
    Wicca witchcraft is a totally modern invention and any symbology it uses mostly comes from the occultists who created it. You might expect satanist witches to invert a ‘lucky’ christian star maybe? I don’t know

  12. Of course the Cross of Lorraine is also on each and every Oreo Cookie.

    This all reminds me not only of Scott Onstott’s series Secrets In Plane Sight
    but also this very strange youtube video I discovered years ago called
    Stargate of Oz:


    • That WAS strange…. Interesting but the beat gave me a headache n I had to stop watching

      • dear god skip the terrible music parts

    • sorry… The symbol means “dont try typing when drunk”

  13. Well James, you manage to fool me this time, when I first read the title I though you were going to go down a different path with this one.

    I thought you were going to follow on with the idea of people being a creature of habit as in the Truth About Shadow banning.

    Apart from any symbolism or particular meaning associated with a Logo, the simple recognition of a Logo is in itself a form a mind control.

    For example a lot of people complain about the path Youtube is heading these days with censorship and everything, but the fact is that the Youtube of 2010 and the Youtube of 2020 are completely different entities. The server hardware is different, the data has been copied multiple times, code has been changed, employees have come and gone, ownership has changed and most importantly policies are different.

    About the only thing that ties Youtube 2020 to Youtube 2010 is the Logo and other branding.
    If you were able to travel back in time and show someone from 2010 the current day Youtube (Hiding the Logo and the URL from them) they wouldn’t recognise it. They would probably think of it as poor quality rip-off of the their Youtube and insist on using the “REAL” Youtube site because it is better.

    Logos and “branding” can be used to keep the Frogs boiling away in their pots without them ever realizing the temperature has been wound up.

    The Logo is immortal, even if the corpses of the evil founders have long since rotted away.

  14. Fridays For Future – FFF – 666 🙂

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