Where Can We Run To? – Questions For Corbett #072

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Today on Questions For Corbett, James answers a frequently asked question about where people can move to in order to escape the globalist agenda.

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  1. There is a place where you can be free. Its your mind.

    • bingfuckingoh! i believe fredrick douglas said that the most dangerous enemy to a free thinking slave on the plantation, were those that believed themselves to be slaves. i can’t find the quote. i goes to the heart of this. freedom starts in the mind. this one is very close. though gloomy…

      “I have observed this in my experience of slavery, – that whenever my condition was improved, instead of its increasing my contentment, it only increased my desire to be free, and set me to thinking of plans to gain my freedom. I have found that, to make a contented slave, it is necessary to make a thoughtless one. It is necessary to darken his moral and mental vision, and, as far as possible, to annihilate the power of reason. He must be able to detect no inconsistencies in slavery; he must be made to feel that slavery is right; and he can be brought to that only when he ceased to be a man.”
      ― Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

      • I’ll second that “bingfuckingoh!”. Absolutely! I read so many comments of people giving up waiting for Jesus Christ’s return or giving in and just accepting what they deem as the inevitable. There are many things we can do, and it doesn’t have to be grand and glorious like leading a revolution. Fundamentally, we all can do everything we can to resist, like refuse to wear a mask or avoid those places where we are convinced we have to comply or let people know we object to being treated like we are diseased.

        We can pray for strength and pray for others to awaken from their stupor. We should never stop studying so we can help others understand. And then there’s the vax! Be wary of the vax! Never accept the vax! And realize that the mandatory nature of the vax is just a test by the murderers behind this agenda, testing us to see just how sheepish we are. If there is enough push-back, they will back-off. The murderers will lead us to believe we have won but, in the process, they will have taken so much. We must not give them anything! We cannot give these murderous bastards an inch!

        Those at the core of this agenda are not even human and most who serve them are possessed by demons. This is a spiritual battle and our very humanity is at stake.

    • It used to be that being under the influence of subliminal advertising while in the fabric softener aisle of the supermarket was the only threat I perceived to my freedom to think privately and independently. I don’t believe the globalist ideology makes any considerations for the sovereignty we claim for our own bodies and minds, nor do I think it has that ability. But regardless of that, if we are still able to think and feel freely today, that is, without being electronically surveilled or made to endure state or corporate determined consequences for having thoughts, I’m sure it’s only because the technology hasn’t been invented or perfected just yet… I don’t think there is anywhere in the world to be free from that threat. Perhaps I can apply to be a Rockefeller. 🙂

  2. The decision spoken of here – whether to uproot and resettle – is likely more difficult / troublesome to make now (the present moment in late 2020) than it was when my family made it about 11 years ago, but is still worth considering. (In my opinion, at least.)

    I also don’t know about the magic fairy land where anyone is going to escape this (I don’t think we are), so instead I moved to a rural place in the US, which is the country I’m from, and I deliberately moved here over a decade ago with my wife, giving up most of my career opportunities, in order to be close to some of our family we know we can trust and to help build a church / community from which it would be possible to raise awareness of the situation and build stronger relationships and possibly foster at least very simple alternate / charitable / gift economies.

    We have not achieved all the goals we had at that time, but I can tell anyone who is thinking about this question that it is a great comfort, if you can manage, to be in a place that isn’t in or near a major NWO-hot-spot city, with at least some family members who are sympathetic to the cause, and with a community including many like-minded people of various ages and abilities who are looking to you to help support them and whom you know will help support you.

    I will tell you, as James suggested, that it is not easy to do this, and that it is only now (10 years on) that the church has really begun to grow and that the trust and love have really flowered. We have three children, schooled at home, and I have worked anywhere from 3 to 5 jobs / gigs at a time just so that we could get by. Needless to say, that has put a damper on preparations like gardening or target practice, but we do what little we are able to do and gradually expand it.

    One of the most important things to keep in mind is that self-sufficiency is a pipe dream – no one person / family can do everything, from scratch. Wherever you think you might go, you will need the skills, the love, and the trust of others, whether the end of the matter is simply to manage / survive for a period of years or to finally go down fighting.

    We are fighting, regardless, to give the children the best (as we understand it) of Western / Christian civilization and to raise them in a community of people who think similarly. Things may get very difficult very soon, and they may not. In either case I want our children and theirs to have a realistic but positive mental / heart foundation with deep and abiding affections for what is true, good, and beautiful – what is worth preserving and building / rebuilding.

    (In case anyone wonders, we live in the north GA mountains in the US)

  3. As long as you have some money, or a way to make money outside of your host culture, from my experience many countries in Africa offer a degree of freedom rarely experienced in developed Western countries.

    I’ve only spent time in West Africa, specifically The Gambia, Senegal and Cape Verde (I’m a sailor), but I’d hazard a guess that Tanzania could be a good gamble, as the President rubbished the PCR testing and according to reports life is carrying on as normal.

    P.S. I’m writing this from my home in Wales, the country that has made headlines recently for banning the sale of “non-essential” goods. You couldn’t make it up!

    • I doubt you will enjoy living in Africa if your foreign currency no longer makes you rich… considering how Africans treat people that look like them how do you think they will treat people who DO NOT?

      Being a rich tourist is fun, being a rich minority is dangerous and being a POOR minority is dangerous AND unpleasant.

      Being wealthier then the locals is certainly not helping South African farmers to stay alive and healthy and the neo-poor whites in their own shanty towns are in even more danger.

  4. Like a few others I have moved extensively (Hong Kong, Thailand, UK, Ireland, Netherlands to mention a few) and next stop East Africa, all under my own steam doing all the hard graft myself. It’s not easy, and in a world of tightening Visa restrictions, finding somewhere you can live freely is very difficult because unless you live in a place where you do not need a Visa etc, then you will always be brushing up against The State in some form of other. Ultimately we will probably return to Thailand eventually, using agents to deal with the immigration aspect, and once you are out of the metropolis of Bangkok or the other major centers you live a life with almost zero interaction with The State at all. Self sufficiency easily achievable and cost effective to set up.

    A point that a lot of people miss is that to have an Western lifestyle even in a very cheap country is expensive. I Asia places like Laos and Cambodia are simpler in that money eases the wheels as and when you do but up against The State. It often depends how much money you have to fund your life style these days; increasingly the cheaper countries know they are attractive and make it tougher to gain entry.

    However, I would say, if you can experience life in another country, do it. I have never regretted moving anywhere I have moved to. It is hard work, annoying, maddening, scary and never smooth. I found though when I left my home country and landed up in HK, I felt so much more relaxed.

    • Also, I would urge everyone to consider whether you can buy land in that foreign country. In my searches, I’ve found that:
      – Asian countries generally prohibit land ownership by foreigners,
      – Latin American countries generally do allow land ownership by foreigners, and
      – African countries generally also allow land ownership, but the potential for political corruption may make your rights temporary.

      However, you could always lease land and farm, but I would prefer to own any land that I put work into setting up.

    • Simply put as a foreigner you are not allowed to own land in Thailand at all. Not even a house. You can own a condo as long as 50%+ of the block is owned by Thai nationals. The bypass to that is to own a business which owns the land with a Thai nominee (usually your lawyer) owning the majority. However that is a fast way for The State to confiscate your land.

      If you are over 50 the retirement visas are easy to get. There are other schemes such as https://www.thailandelite.com/ but that does cost A LOT of money. Education and teachers visas are fairly easy to get if you have the qualifications (TEFL course I think it is). Problem is as soon as you stop working the permit expires and you need to leave. An Agent for me is to manage the Spouse Visa I would have meaning I stay away from the immigration people (Quarterly visits to Immigration basically) but not much point for getting the visa. If you can read a document and collate information you really don’t need them.

      One needs to also remember that they are still basically under a Military Junta. I have been in Thailand for 2 military coups and as a non Thai nothing really happens.

      It is tough, and things change there every month it seems. One of the reasons we left, aside from itchy feet, was the abject pain of interfacing with the The State only to find IReland was almost as bad hahaha.

  5. I moved to Belize in 2014…I have been living here off grid ever since with my wife and 2 children. Although generally I would agree with James, I would suggest getting out of the cities, and find a place more rural. But ultimately, this is a war which will be waged nearly everywhere…

    • Hi Lorijh, I’m also in LA and we’re planning on moving to rural / inland South Carolina — big culture shock is awaiting us I’m sure.

      • Gauntlet
        just dont be like the guy I know who left Chicago because of all the restrictions on what he could do and was always complaining that “I got ‘X’ service off the government in Chicago WHY dont they do that here…?”
        Lol, 🙂

    • There is NO question that even the strongest, most resourceful folks should get out of the cities, like, last decade. But you’ve still got time. There are hundreds of locales in the USA to relocate to with better strategic positioning than any of the Hell-hole major cities.

    • Welcome, soon, to the State of Jefferson!

      Siskiyou County is nice, if that’s where you’re going. Modoc, Trinity, and Del Norte a bit less so, but astronomically better than LA. Shasta County was nicer in the past, and is still very livable, but as it gets more populated, the mentality changes towards the mindset of the cities, which caused the problems of California in the first place.

    • Belize is like Detroit in the tropics for crime.

    • I live in Belize too. On Ambergris Caye. I would say that what save us is the relative non-compliance of natives – a typical feature of Central and South America-. As soon as people believe that there will be no consequences, they abandon the mask and physical distancing. At the same time, all the Belizeans I know say that the population will never revolt. It is not in their culture to do so.

      The government pressure is serious and businesses comply to avoid being shut down by police. Also, if you are caught without a mask, it will cost you US 2,500 or a long stay in jail. And from what I have heard, it is better to avoid that kind of experience.

      I would agree that living in the countryside is a good idea, at least you can have some degree of self-sufficiency.

      After having lived in 6 different European countries, in the US, in Dominica, in the Dominican Republic, and finally here in Belize, I would opine that there is no magic country. At least, I have not found it. Each nation has advantages and disadvantages, but the more you drift from your original culture, the more difficult it will be to be fully accepted by the population. That has been my experience in the Caribbean and in Latin America.

      So, depending on your circumstances, staying in your original country to face the upcoming events might make sense, especially if you have family and friends. We will need cohesion, and support. These two features might be more difficult to find abroad when things turn sour.

      • katiyi
        “..I would agree that living in the countryside is a good idea, at least you can have some degree of self-sufficiency….”

        You surely need a community to do that effectively or safely.
        I recall a guy (Ithink he’s called falfel or something like that and is still on the net )
        talking about Argentina collapsing (in about 2000 or so) and he wrote about the issues of people in the collapse including getting food and supplies- he said that if you got hit by home invaders in the countryside they would spend hours or days raping and torturing the home owners.
        Unless you have a community of people to help provide security living out in the boonies would be dicey in a situation where rule of law became disjointed.Also the average city person wont be able to become self sufficient without learning a lot of new skills

    • Hi again,

      Crimewise, it is far better on Ambergris Caye, than on the continent. There have been a few grisly crimes against foreigners (and natives) over there. Many crimes are drug related…I would not go as far as saying that it is like Detroit.

      We have had much more police on AC since about June 2019 and it has worked. Also, South of AC is very safe.

      If you are interested, I can give you the good, bad, and ugly on Mexico (lived 9 months there), Panama, Dominica (citizen), Dominican Republic (10 years and still own houses), and a little bit on the Bahamas.
      E-mail: [SNIP – No email addresses in the comments, please. People can get in touch with me if they want to contact you. -JC]

      Whatever you do, good luck in your quest, and please advise if you find the Eldorado!

  6. My ancestors left Russia for freedom in North America.
    Will our family end up going back to Russia for the same reason ?
    Russia may one day be the place for freedom compared to the Western world.

    • I have contacts in both Russia and Ukraine.
      There is no difference really between the West and those countries as far as the cities are concerned.
      They are following the exact same script that was handed to the West.

  7. California is very totalitarian, with Gavin Newsom as governor. High taxes, high cost of living, lots of restrictions in many desirable locations here. It will likely be the first state to roll out mandatory Covid vaccines, no gas cars, “green/smart” cities. It sucks here. I live here and am getting out ASAP. The only thing good about it is I make significantly more working as a nurse than in other parts of the US. The weather is nice too, but I’d rather have more freedom and crappy weather than totalitarianism and sunshine.

    • Don’t count on Newsom being the first to mandate injections. Cuomo, Insley, and Whitmer will aim to be first, as well.

      California will be changing before these loony objectives are fully realized; either Americans will take control again, or the Chinese will annex California.

  8. The harder question than where can you run to is who can you turn to?

    It might be easier having a disinterested spouse than having one who believes the narrative and opposes your mental framework.

    Maybe I’m wrong. But I look at the cv case numbers every time someone presents them to me and then I dutifully set a reminder for 4-6 weeks to look back at the “lagging indicators”.

    So far I have not seen anything surprising.

    I’m tired of it, quite frankly.

  9. Fatkat
    The USA is pretty much the only place where you could create anything like a ‘freedom’ community… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rajneeshpuram THIS cult pretty much did what your talking about but it went …uhm… wonkey.
    Also Disney land is its own city with a few special voters owned by the company.. (lol THATS a fun story!)
    The division of powers means that you could incorporate an area and have a lot of local self governance… Having plenty of space between you and others helps too.
    The thing is that you need to get enough people to move out to the middle of nowhere (where maybe they cant make a living) and essentially stage a ‘demographic take over’ of freedom minded people who will elect politicians to do almost nothing.

    It would be like herding cats… (unless you start a cult) and if your talking mainly about middle class white people (who after all are the types who will have the funds to do this) your going to get the media freaking out that your creating a white homeland and actually may attract undesirable racist types not even counting the FBI agents trying to stir things up
    A free city could work but it would be hard but no way will a state totally give up taxation or police power over an area

  10. hugo.c beat me to it.
    Where can we run to? Your mind is the best place.
    Get your mind sorted out first if it hasn’t been already.

    As for moving anywhere physically…
    I must say, it is quite disappointing to hear from so many people considering abandoning their home in the hopes of finding greener pastures elsewhere.

    If Corbetteers are thinking of jumping ship without putting up a fight, an astute group of people who can see through the whole charade, how can we be optimistic about our future?

    • Fawlt Towers
      The thing is that most will feel surrounded by people begging to be enslaved (which is the deliberate effect of ‘dynamic silence’ – making everyone think that its accepted and settled and no one objects)
      I think Mr Corbett did a video on it-
      He explains it much better then I could but
      Anyway, if you feel like your the only one then fleeing makes perfect sense. Thats why they really work to keep control of the narrative… lol, people are like baby Chickens and copy each other.

    • There are certain places like many cities in California for example that are completely not viable to stay in due to the rise of the “smart city” culture. For example, San Francisco is beautiful, the architecture is unique and the culture used to be diverse, but now it is a sess pool of homeless junkies and overpaid tech workers who support the technocracy and a completely bought and paid for local government that will do anything Gavin Newsom says.

      Berkeley is worse, the mask mandates are more strickly followed and more enforcement takes place. Everything is overpriced and overtaxed. Frankly, it sucks, and the small amount of liberty-minded people are de-platformed and labeled as “right-wing/alt-right” trouble makers. It’s a hub of technocratic/neo-Marxist fascism with a bunch of meaningless slogans in people’s windows “Science is real/Trust Women/Black Lives Matter/Wear your mask” I kid you not, those signs are in people’s windows on the same sign.

      “Social justice” out here no longer means free speech and equal rights it means conformity and keeping your mouth shut. I’m done with it. The gentrification was bad enough but this is the icing on the cake for me. I’d rather live in a more rural place where you can actually eat inside a restaurant and go to a gym and not pay an arm and a leg for some overpriced “craft” food or beer or whatever.

      I think it makes sense to congregate in a place that hasn’t been overrun by big government and SJWs. They are part of the problem.

      • cu.h.j
        “…with a bunch of meaningless slogans in people’s windows ..”

        Saw such a sign the other day but including “Love is Love”
        I pointed out that since they were talking in a political sense about physical, ‘passionate’ love (‘eros’) they were literally saying
        “Sex is Sex”
        It is kinda a different sounding slogan like that… not exactly a good chant.


  11. Interesting, thanks for sharing. I’ve lived in ND and visited the Black Hills in SD a few times. It was pretty cool. The winter weather was intense in that part of the country though. It was a big shock coming from California.

  12. This is a great Thread. Lots of interesting stories.

    I am of the general opinion that a smaller town, a more rural area, offers a bit more flexibility and liberty, but lacks some conveniences and perks of a metropolitan area.
    Rural towns still have their problems, and sometimes a kind of gossipy scuttlebutt. Many times, family names and friends have clout in local decisions. All in all, there seems to be more of a welcoming and friendly nature in rural areas.

    All places change. I sure have seen Texas change. The number of people from other areas and other countries who have moved to Texas in the past decades has dramatically changed its original texture of liberty and individual independence.
    I think that just about every country is represented in the Dallas Ft Worth area.
    And about every state. Lots from the northern states.
    While I like the diversity, I detest some of the mindsets that the migrations have brought.
    However, there are still some natives left, especially in the small towns.

    I’ll hang here in Texas for the duration.

  13. There was an article in Doug Casey’s InternationalMan that addressed this question last week (link: https://internationalman.com/articles/is-there-hope-for-the-us/). However, the question was directed towards Americans. The article separates Americans into four groups of people: 1) The group that merely complains, but does nothing and ultimately goes down with the ship 2) The group that attempts to test the might of the greatest military force the world has ever seen 3) The group that attempts to make changes through the system via elections and 4) The group that leaves and seeks out liberty elsewhere.

    Groups 1 – 3 will become casualties, they will lose wealth, liberty, and, many in group 3 will lose their lives. Group 4 is independent-minded and self-reliant, they will put in the work to rebuild elsewhere, while holding on to their beliefs of independence and liberty. This is the group that the founders of America were in. They established as perfect a republic as possible,and when Ben Franklin was asked “What have we got, a republic or a Monarchy?” He quickly replied with “A republic if you can keep it.” It has been long known that America has turned into an oligarchy. These oligarchs currently have a lot of momentum, and there is very little we can do to slow them down. A ground resistance would be short lived, because they have “Air Superiority”. Unless 3 quarters of the populace is ready to resist and fight, we have no chance. Victory comes with numbers. Without the numbers we have to acknowledge the inevitable.

    This experiment called America is all but dead. It’s very unfortunate, but it’s time to seriously consider other viable options to start anew. The threat we face is practically ubiquitous. Most places in the world face the threat tyranny. I would say finding a location that has a warm climate, body of water, lots of uninhabited land, a defiant government, and lacks the technological development that we have in America. These places exist, but like James said, it all comes down to preference and willingness to endure the trade-offs associated with making such a move. Now that we are in a similar situation as our Founders, it’s very clear to see how difficult it was for them to make their decision.

    • Ah the International Man. In 2008 I was living in the Andes close to the border of Bolivia and Chile when Casey did a deal with the devil (otherwise known as the corrupt governor)and they used some of his vineyard land to sell as housing plots.The selling point was the aquifer the place was built on. The small town of 12k was bombarded with millionaires buying land around the mandatory golf course and installing built-in cappuccino machines. They completely changed the vibe of the small town and blew the minds of the locals. Another beautiful place destroyed by nuevo colonialism.
      I’ve already had my run-ins with the State for non-compliance and done time for it, subjected to denial of basic human rights, and worldwide media coverage – Japanese TV even made a lifetime movie about me albeit from the wrong POV. I know what they do to dissenters and it’s a freaking lonely space to be because ‘truth’ is what they say it is.
      I know where my line in the sand is though and am grateful that James had us questioning the specifics of that in his podcast of 6 or 7 months ago.

      • That line broke me up!

  14. More from the horse’s mouth.

    8 predictions for the world in 2030

    1. All products will have become services
    2. There is a global price on carbon
    3. US dominance is over. We have a handful of global powers
    4. Farewell hospital, hello home-spital
    5. We are eating much less meatđ
    6. Today’s Syrian refugees, 2030’s CEOs
    7. The values that built the West will have been tested to breaking point
    8. “By the 2030s, we’ll be ready to move humans toward the Red Planet.”
    9. Sheeple will be none the wiser

  15. Stand and FIGHT, you cowards!

    The right to choose one’s own life and destiny is worth fighting for, and worth dying for, if it comes to that.


    You DON’T have to be Rambo to fight the anti-humans. You can subvert “less secure” aspects of the System very readily. Even if only to slow their “efficiency” down.

    If you do need to “confront” them directly, or, more specifically, “they” come to confront YOU, weapons are everywhere, you don’t need firearms. Household chemicals work wonders.

    Listen to Hero of Western Civilization, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

    “At what exact point, then, should one resist? When one’s belt is taken away? When one is ordered to face into a corner? When one crosses the threshold of one’s home?…”

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?…The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”

    — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956, p. 13 and footnote 5.

    • You need to be organized to do this. I would be for this, but how many are willing to do it where I live now in California.

      Any leads to underground resistance movements? Not the fake ones like BLM that go along with the agenda.

      • “Organization” means one compromises operational security, and makes one easily vulnerable to infiltration by the Secret Police (FBI, etc.).

        We all know what we need to do. DOING it is another thing. While this doesn’t apply to most here, people still BLINDLY comply with the rule by decree. I laugh when I use a drive-through and they say “mask required.” LOL – you either serve me sans mask, or keep my customized order. Even little things like that matter. As for “other things,” those are not to be discussed here, OR ANYWHERE with ANYONE, except in vague, very generalized terms.

        • I think you’re correct. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

          • I dearly wish that our resistance could work like in Hollywood movies or System-approved history books. But I’ve seen too many organizations and otherwise-good men end up in a cage because they followed those models.

            TRUST NO ONE – but God Almighty.

    • Good lord, I need to catch up on Solzhenitsyn’s book.

    • Agreed. Offline Wikipedia can be a good resource. Even water can be made to burn if you are determined enough ?

    • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote “200 years together” as well

  16. A “Convention of the States” will be how the Bolshevists finally kill the Bill of Rights. They will replace it with a Soviet-style “rights” proclamation.

    You can’t “Kill the Fed” without neutralizing the banskters who own it. And many wars, including both World Wars, were fought to protect said banksters. They don’t have any inhibition at killing billions if necessary.

  17. My wish is that when it comes to the ultimate choice of side in this matter people will not be cowards, like those who submitted to the regime of the nazis: “What could I have done, I was alone!” Acting like silent sheep is not to be innocent. There are far more sheep in this world than tyrants. The tyrants can only rule over obedient cowards

    • Sonny Thorgren says:
      “The tyrants can only rule over obedient cowards.”

  18. Im in Mexico and a lot of what Berwick says is bull but don’t forget he has a vested interest in selling his relocation services. Why are you linking him?
    You can easily live in Mexico on $1500/mo total unless you insist on all the shallow trappings that will disappear anyway by 2030. And if lawless dystopia rises around the world, “rich” foreigners who demand special treatment for their chihuahua will be the first to go.

  19. Whenever I ask a Statist, they always suggest Somalia.

    • This is very sad to see. Aren’t we as humans better than this?

      • An Actor For State Propaganda?

        We probably will never know if the handcuffed lady was a state actor in order to push propaganda, because they certainly were using this for a Photo Op.

        However, this approach in the U.S. could be a great way to help wake up others.
        I mean…some Activists could stage a similar scene of public Mask Shaming & Humiliation upon a poor helpless woman, in order to demonstrate the lies surrounding masks.
        The video would probably go viral.

  20. Interesting life story! May I ask what it is you did for a living?

    Makes you wonder how difficult it will be to live a life of world travel and wanderlust from here on out? Assuming we all don’t get the vaccine.

  21. No it’s not for nothing. You’re encouraging non compliance with tyranny. It’s similar to Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat on the bus. She was an example of standing up against tyranny and injustice. You’re doing it for you so you can be proud of your actions.

    The fact is that the mask isn’t about stopping a virus it’s about the submission of humanity to do what they are told by the “owners.” By non compliance you are standing up for humanity and for people in the US. I’m confident there are people who recognize that as bravery and that’s not for nothing.

    • Maybe you live in a place with a bunch of conformists and might be happier in a different part of the country. Kingman AZ has a lot less mask nazis sign on the door but no enforcement. In fact I was told they are ending the mask mandate.

      You probably reside in one of those “progressive “ places right? SF is one of those places lots of recycling no plastic straws and lots and lots and lots of conformity. They did keep the weed dispensaries open so maybe it’s like a bribe.

    • cu.h.j
      Rosa Parks was an activist working towards change with an organized group of activists with a plan. She was also likely a communist working towards revolution.
      She did not just decide to resist as a spur of the moment personal choice.
      If she had been acting on the spur of the moment she would have gotten fined and while she might have a moral victory thru not paying nothing would have changed and no one would have known or cared.
      People believe the myth of people like Gandhi and the civil rights movement- their tactics were tailored for their opponents not picked for any moralistic reasons
      Someone sent me this… have no idea what this show is but it kinda illustrates the importance of publicity

  22. At this stage you are probably best off living in the country you are most familiar with, however you need to get out of the cities and the major population areas. The cities are going to be prisons. People are going to be toxic in many ways.

    Get some space where you can grow your own food, collect water and harvest some energy. Have some room to put up barriers between you and 5G.

  23. Derrick Broze helping people to relocate to Mexico

    This last week of October 2020, Derrick Broze has headed back to Houston.
    In Houston, he will pass out flyers and do some Activism.
    He is meeting up with others who wish to caravan down to Mexico.

    I think that Derrick has been looking at property in one of the western coastal Mexican states north of the state of Oaxaca. (Mexico has 32 states)
    I believe that Corbett Report Member Suzt is in Oaxaca who has given us reports of what life was like there for her.

    On the western half, further to the north, are states known for their mining of silver and gold. The CEO of First Majestic Silver stated in a recent interview that they had to re-configure their labor force. Evidently, there is some type of recent Covid Mexican authority mandate which prohibited employees from working. So, the mine had to hire private contractors.
    Back around March or so, the small villages whose workforce depended on the mines would not let tourists visit. They did not want their village to get the ‘Rona.

  24. This Canadian gal, WhatsHerFace, may have some insight about Ontario.
    She describes what is happening on the eastern half of Canada and the Internment Camps.

  25. Many people in the U.S. learned something the hard way this year:
    Governors are essentially state presidents.

    The U.S. is a lot like a collection of 50 countries with 50 presidents, and a single grand federal president who has extraordinarily limited power over the other 50 presidents.

    In nearly all cases, that single grand president can’t order the other 50 presidents to do anything. He has to try to persuade them with offers of increased federal funding, threats of reduced federal funding and other such tactics; very similar to dealings with foreign nations.

    The South Dakota state president (‘governor’) refused to shut down her state during the scamdemic, stating that she has no right to do so.
    Because she did this, just like in Sweden, everyone died.
    Oh, wait, never mind, they’re perfectly fine.
    In fact, they’re doing much better in South Dakota than in many states where the state president (‘governor’) fiercely pushed shutdowns, stay-home orders, face coverings, distancing, tracing & more.

  26. SeaSteading
    At the 8:30 minute mark, Corbett mentions SeaSteading.

    During Anarchapulco 2020…
    I do recall watching a very interesting interview by Josh Sigurdson (I think it was Josh…not quite sure) with a couple who had a boat and were SeaSteading off of Thailand (or a country in that region). The couple would visit friends and relatives on the mainland. They finally had to leave when the Authorities got wind of it.

    • Sheila if you want to know about Mexico, I can answer you. Don’t sign up to those expensive relocation services dudes – and Berwick is nothing if not a misogynist.
      IDK what your work passion is but if you arent committed in DC, then do consider coming down here.

      • Yea, me too, I personally won’t have anything to do with Berwick.

  27. Yeah as r.m.m said, the only state owned bank in the US is the Bank of North Dakota. Originally conceived as an institution to protect local farmers from predatory lending practices of outside private financial institutions. South Dakota does not have a state owned bank.

    • Not very good instructions, a good way to get hurt and if someone did that they would technically be a terrorist AND would have done almost nothing to block cellphone coverage since their mostly built with redundancy except out in the boonies.
      Also my understanding is that 5G is going to be built all over the place on small towers , buildings lamp posts and such and not just Cell towers due to 5G’s short range- you could take down every cell phone tower in a city and coverage would not be stopped.

      • Then what’s even the point of having towers if they don’t affect coverage lol I guess they build them for kicks.

        • Mkey
          They are for cell phone and 3g… the wavelength and thus the range are different

          Things like HF HAM or CB radio waves can ‘skip’ all around the world, the UHF bands like cell phone DONT (mostly) skip and need line of sight- the towers are there so that the transmitter can “see” (line of sight) your phone just like
          a light house is tall so the light can be seen far away. The 5G is MUCH shorter ranger- there will be a tower of sorts in every neighbor hood BUT it wont need to be that tall since it will only cover a smaller area.

          The towers are OLD tec, they will exist as part of the cell phone network for a while but they will not (I believe) be needed long term when Cell coverage becomes part of a 5G MESH ‘internet of things’ surveillance net.

          You might as well attack the telephone lines (and then get life without parole for your efforts while making people think your some kind of ‘tin foil hat’ terrorist who needs to be silenced from the internet…..)
          Tower burning is a psyop

          • So, yay or nay on the towers being there for coverage?

            • Coverage of what?
              Yes, they provide cell phonce coverage, yes, they are good places to put %G as they roll it out… but they are not the future of 5G coverage and are not needed to provide it…. burning them down will NOT
              a) stop 5G rolling out
              b) inhibit coverage when it does.

              Burning down Cell towers WILL
              a)Get people jailed
              b)Make people who are pushing against the documented dangers of 5G look like crazy terrorist nut jobs who can be silenced
              c)Distract people from protesting or resisting in ways that might actually be useful

              Like I said… its a cargo cult psyop to burn down a few towers

  28. I don’t know about online resources, but my husband and I just sold our Toronto condo and are moving permanently to our rural property (60 acres) in Grey County. We headed up here in early May as I couldn’t stand being in Toronto and we haven’t looked back. I only wish we’d sold earlier as we lost money and could have done better in July or August for sure. We had only moved in last December so it was a tough decision. But each time I have to go to Toronto I’m more and more disheartened and I can’t abide the masked zombies everywhere. I can’t say I have found a “like minded” community, however, we’ve been here for 18 years as weekenders and have friends we can be “normal” around. I buy meat from a sceptical farmer and don’t wear a mask, and have a yoga teacher who I meet with mask free, so I’m finding ways around the stupid mandates. There is more scepticism here, but maybe it’s because Grey County has never had more than 10 cases at any one time. All I know is I’m more at peace here and have more relative freedom. Come on up to Grey County, where there is at least one like minded person!

  29. Argentina.
    Doug Casey, founder of Casey Research and International Man, has traveled to about 155 countries and has lived in a dozen or so. One of his goals was to avoid authoritarian overreach. He settled on a small place in Argentina, because Argentina has a very European culture (more European than the Europeans with their European Union), it was cheap, and the government was completely disfunctional in Argentina. He even had a project built “La Estancia De Cafayate” with a lot of homes, where liberty loving people can participate in. I believe Doug Casey tried to model it after the almost mythical place from one of his favorite books “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand where the heroes in the book flee towards, in order to avoid the authoritarians. Casey did this quite some years ago, pre-Covid, but he lives there a lot of the time and the principles are the same. Covid or no, the goal would be to avoid authoritarians.

    • Interesting. I did not know that.
      I think that Doug Casey often attends Anarchapulco.
      I sometimes watch his interviews on Kitco.

    • As I said upthread, the Estancia is built on a politico’s land. If you want to live in a gated community on a golf course where building a house will cost 3x the going rate – go right ahead. Or why not just stay home?

      And then read up on some Argentine history – the decades of junta control. The collapse of the monetary system that was agonizing for the people – the banks closed, no one could get any money, military in the streets – kind of like a rehearsal for what’s coming.

      When I left Argentina they refused to let the personal goods I’d brought in out of the country. I was like a Russian revolution emigre, with my valuables in my knickers.

      I thought the people here were more forward thinking than this.

  30. As James said, the best thing to do, is to make a stand where you are and to defend your home and loved ones.

    Look around you. There are a lot of good people. But a lot of them do nothing. They should do something though. And we should as well. Because as the saying goes:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    • I agree.

      We all have a sphere of influence.
      For now, I am gonna do what I can to better the awareness of my community.

      It is my space, which is more than a ‘title’ or land.
      I own my space no matter where I am.

  31. United States Postal Service® change-of-address data from February to July 2020 –
    with GRAPHICS

    October 12, 2020
    Coronavirus Moving Study: People Left Big Cities, Temporary Moves Spiked In First 6 Months of COVID-19 Pandemic

    I was drawn to the CHART Cities That Gained and Lost the Most…

    The green (gainers) Texas cities in the chart are suburbs of Houston, Austin, and…Frisco is a very affluent suburb north of Dallas.

    Georgetown and Leander are northern suburbs of the Austin metro area.
    I think that the TruthStreamMedia folks live out around Leander’s direction.
    My son’s wife’s family has a huge spread of land & cattle in the Georgetown area, which has a Germanic Texas settler heritage.

    In 1972-73, I went to college in Georgetown.
    During that time, one night, with my hippie-like long blonde hair, I spoke to the parents at a PTA (Parent Teacher Assc.) meeting in the small town of Leander about the virtues of smoking marijuana, saying that it was completely harmless. This was in the days when a kilo out of Austin cost about $110, but you could go to the ‘Big House prison’ for only possessing a joint.
    Years later, I looked back and wished I had not given that talk.

    • HRS, I think you might be “the most interesting man in the world.” You’ve been all over and done a lot of different things. I look forward to reading your stories and anecdotes.

  32. Sheila
    You should not leave the US because pretty much anywhere else you will be worse off

    You will not be a local- guess who gets it first when the grid goes down?
    You will depend on prestige and exchange value of money from your origin nation to protect and help you… both can vanish fast.
    You will not find any BETTER legal system and legal restraint on police and local officials anywhere else (I know that looks like a low bar…but its worse in the 3rd world)
    You will not have as much chance to buy supplies cheep or open, wilderness lands to run off into…except maybe if you head out to Russia.

  33. Thanksgiving and Christmas Family Holidays in California will be different this year

    ~~ Gatherings that include more than 3 households are prohibited.
    ~~ The host should collect names of all attendees and contact information in case contact tracing is needed later.
    ~~ All gatherings must be held outside.
    ~~ Attendees may go inside to use restrooms as long as the restrooms are frequently sanitized.
    ~~ the space must be large enough so that everyone at a gathering can maintain at least a 6-foot physical distance from others (not including their own household) at all times.
    ~~ Seating must provide at least 6 feet of distance (in all directions—front-to-back and side-to-side) between different households.
    ~~ When gathering, face coverings must be worn in accordance with the CDPH…unless an exemption is applicable.
    ~~ People at gatherings may remove their face coverings briefly to eat or drink as long as they stay at least 6 feet away from everyone…
    ~~ Gatherings should be two hours or less.
    ~~ People who are singing or chanting are strongly encouraged to do so quietly (at or below the volume of a normal speaking voice).

    The State gives references at the bottom of their webpage.

  34. Hi James
    I live in New Zealand. You mentioned it earlier.
    A Country in a mess.Yes, the MSM don’t tell
    what is really going on. Govt has borrowed more
    than it can handle. Most people are on the benefit.
    And, as a business owner, I am paying their benefit
    by way of my taxes.
    But, hey, the, so called, Prime Minister
    aka “the teeth”, ‘the witch” and a few more …
    doesn’t give a toss. She is part of the …
    Been primed all her life. Will end up in the UN.
    Worked for the UK Govt (Tony Blair). Her father was a real dodgy
    bastard. Have heard rumours today that some bad shit
    is about to hit here. From a very reliable source (Accountant
    with contacts). His comment was “make hay while the sun shines”
    as it’s about to get rather bad.
    Shit. How bad can it get. Luckily, I live in the country.
    Guess I will have to stock up on Ammo.

    • Shane, my husband just subscribed to Time magazine. It’s full of Covid propaganda, and you reminded me of a line in one of their asinine articles. Talking about Ardern, the author referred to her as something like “our 2020 PM crush” – which I thought was so weird and gross.

      Many here are referring to NZ as a great Covid success story, and what we should be modelling ourselves after, so it’s nice to hear from someone on the ground.

      Good luck to you out there. I am also stocking up on ammo.

  35. Everyone wants to get to heaven… no one wants to die
    You are correct though

  36. My family has a place in Mexico (north of Puerto Vallarta area) that is not kosher right now. The beaches are closed, restaurants are closed, etc. I’m not clear on the mask situation. Last few times I’ve been there, since Trump was elected, we did not feel as welcome anymore. A few locals were openly hostile toward us and regularly badmouthed the US and Trump. Our family has always talked about it as a bug-out spot, but to me it does not make sense currently.

  37. The grass does not become greener either by staying in one’s home turf when it’s suddenly turning into scorched earth and becoming Agenda 21 land.

    The eternal issue: Taking a stand VS escape before it’s too late.

    It depends on the context as always.

    #1. One cannot blame parents for copping out in order to save their kids from state-approved forced vaccinations and legions of state-worshipping brainwashed Covidiots and snitches who are dangerous to your life – literally.
    It doesn’t do any good to fight in the cities from a vantage point of weakness. If one can retreat to a safe space in another country to buy more time, so be it when the alternative is Covid KZ camps – and a martyrdom in vain is pointless. It does not help anyone. One goes underground as always in history to increase the odds of beating the enemy at a later stage

    #2.Taking as stand is only worth it if one can beat the odds, a calculated risk assessment. Or if there is no way out.

  38. Some notes from 2016: ‘People in the Hunza region very often turn 100 years old, and men have children all the way up to the age of 90. But the most amazing thing about the Hunza people is the fact that diseases are virtually non-existent. Cancer, heart disease, high and low blood pressure as well as childhood diseases almost do not exist. There are also no prisons, police or military in the area because there is no need for them. While the rest of the civilized world cares about nuclear threats and other things, people in the remote region of Pakistan live in peace, harmony and brotherly love. As a final fact, it should be noted that no crime has been recorded in the region for 130 year.

    I would argue that this can be reproduced anywhere.

    . “Until shortly before the common era,the very last 1 percent of human history, the social landscape consisted of elementary self-governing kinship units that might, occasionally, cooperate in hunting, feasting, skirmishing, trading, and peacemaking. It did not contain anything one could call a state. In other words, living in the absence of state structures has been the standard human condition.” [….] ..Scott argues, we find ourselves today with a “huge literature on state-making, contemporary and historic, [that] pays virtually no attention to its reverse: the history of deliberate and reactive statelessness. This is the history of those who got away.” ….”it appears that much, if not most, of the population of the early states was unfree; they were subjects under duress.” And “it was very common for state subjects to run away.” For “living within the state meant, virtually by definition, taxes, conscription, corvée labor” — that is, forced, unpaid, short-term labor, such as being required to work a day or two unpaid on a road-repair crew — “and, for most, a condition of servitude.”

    The Zomia civilization are runaway, fugitive, maroon communities who have, over the course of two millennia, been fleeing the oppressions of state-making projects in the valleys — slavery, conscription, taxes, corvée labor, epidemics, and warfare.

    Most of Homo Sapiens today have been macro-conditioned to servitude, to accept their servitude and the ‘inevitability’ of the state as a necessary ‘safe’ space. Scott says that Zomia is the biggest remaining area of Earth whose inhabitants have not been completely absorbed by nation-states, although that time is coming to an end (swallowed up by the expanding powers of the techno-feudalist ‘civilization’).BTW; the concept ‘mind control’ is etymologically close to Govern (control) + Ment (mind) – the current track of civilization is in reality an increasingly intolerable prison planet made possible through state structures (currently on its way to global government).

    Escapees (before the final breakdown of modern civilization) will nonetheless find hope (through Scott’s evidence fx), that it’s possible to make ‘Exodus’ emigrations from the failed western states and create communities without rule in ‘Zomia’-like groups in the post-post-modern age, and especially before the NWO and Hunger Games society in USA and EU become even more crazy draconian and obvious for all to see. The last groups might have to endure a Sovjet-like horror Hunger Games regime of the NWO, before that breaks down also….

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  39. “What do you see for the future?

    Anthony Sutton: Chaos, confusion and ultimately a battle between the individual and the State. The individual is the stronger; and will win. The state is a fiction sanctified by Hegel and his followers to CONTROL the individual. Sooner or later people will wake up. First we have to dump the trap of right and left, this is a Hegelian trap to divide and control. The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them.”
    – interview, 1999

  40. Dee Hock: (Dee Hock is the inventor of the VISA credit card, the founder and former CEO of Visa International):

    “I think we’re on the knife’s edge where we’re going to undergo cataclysmic institutional failure. We have it all over the world. Look at some of the countries that are in a state of perpetual starvation and revolution; there’s just no present institutional structure capable of dealing with societal complexity and diversity with anything other than more centralization of power and increasing violence and force. So we’ll have one of two possible scenarios. The first would be that we’ll have a massive series of institutional failures, social chaos, and enormous societal and biological carnage —far more than we now experience — and then maybe out of that will emerge these new concepts. But I think if we do experience massive institutional failure, the first thing that will emerge, before we see the new forms, is almost total centralization of power and control, which will result in a widespread loss of liberty and freedom. That will last for a while,but it ultimately will not work, much like the Soviet Union. And when that collapses, then we’re in for a second period of social carnage that will be unbelievable.”
    – Dee Hock, interview-excerpt, 2002

    Compared to the monopoly of State violence, small units would be preferable as it could only be through the Leviathan State structures that +260 millions human beings have been killed by the State in the 20th Century (Democide), and that does not account for war (a third of the number in total) – only through initial acceptance of State constructions and State monopoly of violence, could such ‘mass industrial’ murder have taken place in the first place, not with non-State constructions, IMO

    Oh, I forgot; Fiji might be the perfect post-apocalyptic Noah’s Arc bugout location.

    Sweden is relatively good so far, lots of nature…

  41. @Terraset

    Don’t where to start pointing out logical fallacies, but there are so many strawmen and assumptions in your positions. People are doing many things and there are many hardcore survivalists where people get things done, same in remote retreats. There are many websites, roadmaps,meetings, deadlines and organizations.

    When the military is coming for your kids to vaccinate and detain them in NZ KZ camps, one would flee, almost a moot point.

    Again: ‘It doesn’t do any good to fight in the cities from a vantage point of weakness. If one can retreat to a safe space in another country to buy more time, so be it when the alternative is Covid KZ camps – and a martyrdom in vain is pointless. It does not help anyone. One goes underground as always in history to increase the odds of beating the enemy at a later stage’

  42. Terraset
    “..ope, that shit takes effort, they just want to save their own skin…’

    Who elses skin do you WANT to save?
    The only reason any one acts is either to save themselves or people that they care about- family, faith, community, country …all build ontop of each other or they fall.

    If you are willing to die for some random people you have nothing in common with you are either LARP’ing or your as bad a fool as SJW’s who are willing to destroy their own nations for ideology.
    The reason that the globalists keep winning is NOT that they are strong, its because they have broken up most family, ethnic and religious bonding and atomized people.
    Until people reorganize on a social pattern that actually works long term they will keep failing. Thats why globalists push fragmentation via identity politics so we’re in smaller and smaller groups with less solidarity.
    This site is a great information source, so I dont understand why you are blaming it for not being a center of organization. You cant actually organize very will with people you have meat space contact with.

    The Web is mostly a trap for your imagination and perception, a super charged TV set designed to waste your time. Dont expect much real stuff to come out of it.

    “..I don’t think you’re going to do it, personally…”
    Your blaming others, worry about yourself.

  43. anonymint
    Mexico might be OK if you have family there or can pass as are a Mexican with speech, manners and and dress… if things get bad economically then being the “rich” outsider, or worse being the “despised poor” outsider.
    Even the Tarahumara get murdered by the criminal overlords in mexico and they live in the ass of the world specifically in order to get away from people

    • Won’t every country be impacted significantly by what is obviously a globalist agenda sooner or later? I just have to wonder how much sense it makes to uproot oneself in order to begin a new life somewhere else without the assurance that the things you are trying to escape won’t be adopted by the statist government of your new home.

      In today’s NWNW episode, James Pilato mentioned his conversation with his “defeatist” relative and it reminded me of just about every conversation that I try to have with most people I meet about anything important that has been studiously ignored by the corporate media. But then it occurred to me that perhaps I should try to take solace in imagining the great underground networks of resistance that were made up of people who presumably had laid low enough to have escaped the purges of vocal dissidents by the tyrant du jour in past years.
      I know that any future totalitarian state that decides to take out the people who are not shy about sharing their non conformity would not have much trouble locating us.
      So I am encouraged by the thought that even though I might not get a satisfactory answer or think that I am not getting through to someone. I might just be planting a seed that lays dormant until the person has been convinced by life experience itself.
      I guess it really comes down to how realistic it is to think that the course of things can be altered before the tipping point.
      From what I am seeing I have to admit that I am pessimistic about the chances that anarchy will break out before totalitarianism. So I am planting seeds for the future generations. Should they survive.
      And I am planting trees for me. Should I survive.

      • Voluntarism type anarchy will never just ‘break out’… now somalia type (so called) anarchy can break out very easily but a society of anarchists (real ones) can only grow up when you have a people who are freedom loving, self controlled, able to take care of their own material needs, educated and smart.
        It is literally the same imaginary phase of human history as the maximalist ‘withering of the state’ as people grow beyond the need of it.

      • “…..And so I realized something very, very important. The wealthy countries like the USA are insulated from focusing exclusively on the economy and thus the people have their focus diverted on politics, their digital addictions, fear, control, laws and ideological crap. Thus the wealthy countries will inflict more damage to themselves because they can afford to,….”

        THAT is a good point.
        People in the west will have to wake up or accept total enslavement before long.
        I have a Chinese pal and he is uber patriotic but has no illusions that the government there is anything but a bunch of murderous crooks… he said people put up with the government for as long as they make people wealthier

        • Interesting video, but dont need to de-google my phone- I deliberatly have such a rubbish phone google cant touch it.
          Its a flipper that runs some kind of sawn-off Linux.,, it makes calls , it texts, and it plays mp3’s very well and the audio on speaker is BETTER then a pals’s Iphone (I bought a 2nd JUST as mp3 player with speaker) and the battery will last days between charging.
          Everything else like video and web is so bad that I turned wi-fi off and am never tempted to use it for those things.
          Lunduke inspired me to get away from walk around always online / distraction computing and he was right

        • anoymint
          “..It’s thought the leaders have lost their mandate from the Gods at that point. The society collapses into warlordism and chaos, until some ruthless power can step into the power vacuum..”

          Thats something I have thought about, however in a high tec world any area that collapses is subject to the power of the civilizations that still stand… I just cant see a ‘world wide’ dark ages whatever the Unabomber though so some culture will end up dominant.

          IF the democrats take power I think they will never let it go, even if they do the elites behind both parties will never let a loose cannon like Trump speak a populist narrative.
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ_B1VPWniI THIS book is pretty good
          The people who run the US and the west, or at least their flying monkeys in the management class, hate and fear the regular folks attitudes as the copy the degeneracy of their masters. They will never allow normal people to have a say again if Trump looses… not that normal people have a say under Trump but he does pretend to care about what they care about

    • I see you know your stuff and have thought it through so take care and good luck

  44. Question For Corbett

    Mr. Corbett,
    There is a financial term that I am seeing much more often: ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance.
    Are you interested in talking about this shiny new term?

    Sample EXCERPTS from a well-respected OIlPrice.com author.
    The ESG path
    Oil investors have been growing unhappy with Big Oil for a while now, ever since the environmental, sustainable, and social governance trend gathered speed…
    …According to Boston Capital Group’s study, 65 percent of oil investors want companies to prioritize ESG factors over profits, even if this has a negative on said profits….


    (From watching the stock market, I am a bit skeptical about the last line of the excerpt. 😉 )

    • ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance

      James Corbett goes over some of the business and economic changes which are part of “The Great Reset” in the October 16th Your Guide to the Great Reset. He talks about various aspects including “stakeholders”.
      I missed it on my first run through this episode, but just after the first hour mark, Corbett mentions ESG.
      QUEUED at 58:44

  45. I’m not sure about that theory. If you look at the political identity of who starts most of the riots or participates, they are leftists/Antifa.

    The election fraud is about ushering in the WEF “build back better” agenda and including the new economic model JC has discussed.

    This annoys me because even though Trump was not an ideal president, had he won with a larger margin these upcoming lockdowns would not have had federal support.

    And if/when this agenda comes crashing down on us, many unprepared just starting to build momentum, we may lose everything even our humanity as previously described.

    I don’t want to be angry at people who sat out this election or voted for 3rd party thinking they are morally superior or their understanding of the world is so much greater than a common person, but I think that people should consider that possibility, that by not voting you may help bring about the destruction of everything that people want to build here because there is less time.

    That’s if this election fraud goes through. This is from my “normie” analysis based on pragmatism. People could have voted this one more time, just to give us time instead of being a know it all. I am very disgusted and disappointed, especially living in CA and having to remain here for another few months.

    My prediction, nationwide lockdown, and mask mandates coming to a city near you in January, then following that the vaccines and covid passport.

    • On the other hand, maybe the fix was in regardless. I think people will need to step up their efforts to get alternatives going. Perhaps it will be a good thing and people won’t become complacent like they might have been.

      People have to do something. I just don’t know how to act because I am so tied into the traditional economy now and haven’t set up a way to be mostly independent of the “mainstream”.

    • Hope you got some rest. you’re right about the election being rigged. It’s hard to believe we are headed for civil war. My only hope would be that it would be to get rid of the influence of the “elites” from our constitutional republic.

      I would take what we have, over where our country is headed. If we got rid of the fed and the wars, I would be willing to fight to save this country. If all it would do is play into their hands, then forget it.

  46. Tb,
    Thanks for the comment.
    Someday you will probably have a different perspective.
    I know that it is frowned upon to read or view certain forums or videos.
    Likely, for now, you might not feel it is appropriate to view a possible antagonistic or ‘suppressive’ website.
    I understand that mindset.

    As you gain more experience and exposure with the organization, your intuitive senses will probably find out that some things don’t add up…that some policies or actions don’t quite jive with stated goals and purposes.
    Simon Bolivar can be inspirational in many respects, but one always should be alert to authoritarians. In the end, it is you, and you alone, who is the ultimate authority.

    I want to encourage you to “Look”. After all, auditing is having a person “look”.

    A fellow, who at one time was the very top marketing guy for Scientology, eventually left, and moved to Dallas. He started a website. It is a pretty good source of information, with links to other places.

    Last I knew, David Miscavige’s Father (who had ‘escaped’ Scientology) also lives in Dallas.

  47. Questions for Corbett …

    James, your video essay on little Billy Gates explained
    clearly the roots of his so-called “philanthropy”,
    and how these strategic investments continue to increase
    his wealth at great velocity.

    My question… have copies of ANY Gates Foundation
    “donor” agreements been leaked and published online?
    Alternatively, are any circulating privately among the
    cognoscenti? I am interested in acquiring original Gates
    docs for study purposes, if you can point to a cache.

  48. Q4C:

    Thank you James for recommending COVID-19: The Great Reset, by our old friend Klaus Schwab. I am currently reading it and came across this passage on page 66 in regards to the fiscal response by poorer nations:

    “Most of them don’t have the fiscal space required to react to the pandemic shock; they are already suffering from major capital outflows and a fall in commodity prices, which means their exchange rate will be hammered if they decide to launch expansionary fiscal policies. In these circumstances, help in the form of grants and debt relief, and possibly an outright moratorium, will not only be needed but will be critical.”

    This passage got me thinking about one of the main plans of globalists, which is to control natural resources and push the populace into more controllable areas, such as cities. In the case of debt relief, I wonder if U.N. “Debt for Nature Swaps” will be offered to these poor countries. If COVID-1984 is about going for all the marbles, then the globalists creating a situation (the intentional financial damage done in the name of protecting us from a virus) where poor countries are essentially forced to give up their land due in order to survive would be a big win for these globalists.

    Have you looked into this at all? Has this possibility crossed your radar? Would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe this will be something to follow as/if it develops.

  49. My question for Corbett:

    Are the recent GameStop campaigns on reddit and similar a true people’s rebellion against Wall Street or is there another agenda behind it?

    If so, what would be the goal?

  50. I’m currently living in Sweden and I think that here Brave New World will turn to 1984 sooner than later.

    I’m thinking about moving to Iberia. Not because I’m enthusiastic about people’s mentality but for the sunlight and nature. I’m reading about Andalucia, Pais Vasco and Portugal. If this message in a bottle reach the shore of any other fellow CR reader that is interested in this options, please do reach me out.

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