Interview 1790 – James Corbett Dispenses White Pills on AM WakeUp

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Interviews | 5 comments

via Slow News Day: James joins Steve Poikonen, aka SlowNewsDay on the AM WakeUp to discuss the madness in the banking sector; the potential for the peer-to-peer economy to replace the centralized, global, industrial economy; and how we can recognize and claim sovereignty over our lives and actions. Also, don’t miss James’ answer to the Biden dementia playlist question. (WARNING: Strong language throughout.)


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  1. Good talk. Steve sounds like a real standup guy.

  2. James, I hope you will see this comment because you made a super important point about the banking collapse that just occurred; and I was also thinking about why CNN would post their “expose” exactly one week before the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed (March 10 if I’m correct). After watching this interview and sleeping on my thoughts I believe, since you brought up the flashback you posted about Terrance Yeakey (with CNN’s “expose” posted March 3), that a story of that magnitude may have been purposely selected to “resurface” by the powers that shouldn’t be for the purpose of diverting as much attention as possible away from the mess currently happening in the banking sector — because I believe too many insiders knew that the bank was going to collapse (as will many others in the near or distant future). In other words, as super important as Terrance Yeakey was to be covered, I think that was just a distraction — and how cunning of the powers that shouldn’t be to use Black people as a convenient distraction while they continue constructing their control grid. Of course, I could be wrong and there very well could be other explanations and/or motives as well; but this is what I believe for now anyway.

  3. The F.R.B.?
    It will do what it was created to do, enrich the banksters by the hidden taxation of currency depreciation . Like all theft, taxation destroys wealth. In a coercive political paradigm, as exists, more or less worldwide, social collapse is inevitable. Sometimes it takes a millennium, but the initiation of violence, threats thereof, is anti-reason, rights, choice, and therefore unsustainable for a species that survives by freely using its mind, free exchange of everything, especially ideas.
    The only sustainable political system is an UNTRIED voluntary interaction, a non-violent politics that makes reason primary. This would lead to peace, prosperity, civility. As yet, humanity is NOT civilized, is not moral or practical. It may self-destruct.

  4. How is WWIII going to be fought? As the saying goes, we don’t know, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones.

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