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WHO cares what celebrities think? WHO cares, that’s who! Or, more to the point, WHO wants you to care what they think. Join James for this week’s #PropagandaWatch as he peels back the layers on the WHO’s “celebrity influencer” propaganda campaign.

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  1. I think James is wrong about people not buying what celebrities do. The people on the internet represent a tiny percentage of the population. This goes for the WHO as well. He is talking about thinking human beings who are actively engaged on the web. Most aren’t
    Most people still believe the TV news. And the politician they vote for. They are still worshipping idiot idols.
    Where is my proof? Masks are my proof. Riots for false causes are my proof. Calls for others to lead are my proof. There’s an increase, but is it in numbers? Or is it in participation?

    As an aside, I was in Panama when Desert Shield started. At a airborne battalion. I volunteered to go to the desert. I never even saw the news about the incubator babies until I got out. And even then it was several years, because the internet wasn’t widely available. Nor was it very informative.
    A lot of people claim that the people have no chance against the military. They’re wrong. Not with most units. You don’t want to face airborne or special forces,or armor; but that’s not the majority.
    I was transferred to the 101. Hasn’t been airborne since Vietnam. Idiots. While I was used to handling live ammo, not just in the army (we were carrying live ammo for years on our patrols), but I grew up in the country. But those jackasses were having so many accidental firings, that they weren’t allowed to load their weapons. As a squad leader, I had to carry all the grenades. Not just the fragmentary ones, but the smoke as well. They didn’t know, and didn’t want to know, the most basic aspects of their own jobs. This was not, and still isn’t,an isolated case. I’ve talked to many vets and am not impressed. There are some highly skilled soldiers, but they remain the minority. And you can look at them and tell. Just don’t let the weapons fool you. Watch how they operate. Are they confused?scared? There are many signs for the observant. And you will be seeing them here.

    • Jim Bob says:
      They didn’t know, and didn’t want to know, the most basic aspects of their own jobs.

      I also have noticed the mass contagion of the “incompetence virus” across all sectors of life and employment.
      I can’t believe the salaries that some of these incompetent morons draw.
      We all run into them.
      I’m surprised there aren’t more car accidents…these folks shouldn’t even be driving.

      • Lol. This made me laugh because it’s true. I have been blown away by the mass stupidity. Perhaps it’s more of a type of psychosis than anything else.

    • I have a feeling that facial recognition technology has already been surpassed by something else. Perhaps gait recognition. Why else would there be such a universal push for mask wearing? Which I noticed was a technique not explored in the video.

      • True. Didn’t think of that. While I’m not a Luddite, I might as well be as behind the curve I am. Though I’ve noticed the technology never lives up to it’s hype. The biggest drawback to it is the state winds up with too much information for them to make a decision. It’s very hard for a person to make a decision when they are drowning in information. It promotes the feeling that you always need to know more before you act.

        • The mass of data is fed thru AI now… true its not true intelligence, and its not as all powerful as people sniffing around for funding make it out to be but the mass of data can be used to tell when something in the pattern gets ‘out of place’ or changes in some way.
          Its like the story of the guy who found out his daughter was pregnant when he got adverts for baby stuff in the junk mail

          • After multiplying it by the given population, and all the other steps which are relevant to intelligence gathering; it still winds up with information overload.

            One point (out of many) is if the state were to pull up my file; they would have so much information,much of it all over the place, that to truly analyze it would be mind boggling. This is even with AI sorting out the data. Intelligence actually works best with less data. Fewer varients come into play. They would know the books I’ve read, the comments I’ve posted,my official records, and so forth. But would they know what I learned from those books, meant by my comments,or even what the official documents say about me now. The best they can do is put forth probabilities.
            Those are easily countered as well. For me to come to there attention would likely mean I’ve been a bad boy. That’s a likely probability, but it could only point to my habits before I garnered their attention. Habits that would change.
            This is explained badly, but in essence,they would have all this information that would still require a lot of human effort to analyze. And that information would be of dubious value. Just the books alone are a swamp. There are many books I’ve read that have had no impact on my thinking by themselves, but in combination with several others (as well as life experiences),may result in a completely different thought pattern than can be deduced. I’m going to stop trying to clarify,as I’m just muddying up the waters. But multiply me by a population. For simple things like that girl being pregnant; it’s useful. But for figuring out an opponent; not at all.

            • Your right that YOU, personally, can avoid being understood but thats not the real worry. two points that keep me up at night me are

              A)They dont need to predict everything you do… when your driving and you hear a funny noise you know you need to look at your car- the ‘noise’ of behavior is what AI can monitor well, and it will make it harder for the people in power to be surprised…. people like YOU will not be able to hide in the background noise of mass normie behavior.
              You will be like the sound of a bad engine belt to AI

              B)People growing up in the system will be much better understood… their behavior more predictable and controllable

              I hope you and not I am right on this

              • You are correct mostly, but we are coming to a point where they will want to know what I, and others like me,are personally doing. And I also have a lot of time off-grid. And that is the most relevant data. I’ll have no problem with them hearing a knock in the engine. I will want them to by then. Just as I’ll want them to know it’s me. But that won’t help them as much as it’ll help me.
                Another thing to consider is the incompetence factor. Government is a bunch of petty pencil pushers. I’m not.
                You are right about the average person though. But the average person buys into the covid nonsense and lives a life based in fear and ignorance. I don’t. Ergo, I am a far harder target to quantify.
                The bottom line is that I don’t worry about it. I will work it to my advantage.

        • Hey, Maybe Masks Aren’t All Bad!
          Becky Akers

          “Another of the plandemic’s many internal contradictions is the insistence on masks despite Our Rulers’ squandering hundreds of millions of our dollars on facial recognition; why, then are they pushing us to cover half our features?

          I’ve long mused about this. Now Mr. Anonymous forwards an article documenting the Department of Homeland Stupidity’s ire over muzzles. Indeed, the spooks arrived at the same conclusion I have: “that facial recognition could become increasingly worthless if mask-wearing becomes normalized.”

          Before you shout, “Yee-haw!”, recall that “facial recognition” is only one of the weapons in their arsenal against us. They can also identify us by our gait, our irises, and no doubt numerous other methods.“

          • I’d say facial recognition probably only needs a good shot of the eyes to frame you 100%.

          • I wear my sunglasses at night…

          • maskless naked face
            do you see my crime, my sin
            fuck off big brother

              • Ran out of reply buttons. While all of his videos are valuable, I thought this the one that best encapsulated his work. And so fitting for understanding what is going on in the minds of the people. Fear being their foundational emotion.

  2. There was also a nationwide exercise here in the US before it. Was cancelled by Trump. We didn’t score well.

  3. Corbett’s WHO Cares What Celebrities Think – #PropagandaWatch

    Oh! This is primo!
    I can use this!

  4. I just wish the title was true. But alas, it is not; at least here in Victoria, Australia. Even before the so-called mandatory masking, people are muzzling themselves. And they are not minority. The majority of them.
    So, unfortunately, I have to admit that whatever they are doing is working on the masses, even at this time and date in history.

    People do not want the truth; they just want convenience.
    They do not wan to think themselves. They have become consumers of thoughts.
    Consumerism to the max.

  5. Only retarded people care what actors and other skin puppets think or say… while dancing monkeys are fun to watch their opinions are not worth much… that people like Johnny Depp considers a convicted crowleyite satanist child murderer his ‘blood brother’ and spent vast sums of money to get him out of jail with the help of other skin puppets tells me everything I need to know about them.

    People who care what celebrities think are too unimportant to matter one way or another anyway… the report from my corner of the world is that half the normies are getting VERY scared while the other half are getting angry at the restrictions and chafing at the bit

  6. excellent. i’ve learned over the years to watch the celebrities and the news readers during any ‘crises’. captain hanks was a hint. Trudeau’s wife was a hint. little justin explaining how the big mama government was gonna protect the people whilst he was in lockout, at the cottage, where the paying folk shouldn’t go. now we have india’s first family of thespians somehow afflicted. oh my. the British PM? mon deux. the fucking baby eatin hyenas in the outback? all infected!!!!! those ugly russian dolls that all stack up? you guessed it. French Baguettes? dutch tulips? all dripping with the horrors. though the psa telling me not to pet or play with my dog has vanished.
    “this isn’t about sex gary, it’s about trust. now get over here and suck my cock”.

  7. Oprah was an ‘influencer’ before social media… your right!
    weird now I think of it but her power came from all those middle class women thinking she was their best pal or something and hanging on her words was a huge resource for social change.

  8. The Huxleian guy with the knowing smirk featured in the 201 segment also said (at 22m), “The fact is most people will survive, and that’s probably not a widespread public perception, and so people who’ve lived and survived and can say that they got good care or that they were treated appropriately will help build confidence in the system in a way that perhaps the data doesn’t do as effectively.” Then, voilà! Enter stage left Tom Hanks and his lovely Rita!

    So many tools at their disposal; such tools should ponder the question, ‘For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?’

  9. Imagine Tom Hanks in isolation on an island with Wilson, lol. I just can’t… even… I can’t.

  10. Thoughts of Christopher Elias, President of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation in Event201 on Information Dissemination Discussion: people are going to trust other people on their community level & how to use that

    I haven’t seen Event201 in it’s entirety yet, but earlier I did check out what Christopher Elias, President of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had to say on Segment 4 – Information Dissemination Discussion. I was curious what the official representative of Bill Gates had to say on this subject. He had two points:

    1) One was that “people trust their neighbors, they trust their local community organizations.” He also says that “while the social media can provide better quality information, I think that local community organizations can help individuals understand how to filter out some of the noise and to act on the good information there.” He uses the Ebola-outbreak as an example where they learnt that “if you don’t have community trust and engagement you can’t deliver even effective countermeasures even if you have them.” He then summarizes: “the importance of local community – perhaps married to and as a filter for – helping to discern the truth from the misinformation on the technology platforms, is going to be an important part of this response.”
    He says all this with an ever so slight smug smile.
    (at the 14:10 mark)

    2) His second point was that “the survivors of the disease that are immune almost by definition live in the community.” So then his question was: “can we turn the survivors in the community into a community-based-source-of-accurate-information?” He then said: “They are going to be the ones that are least likely want to spread false information. They are going to be motivated by having survived this outbreak and their loved ones that are also affected. I think they can be a very effective force for intervention at the community level.”
    (at the 26:20 mark)

    You can see this for yourself at either:

  11. https://youtu.be/_8e41iXn4qI

    This is mark passio’s video called Street Wise Spirituality. Or something like that. While his recent videos are off-putting because he is so angry, this is one of his best. I’m not putting him down for being angry either. I’m angry as well.
    While the video is very long,as all of his are, it’s worth the time. The subject is what it means to be awakened. But to explain that, he has to explain the opposite as well. I think it will help you understand what is going on now. And why
    There’s a small part in which you will see two choices of what to do with your knowledge. 1- to effect change. 2- to prepare yourself for what you can’t change. I’m of the opinion that we are in the second part. All you need to do is look around to see this.
    I find his work to be stellar, and I can’t recommend it enough. While it is 7 hours long, the seminar ends at 5:48. There’s a q and a session afterwards. I haven’t watched that part. But I’m sure it’s worth it as well. He’s not a fast speaker, so I recommend watching it at 2x speed.

    I recommend this video because it is so pertinent for these times.

    • Glad you like it. It fits our times so well.

    • Yes. The time to wake people up became outdated the instant the corona psyop began. Those that can’t see it, won’t until it’s too late.
      Sorry to hear that about Oaxaca. Used to travel through it a lot. Back when you could smell the liberty in the air.

  12. The propaganda is working here in Ireland. Today there were about 90% of people wearing a mask in the supermarket. Seeing this new phenomenon here is giving me the creeps, I don’t care if I’m called an anti masker, because I most certainly am. The mask
    – Makes people unapproachable
    – Signifies conformity
    – Instils a sense of fear
    – Tells me I’m headed crown first into a blazing abyss of gloom towards nonsense land.

    95% of people wearing a mask in a country of 5 million and a whooping 1 person is said to have died today from corona virus. A whole county on edge for what?

    • The masks are your brain on statism.

    • lizzie, it’s the same here in Boston, USA.

      I was out running today and thought “I have to go home and write on all the comment boards that I read – “If you all think it’s getting ANY better, please go out for a walk. It gets WORSE every day!”

      I’m sorry to be nancy negative but it daily astounds me! It’s 90 degrees! EVERYONE – walking, playing, running – is wearing a mask. I’m the unwashed!

      THEN, I was driving through town on the way home and there was an official sign from the town of Brookline MA “People who don’t wear masks….” Well, I drove by too fast to read the entire sign. I thought “should I turn around?” Nah, why do that to myself. It’s all difficult as is.

      I don’t read MSM but they must be doing quite a job scaring the hell out of people.

      All deep state feelings aside – I just don’t know HOW people can function wearing those things!! Running? I can barely breath as it is.

      Oh well, keep my eyes on my own plate, I guess.

      Some sites I read daily that you might want to check: Catherine Austin Fitts twitter, Sherri Tenpenny twitter, the offguardian paper and twitter, Children’s Health Defense site and twitter, Pam Popper wellnessforum, Del Bigtree site and twitter.

      I find a good number of videos and links on the twitter accounts, even though I do not have a twitter account myself.

      • I posted a link today to a mark passio video called Street Wise Spirituality. It’s not about the covid, but it goes over a week lot of the psychological makeup of sheeple. It’s really about what being awakened means, but has so much information that’s pertinent to today’s situation. It’s very long, but worth the time.

        • I will check it out. Thanks.

          • I’ll give it a listen too. Thanks.
            I’m usually a happy go lucky type of gal but now I agree with the super sharp Santa shooter, it’s time to prepare for a rough ride.
            I used to have rare contact with ignoramus’ now they are lurking everywhere, in every yoga centre, punk band and health food shop.
            I’m comforted by the knowledge that I have a strong immune response against the ignoramus fever going around and I will not comply.

  13. Same. I find these people nauseating too. They really do believe their own publicity.

  14. BUMP

    RFK Jr. & Alan Dershowitz vaccine debate!
    Thurs 23rd 8:45am EST

    • I’m watching now.
      RFK is fantastic in his communication!

      • Dersh is a turd. I highly doubt he will grow a conscience. He’s in with the psychopaths.

        • ha! I agree. He is a turd.

          However, he is a prime example of the broad public mindset.
          Naïve is a polite term.
          Dershowitz fails to understand just how viciously corrupt the government, the Federal Agencies, the justice system, and corporations really are.

          I believe that this is the ailment from which most the public suffer. They have never researched it. Never looked into it.

          It is a shame. 5 or 10 years ago, it was so much easier to research the corrupt activities of the Federal Agencies and corporations. There is a lot of wild stuff down that rabbit hole.

  15. Brilliant James, another home run!
    Especially that Hill & Knowlton part.

    But there is a double standard at play here.
    You see, if a celebrity gets Covid-19, that’s cool, they’ll
    easily recover and live to tell the tale in their mansion.

    If a normie gets Covid-19, they are tarred and feathered,
    scorned, shunned and permanently logged into the Covid-19 database
    losing future social credit points.

    On this propaganda theme.
    Just a notice for others to be on the lookout for the
    ‘president of Ghana’ video circulating on the net now.

    It’s giving us truthers a bad name. Don’t pass it around!

    1. It is NOT the president of Ghana who is talking.
    2. The man is not reading a document taken from the Rockefeller
    Foundation website.

    Dollar Vigilante (Jeff B.) and Clive de Carle skipped any fact-checking
    on this and have included the fake propaganda in their recent videos.

  16. Our conversations about VACCINES are being big-time monitored in order to develop better PROPAGANDA.

    Project VCTR
    Joe Smyser
    “The Public Good Projects”


    • Thank you Home Remedy!! I am watching this link now.

      I just watched Vaxxed and Vaxxed II yesterday. Amazing.

      I look forward to seeing 1986 The Act.

      I am going to get as involved as possible with some of these organizations. I think we will have a better chance of really fighting for ourselves under the mandatory vaccine banner.

      Thanks again.

  17. Oh no, no liability. Congress saw to that in 1986. The pharma companies went to congress saying that they were going to go out of business because of all the lawsuits so they needed congress to pass a bill immunizing them (forgive the pun) from liability. And congress did just that. (you may know all this already)

    If you want to sue a pharma company for vaccine injury now you have to jump though a number of hoops and if approved your case will go to Vaccine Court (no joke). The pharma companies don’t even have to show up. They are represented – you’ll love this – by the United States Department of Justice. How’s THAT for irony.

    The cap on the payout is $250,000.

    If you have not watched VAXXED and VAXXED II I would strongly urge you to.

    I watched both movies yesterday. Beyond words. Just beyond words.

  18. Another great report coming from Corbett!

    This report is yet another key that can help unlock some minds as long as the cognitive dissonance isn’t set in to hard.

    Clear as water reporting – keep up the great work!

  19. James – have a look at an article posted today on the website
    of NEWSWEEK magazine. The screaming header reads:
    “Narcissists and Psychopaths Are More Likely
    to Refuse to Wear Masks, Says New Research”.


    Sickening, is it not? That a once reputable news magazine is so deeply in
    bed with the DNC insurrection, that it gives credibility to garbage “research” coming from Polish-salami schools of study. “Researchers
    found that people possessing so-called ‘DARK TRIAD’ traits – narcissism,
    psychopathy and Machiavellianism – were less likely to comply with
    restrictions or engage in preventative measures against the pandemic.”
    (I am sure you know that the average Pole today, is just as frothing-mad as the average politicized American. Both nations lusting for war.)

    The story is accompanied by a ridiculous video that show a unmasked – resistor in a retail space. That American “psychopath” is meant to be representative of you and I, and other readers who frequent the Corbett Report.

    Now you just know that the folks at NEWSWEEK are college educated, and
    consider themselves sophisticated in all things that matter. They will
    know the history of abuses of psychiatry employed by Fascist and Communist regimes to eliminate political opponents. They will know they are quoting shit-science, but they don’t care. They want to incite, and this piece is definitely Agitprop.

    I really don’t mind watching Americans rip each others guts out. If the only way to get the Evil War Mongers to leave our world alone, is to have a full-blown civil war in the U.S., then so be it. But their mad obsessions are warping the minds of millions who live outside the American cage.

    You may not know that about a week ago in Ontario, the O.P.P. responded to a call from a grocery store, about an elderly man (73 yrs) who refused to wear a mask. It got to pushing and shoving, and he tore out of the parking
    lot in anger, and must have known he had only minutes to live. The paramilitaries chased him back home, boxed him, and drew their assault carbines. Dead, dead, dead. He must have been one of those “psychpathic” mask resisters, and they put him down. Now the O.P.P. has exercised “Blue privilege” and refuses to discuss it. The cow-belled media are in their barns, leaving the shooting totally unreported. Yankee madness is spilling
    across the 49th Parallel, even though we try to keep it out.

    It is NOT ironic in the least, that NEWSWEEK and its cohorts in politicized media, refuse to investigate the narcissism and psychopathy of political leaders on both sides of the American Cultural Revolution. Who are more narcissistic than creatures like H.R. Clinton, Joseph Biden and “Doctor” Fauci, all addicted to facial cosmetic surgery and all hiding medical conditions that come with OLD AGE. Retire? Never! They have many acts of “Patriotic” mayhem to inflict on the deplorables they so insanely despise. “The horror.”


  20. Tom Hanks quarantining himself as instructed by Event 201 “behind 201” points from his wife in rummy. Cute in a sinister way.

    • correction, was distracted by the gaga gag me action — i meant WHO not Who. as well as confused, who is the Who, or who are you? i prefer magic bus & since who or WHO cares what celebrities think, i do & dont, & ask Who the Fuck Are You? The New Girl

  21. Haha! Thank you!! Now get back to work, you f*!#^%*..!!

  22. someone give Pilato a shake. wakey wakey eggs and bakie. upload time!

  23. I was having a nosey around John Podesta’s emails on Wikileaks and I saw loads about Black Lives Matter meetings.
    I just wonder if that movement is being pushed by those guys again because it’s an election year.

    • Probably it is. Just one more manufactured crisis.

      “Plays, farces, spectacles, gladiators, strange beasts, medals, pictures, and other such opiates, these were for ancient peoples the bait toward slavery, the price of their liberty, the instruments of tyranny. By these practices and enticements the ancient dictators so successfully lulled their subjects under the yoke, that the stupefied peoples, fascinated by the pastimes and vain pleasures flashed before their eyes, learned subservience as naively, but not so creditably, as little children learn.”

      That is from Rothbard’s introduction to the Étienne de La Boétie (thank goodness for copy and paste) book.

      It seemed so appropriate for what is going on today. All the distractions! The overload of bullshit news. I feel that the election of a president is just another way of keeping the people from focusing on….. what? What should people focus on?
      For me and probably most people here, its simple. We focus on liberty, freedom, living lives in balance with our environment and attempting to leave behind a better civilization than the one we were born into.
      But for most of the people in the “first” world, I believe that the focus is more geared towards materialism at the expense of contentment. Amusement, entertainment and convenience at the expense of responsibility, self sufficiency and fulfilling hard work. And perhaps most importantly, fearfulness and anxiety at the expense of confidence and faith.

      People like us are a pain in the ass to people like them. No wonder they are trying to get rid of us.

      • I really need to read that.
        Mmmm confidence and faith sounds wonderful.
        I usually get myself out of these slumps with some kind of realisation but I haven’t figured it out yet.

  24. I was completely unaware of these “celebrities” doing these silly things. I must be living under the rock. Or simply have too many important things competing for my time to even notice these wretched whores selling their black souls for a bag of silver.

  25. Coronavirus: What I learnt in Oxford’s vaccine trial

    First, they took the chimp cold virus and genetically altered it so it is impossible to grow in humans (phew). Next they added genes that make proteins from the Covid-19 virus, called spike glycoprotein. If the body learns to recognise and develop an immune response to this spike glycoprotein, the hope is that it will help stop the Covid-19 virus from entering human cells.

    Half the volunteers will get this vaccine, Snape explains. The second group will be given an existing licensed vaccine called MenACWY (either Nimenrix or Menveo), which is used to protect against the causes of meningitis or sepsis. This vaccine is a “control” for comparison, and was chosen instead of an inert placebo so that the control group experience the effects (and side-effects) of a real vaccine, preventing them from working out which group they are in.

    Like any clinical trial, it’s necessary to ensure participants are fully aware of potential side-effects, from the mild (nausea, headaches and so on) to the rare and severe (Guillain-Barre syndrome, which causes severe weakness and can be fatal).

    Some studies on animals that received experimental vaccines to protect against Sars (a related virus) have shown worsened lung inflammation when they were infected with Sars. One report had found similar lung inflammation in vaccinated mice infected with Mers. The effect had thankfully not been seen in animal studies for the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine, however.

    Most of all, I felt reassured to hear that thousands of people had already received the Oxford vaccine without severe side-effects – which was confirmed by the group’s study in the Lancet journal on 20 July. (And just to be absolutely clear, none of these potential reactions should bolster the unfounded claims of anti-vax campaigners).

    The sad truth is that a volunteer like me in the UK is less likely to tell the scientists if their vaccine shows efficacy, because for now at least, I am less likely to catch the virus than somebody where the pandemic is spreading through the community. For the greater good, some of the 10,000 volunteers in my stage of the trial will need to encounter this killer.

    Public health officials will remember well the times that vaccine rollouts went wrong. In 1976, fears of a swine flu outbreak led the US government to accelerate vaccine development and inoculate tens of millions of Americans. The feared pandemic never arrived, but by some estimates, around 30 people died due to adverse vaccine reactions. Such mistakes may well have dented trust in public health advice and fuelled anti-vax fears too, which is the last thing you need in a pandemic.

    What a load of crap, goodness.

    • Thanks mkey!
      I read the entire article. I wonder what the author will write a year from now as he loses muscle and nerve control, if he can write.

      I am astounded at all the “patriotic robots” who would volunteer for this kind of stuff.
      It’s an indicator of what to expect.
      I guess we will have huge crowds of people who can’t wait to line up for their vaccine. And, the way it looks now, they will need repeated Covid vaccines throughout the years.

      I thought the “control group” getting a real vaccine (meningitis or sepsis) was very interesting.

      RFK talked about the meningitis vaccine in his recent debate with Dershowitz this Thursday morning. (Valuetainment YouTube Channel)

      Meningitis (A,C,W,Y) or (B)
      Adolescents given meningococcal vaccines have experienced a wide variety of serious adverse events, including new autoimmune conditions and death.

      It also lists “difficulty in breathing a couple months after the vaccine”.
      Hmmm…Covid symptom.

      • “I guess we will have huge crowds of people who can’t wait to line up for their vaccine. And, the way it looks now, they will need repeated Covid vaccines throughout the years.”

        If I were a betting man I would bet on Covid-19, Covid-20, Covid-21, Covid-22 vaccines etc. for the coming decades.
        It just makes more business sense than a one shot deal (pun intended).

        • Hasn’t it been in the news recently that Trump ordered millions of vaccine shots from all manufacturers so that everything is lined up when “test” confirm the best vaccine?

          They really don’t even need their vaccine to be “good”, they just need to make it and the directive man will push them through. Even if they are never used, these people will still make a bundle. If they are used, they’ll have chronic patients up the wazoo, ready to do anything for their treatment.

  26. Just watched the debate.
    Here is my interpretation as a play.

    … The Tiger …

    Int: The Tiger enclosure at the zoo

    Dershowitz: As your good self, I too am a libertarian who believes in open debates, I recognise that man should be free to live life according to how one chooses. I wouldn’t judge someone for say murdering his wife or raping children.
    So as I keep repeating we agree on mostly everything about this tiger, I do think it has stripes and very big vicious teeth but it wouldn’t want to murder anyone. Can I just ask, do you wear a mask?
    [Dershowitz opens his eyes wide for second and checks his watch, RFK smiles]

    RFK Junior: Going back to your original point, there have been numerous studies that show tigers have killed many times, the evidence is very clear on that. That said if some wish to have a pet tiger by all means but I would look at the evidence first.

    Dershowitz: I agree with almost everything you say and I’m a free and easy loving guy, we only disagree on that small detail that I think a tiger should be mandatory. That is the only final solution to this, unless you wear a mask or stay in your house, I am a libertarian after all.

    [Dershowitz yawns and the tiger pats him on the back]

    Tiger: There’s no rest for the…

  27. I doubt that many of us limit our actions to just typing on here. For instance I have a water collection system that I have hooked up to my house so that I am not dependent on the city. I have enough fruit trees and moringa trees and enough food stocks that I could probably “survive” for quite awhile if not indefinitely.
    I have installed electricity generating systems that aren’t hooked up to the grid.
    I raise chickens for the non vegans in my life.
    There are all sorts of things that I have done.
    But I also know that should the state decide to show up at my door and tell me that I must accept a vaccination, those actions would amount to nothing. In an instant my life would change dramatically.

    What kind of things are you suggesting that people do to fight back?

  28. What we can do…
    We are competent and able, not whimpy victims.

    Personally, I am not too worried about the “body survival thing”, although I have a small garden and some food stocks. I don’t have much money.

    But we all can do something to better conditions.
    We can disseminate in any number of ways.
    We can set examples for others in our interactions.
    We can share information on these boards.
    We can inspire others to take physical action.

    I have flyers in the car.

    It is political season.
    After the lawn mowing season slows down, I will be putting up signs next to the ‘political signs’ which will adorn the roadways.

    There are a zillion things which we can do.

    Unfortunately, most folks are only keyboard warriors. But that can be okay, if they apply their skills to sane outreach and dissemination.

    A person can always place an online ad in a local or national publication. Classified or otherwise.
    I’ve done it repeatedly.
    Linked Corbett’s ‘9/11 Conspiracy video” on a variety of campaigns.
    Fourteen suburban newspapers in the Dallas/Ft Worth area contain online 9/11 Truth Ads which are running for three months. The 14 papers have a combined readership above 243,000.
    There are a total of four ads comprised of animated graphics which link to YouTube videos. The individual ads randomly rotate to each of the 14 suburban newspapers.


    Anyway, there are many things which a person can do.

    I am no ‘wus’.

    • It sounds like this New York hospital is responsible for making this guy worse.
      Months ago, he goes into the hospital with symptoms of a mild cold. Within a day, the hospital intubates him and starts putting tubes down him. They have to give him painkillers, sedatives, and drugs because of the intubation.
      This puts his body in a coma like state with a wrecked immune system.
      He develops lung infections (pneumonia) as a result, along with drug addictions. Now his body has a myriad of problems.

      It is a miracle he made it out of there alive.
      It wasn’t the coronavirus that almost killed him.
      It was modern conventional medicine practiced with incompetence and no common sense.

      • These type of doctors can’t do no wrong so it must have been cocrap that nearly killed this man.

        The other day I was listening a segment from a local news station. They claimed that a sizable portion of population does not lend too much credence to this hype and hysteria. They were talking about only 38% people believing the “official version of the story”, wording which I found quite interesting. They partially blame it on the confusion propaganda.

        Further, according to their polls carried out on a sizeable 519 people during May, they claim 52% believe in one of the “conspiracy theories”. They talked to some people from a citizen initiative, about lack of autopsies and vaccines of questionable quality.

        While my knee jerk reaction to that figure would be delight, I simply can’t trust anything coming from these sources, no matter how agreeable. My eyes are also telling me a very different tale. Would I be seeing 99% mask wearing compliance were it otherwise?

        They close the segment by referencing “corona parties” that are held in the US where people intentionally gather with “infected”. Of course, one of the attendees of these parties, picked up cocrap and later died of consequences in San Antonio. Miracle story, really.

  29. Dershowitz says he’s libertarian and strongly for mandates. I’m tempted to make a crack about his age, but it’s probably down to his yearly vaccine. RFK destroyed him, it was like watching a cat play with a vaccine injured handicapped demented mouse. And I think his speech condition plays into his hand by simply commanding your attention. Good job as usual, I think all the important points have been covered.

    Thanks Pat for putting this thing together and knowing your place in the debate.

  30. Excellent videos, thanks for the links.
    Great scholarly men in the second link calmly relaying the evidence, great one to share

  31. Awesome. I’ll have a look now

  32. Thanks SuzQ!
    ““We will not be delayed any longer.
    We citizens have the power.
    We are doing it”

    “We need somehow to widen this noble German initiative mounted by conscientious health care practitioners into some sort of international inquiry to look into the crimes that have taken place in terms of international community…

    …To investigate the question of “who benefits,” a good place to start is the interests around Gates including the World Economic Forum and the UN’s World Health Organization. The contracting out of agencies like WHO to the patronage of the billionaires club has proven to be a bad bad move.

    It would be cool to see James Corbett on the panel sometime.


    • Classic, indeed. Listener caution advised: keep the barf bag on hand.

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