Who Funded Hitler? – Questions For Corbett #008

by | Jul 23, 2013 | Questions For Corbett | 3 comments

In this edition of the ongoing Questions For Corbett podcast series, James answers your questions on weather manipulation, cyber attacks, water wars, biometrics, Hitler, online anonymity and more.

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Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

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The “StartPage Trojan” false flag


  1. I am Jewish and also a conspiracy researcher. I found the story about Hitler and Rothschild interesting. I then decided to try and investigate rather than just dismiss or accept this and started by reading the link given in the show notes. (James, thanks so much for doing an open source journalism were we can check the sources for our selves).

    Let me be clear that i am convinced the Rothschild family is a criminal one. I don’t think it is anti Semitic mentioning that, especially given the abundance of supporting evidence.

    But, reading a little further about the Hilter ancestry to my mind gives a picture that seems a little more complex than that presented. At the very least, things seem not very definitive.

    Even the source given, does not suggest it provides conclusive evidence as to Hitler’s ancestry.

    I found a website which at one point includes reference to what seems to be very thorough research by a German researcher, Werner Maser, into the issue. Of particular interest is the following:

    C) Records from 1821 to 1838 pertaining to Maria Anna’s money in the Orphans’ Fund showed no change of address in 1836 or ’37. Moreover, as a subject of the “Lordship of Ottenstein” she could not have absented herself for any length of time without it being noted.

    Not saying this closes the case, but to me it does seem like interesting evidence worth considering.


    • I’ve heard James use the term Hitler is a Rothschild a few time. So I went looking for backed up evidence for the statement. Came across it on these show notes. The evidence is underwhelming. The link provided has the author even admit there is not much evidence to prove the rumours.

      I have used the term myself just assuming it to be correct.

  2. Any sources supporting Corbett’s Dunkirk claim? Where does it show that he colluded with british nazis and was then double crosses after Hess?

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