Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?

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As we approach the 12th anniversary of 9/11, it is time for 9/11 truth to mature as a movement before it stagnates into insignificance. Either the movement will live up to its potential by naming names and identifying suspects in the crime, or it will become another JFK assassination investigation, doomed to spend half a century fighting pointless territorial battles while the real perpetrators walk free. Join us for this 9/11 anniversary edition of The Corbett Report as we ask the question and demand an answer: Who was really behind the attacks?

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James Corbett presents to the 9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth conference in Kuala Lumpur
Time Reference: 06:53


Richard Grove’s Project Constellation
Time Reference: 15:48


Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorism
Time Reference: 18:19


Report on Bremer’s speech to terrorism conference pre-9/11
Time Reference: 18:27


Anne Tatlock’s story of missing 9/11 in Nebraska
Time Reference: 19:13


President Bush’s cousin escapes death by rescheduling a WTC meeting
Time Reference: 19:23


Paul Bremer interview, NBC, 12:46, 9/11
Time Reference: 20:18


9/11 Conspiracy Solved
Time Reference: 23:09


Former NYPD boss Bernard Kerik released from federal prison
Time Reference: 25:55


Bernard Kerik Scandals
Time Reference: 26:56


Jeremy Rys on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 28:54


Time Reference: 33:08


Series of articles on Richard Armitage
Time Reference: 34:44


Michael Springmann on the Jeddah consulate and visas for terrorists
Time Reference: 36:32


PNAC letter to Clinton urging strike on Saddam
Time Reference: 39:46


Armitage and others negotiating with Turkey before 9/11
Time Reference: 39:59


Sibel Edmonds on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 40:35


PNAC calls for a new Pearl Harbor
Time Reference: 46:48


DigWithin.net – website of Kevin Ryan
Time Reference: 47:17


Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects by Kevin Ryan
Time Reference: 48:14


Kevin Ryan on Guns and Butter
Time Reference: 52:36


“Trusted” by Mr. Brown
Time Reference: 59:52


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