Why Do You Eat Bacon and Eggs?

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Because the Beech-Nut Packing Company told you to, that’s why. But don’t take it from me, take it from the man who engineered the campaign himself, Edward Bernays. So what other ideas have been woven so thoroughly into the fabric of our society that we no longer even stop to think about them?

Farm eggs and bacon on Twitter

Edward Bernays reveals how he increased bacon sales for the Beech-Nut Packing Co.

“Edward Bernays” on The Corbett Report

The Century of the Self – Part 1: “Happiness Machines”

Bernays – “Propaganda” (pdf)

British supermarket offers ‘finger vein’ payment in worldwide first


  1. Corbett’s “Bacon and Eggs” video highlights an extremely important aspect regarding Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War.
    James touches on the propaganda similarities here…

    In my view, the propaganda arm of “invisible government” or “true ruling power” (terms used by Bernays) will play a strong role in the next great war regarding China.
    This is where America holds the trump cards.
    The world often follows American trends and American media.

    Example: Look at Russia. Currently, the American media chews them apart.

    I think that China recognizes this propaganda weapon which the Anglo-English media holds.
    Perhaps one of China’s strategies includes trying to entice Wall Street and Banks to play alongside them in order to help fend off the U.S. propaganda.

  2. Bernays was an absolute genius. Too bad he saw people for what they are instead of trying to help the dull masses out of the gutter. Oh well. As long as there are sheep, there will be wool.

    • mkey,
      You hit an interesting note in the song.
      It is no wonder that many of the elite have a perspective of the masses that they are…
      …”worthless eaters”, “pawns to be used”, “their lives don’t really matter”, “they are so dumb that they deserve it”, “they must be controlled, because they are too stupid with mob mentality”, etc.

      • Well, I can’t say I don’t see where that contempt is coming from (pardon the double negative.) I’m not saying what the people get they ought to be getting, but “they” are obviously not up to the task. Most of these matters we discuss here are literally at hand’s reach.

        I don’t find anyone to be a worthless eater, it would require a much taller horse to see that far, everyone has something to bring to the table. But still it’s so nauseating to see all of those looks cast aside.

        • I agree with you on the value of humans.

          By the way, great literary metaphor phrasing: it would require a much taller horse to see that far.

  3. β€œMen, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”
    ― Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

    MMMmmm. I love my pastured eggs, pastured bacon, organic potatoes soaked in salt water before frying in pastured lard to reduce acrylomide by 93%, I have not been able to find grapes that are free of some cide substance, so I avoid grapes, real organic grapes are very rare.

    I usually don’t have these foods for breakfast though.

    I find, listening to my body, that a light breakfast of pestacide free coffee in local spring water and raw grass fed heavy cream and some freshly picked fruit if available is enough for me till 2, then I have my eggs and bacon.

    • Oh man! So cool! So cool!

    • No grits!? That’s what I’m upset about. I do LOVE my bacon and eggs, but it’s the grits that make the meal. πŸ™‚

    • Wow! Sounds super! I usually just have coffee and heavy cream till about two myself, but the cream isn’t raw.

      • It’s important to make sure the animal is a healthy grass eating sunshine soaking when it comes to raw milk and cream. Avoid all confined animal foods, even when pasturized.

    • Dr Mercola – Breakfast not the most important meal
      and Mercola’s breakfast

      I think that Corbett had an article a while back about fasting and the immune system on his Twitter feed. I have read other studies which verify this.

      Being older, I often take a supplement called “Acetyl-Carnitine” which Mercola mentions at the bottom of his “breakfast recipe”.
      It helps with energy and also mental faculties.

      Short story in layman terms – The body makes energy from one of two sources, either from “sugars” or from “fats”. Carnitine (an amino acid) is used to help with the production of energy from fats. “Fat” sourced energy is smooth and more ideal without the liabilities of the “sugar” sourced energy.
      Older folks often don’t have as much carnitine available as younger folks.

  4. Dear Mr. Corbett. You are that guy. Thank goodness for that! Ive said many times you learn more from your critics than from you friends. You have a brilliant mind and it is supported by a moral compass. That Works. So don’t be so down for shinning the light of a greater truth than what was being presented by men with compromised compasses. You are building a following of wool covered steeples and will be better cared for than those with different agendas. Im betting on you Corbett to produce the better guide book for those lost in the weeds. Take them to the top of the mountain like the brother of Petrarch did him. However ,where is the manuscript? Man of your capabilities and motivations needs to give the world that piece of him that will last. Piece of cake, what could go wrong ?

  5. OK, this must be one of those days. I rarely get this strong “what the fuck” feeling, but WTF?

    Dear Wolfgang | Revisiting Sandy Hook

    Kids singing in memory of Sandy Hook on the superbowl are … kids “killed” in Sandy Hook? Maybe they are not in fact same “kids,” but they look freakishly similar. Combined with the background anthem song, this gives me that feeling you get when you’re kind of semi aware you’re in a nightmare and you just want to wake up. You may want to turn the sound off for this one.

    I had no idea this happened in 2013.

    • There’s a putrid mashup of conspiracy, religion, flat earth, numerology and the occult on this guy’s channel.

      • I don’t know whether to see these people as controlled opposition, who try to conflate several issues (only some of which pertinent) together to make those that are completely incredible less incredible by association; or they are simply wrong. Or maybe even right.

        Too often are these important topics found on channels featuring all sorts of extravagant agenda for me to find it coincidental.

        • I hear ya on that.

          At the very least, it is poor marketing if one is looking to appear credible.
          Also, one has to look at “who is the target audience” along with the purpose of the information.
          To me, the intent of wild claims regarding many topics all mixed together is NOT to awaken a “normie”.

          Dr Mercola has tremendous credibility as an alternative health source.
          December 2006, he was ahead of his time and had this article One-Third of Americans Believe the U.S. Government Allowed 9/11 to Happen with video. The video is no longer there. I think it was a “Google Video”. Also, the comments are no longer there.

          At that time, many of his readers were outraged that he would cover this “conspiracy theory” about 9/11.
          I remember reading all the comments.
          I believe that Mercola after this point decided to primarily stick to health issues, just like one does not bring up “religion” or “politics” at a friendly formal functions.

        • I like Charlotte Iserbyt.

    • Sandy Hook – Coincidence?…a YouTube coincidence?

      It is interesting how YouTube works. I have not looked at Sandy Hook in ages.

      However, just yesterday when I was watching a Corbett YouTube video, YouTube had a suggested video to the side bar about Sandy Hook by Corbett Report.
      The Sandy Hook Controversy – James Tracy on GRTV
      It is a very good interview by the way.

      But I was perplexed at Why? YouTube would suddenly throw the Sandy Hook topic at me.

      • Charlottsville actually had some of the same actors.

      • cara,
        You raise a highlighted point worth noting.
        Very odd coincidence in timing.

  6. I too enjoy bacon and eggs for breakfast, but maybe once a year or less.

    I haven’t been a member here for too long but am finding that many of the ills or poor habits of society that James has been pointing out recently (watching TV, watching Youtube, smart phone use etc.) I have long eschewed instinctively.

    I don’t know if I should be considered ahead of the curve, dull or just plain sensible. πŸ™‚

  7. I assume most of the audience has at least heard of Edward Bernays?….if not, just type “Pure Evil” into the search bar!!

  8. You’re stretching it out a bit, don’t you think? While “ham and eggs” may not be the most healthy diet, it’s a lot better than most stuff which passes for “food” today. Like the fastfood deepfried type of “groceries” which practically never expire.
    Also, “ham and eggs” breakfast does not imply pain and suffering for untold number of animals. While at some point in time a pig will have to be killed to have its meat harvested, it can be done in a “decent” fashion. As far as chickens go, anyone who has ever tended to them knows that they can live very comfortable lives providing eggs for years, in exchange for food and living quarters.

    The fallacious argument here is that “ham and eggs” causes (inappropriate) amounts of pain and suffering, while the blame lays on the industry, looking to scrape every nickel and dime through any means possible, and those who support it.

  9. Important Corbett Report tie-in to “Why Do You Eat Bacon and Eggs?”
    Around October 2nd, 2017, the Corbett Report published the video version of a 2008 podcast entitled: Episode 033 – Meet Edward Bernays https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-033-meet-edward-bernays/
    This goes into great detail about “Bacon and Eggs” along with other information about Edward Bernays.

    Watch it on the Corbett Report EXTRAS Bitchute Channel
    “Corbett Report EXTRAS” Bitchute Channel Video list

    Corbett Report EXTRAS YouTube Channel

  10. This 10 minute video by Dr. Eric Berg DC is very interesting. At the tail end, he links a 5 minute video on chickens which you don’t want to miss either…

    July 24, 2022
    What If Your ONLY Protein Source Was EGGS?

    0:00 Introduction: Are eggs bad for you?
    1:40 Eggs and cholesterol
    2:19 Eggs vs. other protein sources (meat, dairy and plant-based)
    4:20 Top benefits of eggs
    7:40 How to get the most benefits from eggs
    9:55 Check out my video on chickens!

    Eggs contain important nutrients, such as:
    β€’ Vitamins A, D, E, K1, and K2
    β€’ B vitamins
    β€’ Omega-3 fatty acid
    β€’ Sphingomyelin (helps prevents plaquing in the arteries)
    β€’ Choline (helps prevent a fatty liver, supports the brain, and helps combat high cholesterol)
    β€’ Lutein and zeaxanthin (supports the eyes)
    β€’ Phospholipids (helps reduce inflammation and helps build cell membranes)
    β€’ Essential nutrients for repair, muscle building, and helping to prevent sarcopenia

    The video on chickens helps a person decide what type of eggs to purchase.

    • I mostly approve of this message. Free range chicken eggs are a great source of nutrition. The difference in quality between those and the eggs produced by chickens imprisoned in cages is very palpable.

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