Why You Shouldn’t Read The Independent Even If You Want To – #PropagandaWatch

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Just kidding. Of course you should read and gain information from a wide variety of sources, including those you disagree with. Just don’t dare tell The Independent that, because they’re here to pester you into only ever trusting the MSM and government sources. Join James for this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch where he breaks down the latest attempt to stamp out anti-establishment WrongThink.

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Why you shouldn’t read conspiracy theories about the novichok poisoning, even if you really want to

Novichok victim Charlie Rowley speaks out about shock death of girlfriend Dawn Sturgess

The Magic Of Novichok – Deadly Agent Found In Perfume Bottle

The Russia Poison Story is WMD 2.0

The Holes in the Official Skripal Story

Never Let Anyone Call You Crazy For Doubting Establishment War Narratives


  1. Hi James,

    I was literally going to send you this article yesterday for propaganda watch! I live in Salisbury so have been following this crap on a daily basis. Another coincidence that a lot of people and the media overlook is that, not only is Porton Down in between Amesbury and Salisbury, but also the home of the Army’s CBRN school is just down the road too.

    The comments on all the articles I’ve read are overwhelmingly critical of the whole government narrative which is really encouraging. Like you suggest, the proponents of the official story sound like the conspiracy theorists. Looking forward to watching the powers that shouldn’t be struggle to thread this together.

    Thanks for all that you do. Your work has geneuinly changed my life for the better.

  2. Well of course the Russians have to be guilty, after all “Novichok” is a really Russian sounding name! Q.E.D.

    And who else other that the Russians would know how to make Novichok? ..err..well..perhaps other than the formula for it being on Wikipedia.


    But only evil Russian assassins read Wikipedia!!

  3. So rejecting a conspiracy theory because it is unsupported by evidence constitutes conspiracy theorizing? I know there’s plenty of history here, but how Orwellian can you get?

    Being British, Gore might know he’s funny; he begins another article subtitled, ‘In the president’s mind, the media’s role is not to hold government to account, but simply to support it’ (July 30), and lauds the efforts of the latest Sulzberger to run the NYT in his attempt to promote co-operation between Trump and the press.
    It’s hard to believe anybody could produce the mess of contradictions contained in that article and the one above with a straight face; he may in fact be a gifted comedian.

    However, since he’s chosen journalism as his career he’s still managing to say everything he’s supposed to in order to maximize his chances of landing a better job at the NYT or the BBC or as Teresa May’s press secretary etc. Pretty much everything about the MSM’s coverage of politics is a game, as is their coverage of much else, such as keeping the dangers of smoking hidden from the public for decades. It’s only games – sport – that they cover impartially and exhaustively and without Gore-style buffoonery. No progress here since the Romans.

  4. Pablito! Good to see ya hombre!

  5. I like seeing Propaganda exposed before it becomes a myth of juggernaut proportions.

    Some myths are so deeply embedded into the fabric of our culture, they are tough to take out.
    For example:
    James Corbett should have a major hypothyroid disorder because, daily, he might consume 100 times the American RDA of iodine.

    (But don’t get me started on the halides and their insane use in our culture. It is too off-topic.)

  6. Wow. Gore’s article is so rich. It’s a choice example of propaganda to print out for students of logic to analyze and pick to pieces. Reading his many slights reminded me of the exact condescending, patronizing and self-righteous tone coming from the institutional church of highly paid celebrity preachers in response to the little people, the bloggers challenging their tripe and authority, the (quoting Gore here) “self-pronounced experts”. Let them keep on. With every gas lighting attempt and false flag event, people are waking up.

    I liked the following comment by “Chakosh” posted 1 month ago under that article (and amazed it survived!):

    The lie just gets bigger and bigger and sucks more innocent people into the abyss.

    The lie was perpetrated in the United States on September 11th 2001 as an alibi for ransacking the Middle East to steal the remaining mineral wealth.

    A cowardly succession of British Prime Ministers including Teresa May has collaborated with these actions and in the process has committed the most heinous capital crimes against humanity.

    Crimes that if tried under Nuremberg Principles must surely end in a just world in a short drop at the end of a neck breaking rope.

    As a client state with little sovereignty, and 26 + US military bases , Britain has no independence and is militarily and politically occupied by the US including our shameful and disgraceful press.

    A press who are as equally as guilty as the political , military and security establishments in obfuscating and amplifying the original lies and crimes and attempting to mask them from an increasingly suspicious and skeptical public.

    The crimes like the hundreds of thousands if not millions butchered in the process of this collaboration are reeking , and this stench is intolerable and sooner or later will lead to a trail pointing at all of those responsible who will meet their end by the restoration of international and domestic law unlike so many of their victims who have so cruelly been robbed of their right to life.

    • Regarding the last passage, I do believe passage of time is not a friend. There are many of these events in history only fringe revisionists will dare to touch without much public support. Settled facts gain a lot of momentum.

  7. Not to add too much to their conspiracy theory, but I’m fairly certain some of these perfume bottles could be injected into through the vale with adequate pressure. Some of these valves are protected against that, but others can be refilled.

    • https://leanin.org/mentor-her

      Since the recent media reports of sexual harassment, almost half of male managers are uncomfortable participating in a common work activity with a woman, such as mentoring, working alone, or socializing together.


      Men, commit to mentor women

      Or else!

  8. Ah yes! I made it about half way through that series, but yeah, that’s right!

  9. Why we need a space-farce

    US Officials Warn Of “Disturbing” Russian Space Weapons At UN Conference


    Hunger in Venezuela
    (repost) Iraq war veteran and journalist Debunks John Oliver’s Venezuela Episode


    Telesur is already being blocked by Twitter.

    MH 17

    Mainstream news is all accusing Russia for the downing of a passenger plane.

    German airdefense missile operator explains why the Buka story is false.
    in German. https://deutsch.rt.com/international/70847-bernd-biedermann-zum-mh17-bericht/
    (target was likely Putin’s plane)

    The Magnitsky Act

    Bowder installs laws to punish Russia.

    Film by Andrei Nekrasov: ‘The Magnitsky Act. Behind the Scenes’
    Most copies are REMOVED due to pressure from Bowder!
    Info: https://www.newcoldwar.org/film-andrei-nekrasov-magnitsky-act-behind-scenes/
    Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFBhEP7yyfg

    Related: The “Magnitsky Trio” Pushes For War With Russia With New Sanctions

    Lost a few dollars?

    Truth About $21 Trillion Missing At The Pentagón w/ David Degraw

    Thou shall not report news on violent immigrants

    Police Whistle Blower ” This Goes Right To The Top”. What got Tommy Robinson arrested.
    (Tommy is free again now).

    Where is racism a normal thing?

    The Hypocrisy of our Greatest Ally

    Selling weapons

    “Why are your weapons in the hands of terrorists?”

    “Why did your bombs kill schoolchildren?”

    Russian hacking

    There is much of this on Zerohedge, but this is a funny one:
    11-Year-Old Girl Busts MSM ‘Russia’ Narrative – Hacking US Elections Is Child’s Play

    • I found the Venezuela video interesting. There’s at least one glaring error, though, they claim that “currency smuggling” (i.e. extraction of currency out of the county) results in inflation. Which directly it does not, the opposite will be true, less currency in supply leads to deflation. Long term problem may be that when that currency gets back to the country, they may face extreme instant inflation if in the meantime the print a lot to offset deflation.

      Also, there is a debunking of the debunking video here

      Venezuelan Debunks The Empire Files Part I – The Economic War

      A log of dung flinging going on for sure.

      • Push for war is clearly debunked

        Well from the real Venezuela it is clear that most of the stories are made up completely, and just a push for war.

        There are much more videos on the subject on:

        The guy in the opposing video should focus on NOT pushing for
        a violent regime change, as a war is always very destructive.
        He does not do that, so I do not trust him at all.
        What is his background? Does he want a war?
        He claims that Venezuela is dangerous as opposition,
        but that is clearly a false claim. Newspapers are available
        to all, and show show all sides. Even more than in the US,
        where there are only 2 sides.

        Socialistic Economy

        Now on the subject on currency and inflation.

        Abby has an interesting interview with the minister of economy.

        We have had 50 years of communism in East-Europe
        and none had problems with inflation.
        Let me repeat: Communism does not cause inflation.
        So something else is going on..

        Communists had some protection-schemes on their money.
        In Venezuela there is no protection, so dollars can be used instead.

        Like a normal Western-european country, Venezuela (with better resources) supports the poor with housing, food and healthcare.
        This is not extreme compared to Germany and so. But I don’t know
        how they implemented it.
        You can’t believe how socialist western-European countries are.
        But they have no inflation. Before the Euro, Germany and the
        Netherlands had the lowest inflations of the west.
        With good healthcare and social support.

        In non-communists countries like Greece we see that the money is
        distributed in a wrong way, mostly rich pensions I’ve been told.
        In Italy we have the Mafia problem, and there is probably corruption.
        So there is a case to be made that there is a mafia problem,
        and too much money for the unemployed.

        And we can see this in the protests: people on welfare have time
        to get out, so we see protests on both sides. People are protesting
        FOR the president and against. Sometimes there is violence on the
        against side, caused by gangs. Here is where we can suspect some
        influence from the CIA as they often work together with criminals
        as themselves.

        Blocked from paying the debts

        The debts are inflated.. That is because the debts are owned by the
        US mostly.
        Economic sanctions make it hard for any country to earn money,
        or pay debts. Where did the debts original come from? When it
        was a banana republic? Or when they got help from the US
        at another time?

        The banks and IMF pressure Venezuela into selling its oil sources to pay it debts. Not just their oil. The oil is staying in the harbor!
        So the debt is being maintained by the US and other countries, to
        force the sale of their oil-sources.
        It is old-school IMF extortion: “Give me all your land or I will not allow you to pay your debts with grain and milk.”
        Whatever you think of Venezuela, this follows exactly the Economic Hitman story line.

        [SNIP: Comments are limited to 500 words. -JC]

        • I’ll just leave a short partial reply for the time being: Yugoslavia in the 80es was a communist country and it didn’t have inflation, it had hyperinflation of the type you’d run to the store to purchase groceries with your paycheck because if you wait for a day or two you get 20-30% less for the same amount of paper. That was inside 50 years, if my math isn’t off.

          Saying that “communism doesn’t cause inflation” is a bit superficial, to say the least.

          • I think it is not communism or socialism that causes inflation.
            It is the corruption in the countries.
            And sometimes very expensive projects that are insanely pushed through without proper economic foundation.
            Communism and Socialism makes it more hidden.

            Germany has a very strong currency in combination with socialism.
            After the war they got a lot of money from the
            US to rebuild the infrastructure and economy.
            It became socialistic in combination with a very good Economy.
            After merging with East Germany the economy fell down, and now they also have many immigrants.

            The US dollar should inflate too, but due to the oil-dollar it keeps its value. It is one of the worst economies, if you look at the debt and the military expenses.

            So we have many factors that influence the price of currency. Not just one.

            If Venezuela can not sell its oil and ISIS can, then you know that something strange is going on.

        • I have to add that sometimes the debt-Economy can work strange in relationship with cash.

          There is this story of a guy that visits a town with 100 dollars.
          It goes like:
          A guy visits a town and sleeps at a Hotel. After staying
          he pays the hotel owner with 100 dollars, but the stay only
          costs 10. The owner states: Wait a moment, takes
          the 100 and gives it to the cleaning lady. “Here is your loan”.
          Then she pays the landlord for the rent, and he pays
          the doctor. And the doctor pays 100 to the car dealer.
          And the car dealer pays 100 to the Gaspump owner.
          And he pays it to the truck-driver that delivered the gas.
          And the truck driver gives 100 dollars to the Hotel owner
          for staying at the hotel.
          The Hotel owner gives the 100 dollar bill back to the
          visitor and states: “Well, sorry, I can not change it.
          Do you have something smaller?” The visitor says no,
          so the Hotel owner lets him leave.

          So the local economy has gone up 700 dollars,
          while the visitor practically payed nothing.

          This is why I think it is very damaging for the economy
          in Venezuela when the money is taken off the streets.
          It damages the local economy that people experience directly.

          • That story sure is nice, but the conclusion that the economy has gone 700 up is not correct in my view, what happened is that some debts got wiped up and you don’t even need the 100 for that. The thing is called compensation. There was a company here that wanted to offer such services in exchange for a fee, for closing these debt loops, but business owners are rather secretive so it didn’t work out.

            But I participated in the same thing on a small scale a few times, closing some outstanding debts with two other parties without any funds changing hands. In no way do I consider these moves to be to the benefit of the economy in general nor do they raise anything.

            Depending on the currency supply, removing the currency from the economy is very damaging, it caused the great depression after all.

        • There are much more videos on the subject on:

          What gives this source 100% credibility? I’m not saying it’s completely incredible, but what makes their reporting “real”?

          The guy in the opposing video should focus on NOT pushing for
          a violent regime change, as a war is always very destructive.
          He does not do that, so I do not trust him at all.

          Where is he doing that, I didn’t get even a whiff of regime change from his video. Even if he was calling for war, how would that invalidate any of his particular points? That’s a logical fallacy of association.

          We have had 50 years of communism in East-Europe
          and none had problems with inflation.

          I already invalidated this point.
          What causes inflation is massive printing of currency which, if not backed by something, will cause devaluation. It will cause it anyway, as the USD shows, but it will be slow and stretched out over time. There have been also some developments in techniques of spreading inflation all over the place unbeknownst to the populace while keeping them tranquilized.

          Yugoslavia had housing, food and healthcare. Cuba has the same, I’m not certain what point are you making here. If you mean to imply that healthcare is cheap/affordable in the west, you better think again. I think the average in the EU is about 8% BDP, in my failed state I’m monthly coughing up 15% of my “legal” earnings (soon to be bumped to 18%) and whenever in need of something I end up paying a private doctor because the state run service (racket) is a joke. You can get a decent service in just a few major cities and have to travel a few hundred kilometers to get there.

          Inflation abounds in the EU and it’s hidden all over the place. Germany has a nice deal going on because it created a very nice market for their products with the monetary union, but that’s soon going to come to an abrupt end.

          Mafia, unlike politicians, usually like to skim from the top. Politicians just destroy everything; they kill your dog, flashbang your newborn, execute the homeless guy. Mafia does not do that, mafia can’t compete with the government.

          Blaming everything on IMF sure is nice, but it has no connection with reality. It’s the typical bait and switch tactic. IMF is surely complicit, but they need local traitors to run the show. I don’t know the situation in Venezuela, but none of these narrow in scope videos will show the “real” Venezuela, it’s just a tiny window in the situation.

  10. And the likes of Snopes or other fake news “fact checkers” would put a nice check mark next to the articles of The Independent and other similiar MSM garbage.

  11. The Ministry of Magic is at it again.

    The article certainly upholds the British ‘establishment’s’ persistent belief about themselves–superiority over humanity (those annoying peasants!). Wouldn’t the Romans be proud of them? Eh?

  12. That’s the kind of article that is so fucking bizarre that you start to wonder if maybe you’re in the middle of a bad dream or a coma.

  13. Zerohedge:
    Top Iran General ‘Ready for Jihad’;
    Posts White House Explosion Pic On Instagram


    In the comments someone warns that the “news” comes from MEMRI.
    MEMRI was co-founded in 1998 by Yigal Carmon, a former Israeli military intelligence officer and Meyrav Wurmser, an Israeli-born American political scientist.

    So it is very likely that the post is placed by Israel or that they translated it completely in a wrong way.

    (There is also a “comedy” where they take real footage and sub-title it with extremist talk).

    How much of the news on “enemy states” is skewed to program us?
    Like most of the news of North Korea comes via South Korea or military.
    The news about China and Russia also comes via others.

    How can we know what they are talking about if we don’t even know the language? And when most translators are not at all friends with them?

    I also noticed that the US likes to reward “victims” if they tell stories of how bad it was over there. Hell, we also reward immigrants if they tell made-up refugee stories. It is like the Cobra effect.

  14. Update on Skripal..

    Russia’s Alleged Skripal ‘Assassins’ Caught Breaking The Laws Of Physics


    These CCTV images released by Scotland yard today allegedly show Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Borishov both occupying exactly the same space at Gatwick airport at precisely the same second. 16.22.43 on 2 March 2018. Note neither photo shows the other following less than a second behind.

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