#Winning: Facebook “Fake News” Flag Makes People MORE Likely to Click

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Videos | 17 comments

Fakebook has had to ditch its fake news flag after finding that people don’t just blindly listen to them when they declare something to be fake! Imagine that! Happy new year everyone!

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Facebook now flags and down-ranks fake news with help from outside fact checkers


Facebook ditches fake news flag after admitting it was making the problem worse

Designing Against Misinformation


  1. Judo against “The Powers That Should Not Be”
    Corbett gives a couple examples in this 5 minute video, i.e. spreading around the message THE CORBETT REPORT IS NOT ON FACEBOOK! and the Iran Video.
    (Also note the video’s image of “the middle finger”)

    Bloomberg NEWS January 9, 2018
    – These Airlines Listen When You Vent On Twitter –
    Angry posts and the threat of viral videos have taught carriers to watch social media—and to respond.


    More Judo examples…
    In the past James Corbett has interviewed Josh Del Sol and they discuss solutions. There are Smart Meters and the InPower Movement along with renditions of how to utilize Judo approaches against “The Powers That Should Not Be”.
    Examples – https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-1301-new-world-next-week-with-james-evan-pilato/comment-page-1/#comment-44020

    And there is always “the middle finger”.
    I personally feel that fighting the system can have more impact Locally than on a national or global level.
    For example, the Dallas Anti-Fluoride fight offers more localized impact & control… https://www.corbettreport.com/5-ridiculous-new-year-predictions-guaranteed-to-not-come-true/#comment-47151 …than trying to effect change with upcoming January national FISA vote… https://www.corbettreport.com/5-ridiculous-new-year-predictions-guaranteed-to-not-come-true/#comment-47188

    I am not naïve enough to think that a national petition or writing Congressional pedophiles might change something. But I can do it, just as a middle finger. I have no problem giving flack to national authority figures…I rather enjoy putting noise on their plate.

    And on the flip side of being effective on changing national policies, the Fluoride Action Network has made some serious headway with their EPA lawsuit.
    Even last year, I surprised myself by creating a bunch of noise with “Arm & Hammer Baking Soda” & Walmart about toxic synthetic fragrances, that something changed. Whether, I prompted the change, I probably will never know for sure. But I did receive responses, and things did change.

    Anyways, I am a big proponent of Anarchist Bubblegum and Judo.

    • HomeyRS, don’t be so gloomy and deprecating. Your exploits most certainly have had some affects locally and have even been the source of inspiration all the way across the Red river.
      For 2018 Im going to apply some force to removing fluoride from the drinking water way up here in Joklahoma. You have done good but Don’t expect any awards. Joklahoma and Tulsa is broker than Job’s turkey and all associated cost savings of removing fluoride from the budgetary expence will be a viable strategy for success. More so than any public health concerns. When asked at the victory celebration I will say it was ole’Tom from Texas that was the inspiration! Things can change!

      • Hey GBW !
        I think that you are spot on with the money angle regarding fluoridation. The money button works extremely well in smaller water districts.
        The HFS or FS (hydrofluorosilicic acid) is expensive in itself, but the equipment, maintenance, replacing the often corroded equipment, daily monitoring of the F levels, safety training seminars for workers, man hours spent on F related areas, safety gear, potential employee health hazards, etc. make the costs much more.

        For all its decades of oil, the average Joe in Oklahoma ain’t got much dough.

      • generalbottlewasher, I was thinking about you around New Years Eve when that cold front hit the North Texas area. It hurt. I was out in it working like a young rough-neck. I am fighting pneumonia now.
        If it was cold here, I bet Tulsa weather was brutal.

        I don’t know how those Canucks live way up there.

      • GBW,
        A few weeks back, I agin’ thought of you when I was reading about Otawwa County. The photos in this article were telling.

        My family did a big get-together thing back in the late 80’s at a Tahlequah riverside private campground (Camp Lutherhoma). Beautiful country.
        The contrast between the natural beauty and the destroyed environment boggles me.

  2. Mmmmm, I don’t think people click these links because they like to get informed independently as much as these warnings may prompt some curiosity. The whole “rebel without a cause” thing.

    But, what the hell do I know what goes through regular Facebook user’s minds.

    • Yes, forbidden things are the sweetest.

      Also, if I was Borg I would certainly data-mine whole “experiment”, learn something and make better tools. I’m sure better tools are possible.

      Just look at the left/right divide, they have been able to produce it. It took them several decades, but with today’s technology and knowledge, current state of people and society…..I don’t know

    • Yes, the forbidden fruit thing is what I believe was going on there. People love to see what is behind the closed door if it’s off limits.

  3. Lew Rockwell Show:
    James Jesus Angleton, the Ghost

    This is a very interesting interview where the character of James Jesus Angleton, one of the most important CIA founders of all time, is examined broadly, and then specifically with his involvement to the JFK assassination.

    (very small “Audio Mp3” button)

  4. Is the Corbett Report on Facebook now?

  5. Might see if I can set up a ringtone on my mobile of “The Corbett Report is not on Facebook”. I’m not very technologically inclined but it might be fun esp if we were to hear someone else’s phone within our vicinity…

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