Worship the Stock Market, Wage Slave! – #PropagandaWatch

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The stock market is an all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful diviner’s tool. It tells us why the world is the way it is, where we can expect it to go in the future, and even what people (and entire nations) are thinking. It is, in fact, God . . . or so the propagandists would have you believe. Find out the real skinny on the phony baloney stock market in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch.

Don’t watch opinion polls to predict Trump’s fate. Watch the stock market.

Apple’s report, even if ‘subpar,’ could boost stock market, Jim Cramer predicts

Stock markets remain jittery even as Trump and China try to ease trade war fears

Stock Market Rallies, Showing Resilience of Consumers

The stock market is experiencing a rare trend that was connected to the last two market meltdowns. Here’s why it’s ominous for investors, and what they can do about it.

China Still Fudging Gold Numbers (And Everything Else)

True Lies: The Financial Press Just Admitted the Markets are a Sham


  1. Ha!
    I was laughing and pounding my desk “Yes! Yes!” as I watched Corbett deliver this “Worship the Stock Market, Wage Slave! – #PropagandaWatch”.

    I love it when James calls out “Bullshit”.

    Daily, I look at the finance headlines.
    I see an incredible amount of bullshit and shilling for certain stocks on most of the mainstream financial news sights. It amazes me.
    These are pimps, not news sights.
    The institutions and those who sell packages to pension funds gotta love the pimps.

    It is currently “Bizarro Finance World”, but rarely do I see anything in the MainStreamMedia about it.

    The world is in a heap of financial trouble. I rant about it often, such as here… https://www.corbettreport.com/summer-open-thread/#comment-65459

    I really look forward to reading this next Corbett Report Subscriber Newsletter.
    Anyone who has a piggy bank, or not, will want to read this next Subscriber Newsletter.

  2. For us wage slaves who have a 401k or pension fund, it is an important time to review it. Perhaps make some choices.

  3. Hi James. Broc had tweeted out a link to a Propaganda Watch 2 days ago (8/27). I began watching it, but did not finish, then when I went to finish watching it, it was gone. Did you pull that down, or did I completely imagine that?
    All the best,

    • Try “The Corbett Report’s” Search bar.

  4. ‘…not only are we being divided by tongues, but at a much deeper level of perception,….’
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy75GtKsOAw notice that he can get people to accept totally blank paper as payment- more mental power then the fed!
    Also notice the guy who wont fall for it is some kind of foreigner who I suspect started out talking something other then english.
    Language shapes your thinking- I doubt Orwell was the first to imagine ‘newspeak’ but the structure of a language shapes your thinking which is why its so much harder to do NLP on a person who speaks a different language…everyone should learn to at least get by in another language- and like the autuistic ‘horse boy’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Horse_Boy we can only shock our brain into growing by travel or exposure to different ideas.
    ‘…… but united by…one…something…?….’
    Nothing we want to see

  5. Mess in HK
    Every fifth image on Imgur is about HK.
    Images and videos with lots of cameras about minor events.
    A site that is usually filled with cats and funny pictures.

    They are making a drama for the internets.


    It seems to me that the protesters are forcing the police to
    become violent. Maybe in a weird attempt to get the US involved.
    But I think they are already involved and pushing the protests.

    China seems to be very soft on the HK situation. It is their state,
    with a different system.

    But the lack of other information is really telling:

    We don’t see anything about Israel shooting and killing protesters.
    Or about the yellow-vests that are being targeted and wounded
    with exploding gas-grenades.
    Or about the Yemen or Syrian massacres, supported by the US.

    Mess in Syria
    Funny enough the US started bombing idlib today.
    Probably they have retracted their own fighters already, as they did
    with the ISIS commanders. And now they are trying to get the credit for removing the Al-Qaeda. A group that they protected and supported
    just a year ago.

    Political correction escalates:
    THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE: Reacting to Democratic Socialist Convention
    Is this is the future of politics?

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