Yes, Mainstream Media Bias is Getting Ridiculous…But Why?

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Have you noticed how over-the-top ridiculous the mainstream propaganda is getting during this (s)election cycle? Of course you have. And so have most of your mainstream-believing friends and co-workers. So why is the MSM pushing this in the public’s face? Is there an agenda at play here?

Anarchyball notes MSM hypocrisy on Hillary’s Health

Jason C. contrasts recent WaPo coverage of Hillary’s Health

Zoomed in footage of Hillary “stumble”

MSM Finally Admits Their Bias; Now What Are We Going To Do About It?


  1. I think they’re doing this to frustrate people who understand the agenda, bewilder and confuse those who don’t while at the same time still catering to the portion of the public that still eats up whatever they are fed. Meanwhile behind the scenes they move forward with the final nails in the coffin of their global dictatorship and if all else fails they take us to war.

  2. I completely agree James, this has gotten far too blatant for it to be anything other than their preplanned agenda, and now the plan is to appear off the rails, when really it’s all on course. I think we will see some last minute changes, as with the new “contingency plan” which also appears contrived, and the possibility of Obama stepping back up to fill the void with an executive order in the event that Clinton’s health becomes the issue it clearly appears to be. Either way, I would say we are witnessing their plan in action.

  3. Just saw an interesting take from truthstreammedia

    Basically questioning whether this is a psyop given the “stumble” cameraman’s prime positioning and clear, close-up shots despite the fact NO other journalists had access. Makes it all seem staged, possibly so she could exit the race? Also Jimmy Kimmel is now even criticizing her, which seems it must be on purpose since he is one of the main popular media mouthpieces for the establishment to gain the younger crowd.

    I think we’re living in an alternate reality now where we can’t know what is real and what’s not. We’re not psycopaths so how could we predict how they’re thinking and what they’re trying to do to us? Only God knows at this point so my only faith is in God.

    • I think the Kimmel thing was done to try to retain some semblance of credibility (“see, I make fun of her when it’s warranted”). I noticed James Corden (another late night guy) talked about it too. Once it’s “already out there” then these guys can safely cover this stuff.

      It’s the same reason CNN would cover something like that. My working theory is that they’ll never break anti-agenda stories (e.g. Hillary is sick) unless they’re confident the story will go public anyway.

      In this case, the cat was already out of the bag as Drudge already posted the video plus I’m sure it was retweeted many times prior to Drudge posting it.

  4. Real journalism is not profitable in today’s MSM world. It’s all as relevant as Facebook. I’m 66 and worry for my children and grandchildren, but as for my old selfish self, I’m glad I’ve lived longer than I will continue to live. The evil and the crazies have had too much success lately.

    Great work as always James, I love and hate the truth, go figure.

  5. I have to say that I find this topic to be absolutely fascinating. So glad you started this discussion, James!

    The angle you mentioned (make the media coverage so over-the-top that even the average person realizes how biased it is and then when Hillary is selected, it causes the public to flip out) is interesting. However, that angle is dependent on Hillary actually being selected. I know TPTSB can try to rig the election for Hillary but, after BREXIT passed, I’m less confident they can be rigged on a large scale (e.g. if Trump is winning big). Though possibly US elections are more easily rigged?

    In addition, I am stunned that Hillary is still in the race. What happens if her health doesn’t not hold up through election day? Or what happens if she has a “medical episode” during a debate? These are legit risks that could make anything other than a Trump victory seem too far-fetched for even the “sleeping” public to believe.

    That brings up another question – is Trump legitimately someone TPTSB don’t want in office? I have to admit that it does kind of feel that way. I know there’s the whole “illusion of choice” concept where all of the options are essentially the same (e.g. Bush/Kerry, Bush/Gore, Obama/McCain, Obama/Romney, etc) and that TPTSB will only allow such types to get anywhere. However, if one agrees that Ron Paul was a legit outsider (and I fully believe he was) then there is at least some precedent that an outsider can make it to the primary (note that “being an outsider” is the ONLY way I’m comparing Trump to Ron Paul).

    So what (if anything) is my point? Is it overly naive to believe that TPTSB expected Hillary vs some establishment Republican (e.g. Jeb, Rubio, Christie) in a “can’t lose” (for TPTSB) election but are legitimately surprised at what has unfolded (the public getting behind Trump)?

    Is there any chance that TPTSB misplayed their hand and the absurd media coverage is just desperation? Maybe they thought they could push Hillary across the finish line and then, once she gained power, replace her w/ Kaine or some other establishment-friendly figure? And as someone else wrote, “if all else fails they take us to war”.

  6. It is beyond absurd by design. Hillary beat Bernie with a fixed vote (MSM tells us so). Trump is a narcissistic clown. Both candidates are abominable.



    Donald Trump has been asking uncomfortable questions with just enough credibility to pique the interest of people who are utterly fed up with the status quo. The plan is that he will soon do something unforgivably retarded, throw the election AND take those who are asking questions down with the Clown Ship, the S.S. Trump. Faith in democracy restored, teary eyes all around, and peer pressure shaming for the losers who asked stupid questions like “what really happened on 9/11”?

    It’s possible that Hillary is genuinely sick, drugged or otherwise messed up and this is cause for real concern….they never intended on Trump getting elected so they are actually scrambling to save the narrative…?


    The banks are about to fail. All of them. The game is up. MSM told us Hillary beat Bernie fraudulently. Trump is a clown. The elite are at last ready to usher in the New World Order. Clearly, the system is broken. See how corrupt and broken it is? Aren’t we all outraged? Problem. Reaction….Solution.

    Economic hardship, unemployment, lost life savings, rioting in the streets, visible minority immigrant scapegoating, false flag local terrorism, austerity, sabre rattling that makes WW-III appear inevitable….Who will save us from ourselves? Obviously, we lack the skill to nominate sensible political representatives….the UN will have to step in and “repair” the broken banks and political system.


    Neither Clinton nor Trump were ever meant to win. There will be a last minute Hail Mary pass to some knight in shining armour atop his noble stead. I always thought this pass would be accepted by Bernie…it may yet. Whoever it is, they will save us in the last hour from peril, restore our faith in democracy and freedom, words like Hope, Belief, Faith and Change will be used, not a dry eye in the house and we’ll be placated for another cycle while NOTHING changes.

    Whatever is going on, I don’t feel terribly optimistic.

    • BTW: What does it matter who the official spokes-model is? They get their hair done, wear a pantsuit, stand where they are told and read their lines.

      Why are we investing ANY energy pondering the outcome of a fixed race between a pair of Pantomime Horses?

  7. Excellent report as always James. This whole Hillary situation could (also) possibly be a good way to end up with the country not being able to have the presidential selection after all. Her serious illness is finally ‘discovered’, followed by: “Sorry folks, this unprecedented event of Hillary’s sickness so close to election time has forced us into the incredible situation of not being able to have the U.S. presidential election after all; Barack Obama will remain president until we can sort this all out (which will take quite some time) and have a new election.” After all, Barack Obama is the best actor we’ve ever had as a president.

  8. Maybe they’re getting tired of hiding. The shadow walkers want their 15 minutes of fame too?

  9. my gut says 3rd term for the guy you have

  10. The revolution will not be televised, but James will cover it.

  11. Good question to raise James and a relevant time to pose it I think. We have endured an increasing crescendo of “events” that are becoming more easy to spot as being part of a wider agenda – your work has certainly helped to educate me to identify such actions, but I also feel that there is an element of desperation / rush- job on the part of the planners.

    Why is this? Dunno.

    Maybe they are running out of electoral stooges – Jeb Bush would be an example I would pick – who could think that this dork would be electable?

    As to why the rush – maybe wheels falling off the global warming rort? An imminent uncontrolled implosion of the fiat currency regime? My few
    ideas FWIW

  12. If I had to guess the reason mainstream coverage is getting this egregious, I’d say it’s because the powers that be are getting ready to co-opt the momentum of the alt-media (I.e. the work you and those like you have been doing).

    It’s a maneuver similar to the way in which the penetration of Laurel Canyon and the music scene (The Doors as well as other groups at the time) allowed the hippy movement to take prominence in the public image over the otherwise effective scholarly anti-war movement–a scholarly anti-war movement that was taken far more seriously prior to the emergence of hippies, mind you.

    The establishment HAS to jump on board with whatever current is currently setting the tempo for revolution. By doing this, they then co-opt that current, flush it out with half truth and then divert it in another direction advantageous to a broader agenda.

    In a nutshell, they’re likely going to reveal that a lot of ‘conspiracy theories’ are true. They’re going to throw a lot of inside people under the bus or, more likely, have ‘we the people’ do it for them. Then, after neutering the efficacy of the alt-media in a wave of public disclosure, they’ll establish some sort of mainstream, seemingly legitimized alternative that people will trust again… potentially, even by hiring the very alt-media people we’ve come to trust most.

    They’re using the people who know the truth as pawns to disclose the truth to the world so that they can then claim it for themselves… only it won’t be full disclosure, it’ll be a ‘devil in the details’ likeness of full disclosure that only a select few will be able to distinguish. But NOBODY will listen to those people because, in the public mind, it will already have been dealt with.

    It’s simple… nurture, agitate, reveal, co-opt, partially amend, say it’s all done and behind us. Leave the people who really understand this looking like they can’t let go of a time when ‘only they knew the truth.’ Very similar to a limited hangout, only more fully realized.

    • I agree that the alt media is a thorn that must be addressed somehow. I like your reasoning.

      I had imagined the internet would somehow become severely regulated and restricted after some new “terrorist” atrocity was attributed to internet use. However…

      Rather than fear that is solved by restrictions, it would be far more effective to engineer it such that everyone felt good about some new revelation…a long awaited justice…camaraderie….enlightenment.

      There will be a fake hanging….people are catching on to the Federal Reserve….they’ll move their operation and leave some unfortunate patsy to go down with the ship.

      Are we witnessing some sort of bait and switch event?

  13. Have been thinking about this some more. I will do some “thinking out loud” and maybe it will spring an idea from someone else.

    Hypothesis 1)

    I’ve read Trump has been talking about launching his own media network. Maybe destroying faith in MSM would allow his media outlet to gain trust (as he is seen as the “outsider”). The other side of that is that his whole rise seems like it would be hard to predict/concoct so I have some level of doubt this was part of a master scheme. But it certainly is “curious” to say the least and thus should be looked at.

    Hypothesis 2) Ed Snowden has been in the news lately. I’m going off of headlines here so my details might be off but I saw something about him asking Obama to pardon him. Also there was another link mentioning his dissatisfaction w/ Russia. Could he return being seen as a hero who “has the courage to call it like it is” and become the new controlled opposition?

    Hypothesis 3) I can’t help but think the media would have happily covered up Hillary’s 9/11 “medical issue” if it were possible (e.g. pre-smart phone/internet). I still wonder if this is just pure desperation. The election is ~60 days away and maybe the media is doubling down on their strategy of how Trump is in cahoots w/ Putin (when he’s not busy being Hitler). I know this is not a creative answer (and I’m really interested to hear James’ take) but maybe simplest explanation is correct (Occam’s razor)? Though James makes a good point that something definitely seems awry here.

  14. Took me while to find any video from the left angle, the one I found appears to be exactly the same footage with image reversed(photoshopped) Note the direction the vans enters the shot from. If it were taken from left instead of right the van would still be headed in the same direction. However, I may not have found the footage your speaking off.

  15. My guess and the simplest explanation I can think of is it is some form of legalized paid and/or subsidized propaganda. I think the Corbett Report has covered legalized propaganda in at least one previous report and here are some additional links about legalized propaganda:

    Is Government Propaganda Illegal? – Questions For Corbett #027

    U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans

    Naomi Wolf, Exposing Legal Propaganda by Government. False Flag Psy Ops

  16. Among the white collar crowd I see everyday, the consensus is that the MSM cannot be trusted and that its reporting has to be taken with a grain of salt. This consensus is probably thanks to Donald Trump. Although he has baggage of his own, whenever he makes a statement, the MSM immediately puts a negative spin on it. Several times, my colleagues and I have then gone back to what his original statement was, and then we realize again the fallacious reporting of the MSM. Credibility has been lost.

  17. I think quite a lot of things nowadays are pure Chaos, some by design (Syria, Iraq…), while some because they cannot be handled, system is overstretched. Therefore it is possible that looking for a meaning is useless , because there is none. Chaos is good option for TPTB, Order out of Chaos. Their order, of course.

    When analyzing MSM we shall not forget that we at CR are not target audience. The crap MSM is producing might be ridiculous to us, but can at the same time achieve intended response in target population.
    When I watched years ago soap opera Santa Barbara for the first time, I was expecting that after few minutes a cartoon creature will jump into the scene screaming in Monty Python style:”..and now something completely different, The man with three noses.” I was truly shocked when realized that obviously there are people able to watch that soapy shit.

    To turn back, we have many many explanations, theories and probably we would have hard time to pick one, the one particularly plausible. I believe Joe Sixpack will simply switch himself off, or find an explanation that will fit to his current electoral prejudice.

  18. One aspect in this blatant confusion being perpetrated is “confusion” itself.

    — Confusion –

    Confusion can easily be a weapon, a controlling mechanism, a method to suppress, a way to cause panic or insecurity or to just beat down someone.

    We see many examples of this employed by the media, the deep state, The Powers That Shouldn’t Be and the many Psy-Ops.

    One easy example is 9/11. (or most false flags)
    There are many pieces of official information which obviously conflict with themselves and are obvious lies. We even have culprits just kind of give themselves away like Bush “When I saw the first plane hit.” Lies on top of lies causing all types of confusion.

    I think of Robert Baer with his art of telling lies mixed with elements of truth. In the video, he gloats about his ability to “lie” and to “misdirect” his entire life, a master at deception while appearing affable.

    Too much stress is actually being confused. Too many unresolved, unstable scenarios to handle.

    The kid in school listening to the lecture starts to daydream, then suddenly comes back to the lecture. He is lost. Confused. Panic sets in.

    Torture is an abundant amount of confusion, whether physically or mentally.

    Confusion makes it difficult to cope.
    Confusion overwhelms a person.
    It is destabilizing.
    It drags a person down.
    It makes a person feel insecure.
    It weakens the individual.

    Some salemen use confusion to sell snake oil. Some pundits do not want to impart understanding, but rather use confusion by way of their big technical words in order to be “experts” and gain altitude.

    Confusions are problems (almost unsolvable).

    Problem Reaction Solution

    Are “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be” trying to cause so much instability, so much confusion, such a mess, that eventually we crack? That eventually we become the kid in school who just shows up, doesn’t care, and can’t wait to go home to play video games.

    • Nice said, hit nail on the head.

      Another close word to confusion: uncertainty.

      We are wired to “hate” uncertainty.

      On the other hand, the outcome of uncertainty can be greater attachment.

      Vsauce: Why Do We Kiss?

      TPTB with MSM produces Confusion, Uncertainty and people are more Attached to them.
      Psyop. Joe Sixpack doesn’t have a clue about this at all.

      • Forgot to give credits to James. I first saw video from the link above in James’ video ‘How to herd your tax cattle’.

    • It’ll be interesting to see what the Donald does about 911 if he gets the power of the White House.

  19. Why? Because they are realizing that the people have learn enough to be dangerous and are looking for an answer that is outside of the establishment.
    Well, here is the Donald who is genuinely getting in this rat game to do something about it. So here is the planned scenario:
    Lets have an outsider be running the country and lets crash the economy to the ground so badly that the option to elect another outsider in the future will never be a consideration for the masses forever.
    We all know we are at the edge of an economical gigantic crash and most savvy politicians perfectly know that. So lets bring some dummy and let the crash happened under his watch and then lets make sure this will never be forgotten. The Hillary issue may have come to a surprise to the PTB but as you know never let a crisis be a waste and as they have to reset the dying economical model at one point or another in the near future why not take advantage of the outsider to do that.

  20. What will happen when she dies?

    A reworking of Monty Python’s Parrot Sketch? “She isn’t dead, she’s resting.”

    If it happens after she’s elected Weekend at Bernie’s becomes Four Years at Hilary’s (the White House)

    A head of state who lies in state. White coated technocrats walk in and try to divine what she would do if she were alive, somewhat like the soothsayers in Ancient Greece, those well-disguised agents of the elite. Consulting records of her past psychopathic behaviour, one of them says “She would nuke Russia”. A figure in the shadows shakes his head and they decide she’d rather mess with a lesbian instead.
    MSM news anchor 1: “She might be dead, but President Hilary Clinton just saved the world!”
    Anchor 2: “Imagine what she’d do if she was alive.”
    Stuffed shirts in Sweden: “She deserves a Nobel.”

    I like Teace’s idea that this might be a way of rejecting parts of the MSM for some of the altmedia. Now that belief in MSM has shrunk to 33% it is clearly unsustainable – lies can’t be sold through a medium that hardly anybody believes.

    It’s nice to think that the most gutless and obsequious elements of the MSM will be jettisoned. This is just hypothesizing, but even TPTB might find them embarrassing. Good slaves should have some fight in them.

  21. Unless he won over TPTSB by endorsing HRC, I don’t see why they would run Bernie at this point. Seemed like they hated him when he was doing well in the primary.

  22. WHY?

    1) Propaganda bypasses the logical mind of the prefrontal cortex and resides instead in the primitive and emotional limbic system.

    2) This area of the brain becomes desensitized over time and needs to get hit with an ever bigger hammer to motivate us to lift our heads from our abundant collection of distractions.

    3) The 2 party Divide and Conquer, Good Cop/Bad Cop model is EXTREMELY effective at manipulating our basic tribal instincts. It explains why we can holler so loud for the Red football team and hate the Blue team. Why Coke is superior to Pepsi, Ford better than Chevy….”THEY” don’t care which team you play for…. as long as you play for a team.

    4) Like adrenalin junkies, the more absurd the more we come back for more sugar…. and more programming by advertisers.

    5) Real power is anonymous and, therefore, accountable to nobody.

    6) The celebrities who end up finalists in our national Popularity Contest / Beauty Pageant are spokes-models. They read scripts written by “THEM” in a convincing way that resonates with our emotional limbic system… be received with either tears of rapture or hatred; depends on the colour of the packaging. They are scapegoats….in the end they all will be thrown under the bus.

    7) The CBC (Canada) spent the last ten years beating up Stephen Harper…our National Scapegoat at the time. Anything that goes wrong (I lose my job, the govt blows money, I get a hangnail, I start losing my hair) my anger is directed at the National Scapegoat. The DAY AFTER Trudeau was elected, the CBC began vilifying HIM. These are smoke and mirror distractions from real power who want to remain behind the scenes.

    8) Brand Loyalty and Laziness – people tend to stay loyal to their tribe….it is seen as virtuous. God forbid you should “flip-flop”….(i.e. change your mind i.e. pause to reflect and think) People will select their tribe for whatever reason and stay loyal to it. They will get their information from a magazine subscription or whatever and keep going to the same place that reinforces their HATRED for the PERSON that plays for the OTHER team.

    9) Our attention spans are diminishing. The schools are failing us. We are cheering for sports teams, chasing pokimon and subscribing to pop culture peer pressure that makes us feel inferior and want to commit suicide.

    When I listen to people speak, they have a visceral reaction to either Clinton or Trump. They are unable to engage their logical minds because they have been programmed to either salivate or vomit at the site of the member of the OTHER tribe.

    The result?

    As slaves, we are ruled by our emotions. We are divided and conquered and, collectively, we are utterly sterile. We fight amongst ourselves rather than uniting against our common enemy.

    • WHY?

      Because it’s working

  23. Here’s my question to you James: Why is it a wild “conspiracy theory” to think Hillary might have been poisoned/sickened with pneumonia on purpose by the same people that are backing Trump?

    Surely even you can see that Trump is being supported by Tel Aviv.

    Or are you suggesting “the powers that shouldn’t be” are supporting both Trump and Hillary?

  24. Perhaps Hillary just collapsed under the tremendous weight of 15 years of 9-11 lies…

  25. Video no longer available…

  26. Perhaps the behaviour of the msm is simply reflective of the psychopaths who run it? It certaintly appears they have no self awareness, and are only capable of acting in their own self interest.

  27. I have a question: is it necessarily deliberate? After decades and decades of media sycophants – babies thrown from incubators, hidden weapons of mass destruction, etc etc – could it be instead that this is the natural result of the prevailing trends of the media industry?

    After decades of lying on behalf of government, after media staffs have been reduced and Public Relations has expanded, after centralization of media stories (eg. AP), after wedding themselves to the globalist/warofterror agenda, after divesting themselves of all integrity and objectivity in reporting; after all these fundamental changes we have witnessed in the media industry, isn’t this exactly what we should expect from a corrupt media?

    And most importantly, after the internet – after all the people who would have fact-checked a story have already left the media industry audience – why wouldn’t the media now just straight out lie, why wouldn’t they be obviously biased? Most of their audience is not paying attention.

    I may have missed something, if so, please feel free to point out my error and why this bias must be deliberate. Thanks James, James, Broc and everyone here making this site a great resource!

  28. Hi James, this was another great clip. Kudos and thank you.

    I believe they are making a concerted effort to persuade the masses that ALL information to be found on current events is unreliable and skewed. In effect removing a persons “reference point” of what is real and true; in an attempt to get people to reach “BS Overload” and give up.

    An “informed and engaged” citizenry is their nemisis. They are betting that if they can bombard society with enough dis-info, that many will dis-engage. Or never begin to engage.

    That, and a Sun Tsu “Art of War” type of thing: “If your adversary is emotional, antagonize him” It feeds the “strategy of tension” they embrace also.


    S. Howe

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