Your Children Are Being Programmed

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Videos | 14 comments

Swat team Lego. Cashless monopoly. Barbie’s new credit card. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the social engineers figured out long ago that the best time to condition the public is when they’re young and impressionable. But nahhhhh, that’s probably just a load of rich, creamery butter. (And knowing is half the battle!)

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  1. I had recently commented on here about kids movies being rife with programming. One of the best, and when you think about it, truly odd examples of plot lines in a movie was Cars 2. Some of the main aspects of the plot are:

    – Spying / Secret Agents, teaching children to accept that your government lies and does “secret” things, but that it is only for the good of car-manity

    – False flags, [spoiler alert] the oil tycoon disguises himself as a clean energy CEO and intentionally discredits his own fuel to destroy the reputation of alternative energy

    – And perhaps the oddest of all, the false flag is carried out by pointing a television camera equipped with some sort of laser that causes the engines of the cars with the fuel to blow out. Just makes me think of Michael Hastings.

    The movie normalizes a lot of concepts that I guess our children should get used to seeing since it is par for the course in our shadow government-run society. The other examples I have seen were in cloudy with a chance of meatballs, weather modification is the central theme of the movie. I am sure there are so many more. While on the topic of Legos, the lego movie plot is about an evil business man trying to remake the world in his image, which actually shines the spotlight on how power, knowledge and privacy are consolidated into the upper echelons of business/finance, but in the end collectivism and telling the business man he is special are the solution, and if we believe a world without government is the solution, we’re from cloud cuckoo land.

    And sadly you can take a look at any of the television series targeting “mature audiences” on netflix, amazon or a glow box “premium channel” near you and the programming is even more overt… and people just keep on lapping up the kool-aid.

  2. This weekend I was in an abandoned, wide-open Provincial Park parking lot teaching my 14 year old how to drive a standard. Not another living soul as far as the eye could see. The Park Rangers blocked our path, tapped on the window with handcuffs and asked us what we were up to. My boy didn’t have his learners permit with him so they were “nice” and let us off with a warning that next time we would receive a $150 ticket.

    Hand cuffs, bullet proof vests, mace, pistol… why are these needed in a provincial park at the outer boundary of city limits where families have picnics, walk their dogs and ride bicycles? Meanwhile, the helicopter circles menacingly above to remind us we can neither run nor hide.

    I’m shocked that nobody I speak to even notices let alone share my concerns regarding these new restrictions and invasions of privacy.

    • For what its worth, I share your concerns. And at the same time regret that it’s not very easy to get an assault rifle in my country. I’d feel a lot better with an AR15 on stand by.

    • m.claire,
      Dang!…what kind of people are these who lose common observational sense while being authoritarian “rule enforcers”!?!

      Today, I was at a red stop light with a car in front of me. The car in front of me ran the light, because there was no opposing traffic in sight. I quietly cheered him for using free independent, self-observational thinking.

  3. That’s truly sickening.

    I wouldn’t put the blame for sexting square on phones, though. There’s a lot more behind the curtain with these type of sexually devious behavior. Porn, being a giant (shall I say gaping?) issue and of course general levels of decadence and overstimulation that is omnipresent in the media and discourse.

    Social platforms teach kids to have friends and internet friends. Since it’s easier to talk to someone in written form, the latter are becoming predominant, sexting is just an extension of that.

  4. The king is dead, long live Cobra.

    All hail Cobra, the magnificent.

  5. I agree. Kids are being programmed by the shows and toys.

    1950’s – My Mother tried to get me started on learning the ABC’s prior to kindergarten. I told her: Naw. I am going to grow up to be a Cowboy.” Well, the Cowboy thing never happened.
    Even though there were only a few TV stations, the primary line-up for entertainment was Westerns. Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Have Gun Will Travel, Rawhide (Clint Eastwood), The Rifleman, Maverick, Death Valley Days (Ronald Reagan), The Cisco Kid, The Lone Ranger, Sky King, Wanted Dead or Alive, Roy Rogers (but he was too fancy for my tastes), etc.
    However, I do have to hand it to the script writers. There was often a moral question in each episode. Integrity, compassion, honesty and independence were often highlighted.
    Some of those early values stuck.

    RAWHIDE Theme Song –

  6. I remember how fascinated I was apoun discovering how Hugh Hefners Playboy magazines advertisements had been manipulated. The subliminal manipulations of the images seem to me a great betrayal of the public trust and a breach of personal privacy. I was a bit ashamed of my naivety to the evil manipulations by all those greedy griffting unamerican bastards. Shamefully I came to realize they are just American,as apple pie. What a country we have let be created. While I slumbered I knew that something was not right with this country. Too many things were being presented in the alternative image manipulated format which I recognized as manipulations instead of the truth. Who in the world likes being lied to. Well, thanks to a rather nice non-American, a Canadian no less, I’m wide awake. Please Americans!, Use your wallet and say (buy) no more of this crap. Use your stamp,pen and paper and tell the manufactures what you want and most importantly do not want. They still value letters over e-mails. Same with your representatives.Get off your ass , go to the town halls and bitch. Slumber has given us the world we have now, lets create a world normal people (non-psychopathic/sociopathic) would not be ashamed of. Wake up sheeple! It is true that your fellow citizens have been murdered for talking about having a more peaceful better country and world. If that doesn’t get you fired up you are already dead and all is lost. I feel ashamed for our citizens with there heads in the sand. Thanks James for shinning the light on our filthy house of grifters.

  7. RISK“Win the game, and you win the world.”
    “Risk: The Game of Global Domination”
    1970’s early 80’s – (14 seconds) –

    I well remember marathon hours/days playing the game with my 4 brothers. Intense conquest and eventually betrayal of alliances. Holding Ukraine & Kamchatka were often an important strategy.
    Wiki with “map” –

    In the 7th Grade, I had a teacher who for a final exam gave us a blank piece of paper with the assignment to free-hand draw a map of the entire world with all its nations and label every country. Practicing, I did eventually get it down. Quite a feat actually. Of course, 50 years later, many of these countries don’t exist as they did then.
    I must say that this grasp of the geographical location of nations has been an important piece of knowledge through life.

  8. I think MTV is only a fragment of the issue.

    For safe and sane upbringing, one needs:
    – to toss out the television, 100%
    –> the amount of propaganda aimed at children can severely program kids and I’d say make them go insane

    – limit children’s access to pieces of technology (like mobile phones)
    –> I’ve seen examples of kids getting hooked on smartphones; not a nice sight

    – strictly ration access to stuff like videogames and tv shows
    –> time lost on stuff like this is mind boggling to say the least. A modicum of escapism is great, but thousands of hours lost on this crap is a ridiculous waste. With the added effect of affecting younger synapses and pathways

    – homeschooling
    –> thanks to the system which was setup, this is hard to attain, but one needs to be aware that schools are not much more but places where terrible kids teach other kids. They are also a mass propaganda outlet. Children need to spend time with their parents, there’s no way around this fact. Children emulate adults around them, they better be their parents and close ones. Instead of some random, unqualified, unmotivated and disinterested asshole.

    – company of like minded people
    –> pretty much self explanatory. Even if you packed up your family and set off for the woods, you wouldn’t be doing them a giant favor if they can’t socialize outside of family members.

  9. Holiday anecdote Part 1:

    Preamble: Had considered posting this comment on the Solutions Watch “Teaching Children about Liberty” page but somehow it felt… blasphemous, so, in possible, but highly exceptional, violation of some confidentiality clause I shall post my holiday anecdote here on this more appropriate page:

    Since I fled France and have had, among other things, to set up my own ad hoc “recording studio” on my balcony of all places, so as not to lose employers I’d acquired over the decades with whom I’d worked even literally on the very day I left that country, I’ve been vowing to somehow market “my voice” to new employers around the world. I’d never had to make an effort before, I was the only American woman working in my area so I got to do voice-overs for industrial films, record e-learning videos, act in video games, dub cartoons. I still haven’t got my ass in gear as I keep getting distracted by my online English classes and translations.

    So I was elated when an old employer for whom I’d done recordings for toys over many years rang me up out of the blue late last week. Was always a lot of fun working on these products! Animal characters, children’s voices, even voices for body parts, planets, furniture, household appliances and workshop tools, sang nursery rhymes and everything else featured in the interactive encyclopedias and other more or less instructive bells-and-whistles gadgets designed for babies and up.

    Yesterday afternoon, as I was wondering if I would have to sing and if my voice had aged too much to do the job, I learned the exact nature of these 2 most recent products. Indeed, it was only once I was “face-to-face” with my former employer and his very charming client in our international “remote studio” setting, as we were about to record that she proudly displayed her

    interactive and very convivial teleworking laptop with professional men and women characters who are eager to “work together” and who have important information to impart at their video-conference, making such remarks as “If everyone’s here, let’s get started!” or “Oh! I can hear birds singing! Is someone working outside?” etc., etc., ok, fair enough and…

    • Holiday anecdote Part 2:

      …a medical “app” to learn what to say to the doctor when she asks you “What’s Wrong?”. This toy explains first and foremost why we must all wear a facemask, use sanitizer gel, wash our hands often, wash our Hair often!?, brush our teeth after every meal, eat right, get plenty of exercise and after learning the appropriate vocabulary such as “otoscope”, “stethoscope”, “syringe”, “shampoo” and “soap”, children have to find the child “who needs to take a shower?”, “who needs a bandaid?”, “who needs an injection?”, “who needs a cast?”, “who needs tweezers to remove a splinter?”, “who needs soap?”, “who needs shampoo?” etc etc.

      Yes, I’m duly and profoundly ashamed of myself. It’s nevertheless interesting to learn that “the normie world” has completely accepted that this viral “humans-are-dirty-and-icky” masquerade is here to stay and is already investing in it. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world…

      In English classes, long before Covid hit, I’d been working with a diverse range of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry on articles from specialized professional journals that explained the relative imminence of medical “tele-consultations” where everyone has an app on their phone (and of course wearables that track vital signs and even blood chemistry) where medical privacy was not even a vague memory of the past, as described by Jesse Schell in his “Most Disturbing Presentation Ever” and the Canadian “Carrot Rewards” app… along with Profusa’s Lumee implant, Poppy Crumb’s “Hearables” that “read and write” your brainwaves and biochemistry, Quantum Dots, ID2020 of course and… so on…

      Next I suppose I’ll be lending my sweet Gramma voice to softly flashing toys that explain to babies how to keep their Green Pass up to date and/or minimize their Carbon Footprint, compassionately informing them that they’re personally responsible for Man-made Climate Change and the Sixth Mass Extinction…

      So, yes, I can only confirm that

      Your children are being programmed.

  10. Those examples you showed were pretty extreme. I dont have children, so I dont see it, but I know it’s from the cradle to the grave. — “I like shopping! You never run out of money!” or the cashless monopoly, wow. That wont last long. “They got rid of the banker” People loved being the bankker. Meanwhile, that’s what they TPTSB want in the real world: a whole new level of control and obscurity. One example even used ‘NWO’ terminology. Kinda hard to miss.

    • Very interesting the photo and description you posted of the leaning “30-floor” top block of the South tower…
      Had never heard of or seen that detail.

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