Your Daily Reminder: The War of Terror is A CIA-Sponsored PsyOp

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Videos | 4 comments

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While people on both sides of the phoney left/right divide squabble over terrorist boogeymen and Trump’s CIA chief gives Saudi Arabia an award for “counter”terrorism, everyone has lost sight of the bigger picture: The blithering morons who are the face of international terror are aided, funded, controlled and handled by the intelligence agencies. It is all part of the con to get you scared of your own shadow so the terror-industrial complex can laugh all the way to the bank. Today James breaks down the latest chapter in this never-ending psy-op saga.

CIA honors Saudi Crown Prince for efforts against terrorism

Episode 279 – Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War?

Debunking the 28 Pages

Executive Order: “Protecting” the Nation From Foreign (CIA-sponsored) Terrorist Entry Into The United States

Trump’s Homeland Security Team Likely to Emphasize Facial Recognition and Biometric Surveillance

Chertoff pimps his company’s body scanners in WaPo

Beware the Terror Industrial Complex

Kennedy Admits the Intel Agencies Allowed the Underwear Bomber on the Plane

Interview 1019 – Michael Springmann on Visas for Terrorists


  1. Perhaps a future topic for an open source investigation could be the role that the pseudo alternative media has played in the War on Terror PsyOp?

    Speaking of Orwellian there was a story on Infowars recently criticizing CNN for saying that the “Public Should Worry More About Lightning Than Islamic Terror”

    So where did CNN get the idea that “continues to showcase their out-of-touch sensibilities and desperation” according to Infowars?

    Well it looks like CNN stole the idea from them a few years earlier!

    • Thanks for reassuring my stance on completely ignoring infowars. Sure they do some excellent work, but that could be said about any news station. Even in a bag of rotten apples you’ll find one just right for eating.

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