YouTube Blacklists Federal Reserve Information. It’s Up To YOU To Spread It!

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Breitbart finally covers the story of how Chris Hayes got YouTube to blacklist the search term “federal reserve” and scrub Century of Enslavement from those search results. Today, James puts out the challenge: can you break through the information blockade with good old word of mouth?

Meet James Corbett, Political Extremist!!! #PropagandaWatch

Chris Hayes’ tweetstorm

New Whistleblower Allegation: YouTube Manipulated ‘Federal Reserve’ Search Results in Response to MSNBC Host’s Complaint

Wayback archive of YouTube’s “federal reserve” search results

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve


  1. I know this is probably obvious but I use DuckDuckGo and simply type ‘youtube federal reserve’ or whatever I am looking for to get the results bypassing Youtube’s new algorithms. I’ve tried several different search engines and DuckDuckGo and Yandex ( a Russian outfit) are the only ones that do not return the dreary old boilerplate mainstream blather. Even engines like Startpage and Gibiru seem to piggy-back off of Google’s results. Also I just started using this browser called Brave; which is just marvelous. I started thinking that perhaps, if there was a good open-sourced browser like Brave and they were so inclined, they could incorporate a Youtube search box that piggy-backed off of DuckDuckGo’s search results. Anyway, I understand your grief, James, but surely there are solutions and these new Googalgorithms are just a good kick-in-the-rear so we have to get more creative so we can remain relevant in the censorship arms race.

    • I wend and checked Duck, when you search for “federal reserve” there’s a similar ranking issue that’s present on other search engines. So, they’re either in the same boat together or there are much stronger ties in the background than we may be aware of.

      On yandex the search yielded a related result, a repost of this video on some other site, only on page 9.

      Search terms are important. “federal reserve” is getting special treatment, while “youtube federal reserve” or “federal reserve documentary” will render more palatable results.

      • Right but are we not trying to search Youtube? Hence the search term “youtube federal reserve”. If I search DuckDuckGo ‘youtube 911: A Conspiracy Theory’ I indeed get James’ video in the top spost but the text beneath the link says this, “Will We Find Extraterrestrial Life in the Universe – Searching for Alien Life on other Earth Space & The Universe HD 2228 watching Live now”. Lol. Sorry James!
        So this is absolute proof that Google has hand-selects James’ videos and is doing everything possible to discredit them. But if you go search Google for ‘youtube 911: A Conspiracy Theory’ you will be unable to find James’ video.

        • “Will We Find Extraterrestrial Life in the Universe – Searching for Alien Life on other Earth Space & The Universe HD 2228 watching Live now”.

          I didn’t think anything could surprise me anymore, but performing the search on my end confirmed it – now that surprised me. It’s especially hilarious in a scream-in-my-pillow sort of way considering James’s stance on the alien subject.

          Back to my frustrating search for a better search engine…

          • No, I don’t think that was from DuckDuckGo. That was embedded from Google.

            • I see. I’ll have to keep such outrageous blurbs in mind when conducting future searches on anything.

              When I inserted the exact search terms in Startpage, I didn’t see anything having to do with James Corbett at all. So, it looks like DuckDuckGo will remain for now.

              • Yeah. Yandex too. It is a Russian search engine. It appears independent. Gibiru uses Google as well. I don’t know of others. My problem with Bitchute and the other alternatives is they simply won’t play for me. I only have high speed DSL so I assume my connection speed is not sufficient.

        • Searches are indexed. “federal reserve” yields different results than “youtube federal reserve”. This is true for both Duck and youtube as you can check for yourself. Try searching for “history federal deserve” or “duck federal reserve”. Obviously the documentary has a solid rating but they fudge with relevance on certain searches. This is technically easy to accomplish. Put a flag and off you go.

  2. I don’t know your feelings on selling product on your site, but i have had what i think is a good idea for spreading awareness in the time of censorship. Also for raising funds. A Know Your Whistleblower t shirt or something to that effect. Basically turn your followers into walking advertisements/directories of names of prominent people and specific cases. I do see how this could backfire (mass shooter wearing one e.t.c) but it is an idea to be explored

  3. I really like Corbett’s message here.

    “Old school style promotion” and alternative formats is the way forward.
    After all, it is very evident that “The Powers That Should Not Be” want to shape the minds and perceptions of the broad public towards their own agendas.

    By spreading the word “old school style”, it is like saying “Screw You YouTube!”

  4. Firstly, I’d say this is their platform and they should be free to do whatever they want with it. I’m not sure how relevant this is in the general ambient of fascism and crony capitalism, but still.

    From a technical standpoint, I’d say there is no evidence that they are fudging with specific sites. If you check the “relevance” (default) search results you’ll see that not many of these top results have been that popular. But who knows how is “relevance” calculated.

    When you switch over to “view count” you’ll see more sensible results (I often use that when looking for stuff) but even now they are not “sorted accurately”

    The video in question is on place 16 on my end.

    All in all, I’d say we can’t trust these bastards and inferring anything from their algorithms is completely pointless.

    • If you dig deeper on youtube, the video does start showing up. There’s a total of three references before any further search results stop showing up. Not one of these is from corbettreport, though.

      I find this more worrying, personally.

      The video is the third suggestion, but I can’t find it on the first 15 pages of the video search results, even while having all the videos shorter than 20 minutes filtered out.

      Similar deal on duck. There we’re being offered just 5 pages of results, there isn’t any mention of this video but also nothing from Mike Maloney, either. Doesn’t recommend the video either. An offstream search engine, it is.

      Bing acts similarly to duck, but Mike’s Hidden secrets of money did get through.

      Qwant doesn’t offer any suggestions and lists only two pages of videos. Mostly mainstream stuff.

      Startpage pretty much the same. But I did find this one there, almost similar.

      Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City: A Century of Confidence

      If you search for “federal reserve documentary” it starts showing up. The ranking system got tweaked up the wazoo. And I’m betting many of these sites are taking ranking ques from Google.

  5. Former Google Employee Confirms YouTube Manipulated Search Results July 31, 2019

    Software engineer Mike Wacker, until recently an employee of Google, confirmed Breitbart News’ report that the tech giant reordered its YouTube search results for “Federal Reserve” following criticism by left-wing MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

    Internal Google blacklist document and explanation

    Tucker Carlson of Fox News covered the Breitbart story on national television as well.

  6. DuckDuckgo just uses the google results, it doesn’t have access to the google database to do its own search.
    Robert Epstein, testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 16 this year, suggested we do with google what they did with Ma Bell in the 80s – declare it a monopoly infrastructure necessary to the good functioning of our society, and require google to sell access to it to other search engines.

    The link to that testimony is

    Anyway, the reason I’m posting here is because I wanted to archive an article about Germany telling Italy it cannot close its ports to refugees, with links to NGOs bringing the refugees over.

    When I put the URL in the website to be saved, it posted:
    “This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.”
    I suspect it is the whole website, not just that one URL that is blocked.

    BTW, the URL that I was trying to save is

    I’ve also noted that has been scrubbing its contents, and things that were there in the past are not there now.

    I’m not sure if is going to stay independent, but Iceland has made it a public point to not be part of the attempt to control the internet, so I’ve also been posting things to The main problem with seems to be that it does not have the web-crawling capabilities of, so we have to manually post URLs to get it to save them.

  7. Because the better freer youtube videos get more viewers, you can set your search results by Views and you will find the it on the front page.

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