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Are you concerned that watching YouTube-recommended CNN propaganda has turned you into a raging imperial warmonger? Or that that MSNBC video in the sidebar harmed you with its medical misinformation? Well, the Mozilla Foundation wants to hear all about your #YouTubeRegrets.

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About YouTube Regrets

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Episode 342 – Pricking the Filter Bubble

History of Mozilla

Pledge for a Healthy Internet

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  1. Rabbit hole
    There must be a way to make funny video about
    people discovering weird stuff about the narratives and believe them.

    I suggest to use the style in AwakingWithJP
    (like the Epstein killed himself)

    1. Gravity must have worked differently on 9/11

    2. Passports can survive harmlessly while all passengers on a plane disappear.

    3. It does not matter where the Anthrax came from after 9/11

    4. Hitler killed himself, and they found the bones and discovered that he was actually a woman.

    5. I thought that I was a nice man. But now I know that I am white and I must hate myself.

    6. A bullet can go through many bodies and still be unharmed. And suddenly fall next to the body of a victim.

    7. There are only good people in government, unless they tell us that they are not good.

    8. People in politics have nothing to hide.

    9. Vaccines work. Because they give us the disease that we need according to scientists.

  2. So they should control what we want to see because they say so?

    That totally ignores history. People with psychiatric disorders and people who are alienated and alone have for decades sought out sources to support their beliefs. Anorexic girls and boys were anorexic long before U-Tube. Elderly lonely old people were lonely before also.

    Meanwhile, now that I have a new external hard drive, which browser and e-mail should I use? Ideas?

    • edwarn
      The real question is what operating system you should use.
      Apple and Microsoft are both spying on you though Windows is prob the worst. If you are just into privacy and dont want to nuke windows off of your PC (yet…) try Parrot Linux as a “live CD” and use AnonSurf. In this walk thru guy does it in a virtual machine but you can run it as a Live CD on your real machine if you burn it to CD or a USB drive. Dont Install unless your donw with whatever is on your internal hard disk

    • I have used a Linux OS for the last dozen years. No viruses. No Trojans. No keystroke loggers. I use Brave for my browser and Proton Mail for my email. I do not have a Facebook acct. I avoid Google, YouTube and all the other social media forums. This works pretty well for me.

      • Linux rocks … the only real problem it has is that there are so many choices of what version to choose that I think it puts off people who dont really care much about computers. Most people should just start with Linux Mint or Elementary OS for Mac user types… got to say POP OS is the slickest I’ve seen of late
        Maybe we should have our own “Corbett Report” Linux Distro? 🙂

  3. 1) i don’t see anything unfair about their manipulation, just like tv does, it shows u what THEY want, not what u want. They own their platform, they get to choose. If u want more attention for alt theories or whatever create your platform (as you did) and spread the word.

    2) i don’t get any recommendations because i’ve blocked all of them using ad block. so i only see what i search for. (sure search is a scam, but u can use ddg for it for instance)

    3) so to not get dragged into people should be taught no not have recomendations, and only do what they choose, but not go with the flow.

    Thats it

  4. Please visit and spread the word on it.
    I am from Bavaria and we need support to get as many „normies“ as possible to get their eyes opened. Every day the Mainstream-Media is
    full of panic making again. The restrictions are rising constantly like the
    testing rates. You have to pay 250€ for not wearing a mask!
    So please help making the truth public!

  5. Al, you’re either for censorship or you’re against it. The real damage done is leaving the door open to censorship/regulation. When you fear in that way, and thus claim that people would be caught somehow, you still end up advocating for a regulating body to swoop in make decisions for those poor lost souls…..but we all suffer for it.

    Sending us spiraling is a pretty dramatic way to put it. Are you speaking for me? Am I unable to determine for myself?

    The next step and idea in confronting censorship is re-programming those who might prone to falling for such manipulations. To educate and show all the many examples of censorship or manipulations, propaganda through shows like James has done right here.

    I think the quote “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” applies here.

    I should be the one to choose and learn the pitfalls, not be caged for my own “safety”, especially on the internet.

  6. Regarding YouTube Regrets – #PropagandaWatch

    Ya gotta love those expressions James sometimes throws out there like
    “water is wet”
    or his poking fun at “Stallions doing Mares” and helicopters in real life background noise
    or highlighting the ridiculous, such as the Libya Viagra story.

    I’m glad Corbett threw pieces of humor at this topic, along with ideas for some Judo Throws.

    • Initially I though he meant “Stallions doing Mayors”

      Which was kind of disappointing as I know many Mayors that deserve to be punished by a horse!

      • Octium, You crack me up!

        I’d pay to watch that.

  7. Thanks Mozilla.
    It’ll now be much easier to explain to people why they should no longer use Firefox (or at least use a modified version, or block its ability to phone home).

    • If you want to use the RegretsReporter add-on to report videos that actually deserve it, install the add-on in a second Firefox profile.
      Here’s how:
      Note: Don’t be discouraged by the number of steps. It’s actually ridiculously easy.

      Create a second Firefox shortcut
      • right-click your Firefox shortcut then click Copy
      • right-click on your Desktop then click Paste
      • right-click on the pasted shortcut then click Properties
      • click in the Target box
      • press the End key then press the space bar
      • type -P dirty (should look something like this)
      • click OK

      Create a second profile
      • double-click the pasted shortcut
      • click Create Profile
      • click Next
      • type dirty
      • click Finish
      • click Exit

      That’s it!
      The second Firefox shortcut will now always open your second ‘dirty’ profile in which you can install & use untrustworthy add-ons without affecting your main/default profile.

      • “report it to Mozilla as an extension that promotes Internet censorship”


        It shall be done.

  8. I’ve been a Firefox user and on their email list for a long time. I have in the past donated money to them but in recent years they’ve gotten too political, so I haven’t donated since their CEO was forced out for supporting an incorrect position on a California referendum. Instead I donate to Thunderbird, who don’t seem political at all but want money to support their software, which I use, and to other open source projects such as KDE and Libre Office.
    FYI there are alternative browsers, mostly derived from Firefox, such as Waterfox and Pale Moon, which are open source and less intrusive — tho they don’t offer as many options as Firefox.
    The real problem is that Y’Tube is a near-monopoly. We’re fortunate to have lbry, bitchute, and other sites as alternatives.

  9. I agree that Y’Tube should be able to facilitate the user’s choice to filter what the user sees. But I’m thinking, suppose I want to avoid sexual content, am I going to have to decide in advance whether animals are included? How ’bout plants? There’s always someone who will be offended, and whose offense can be weaponized by TPTSB.

  10. Why not? Go ahead BLAME SOMEONE ELSE. That appears to be the primary method of off-loading responsibility today. It’s someone else’s fault–NOT MINE! I was just standing here when I was attacked by information I didn’t want to hear–like a political debate.

  11. I loved this analogy—in your inebriated state.

  12. Looks like the previous CEO (who had been a big privacy advocate) stepped down in 2019.

    Interim CEO Mitchell Baker (she/her) was confirmed as CEO in April 2020.

    interesting interview with her:

    a quote:

    Q: You’ve worked on expanding what tech education looks like, primarily with the Mozilla Foundation’s Responsible Computer Science Challenge. What do you envision a more robust STEM education might look like?

    MB: What I envision is that those who are educated in STEM have included within their STEM education the tools that allow them to understand something of humanity. It’s not a panacea, but right now we don’t have a systematized vocabulary or tools or frameworks or discussion forums to raise the question: What does this mean for humanity?

    One thing that really struck me in conversations with user experience designers was that [their design criteria was essentially] “Keep people happy so they stay on our website or stay in our service.” And that sounds great, [but] what really seems to keep people engaged is not happiness. It’s conspiracy and outrage and fear.

    Right now we don’t have the tools to address [this issue]. If you don’t have a basic set of tools to even think about something, then everybody has to figure it out on their own, which is long and slow and not as effective.

    People have said, “Oh, Mitchell, you’re really naive because, sure, maybe I’ll have the tools to talk about [an issue], but if I’m an employee at a company and this is what I’m supposed to do, how’s that going to change? Even if I’m the owner or the creator or the founder or the CEO, if it’s more money this way and less money that way, it doesn’t matter if I have the tools to talk about it.”

    I think that’s true in some regard. Yet we do have, for example, medical ethics. If you want a society that cares about what happens to itself, you have to educate people, give them tools, and give [those tools] some legitimacy to include in decision-making. In many places, the discussion is still “Tech is just tech. We shouldn’t think about any of these things.”

  13. Hmm. i would have thought you would have encouraged commandeering of the hashtag to protest youtube censorship. If people use it in the way you’re loosely suggesting, doesn’t that kind of support the whole mozilla campaign? (at least in the eyes of people who might not get the irony?)

    (…or would that be sarcasm? i can never remember the difference between the two, lol)

  14. Sad, sad, sad. The Mozilla Foundation–Foxfire? God. How I used to love their browser for it’s innovation. Seems to me they have gone down the rabbit hole, from innovation to corporate shilling.

    The Mozilla site appears to me to be a vehicle FOR eliminating more information from the internet, information that does not support the on-going narrative (whatever that is at the moment as all such sites promote the short attention span). The site presents promises and lies woven together to pull in the willfully ignorant, irresponsible and truly sad, for the purpose of removing those YT channels that do not support the Narrative. The public didn’t like that video! Remove it!! The typical and calculated corporate extremist approach. Anyone see shades of the military here? In fact, the so-called commenters show enormous irresponsibility–assuming they are real people, of which I’m not convinced at all. Like James said–VISIT YOUR FATHER, YOUR GRANDFATHER, YOUR LOVED ONES. Stop blaming someone/something else for the problems you have created–SUCK IT UP!

    Mozilla’s statement that this is a ‘campaign’? If I were interested I, too, would want to know what ‘personal agency’ is, exactly. Like the phrase ‘experts say’ used ad naseum in the all the MSM it’s without support, vague. Their so-called ‘principles’? I hear BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, into infinity. Mozilla seeks to ‘disrupt’ fake news? WHO, exactly, decides what encompasses ‘fake news’? As always, the Mozilla Foundation along with their buddy YT (they ARE buddies). I can’t be surprised anymore by the twisted logic crazy people use to parse their world view for personal advantage/profit.

    The good thing? I had a fabulous time listening to you, James. I LMAO because your comments are so, so true.

  15. Imagine how different things would be if the faceless people who created such Orwellian trickery had to put their names and faces front and centre on the website. No accountability, no transparency.

  16. The debate epitomized the State of the Union.

  17. “Internet Explorer” – Browser

    I have often used IE, but have other Browsers as well.

    I used to watch and bookmark YouTube videos on IE.
    I am using IE now.

    YouTube put out a warning a few months ago, that it would not be supported by IE. I continued to watch YouTube videos on IE.
    Then, one day, after an update on my computer, IE automatically configured to send YouTube videos to Microsoft Edge.

    But, I can still watch videos on IE (whether embedded YouTube or other videos), but not directly on YouTube.
    That said, many websites don’t load well with graphics on this old IE, while other websites function fine.

    Regardless, James makes a good point.
    These platforms like YouTube or Browsers or Google Search or Microsoft or phone apps are herding people. Herding people like herding sheep.

  18. I remember the stories on radio (I think it was NPR) about Qaddafi having specially trained rape-dogs to rape male prisoners arrested in the uprisings…. it was a real “huh….?” moment as I wondered how you trained the dogs and how many they trained and why you’d keep them around on the off chance you’d need them.
    I guess its lucky Libya didnt have access to the Porn star horses the other guy see’s on youtube.

    • Lol this made me laugh Octium.

  19. debra.b
    If you have no PC other then a tablet you coud try one of these 2 ideas…
    1) for 100 bucks get a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4…. you can get then with pre-installed operating system on a camera SD cards which act as the hard drive. The pi4 is actually a VERY good desktop pc for day to day use (you can even record and create video’s for bitchute or youtube on one)

    2)If you have access to a cruddy old PC (even without a hard disk) you can run a light weight Linux like Ubuntu MATE or Raspberian x86 desktop off a USB thumb drive. People threw one of my favorite ones out because it ran Windows VISTA and with Ubuntu MAte its super fast.
    (I have PC from 2005 I got for 20 bucks at a yard sale to surf modern Youtube)

    You can buy spinning hard disks cheep but USB Solid state drives are about 500 GB for 60 or 70 bucks.

    Links if either idea appeals
    USB to run old PC you can buy but you can MAKE one easily… THIS guy shows how to make USB to run your old PC on the modern web. He’s a good explainer Setting up a Pi4 tiny single board computer (you CAN buy the whole kit with a pre-loaded OS off amazon if you can stomach amazon) when u get a kit All you need is a modernish TV with HDMI port mouse and keyboard. Pi4 AS a desktop PC, this guy uses 2 monitors, but you can just use a TV or an old monitor for storage… dont encrypt it…

    Hope at least one thing here helps… having computing power YOU control is pretty important these days

  20. debra.b
    ALSO… you can buy an Ipad to USB converter plug and save things from your Ipad to a USB thumb drive you plug into that… I know because an Ipad user I know was lamenting the issues with getting pic’s off their device and I bought them one.
    that at least will let you save items to USB…. it was about 7 bucks

    • debra.b
      Sorry about that…I love the look of Mac’s and have an old Cheese grater Mac case I’m going to build an actual GOOD PC in when ever I have spare cash…lol not sure when that will be. I’ll run it with Elementary OS for the look.

      I too have a on of DVD’s… optical is still the best for my music too! I guess I’m a late blooming hipster who came too late for vinyl records
      Best wishes

  21. Dear James Corbett, I’m six minutes into the video and although you keep saying, “You can see where this is going.” You don’t say where it is going. You just keep pointing out examples.
    James, you know the audience has short attention spans. You have to get to the point of your video in the first three to four minutes.
    Write the script and tighten it up. Do not waste your audience’s time.

  22. Dear Mr. Corbett, I’ll be more specific. You make the best video documentaries about the behind the scenes reasons for why the world is the way it is that I’ve ever seen. You are a genius at this.
    It is your off the cuff videos that I have a problem with. Perhaps because you are an English teacher in Japan and the students sit in rapt attention to your words for 45 minutes this has led to your impromptu video style.
    Every video must be scripted, edited, and distilled down to its core.
    Remember, “Less is more.”

    • I enjoyed the video myself. Less is sometimes just less for some people. I don’t need a condensed version for people who lack the ability to pay attention for more than 5 minutes. There is always the possibility to fast forward that I have found helpful.

      • I see your point if you’re trying to reach the masses, but I think his other videos do a good job of that.

  23. Impressive James. Finishing with that salvo of Corbett’s Own “YouTube regrets”, you drove the nail right through the board.

    The “regrets” summarized by Mozilla are of course no more genuine
    than the “Letters to Penthouse” some of us recall reading as teens.
    Yes the Mozilla Foundation “Project” is certainly black propaganda.

    We all agree that the operatives who constitute the legion of Content
    Censors are darkly ideological, and they engage literally in a war on our culture, our values and institutions. The first book I ever read on espionage was THE TRAITORS (Alan Moorehead 1952) It describes three men, Nunn May, Fuchs and Pontecorvo, who stole Atom bomb secrets for Russia. These were men utterly devoid of conscience, who could not conceptualize the possibility that the Marxists might use that stolen technology to either destroy or enslave the non-communist nations of the world.

    Fifty years later, during Covid confinement, I decided to read THE TRAITORS again. Chapter by chapter I could not escape drawing parallels between those three self-centred men, and the tens of thousands of men and women (perhaps a million of more in China) who are daily employed in the process of pulling out the wires and jamming up the gears of our daily attempts to share ideas and engaging in meaningful social discourse. These shadow people are wrecking our culture for the pure joy of fucking with us. I equate them to the morons who smash bottles in playgrounds, not so much hoping to cut a child’s hands or feet, but knowing that next day the kids will be forced to avoid the sandbox or the swing set. With hateful vandalism they have obstructed play and spread unhappiness. That deeply satisfies such sociopaths.

    The three scientists analyzed in THE TRAITORS were studied, but not shot or hanged. The bastards of our time, working for the Internet billionaires, are certainly traitors to the nations they were born in, and demonstrably so. So what must be their fate?

  24. But are people really that fragile that a video might send them spiraling? That sounds similar to the notion that people need safe spaces to shelter them from ideas they don’t like and that people will get PTSD from reading a book that challenges their ideological beliefs or something.

    If a person is really that fragile then maybe they need some time in a psych ward or something because life just got a heck of a lot more difficult. If people are that fragile and easily manipulated and completely lack common sense our species is screwed. I’m hoping this is not the case.

    • I think there has been enough accommodation for people like this and I think it’s unhealthy. Life is hard and here in the US relatively easy for most people. As mentioned above I am the kind of person that prefers “dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery”.

      Coddling people is not helpful because it leads to more suffering. Just my 2 cents.

    • Its all freedom of speech and expression when they want to sell you and your kids pornography,gore and self destructive behavior on TV and the internet…. but they care about you when your exposed to dangerous facts.
      Alan Dershowitz is kinda the exemplar of that attitude when he’s happy to defend Deep Throat and happy Trumps cracking down on anti-semetic expression… here is what he is reported to think about Snuff movies

      Dr Jones talks and writes at length on it, and while I’m not a catholic he does have his historical facts pretty much in line

      • Alan Dershowitz would defend snuff movies. Wasn’t he connected with Epstein?

        I think the government protects these monsters. In a self governing society people like that would be weeded out rather quickly I think. No laws against ridding the world of psychopaths who harm others in a physical way.

        • Yes… but he “totallllly” did not have sex with that (underage) woman, or that one either…. 😉
          Sadly ‘we the people’ did let the world get out of hand… we like to blame the elite but really, if we dont buy their filth or stand for their antics then they could do nothing.
          Paraphrasing Tiberius in the movie ‘Caligula’ The leaders are Swine heards because the people are pigs.

      • When I go on youtube, I usually have a specific video in mind. I don’t really look through the recommended videos in detail, unless something really catches my eye, like a JC video. I think the first video of his I watched was “Noam Chomsky, academic gatekeeper”.

        I think adults should be pretty good at seeing what might be sketchy. For children, I think they should have parental supervision. When I was a kid though, I remember going to a friend’s house and watching “faces of death” and her father also had porn that we watched. We were curious. I think I was like 12 at the time. This didn’t corrupt me or disturb be because my mom was good at teaching me right from wrong, so even though I may have seen things that were disturbing, I knew what was right and wrong and I learned from negative experiences that way.

        But, I do hear what you’re saying, there’s probably some real crap on youtube. I don’t want to come across anything that shows cruelty to animals or anything like that. If I did come across anything that I thought portrayed a violent crime, I would report it or try to expose it.

        • On a side note, there was some controversy about the NetFlix series “Cuties”. I had no desire to watch it, but a lot of people were very upset that Netflix would have that on and I’m wondering if I should cancel my Netflix account.

          I guess what people can do is use their money to have the influence to stop what may be harmful.

      • Alchemist
        Ugh… I looked up momo.
        Only criminally negligent people let their small kids surf the web unattended… BUT i must say that I mostly cured myself of my Youtube habit by having a browser on my machine that has zero history, so every time I go to YT the recommends are boring NPC stuff and I only go if I want to look something up.
        You are so right at how much time people waste on the net

  25. If you search the Gates Foundation grants database, you’ll notice that the Mozilla Foundation has received two grants totaling $1,006,777.

  26. fer67
    “..I think the social engineers totally underestimate the contrarian nature of humanity. Their triple reverse psychology they try to use on us is doomed because we know that everything is owned by a tiny group of OCD hoarders. …”

    I think you are underestimating them- they tend to win EVEN if people learn the truth.
    a) People remain ignorant, and the elite can actfreely
    b)People loose all trust and respect for the institutions of society- this leads to a social dissolution and atomization of people into lone individuals who can act together….the state vs community power differential shifts and again the elite can act freely

  27. Hi James,
    as you asked us to look into our personal experiences “going down the rabbit hole” on Youtube I was thinking my experience may very well be paradoxical to what you would expect, that is: the very fact I may tumble into utter nonsense is exactly what I may be looking for on certain occasions. As an artist I am into mythology and may develop my own stories along mythological lines. It may be very helpful when looking for inspiration to inject some completely random and non-related item into it, and see what happens. Among other approaches, these internet rabbit holes can be very useful here. At least it gives some fresh air, an opening up, some unexpected puzzling to do, and in the end you get more options from it you can go on with.

    This is not a novel technique of course. It well know with creative brain-storming or “out of the box” thinking exercises.

    You may also look at this phenomenon from a medical perspective. Exposing yourself to foreign pathogens in a responsible way will boost your immune system. Withdrawing into hygienic sterility may help in the short term in extreme situations, but will render you weak and defenseless in the long run. This also goes for mental activities and mental health. If the Google folks think their mental sterility will be helpful for them, please let them do so. A hard lesson will be waiting for them.

    • “..If the Google folks think their mental sterility will be helpful for them, please let them do so. A hard lesson will be waiting for them…”

      ONLY if a free market remains, which is what google and their ilk DONT WANT to happen…. mental sterility did Chinese administrators no harm at all UNTIL they were forced to compete with Europeans who had gained an edge in tec because no one power in Europe was able to dominate and thus they competed and improved or were crushed.

  28. Firefox is no longer connected to Mozzella.

  29. Brilliant video James! Very funny ending. Using humor and facts to tackle these issues is the way to go.

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