Abe Shot: An Open Source Investigation

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Ex-Japanese Prime Minister has been shot in Nara, Japan. Little is known beyond that at this point, as this story is still developing.

I will be preparing a report on the latest development for this weekend’s subscriber newsletter. Corbett Report members are invited to log in and post links to specific information regarding this event.


  1. A tragic and shocking event, whatever you think about the guy’s politics. I wonder how it might play into Japan’s constitutional rulings on weapons. Although I’ve read that the weapon was home made.

    Also, apparently he was shot in the neck, which suggests that the shooter was either very lucky or a trained marksman.

    This BBC report has a photo of the suspect, who has been arrested, moments before the shooting. He doesn’t appear to be pointing anything at Abe’s neck.


    • The shooter used a homemade shotgun. Some of the buckshot ( I assume he used rather than a slug) hit him in the neck. The second shot hit him in the chest damaging his heart.

      • Shotguns don’t emit a cloud of smoke like that. Black powder does (like a musket), but the barrel is so short that he’d have to be right up on him to actually hit his target…there’s no sights, no accuracy. Plus, watch the video closely, the first shot missed, that’s why Abe was looking around to see where the noise came from. You need to study the ballistics to even understand, but judging by the weapon that he used there’s no way even possible that he could carry this out. With a slug it would cause way more damage.

        • I was thinking the same. If this thing was loaded with grapeshot, why weren’t the bodyguards and others nearby injured??? It makes no sense. Unless, this idiot with the pipes and a firecracker was just the Oswald, the patsy and a professional with a sniper rifle actually shot him?

          • I think you’re right. The whole thing was planned and not by some lone gunman with a grudge.

        • agreed. and the security behavior after the fact was a bit odd.

          • The security response was lame, at best. I think the whole thing was staged. Hopefully we’ll learn more, but I doubt it. The story they’re putting out now just doesn’t add up. Which, of course, is to be expected. I’m looking forward to what James has to say about it.

  2. Great friends of Mr Schwab of course


    2019 speech at the WEF


    Great guy, figured out how to get 2 million more woman to pay tax, ohh the equality!

    The usual stuff about robots and AI taking over the world, society 5.0?

    I must have missed Society 5.0 the first time around, The Japanese flavour of technocracy by the looks of it


    • nice link spotting,
      pretty sure this stuff is made up by people who dont make anything. Thems is the “users only”.

      But most people of this world do make: gardens or micro circuitry, as you like, nevertheless people are makers, a few just sit around and consume, the idyll rich, and at the moment they’re kicking ass with tools made by people who make things. its as if they just assume the drone that delivers their pizza is common as a house fly.

      recently events have transpired that left us without the ute for a couple weeks. Ive been hitching around and meeting lots of neighbors I didnt know existed, though not getting much done aside for waiting for parts,, the sudden loss of the high tech ability to drive was a big wake up call as to our interdependence. weve built a mighty matrix of “O” ring-super conducter semi-oblique ball bearing honers, plus operators,, a sand castle from billions of grains/gestures, grand yet poised and dreaming of that one wave: one missing or broken part, can leave us right back, or is it always forward?, perhaps to that 1/2 a billion, the eugenisists are jonesing for.

  3. The Wikipedia article is very detailed with context, times and locations. Of the current 38 references, 22 are used to cite these details and some for the suspect. The rest are for ‘world reactions’.


    As an aside, you have mistyped ‘this’ as ’tis’ in the introduction above.



  4. It looks like a homemade shotgun, 2 tubes wrapped in a bag or jacket by the pictures.
    Is there any footage of him actually falling down?
    I’ve been looking since getting home (3 hours ago) and have not been able to find any whole, raw footage?

    • I Mean, Fuck….. How many times has JFK’s (Back and to the left) been blasted into the minds of generations?

    • This link shows him fall. If what he did can be said to be “falling”. Link- https://worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video-c.php?v=wshhjk35u92Tde7UPnl5 . I’m trying to understand the reason? I get the media’s focus on those “evil” guns (Insert eye rolling emoji). What, do they think they can erase all firearm knowledge from people’s minds? The whole thing is so suspicious. Perhaps it’s intended to be?

    • Yes. Especially: “It is unclear how the shooter came to know about Abe’s attendance at the campaign in advance, as the visit was only confirmed late last night.”

      • Also – on page three of the bbc link above:

        “Moments ago we reported that Chinese government officials expressed shock at Abe’s shooting and have said they hope he recovers soon.

        “But on social media Chinese nationalists have been expressing joy at the shooting.

        “BBC analysis showed many of the top liked comments on Weibo, one of China’s biggest social media platforms, gloated at the former PM’s shooting, while the state-backed broadcaster CCTV’s TikTok account videos also posted mocking videos.

        “Abe is an unpopular figure in China due to his attempts to forge close relations with the US, his rocky relationship with Beijing and his attempts to loosen the constraints on Japan’s military.”

  5. Thank you James. Ben Norton tweeted a 2017 article by one of the deep state’s rags oft used for hit pieces on independent journalists, the Daily Beast: “Japan’s right-wing former PM Shinzo Abe was part of a fascist cult called Nippon Kaigi which seeks to restore the Japanese empire (denying its genocidal crimes in China & Korea), undo the pacifist constitution and end women’s equality and human rights laws.” Tweet: https://bit.ly/3nQf2tI

    Beast article: “The Religious Cult Secretly Running Japan” https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-religious-cult-secretly-running-japan

      • Though the Times of India says the reporter declined to provide further details, here is the apparent info. from Michael Senger’s very good post, “Shinzo Abe, Fierce Opponent of Communism & Covid Mandates, Assassinated”:

        “Though the assassin’s specific motives remain unclear, police have disclosed that he was motivated at least in part by a grudge against a “specific organization,” which a consensus of commentators believe was the Unification Church, a Korean religious movement heavily involved in anti-communist activism.

        “Abe’s grandfather had played a major role in establishing the early Unification Church in Japan. Chinese state media has denounced the Unification Church as a subversive “cult,” likening it to the Falun Gong religious movement. Some Chinese nationalists and other far-left commentators celebrated the news of Abe’s assassination.” https://michaelpsenger.substack.com/p/shinzo-abe-fierce-opponent-of-communism

        • In searching for a connection between Nippon Kaigi and the Unification Church of Japan some info in this pdf is interesting: https://apjjf.org/-Hayakawa-Tadanori–Nogawa-Motokazu–Saito-Masami/5201/article.pdf

          From the book,”Social Movements at a Crossroads: Feminism’s “Lost Years” vs.
          Grassroots Conservatism”[Japanese abbrev – “Shakai Undō”]:

          “Written from a feminist perspective, this book revealed how not only Nippon Kaigi but also the Unification Church of Japan (now the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification) have played a part in the grassroots conservative movement in Japan.”

          “Our book, Shakai Undō no Tomadoi, is an attempt to meet with and interview people who were on the conservative side during the 2000s when Nippon Kaigi and the Unification Church of Japan were leading the bashing of gender equality and sex education. We wanted to verify who they were, how they were organizing their networks, how they were acting individually, and what motivated their criticism. Although we were conducting research after the fact, we were able to trace the actions that conservatives were taking in their own fields. We pointed out that there was not only a “central control tower” giving orders, as has been understood, but that there were also various approaches to activism in each local area, using media, politicians and activists, and expanding their movement by cooperating with other regions. Still, our research was not able to reach Nippon Kaigi itself.”

          “The use of the word “cult” as I just mentioned may promote discrimination against religion, since, in Japan, it became known to the general public through the incidents caused by The Unification Church of Japan and Aum Shinrikyō. When I think about that kind of danger, Mr. Uesugi’s definition is excessively arbitrary. “In the sociology of religion since the 1970s, the term “cult” usually refers to “a new religion that has a tense relationship with society. For example, with The Unification Church’s inspiration business fraud and Aum Shinrikyō’s terrorist sarin attack on the Tokyo subway, we can say, for the time being, that calling these institutions a cult follows this academic use of the word. I think, however, it is necessary to question whether the word is being used simply to designate a minority, as seen by the majority.”

          • From the article, “Cabinet reshuffle raises a slew of new questions” originally posted by The Japan Times September 11, 2019 behind the paywal, reposted on the Cult Education Institute:

            “Since the new Cabinet was announced on Sept. 11, the focus has been on Shinjiro Koizumi as environment minister. Described by some as earnest but lacking in substantive ideas, the 38-year-old lawmaker has tried to make the most of the spotlight, commenting on Japan’s role in addressing climate change and visiting Fukushima Prefecture to assure residents that he’s aware the stricken nuclear reactor has ruined their lives. The timing of the appointment was especially opportune in that it coincided with the U.N. Climate Action Summit in New York, although Koizumi may have forfeited some of the international climate crisis community’s good will by dining out at an expensive steak house the night before the summit. Beef production is increasingly cited as a prime culprit of global warming.”
            “The tabloid Nikkan Gendai went even further, calling the new Cabinet a “cult.” Twelve high-ranking members of the government are executives of the conservative lobbying group Japan Conference (Nippon Kaigi) and 12 — there is overlap — are associated with the anti-leftist Unification Church, including six of the 13 rookie ministers. Some of these members have worked on behalf of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, a project one of whose aims is to make the Unification Church a state religion in various countries, including Japan. Although it sounds ironic that these lawmakers are associated with a religion based in South Korea, given the Abe administration’s fractured relationship with Seoul at the moment, they may sympathize with the church’s stance that states should return to a purer nationalism.”

            Source: https://culteducation.com/group/1277-unification-church/35065-cabinet-reshuffle-raises-a-slew-of-new-questions.html

            I gather from these last two posts looking for connections between Nippon Kaigi and the Unification Church of Japan in relation to Abe, that if one does not go along with the woke left agenda of identity politics and global warming climate (cult) rubbish that right leaning people are a member of a cult? I know that I’m not the only one that’s sick of this.

          • Here’s some more background on the Unification Church from July 27, 2018:

            “Decades after sarin attack, cults lure Japan followers”

            Japan’s execution of a doomsday cult leader and his disciples over a 1995 sarin gas attack may draw a line under the horrific saga, but hundreds of people are still signing up to Aum Shinrikyo’s successor groups each year, authorities say.

            The last six members of the cult on death row were hanged on Thursday for crimes including the Tokyo subway attack that killed 13, just weeks after the group’s near-blind “guru” Shoko Asahara was executed along with six other followers.

            While the high-profile case served as a warning over the dangers of cults, the executions are unlikely to end the allure of such groups in Japan, said Kimiaki Nishida, professor of social psychology at Tokyo’s Rissho University.

            “We know that their followers didn’t have a happy end,” he told AFP.

            “But I’m afraid cults will continue to exist, since society cannot solve every problem, while cults offer the fantasy that they have the answers to everything.”

            Aum successor groups have around 1,650 members in Japan, and hundreds more in Russia, according to Japan’s Public Security Intelligence Agency.

            It says the groups attract around 100 new followers a year through activities such as yoga and fortune-telling.

            Japanese have also flocked to religious sects that are considered cults in some parts of Europe but are tolerated in Japan, including the Soka Gakkai, which is based on Buddhism and has millions of members worldwide.

            Unlike some European countries, where groups ranging from the Church of Scientology to the Unification Church are considered “cults”, Japan takes a relatively open view towards what are often simply called “newly emerged religions”.

            “The biggest cult (in Japan) is the Unification Church,” said Yoshiro Ito, an anti-cult lawyer.

            He estimates tens of thousands of Japanese may belong to the group founded by the late South Korean Sun Myung Moon, who is revered as a messiah by his followers.

            – Successors operate openly –

            Self-professed guru Asahara developed the Aum cult in the 1980s, attracting over 10,000 followers, including the doctors and engineers who manufactured the group’s toxins.

            The chemical weapons were deployed to devastating effect twice — in the Japanese city of Matsumoto in 1994, and then in the 1995 strike, targeting Tokyo’s notoriously crowded subway system at rush hour.

            The attack, which also left thousands injured, prompted a crackdown on the Aum’s headquarters, where authorities discovered a plant capable of producing enough sarin to kill millions.

            Escaped members of the cult and anti-cult activists had long warned about the Aum, but authorities had failed to act, and even after the sarin attack the group was not officially banned.

            Two successor cults, Aleph and Hikarinowa, continue to recruit members and operate openly, which some experts say makes it easier to monitor them.

            Aleph, which Asahara’s wife and several children belong to, formally renounced the Aum guru in 2000. But he retained strong influence and some experts believe his execution may even boost his status.

            [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

            • As referenced in the comment above when it’s hopefully approved, the Unification Church is the Moonies. It is a cult.

              “Unification Church, byname of Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, religious movement founded in Pusan, South Korea, by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon in 1954. Known for its mass weddings, the church teaches a unique Christian theology. It has generated much controversy, and its members are commonly derided as “Moonies.”
              “In the late 1950s the church spread to the West and in the 1970s was identified as a “cult.” Parents protested their children’s membership in the group, which often damaged careers and family ties. They sought the help of deprogrammers and filed civil lawsuits. Controversy surrounding the church led to congressional hearings, and in 1982 Moon was convicted of tax evasion. His supporters, including many mainline church leaders, saw the trial as an example of government religious persecution.”
              “In 1994, on the 40th anniversary of the founding of the church, Moon announced the formation of the International Federation for World Peace, which assumed many of the functions formerly performed by the church.

              “Although the early 1990s was a period of relative stability for the Unification movement, problems arose for the church in Japan following the AUM Shinrikyo incident in 1995, when the country was gripped by anticult hysteria. The church was also hurt when Moon’s daughter-in-law, Nansook Hong, in 1998 wrote an exposé of life in the Moon family.” https://www.britannica.com/topic/Unification-Church

              • AUM:

                “Aleph, formerly (1987–2000) AUM Shinrikyo, Japanese new religious movement founded in 1987 as AUM Shinrikyo (“AUM Supreme Truth”) by Matsumoto Chizuo, known to his followers as Master Asahara Shoko. The organization came to public attention when it was learned that several of its top leaders had perpetrated the Tokyo subway attack of 1995, in which 13 people died and thousands more were injured following the release of nerve gas into the city’s subway system. This action brought infamy and disarray to the group.

                “AUM emerged out of Asahara’s dissatisfaction with traditional Japanese Buddhism. Having found Tibetan and Theravada Buddhist teachings more appealing than the dominant forms of Japanese Buddhism, Asahara attempted to create a Buddhism that emphasized non-Japanese themes.
                “Asahara also became interested in prophecy, studied the Christian Book of Revelation, and in the early 1990s predicted an array of disasters for Japan, including World War III. Because Asahara expected AUM to replace the Japanese government in the chaos following the war, its organization mirrored that of the government.

                “At the time of the gassing incident, March 20, 1995, AUM claimed some 50,000 members, the majority of whom lived in Russia. However, the arrest of Asahara and several hundred members of the leadership and rank and file and the conviction of some 200 of those arrested for both the subway attack and numerous other violent acts (including a gas attack in Matsumoto, Japan, in 1994) decimated the group, and the Japanese government seized its property. Although a contingent of the group remained in Japan, foreign affiliates dissolved in the wake of the gassing. In early 2000 AUM’s new leaders admitted Asahara’s role in a series of crimes (including the two gas attacks), distanced themselves from his spiritual leadership, set up a program to pay compensation to the victims’ families, and changed the organization’s name to Aleph. The group had more than 1,500 members in the early 21st century, but in 2007 Asahara’s successor, Jōyū Fumihiro, left Aleph with a number of members and formed a new organization, Hikari no Wa (“Ring of Light”).” https://www.britannica.com/topic/Aleph

    • Correct. You and Ben are on the right path. I would add the following.

      SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2017

      Shadow Emperor Direction – Akkie Abe – Shinzo Abe and wife under pressure over ties to ultra-nationalist school. Akie Abe’s links to kindergarten under intense scrutiny in Japan after reports it bought state land at a knockdown price Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, and his wife, Akie, have attempted to distance themselves from an ultra-nationalist educational institution mired in allegations of racism and a sweetheart land deal.


      I would begin to look at connections to the Golden Lilly. Yamashita’s gold.

      Abe was not a conservative, he was a fascist nationalist and remember, the Emperor of Japan has total control of Japan.
      Abe was simply a tool.

      Japan was rebuilt after WWII, with the help of the US, with Yamashita’s Gold and the M-Fund given to the Zabatsai.
      Much of the Gold remained with the emperor and his cronies, fascists, reinstalled for the post WWII cold war.
      The Zabatsai knows who did it.


      Abe’s ties to the Unification Church and the Moonies can be found here.


      Abe was the son of a brutal politician who ruled Japan. He helped re-write the WWII war crimes of the Japanese out of textbooks just as is being done in Ukraine. But Abe wanted the reign of Japanese terror, from 1896-1946 completely rewritten out of history.

      “According to reports, Yamagami has told investigators he was not motivated by disagreement with Abe’s political beliefs, but “rumors about the former leader’s connection to a certain organization that police did not identify.” Other reports assert that Yamagami blamed the group for having bankrupted herself by donating to the organization.

      Speculation about the identity of this “certain organization” is currently centered around The Unification Church. The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification—formerly known as the Unification Church but perhaps best known as the church that “The Moonies” belong to—was founded by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon in 1954. Although known primarily in the West for its mass weddings (and its ownership of The Washington Times), its Japanese branch has been identified as part of “the grassroots conservative movement in Japan.” More to the point, some have noted that “Abe’s grandfather had played a major role in establishing the early Unification Church in Japan,” and Abe himself reportedly sent a congratulatory telegram to a “front group” for the church back in 2006, an act which generated some controversy at the time.”


    • https://spitfirelist.com/for-the-record/ftr-952-be-afraid-be-very-afraid-update-on-technocratic-fascism/


      Abe and technocratic fascism

      “We begin our examination of technocratic fascism with a look at the corporate foundation of Pokemon Go. Information about the background of Pokemon Go’s developer (Niantic) and the development of the firm is detailed in an article from Network World.
      In addition to the formidable nature of the intelligence agencies involved with generating the corporate foundation of Pokemon Go (Keyhole, Inc.; Niantic), note the unnerving nature of the information that can be gleaned from the Android phone of anyone who downloads the “app.”

      Pokemon Go was seen as enhancing the “Cool Japan Strategy” of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The “Cool Japan Promotion Fund” was implemented by Abe (the grandson of Nobosuke Kishi, a Japanese war criminal who signed Japan’s declaration of war against the U.S. and became the country’s first postwar Prime Minister) to “raise the international profile of the country’s mass culture.”

      All using Golden Lilly money. Follow the money.

      The Finance Minister of Japan is Taro Aso, one of the enthusiasts of Nazi political strategy highlighted below. The “Cool Japan promotion Fund” would have been under his administration, with Tomomi Inada functioning as his administrator for the program. Now serving as Japan’s Defense Minister, Inada is another advocate of Nazi political strategy.”

  6. Ben Norton tweet referring to a 2014 Guardian article: “While Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was part of a fascist cult, some of his top political allies were linked to neo-Nazis.

    “What unifies them all is their yearning to restore the genocidal Japanese empire.” Tweet: https://bit.ly/3P9mfk4

    At The Guardian Sept 9, 2014: “Neo-Nazi photos pose headache for Shinzo Abe” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/sep/09/neo-nazi-photos-pose-headache-for-shinzo-abe

    • Yes, Abe was part of the birth of the new Japan based on mythologies.

      Keep your eyes on the connections to both the Moonies and Nazis for they all have to do with his father, who ruled Manchuria with an iron fist in the 1930’s.

      Abe is the son of old money fascists in Japan put back in power after WWII (The Japanese Miracle) with stolen Asian money and Nazi loot.

      His family lineage coincides with the Golden Lilly and the hidden loot. Much they say lies under the Emperor’s palace.

      The Emperor of Japan never lost power. It is just that we in the West do not know the history of Japan and how it was reassembled after the war using dark money by the McCarthur gang and General Willoughby and Lansdale.

      We rebuilt Japan with stolen loot in the fight against the Soviet Union.

      • Also: Listen to an audio on the Japanese deep state and the Golden Lilly and cults

        Part Two can be found here: https://spitfirelist.com/for-the-record/ftr-970-partying-like-its-1932-part-2-the-japanese-deep-state/

        Part one can be found at the same site.

        Much of the program focuses on Shinzo (and wife Akie) Abe’s support for the Moritomo Gakuen.

        Akie Abe was the honorary principal of the Moritomo Gakuen (still being constructed) and contributed a million yen toward its construction.
        Abe himself apparently donated money to the construction of Moritomo Gakuen.
        Tomomi Inada supported Moritomo Gakuen, having represented the school as a lawyer. She later claimed she could not remember having done so.
        Moritomo Gakuen Yasunori Kagoike is a member of Nippon Kaigi.
        Moritomo Gakuen apparently benefited from favors from Taro Aso’s finance ministry.

        Introduction: Recapitulating key thematic elements of the previous program–an ominous resonance between Japanese revisionist schools Tsukamoto, Moritomo Gakuen and the Native-Land-Loving School, some of whose alumni assassinated Japanese prime minister Inukai on May 15, 1932. The “May 15th Incident,” as it is known, was a key element in the rise of fascism in Japan.

        A passage from Hugh Byas’s 1942 text encompasses the dynamic:

        “. . . . In 1939, his [Kosaburo Tachibana’s] admirers enabled him to establish a school. He called it the Native-Land-Loving School (Aikyojuku). Everybody in Japan with a message to deliver or an axe to grind opens a school. . . . Those schools in the hands of the patriotic societies are at once a method of training young men for strong-arm work and a plausible excuse for extorting contributions from the rich and timid. . . .”

        Progressing downward from the upper tiers of the political structure, Japanese fascism stems from the Nippon Kagai (“Japan Conference”), whose members exert profound influence in the administration of Shinzo Abe, as well as the Japanese parliament.

        Fundamental to an understanding of the dynamics underlying the Japanese deep state is awareness of the relationship between the powerful Japanese corporations, the zaibatsu, U.S.-based transnational corporations and the international cartel system. FTR #905 examines this relationship at considerable length.

        Another important element in this dynamic is Golden Lily–the systematic looting of Asia by Japan in World War II and the use of the billions in recovered gold to fund the re-institution of fascist infrastructure in Japan, U.S. covert operations and the clandestine buttressing of financial and governmental institutions around the world. (FTR #‘s 427, 428, 446, 451, 501, 509, 688, 689 deal with the subject of the Golden Lily program.)

        Progressing downward from the upper tiers of the political structure, Japanese fascism stems from the Nippon Kagai (“Japan Conference”), whose members exert profound influence in the administration of Shinzo Abe, as well as the Japanese parliament.”

  7. Ben Norton tweet April 2022: “Nazi Germany’s former ally Japan has removed its official neo-Nazi designation for Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov militia, because the fascist gang plays such an important role in Ukraine’s government

    “Japan is again helping Nazis. What could possibly go wrong!” Tweet: https://bit.ly/3nLlAcT

    Al Mayadeen Net 9 Apr 2022: “Japan removes Azov Battalion neo-Nazi designation” https://english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/japan-removes-azov-battalion-neo-nazi-designation

    • Michael, I just want to thank you for providing such crucial counterpoints to these anti-European, anti-Gentile dog whistles. Upon some cursory research into Ben Norton I was quick to discover this guy works has a neurotic penchant for looking for “Nazis” under every crevasse, worked with Jewish Marxist Max Blumenthal and covers for the “Jewish Supremacism” of Israel as “White Supremacy”. Screaming how Abe wants to bring back “genocidal Japanese empire”, while his people are suffering under birth rates well below replacement level and all the usual “Western” sources are calling for mass immigration and refugees to “save Japan”. Effectively calling for the ethnic replacement and genocide of a dying people.

      We have the entire alt media apparatus, including this frothing “Ben Norton” ranting, screaming and crying about “Neo Nazi” proxies in the Ukraine, former Pale of Settlement. And consciously omitting that the entire power structure of Ukraine is Jewish from Zelensky, Soros, Nuland, Blinken, Kolomoyskyi. You have the JTA bragging in 09′ that the majority of Ukrainian oligarchs are Jewish billionaires and bragging how “former” Israeli military were instrumental in orchestrating the Euromaidan. This power structure is simply instigating Ukrainian proxy and mercenary groups to murder their ethnic Russian cousins.

      Much like Al Qaeda and ISIS were created to wreak havoc and ethnically cleanse Secular Middle Eastern and African nations for the benefit of Israel creating a mass movement of people into Europe to turn it “multi cultural” as Jewish Wesley Clark of NATO and Jewish Barbara Spectre brag about making monolithic European nations multicultural and “Jews having a leading role” in this transformation.

      Thank you again Michael. It’s time to correct the record and start pushing back on “The Narrative”.

  8. My coincidence meter went off this morning. I dont know if it means anything, but yesterday 7/7/22 Boris Johnson, the prime minister of England resigned. Less than 24 hours later the former prime minister of Japan is assassinated.

    Sometimes, when I am not actively paying attention, I will see things happening. The story of how Christine Lagarde became the head of the IMF in 2011 is an interesting story. I am telling this from memory, but the head of the IMF at the time was arrested for attempted rape. He was held in jail until Christine Lagard became the head. Once she became the head of the IMF, he was let go.

    todays events got people to stop looking at England. what else is happening?

    Keep paying attention to the story behind the story.


    • Hashtag mine too.
      A BBC live news feed went with the ‘breaking news’ story of boris’ resignation at 9:11 am on 7/7/22.

      Coincidence theory?

      If it was a real shooting, it’s terrible.
      If it wasn’t a real shooting, that’s probably even more terrible.

      Could be another psyop.?

    • Then Liz Truss resigned, for reasons that appear contrived, and Rishi Sunak became an unelected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

      India is governed by a caste system which appears to be a type of royal rule, with four categories of rulers – Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras, as determined by their ancestry.

      Questions have been raised about what caste Rishi Sunak belongs to.

      His wife is allegedly a Brahmin, the highest class in the caste system. Although Rishi Sunak’s caste has not been stated, it is likely also Brahmin since classes normally marry in the same class.

  9. This could be the narrative the media goes with. Scary 3D guns: https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/japan-ex-pm-shinzo-abes-shooter-used-home-made-gun-reports-say-it-was-3-d-printed-3140082

    This article has a good picture of the homemade “gun”: https://nypost.com/2022/07/08/shinzo-abe-assassin-used-homemade-gun/

    I also find it notable that he must have been a good shot as this article says Abe got both bullets to the neck one inch apart.: https://www.newsweek.com/japan-shinzo-abe-shooting-nara-tetsuya-yamagami-suspect-gun-homemade-1722965

    • I feel dumb for not realising that a double barrel shotgun would result in two bullets an inch apart.

  10. just saying: “The C.I.A. gave money to the Liberal Democratic Party and its members in the 1950’s and the 1960’s, to gather intelligence on Japan, make the country a bulwark against Communism in Asia and undermine the Japanese left, said retired intelligence officials and former diplomats. Since then, the C.I.A. has dropped its covert financial aid and focused instead on gathering inside information on Japan’s party politics and positions in trade and treaty talks, retired intelligence officers said.” https://www.nytimes.com/1994/10/09/world/cia-spent-millions-to-support-japanese-right-in-50-s-and-60-s.html

    • That’s interesting. I hate to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’ but does this look possibly staged to you? https://odysee.com/@EmrullahSar%C4%B1y%C4%B1lmaz:5/shinzo-abe-assassination-(best-view):0

      There are some still shots and a diagram of how the homemade gun may have been constructed in this video:

      “On 8 July 2022 at 11:30 Japan Standard Time, Shinzo Abe was shot twice while delivering a campaign speech in Nara. The assassin used a homemade gun which fired two shots, the first striking Abe in the neck and the second striking him fatally in the heart.[312] A 41-year-old man named Tetsuya Yamagami (a former Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force officer), was arrested following the shooting.”https://odysee.com/@PaulyFrog64:2/Shinzo-Abe-Assassination:5

      • Seems like a very odd place to be holding a “campaign rally”? Shot from not-point-blank-range with that blunderbuss weapon?

        • The location does seem a bit odd, as is the homemade weapon. Is he giving his speech at an intersection?

          The other strange thing is that Abe turns and looks after the first shot which does not appear to have hit him, in that he doesn’t grab his neck or recoil at all at first. He just turns his head to the left to look. He then crouches down after the 2nd shot. Please watch the ‘best view’ video again and let me know your thoughts: https://odysee.com/shinzo-abe-assassination-(best-view):07d0f52f3f481c756c6e9534a414e8adfd1018d

  11. Appears to be homemade shotgun, looks like he used up exactly as many shots as he had. Former navy apparently? Some say it was in relation to some religious group he thought Abe was a member of, but I’m unfamiliar with all the references.

    There was a good profile-angle picture of the gun that I saw earlier but can’t seem to find it now. It looked like a battery or something was used to create the spark in the back of barrels of the pipe gun.

    Here are a few videos with different camera angles of varying quality:

    • More photos here (none of the videos above or photos here are particularly graphic):

      Standard press photos

      And the next link includes some photos of another multi-barrel (9 by my count) homemade gun found at his house, where apparently some bombs were also found.

      I can’t read Japanese so I have no idea if there’s vile stuff being said here but it is a *chan so be warned (however it might provide useful info and some additional images):

      Direct link to just the 9-barrel gun image here:

    • Oh my lord, here’s a Greek news outlet saying that Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid video game franchise was the shooter (it’s definitely not him, some people were trolling with Kojima’s image on various boards though so it might have been picked up out of ignorance):

    • Direct link to the profile photo of the home-made gun he used (finally found it again):

      P.S. James, you should set up comment links to open with the attribute: target=”_blank”
      This will cause all links to open in a new tab which keeps people from leaving your site. Just a thought.

  12. 1. Abe once spoke critically of Ukraine narrative:

    2. Abe was friends with Donald Trump. When Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, Abe quickly flew to New York to present Mr. Trump with a Japanese golf club. The two went on to develop close ties, including on the golf course: https://www.wsj.com/articles/trumps-loyal-sidekick-on-north-korea-japans-shinzo-abe-1502875805?st=41bs2rna4os6ono&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink

  13. [SNIP – no bare links in the comments, please. Please repost the link with a title and/or explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

  14. “During the final months of his premiership in 2020, Abe famously resisted the implementation of harsh Covid measures, achieving some of the world’s best results against the virus even as the rest of the world imposed strict lockdowns on China’s model…Since Abe left office, Japan’s response to Covid has drifted steadily closer to the international standard.” Additional info at the source: https://michaelpsenger.substack.com/p/shinzo-abe-fierce-opponent-of-communism

    • As James pointed out many times, likely related to the Olympic games.

  15. I find it very strange that the swedish wikipedia had a very detailed report on this very soon after it had happened.

    • bigthink.jpg

    • It would not be a rare occurrence to have wikipedia map out everything minutes after the event, especially driving the “facts” as they are yet to be discovered/confirmed/professed.

  16. At least one person is not sad about Abe’s death.
    Overdue justice arrives at last for Japan’s
    criminal mastermind Shinzo Abe
    By Yoichi Shimatsu
    Exclusive To Rense.com
    Yoichi Shimatsu is a veteran Japanese American journalist and war correspondent based with new agencies and newspapers in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, who has done on-the-ground reporting of the Kobe earthquake, Tokyo subway gassing and Fukushima nuclear disaster.

    Article Excerpt:
    The high crimes of Shinzo Abe include, briefly:

    – overseeing secret development of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) at Kobe Steel as boss of Hideo Murai, who later served as the Aum Shinrikyo sect’s “Science and Technology” minister. The malfunction of his powerful electromagnetic energy device, acquired from the collapsing Soviet Union, was the probable trigger for the 1995 Kobe Earthquake, which killed thousands of residents;

    – his political sponsorship of the terrorist cell harbored inside the Aum Shinrikyo sect, whose illegal WMD development resulted in the 1995 Tokyo subway gassing, which injured 20,000 rush-hour commuters and killed at least 12 people;

    – theft of hundreds of millions of dollars in charitable funds donated from sympathizers worldwide in the wake of the 2011 triple Fukushima disaster by tsunami, earthquake and radioactive meltdowns; and

    – blatant lies to the host city committee of the International Olympic Committee about health safety in a heavily radioactive Tokyo, where dozens of athletes were subsequently affected by “unaccountable” symptoms, including internal disorders and loss of physical coordination, with many of these youths now facing lifelong health disorders and probable early death.

  17. There is a time difference between Japan and Sweden but what I have seen on swedish wikipedia and other swedish news sources strongly indicates some kind of beforehand knowledge about the event, at least as far as I understand it. James – please let me know if you want to see what I have seen in swedish media. Maybe not important, but…

  18. “Abe shooting suspect’s motive related to ‘specific organization,’ police say”


    “Motive in assassination of former Japan PM Shinzo Abe not political”


    “In an interview with investigators, Yamagami allegedly admitted to plotting to kill Abe because he thought the ex-prime minister was connected to an organization that he bore a grudge against.

    “Police did not reveal the name of the organization or elaborate on what it believed in, adding it wasn’t clear if the group even existed.

    “The alleged assassin’s grudge did not appear to be about politics, according to police.”

    And which organization is that, exactly?

    How could something about an “organization” not be political? Was the organization the Japanese Sushi Association?

  19. A very short summary of his family’s participation in politics and how he was the one to develop the Japanese army. French-Canadian news station, interviewee speaks a bit slow so probably not his mother tongue.


  20. I like, or can appreciate, Corbett’s no-nonsense approach to conspiracy research, but I’m also interested in the ‘woo’ and synchromystic angles on the broader conspiratorial. That’s probably all I have to offer anyhow, since I can’t be bothered with the drudgery of reading official documents or the entirety of mainstream articles or other likely necessaries that entails the gruntwork of the type of research that goes on @ the CR, or that probably goes into independent journalists like Whitney Webb’s research, and the like. If I can’t find it in the /pol/ catalog, I’ll probably have to get my more grounded conspiracy content from these sources (CR, UL, etc.).
    It is somewhat curious, one might have to admit (I submit), that after CERN lights up again, you have: Boris Johnson resignation, Shinzo Abe shot and killed, Texas threatens to secede, Russia threatens invasion of Alaska, Georgia Guidestones demo’d after unsolved bombing, Bob Barker is back alive, Netherlands revolt/civil war and Musk-Twitter buyout deal implodes with possible regulating agency consequences for Twitter deleting millions of bot accounts. It does all sort of beg the question, ‘what’s next’?
    Inb4 the CCP killed Abe.
    https://www.infowars.com/posts/bring-on-the-lawsuits-elon-musk-terminates-deal-to-buy-twitter/ (I know you still like Infowars, James)

  21. james spotted this evening at Chateau Frontenac with Freeland. heads hunched together giggling over a plate of fried grasshoppers. love is in the air. as is chet baker inexplicably, as i can’t locate any source or speakers…suspecting AI creating a frequency causing the central garden tree to vibrate mimicking ‘stardust’ during the heroin PLUS acid years. crazy times

    • Hi there, is there a way to message you directly? Best

  22. Hi, I’d be interested to know how was Abe perceived by the Japanese people, was he well-liked? Someone even said he was the Trump of Japan??

  23. Hi James,
    I’m not sure if this is relevant or not but there seems to be a lot going on at the moment. Boris Johnson wasn’t shot but in reality the whole British government has been critically injured, which is a bit of a coincident that it happened on the same day. What should also be considered as a bit more than a coincidence is that Bill Gates flew into London on that same day.
    Here’s the story. https://azradale.substack.com/p/why-is-bill-gates-in-london-at-the

  24. Abe’s recent interview with my former employer “The Economist” – influential and still widely trusted for outsiders who don’t know a Rothschild sits on its board – confirmed Abe’s desire that the Ukraine conflict should end – and crucially Abe blamed Zelensky for desiring Nato membership. His was also the voice of reason against the extension of WHO powers. Japan’s politicians were split on the NWO largely because Abe was so influential. Abe’s initial removal was, I believe, not his stomach problems but almost certainly that he knew what was coming and wanted Japan to question it. No longer now will any politician dare stray from the globalist line.

    None now will dare call for an end to war. And that matters because the next scripted war will be in Asia (China/Taiwan) and Japan will be pulled in. The globalists need full global war. On which to hang their deliberately created food shortages and energy hikes to starve people. All global players need war for distraction and to hide their depopulation assaults waged on their own people. Biden and Europe will pretend to oppose China as they have Russia to create a bloody global war. It furthers many of their aims – depopulation through war and starvation. On top of bioweapon assaults.

    I think their plan is going perfectly for them and seems to be accelerating in intensity. I would not be surprised to see Trump take himself out – staged assassination/illness? Giuliani is already in hospital. I hoped Trump and Putin would save us – I can no longer hang onto that hope consistently, though I dearly wish I could. Maybe Trump has now played his unique part like BJ in the UK but in an entirely different way, and will step aside – I hate to think so and when I hear him talk about the US I cannot believe he could be part of the plan to destroy the US and further the reset, but…

    Is Japan now as safe as James thought? I have felt a creeping unease here for the last few months. The John Coleman 1991 book that I hope James has seen, stated that the Japanese particularly were to be partly preserved in the billion or so allowed to live because of their compliance. The Japanese are perfect for the transhumanist future. Yuval Harari has suggested the same by claiming that Japan is “20 years ahead” because its people are atomised from family and sit in dark rooms alone with their screens.

    But for non compliant gaijin? Japan could easily – post the Abe tragedy – justify changing its already vulnerably-worded constitution to mandate jabs for the next bio hoax – or simply to follow WHO new ‘pandemic’ powers as all member states will have to.

  25. This appears so clumsily staged that I cannot form any kind of grounding to it in my mind.
    Nineteen eighty four/forty eight, wars on the borders; bread and circus; smoke and mirrors; elite machinations.

    Please look this way! now that way! please ignore the screaming microwave control signal frying your brain; please ignore our weapons; pay attention to our “news feeds”; turn on those scrimming mirrors; every channeling the same.
    Darkness, darkness, darkness. You want it darker? Leonard Cohen sang

    The “guide stones” might be down, but their offspring bastard technologies cover the planet and control the frequencies which are the basis of life. We have yet to gather ourselves to this task of taking down the walls of jericho. Only naturally generated full waveform sound can do it. The birds are gone; the bugs too. Not newsworthy? Because we have no silence whatever? Clever.

    If you want to know what kind of move this was, seek the accurate (supposed) time of the event, and look at the fixed star/sidereal placements of the stars. Not to say that the sun and moon and such have any influence upon the earth, just for fun, eh?

    It’s showtime across the planet every moment of time now, and the show must go on.
    When directing drama, the one important question is: “What happens next?”
    Everyone on this planet would benefit from a one year back stage course, for as a rather perceptive ancestor once quipped: The whole world’s a stage.”


  26. There are numerous discrepancies in the reporting of this event, which suggest that the “assassination” may have been staged. First, why was Abe allowed to speak on a street corner with little security/protection? Second, he didn’t seem to notice there was anything amiss with the first shot and kept right on speaking, only to be struck down by the second, although he went down very slowly and with surprising grace. Third, why was the gunman allowed to point his weapon at Abe and shoot, while a security guard stood right in front of him while he was doing so? Fourth, why is the MSM reporting that the first shot missed him, but the hospital spokesman says he had two gunshot wounds to the neck? Here are some links:


    • “ why is the MSM reporting that the first shot missed him, but the hospital spokesman says he had two gunshot wounds to the neck?”

      If the homemade gun was designed to use readily available 12 gauge shells. Then it is possible that the perpetrator chose 00 Buckshot rounds which contain numerous large diameter balls.
      So even if the first shot missed completely. The second shot could easily have caused many wounds.
      I surmise that the crude weapon was so inaccurate that the first shot missed and the guy compensated for the second which almost missed also.
      A double ought round at close range fired from a standard shotgun wouldn’t spread more than a foot or so. Fired from the extremely short barreled device that was shown in the photo, the spread would be much larger and the accuracy would be terrible.

      • Actually, even if the homemade gun operated consistently. I can’t imagine that the fellow had a lot of opportunity for testing or practice in any event.
        Or perhaps I just have a misimpression of Japan. Would it be possible to shoot something like that without causing some unwanted attention?

        I think that the entire event was so improbable that the thought of a gunman didn’t occur to Abe after the first shot. Fireworks maybe. But the noise alone wouldn’t seem likely to make someone think gunshot if they weren’t hit.
        That explains the lack of reaction for me. Just a lack of paranoia because of the culture.

        • How do you expain lack of other people being hit? Did the guy just aim too high over head? Inaccurate yes, but there should be a fairly large spread and many hogh speed balls.

          • “How do you expain lack of other people being hit? “

            Very inaccurate weapon. Poor aim and a very large spread.
            “ 00 shot sends nine large caliber pellets flying at over 1,300 feet per second, and is powerful enough to go through car doors, metal panels and whatever else you may be shooting.”

            Abe was slightly elevated so the gunman would have been aiming up. Having likely had insufficient practice, the gun’s kickback would have made him shoot high too.
            Most of the pellets would have missed the people nearby and probably hit buildings.

  27. [No bare links in the comments, please. Please repost the link with a title and/or explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

  28. Not an earth shattering fact but an impression that may be a small tile in the mosaic –
    I thought the timing of his resignation in early 2020 was interesting. It struck me at the time. It was before I was fully aware of the plandemic hoax but my spidey senses were tingling when all these different nations all started the draconion lockdowns, police heavy handedness etc at once. Seemed beyond a coincidence that they were all departing from usual practice & protocols at once. Then he resigned. A strange time for a national leader to resign – when a nation is supposedly facing such a massive crisis. My completely uninformed guess was that he did not want to carry out NWO plans on his people so resigned instead.
    When I heard about the shooting I wondered if he had been going to ‘talk’ ie tell the world the truth. Or even just tell the campaign trail the truth. But then again it might have been faked to allow him to slink away & not be held responsible for previous actions. Just sharing as part of the discussion or as a possible thought prompter Thanks

  29. Thank you for posting this link. I was wondering what the wires were for.

  30. Until additional available it’s impossible to tell real motive or how opportunity came about for Mooney Macgyver , usual suspects have historically been in leadership of security teams , these guys looked like they had saki and coby beef for breakfast !
    Double ott buck is deadly but I always go back to RFK when I see a staged public assassination the hidden hand sneaking up from left rear is a message to someone and this may have been a Manchurian distraction and another assassin triangulated fire with a superior weapon after the sound and smoke from improvise shotgun distracted attention . Sirhan Sirhan , and Oswald were both set up and covered up successfully and the true killers were never prosecuted even though the truth is known it will never be written in history books !

  31. The shooting in Norway, was in front of London – pub, right next to Bristol hotel ! If we Ole dammegaard this, this could be a link to something happening soon in england.

  32. I only read one article about Abe. The article said he was very unpopular in Japan because of his currency printing policies that damaged the economy. The article also said that Abe was very pro Israel.
    So Abe was like pretty much every western politician.

  33. Not sure if anyone is familiar with Catherine Austin Fitts’ pal Dr. Farrell, but he has a recent post on his site that gives an in depth assessment of possible motives…


    He ties it in with a Russian context:

    “Accordingly, it was under Mr. Abe that diplomatic overtures were made to India (recall that Indo-Japanese bilateral logistical assistance pact), and to Russia. One should recall that it was Mr. Abe who reached out to Mr. Putin, and who was willing to set aside Japanese claims on Sakhalin island and to entertain Russia’s proposals for free and open Japanese re-settlement on the island, the creation of a kind of “customs-and-duty-free” zone there, and so on. While the talks stalled, other Russo-Japanese cooperation did not: recall that it was Abe’s Japan which extended the use of its credit card clearing system to Russia during a previous round of Western threats to exclude Russia from the financial clearing systems…”

  34. Abe didn’t follow WEF orders. He didn’t mandate vaccines, sent 1.6 million doses back and gave citizens Ivermectin.

    Could that be why he was assassinated?

    • Aren’t the Japanese well injected? Mandates were simply not needed.

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