Episode 446 – Finding The Better Way

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In June of 2023, James Corbett delivered two presentations at The Better Way conference in Bath, England: “Between The Raindrops” on the topic “From Electrosmog to Nature’s Frequencies” and “The Limits of My Language” on the topic “From Thought Control to Free Thought.” This is the recording of those presentations.

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A Better Way – #SolutionsWatch
Time Reference: 01:15

Better Way Conference website (virtual tickets available)
Time Reference: 01:46


New World Next Week covers Google’s “Sidewalk Labs” project in Toronto’s Quayside
Time Reference: 04:33


Toronto Quayside smart city project cancelled
Time Reference: 04:37


Episode 358 – The 5G Dragnet
Time Reference: 04:49


CIA Director John Brennan Discusses Geoengineering
Time Reference: 09:21


In a town dominated by secrets, the untold story behind the National Radio Quiet Zone
Time Reference: 12:57


The EHS refuge in southern France
Time Reference: 13:44


Parco del Carne
Time Reference: 13:47


Zurich House
Time Reference: 13:50


Monty Python – How To Do It
Time Reference: 16:37


Your Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare
Time Reference: 20:49


Propaganda by Edward Bernays
Time Reference: 21:42


“The News” is a Social Construct. It is Used to Program You.
Time Reference: 23:14


The Media Matrix
Time Reference: 25:36


Nineteen Eighty-Four — Appendix: The Principles of Newspeak
Time Reference: 27:13


    • I recall the first time I burned myself on RF coming back down a poorly set up HAM antenna…. it felt like a flame burn even though it left no actual burn.

      • Smells like pork cracklin’ too.

        I once had common mode currents on the coax braid come through my solid brass Morse key on every dit or dah. I was rattling along too, and sent four more characters before I could stop lol!

        The frequency determines the depth of your RF burn…

  1. There’s Got To Be A Better Way!

    By the way, I’m not listening to anything presented by James Corbett any more until he admits the earth is a giant, flat virus.

    • A giant, flat, *alien* virus.

  2. Step out between the rain drops with biotechnology. The anti ionization, mushroom based, graphene epidermal exo faraday cage suit is just around the corner. Think of the possibilities. What could go wrong playing God.

    Thanks Camille.@ pleasestoptheride


  3. Hey Corbett,
    Thanks for sharing this. A great series of witty yet informative shows, just wish I could have been there!

    On the 5g dragnet topic, have you seen the articles regarding police robots in Singapore? Seems that this will 100% be part of the agenda across the globe


    or how about dna collecting organisations like ” fitness genes” who aim to read your dna in order to create a ” personalised” fitness regime?


  4. OK how the heck did this happen?
    I was watching the beginning of James’ first talk on solutions for EMF’s around us.

    I had been meaning to look up a map of cell towers in a certain area once again and the talk made me remember to do it.

    I hadn’t done this search in a few years.
    I started typing ‘ce’ in the search part of my web browser, and was going to finish with ‘cell tower maps’ etc.
    Low and behold after only typing ‘ce’ up pops a cellmapping website!

    This is with DuckDuckGo as the search engine.

    Can anyone explain that one?

    • If your on a phone it may be listening to you and then using AI to generate better search results….?

      Now I think of it your browser and cookies are probably linked to your phone based identity/internet behavior file…. best idea I can come up with on the fly unless your browser has had similar searches before in which case its probably just autofill

      • We can rule out all you said about a phone as I don’t use a cellphone, just a wired landline.

        I mentioned that I didn’t search for anything about cellphones for at least two years, probably much more than that. And it likely was with Google back then, not DuckDuck.

        I also flushed out my browser cache completely many times in that period.

        What’s wrong with:

        Maybe you folks can type ‘ce’ in your browser and let us know what you come up with?
        Will it also be ‘cellmapper.net’?

        To me it’s quite freaky. Are we soon going to be able to simply place our cursor in the browser search bar without typing anything and it will fill out what we are thinking?

        It didn’t just fill in the subject of cellphones, which is what I was intending.
        Nor did it fill in a site that deals with cellphone towers, which is what I was intending.
        It was more specific that that. It was a site dealing with cellphone tower mapping!

        • When I did the search in duck duck go, I got something different but it was more specific to me which is creepy. It gave me results related to other things I’ve searched in the past. I’m not tech savvy but maybe it’s tracking cookies or some other type of algorithm that “knows” a persons past online activity and it directs a person to specific sites.

          How does someone erase this? It seems to be individualizing someones online searches. I don’t want “it” to do that.

        • Hey Fawlty Towers,

          Re; ce. Google search

          Celine Dion….
          No cell phone maps

          Non of which has ever been utterd on this phone or spoke of in phones presence

        • I cleared my browsing history and the search results were similar, not the same as yours but they were specific to me. Why does it still know what I might want to know?

          I use the brave browser and duck duck go. Why does it know what I might want to search after I cleared my history? I know very little about computer technology which is probably unwise.

          As far as just thinking about something and having it pop up in ones search bar, I don’t think there would be any mechanism to do this without some type of “brain machine” which is what the creepy technocrats want to produce.

          But back to your point about online privacy, why do search results still give someone specific information if they clear their browsing history?

          • Cu.h.j.
            Do you use a weather app.?

            • No I don’t. I don’t use many apps. And this search was done on my laptop. I have checked the weather before on a website but never downloaded an app for this purpose. I don’t use my phone that much outside of talking and texting.

          • Look into super cookies. You can’t get rid of those. Well, you can hamper it somewhat if you block as much stuff as possible, such as javascript.


            • Thanks for this information.

              • Thanks, I’ll check this out too. I know someone also who’s in tech and I’ll ask them about this.

                Blocking javascript is probably also helpful but in my understanding it will make certain websites inaccessible.

    • Do you use a VPN? I have Brave, DuckDuckGo and ProtonVPN. The result I get is totally unrelated to me and my thinking. I do not even know what the words which pop up mean. I guess it has to do with my VPN which is configured to change the country where I enter the net every time I log in. It conceals my location and who my service provider is. I would suggest to everyone to always only connect to the internet by VPN. It is not expensive and well worth it.

      • Thanks to all who replied to my post!
        I really wanted to get to the bottom of this, for there had to be an explanation.

        I asked about it in a computer tech forum and after around 100 views with no reply I finally did receive one.

        I was first assured that it was not DuckDuckGo search engine that was causing the problem, but rather my browser, Firefox.

        Next I was given instructions on how to fix it. I tried them but they didn’t work.
        I kept trying, no dice.

        Yesterday another techie replied with a couple of other things to try.

        I was going to try them but figured I’d give one last attempt at the ‘ce’ in the URL bar just for fun.

        This time it worked! I was offered NO URL suggestions.
        The offending site was not entered automatically. Nothing was added to ‘ce’.

        I typed ‘cr’, ‘fe’, and a few more two letters and no suggestions were offered either.:)

        Of course I was very happy, but also confused. Why was there a day’s delay before it
        started to work? I had shut down the browser a few times after making the changes, but the problem didn’t go away.

        Anyway here are the settings that I am now using in FF if anyone is interested:

        Settings/Privacy & Security/Address Bar
        When using the address bar, suggest:
        Search engines (checked), nothing else!

  5. EMF assessment and remediation is my thing, so glad to see your participation in Between the Raindrops. I do think there is a solution. The first part is in understanding we’re all sensitive to harmful man-made electromagnetic radiation.

    Here’s a case study from Japan showing what happened to the health of residents when a cellular base station was removed from a condominium building in Naha City, Okinawa, Japan.

    The implication is that we’re all being affected, it’s just that it’s normal not to sleep, to be dizzy, to experience ‘brain fog’, to develop cardiac arrhythmia, etc.

    Here’s a podcast of mine on the topic: https://www.buzzsprout.com/2075097/13068009-understanding-the-consequences-of-our-wireless-world-a-japanese-condominium-study

    Here’s the source document: https://mdsafetech.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/shinjyo-t-and-shinjyo-a.-2014-significant-decrease-of-clinical-symptoms-after-mobile-phone-base-station-removal-e28093an-intervention-study.-.pdf

    • Great. That looks like a good research to convince people about the harm.

  6. The problem with telling people to read books is that something like half of people have below the ‘average’ intelligence, and most people, in general, are pretty lazy and would rather sit in the corpse light of their phone screens.

    I have been buying thrift store books for a long time, and when I was a kid you could pick up some really good “Everyman Classics” for cheep, today your can hardly find a book worth carrying home in the thrift store.

    That means that most boomers never collected and read them the way the previous generation must have (I saw the same thing happen with mechanical watches which were all over the place in the 2000 to 2010’s as their owners died off)

    If you want to see what the previous generation had look in thrift stores…. and THAT is the environment that the current crop of active people grew up in. We’re 2 generations from having a literate population so the only fix is in your own family by ‘breeding your own’ readers.

    As is pointed out in “Dumbest Generation” ,by mark Bauerlein, what you get from reading in your own time are way more important then anything an educator can force into your head.

    • It’s interesting to compare the difference in literacy between generations. Having had to clear out my grandparents estate has provided a fascinating trip back into time. Though my grandparents never obtained a college degree, they were both very intelligent especially my grandfather who was more of an autodidact with scientific study like chemistry, math and physics. No advanced science books were in the house, but even some of the basics can be a bit difficult for some people. I never really gave my grandparents a lot of credit for intelligence in the past probably because of the false belief that there is a relationship between college education and intelligence.

      But I wonder how raw intelligence relates to discerning lies and deception. As far as IQ scores, do higher IQ individuals discern when they are being scammed by authority figures more than than those with average or below average IQ scores?

      My point being that I think my grandparents were still susceptible to some propaganda even though they were intelligent and more literate than generations from gen X on. My grandparents were staunch republicans throughout their lives and my grandpa seemed very supportive of the military. Some of this was probably cognitive dissonance since he had a career in the military and wanted to believe what he did was the right thing. I never got the opportunity to ask him.

      They had some old newspapers from the 30s and 40s that had a lot of propaganda about the war and young people can be swayed by propaganda and clearly many people in “the greatest generation” fell for it.

      Similarly, many people in the boomer generation fell for propaganda that rapidly changed the cultural landscape and diverted genuine anti-war and civil rights efforts that seemed to expand the state rather than scaling back parasitic bureaucracy. My mother was susceptible to this even though she is significantly above average intelligence and very well read and formally educated. Many boomers who were highly intelligent have believed false narratives.

      So how does raw intelligence relate to questioning authority and/or one’s own world view? Can people who are less intelligent by standard measurements discern propaganda and learn necessary skills to survive in a world much different than we have now?

      And even now, there are people who are above average intelligence who went along with government dictates during the scamdemic and the other false narratives. So perhaps raw intelligence is not enough to see through bs. So what is it that gives people insight?

      I suspect that there is some relationship between intelligence and discernment but intelligence is only part of the equation. What’s the other thing? I ask because I don’t know.

      • Also, I think that there may be a relationship between the drop in IQ and vaccination and fluoridation of the water supply in addition to toxic media. I think there were studies on how watching TV actually was related to a decrease in IQ.

        And is there a way to reverse this? If people detoxified themselves from fluoride and vaccines and toxic media and started reading books, could they improve their mental flexibility and intellectual capacity?

      • Also, I think it might be more interesting to compare intelligence even farther back, like from the late 1700s-early 1900s, to modern times.

        JC had a discussion about the documentary called Human Resources that discussed how the education system changed (I think) from one that taught people to be independent thinkers to cogs in the system.

        I have not done any research into this topic, but thought it was very fascinating.

      • What you are looking for is a well balanced brain. IQ only serves as a measure of ability to resolve linear tasks/problems, it represents the intellect which has its source in the left side of the brain. So do logic and those activities that require determination and action.

        Intelligence requires both brain hemispheres, the brain has to be fire on all cylinders to function properly. The right side of the brain allows big picture thinking, imagination, visualisation of complex systems, understanding symbols and contexts. It is also responsible for processing of emotions and thus servers as a compass for morality.

        Left side dominant people are prone to scientism and the slaver mentality. Right side imbalanced people are prone to hooking up into belief systems (much like scientism but not as much based in logic) and the slave mentality.

        • Thanks. That makes a lot of sense.

  7. There are still many areas in the U.S. without cell service. No guarantee of zero EMF, but a good start. They tend to be in rural areas, where people still live on parcels of land big enough to grow your own food, have roosters and other livestock, etc. The people also tend to be more independent-minded. Funny how that works.

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    D.A.R.E. to not be a Greek moron!

  9. Put up a sign where many see it daily, e.g., “Being offended by an idea doesn’t make the idea wrong”. Or, “Feeling is not thinking, or knowing, it is an emotional reaction to a belief.” Or, “The strength of your emotion does not prove the source is valid”. Or, “You can choose to question a feeling, even if no one else questions it”. Or, “If a person can be mistaken, so can a majority, or the whole society”. Or, “Thinking for yourself is self-defense”. Or, “Having a different belief than society, is scary, but having no personally arrived at beliefs is to be nobody, a political, psychological zombie”. “You don’t need self-defense, if the ‘self’ doesn’t exist”.

  10. Your comments on Newspeak reminded me of a Hebrew translation of neighbor. “persons you cannot avoid”. While I cannot yet confirm the translation’s accuracy, I find this phrase eloquent.

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