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You’ve probably heard about John B. Calhoun’s mouse utopia experiment by now. Everyone’s been talking about it recently. But what does this experiment really tell us about the human experience, and can we avoid swallowing the poisoned black pill of the propagandists when covering this highly anti-human idea? Join James for this important exposé of the Malthusian eugenicists behind the great reset.

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John B. Calhoun Film 7.1 [edited], (NIMH, 1970-1972)

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  1. My feeling is that these videos on mice were trying to make the conscious/subconscious argument that we’ll have “runaway” overpopulation if not checked.

    However, as many of you here know, the amount of fertile land throughout the world, though not infinite, I would guess could feed at least 10-20 times our current world’s population. In other words, they were pushing for depopulation even back in the 1970s when these videos were produced and when the Georgia Guidestones were erected, and this indoctrination is evident throughout the MSM and also in the schools where they reference the Malthusian theory of overpopulation.

    They try to make a comparison between humans and mice, but we’re too socially different. Humans, on average, don’t have 10 kids because we don’t want to have to feed and support 10 kids, while mice are more akin to bacteria and will continue to have as many offspring as possible.

    • Yes indeed, we are very different from mice and thus this experiment cannot be used to predict human behavior. Similarly, their experiment is flawed, because they aren’t studying mice in their natural habitat. Their experiment was in an unnatural setting, a cage (prison setting), and if they had studied mice in the wild perhaps they would have reached different conclusions.

      They essentially drove the mice crazy, they tortured them by overcrowding them in a cage and the behavior that resulted was pathological, like mental illness. We still can’t conclude that humans in an overpopulated prison would behave the same way as the mice.

      I couldn’t even watch the mice experiment, it made me sick to my stomach. I find torture of any creature sickening.

    • “… I think the Internet opened up a lot of information that was not meant for the masses to see. ..”

      Yes… it made it easier to become aware BUT it ALSO dumbed down the regular population even more…
      “The Dumbest Generation” was the first book I read that warned of this
      he gets into WHY a min into the vid

  2. This is an amazing presentation that skims the surface of the depth of your research from which we’ve learned (and are still learning) so much. The passion you show toward the end is exactly what we ALL need to express before it’s too late.
    Thanks for your work and strong encouragement to us – each of us as individuals on this planet. Thanks ~ NC Liberty Belle (

  3. As an aside (1) My family may think I’m a “pack rat” but just last night, mere hours before this was posted, I was sorting some magazines (ranging from as early as 1933 to as recent as July 2020), and one article from one magazine that I’d just happened to pick up at a thrift store this year had caught my eye: “Experiments on Trial” with footnote: “For Big Tech, users are ideal test subjects. But the research we unknowingly participate in is seldom revealed.” (starts on page 61 of “The New Yorker,” March 2, 2020) It starts with the story of how Dr. John Haygarth (“an elected fellow” of “The Royal Society of London”) discredited Perkin’s Metallic Tractors in 1799 (basically using psychological placebo-style methods). It then fast tracks a few horror-filled human-experimental studies and ends in a paradoxical paragraph on how “There’s untold good that can be done by experimentation in the digital age … The Big Tech companies can tell us their findings. I’m just not sure it’s enough to take their word for it.”

    • As an aside (2) You’ve pointed out (in partial jest, I do believe) “Everything I Know About Conspiracies I Learned From The Beatles” I’d have to say (partially in jest), that:
      Everything I Know About Conspiracies I Learned From “King Of The Hill,” where in episode 1 of season 1, Dale explains to Hank “how” saying “Open up your eyes man, They’re trying to control global warming. Get it? ‘GLOBE-AL’ That’s code for U.N. Commissars telling Americans what temperature it’s gonna be in OUR outdoors. I say, let the world warm up, see what “Boutros Boutros Golly Golly’ (Buotros-Ghali) thinks about that! We’ll grow oranges in Alaska.” (In the same episode, Hank refs Bush vomiting on automobile executives in Japan, describing that as “the last time Detroit felt any real pride”.)
      Dale’s character infamously (& truthfully, statistically speaking) states: “Guns don’t kill people, the government does.” He refuses to sign any govt-issued document, talks openly about the revamped depopulation agenda from the ‘Club of Rome’; warns about the internet (in 1999) calling it “…the global information conspiracy otherwise known as… The Beast”
      The more “reasonable” character Hank, is as patriotic as they come, and is much more reluctant to believe his government &/or media would purposefully do anything wrong or lie… until they do it to him (on multiple occasions).
      One extremely relevant episode to this exact moment in time is in Season 06, Episode 13, which aired in 2002, “Tankin’ it to the Streets” where Dale asserts that Bill was injected with a “deadly placebo drug” the thinks was made by Pfizer. Hank thinks that “if the US Army did it”, he’s “sure they had a good reason” & it was back before we knew the Russians were incompetent”
      Throughout the 13 season series, actual history AND current events as well as open conspiracies were used as jokes and mixed in with the “crazier” ones to dilute them for comedic digestion. Looking back, Dale’s character seems more reasonable than any of them much for at least questioning … and being right much of the time (& of the times he’s wrong, it’s fairly obvious AND quite comical, an excellent way to teach truth).

  4. Excellent work James. Perhaps you could do an in depth expose on LSE and its Fabian Society founders.

  5. My 2020 Covid RANT – Every step of the way, they have been trying to kill us and destroy our humanity.

    I believe that most Corbett Report Members agree that all the events and mandates and “guidelines” which have occurred this year are intentionally designed to destroy and suppress man’s humanity and well being.

    We all know about the constant media Fearmongering and bogus PCR tests and bogus Covid death counts.
    From the get go, the censorship of sanity was replaced by deceptive propaganda. The media dined on riots and divisiveness.

    On the health front…they censor and downplay any viable alternative towards better health.
    I firmly believe that the masks and social distancing not only dehumanize people, but they serve to dramatically compromise the natural immune system which makes people even more susceptible to illness and death.
    The standard health treatment options for COVID-19 are a crock of shit…See what the Official NIH says to do…

    The Lockdowns have crushed the spirit of millions. The devastation, economically and otherwise, is catastrophic. “Joy” during the Holidays? Tell that to those whose lives have been ruined beyond repair.

    I’m so pissed-off that my keyboard is melting. …I’m going for a walk.

  6. So they do these sick experiments on mice and falsely imply that because mice behave this way, then humans will. Then they spread these false conclusions so that humans believe that these ideas are true, that we are running out of space, that we have to reduce the population, that we are a disease, that we should hate ourselves and want our species to die. And many people believe this if not consciously then subconsciously. That is evil. That is pathological. They are the disease that infects our species.

    I believed these things for a long time until I looked at the actual science that JC sites in his research. I believed in overpopulation and man-made climate change that the science was settled and humanity was causing all of this destruction with the CO2. The sick thing is that I think our empathy is being exploited for the “elites'” nefarious goals.

    I had not looked into the actual science of climate change carefully, but rather believed the emotional propaganda, the starving polar bears, etc. I’m really glad I found JC’s work.

    • Yeah, I admit that I fell for their “overpopulation” agenda too with the MSM constantly pounding about global warming, and pics of desert landscapes and narratives of receding polar ice caps.

      And now I see that warming would actually be good for the planet because the water’s not going anywhere and it’s easier to grow veges if it were 5 degrees hotter than the contrary of trying to grow in the ice which kills plants…and they fully know this. They want a mass starvation.

      Further, I recently made a 3-week RV trip from LA to Tennessee and back, and I can say with confidence that around 99% of the land is uncultivated or marginally cultivated, and I now believe that “overpopulation” is just a matter of perspective, and if they think we’re overpopulated, then they should take the lead and “off” themselves. But of course, we now know that that’s not what they want. They want the world to themselves and to their offspring. Well F them?…they’ll have to fight for it.

    • cu.h.j says:
      …believed the emotional propaganda….

      You hit upon a very important aspect of telling a STORY.

      It reminds me of James Corbett’s article…
      “Story is the most powerful weapon.
      Narrative. Ideas presented in such a way as to provoke certain thoughts or actions.”

  7. Good stuff James. I love that you recommend those two books at the end – F.I.W.

    I downloaded both books – great start for anyone trying to figure out where to begin. They really appeal to me because my saying since I was 16 years old was- You don’t HAVE TO do anything.

    I just saw a Rothbard from the Mises Institute. Funny – the same exact 95% reduction in population/CO2/pollution. Interesting to see that the attack has always been the same.

    I think that if we want freedom from these monsters, we just need to develop a mondern day version of the Amish? or similar? Still thinking about it.

    • rob.h
      “..we just need to develop a mondern day version of the Amish? or similar?..”

      You need SOME form of community before you can become separatist… note the attack on any identity that the Elites cant control over the last 100 years.

      You cant just go and form a community without some underlying unifying identity be that religious, genetic, political or ethnic. It just cant happen because people cant trust those they dont have a link with

  8. Well, then again, at least 78 million BIDEN voters would rejoice
    ridding the PLANET of 74 million DEPLOREABLE TRUMPaholics……

    • Pretty sure some of those Biden voters are already in the army of the undead 😉

  9. Here’s a quick article I found about squirrels, that the females can regulate their own reproduction based on population size

    I would presume that other animals do this as well since the natural tendency is for long-term survival and continuation of species. Evolution is brilliant and there are natural mechanisms that prevent populations from growing too large, at least this is what the above article seems to indicate.

    We don’t need some greedy psychopathic “elites” to try to manipulate human populations “for the greater good” That’s not why they do what they do.

    • “…are natural mechanisms that prevent populations from growing too large,..”

      NOT speaking up for Malthus but that is in a natural environment… bunnies in Australia went wild outside of their own ecosystem.
      You can hardly call modern civilization a “natural” environment.

      • True, they aren’t and this is probably one of the reasons why fertility has declined and people have to use artificial means like IVF or other fertility drugs.

        Cities are unhealthy. But before the lockdowns, they were pretty fun, in my opinion. I grew up in the city, so always enjoyed them before this nightmare. I have always appreciated and loved nature as well. I will enjoy being away from cities now.

        I think there are biological mechanisms that are not fully codified that help prevents overpopulation of a species when they are in a natural environment and also have control over their environment(not like the mice experiment).

        • “…one of the reasons why fertility has declined and people have to use artificial means like IVF or other fertility drugs….”

          On the other hand maybe while testosterone IS rapidly declining in western males there is not such a pervasive fertility issue as we are led to believe … 40 million plus abortions this year world wide. I think its over 3000 per day in the USA but did not check.
          Demographic winter is being ‘created’ I think.

          “..In the USA, where nearly half of pregnancies are unintended and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion [1] , there are over 3,000 abortions per day. Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies in the USA (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion. [2]…”

          Wikipedia on the Pill
          “….Combined oral contraceptives are on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines.[15] The pill was a catalyst for the sexual revolution.[16]…”

  10. Propaganda on desiring death made me think of

    Breeding an animal that wanted to be eaten…. From Restaurant @the end of the Universe, from Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy series…. wanting to get rid of OTHER people is a much easier and more natural human impulse and I bet takes less work to install

  11. The reason they want fewer people, and the kind of people they want to rule over are explored in this essay..the culture of death is a phase they are moving us thru on the way to Neo-Feudalism

    “…Understanding all this, put yourself into the shoes of one of these members of the ruling class.
    What are some things you could do to improve your lifestyle.
    Imagine that you see the rulers of other nations and the way they live. Wouldn’t you want your country to be more like theirs?
    Wouldn’t you want to have the same freedoms that they enjoy? Wouldn’t you want to secure your power as they have?…”

    • yes the tax farmers will always have more in common with each other than with the folk they dominate.
      as for the black pill argument i disagree.

      “Sometimes, believe it or not, this is appropriate. We need people that can operate in this way. We need people to make decisions in times of war without having a mental breakdown. A general might decide that he must sacrifice tens of thousands of lives in order to save hundreds of thousands of others, or maybe even millions, and he must be able to order these tens of thousands of soldiers to their deaths knowing full well they are being sacrificed for the survival of the majority. This kind of sociopathic trait can be a good thing, and has been a necessary feature of great leaders in the past”.

      i really don’t know where to start with that. maybe the author should examine why he/she needs a leader in the first place. why there was war. im guessing it was also started by the great leader who sacrificed nothing. but demanded it. whilst brave decisions were made. (cue the clopping coconut shells)

      • padraig

        People are always going to have leaders, even in an ‘official’ Anarchist system (lol… contradiction) people like Mr Corbett are going to have folks pay mind to what they say

        A good leader is generally better at whatever activity they are directing… kinda like “The Psycopath test” by Jon Ronson said about the psychopathic CEO – who made Big Money for his shareholders…. or like how we keep dogs (or bunnies) so we dont have to bite people ourselves

        • I agree that leadership is a natural phenomenon. It starts with how parents are the leaders of their children and how teachers also function as mentors and leaders.

          It would be unnatural to not have leaders. A leader is different from a dictator though.

          • cu.h.j

            ‘..A leader is different from a dictator …’
            Only in dosage, not in type. as my good friend (the internet) says
            ‘only the dose makes the poison’.

            “.. leadership is a natural phenomenon. It starts with how parents are the leaders of their children and how teachers also function as mentors and leaders. ..”

            True…but see how parents have been steadily undermined as a source of authority- if I’m unfortunate enough to see some TV, especially kids TV , the steadiest themes are a)TOTAL Separation of interests between generations b)Incompetence of fathers.

            The movement to ensure “children’s rights” is almost always focused on diminishing parental authority so that the child can be engineered while at the same time allowing political weirdos and sexual perverts to access them. The Lions telling the zebra to allow their kids more freedom…

            • Yes, I do see how parents are undermined. I also see how some parents in lower-income neighborhoods undermine their children (bad parenting). I guess they are allowing the state (bought by the “elites”) to undermine them.

              Not all low-income parents do this (undermine their children), my mother was low income and she was a better parent than many other parents in my neighborhood. My father was definitely incompetent, but he was an alcoholic and had some mental issues, so I try to forgive his transgressions.

              I thought educational programs on TV back in the 80s when I grew up were much better. I liked schoolhouse rock for example. But most of the actual education I got was at home from my mother. Though she was low-income, she was educated and also very intelligent. Not that IQ is a true measure of intelligence, but her IQ was high in the 150s. She never wanted to join mensa though.

              • “..I thought educational programs on TV back in the 80s when I grew up were much better. I liked schoolhouse rock for example. ..”

                SO true… school house rock taught ME some things, as an adult, that I missed out on as a kid.

                Can you imagine today’s kids being warned about “Tyranousus debt’???

          • Leadership

            I agree “that leadership is a natural phenomenon.”
            My take…
            Often, with any group, it becomes very important to have a director of the film story; a leader who helps to coordinate activity and align objectives in order to meet stated goals and purposes.

            Of course, I advocate for voluntary association, whereby group members have confidence in the leadership, but can withdraw allegiance if they feel their confidence is broken.

            A small child has confidence that the needs of food, shelter and love will result by means of his leaders, his parents. Of course, with any group, members occasionally will throw tantrums or get out-of-line. Therein probably lies the true skills of leadership in order to keep the ship on an even keel.

            I believe that a good Leader also has faith and confidence in his group members to conduct themselves appropriately. He avoids micro-managing activity, but encourages others to become leaders in their own activities.

            A lot could be said (and has been) on Leadership.
            One thing that I will say: I hold at suspect any person who clamors and strains hard to be Boss. Who the hell wants that job? Being Boss is tough.

            James Corbett talks briefly about Leadership at the 31 minute mark of A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”
            QUEUED VIDEO – (A couple minutes)

            • “…A lot could be said (and has been) on Leadership….”
              True…but the guy who said it best was Machiavelli stealing from sparknotes…


              “…Of course, actually possessing all these virtues is neither possible nor desirable. …… Moreover, men will judge their prince solely on appearance and results. Thus, it doesn’t matter to the people that a prince may occasionally employ evil to achieve his goal.

              So long as a prince appears virtuous and is successful in running the state, he will be regarded as virtuous….”

              Our current leaders have forgotten

              “..A prince may be criticized for a lack of virtue, but he will never be hated for it. However, a prince will be hated if he takes the property or women of his subjects….”

  12. jeffa
    “..Anyway, we humans are done with the fruitful and multiply bit, we are diminishing…”

    Not exactly true, there are places where the population is rising locally and will furnish such replacements as desired by the leadership.
    This kind of demographic winter is not exactly an unknown phenomena – the birth rate in the Roman Empire dropped like a stone as it was collapsing. Those losses in populations were replaced by migrating peoples at a later date.

    Its the end of western civilization going on but there is no NATURAL reason to assume that there will be a shortage of humans in the future.

    Any future shortage of humans ‘in general’ (rather then specific varieties like European and Japanese ones) is quite unnatural will be generated by the people with power.

  13. Interesting post to say the least. We might consider that in the developed world (hate that term but what other term?) the human population is in decline. Often offset through bringing in immigrants. Apparently it takes 2.3 live births per woman of child bearing years to create a stable population and most of the developed world’s indigenous (word also means self ruling) population is below this figure. As James points out Japan is registering more deaths than births and heavily restricts immigration….but for how long?

    Human Calhoun utopia cities are in the works under sustainable development goals. The mega regional cities Rosa Koire has warned us about. Surrounded by a buffer zone and then the ‘wildlands’ where the commoner may not venture. This is the truth behind the resetters “you will own nothing and be happy”….just like the mice in Calhoun’s mouse utopia?

    I remember reading Bucky Fuller’s rebuttal of Malthusian theory. Odd because Bucky was one of the pyramid cap, a resetter if ever their was one with his just build a better system and it will replace the older system that is failing….better for who?

    • bladtheimpaler

      I recall hearing a podcast where someone remarked that they had crack smoking chimps in labs 10 years before it hit the streets… I believe that LSD type drugs were planned for a while
      and attempts at sexual revolution (libido Dominandi by EM Jones) always failed BEFORE the Pill came on line at ‘just the right’ moment.

      Culture Wars magazine had an article on how they are trying to social engineer the Indian Indians into apartment blocks and more nuclear families similar to the 1960’s pattern in the UK which caused destruction of organic community.
      Its all planned I think.

  14. The World Doctors Alliance is mounting a massive class action lawsuit against the fraudsters responsible for the Corona scamdemic. Will we live to see Nuremberg 2.0..?

    “The German Corona Investigative Committee has taken testimony from a large number of international scientists and experts since July 10, 2020. Their conclusions are the following: The corona crisis must be renamed the “Corona Scandal” It is: The biggest tort case ever. The greatest crime against humanity ever committed. Those responsible must be: Criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Sued for civil damages
    Read more at World Doctors Alliance
    Announcement by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

    • It should be of note that the world doctors alliance (Heiko Schöning from Germany and then many others, I believe from Spain and other Latin countries)
      and Reiner Fuellmich with the extraparliamentary inquiry committee are different organisations, which – to my knowledge – work separately/not together.
      Thus any need for criminal prosecution articulated via the WDA is not the same as the lawsuit(s) around Fuellmich – which in the USA will go via the lawyers around Robert Kennedy.
      Until now this class action lawsuit is neither in action in the USA, nor Canada and in Germany (in a non-class action version) only in preparations.
      A prelude to this, was announced at Ben Swann’s show:
      This lawsuits exists but it is only for defamation and nothing of the broader announcement.

      • The extraparliamentary inquiry committee /Corona Ausschuss has
        launched an own news website around the issue where some articles are published in several languages now, including English of course.
        If someone wants to take a look at it/bookmark it.

      • To be precise, Dr. Fuelmich and the German Corona Investigative Committee are defending Dr. Wodarg’s claims about the PCR test against social media “fact checkers,” placing the burden of proof on the fact chuckers. It is much more than a defamation lawsuit. It is designed to intimidate censors, to serve as a blueprint for many more such lawsuits, and to focus the world’s attention on the truth that Corona diagnosis using the PCR test is a fraud. Dr. Fuellmich sees the PCR test as “the cornerstone of the entire hoax.” As he says, “We are attacking the people behind the staged pandemic by attacking the PCR test.” 

  15. Quite sublimely summed up by James at the end, that we are always led in the direction of self-loathing, always about reducing our numbers and, failing that, understanding and internalizing our “burden” on “the(ir) earth” in order to ensure more resources for the growing families of the Elites.

    That’s what this is REALLY all about, because when the salient point is made that the real outcome we should be going towards is expanding the “garden” of humanity, even if it means shoving some of our “gardeners” in the direction of the Little Shop of Horrors.

    I was poor all my life, never better than paycheck to paycheck, no real way to ensure a safe future. I was walking to work on a raw and rainy morning in San Francisco many years ago and had the realization that if I was spending my time from 7am to 7pm (getting ready for, going to, returning home from work) I should have everything in life to feel safe, secure. Home, food, clothing, entertainment. Some measure of freedom in compensation.

    I recently saw a wonderful post where someone was speaking for an employer, and I paraphrase, but something to the effect of “Yes, I know that your job is essential, I just think it should be done by someone who lives in utter poverty with no security or guaranteed healthcare..” I add to it, but that’s essentially what passes for minimum wage.

    I also think it is a bad idea to dismiss the notion of a living wage, indeed, I think we need to be realistic about what that is. If we freeze inflation and prices in the US where they are now, I can tell you from personal experience I needed at least 150,000.00/year to feel “safe” and somewhat secure. To be able to afford the things needed to furnish my life (I started out with absolutely nothing, I had been virtually homeless and on food stamps) and to deal with changes and health issues and updating things that stop working… that’s the figure that struck me as minimum comfort.

    Everyone should have this. The deniers will say it removes incentive and society stagnates. First, I think that’s false, I think what happens is the dynamic changes and people who dream and work to attain knowledge and skills and create things will be FREER to do so, because the masters will not be hovering over them, figuring out how to convert their income into ever more diversified means of extraction on behalf of the progeny of the progeny of the progeny of the progeny…of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, House of Windsor nazis…

    We need to remember the inherent value in all of us and it can be freed by such means.

    What it will do is the opposite of what they are forcing now. No more money for bankers, no more money for insurance, no more money for government officials to line their pockets. In the end we may find much more diversified means of dealing with different aspects of human life.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Living wage is not the same as basic universal income WAYNED, two totes different animals!

  16. Very good point James. I liked very much your analysis of the different levels. The deeper you get the more they drive our thinking and they are also harder to recognise and to change. But indeed I am with you, at the deepest level, this is a death cult, which finds humanity repugnant, and not worth living. The worst thing is that people which they are targeting buy their propaganda and support their plan. I am sometimes marveled how they manage people to buy their multiple layers propaganda (in the end to wish their own repression/poverty/death) and how good (unfortunately) they are at it.

    Our dear leaders are bad, but too many of us have supported them actively or passively for many years. A vampire has to be invited to enter your home. In my opinion this Covid-1984 is prize of the long time support they have enjoyed for decades. So we have to take our responsibility and recognize that only if we try to address the problem will there be hope for a solution

    I have been since many years “antisystem”. At some point in my life I came to the believe that the “system” is rotten to the core and there is no point of trying to repair from the inside. We have to build a new system either by taking the control over or by inventing a new one that by design can not be corrupted and opting out of the old. I find the latter the better option.

  17. I would just like to leave a link here to a meeting that was held to discuss vaccine acceptance amongst the black community who as you may know through the work of Whitney Webb and others, have been suggested to be in the front ranks of people to be experimented on in the phase 4 trials which are rolling out right now. I’ve often thought about the promotion of BLM and the riots in the early stages of the “pandemic”. To me it almost served two purposes. 1) to get the black community to step up for the vaccine and 2) to distract attention away from the obvious Powers that shouldn’t be and their distain for all life on the planet by focusing on the historical and current horrors that have been perpetrated on people of color. Anyway here’s the link for anybody that’s interested.

  18. What a superb video. This was a tad spooky for me, I had not seen anything about the mice utopia online, but I did recently create a series of graphics on lab rats. It’s in the ether of course (more about that below) so it’s not really weird, just creepy. What has been really disturbing recently is to see that the British show “Utopia” has just been remade by Amazon for the US. I watched the British version when it was first released on the unsuspecting public, and it was absolutely vile, on many levels, but mostly the truly insidious eugenics message, time-bombed into the last episodes. Up to that point you’re led to believe this is a counter-culture drama, ha ha. British programmers are experts at that bait-and-switch game – make the US look like amateurs. But when you consider the unremitting bile being streamed on the likes of Amazon and Netflix, as well as TV, I wanted to stand and applaud Corbett’s point about fighting the way we are being led to hate our own species. It was worse in the 1970s UK, ongoing violence & nihilism, culminating in punk rock. I just remember being so depressed when first Thatcher, then Reagan got elected, and it really seemed like the apocalypse was around the corner. Funnily enough though – I am feeling much more positive about the ultimate outcome of this moment – yes it will be tough for the next few decades, but I’m not nearly as pessimistic overall, and when I consider my dad lived through two world wars it puts it into some perspective. I’ve always told people, learn your history and never take it for granted, but here we are.

    Speaking of the ether, I’ve been getting a real vibe about Babel – anyone else? (rhetorical question, I never check replies) I suggest people watch the movies “Travelling Salesman” and “Pontypool.” Burroughs’ “language is a virus from outer space” could be the theme of next year’s “event” so people might want to prepare, both cognitively and digitally. I suddenly got a vision of large numbers of people just writing covfefe-style jibberish on social media, and what that would do to algorithms, and then I thought about the mRNA vaccine, and well, … I’ll leave that there. Nevertheless, I’m still optimistic – I think that even if we are disconnected, digitally or cognitively, a significant number of people have old-school prepared, thanks to the likes of Corbett, Del Bigtree et al, and so that is why I remain optimistic. There genuinely feels like there are lot more people who really understand what’s going on today, and still more who are on the verge of change. The rest is fortitude.

  19. From perspective of values I agree with the message of podcast. If we, the people, don’t value ourselves we are doomed, by definition.

    Regarding facts I see many problems.
    Are you sure there is enough stuff so that every human being could have life standard like average American or European?
    Planet is finite. Some things are abundant, some not, for example metal cobalt, also some other minerals. Ground water levels are lowering pretty dramatically. I mean, this are some basics, maybe replacement can be found, but maybe not.

    Human ingenuity was really incredible in last two centuries. Looking on this one might be tempted to extrapolate this trend into the future. Maybe, ones upon a time, Malthus (values excluded) looked at trends and made extrapolation… and failed miserably.

    Who can guarantee we will always find solution about our material problems in our finite environment?
    No one.
    This is just a belief and as such unprovable.
    Or put it other way: Are we God?
    I don’t believe we are.

    On the other hand, it’s proven that reason has its limits(Goedel theorems).
    I rather believe humans have limits and we should be modest and wise.

  20. Humans are not the only inhabitants of the earth. Multiple animal species have gone and are going extinct. There is less and less space for all kinds of animals as the human population has expanded and grown over the centuries. Many, many insect species have gone and are going extinct. Other species–mammals, fishes, amphibians, invertebrates, wild canids, all wild feline species, bears, wolverines, etc., etc., are losing population numbers.

    • And I think humans have a duty to protect the environment and our animal and plant neighbors. I think much of this can be remedied if we don’t pollute the earth as much as we are now, like with the plastic that is building up in the oceans. I think this is possible if humans change our attitudes toward nature. I think the human population would probably level off and I know that sometimes populations will rise if under stress. It is an evolutionary strategy.

      I think if we lived in harmony with nature, our birth and death cycles would balance out. I do think other animals have the right to exist and thrive on the earth.

    • Yes, because of the mega corporations and expansion of their money making schemes elaine.w. Also do we believe all the figures being touted by these so called save the animal charities and organisations? Are these not touted to make us beat up on ourselves and not the moneyed rich men and women who are not being called to task for the damage their companies do to ecosystems, the environment and all the things they want us to believe we need to be so so sorry for and then pour our money and efforts into in order to line the pockets of the charity CEOs…I lived in Africa for most of my life, ask me about fraudulent charity shenanigans…and the black market where all the stuff is sold (that is donated in Western countries) for profit and the people who need it don’t even get to see it.

  21. This is so very apt right now James! With regards to the death wish…I overheard a stunning conversation the other day. My employer’s mother is is her 80s and she said to her daughter she would take the new vaccine because it did not matter if she died. In her very words.

    Also the couples and young women not wanting to have babies cos climate change and overpopulation.


    So Greta Thunberg and co are not “Extinction Rebellion”, they want us to be extinct…

  22. 8Gc58,
    Thanks again for logging the recent Bill Gates with his Climate Change & Population stuff.

    I have to smile, because we know how “concerned” he is.

    For example:
    He lives in the 66,000 square foot Medina, Washington home (“Xanadu 2.0”) next to the “lake”.
    The lakefront shore contains sand that’s delivered in large quantities by a barge from St. Lucia each year.

    (By the way, it is difficult for us Plebs to grasp what 66,000 square feet look like in a home. I can only imagine the continuous maintenance and cleaning.)

    • It’s obscene, isn’t it, moneyed to freak people (who live in places that look like palaces) making decisions for and about the average jo and jane and the poor/destitute/tribal people? Yah, their schemes (not the little person working 60 hour weeks to feed, clothe and house their families or the Africans living tribal lives by rivers in small communities with extended families) are killing off the environment, polluting our world, their lies and propaganda propagating division, confusion and reliance on a system blatantly based on inequality.

      Been thinking on the mousetopia some more…sorry if someone has already noted these points…they were nowhere near overcrowded, this point kept being brought up and repeated by people analysing the videos and studies too. No, there was plenty of space, they were understimulated (no creative outlets, no chance of travelling further afield, outside the confines of their prison, no risk taking, no adventure)….much like they are expecting us to be and do during these global lockdowns…not sure if James meant that parallel to be drawn, but I clearly see it. The “beautiful ones” are like the human preeners, peacocks on social media platforms preoccupied with self and image (superficial selfie culture, head in sand or cloud cuckoo land) rather than health and wellbeing and fellow human beings.

      We have choices to follow the rules or not and stay imprisoned or not, we can buy gym equipment and head out to socialise and exercise in the fresh, open air….those mice did not get that choice…and some people do not have the means or wherewithall to choose life…okay going in circles now.

      How very very dare they!

  23. “…g. They’re (suddenly) numerous, and exceedingly blunt and brutal in their prescriptions..”

    Bots bots bots…. and much as it disgusts me that anyone calling themselves a human could do such a thing you must admit that IF you can survive the horror having more room is a devilishly attractive idea…. it plays on our pride to think we can survive the purge….it makes us ‘special’ (in a good way……)
    The devil ALWAYS knows to play on our pride and few conspiricists would admit to being less then wonderful genetic material

  24. After watching the two videos on the experiment. I’m not quite sure what can be taken to perpetuate eugenicist theory. If anything in proves it’s bullshit, no? They don’t need to do anything but keep making money off people and they’ll die off themselves, no?

    I feel like we’ve plataeud. Growing up for the past twenty eight years. I’ve experienced and witnessed aspects of the behaviour found during this experiment. Fuck, just look at the beautiful ones or influencer culture as it’s called.

    Anyway, great presentation as always James. I agree that the desire for the destruction of humanity is incredibly scary. I had the same view point until watching your work to be honest.

    “Our success in being human has so far derived from our honoring deviance more than tradition. Template changing always has gained a slight, though often tenuous, lead over template obeying. Now we must search diligently for those creative deviants from which, alone, will come the conceptualization of an evolutionary designing process. This can assure us an open-ended future toward whose realization we can participate.” – John B. Calhoun



  25. When I watched the video on gut bacteria and mind control it seemed quite plausible to me that there is a connection between this ocd hand washing / hand sanitizer hysteria and the effect it has on our gut bacteria. Since we are no longer or rarely exposed to the diversity of bacteria it will influence our body and, as this research on mice shows, also our mind. (34.34 min.)

    • I hear ya loud and clear.
      It seems like most all the Covid recommendations which the “Authorities” have given the masses are designed to weaken the immune system along with one’s mental health.

      On top of that, any valid health recommendation (from nutrients, exercise, sunshine, Vitamins, to alternative virus handling such as Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, etc.) are censored. Even with Senate Hearing testimony, Democrats walk out in a huff because they don’t want to hear about life-saving alternatives.

      To me, it is blatant EVIL intent, a Eugenics agenda “masked” with “we are here to guide you to better health.”

  26. Bear with me here, it is a bit of a weird thread.

    “Mice Turn Into Killers When Brain Circuit Is Triggered By Laser” -Daily News, Alice Klein

    The further idea behind this is the insertion of a virus into a mouse which then can be paired with a form of photosensitive algae to trigger a response using light. Optogenetics is the term. The virus interacts with the DNA of the mouse.

    Look at this from the NCBI. The technique is spelled out in detail:

    Does anyone worry about the implications here for the use of a mRNA vaccine, triggering a bodily response, much like described for the switching of aggressive behavior in mice?

    Now, at the end of all that, I will tell you where my interest came from on this. Guilty pleasure (Ancient Aliens on History Channel). S10 E10 “Forbidden Zones” … about halfway through at around the 20 minute mark, they start to talk about this concept. You know, aliens manipulating mankind. But I looked into the science behind it … and it scared the hell out of me.

  27. Look at Johnathan Haidt… self harm has been going thru the roof since the invention of the smartphone… The new generation is the gayest generation ever born… the Trans’iest generation ever born…the most anxious and the most mentally ill.

    They have created the mouse utopia… dont live in it

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