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by | Mar 14, 2024 | Videos | 5 comments

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Did you know that there are full, hyperlinked transcripts available for all of my documentary productions? Well, there are! Did you further know that Substack has been automatically transcribing all of my videos since October of last year? Well, they are! And did you further further know that Substack has now added closed captioning for those videos with transcripts? Well, they have! You can see the captions for yourself at Enjoy.


  1. Cool from Substack !
    As dedicated listener of your work James, I listen to your podcasts, and appearance on Ernest Hancock his podcast, with the Fountain podcast app. In that app you can create a clip from the podcast With the tekst as a video to share. Also if someone “buys” the transcript it is available to others too.

    Keep up informing people , I’m a proud sponsor of your work and suggest more people to do so!

    Go podcasting and create and communicate on !

  2. Here’s my thinking it was always ‘the Sunny Climbs’ as in, describing hills and lush landscapes. Silly me! 🙂

  3. 80 months was a small attempt at humor. 🙂

  4. Many thanks CC! Hope this will help w/ JEPalato stuff as i can never understand a word he is saying. Yes, i know i am on the verge of Ancient & may never understand the current cultural references, but c’mon! Nada?

    Had thot to ask he do us a Bernie-esque (BernieMack) aside solid, but seems like too much work. That & the fact that i question his claim that Morrissey is the greatest or whatever, makes me wonder if i really need to know what he is talking about….

    Cheers! All the best fellas!

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