Episode 433 – CBDCs: Beyond the Basics

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Podcasts, Videos | 53 comments

We all know that central bank digital currencies are bad news. But do you know the difference between retail and wholesale CBDCs? And do you know why the American Bankers Association is against the implementation of retail or intermediated CBDCs? Today James takes you beyond the basics and begins introducing you to the split circuit monetary system as we dive deeper down the programmable money rabbit hole.

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  1. A great overview of the many ways CBDCs could be used in the world’s various banking systems. But a question not addressed is how Stable Coins might feature in this.

    For the US Circle’s USDC seems to be the favorite child of the banksters, at least for domestic use – XRP for international transfers.

    Many have speculated that changes in monetary systems may happen at different rates and different ways across the world. Some central banks may start with wholesale CBDCs and retail Stable Coins, only moving on to retail CBDCs when most people have grown accustomed to having all financial dealings with the government – taxes, etc. – done via a digital Stable Coin wallet.

    At present Stable Coins are usually backed by Central Bank current or other assets. Imagine if, over time, the Stable Coin issuers quietly moved from holding these assets to holding a CBDC. Then, when these Stable Coins are nothing more than wrappers for the underlying CBDC asset, the switch will be made and there will be a CBDC directly in your wallet.

  2. Great as always. I would like to mention that it isn’t that bad as it may seem. Look at the recent events in Nigeria, they rejected it. Good thing is that people are getting more into Crypto. I, for one, have been a great supporter of BCH (which I hope that you would please get a donation button for BCH) and just came back from a conference on BCH. This would make a GOOD news story because they are solving the volatility issues for using BCH. Please check them out. It would be a great solution.. We know that CBDC’s are coming.. what can we do? I am going to BCH, done. The more people do, the better. I like to say, put 10% into it of your pay and then spend 10% of that a month.. you will go far!

    • I’ve dabbled in crypto (BTC and XMR), but I think the net is starting to close around these now. I used to get BTC from an ATM with cash (no KYC) but this facility has closed now. The UK gov is pushing for more regulation & tighter controls (so basically more KYC/AML rules) with the obvious aim that they will, now or in future, be able to trace any crypto transactions back to the individuals involved. Secondly, they recently made it a legal requirement to declare any crypto holdings on your tax return (ostensibly so they can tax any capital gains) but obviously this raises the stakes if you’re trying to keep under the radar and just want to find a private way to transact.

      Just something to be aware of.

      • Absolutely good things to worry about. But BCH is basically the original BTC. Bitcoin.com wallet, I buy off of my wallet with my debt card. I am not going to sell for capitol gains (but I buy things with it). Privacy can be gained with the fusion tool. And St Kitts is one of a few countries that are claiming BCH as an accepted currency which seems to me that you can claim against their claim it is a commodity. We all need to be aware, but like James said.. CBDC are coming.. What are you doing to get away? This is something you can do. And I am working with the BCH group to make it easier and better.. they just announced a method for vendors to remove the volatility of the coin.

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  4. I haven’t begun to do any research on this topic yet, no deep dives at least. But I’m sure I will down the road.

    I had a question prepared before Titus made his spiel and after he finished it, my question became even more relevant.

    What will happen to the commercial banks? Will they simply close up shop and say “Well that was fun while it lasted! 🙁 ”

    If we use the PayPal example that you discussed near the end, we might get some sense of what is possible.
    I seldom use PayPal, but when I do, if money is deposited to my account,
    I quickly move it to my commercial bank.

    Maybe this is what will transpire with CBDC’s? Maybe it will be set up in such a way that CBDC’s could be transferred from the Central Bank to a commercial bank?

    If not, I see the commercial banks going the way of the dinosaur, very quickly.
    Or maybe they will stick around strictly to create loans? Something messy that the Central banks likely wouldn’t want to get into.

    That fellow (Fabio Panetta) near the end who mentioned limits for your digital wallet, was fearful that if limits weren’t imposed, people would transfer all of their money into CBDC’s and collapse the commercial banks!

    I think that ultimately, no matter what form a future CBDC will take (if it comes to fruition), we can be fairly certain that John Q. Public won’t have clue about its true nefarious purpose, and when they finally do catch on, it will be too late to do anything about it.
    Kind of reminiscent of the scamdemic.

  5. RE: CBDCs: Beyond the Basics

    For such a dry subject (at least for most people), James Corbett does a top-notch job of walking us through the topic.
    It takes some hand-holding in order to wade through this muck.
    Corbett was spot-on with his approach of airing the John Titus clip, ‘cuz most of us students don’t want to do unpleasant homework.

    “CBDCs: Beyond the Basics” will certainly retain its value in the years that come. I can’t say that about different national currencies.

    I also want to say that I was blown away by Corbett’s November 20th article:
    How BlackRock Conquered the World – Part 2: Going Direct

    That article is packed with some very profound information…information which affects economies around the world.
    Some of the data was pretty deep and I had to don my waders.

    The “The Corbett Report Hall of Shame? – Subscriber Exclusive #111” in that article certainly created some excitement.

    Non sequitur:
    Corbett looked nice in that shirt and tie.

  6. Good info as always!

    Congrats on the win from Japan over Germany in the World Cup soccer 🙂 very nice ?

  7. For websites that dont have a search bar you can still use any search engine to search through them, Just enter the domain, for ex: https://www.corbettreport.com, __________ followed by whatever keyword youre looking for. This works on Google and (pretty sure also on) Duckduckgo -if not, they have their own version. I imagine it does on most browsers.

    If you dont know something this basic, you would do well to search for “Search Tips & Tricks” on whatever engine u’r using. That will show you how to do character string searches (just add quotes) and many other small tricks that make digging up data online easier. There is also the waybackmachine, and tineye to look-up images, which exists as a browser add-on in firefox.

  8. Regarding that final clip on possible US hesitancy to a CBDC, let’s not forget how when it came to write and pass “The Banking Reform Bill” that created the U.S. Federal Reserve, how the banksters had paid mouthpieces in the media write Op Ed pieces in major publications and newspapers around the country arguing how they were against the bill, to trigger the predictable reaction in laypeople that: “If the bankers are against it, it must be a good thing, so Im for it!” Never take these people at their word but better to track cui bono and what the end game might look like. We know the introduction always looks nothing like the final structure they actually have in mind. And it is always introduced gradually and incentivized in every possible way, from convenience to ‘cash back’.

    **I certainly know you know this James, but just as a reminder to others out there who may not know about that tidbit in banking history and the creation of the fed (Watch: The Federal Reserve: 100 Years of Enslavement’ if you havent seen it,, or even if its been a while. There is a lot of data in there. Great work, as usual. tx

    • good point:

      “…trigger the predictable reaction in laypeople that: “If the bankers are against it, it must be a good thing, so Im for it!”…”

      yea, typically effective marketing aimed at the dem/repub-binary thinkers out there.

      All the more effective as those retail bankers and institutions that may be rendered obsolete by CBDCs genuinely aren’t happy about that.

  9. They say you are what you eat but what I want to know is when did James eat a tank? Seriously hes blitzed it this week how am I supposed to keep up. I hear Trudeau is going for a Canadian gun grab and if there were any protests planned all I can say is honk honk. Take a bouncy castle

  10. I was wondering why banks would be in favour of a system that would effectively cut them out of the game (trust game if you will with thanks to truthstream media Melissa and Aaron Dykes for a deep dive on what is money). I find it best to think of the factions/conspirators as mafia-like organizations. They try to gain influence and control through bribery and violence but it is a game, so no guarantees but the lowest common denominator (or at least those not beholden to ethics) usually succeeds. Thanks to Sir James for going beyond the cartoonish, to an actual breakdown of the tensions involved in the financial sectors. With a great debt of gratitude of thanks to Catharine Austin Fitts, her anecdotal response to Fed Reserve Jerome Powell’s squeamishness to BIS Chair Carstens’ excitement over CBDC’s was the gun-toting Americans. In actuality, I feel it’s the thousands of banks that would effectively be cut out of the game by CBDCs. Certainly a hybrid retail/wholesale model seems more realistic. Whereas, UBI dished out via CBDC and commercial banks still allowed the rest (for now, of course the totalitarian, technocratic, transhumanist vision being the “useless classes” drugged and entertained into oblivion usurps the commercial interests) seems like the interim goal.

    • When they cut you off from your ones and zeroes, you will need to have a place to go to beg for forgiveness and to sign your soul away to the devil. What better place to do that than a brick and mortar bank?

  11. As I’ve pondered over this impending change, I have several questions myself that I want to know:

    1) Why in the world do we need digital payments? We already have “digital payments” in the form of ATM cards and credit cards.

    2) Even if we refuse to use them, they control the resources and could always say that cash or whatever we use is “not legal tender” and therefore not recognized. They could very easily strong-arm businesses into switching over just like they strong-armed businesses into requiring masks during Covid and the other measures they were forced to require.

    3) Say you set up a self-sustaining community somewhere with your own farmland, water source, heat, natural home with no mortgage, etc. What’s to stop the authorities from using force to say that what your are doing is illegal and they can remove you like they made collecting rainwater illegal? What’s to stop them from using weather modification or DEW to set fire to your crops or cause drought?

    These are the questions that keep me awake at night. It’s clear that these people will stop at NOTHING to gain world control.

    Not to be a pessimist, but I would be interested in hearing other people’s solutions to these questions.

    Supposedly that Pippin gal that was speaking at the Global Governance summit who’s father was on Nixon’s cabinet when they took the dollar off the gold standard, said that there needs to be new constitutional laws passed to protect people from abuses.

    Of course, we don’t trust these people and that could have totally been said to calm the public down, but does anyone believe her that that will really happen?

    Do you guys see CBDC’s introduced next year in the U.S. parallel to cash and then them gradually phasing it out while offering incentives to use CBDC’s such as if you convert your dollars to CBDC’s, they’ll double your money?

    Look at how they got the whole world to use cell phones: they made them FREE when signed with a 2-year contract and you got a FREE upgrade every 2 years and then BAM! They turned that off and are now charging $1000 for a new phone because everyone has them and are dependent on them.

    Or, do you think they’ll bring in some sort of crisis like a cyber attack or WWIII to force the change over? I understand that Ukraine is introducing the digital dollar and ID in their country. Does anyone know where they are at with that?

    Funny how they have time to do that during a war. They must be very optimistic that they will win. 🙂

    • FruitDoctor

      1) We need digital payments so they can control what you can buy and enslave you….there is no other reason for it. They can cut you off from your bank card or PayPal but real time control of what you buy is not easy with those systems

      2) they do not control all the physical resources…. they control the magic spell, or what the sodomite Yuval Harari called (in “sapients”) the “legend” that you frame your world view around.

      Even THEN they do not “own” all the stuff, there are plenty of rival “castles” that can challenge them.
      (see “populist delusion” by Neema patvini… I will link to a read along/commentary at bottom)

      3) They maintain the illusion of democracy because no society can last when it’s totally dependent of violence….. they NEED you to buy in and believe in the “legend” of how Society works because if people stop buying in it collapses like Late Roman Society.
      Epp 768 to 806 cover the book (but not EVERY episode is about that book) the author is known as Academic Agent on YouTube but has a propensity to log rather boring live streams through his video essays are worth the time


    • “3) Say you set up a self-sustaining community somewhere with your own farmland, water source, heat, natural home with no mortgage, etc. What’s to stop the authorities from using force to say that what your are doing is illegal and they can remove you like they made collecting rainwater illegal?”

      They are already doing this!

      If they do start to implement CBDC’s (god forbid) they will need to go slow with its development and full implementation.

      Think about it. If the one world government system CBDC was only 1/4 set up and they started to implement draconian measures, cutting off peoples’ access to their bank accounts, implementing time limits after which their money would disappear etc. etc. the 3/4 of the world that didn’t have the system in place would rise up and roast the WEF, the FED and their likes at the stake.

  12. My other question is:

    What’s going to happen to all these rich people? Right now, we have Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos saying that they no longer want to be billionaires and that they want to donate all their money away.

    There is NO WAY that they will become just like “one of us”. So how is the tiered status system going to be kept in place for the elite if they set spending limits and there is no capitalism?

    How do they benefit beyond complete control? Having us as slaves to build their new mansions and grow their food?

    Help me to see what their bigger vision is for THEMSELVES beyond just being in total control.

    The other big question I have is: these people have SUCH big egos and are constantly in-fighting. Assuming that they succeed with their plan, what’s to stop them from turning on eachother and having someone actually becoming a total dictator? Right now, they are united in their game plan against us, but at some point, with that out of the way, these people are insatiable and no doubt won’t get along with eachother.

    What then?

    • I think these “people” are nuts, really have a mental disease of some sort. I think that a lot of them are obsessive with lack of a conscience and they are ruthless and empty. They don’t care and are going to try to push things as far as they can until they destroy each other. I also think they are looking for some life extension technology that they are after, which I don’t think will work.

      I’ve been interested in what makes a psychopath tick because it’s so different from normal psychology and do think that many of these elitists are psychopathic. What some have described if you listen to interviews with serial killers and such is that they try to fill emptiness with thrills and depravity and they simply don’t care. They have little genuine happiness or actual depth and complexity of emotions. Just listen to some of them speak and you’ll note the flatness in tone.

      My point is that what their motivations are aren’t logical and aren’t how regular people think.

      I also do think it’s a big assumption that they will succeed. They will certainly make the attempt but what they are proposing to me seems like something cumbersome, unnatural and unsustainable. It seems doomed to fail.

      • “…My point is that what their motivations are aren’t logical and aren’t how regular people think….”

        Of course regular people think like them, or did until they were tamed by the psychopath farmers the same way chickens are tamed to think the farmer is their friend.

        That’s why I like bantams, most of them kinda hate me and if they see any tool in my hand run off and hide incase I am coming to cull someone. Got to respect that even if it makes getting rid of one harder

        • To attempt to kill of ones own species is insane. The entire species, not just a few is what they are doing. Whatever they believe they are, a cut above, superior to, exceptional a “breed” apart is a delusion. It’s a fantasy. The only difference is being granted vast amounts of wealth and power and a tendency towards psychopathy and depravity and the means to inflict harm on others not afforded to regular psychopaths, your run of the mill serial killer or rapist. These elitists are very similar except that the scale and magnitude of their crimes are much greater and their power as well, but much of the thinking is the same.

          To me this is different than raising livestock because we are not livestock. And many farmers are not cruel to their animals.

          • Cu.h.j

            “…To me this is different than raising livestock because we are not livestock….”

            To THEM you are.

            You do not understand OTHERS by shoehorning your own worldview into their actions.

            If you had children you would understand the urge to protect and provide for them whatever the cost to others. They want what’s best for their kids, which they think is YOU going away

            However evil they may be they are quite logical

            • But how do you/we know this is their rationale? Is it true that they think that by killing off billions of people will protect their children?

              Perhaps you may be presuming that they think like you think. And, one must ask does killing and harming another person/people protect ones children and why?

              A person of sound mind should/could analyze this and say “is harming this person/people protecting me and my family and what are the implications of doing so?” A person of sound mind and morality has some degree of empathy and consideration for how their actions impact the other party. Even if we take morality out of the equation, one could ask if the action has the desired effect.

              What I’m saying is that, I suspect that the rationale for their actions is not based on concern for their own offspring, but rather based on psychopathic tendencies especially considering the rapid decrease in fertility in the general population and how that may come back to them eventually.

              What does tend to happen with in breeding is genetic defects and weakening of the in bred population, similar to how pure bred dogs tend to develop certain diseases over time. I suspect that they may run into this problem if they are allowed to continue doing what they are doing.

              Even if we assume that they are attempting to protect their offspring, which is a big assumption IMO, the logical follow should be analyze if it actually has the desired effect and if it might have the exact opposite effect. I am not well versed in genetics and haven’t researched what maximizes the health and strength of a human population and the math, so am basing my presumptions on what I know of genetics other species.

              Additionally, I don’t understand why their actions are logical if they are not based on sound reasoning in fact. Is what they are doing sound and based on fact? Isn’t fact based and evidence based actions logical?

              According to Webster logical means:

              log·​i·​cal ˈlä-ji-kəl
              : of, relating to, involving, or being in accordance with logic
              a logical conclusion
              : skilled in logic
              : formally true or valid : ANALYTIC, DEDUCTIVE
              a logical statement
              : capable of reasoning or of using reason in an orderly cogent fashion
              a logical thinker


              • 1)Me and my kids need resources.
                2)you have some
                3)I kill you and have those resources

                That has worked for along time.

                The fact that you do not like it or that it disgusts you morally does not make it illogical….. it is how primitive tribes have operated since early times and FARMING peasants has been the rule since the first days of cold surplus created by agriculture.

                The psychopath does not have a predisposition to. violence they just do not feel bad about doing it

              • Continued

                The drop in fertility IS A WEAPON.

                Womens “liberation ” is a weapon, birth. Control is a weapon.

                It’s spaying and neutering the farm animal’s so they can be replaced with new stock….. the culture we are living in is a weapon fashioned to create people with no stake in the future.

                Most can’t see that because they are swimmin the culture and are like the fish wondering what this “wet” thing they hear about is

              • “1)Me and my kids need resources.
                2)you have some
                3)I kill you and have those resources”

                What I’m saying is that is this true? What resources do they need? They have an excess.

                Thus, that logic doesn’t apply. A person who thinks that they lack, when their is in fact no lack, is not thinking logically but rather is delusional.

                Can you explain their lack to me, I don’t get it, seriously. They have no lack, in fact they have an excess and a desire for more and more despite the absence of need. Thus, I conclude this desire is not based on logic but rather a perverse psychopathic desire (s).

              • cu.h.j this is a really important question ~ “Is it true that they think that by killing off billions of people will protect their children?”

                We as you say can not presume they think as we do. They appear to have no Care or Love for their own offspring in this Luciferian (among other names) Death Cult ideology they follow.

                Understanding the end result of what this death cult want from mankind is maybe a good way to understand them. Humans are batteries to these people, nothing more.
                They tell us in every way possible what they want and how they view us…their logic is as twisted as their metaverse sign that’s for sure.

              • Cu.h.j

                Do you only own exactly What you need?

                Do you want NOTHING except exactly what you need for your daily life?

                Well…. if so you are perfectly tuned and domesticated to a world where you Own Nothing and are Happy 😉

                The barons and kings and emperors have generally wanted more…but the poor peasants have ALSO generally wanted more stuff too. You do not change human nature just because you have a temporary period of widespread material wealth…. example being that there would be no fat people if we did not like to eat more then is good for us. 🙂

                You need to understand that you DISGUST them… they feel that you being alive makes their lives less happy.
                They feel about you the way I feel of drag queen story hour or the way Antifa feels about a Trumpster.

              • It sounds like you are saying that what the elitists are doing is just human nature at work, looking out for one’s own “clan”, trying to make sure one’s family has enough for the future, etc. Or maybe just the desire for more than one’s own material needs. Like eating more than one should for example. Everyone does it from time to time, some even start to get a bit fat over time.

                It’s an interesting line of thought but I’m not sure it’s the same thing because of the scale and magnitude of greed and the potential destruction to the entire human race.

                I think that there’s a point at which their greed and selfishness has morphed into insanity. I also have a hard time believing that many of these folks really give a crap about their own offspring other than an extension of their own egos.

                As far as someone owning everything they’ll need in their lifetime. No one can know what they might need in the future. But sometimes someone might need something that’s not for sale and that you can’t buy. Material wealth doesn’t really buy happiness. It can definitely make life more comfortable, but there are diminishing returns to accumulation. It’s like a hoarder.

                But assuming the elitists do hate us and are disgusted by us (regular folk with less than a billion dollars), is that rational and why? Is their hate and disgust the same as hating someone who had actually done something harmful?

                I really don’t know what’s on the mind of Bill Gates or one of these other weirdos, but they don’t seem to have the same motivations as regular people to me.

              • Cu.h.j

                Human nature is the same for a cave man or a space man.

                People will be the same as a species until the end of time.

                “….Is their hate and disgust the same as hating someone who had actually done something…”

                If someone murders you because they hate you for something you DID or just murders you because of who you ARE does that make a difference ?? Worse then hate is the disgust, disgust leads to genocide

            • i think “they” view us much like we would view a cockroach infestation. no pity, no remorse, they just want us gone.

  13. There’s an informative and imaginative video about smart money called “Johnny’s Cash and The Smart Money” showing the different situations a couple (or people in general) could face if smart money was put in place.

  14. This has to be one of your I absolutely must share Reports, thank you James for so comprehensively covering this subject. Until recently the whole crypto blockchain malarky was completely unknown to me!
    With the clips you shared and your explanations this is such a comprehensive overview of the subject that’s easy to understand. It really does show the dire situation we’re heading into and the need for communities to come up with solutions that bypass the CBDC incoming system. I really believe the powers that should not be will make life so dependent (for the unprepared) on the state, that most will welcome this as a ‘solution’ they will gratefully receive with open arms without any care of how this will actually play out in their lives.
    Sadly I’ve yet to meet many who can follow a thought through to it’s logical conclusion!
    Learning new skills among other things may prove to be a useful bartering tool in a stop gap system of exchange…one thing’s for sure, education of the reality of this situation is a must. This is a wonderful video I can share with other professionals out there who haven’t a clue where this is going…whether they will Care, that’s quite another matter. Thank you James.

  15. I am very interested to find out more about how money and big business actually work, so I was glad to watch this and read about BlackRock. Would always welcome more of this angle on things.

  16. The following statement that seems dropped like the proverbial hair into the bowl of soup, smack into the middle of the short article says a lot about CBDCs that we all know, but the candor was startling here:

    “…In the year 2021, less than half of Africa’s adult population had their DNA banked…”


    Soo we’ve gone from lamenting, not so long ago, that over half of the children born on the African continent have no birth certificate to stating upfront that their DNA isn’t banked.

    The infamous “prick test”, far from screening for pricks, is actually used by pricks in highly questionable ways that people don’t realize (as discussed in some podcast on this website previously).

    It seems that now that people have assimilated that these tests are normal and even necessary, we can announce perhaps their true calling all along: that of preparing for the upcoming technocracy by inextricably linking a person’s DNA to digital carbon credits known as CBDCs?

    BIS analysis reveals unequal CBDC uptake in Africa
    Jessie A Ellis Nov 25, 2022 01:10


    • oops.

      “Soo we’ve gone from lamenting, not so long ago, that over half of the children born on the African continent have no birth certificate to stating upfront that their DNA isn’t banked.”

      should be

      “…to stating upfront that over half the African population’s DNA isn’t banked.”

      But the essential point of my post stands: being startled at the frank implication of CBDCs being tied to DNA…

      Or maybe it’s just all about inclusion…?

      anyhoo… gotta watch out for those pre-morning coffee posts…

    • Just thought I’d stick this 1994 link here about the prick test blots as a DNA source along with another from the NIST website linking DNA to biometrics:

      Stored Guthrie cards as DNA “banks”


      “Recently there has been much discussion about the possibility of using dried blood spots on Guthrie cards as a source of DNA for research or testing purposes. The collections of Guthrie cards stored by state newborn-screening laboratories can thus be viewed as inchoate “DNA banks.” …
      …We found that although most laboratories retain their cards, if at all, for only a short time, a growing number plan to keep them for an extended period–and, in several cases, indefinitely…”


      There is ongoing interest in utilizing DNA typing methods for biometric purposes. Forensic DNA typing using STR markers has been performed in the criminal justice system since 1998. At NIST the Human Identity Project Team has been working in support of this community with standard reference materials and the evaluation of new technologies in addition to providing training and validation resources. With the assistance of FBI funding, the DNA Biometrics Project Team is currently evaluating techniques commonly used in the forensic community for application to the field of biometrics.”


      Just for fun

  17. Thanks for the video James.

    I would say our first role is to understand Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”.

    For the previous seven(!) years I have worked spreading the bitcoin invention as a payment system. It has been a very bumpy road, but it has been educational, and I believe that I now have solid knowledge about what is well-functioning blockchain technology, and what are mostly over-hyped, inefficient, and non-scalable blockchains.

    The blockchain which adheres to the original vision with a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System is now called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision = Bitcoin SV = BSV.

    It can scale, and it is very cheap to use. See https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZwBL90PrlgHpyRI2bjhYN5T2f_i7pSED/view?usp=share_link.

    Best regards
    Freedom builder
    Steffen Sølling
    Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) from Copenhagen Business School, and former Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (in Windows NT and 2000), and self-taught in Austrian Economics
    Founder of https://bitcoinsteffen.com/ in 2015

  18. Will any make the connection with freedoms removed and so called ‘covid’ measures…such as digital control passes/digital money, even when people in China itself start pushing back in a huge way?

    “Videos from Shanghai widely shared on Chinese social media showed crowds facing dozens of police and calling out chants including: “Serve the people”, “We don’t want health codes” and “We want freedom”.”
    Where I live in England 25 year olds are demanding tighter measures and still insisting masks ‘save lives’…anyone see any hope of a dot connecting going on now this has hit the main stream?


    • NeeWhirlNextWeek

      You can’t expect a 25 year old who has been programmed to believe that when he dies he ceases to exist to have either much in the way of fearless gumption or solid principles to stand on.
      Its pretty easy to rule materialist folks with small carrots and small sticks.

      MassNormie cost/benefit analysis is
      How much do I need to do to get X amount of Carbs/sugar/psychMed/dopamine. East Germany and the Soviet Union would still be a thing if if their systems could have provided more consumer goods and a cushy lifestyle.

      How is lifestyle and moral holding up across the pond? Here in Texas it’s looking comparatively good but food is getting pricey and low income folks are suffering.

      • Ha oh yes, I do believe you’re right, and tbh expected nothing less, but I was kinda testing the waters a wee bit but “MassNormie cost/benefit analysis” = the first thought (if one can call it a thought) of the majority now sadly (maybe it always did but i had no reason to put it to the test before?).
        Subjective morality is very much the norm here as most places, even suggesting there is such a thing as objective realty, and shock horror objective Truth, not to mention even this Reset thing happening…all a stretch too far for most in my little stretch of the countryside here in very rural England. I tend to get more sense out of the horses and sheep hereabouts than the blue haired people, or those with that peculiar to the masses good old fluoride stare.
        Some prices have gone up quite a bit whereas others are the same or cheaper. It’s mostly predictive hype in the media just now as usual before they manipulate the reality, they get us all to expect and accept it first.

      • Do you have a good conscious group of people where you are?
        I’m fast learning there’s a huge difference between lovers of truth, and lovers of freedom…even most rapists and murderers want the freedom to continue doin what they’re doin, but doesn’t mean they want Truth!
        It’s a filtering here…we’ve less people here who want to unite in freedom and welcome truth, than I can count on one hand.
        However, It’s an exciting time to be alive to be sure.

        • New WhirlNext Week

          I have some friends but TBH most people, even Church people, are old or lazy or scared to TRULYlook into history and politics….. It’s just that in Texas folks kinda like to strut about with guns which gives them a feeling of freedom (often unwarranted!) And feeling sometimes manifests into reality. 🙂 lol, very new age guru of me but the oppression class is only gonna push as far as they can EASILY push

          Your best bet to find decent people is almost always gonna be a church IMO but their almost all Pozzed over there as I recall, with women priests and open gays and other Unbibllical stuff. You can’t trust an organization that won’t at least pretend to stick to its book, 🙂

          Don’t worry about how many people you have, if their too stupid to want to live that’s on them.

          I have just gotten the bunnies set up here, so with luck fresh meat prices won’t bother me at all soon, do you have such options there in the country side? I had a mate who would allegedly illegally hunt dear in the forest of Dean,but thatvwas a long time back. Do you do slingshot hunting? I saw a UK guy on YT doing that and was jealous…but I can’t hit hit anything reliably enough to hunt.

          • It’s good you have some likeminded people there, Texas is a VERY different place to my little world here in England. I have family in Texas in fact, but they work for the cult establishments and have continually pushed the cult narrative despite previously being a little anarchist in spirit….the program has changed and they’re running in a different groove now, to be expected.

            Perception certainly can create reality, and people realising the need to keep their freedoms is a good start, that’s good to hear. 🙂

            Churches here all had signs up sayig masked only, and “go get ya jab…be obedient to those authorities as it says in the Bible now lest you be blood guilty” was being chimed by ALL the churches here, from CofE, Catholic, Methodist to Jehovah Witness, not one of them can se the significance of what is unfolding, and they are all too happy to do the UN/WHO’s bidding, even those like JW’s who previously spoke out against them as “the Devils organisation” ahhhh you couldn’t make it up…..they even become hostile if you suggest there’s an evil agenda going on in the world, it’s all in the programming!

            Also I noticed some time ago that the congregations had been following a very different program, here in England the initiative is called ‘Common Purpose’ and has been put into all cult owned religious institutions (which is really all of them, we don’t have little independent churches pop up like you guys out there) along with all state funded schools, and you can see it expressed in various immoral ways, mainly in the dumbing down of society.

            Being a veggie, I don’t have to worry about catching meat lol, but am certainly gonna be stocking up on coconut fat in place of copious amounts of lard, which are essential for healthy heart and brain function. (keep in mind friend rabbits provide hardly any fat which you need) 🙂
            Lots hunt where I live, I have lost many a friendly deer herd to poachers, and they do get hunted out by the farmers who also plough their own veg back into the fields…madness! keep an eye on that where you are.

  19. Compliments for the explicit explainer on what you mean by “searching the site”.

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