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Are you a paying member of The Corbett Report community? Then you can log in to the site and watch the video below walking you through the subscriber functions of the new site.

Are you a paying member of The Corbett Report community who doesn’t know how to log in to the site? Then just contact me. I’ll be happy to help you get logged in.

Are you not a paying member of The Corbett Report community? Then you can continue on with your day, doing whatever non-independent-media-supporting things you do with your time.

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  1. All these comedians around here. It’s no wonder it’s so popular and easy to use. I m treated better at the post office when I’m 2 cents short.

    • I regularly get a better treatment at the post office. Why, just the other day, when I was doing them a favor and picking up a parcel they were supposed to deliver at my door step, they had me do a run around so that I had to come by a second time.

    • Thank you, James. How I would LOVE everyone to offer not only human but personal services to fix any problem!! Only possible here! Wish you all the best with your new page, looks great!

      • When the news cycle is laying low; out come the comedians.
        HomeRemedySupply on 01/10/2024 at 7:01 pm
        I’ll have a bourbon on the rocks to ride that one out.
        what a mess
        You two crack me up.

        jo-ann on 01/10/2024 at 7:11 am
        P.S. HRS, I sometimes seriously wonder about a bot infection.

        HomeRemedySupply on 01/10/2024 at 7:01 pm
        I’m laughing hard!

        generalbottlewasher on 02/10/2024 at 12:49 pm
        I mus say, what? I assume you are from somewhere else. Not the mid-west. You are wonderfully intelligent but you seem unaware of local history and custom. That you surprise me.What? Yes ” bot” a regional slang for bottle.. That esplains Texas.
        Some time after the Alamo to alleviate diseases and infections President Houston decreed,cause he was great friends with a bunch of Tennessee Volunteers to fill the rivers and streams with whiskey. Ol’ om ,eh Tex here is a diving duck. Don’t have a bot. Can’t swim but still jumps in,goes to the bottom and drinks his self up most ever’day.
        I see by your p.s. jingle you certainly do understand Texican crack quack like a native. God must love Texas cause even the rain tastes like Tennessee mash some days. I can’t imagine the chaos a bot infection would have on those who own bottles. You got me there,maybe, I’lI check the great book of Texican translations to see if I cipher you correctly. Glad you crack up sometimes.

  2. Hi James,

    You seem like an ethical person. I like your content and your approach to this kind of business. That’s why I pay for material that I could get for free.

    Decent people deserve to be rewarded for their decency. My $50 isn’t going to break me or make you rich but if it helps to grease the wheels a little, that’s cool.

  3. I want my subscribers-only videos featuring James in a Hawaiian shirt.

  4. I very much appreciate your “walk through” video.

  5. Apart from all the information you give us, thank you for your humor!

  6. I remember watching many Corbett Reports on youtube before the plandemic and lost his feed on youtube shortly after him reporting on what was going on in Japan during covid. I was reminded of the Corbett report via Jimmy Dore’s Youtube video “We’ve Been Lied To All Along”, where Jimmy showed a video about 911 done by Corbett. Glad to have found him once again and in honor of him being shadow banned and/or blacklisted from youtube, decided I should financially support “True Journalism!”

  7. Very appreciated, even though it all seems self explanatory to me.

  8. Beautiful new site. There are a lot of angry people today and sorry to hear you were the target for the auto-renew. From what you said, a person can tell you are a person of extreme integrity. It’s a pleasure to support you in your work. God bless and keep up the good work.

  9. James, great job on the new site! I have to admit though, I kinda miss the ‘Howdy’ that came up when I logged in on the old site…haha..but a change was needed I suppose and it looks really neat!

  10. very happy with the new site, specially the ‘start here’ page which is awesome. there is SO much material to go through… and even then I watch and re-watch most documentaries several times; and I go back to them and the show notes later on for specific parts. Like the WW1-conspiracy, or the best one of all; ‘Hopium’

    • Same for me Cody. When I run out of new Corbett videos to watch, I have tons of his older videos on my phone and I rewatch my favorites. How and why big oil conquered the world, century of enslavement, WWI conspiracy and others.
      I definitely know James does not create them for entertainment/edutainment but they are so good and so packed with valuable information, I don’t get bored rewatching them. It gives me something to listen to during my 14 hour work days.

  11. I miss the Howdy too ! Guess I must be the Dooty today though since even though I’m logged in I still cant see video !
    Last time I got caught absconding I got a personal call from one of the James Gang ! Apparently auto pay processor had cancelled TCR a couple years earlier ! Back when I had a thriving business I did courtesy calls , usually just after paying bills , I never ask for money first I always ask if my work was up to par and if they had actually received my bill ? , 35 years and less than 5 write offs !
    I know I’m probably preaching to the Choir here but The Corbett Report is the best value in the information market and it’s great to read and interact with you all in this space !
    Yea the check is in the mail !

  12. Hi James, hi fellow Corbetteers and subscribers. Thank you for the site subscriber video. I just joined and consider it an honor to be a member.

    • WELCOME !! Big Earl !!

      I love your handle! All of us are glad that you are here on these comment boards. I sure learn a lot from my fellow members on these threads. …and it is fun.

      I know about those long work days, Big Earl.
      Comment when ya can.

      • Lol thank you HRS! I love this community. Even though I just recently signed up or, well, re-signed up, I have been a follower of James Corbett for many years. I finally decided it was time to become an actual paid subscriber. James works so hard and pours out amazing amounts of great, eye opening content that it’s just not fair for me to sit on the sidelines and not support his work.
        By the way, thank you for the comment about my handle. Lol, there’s actually a story behind it that I will share with you guys when time allows. I am a truck driver so I have to fit in time for comments when I’m not rolling.

  13. I despise the subscription module. I do everything possible to keep my monthly expenses down, but I don’t mind forking over cash for a years access, which is what I must have done here. Thank you for that option.

  14. Hi James, just a comment regarding inactive subscribers – I haven’t payed until now, since patreon dropped you, I’m sorry to say. When trying to log in, as I made my payment, it didn’t say that my account was inactive, but that the user does not exist. However after paying, I was able to use to change password feature, and lo and behold, that worked. Posting this in case it is useful to you.

  15. Will you be adding comments for supporters to the official Corbett Report FTelegram channel?

    • He wouls first need to add the official telegram channel.

  16. I want to be happy about the change… but I’m deeply saddened by the disappearance of New World Next Week from the site. It was one of the only productions I religiously watched/listened to every week. Am I missing something or did James and James actually have a separation? 🙁

    • There’s no separate category (apparently) but NWNW is still under Videos and Interviews.

      • Unfortunately, the most recent video is from 2022… nothing current. My hope is that NWNW will pop back into the video rotation once the new site dust settles. Just blows me away that I’m the only one commenting on this. NWNW has motivated me to make donations in support of both of their work. I know there has to be others… May New World Next Week Live On!

        • Papa,
          I, like you, always look forward to NWNW.

          Like mkey mentioned, the list under Videos is pretty good for spotting a NWNW topic.

          “nwnw” in the Search bar gives an image with date reference.

          • Thanks HRS & mkey… the disruption in the force has been resolved and the Jedi Masters James NWNW work has all been added to the site. When I first posted, the most current videos I could find were from 2015, then 2022, and today the 20240223 vid is posting in search results. Thank the heavens. OK, now that the “crisis” is over, congrats on the new site Mr. Corbett!

  17. I find you on face book every once in a while; you seem to always sport a funny accent . Are you doing that on purpose? Where you originally from the Urals or Caucuses?
    I’ve never been able to find a more accurate assessment of the world news from any other of my Face Book friends. You rock.

  18. My Testimony to James’ “Just Ask” and he will resolve any issue one is having:
    every time I have had a question or problem, I send James an email, asking for help, and my question is answered and my problem resolved pronto.
    So, yes, “Just Ask” James.

  19. Honestly i liked the old website too, but im only a 100yen supporter so i dont have much to say, but since i subscribed about 10 years ago not much changed, money is still tight or i would have changed my subscription. Thanks for everything on this way, NWNW is what keeps me sane, and all the amazing videos and interviews, its exactly what my mind needs to stay on this path in this clown world.

  20. The new payment system on the signup page, and the whole subscription/’donation’ tracking interface is terrific. Suck it, SubscribeStar, Patreon, and other platforms. Kudos to the team, and I hope it helps many more people [re-]subscribe, and catch up on missed in the past! <3

    Can you share the name of the service/plugin you are using for [WordPress] subscription management? It could be valuable for other small projects, orgs, etc. I have been working on integrating Chargebee ( into my own software, to make it easy to switch payment processors in case Stripe cancels us.

    • This info and other pieces of technology info might make a good #SolutionsWatch.

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