February Open Thread

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Can you believe it’s February already? Neither can I. Nonetheless, the calendar seems to indicate we’re already nearly halfway through it, so I suppose it’s time for a February Open Thread.

What’s on your mind this month? What would you like to share with The Corbett Report community? What questions do you need answered? What news do you have to share? As always, Corbett Report members are invited to log in and leave their thoughts, news tips, questions, comments and musings in the comment section below.

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  1. First comment by accident.

    • Are there any real numbers on vaccine injuries /death? And is anyone trying to hold those responsible.

      • Considering the turbo cancers that are exponentially increasing it would be tough to really get a solid number that includes all the delayed reaction slow motion murders which the injections initiated.

        If I was to guess I would say 20-25 million dead due to mRNA injections globally so far. And, what ever the actual number is, it will continue to go up precipitously (and sneakily as the injections are manifesting a range of different illnesses that become eventually fatal).


      • I did a two year research on the “pandemic” and have it in pdf downloadable form. In it there are answers to most all the questions of the time.

        How the spin was done to believe the common yearly influenza was re-identified as a non existent “Covid 19;” how it was named two years before the “pandemic;” who was behind it; how “Covid 19” masks were being sold long before any whisper of the issue; how The Virus Has Never Been Isolated According to Koch’s or River’s Postulates https://tinyurl.com/3xt2yc98; and estimates then of the mortality from the injections, etc.

        LINE IN THE SAND (essay)

        • Kirsh is an annoying know it all. Rancourt is a scientist and has done excellent work on this. Mark Skidmore is also a meticulous researcher. From completely different methods, they come to same number. Rancourt is quick to point out that that doesn’t mean they are correct. Unlike Kirsh who thinks he knows everything, and actually is an ignoramus about biology. I guess if you’re a multi millionaire, you’re a genius in all fields of endeavour, just ask stinkin’ Bill Gates. Ugh.

          • I dont know much about the details of those chasing this question. But it sounds like you do. If you have links to better research as to jab-caused death or whatever it is that people took, and how the slow bullet does its dirty, then share by all means.

            • Look up interviews and papers by Denis Rancourt, Mark Skidmore and Ed Dowd. They use real data, have different methods. As to the method of action of the poison itself, without big bucks and honest labs doing real science, it’s difficult to impossible to say. That’s not an accident, obviously. However, we know from years of previous research that the lipid particles themselves are toxic.

          • Kirsch did a lot good to spread the word, but he’s also done an incredible amount of damage at the same time. People being people, I guess. He doesn’t strike me as a gatekeeper.

              • Well, one really terrible idea was funding research into finding big pharma drugs to combat a nonexistant viral disease. As far a i can tell, they came up with an antidepressant, no less!!! How about vitamins and herbs and a good night’s sleep?

              • I think Kirsh has done a lot of good drawing attention to the harms of the jab and reaching a more mainstream audience.

                He’s done a lot more than some have to speak out. He’s also capable of speaking out more because he’s wealthy. He doesn’t have to worry about being fired and not being able to feed his family.

                He’s given a platform for a lot of health care workers to speak out and voice their concerns.

                Overall I think he’s tried to do a lot of good, especially for people who were injured by the jabs. There are many many people who are severely injured or dead because of it.

                He’s probably “old school” in his views on viruses but IMO (I know others feel differently) that is not the crux of the matter.

                As an anecdotal aside, I took Ivermectin (and the other vitamins in the Covid protocol) when I got sick a few years ago and it did seem to help me get better more quickly (3 days). I did research on the drug and though some have to be careful with genetic proneness to a condition similar to how some dogs can’t process Ivermectin (Collie’s and other breeds have this), I noticed no harm from it.

                I don’t like to be sick and I don’t care if it’s a detox or whatever. I want it to go away and if there’s something that has a good track record for safety, I’ll try it. Just because it’s a pharma drug does not make it bad IMO. There are a few drugs that can actually help IMO.

  2. “Swiss police said a 32-year-old Iranian asylum seeker armed with an axe and a knife held 15 hostages on a train between Baulmes and Yverdon-les-Bains in western Switzerland for almost four hours, until police stormed the train and killed the man late on Thursday evening…”

    Posted on February 9th 2024

    Possibly feeding into the recycled “islamist-terrorist” psy-op..hard to believe that one guy with a axe and a knife could keep 15 people (including the train driver who is sitting behind a locked door at the front..)


    • I think that your suspicions are warranted. Terrorism of one sort or another has been the go-to psyop of governments for a long time, well before 9/11. This fellow goes into this, and many other topics in depth: http://mileswmathis.com/hussain.pdf

  3. A curious thing happened on the way to the form . An accidental tourist occured,their first visit to a new place , Welcome. Welcome soeasy, welcome silentcricket.
    I had been thinking and the thought was of a question about what is a citizen?
    Well to me it is someone who is not invisible. Known to the surrounding community. I had a business in a small town on the shoulder of a large town, small city.. It was a thriving community. Possibly made up of every conceivable economic stada and background a slice of Americana that could be. Oil, glass, steel, mom and pop shops of an infinite variety. Every person had a name. From the Banker,Bakers, Tradesmen to services of all kinds, shops, kids, retirees, and even rail bums. They all were visible. They all had names. Even the bums that sleep out back in the alley. Lump, Red, Vic ,they drank, fought, murdered each other on rare occasions. The court house was 3 blocks down the street.. But you never worried or felt fearful cause they had names
    Wow has things changed. Do you know your neighbors name? Do you know my name. Do you care. Pay it forward by asking everyone what there name is.
    Last week I was in Las Vegas,I know as many street peoples name as I knew dealers name,the Lift driver, bartender,maid, tourist and waitress.
    A name is more important than a tip to most I met. Pass it forward. Ask,introduce your self.

    • generalbottlewasher – A name

      GBW, Your comment writeup about “knowing names” is profound!

      I’ll be at the old Sands’ crap table. Nick helps me with my place bets on the 6 and 8, 5 and 10. When the dice are hot, my stacks multiply as his hands move my chips. Nick’s quick mind is worth a tip even when I lose the entire series on a craps.

    • One’s geographical situation can add to the lack of social intercourse. Here in the mountains folks are spread out so far from each other that the only basic opportunity for social intercourse is shopping, picking up kids at the bus stops, and church activities.

      A simple getting waved at from vehicles is a warm effort appreciated. Up here folks share their skill sets so someone coming by to weld, help plow a field, etc. is another way we stay in touch.

      I MISS THE OLD DAYS (song)

    • one doesnt meet the dragon face to face until one can call its proper name,,,

      A true name is a name of a thing or being that expresses, or is somehow identical to, its true nature. The notion that language, or some specific sacred language, refers to things by their true names has been central to philosophical study as well as various traditions of magic, religious invocation and mysticism (mantras) since antiquity

      • This weekend I marched for “cease fire” in gaza. I was helping carry an unrolled scroll (about 30m/100ft) printed were the names and ages (usually the names included 1st, last, & 2 middle names. they were 5000 (@ 1/3) of the names of known/registered murders since oct 7th. they were all children. It was one of the most powerful pieces of writing I’ve read. just names, all of children; I walked and read. and read. there was no time to switch subjects or get lost amoungst a stew of metaphores. no limited hangout for the monkey brain, just name & age after name & age. By the time the march arrived at the speaker stage I was saturated with an image of unspeakable brutality which I dont know how to name other than “sacrifice as an offering to ???” forget thomas paine. the mighty pen need only put your name down. same goes for all who attempt to call out the bad guys. When we use “nation” names to do that, rather than the actual first dominoe pushers names, then we simply empower the very obstacle were trying to name.

        • Gaza

          vadoum, Thanks so much for taking action on such an important issue. Gaza is so tragic.

          In this era, it can be difficult to gain visibility to the public eye.
          It is not like the mainstream media is a friend of humanity.

          Shortly after the Oct 7 Hamas event, the Dallas City Council unaminously passed a resolution in support of Israel.
          No mention of the Palestinian plight.

          City Council meetings are televised. It can be a public pulpit.
          Huge crowds supporting the Palestinians have been coming. Many folks have relatives over there. Some of the stories are real tear-jerkers…so sad…except for the heartless politicians who sit on the Council horseshoe and are deaf to the issue.

          One example of many meetings…
          Click OPEN MICROPHONE (Part 2 of 2)

          • hrs
            “City Council unaminously passed a resolution in support of Israel.
            No mention of the Palestinian plight.”

            watched that thanks, theyre zombies.

            the numbers one hears (children murdered) can vary, “11,500”, “12000”, “15000” are “confirmed and named, yet many more are still in pieces amoungst the rubble”; meanwhile the domination picture, the horrible act of cold blooded murder becomes a sound byte for the gentry who fund it. No one, especially some dmb cnt like m.a. , can justify murdering one, let alone a population of children! she cant but she did????

            thats the upside downer.

            I think these mediocre types have taken to the power seats using the smoke and mirrors of relativism. programmed people dont seem to be able to think past that circular logic. for those who can see past it the solution is to delete them.

            Even in the “progressive bubble” where I’m living, the racism rears its ugly head. poster culture (freedom to speak) is well established here, yet anti-war posters are removed nightly, this is new. sometimes its council, and Im told sometimes “israelis” (sorry I dont have their names).

            In the same way that certain people’s attachment to the “authority’s narrative” (esp the past few years) was a great showing of the spineless. These people cant see past their own needs. Theyre not pro-anyone but themselves. Their “go along to get along” mind locks them in a self policed kill box full of underdeveloped insecure useless eaters. their impulse to dominate is like any sandbox3yr old bully, and at the moment they’re kicking ass.

            the latest we were given: some one+ million refugees have been herded into Rafah, on the egyptian border (which is closed?). they are being told to leave because its the last (nearly) place the zionist army hasnt flattened. 120 journalists murdered.. no where to go. its a kill box.

            wobble on shipmates

            heres a good naming of upside down:


    • @GBW

      I agree with HRS, very profound and insightful stuff man. Thanks for that.

      “you never worried or felt fearful cause they had names… Do you know your neighbors name? Do you know my name. Do you care. Pay it forward by asking everyone what there name is.”

      Powerful stuff my friend.

      Now contemplate that question while extending the definition of “neighbor” to include non-human beings and you would be describing the question I am asking myself as I write my next book.

      In a world where people no longer know the names of the plants and trees that also call the place home where they live and yet they know the names of a thousand corporations, they feel at home in a shopping mall and surrounded by scary strangers when they are in a forest.

      Getting to know the names of the non-human beings in the place we call home roots us into reverence and respect, confidence and empowerment. Getting to know our neighbors (human and non-human) allows us to become a good “citizen” of the communities we are a part of (human and non-human communities).

      You comment also made me think of this excerpt from a book I read recently : https://archive.org/details/img-1886_20231222/IMG_1899.JPG

      Thanks for sharing your thought provoking ponderings, kind ideas and observations GBW.

    • It’s weird to go from living in a large city to a very small town where everyone knows their neighbors. I’ve made that transition recently and it’s a bit strange. It makes people a lot more accountable though and more careful to be respectful and a good neighbor. I’m a shy person so am probably not being as friendly and outgoing as I should be but that’s just how I’ve always been. Maybe I’ll get more comfortable as time goes on.

      • Gavin, HRS,
        It totally confounds me that something this base in human nature could be profound. I learned or became aware early in life when forced into socialization in public school, kindergarten.
        Those of interest to me , had names I put in memory, those with nothing of interest had no name and were invisible. Later on the arrogance of that mode of thinking became obvious. How far out that extended was the community boundary of love. Beyond that the law of diminishing return made world boundaries of little use. An abstraction and ripe for propaganda and basis for the big lie. World war, can it be good for inside the community boundary. Never has. Which Leeds to the thoughts of Derrick Jensen. Or the capitalism of Dale Carnegie. Have we lost our innocence or wisdom of babes.
        Profound? Well if you say so, you all are still in the boundary lines but may be overselling it a bit. Thanks anyway . Love you too.

        • @GBW

          Often the most powerful and profound truths are simple. Adult humans like to overcomplicate things, many hear the truth and then we tell ourselves “it can’t be that simple!”.

          Yes it can be, and it often is.

          Also, it seems like the self-perpetuating momentum of modern civilization (and the comforts it bribes us with to keep us complacent in its materialism and 24/7 icecream access) keeps us moving so fast that the simple truths and beauty zoom by like a blur, beyond the purview of our 9-5 godda pay the taxes and keep up on the bills existence, no longer grasped and fully experienced (as they were when we were newly arrived on this Earth).

          Thanks for inviting us to slow down and take a full assessment of the landscape.

          Love you too brother.

  4. What is “on my mind”, is what seems to be coalescing in America is quite concerning, it seems the beginning of our end.

    The 2024 “election” is becoming the circus we all anticipated it would be, but there is so much coming into focus that seems to be part of this theatrical presentation: The hyped 24 hour insanity which is the “news” pushing endless examples of poor governance of the West, as compared to the “righteous and disciplined” leadership of the communists CCCP/China (the “alt-right” is educated to respect Putin and his stance on all manners of contrivances such as trans and gay rights. Left out of the discussion is his stance on bodily autonomy and personal freedoms…Yet the West is given nonstop propaganda about how “we” are decedent, racist, and every other sin the ZioComs can transfer from them, to us. They act as if we are in control of anything, the very idea there is such a thing as democracy when our so called choice is between a feeble minded criminal and a fat megalomaniacs criminal, and who funds both sides, who gives us these so called candidates, the same mafia that created the BRICS to take out the West, they ARE setting us up for a mighty fall.

    But it is Trump that is seemingly the most pivotal player in their diabolical machination, Trump is for sure a “life-time actor”, a man who has been groomed for decades to be exactly where they want him now. There have been many such men, Kissinger, being perhaps one of the best examples. A man who was lifted from relative obscurity to be a giant on the world stage. Most people who “love” Trump, know nothing about him, his actions before or in office, they are in love with the idea of Trump. Not surprisingly, it is the masters of blind faith, the so called “Christians” who are leading the charge for Trump. And for those who hate Trump, they hate him for all the wrong reasons, for his human failings, not for his actual highly questionable business dealings or legislative actions, like giving tax dollars to Blackrock, militarizing vaccines with “Warp-speed”, bombing Syria right after campaigning on stopping the wars in the Middle East. But the Trump mythos is filled with contradictions and outright deception. Trump is on trial for nonsense, while his real crimes, Pedo Island activities being most noteworthy, as well as his “business dealings” with Chinese and Russian communists, go uninvestigated. Trump is the most staunch Zionist the White House has ever known, yet he is the leader of the “American firsters”. Trump is running to “make America great again”, understanding America’s greatness is about uniting us, yet he is the most divisive person ever, not simply on his own accord, but that is his purpose, that IS why the ZioComs crated him.

    • Had to break up my comment

      What we are seeing in America is the Weimar Republic 2.0, everything seems to be falling apart, literally or just on TV. The powers that should never be are showing us their evils, showing us their control and showing us the consequences of that control. Israel is front and center of this big reveal. All the evils of the Zionist state are being flaunted in front of us, as “our leaders” can’t stop praising Israel and sending it, as well as the Zionist project Ukraine, more and more money we don’t have.

      It seems the one thing the Zionist do provide the West, with their iron clad control over our politics, is endless war, migration and debt. It does not take a rocket scientist to see where such obvious excesses will end and are leading.

      None of this is just is happening, but part of a complex plan to move the world to the BRICS nations, while simultaneously destroying and I DO MEAN DESTROYING the Western “Roman Catholic” world. BRICS nations won’t have pesky Constitutions to get in the way of the soon to come Chinese style communism: The melding of corporations with government, with total surveillance and no freedoms. But this too is not the end, but just another step on the plan for total Zionist control over the world, and the steady progression to the end of humanity.

      The Weimar Republic subversive nature was created to incite the German people to demand a correction to the evils they saw being pushed onto their society, they were being driven crazy, all to create the desire for bringing sanity and normality back. Interestingly, and rather revealing was how trans was being pushed then too.

      The West we see Weimar as the Biden Administration, flaunting open borders, forced vaccination, you name it, all Biden’s crimes of he and his family are endlessly paraded on TV. That is NOT by mistake, they installed Biden for EXACTLY this purpose.

      The next big part of the plan in destroying America does seem to revolve around Trump and the 2024 election. Either Trump will be installed and the powers that be will perform some well placed false flags to ignite and imaginary “civil war”, just like the created the lie that was covid, they will create the evils of “white nationalism”. Trump will crack down with a possible simultaneous financial crash and its game over.

      They may alternatively build up the IDEA that Trump will win in a land slide, only to give it to Biden again, and thus the impetus for a so called “civil war”, with a few well placed false flags to initiate the imaginary war that will be used to justify the suspension of the US Constitution….then a financial crash and bankruptcy, the confiscation of gold, who knows what…

      This is all just speculation, who knows how any of this will play out, but I do know we have blindly handed over all control to those who hate us, media, entertainment, religion, education, governance…Nothing good will come from such willful ignorance.

      • On a side note, I always feel I am onto something when the trolls come out and try to distract the conversation away from what I wrote.

        I enjoy commenting and sharing my perspective, as well as reading other’s perspectives, but when someone responds, not to a PARTICULAR POINT, but in generalities, then I know I am onto something.

        We live in a world that is far more controlled than we can possibly imagine, education, movies, “news”, politicians, and now social media and the comment sections of personal sites, all have become venues for the powers that should not be to limit discussion, distract, and misdirect. Calling someone a “conspiracy theorist” may not work on Corbett’s web sites, so they discover new ways of undermining open discussion.

        • “I enjoy commenting and sharing my perspective, as well as reading other’s perspectives, but when someone responds, not to a PARTICULAR POINT, but in generalities, then I know I am onto something.”
          I never thought of that. That is helpful. I will bear that in mind.
          I, also believe that it is highly likely to keep Biden as the Democratic nominee whilst highlighting his obvious unfitness for the job, and then AGAIN fraudulently make him win. It would create a civil war.

    • A simple reply. There is far more to reality then what is found, sold, and pushed on the internet. The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY.

      For most under 50 years old the majority of their perceived “reality” has been harvested from the propaganda arms of the controllers…the entertainment industry, legacy media including radio, TV and now the web…what is funny, important, needed, etc.

      Being the hippest con in the jail of nonsense, able to quote all the lies and misleading “information” still leaves one in “jail.” We have been engineered into a perception prison of belief and held in place by shackles of fear.

      For clarity of thought and behavior it is very necessary to not engage in their dance of horror…

      GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

      • I often remember when the covid scam started, I was watching The Corbett Report then as well,
        James had on a gentleman from NYC who was thinking “this was it”, Marshall law and a military style government was in the offing. As a resident of DC at the time, I was watching the Black Hawk helicopters everywhere, seeing government officials racing back and forth form DC to NYC, Marshall Law was certainly a plausible development, but not probable.

        At the same time we saw the whispers of possible Marshall law, we also were subjected by the MSM to endless scenes from China, people laying dead in the street, hospitals in America over flowing, NYC running out of places to burry people….as well as the endless fear mongering regarding the lethality of covid and how easily it spread. The nonsense being pushed by the media, officials and the internet was like nothing we have ever witnessed, so pervasive it was in breadth and scope. Not to mention the censorship of dissenting viewpoints.

        But while covid the disease was being hyped, the consequences of the reaction to covid was being downplayed but IT was quite real. The mass destruction of small and medium sized businesses, the war on personal freedoms and bodily autonomy, the transference of trillions of public moneys to private hands…we have seen it all before, but never to this extreme.

        So, please do not think yourself privy to some knowledge to know what it worth taking seriously and what is not. There is something coming, whether it comes in a drip drip drip, or all at once, the powers that be have their own way of doing things, but they have a plan and nothing is by accident. Covid was a scam, but it was a means to an end, part of a plan. To be sure, the plan seems to be speeding up as we get closer to their main objective, likely the take down of America, and a pivot to the BRICS nations, but not necessarily, but likely.

        • >>So, please do not think yourself privy to some knowledge to know what it worth taking seriously and what is not.>>

          Your cognitive bias is unwilling to accept that someone may indeed have a larger understanding then you so you strike out. Your need to repeat all the FEAR stuff first and then get snarky with me shows you really didn’t understand a thing I said.

          If you showed any respect for another obvious smart activist you would check out the lyrics in my songs and understand they reflect a very long time understanding of human politics and control.
          I was singing about the dangers of public cameras in 1978.

          Like many of the folks here and at other blogs, if a commenter does have the proper pop culture credentials (lots of money, a recognized book or song, or blog, etc.) then their own ego kicks in and they strike out in the “Who do you think YOU are” mode.

          Come out of Plato’s cave and see the light friend.

          WELCOME TO CLOWN WORLD (song)

          • My “cognitive bias”, get over yourself, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

            I write all that, and all your brain can focus on is the part that refers to you, wow.

            Anonymity drives creatures like you, not sure if you are a hasbara sock puppet, but if not, you are missing a great carrier path, you have all the narcissistic sociopathic characteristics.

            I’ll be sure to note your moniker, I don’t like feeding into such insanity. LOL, just gross.

            Comment if you need to, your type always does, happily I don’t. Good bye.

            • It’s pretty simple.

              Bad guys are taking over humanity through control of education, communication, finance, media, fixed elections, sold out government positions, etc.

              Pick one and wound the beast with others. No time for ego blah, blah, blahing defensive nonsense.

              You don’t seem to understand that “writing all that” is just more fear coming out. Name call and the such all you want whomever you are. I don’t care, but you should.

              • maybe he’s a bot?

                I got similar non-sequitur slanderous replies a few weeks ago suggesting I was “hasbara” spreading “psychopathy” and should try “meditation and medication”. ,, wtf?

                zero context, accusatory/nonsensical replies, yes a waste of energy including ours for replying (more than once),

                but why? fear of?? usually insecure leo’s relax when recognized as the proper Lions that they (think) they are.

                maybe, dear lion king, youve got something to teach us? hard tellin’ not knowin’.

  5. Dog gone!
    Corbett has been busy.

    Look to the right side script…


    • HRS, thanks for pointing this out.

      James, thank you for bringing this feature back. (If you need more work, you could add a button at the bottom of the comments page to bring us back to the top; meanwhile I will use the scroll bar.)

      • 🙂
        That phrase is great! I’m laughing.
        “If you need more work, you could….”

  6. Greetings from Nebraska!


    Committee Hearing for LB1387
    Remove the Fluoride Mandate

    Volunteer to be part of the solution: Testify in person – 3 minutes
    (in 2005 no one showed up to the hearing in opposition to the mandate)

    Thursday, February 15th, beginning at 1:30 p.m.
    OR submit online comments before 8:00 a.m. Feb. 15
    Nebraska State Capitol Building, Room #1510

    Bill Info Page

    Hearing Schedule

    Public Input info

    Listen to the hearing

    Fluoride on Trial Documentary

    Nebraska fluoride levels investigation

    • Nebraska – FLUORIDE

      Thanks for posting this info about Nebraska!!!
      If my memory serves, you are near Lincoln aren’t ya?

      Please send an email to F.A.N. (FluorideAlert.ORG) about this. On the menu, go to the “About FAN” for contact info.

      Also, it is worth letting Carol (NYSCOF) know in an email. She always gets the scoop on things and tells others.
      Her email is on the left of this webpage.

      • Thanks so much, HRS! Yes, I’m in Lincoln.

        I write the Lincoln’s Open Source page… a Corbett Report Pay-it-Forward

        I did send an email to Stuart last week and sent a follow-up just now. Also, an email to Carol.

        I’m leaning my testimony toward my investigation, showing the challenges of government to “be all, do all”, and the broader topics of the long-term corporate goals: to decrease the nutrient value in food, to increase toxins (fluoride), and to censor access to traditional healing modalities. There will be others of us there to present well on the specific fluoride topic. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

        Thanks again!

        • Thursday Feb 15 – by Joe Harris – WOWT TV News Omaha
          VIDEO – 2 minutes
          IAOMT dentist Dr. Griffin Cole testifies
          Dentists testify on Nebraska bill taking aim at fluoride in water

          The profluoride lady brings up NASEM as if they are the Gold standard of authority. (“Gold standard” is a phrase used by the Dental Lobby for NASEM)

          Christina Jewett is a prize-winning investigative reporter for The New York Times. Her alarming exposé on NASEM was published in April 2023:
          “Sacklers Gave Millions to Institution That Advises on Opioid Policy:
          Even as the nation’s drug crisis mounted, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) continued to accept funds from some members of the Sackler family, including those involved with Purdue Pharma.”

          Dallas Press Release – (NASEM link in this)

          At the bottom of the above webpage is the source link to the Dallas Press Releases. When going to the Jan 9th and 15th Press Releases, Dr. Griffin Cole is mentioned along with video of his Dallas presentation. The April 28 document has the Dental Lobby “gold standard” statement on NASEM. The April document was used by Council Member Willis to create a Bogus Controversy and to defame Dr. Cole and Dr. Kathleen Gray. It was used to shut down the conversation in Dallas.

          • Thanks, good stuff I will forward! Is detail on the bogus controversy about Cole and Gray summarized in the CHD interview?

            I’m working to recover my fumble.

            • Watch this Video first

              The Video is November 7
              Dr. Bruce Lanphear, Dr. Griffin Cole and a Ft Worth Doctor are the panelists before a Dallas City Council Committee on water fluoridation.
              Near the 32 minute mark, Council person Gay Willis attacks.

              Later I tracked down the document which she was citing, an April 28 letter from the Dental Lobby to Dr. Kathleen Gray of the BSC which was reviewing the NTP report. The letter is only a comment, one of many hundreds of comments, made by different people for the NTP report.

              Willis misconstrued the whole thing creating a Bogus Controversy. She said the letter came from Dr. Kathleen Gray. Her communication is full of confusion.

              Dr. Kathleen Gray and the BSC can be seen in the video of the Press Release which goes into this, along with the April 28 letter link.
              See my next post.

            • Here is the PRESS RELEASE which details more about the BOGUS CONTROVERSY used to shut down the conversation.

              You will see the April 28 document.

              At the bottom, you will see the NTP VIDEO with the BSC. Kathleen Gray is the Chair of the meeting. That meeting occurred shortly after April 28 on May 4th. The BSC voted to approve their stuff for the NTP report on May 4. You hear further comments in the video by the Connetts and other Anti-fluoride people.
              On May 24, Michael Connett sends an open letter to the NTP showing FOIA documents and testimony that the (dentist) Kumar study is bogus with data deleted. That May 24 document also shows how the the Dental Lobby deliberately spread fals narratives on the Green study.
              Willis is such a witch. During her rant…
              She said “You call out Featherstone. The conclusion, the headline, to draw from this is: … Fluoride, the key agent in battling caries (cavities), works primarily via topical mechanisms.”
              That’s exactly right. It is on Griffin’s presentation slide.

              • I think maybe it’s a good thing she – and the rest – make it so obvious…

                “Now my colleagues may not know that in my former, former life, and, and marketing, I worked with Johnson & Johnson Medical on wound care and have helped them prepare their medical posters for a global audience.”

                A formidable challenge, though, keeping calm when going up against the slick industry reps. Nothing seems to stick to them and they so easily can knock people off their game.

                ADA letter to K. Gray:

            • Oh WOW!
              Tracy, That is so cool.
              I’m grinning.
              I’ll definitely be sharing your webpage with fellow fluoride fighters here in Dallas.

              I thought that the Examiner article was superb!
              There are some excellent quotes.

              Feb 20, 2024 – Nebraska Examiner – Zach Wendling
              Nebraska proposal would put local water fluoridation to public referendum
              State Sen. Ben Hansen seeks to let more Nebraskans decide on water fluoridation across the state after a 2008 mandate allowed cities to opt-out


              Tracy, Thanks for what you do!
              Derrick Broze was on Redacted.
              I haven’t yet watched it, but people are calling and telling me about it as I type.

              • Awesome, HRS! Thanks again!!

                Reminder, we have the Nebraska Unicameral, so the people are the “second house”

                I’m following bills and debate pages with the goal to float the most compelling stories/claims to the top… quickly accessible.



                Currently working on city planning and EMF pages, scouring Corbett Report and elsewhere for clearest questions, claims and rebuttals to link to city plan and local EMF monitoring.

                Found your comment on The Great Travel Reset and appreciate you highlighting the importance of story.

  7. A typical MSM news blackout concerning the August 8, 2023, Lahaina firestorm. I am in the process of reading Burn Back Better, (A perfect storm or a perfect crime?) There is very little after the initial news cycle in the following months. Another project for The Corbett Report?

    • The MSM is not where this info is to be found. Check out The Last American Vagabond:


      In previous month’s Comments I have posted some links to videos posted by citizens that document the suspicious evidence, including missing satellite data. Comparisons are made with the fires in California, USA, where houses were reduced to white ash, while nearby trees remained standing. Wooden fences remained unburned except near nails, around which the wood was charred. Likely there is more info to be found, but so far it looks like a Made-It-Happen event that would be difficult to prove without “classified” information.

  8. Hey spring time is just around the corner!

    Been warming up fast recently here in Ontario.

    For any of you in the northern temperate regions of plant Earth this means you will have lots of opportunities to harvest food and medicine from Birch trees.

    Here is an article I put together that explores the many gifts offered by the Birch.


    It is gonna be time for tapping birch trees in our neck of the woods soon! 🙂

    Birch syrup here we come!

    • Also, for those of you that are into forgaging.

      There is going to be an abundance of wild food available for honorably harvesting from other plants in the temperate forests of Turtle Island soon! 🙂

      This article is intended to help you unlock the springtime bounty of the forest and garden providing info on 23 Springtime foods to harvest in 2024 and beyond!


      Happy Foraging!

  9. This one may be unpopular..
    I think there may be a psyop against something “the powers that be” may fear most.
    While most of us live in communities that don’t even have a corner store anymore or in cities so big you never even know your neighbor the one thing that could bring many people together in a communities is what many of us have been taught to fear most, the 15 minute city.
    I know that having everything you need within a 15 minute walk sounds terrifying to most of us who enjoy being stuck in traffic all day to get to a big box store, what is it that is so bad about this idea (that has been tried with success).
    Oh right, “they will be able to track and trace us and lock us in our communities” I’m quoting myself there, but really didn’t they do that already? We all have those tracking devices in our pockets and we don’t even turn them off. I think the worst thing the powers that be fear is people getting together in communities and getting to know each other.

    • I think its a dosage problem. Too much time in the car or on a screen or in a large crowd, or in ones cacoon of opinions,,, leads to loneliness and being way out of practicing HOW to “connect’.

      (my basic tool: no interest, all care.)

      in my experience “connection” isn’t measurable in units or with math, but during the connectedness there rises a sense of ease, by today’s dis-connected standards. its a relief.

      Afterwards, there is always a certainty as to the “depth” or “shallowness”,,, people speak of “being close”, “cracking open” “at the coffee stop i had a great chat with whatshername we achieved a level 13 connection which I’ll use later for my discount at the dump”. connectability leads to synergy, I reckon its the basis of a healthy family.

      I’d bet most of us spend most of our lives in mostly disconnected states of mind/heart.

      only alone can we decide (from taking a left to finding meaning in life)
      only together can we connect, to build trust (flux of a thriving species), or ultimately create ,,,babies (continuing life’s meaning)

      (i’m glad for all of you who were conceived by connected parents, ones who really knew eachother, more than just instinctively or passionately but openly, consciously, without fear of being attacked or shunted by the other)

      • “(i’m glad for all of you who were conceived by connected parents, ones who really knew eachother, more than just instinctively or passionately but openly, consciously, without fear of being attacked or shunted by the other)”
        That would be so nice.

        • Diana Krall brings the flavor, thanks,
          I’d guess most people have not found a respect for the whole event of coupling and conceiving. Most get a glimpse at purpose through taking on the responsibility of another (partner or child). But so many are still functioning at a younger, less tempered level, that they cant see nor care about the effort that has gone to making their lives possible at all. many factors conspire to make and keep us so bent.

          1 big factor:

          for a from-the-source look at how indigenous ways of initiating adolescents into adulthood inspired respect for what they would have to do to continue the tribes wellbeing.


          • LOL, I had wanted to attend one of Martin Prechtel’s courses in 2019 at his place in New Mexico but could not swing it financially. Plus, I really am not a traveler. I do greatly admire his work though.

    • I don’t think “15 minutes cities” are a bad thing in and of themselves. I see your point about it possibly “creating community”. It would be much more efficient and convenient as well. But these need to be voluntary if they’re to be done. It’s the forced aspect that bothers me. Being punished for leaving your area, or worse, forbidden from going outside your zone. If a community of people came together to consolidate commerce in their area, I see a great benefit to that. Especially if they can maintain their freedom to travel. My qualm is with governments doing the central planning and restricting and surveilling the people. It makes it too easy for them to crack down on dissenters.

  10. I recently listened to a very interesting but disturbing episode of The Pete Quinines Show – Episode 1011: Is the ‘PayPal Mafia’ Making Elite Moves? with Matt Erickson, host of Kingpilled podcast. Both are self-claimed “post-libertarians.”

    They discussed apparent efforts of Peter Theale and other technology investors to displace the current Deep State, and training leaders of the future (just like the WEF does). I found it strange that they thought this scenario would be better than the current panopticon trajectory.

    If you want to take your mind on a strange trip, check it out.

    • Interesting share, thanks. I think many “post libertarians” have been influenced by ideas from “reactionary right” thinkers/philosophers. Another member shared this book, “The populist delusion” and I found a PDF copy that I will share below.

      I am probably insufficiently or inaccurately describing these discourses and body of thought, but my understanding of the gist of it is that claims are that throughout history society has been governed by ruling elites and some of these thinkers claim it always will be. Therefore, many claim that only the displacement of the current (psychopathic) elite by another elite group will result in change of our trajectory. It would follow that people who believe this would view Peter Theale and other technology investors as a real challenge to the current ruling elite.

      These ideas seem to be influenced by “elite theory” including the “iron law of oligarchy” which was mentioned by Keith Knight.

      I would love to hear Keith’s thoughts on some of the ideas expressed in the book “The populist Delusion” linked below:


      I do think there are some sound points made but people should bear in mind ideas expressed in “Political Ponerology” that people who are drawn to power have a tendency for psychopathy.

      I am not of the opinion that just because “things have always been this way” means things will always be this way. I think that is a self fulfilling prophesy. Having said that, there are sound points made about vast differences in skills, knowledge and power and should be considered when discussing the viability of voluntarism and anarchy.

      However, actually going out and trying it out and doing it “bull by the horns” rather than academic discussions are probably much more worthwhile.

      The principles of voluntarism are definitely more ethical and IMO there is substantial strength in moral principles.

      • Thank you for your comments and the book link. I still don’t see why they consider Thiele a better global “leader,” except perhaps that he could upset the whole system of interlocking NGOs. First they’d have to make the riches of the elites worth little or nothing or take possession of them, because therein lies their power – money.

        • Good points. I’ll have to actually listen to the episode on the Pete Quinines Show – Episode 1011: Is the ‘PayPal Mafia’ Making Elite Moves.

          I haven’t followed much of his work to be honest. It would seem that disrupting the source of the current elite’s financial power would be necessary to disrupt it. I don’t know enough about how financial power works besides superficial understanding of fractional reserve banking and should probably research this more.

          Disrupting NGO’s is probably a good thing though. I’ll have to give this more thought when my mind is less tired.

          • By disrupting it’s financial power I mean removing it’s value as you say.

  11. Here in the UK I have noticed a marked Increase in people starting to become more aware of the of the lies and agenda’s of the puppet politicians and the oligarchy that drives the whole narrative
    Some have already started to fight back by cutting down the ulez and speed cameras
    The government have systematically been bringing in Muslim young men of fighting age whom are being trained by the SAS so I can see in the near future things coming to a head and conflict issuing also there has been an increase in contrails polluting our Air, Crops and Water Supply but rather than be in fear I know that we will have to go through dark days to have real change.
    I think the elite’s have underestimated the power of the masses they are the 1% so we out number them by 99 to 1 I just pray that when the power shift does come the awakening will be so great that there won’t be much of an opportunity for war and the 1% club are held responsible for their war crimes, stripped of all assets and never given and chance to wield power over anyone
    One of the thing’s I am doing is wild planting because governments are trying to reduce the worlds food supply so I or other people can benefit in the future in having a free supply of food and would urge everyone to do the same after planting you don’t need to take care of any crops nature is quite competent at growing things and the more people who do this the better for everyone much of what is needed can be grown from scraps that are usually thrown away or a small amount being used for seeds or even investing in some seeds or taking cuttings from gardens or wild berries and introducing them to other areas aswellas at home.
    When you plant in areas away from your home in a way it is like paying it forward and will help until society can get back on its feet
    We all need to understand how the elite’s have constantly pit each other against one another with device and conquer tactics and by working together we will defeat them. This world is for everyone not just the over privilaged few no matter of colour or creed if everyone treated everyone else like family the world would be a much better place we’ve had war’s and greed and look where that’s got us if I can help someone I do it may not be financially because I don’t have much but I would explain where I have planted previously and hope that they can find something to eat.
    Peace and Love to all even if you can only do a little for others it always helps

    • Yes, every year I get an seemingly unlimited supply of tomatoes from a patch that reseeds itself One year I also got a wild squash that looked like a “spaghetti squash” in shape, but having the green and light tan color of a zucchini squash. I didn’t grow either of these squashes, so the cross pollination occurred elsewhere and somehow a seed landed in my yard. This past summer I picked about a cup of red raspberries each day of the berry season from wild plants that mysteriously began growing next to my shed. I learned that my neighbor has raspberry bushes and that my new ones were likely the result of birds spreading the seeds. Every year sunflowers sprout here and there in my lawn from seeds the birds dropped from the birdfeeder. I usually mow them down, but last summer I let one grown and harvested it for the birds, who ate all of it within a few hours. I might scatter the seeds this year in a place I don’t mow to see what happens.

  12. In the 60’s when we would go back packing in Northern California one could easily spot who was experienced and who was over-thinking the process. They would be loaded down with all sorts of unnecessary stuff that took their packs up to 35-40 lbs or so and wore them out.

    That can be a metaphor for the experience of the “alternative” community and Internet commenting. People have been over-thinking what is going on in the world. Over-loading their minds and others with lots of unnecessary fear based facts, figures, and stuff.

    The world situation today is pretty simple. There are some secret and not so groups and individuals ALL of them part of the planned reduction of the population under 24/7 track, trace, and data basing living in 5G SMART cities, no private vehicles, no access to the country side, most living on the Government dole and forced to obey any laws or regulations put out by the Government to maintain the dole.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    At work today: UN Agenda 21&2030; UN Wildlife Project; The New World Order Agenda; the 60 year old 45 steps in the Communist Agenda; various corporate giants in health, communication, food production, etc.;
    from Zbigniew Brzezinski Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (written 50 years ago)…

 “People, governments and economies of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations.”

    “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.”

    “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.” [Or the web “news” sites]
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    So the “bottom line” is does one keep talking about all the various ugly propaganda news tidbits and events until the take-over is complete, or does one actually become part of the resistance to take down the oppressors??

    I suggest taking a Stoic posturing of people working on things they can have some real affect on realistically.

    Be local activists, look at your own life as being an agent of change that will help carry water. Attend any meetings making decisions on your lives, fluoride, cell towers, vaccinations, anything on land and water use, PTA, School Boards, City and County council meetings. How many more bad guys or sick behaviors or such do people need to keyboard talk about before taking action??
    Seems like it is mostly mental masturbation for likes and attention.

    We need to be like the white blood cells of our bodies. They go and fight infection at the site to the benefit of the whole body.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – -

    1:28 of brilliance from the late John Trudell, co-founder of AIM, 
from 1980 on what we are now experiencing…

    • “…How many more bad guys or sick behaviors or such do people need to keyboard talk about before taking action??
      “Seems like it is mostly mental masturbation for likes and attention.
      “We need to be like the white blood cells of our bodies. They go and fight infection at the site to the benefit of the whole body.”

      You are correct in that it’s time to take action, not just share stories about what the bad guys have done to us. The source of the “infection” is so widely spread and powerful that it is difficult to fight without organization and grassroots organizations seem to become infiltrated, even at the local level. If you can tell me the answer to that one, please let me know.

      I am not taking your comment personally, but I can only speak for myself here: I share info in the Comments that I think might be useful in helping new folks that are just learning what’s happening, and news stories that provide an update on the front lines of free speech, financial and medical freedoms, etc. Some light hearted comments sprinkled in to lift the mood. Doesn’t mean I am not attempting to activate people within my local circle of influence or support efforts already underway.

      • Lost a reply to you just now :-/ Will do another when I return from town later today.

      • Back from a 100 mile round trip shopping :-/

        >>You are correct in that it’s time to take action, not just share stories about what the bad guys have done to us.>>

        That is a difficult challege for sure. Lot of Web folks, IMO, seem to have an addiction being the smartest con in prison, rather the escapee running free. I’m going to be 82 in a few weeks and my “activism” is now in my music, essays, and blog commenting. Living so far out in the High Desert (6000+ feet) I am adjusting to my life situation, but still with an activist’s mind set.

        A bass player in my band years ago was on vacation and sent me a post card that said: “Forge simple words children can understand” as a support to my song writing. Not “childish” but rather common sense. So like you, I am in my songs, attempting to give insight into reality in 3 mins to help newbies and others who have forgotten what has happened.

        >>If you can tell me the answer to that one, please let me know.>>

        Urban and rural behavior is obviously different. I offered some suggestion in my comment. This is my essay on that:

        SOLUTIONS (essay) https://www.bitchute.com/video/TsqcMC9tPGg2/

        >>I share info in the Comments that I think might be useful in helping new folks that are just learning out what’s happening>>

        Probably the very best reason to be commenting.

        >>Doesn’t mean I am not attempting to activate people within my local circle of influence or support efforts already underway.>>

        There you go. Tribal behavior at work. Far too many have lost the connection.

        Think you might like this song, speaking in a way about helping people discover who they are in the bigger picture.

        WHO ARE YOU (song)

        • Thank you, ejdoyle, for you reply and your activism. I am sure to enjoy your songs – I will listen now.

          Happy birthday in advance. 🙂

          P.S. Living at 6,000 feet is supposed to be good for the body and the brain due to the higher level of CO2 relative to O2. The CO2 is known to improve mitochondrial function. You must feel like a million bucks when you travel to lower elevations.

          • We seem to all be offering what we can to humanity to rid the world of the madness of the controllers. Thanks.

            I’ve been up here 14 years now. I used to go down to the Casino del Sol in Tucson during Feb for the free parking and good weather. Towed my motorcycle and yes, felt great.

            I grew up in California at the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers in Antioch. Then a small, sleepy town, now over 100,000 and #10 in murder in the state :-/

            My songs can’t be put in order so there are lot of good stuff further down the list. Oo Poor Darlin’ is about women hitting the “wall.” I like covering a wide variety of subjects.

  13. I would love to share a new book, “The Great Taking” by David Webb, a free online publication distributed over https://thegreattaking.com/

    There you could check how we already do not own nothing, and we aren’t happy! The big scam has been reveled by Webb in his book.
    My specials thanks to Nicolas Martinez Lage at the YouTube channel Terapia Liberal who did the first research about this book and shared with the world. You could see that at
    Now I believe is your turn James to bring the good news to the English world! Thank you in advance.
    Please, I believe I don’t have to remind you about recognizing Nico’s work!
    Thank you for your incredible and always amazing work my friend!

  14. Maybe a primer for those who have not yet reviewed the archives? Maybe useful to share with the still unaware? Free short eBook giving overview of the Global Elite in the past few hundred years:

    Historical Analysis of the Global Elite: Ransacking the World Economy Until ‘You’ll Own Nothing.’
    By Robert J. Burrowes, Global Research E-Book, Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)


    Available in several languages and as PDF.

    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1 – A Brief Economic History
    Chapter 2 – Who Is the Global Elite and How Does It Operate?
    Chapter 3 – The US Federal Reserve System
    Chapter 4 – The Bank for International Settlements
    Chapter 5 – World War II and What Followed
    Chapter 6 – The Post World War II Superstructure to Transform World Order, Destroy the World Economy and Capture All Wealth
    Chapter 7 – The Coup de Grâce: The Great Reset
    Chapter 8 – Collapsing the Global Economy
    Chapter 9 – The Rothschilds and Transhumanism
    Chapter 10 – So What Can We Do About This?

  15. I came across this disturbing video last night I did everything I could to warn others about the scamdemic which alienated me from many people being labelled a crackpot and a conspiracy theorist guess it’s time to lose a few more friends but not going to stop me trying to warn them what’s being planned if I can save one it would make it all worth while they’ve already murdered my sister


    Please share this video people need to be aware of this

      • I don’t understand why the link isn’t working it works for me when I click on it but I’m not the most tech savy person in the world
        It is a video from Dr John Campbell titled New Brain Virus apparently they are working on a new pathogen that once injected takes just 7 days until it kills the host with a 100% mortality rate

          • Interesting information. I’m sure they’d love to make something like this which could selectively kill people with 100% effectiveness.

            The problem I see with this, even in a germ theory paradigm is that organisms that are this lethal and require host machinery to replicate could not exist for very long. There’s no survival strategy in something that kills 100% of the time.

            Though I have no information about the facts in this matter, my intuition tells me they would never create something like that even if they could. It poses too much of a threat to their own survival.

            Even very lethal viruses (or hypothetical viruses) like Marbug and Ebola have not spread to western countries and these are supposedly some of the most lethal pathogens that exist. This tells me that there must be strong environmental or other factors that influence transmission.

            My presumption is that scientists know a heck of a lot less than they claim. I do really like John Campbell’s work to expose the Covid scam though even though I highly doubt the PTSNB can create a 100% selectively lethal virus.

  16. I’m asking for some dialogue to understand numbers that are global population. Do we believe there are 8 billion souls alive on this planet because Bill Gates says so? There are many web sites detailing populations. I chose one from 2017. 300 largest cities in the world, including their surrounding areas. From the usual suspects in the 20-30 million range down to the smaller towns of 2 million. I come up with <1.5 billion. Doesn’t make sense, so for fun, I added 100 cities of 10 million and 1000 cities of 1 million (you can decide where to put them) and we are still not half way to 8 billion. When we start grasping at insane ways to get up to 8 B, tells me it just ain’t so! I believe that as part of our solution to let the powers that shouldn’t be know it’s just more gaslighting we refuse to acknowledge! Also important is now a different perspective regarding population reduction that is commonly bandied about. It could be game changer! So can we talk about this?

    • Good question. I have also wondered about the veracity of this number as well. I imagine there are lists of populations per country that we could tally, assuming that the reported numbers are fairly accurate.

      • P.S. I did a search on Brave and found several results, one of which I pasted in a spreadsheet – total over 8 billion.

    • After watching the video of Admiral Richard E Byrd when returning from Antarctica I don’t even trust them about how much land is out there never mind how many people populate it as for Bill Gates the easiest way to tell if he is lying is to see if his mouth is moving and hear his whiney voice I wouldn’t trust him to tell me the time

    • I often ponder over this question. Establishing a figure without going to their sources is difficult if not impossible.

  17. Did you know that Serviceberry/Saskatoon berry seeds contain medicinally significant amounts of Amygdalin?

    For more info:


    Amygdalin (aka “vitamin b17”) is the compound which is found in high concentrations in apricot kernels and can help to initiate apoptosis in a range of different types of cancer cells (without harming healthy cells).

    For more info:


    Serviceberries can grow in a wide range of climates (Cold Hardiness zones : 2 – 10) diverse soil types and high elevations and so this species is an ideal candidate for including in temperate food forest designs and medicinal gardens.

    Adaptable and resilient food and medicine plants like this empower humans to cultivate health sovereignty (boycotting big pharma’s scams) while also providing forage for pollinators and food for wildlife.

    For more info on Serviceberries and how to grow them:


    • Thanks for the medicinal information. I planted three of these about 10 years ago when my local nursery had them marked 50% off. I assume I got the ugliest pick of the lot because it was the end of the season, but they are pretty (and fragrant) in bloom and during the foliage season. The birds love the berries, as do I – sometimes we are picking off the same bush at the same time and scare each other!

      • @jo-ann

        I am glad you appreciated the info.

        I have a similar relationship with winged visitors and co-inhabitants of our little piece of land 🙂

        Sometimes when I want to ensure I will be able to harvest at least half of the berries fully ripe I put up a couple bird feeders on the other side of my yard full of seed just as the berries begin to turn red. This usually results in at least 75% making it to be fully ripe. I harvest half and then leave the other half for my winged friends

        I appreciate the thoughtful comment.

  18. James, I noticed a 4×4 Rubik’s cube on your desk. How are you getting on with that. I recently got around to learning 4×4 and 5×5 myself. (Just beginner’s method, and performed fairly slowly – I’m no speedcuber!)

  19. Pandemic “treaty” getting some legislators’ consideration in the USA:

    WHO Pandemic Treaty: ‘Far Too Little Scrutiny’


    “Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Global Health, Global Human Rights & International Organizations, and senior member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, said there has been “far too little scrutiny” of and “far too few questions asked” about what the World Health Organization’s “pandemic treaty” will mean to the United States.

    “Smith held a press conference Monday amid the WHO’s rush to finalize the language of its so-called “treaty” that will be up for a vote during the meeting of the World Health Assembly in May.

    “Several experts joined Smith to highlight the serious issues surrounding the “treaty,” including the lack of transparency during the negotiations, WHO’s infringement on United States sovereignty and the rights of Americans, the document’s massive funding of abortion, and its favorability to China.”

    Link to press conference included. He also noted the concerning section on mis- and dis-information included in the agreement/treaty.

  20. While reading Historical Analysis of the Global Elite: Ransacking the World Economy Until ‘You’ll Own Nothing.’ and looking at references cited, I found a web site that is a collection of information about significant historical events and people leading up to our current global predicament. I do not know if it is the effort of one or many individuals, but it might be worth checking out if you are doing research.


  21. Hi John! I’m a little late here, but I have been busy traveling around Latin America due to my work and digging into so many weird and horrible things going on (lately in my country, Ecuador, and Chile where I am now). My serious concerns are around our bank finances, but I would like to ask you about your view on all of us being sprayed every single day in the skies of every country I’ve visited in the last 15 months, even in films (for the audience to get used to the view of new “clouds” left by jets?) (from what I’ve seen in friends’ pictures, Spain is the worst, although I haven’t received anything from your country, sadly now communist with the son of Castro). There are studies about how it affects climate, our lungs an throats, agriculture, but what do you think will be the outcome ? Is there any hope for someone making them stop it?

    • They’re doing it here (Canada) as well. At least 3 days/week. Start with a beautiful sunny day and by 3pm sky is just a haze.
      They also have these military planes constantly flying in circles and such at extremely low altitudes over my city (Winnipeg). The Air Force had a promotional kiosk set up at a sporting event and I asked the guy what these planes are doing. His answers were pure BS. E.g. “they aren’t that low” when in actuality, they are below incoming commercial planes on approach for landing. I still don’t know what they are doing and as usual, the sheeple are oblivious. All seasons, and also about 3 days/week.

      • In my city, Quito, Ecuador, it is every single day. In Viña del Mar, Chile, the same. It is summer down here and this is a vacation spot. I thought they’d stopped in early January, when we had pure blue skies, but then I noticed they sprayed around the horizon and at night. Now they’ve restarted on a daily basis and we wake up or turn in with complete fog for hours.

    • Cruzmauio,
      Thank you for reporting this. I noticed this odd phenomenon beging in 1986. There are Internet sites dedicated to this. They may be controlled opposition but still full of actual truthful information.
      Jim Lee at climateveiwer.com, has a large data base and has who “they” the contractors are with vague listings of the financial contract creators hiring such services.
      It primarily is a extortion racket now ran through the Dept.of Commerce. Years ago the fleet of CIA, Evelyn Rothschild owned planes worked from a company called EverGreen. It mysteriously went bankrupt and the planes dispersed into ,126 companies doing cloud seeding and weather related activities. A reporter Patrick Roddy got one of the scientists on camera admitting the DARPPA was using the system for biologics. They have a professional association. Most are out west were water is gold when you sell it to someone you just droughted out. Water districts, ski resorts, agra districts are all being extorted. It’s no surprise the racketeering has moved to the southern hemisphere. It’s very lucrative.

    • Where I live in eastern New York state, USA, for the past 20 years they spray every day except maybe 6 days per year. Sometimes the spray is so thick it causes a reflection of the sun as it sets below the “cloud” cover, so one can see two suns in the sky. I often see refracted light spectra. One time I saw the white particles start to fall from the sky in what appeared to be a circular powder-waterfall. I suspect it was initiate by condensation. What resulted was thick white cloud cover with a small hole in it where one could see the blue sky above. I was driving so I was not able to take a photograph of the falling particles. Another thing to watch for after they have sprayed a bit is to see all the trails get rippled. Sometimes I can see the ripples form a circular pattern from a single point, but it’s impossible for me to judge where that point is located. I have yet to see the ripple actually happen – only that I am driving along and one minute the chemtrails are linear, then the next time I look, all the chemtrails are warped as though a shockwave went through them.

      I read recently that Mexico has banned this spraying, but I don’t know if (or how) they are enforcing it.

      • Thank you jo-ann.
        The science, the use, the danger is top secret of course. The waves,ripples are waves, energy waves , the micro waves, radar waves, GWEN towers, cell towers. Any transmitting tower is used to manipulate the outcome. No telling how many ways it is used. When a world class thug,John Brennen, past,CIA director says it’s his favorite in their arsenal you know.its used world wide regardless of any law. The FCC in the Dept.of Commerce acts as overseer
        This needs to be brought to everyone’s’ attention. It’s much like fluoridation poisoning times 100 , Thanks to everyone’s’ comments on this matter. . Good observations!

      • Reporting from Mexico. Beautiful sunny day. A few cumulus clouds over the mountains. No trails in sight, and haven’t seen any. Makes you wonder how they can stop it, and we can’t.

        • jo-ann
          Thank you for digging that up.
          Dr. John Campbell from the UK interviews US Air Force Major Tom Havilland about Major Havillands’ work surveying embalmers about the white clots . Dr. Campbell claims it’s a significant new pathology. Havilland is doing the work of the CDC and is shocked by the bloated, corrupt bureaucracy refusing to act.
          My point is in this 49 minute review of the evidence . Havilland points out embalmers were seeing white clots appearing before the release of Wuhan C19 or the introduction of the medical intervention.
          Where does it come from?
          Clifford Carnicom was investigating Morgellands early on in the days of heavy chemtrailing in New Mexico. The early discoveries, through reverse engineering he made align perfectly with the same chemical compositions of white clots being found by embalmers now. Clifford Carnicoms assistant is Dr. Anna Mahelcea who has a sub-stack on the poisoning of the blood by chemtrails.
          I know you probably know all this but if others want to explore this it’s out there, provided by citizens with no dogs in the hunt. The eugenicists and the PTSB have tried to creat the
          perfect crime. Almost! Thanks again for posting that news from Spain.

          49 min. Dr John Campbell with Major Tom Havilland.


          • In collaboration to John Campbells interview,
            Camille posted this several days ago and goes hand in hand. The agenda is varied and helps hide the crimes. Is it a crime to pile on and make a profit from an ongoing multiplayer, multilevel crime? This post by Camille shows the cold truth.


            As to our local Skywatch. Feb.17,2024. Heavy chemtrailing in the whole day. Late in the afternoon the planes made a perfect hour glass shape by bringing two triangles together at the points. N.E.Oklahoma,USA. Homie?

          • Where in the interview did someone say that these white clots were observed before 2020? What I heard was that some embalmers saw some in 2020, but much more in 2021 and later. The guest speaker explicitly stated that these clots appear to be a spikeopathy.

            As far as chemtrails go, I read some time ago that an analysis of particulates showed that the sprayed material included e coli coated on microplastic particles. I think of that every time I read about recalls of lettuce contaminated with e coli.

            The human sludge that is sprayed over farm lands likely contains all sorts of chemical (including metabolized drugs, e.g. birth control hormones) and biological contaminants as well as microplastics (e.g. plastic food containers and synthetic fabrics that result in wash water contamination going into the sewer system).

            I think it is safe to assume whatever they are spraying on land and air is meant to cause harms, whether it’s chemical and/or or biological agents.

            • jo- Ann
              you may be correct there. At around 10min.mark to 12 min. It seemed a little dodgy then again at 23 min on more about when. In my weak defence cause you seem much shaper than I ,and I do say that honestly,you are . Havilland says it takes up to a year and a half to develope, for white clots, but pryor to 2020 embalmers were in countering the coffee ground clots in rare but steady occasions. Then the blow up after the clot shots introduction. Is it related to chemtrailing? Antidotal at best but the layering of toxins and the triggering of that last straw that breaks the camel has been in service for many years.. thanks again for finding and adding to the narrative without emotional reporting like mine getting the best of a story .

            • https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/26/us/ecoli-virus-lettuce.html

              This was in 2017-18 . At the time Dane Wiggington of geoengineeringwatch.org was speculating on the patents for
              ice-nucleation . They contain the live ecoil as part of the mix . He claimed it was sprayed over Arizona and settled on the crop being harvested. It sent quit a shock through the chemtrail community.
              Do you know of Elanna Freeman’s work? In her first book of a trilogy on chemtrailing and transhumanism,she said something on the spraying of people in opposition to such in New Mexico, in much the same way. Low level,makes you sick ect.ect.ect.

              • I didn’t read her books. I have bought and have yet to read a couple of books by Herndon and Whiteside, “Nature as a Weapon of Global War” and “Chemtrails Are Not Contrails – The Face of Evil.” Also have the book “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg, which is tangentially related as electromagnetism is used to modify our environment as well.

                In addition to GeoengineeringWatch.org, folks might want to check out Jim Lee’s web site for a fairly well organized source of information related to weather modification:

              • jo-ann

                Those books are a nice addition to any library. Do you ever loan them out to curious people?
                I’ve sent some of mine out to a dozen or so people who may have read 2 pages and no more. Very poor results as far as I’m concerned . What may be important to me doesn’t seem of any concern to those around me. Then again ,like E.J.Doyle I threw my tV out of the house 15 years ago. That seems to me to have given me the ability to see things in the sky that others won’t or can’t question as unusual. It’s the darndest behavior to observe in mature adults. My Dentist friend once said to me, ” stop telling me things I’m not supposed to hear”.

              • I have not passed along any of my books – I would if I could find a taker. My family and acquaintances do not read anything longer than a meme nor can they be bothered with a video longer than a few minutes.

                Good for you to toss the TV. I stopped watching TV in the early 1980s when I realized the programming was manipulating me. My sweet elderly neighbor would alert me if there was a storm coming because she knew I didn’t watch TV and the internet wasn’t a thing back then, except maybe some message boards on dial up.

  22. Steve at AM Wake Up had a great interview this morning with Mark Goodwin of Bitcoin Magazine. Fascinating to hear how Bitcoin can be used as a data archive for media distribution and preservation. Specifically text files. I wonder if Corbett and Ernie have talked about this? Basically storing information in the transaction then each node gets it with a time stamp. Can’t be messed with, can’t be memory holed. Very cool.


    • I admit I didn’t view the link (I don’t have Rokfin), but it sounds like a good feature – but at what cost? Will it slow down transaction times and use more energy? Maybe that is addressed in the link or it would not affect these (I am crypto illiterate).

  23. Amid the massive censorship in the digital space, I find myself drifting further and further away from the hive minds. I meet people in real life and nearly everybody has a narrative that they’ve been fed and they enjoy the flavor so much they won’t dare change their diet. I began my searching matters out back around the same time James Corbett did and it didn’t take long before I realized how much deception was being pumped into mainstream and alternative news sources. So many contradictions and conflicts of ideologies that it was becoming more difficult to find common ground with anyone. I think I discovered JC’s excellent work around 2010 on ThemTube, back before “The Great Censorship” started on October 15, 2015. I remember that day very well. That’s when Big Brother announced themselves to be the ministry of the truth of the internet. From that point, I’ve watched the algorithms become more refined, more personalized and more controlling with each passing month and year.

    I was disgruntled with James Corbett for editing my comment several years ago, as I published the history of the translation of the King James Version Bible, which, at that time, was known only as “The Authorized Holy Bible.” He allowed half of my comment to stand, but James forbid my own personal testimony of what I personally experienced and witnessed, from being published on his website. Censored by one of the most respected journalists I’ve ever been audience to. I remained a subscriber on his Themtube channel and eventually found odysee and remained active in the comments there, but had not renewed my subscription to this website, as I was personally censored by James, himself. After years of searching for an uncensored platform, I have had to accept a lesser censored platform. Everyone has an agenda. My agenda is to discover the truth in all matters of this life and in the life that is to come. We truly are here for a short time. I really was intrigued with how well Stan Montieth articulated “The Brotherhood of Darkness” to bring the observational connections of the powers of this world, into a relevant spiritual understanding that fit the scriptures very well. I do hope that Stan is present with the Lord, as I also hope to be when this vapor of life has expired.

    It is my hope that I might be a beacon of light to others also, that when this life is over, some might stand before God, forgiven of their sins, having the actual faith of the Lord Jesus Christ and not just having been intellectually convinced of the truth.

    Things are going to unfold exactly as “It Is Written.”

    • A note for anyone reading setatliberty’s comment: setatliberty is lying. I have never “forbid” his personal testimony on anything. As regular commenters know, all comments are limited to 500 words and will be snipped if they exceed that length. You can publish whatever personal testimony you like if it is kept to 500 word chunks (multiple comments are of course ok). So, just for the record: setatliberty’s comment is a lie and a strange attempt to smear my reputation and that of The Corbett Report. Please note also that I am not censoring or forbidding his lie, I’m just letting you know that it is a lie.

        • That’s unnecessary. It would take a little more than that to dissuade subscribers knowledge of this sites editors’ integrity.

          I hope your book has a chapter entitled
          ” Frustrations”

        • I do not have the same administrative access to the users as you do. I’m glad that you are presenting a defense, at the very least, however if you are able to look into the history of comments I made 8 or 9 years ago then you’ll be able to find the comment that I was discussing the history of the holy scriptures. I personally would appreciate that and if you find that comment to be over the limit (which I am fairly certain it was not even close to the limit), then I would gladly accept correction and fully apologize if I am wrong.

        • James, I hope you did read my earlier reply and also home Remedy’s reply, as he found the comment that I was referring to. It is here:


          You said that I was lying. I was not lying. You are the one that is guilty of error here. That troubles me, because you not only called me a liar, but you also linked a completely different comment of mine, claiming that was the comment I was referring to. And you also falsely claimed that the comment Iwas referring to was snipped for exceeding the 500 word limit.
          This, again, is absolutely false.

          This calls your integrity into question.

          I’m a very forgiving man and I myself have presumptuously erred in times past and am not beyond that again, so grace is extended to you.. please look over my words and consider my concerns. I really do hope this can be resolved. Ever since that day, there has been a breach. I did message you asking why you deleted my testimony. To which I only ever saw your comment on my post, saying that you removed part of it because it was “off topic,’ which it was not.

          I’m certainly do not try to be a rabble router or a trouble maker.

          I have a great affection toward you and do hope to one day consider you a friend.

          All the best,


          P.S. Please excuse my grammatical errors. I try the best that I am able to communicate as clearly as possible because misunderstandings abound.

          • Your lie stands. You are not and never have been “forbidden” from posting anything about your personal testimony. POST IT HERE! I have not “censored” anything for being wildly and completely off-topic in nearly a decade, and now I know that you go around the web impugning my integrity and claiming that I have “forbidden” you from posting certain things when I have not. Post your personal testimony and please put to rest this horrible, decade-long smear you’ve been trying to put against me.

          • setatliberty,
            I am pissed off at you!

            Backing-up to earlier today…
            While I was typing this (timestamped 6:27) linked comment https://corbettreport.com/february-open-thread-2/#comment-161026
            which pointed out that YOUR COMMENT WAS OFF-TOPIC, Corbett had typed a response under your comment here. (timestamp 6:18)

            My ears are red!
            I tried being gentle, but you take no responsibility.
            I waited and waited for you to respond to James.
            Nothing from you.

            What is wrong with your thinking?
            Your “think machine” is not working right.
            …Your “takeaway reaction” from the-war-on-cash-a-country-by-country-guide/#comment-28907 is warped.

            No injustice was done to you.
            Any sane person can understand Corbett’s communication. It makes sense, and is logical.
            Yet, you got your panties in a wad…and then went bad-mouthing James Corbett saying that he was censoring your attempt to talk scripture.
            And now again, you are doubling down pointing fingers at Corbett.

            You had a chance for a graceful public apology, but muffed it.
            You had a chance to post your scripture stuff on this Open Thread, but no…Instead you wanted to whine about your imagined injustice.

            No injustice has been done to you by Corbett or anyone here.
            There was no censorship.
            Your thought processes have twisted everything upside down, and then, even worse, you again point fingers at Corbett.

            Some aspect in your putzy, weak character has prevented you from recognizing your own responsibility in all of this.

            You dug yourself deeper down into the hole.

            Damn! I’m pissed at you.

            • The only thing that stands out here is the fact we don’t often see this level of ignorance around these parts.

              I don’t know what this guy is doing that is getting people’s knickers in a twist. You tried the reasonable approach, it didn’t work, lets take a chill pill. Untold billions among us can’t be reasoned with.

              This grudge has been held for 8 years. Wrap your head around that one. Someone has a grudge over being censored, as imagined, for 8 damn years. Time to move on and leave behind.

              • BUMP

                Your entire comment is wisely profound.

                Some statements should be copyrighted.
                “Untold billions among us can’t be reasoned with.”
                I might just print that out and pin it to the wall.
                It will cover the holes that I made banging my head against it.

              • We can print these untold truths on t-shirts and hats and make it like robber barons on the explosive new apparel brand.

            • HRS, I almost exhausted the character limit.

              I know (or at least suspect) that everyone of James’ subscribers (including myself) is here because we support his work and want him to not only continue in his work, but to thrive in so doing.

              “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.”

              As we increase in knowledge, we also increase in sorrow. That sorrow seems to come like billowing waves which come and go.

              In my OP on this thread, I was inspired to share what was on my mind, as invited to do so and in my sorrow over how great the deception in this world really is and with the amount of censorship that I have personally experienced, online…trying to disseminate the truth of matters, I remembered the old wound that I felt when James Corbett censored my testimony from that thread you found.

              The unacceptable parts of the ACTUAL COMMENT IN QUESTION that were removed (censored) were the the most important parts of that comment, as I see that we are living in these last days, exactly as it is written.

              We are near unto the time of great tribulation, such as never had been, since the beginning, nor ever shall be. During this coming tribulation, all buying and selling will be limited to those that have one of three separate forms of identification. A mark in the right hand or in the forehead, a name or a number. Digital currency is how this is going to be accomplished. Revelation 13

              People at being led as sheep to the slaughter; and are being herded to be dependent upon monopolized industries that are controlled by men that have entered into a covenant with Satan. As it is written. That’s why these oligarchs have affiliations with secret societies that practice esoteric rituals of the ancient religions.

              “The beast” spoken of in Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 is the final kingdom of men that will have power over every nation, tongue and people. This power is given to the beast by Satan and Satan is not a benevolent serpent. He demands servitude and worship in exchange for the power he gives.

              If you’re not familiar with Stan Montieth’s presentation “The Brotherhood Of Darkness,” he connected some very important dots which give a greater understanding of how these esoteric societies of secrecy are connected below the surface of this temporal world.

              There are some here that despise God and although they enjoy some of the truth that they learn from James’ exhaustive work, they reject the most important truth that can make them free from the eternal snares of deception.

              Jesus Christ came to this earth, as the scriptures foretold, to become a holy sacrifice, acceptable unto God, to atone for the sins of many.

              He was, in fact, raised from the dead, as it is written and recieved into heaven to present his blood on the altar, for sin.

              If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

              Revelation 19

              • setatliberty,
                Take a hike.
                You clearly have some broken mental mechanisms and cannot take responsibility.

                I spit at your name.

            • “Machine not working” is probably what’s going on.

              It’s quite common actually and shouldn’t be shocking that it exists among people who comment here.

              As soon as he said Corbett censored him, I knew he either was lying or could have some kind of delusion going on. If it’s the latter, what we say will likely not make a shred of difference in his mind, so it might be a complete waste of time.

              Some people believe their own lies and can’t see from another persons perspective, no “shared experience” or “shared reality” happening in their mind. So it’s pointless to engage.

              I know JC doesn’t censor people and I think others know that as well.

              I do think it’s disrespectful to slander someone’s integrity though but in this case, I don’t think it has any real world consequence. JC has established and maintained his integrity and this person’s slander has no effect IMO.

              • When you can clearly state in a venue that Holocaust ™ was a massive psyop and not get censored/banned/tared&fethered/have house burnt down you know that there is no censorship going on.

      • James, thank you for not deleting this post.
        I am not lying. You did, in fact edit my post years ago. I emailed you directly through this website about it and questioned why you deleted my personal testimony from the post. That was the only part of the post that was deleted.

        Please do not accuse me of lying. I am telling the absolute truth. I vividly remember because I’ve been following your work and supporting you work for well over a decade and when you deleted my testimony from my post, it hurt me deeply to see you were censoring me.

        • I deal with people who don’t seem to know what they are talking about daily.

          Comments are snipped when the total length goes over some 3000 characters.

          Personal information will be removed, like email addresses. James does this as a courtesy to protect people’s emails from spambots. James provides an additional service where people may request to have their email forwarded to a particular user and James fulfills such request.

          Another and final nono is posting multiple links. Such comments will go to automoderation queue and will appear on the site as intended as soon as James gets around to it, as long as the above rules have been followed.

        • HRS, I wrote “I was disgruntled with James Corbett for editing my comment several years ago, as I published the history of the translation of the King James Version Bible, which, at that time, was known only as “The Authorized Holy Bible.” He allowed half of my comment to stand, but James forbid my own personal testimony of what I personally experienced and witnessed, from being published on his website. Censored by one of the most respected journalists I’ve ever been audience to.”

          Yes, I can see your point that in that open thread he was asking for people to help put together a list of nations that were setting up the digital currency and my comment was not ADDING to that list, but it was regarding the prophecies of the upcoming identification controls of CURRENCY. So it was not “wildly of topic,” it was not even off topic, but was an overview of the entire topic, being the nations of the world transitioning to digital currency. James did censor (remove) the only part of my comment that actually WAS related to that topic.

          The part of the comment that he allowed to stay up was not even closely related to the topic of digital currency, by itself, without the remaining part he censored (i.e. “forbid”) from being published on that thread. So I concede that my use of the words “forbid from being published on his website,” could be mistaken as his website in its entirety, when in fact it was (more specifically) on that thread on his website.

          James replied with a direct lie saying that he “never forbid my testimony on anything” and further stated that “the comment in question” was snipped for exceeding the word limit. Then he linked a different comment altogether. That was another lie, as the comment he linked was absolutely NOT “the comment in question.”

          You found “the comment in question,” which was a relief to me because as soon as I saw “the comment in question ” that James linked, I knew that was NOT the comment I was referring to, yet he decided to double down with his lie that my testimony was never censored and that the (wrong) comment he linked was the one in question.

          I attempted to contact James directly on the matter and I have no record of him ever responding back to me, other than the words that he placed at the end of the thread he censored (removed unacceptable parts).

          Although I do have a great appreciation for much of the work James has done, I am not a cult follower of James Corbett. He is a man and he has unrepenantly lied here.

          James said I was lying, which is absolutely not true. Then he went on to LIE about “the comment in question,” by linking a comment that was NOT “the comment in question and FURTHER LIED as to why my testimony was snipped, saying that it exceeded the word limit.

          Those are three absolute lies that James covered himself with.

          I’m glad that you found “the comment in question.” Because it clearly shows the truth.

          • setatliberty,
            Complete crap.
            Twisted thinking.
            You are full of shit.
            You will “strain to be right” up to your dying breath.
            You blame others for what you can’t own up to.

            Your warped statements are worse than a bad case of diarrhea.

            Corbett Report members do not think or act like you.
            You should voluntarily leave the community and never, ever mention James Corbett again.
            But I doubt that you have that kind of integrity to leave.

            • Thank you for finding the actual comment that I brought up in the OP. It shows that James was, in fact lying about “the comment in question” and that he did, in fact, lie about the comment in question being snipped for exceeding the word limit and that he was also lying about him not censoring the content of that comment exactly as I stated that he did.

              The thread is open for all to read and to investigate if they so choose.

              I was merely stating my dismay that it happened to me here. That is all.

              Censorship has always been a means of controlling information.

              • Your thinking is insane!
                Crazy! Wacko!

                Our community will be so much better without having your warped, weak character around.

            • Maybe you’ll be able to calm down, take some deep breaths and maybe even seek the Lord for wisdom and understanding and hopefully then you will be able to read my OP and subsequent replies without a bias against me and understand the words that I’ve written without all the hatred and disdain you have against me. I realize that it’s not a welcomed thing for someone to point out that their idol not only censored them, but then also covered themselves with lies.

              Especially when that idol is held in high reputation in the heart of men

              Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour.

              • I spit on your name.
                You are acting like a sociopath.

                Leave Corbett Report and never, ever mention the name of Corbett.
                We do not want you here.
                Your thinking is nuts! Crazy!

                I’m done with you.

            • I’m sorry you feel that way.

              I hope you can get better soon

            • I’m sorry you feel that way.

              I hope you can get better soon

              Sociopath: A mental health disorder characterized by disregard for other people.

              I’m sorry you disregard me

              • A sociopath is more than that. It is characterized by a lack of empathy and a desire to exploit others. Lack of empathy is a hallmark.

                I think HRS was upset that you made false claims about JC. I think you misinterpreted what JC did and it sounds like you are not understanding his perspective, that you slandered his integrity.

                One of the things that have made me furious is when someone says something about me that is untrue.

              • I read the SNIP posted below and I don’t interpret it as censorship. You could re-post it if you find it important.

                Though I do respect people’s religious beliefs I do think sometimes they derail comments and some readers will just disregard anything said because they don’t want to read it especially if they aren’t of the particular faith from which ideas are expressed.

                It can be any comment that derails a comment thread in this way, like if someone started discussing specifics in computer science on any thing that requires in depth understanding of a topic.

                Personally, I have no expertise in the bible or different translations and since I’m not religious I don’t find it very compelling. But it might be compelling for some folks so by all means, post it in the open thread section.

              • When I say “not religious” I mean that I’m not a follower of a major worldly religion. I have my own beliefs.

      • That comment you linked is not the same comment that my testimony was posted with. That was the dedicatory letter, which did exceed the limit of words. I specifically messaged you, personally, asking you why my testimony was deleted from a different comment that was relating to the history of the holy scriptures that led up to the commission of the translation.

        • Off-Topic …perhaps?

          A dilemma that occurs occasionally is that a topical Thread gets derailed when something off-topic is mentioned. The monthly “Open Threads” now offer members a forum for the off-topic stuff and my corny jokes.

          Using Presearch, I entered these keywords:
          _____corbettreport.com setatliberty 2016 scriptures

          then Ctrl + F with “setatliberty” for a webpage search.
          I found something faster than I typed this comment.

          This popped up. Two people got clipped because it was completely off-topic.

          I know that you think highly of James. In 2015 on the Big Oil thread, you said, “Your work always makes me glad to be a subscriber.”

          I would like to see some kind of closure on any stuck attention.

          PS I have a brother who is a Minister. He tells some good jokes, including Preacher jokes. We laugh easily.
          I’m too timid to repeat some of his jokes.
          Do you know any?

          • Home Remedy, I truly cannot thank you enough for taking the time to find that comment.

            This is that exact same comment that I was referring to.

            I was questioning whether my memory would be that bad, as I do not easily get offended and I do try to clarify things and when I’m wrong, I find it much better to admit my own flaws and my own errors than to buckle down and be stubborn.

            The comment was not off topic, as that article was about digital currency.

            I remembered sharing my testimony of how I became born again. My testimony was on topic, because I was specifically discussing the prophecies of the last days which have foretold that “buying and selling” will be subject to one of three separate forms of identification, i.e. a mark or a name or a number. That is one of the main points that brought me to realize the scriptures are true and I was full of sorrow over my own guiltless and repented unto God.

            It made no sense why JC would delete the part of my comment that tied into the topic, but left the part that didn’t, up.

            And now he’s called me a liar. I feel slightly vindicate because you took the time to search for this comment. I had no idea how to go about doing that, so my failure was in making a statement without a source.

            Again, thank you.

            Best regards,

            P.S. I do have a great affection for James Corbett. I’ve never found another journalist and record curator anywhere near as well sourced, having the integrity he has.

            Yes, I do know way too many jokes lol

            • setatliberty said,
              “The comment was not off topic….”

              Sorry…that is not correct.
              Yes, your comment was off-topic.
              There ain’t no curving it, but I understand your justification of “as that article was about digital currency.”

              James Corbett went to great lengths and time creating The Cashless Society List.

              He was enlisting help for the LIST.
              This is what James Corbett wrote:
              “If you have a link to relevant news from your own country or know of such news from another country, please let us know.
              Corbett Report members are invited to contribute to the list by logging in and leaving links to the relevant info in the comments below.”

              72 comments which James had to comb through.
              Read through them.
              Most comments were on point.

              Corbett clarified things well with this phrase at your comment:
              [SNIP: This is a fascinating discussion, but completely and utterly off topic for the purpose of this open source investigation of cashless payment systems around the world. If you have any links to contribute regarding payment systems or initiatives in various countries please do so. Any further posts about Biblical textual variants will be snipped from this thread. – JC]

              Look, I’ve been chided before by Corbett or by fellow Corbett Members or by my friends/family. At the moment, maybe my feelings got a bit hurt or something. But stewing over it is not a way forward, because “stuck attention” puts chewing gum in the gears of living life.

          • Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

      • Related:
        Mindset for better brain function – “hippocampus neurogenesis” – Dr. Michael Nehls

        Mentioned are:
        “hippocampus neurogenesis” (brain neurons being regenerated)
        autobiographical memory
        What is needed to keep “hippocampus neurogenesis” functioning well.
        Being strongly interested, curious about things, having an ability to take risks and to embark on noble adventures, seeking understanding and learning new things, — All these are interwoven into “hippocampus neurogenesis”.
        Proper rest, a positive outlook and pleasantries, exercise, nutrition and de-stressing play a strong role in supporting brain function.

      • Mothers do this, too. I am almost 70 and my mother still reminds me of my childhood transgressions. I always suspected that she kept a mental scorecard, until I got married and developed the same affliction. It seems the pain caused by our loved ones’ betrayals gives the memory extra sticking power.

        • Yeah, people keep score. My mom has mentioned things to me from the past and I explain that that was decades ago and was a mistake and is no longer relevant.

  24. Contents included in this video series might inform our future plans. I am not a fan of nuclear energy, but am interested in the state of the grid and our options.

    Power, Politics, and the Grid


    “From Texas to Tokyo, this five-part docuseries shows how politicians and corporate avarice weakened our most critical network — and why we need fission to fix it.

    “Juice: Power, Politics, And The Grid is a five-part documentary series produced by two Austin-based filmmakers, Tyson Culver and Robert Bryce, that follows the success of their first film: Juice: How Electricity Explains the World, which is now available on streaming platforms around the world.

    “The series takes viewers from Texas to Tokyo to expose the perils facing our electric grid. It shows how we can improve the reliability of our most important energy network and address climate change by embracing nuclear energy.

    “Juice: Power, Politics & The Grid features interviews with top thought leaders, including historian Patty Limerick, political scientist Roger Pielke Jr., journalist Michael Shellenberger, civil rights leader Robert Apodaca, World Nuclear Association director Sama Bilbao, Sacramento County Sheriff Jim Cooper, Canadian nuclear activist Chris Keefer, author Meredith Angwin, former IEA director Nobuo Tanaka, Campaign for a Green Nuclear Deal founder Madi Hilly, and many others.

    While offering a sober assessment of the challenges facing the $5 trillion-per-year global electricity business, the series concludes with a hopeful look at the future — and the future of climate change — by featuring the activists who are helping fuel renewed interest and investment in nuclear power here in the U.S. and around the globe.”

  25. From the WSJ recently:

    “Scientists Resort to Once-Unthinkable Solutions to Cool the Planet

    Three geoengineering projects seek to alter the chemistry of the atmosphere and the ocean. Critics warn of unintended consequences.”


    “Forget Passwords and Badges: Your Body Is Your Next Security Key”


    “The Six Months That Short-Circuited the Electric-Vehicle Revolution”


    They will try and they will fail

  26. I just discovered a new documentary that screened in select locations last year thanks to an email from a thoughtful substack subscriber

    “Common Ground documentary (2023) – Official Trailer”


    “Sobering yet hopeful, ‘Common Ground’ exposes the toxic interconnections of American farming policy, politics, and health, by sharing stories of destruction and healing across the United States and beyond, and how regenerative agriculture and soil health plays a vitally important role in changing these systems for the better. At it’s root, it explores how people from different walks of life, different political backgrounds, and different places share one thing in common – the very soil beneath their feet.”

    If any of you internet sleuths and network ninjas out there in the crowd know of a website online that has one of those pirated recordings of a screening of this film so I can watch sooner than later I would be grateful if you could share a link!

    • Even though they seem to putting a strong emphasis on carbon emissions/greenhouse gasses/”climate change” narratives in the trailer I am very encouraged by the highlighting of the importance of building soil biology and organic matter. I also appreciate how the trailer mentioned how regenerative food cultivation techniques represent a way to honor the wisdom of those who came before us and also give to the future.

      I look forward to watching to see if they touch on regenerative agroforestry as well as the more ‘tractor friendly’ versions of regenerative ag which they show in the trailer.

      I am grateful those people who happened to become famous in their careers that are involved in that film have decided to use the spotlight that is on them to shine light onto some truly beautiful and hopeful solutions which all of us can implement in our lives. That is an example of using one’s blessings in life and God given gifts to be in service of life (human and non-human life).

      I will definitely be donating to their cause and purchasing the film to support their ongoing educational works.

  27. I think it was HRS who mentioned recently that melatonin was being used successfully to cure covid. The reason is now clear. Melatonin is a remedy for poisonous snake bites, and covid-19 is snake venom, which is also in the covid injections. Someone posted somewhere in the comments on this site an interview with Bryan Ardis, who clearly outlines his inquiry into the covid and snake venom connection. The camera-on-the-pages of the CDC’s and NIH’s own publications should not be overlooked, and the information might be life saving considering what “they” have promised for the next crisis, so I thought the video should be posted again:


    Children and smokers were more resistant to covid:
    1:10:00 melatonin
    1:14:00 nicotine receptors

    The nicotine patch 1:27:00
    Marburg virus 1:39:00

    Unfortunately the video is two and a half hours long, and there is no transcript. I have no time for two and a half hour videos, but I have found that Bryan Ardis is worth listening to, so I spent the time. To skip the interviewer’s lengthy introduction – the well worn mantra about the powers that be who do not have your interests in mind, what this presentation is going to do to your mind, promotion of the interviewer’s family’s business (TLS, whatever that might be), and flattery of the person to be interviewed, as seems to be the protocol for interviews in the alternative media — begin at about 9:00.

    There is documentation only during about the first hour. Throughout the rest of the interview Dr. Ardis cites various publications. (Some of them seem to other than what he documented earlier.) His presentation seems to be well informed and well reasoned. The interviewer apparently didn’t bother to cite the articles and documents Dr. Ardis quoted, or the person who posted the video on Bitchute did not. At the end of the video is a statement that documentation is available at the Dr. Ardis Show site:


    but it doesn’t seen to be there.

    • Apparently there are numerous easily available preventatives and cures for snake venom. During the interview Dr. Ardis explains various remedies. Be sure also to make note of numerous others at the end of the video, starting at about 2:19:00. Perhaps people who had sufficient levels of zinc, or vitamin C, or melatonin, or glutathione (Dr. Ardis mentions NAC, a precursor of glutathione), or nicotine did not become infected (or whatever is your preferred verb) with covid, although family members or associates did? (This does not “prove” anything, one way or the other, about the existence, or not, of the virus.) There was a study of the levels of glutathione in those who died of covid and another of levels of zinc. 100% of both groups were deficient. I don’t have the URLs at hand. (Nicotine is not addictive. An additive in tobacco products makes them addictive.)

      The video on Bitchute stalled several times for me, but here are alternatives, just in case:



      From epidemiologists, MDs, and various health care providers who are not beholden to corporations or government we have received very different accounts of what covid-19 is and especially what is contained in the injections: saline solution, snake venom, graphene oxide, gene editing RNA, unidentified particles.

      Most people whose PCR “test” was positive experienced only flu like symptoms, probably accounting for the cases and death rate from influenza being markedly lower than usual for a couple of years. A smaller number of people reportedly had severe symptoms they had never experienced before. I suppose these correspond to the 5% who received the biologically active version of the injections, according to information in the VAERS data. (Search “how bad is my batch,” or Craig Paardekooper.) Among the 5%, the biologically active ingredients might vary among the batches? It seems that it might be some time before the complete picture emerges?

      • “Video unavailable”

        So the nicotine protection has been known for some time. I am fairly well informed, and the Bryan Ardis interview was the first I heard of it. The word is not getting out.

        • I did hear, indirectly, the official announcement that smokers especially are at risk. I should have been suspicious.

          • It did seem like smokers were less likely to get sick with Covid in particular. However, it was the nicotine not the smoking that probably helped.

            Patches and gum that don’t have the radioactivity that tobacco contains and only the nicotine probably have some health benefits. Although, this chemical can still cause increased blood pressure because it acts as a vaso-constrictor.

            I don’t think smoking is healthy even if a side effect may be not getting a certain condition, the other health risks far outweigh the benefits in my opinion. But nicotine gum is something I have used for stress at work and maybe it’s why I didn’t get sick with “Covid” while working in hospitals. I just didn’t know it at the time. Not to be judgmental towards smokers, but smoking is IMO a foul habit that causes a lot of other diseases in many people. Just my 2 cents.

            • This is the first time I have heard of radioactivity in tobacco, so I did a quick check. The only thing I found that might be other than a publication by government or its affiliates was this:


              So chemical fertilizers used for tobacco farming are responsible for lung cancer among smokers.

              An unrelated but parallel phenomenon: cacao and coffee plants uptake cadmium from the soil. Soil in parts of South America are unusually high in cadmium. Being organic is no protection, since nothing is added to the soil to increase cadmium levels. According to publications by government and its affiliates, most people who indulge in coffee and chocolate are not at risk. I haven’t been able to find out how much cadmium is acquired from a cup of coffee and a couple of ounces of ultra dark chocolate per day. I might just give up and look up what chelates with cadmium. People with sufficient level of zinc are said to have some protection. I make my own chocolate with cacao powder, coconut oil, a couple of shakes of Himalayan salt, and stevia. I thought this was the ultimate virtuous indulgence until I happened upon the cadmium problem.

              We have to be physicists, biochemists, economists, lawyers, and IT geeks just to survive in the world.

              • I think it might be radon gas that comes from the ground. There is natural radioactivity in soil.

                Here’s something I found:


                I’ve never gone to primary source on this topic, but it makes sense to me. That’s one of the elements that make smoking toxic, in addition to the chemicals.

                Also, working as a nurse and having family members who smoked and got lung disease confirms it for me. I’ve also smoked for a brief time and knew it was harmful. Bodily confirmation if you will. It also smells awful IMO.

                So, my conclusions are that smoking even the finest tobaccos is harmful. Smoking anything is harmful, but I think tobacco is probably the worst especially the frequency with which people engage in the habit.

              • My primary point was to call a spade a spade. Maybe it was irrelevant. I have had some bad habits in my lifetime and denial was always an issue, even with the excessive drinking (another toxic habit).

                If people want to engage in harmful habits, they have the right to do so but to deny the toxicity of such is an error IMO.

                I’m not saying you were doing this or anyone else was but just wanted to make that statement.

              • Yeah, interesting regarding cadmium. I never knew that. I do love chocolate and this finding does not dissuade me from eating chocolate.

                I suppose harm reduction is possible but harm elimination from life is impossible. I eat sugar and I know it’s very bad for me. I’d even say I’m addicted to it and it’s been hard to get rid of it entirely. It’s the one vice I’ve never kicked.

                I suspect that minimizing GMOs and soil contamination would be helpful for harm reduction in anything someone consumes.

                Our GI tract and liver can handle a lot of toxins and our skin as well acts as a buffer. But inhaling chemicals is probably a bad idea especially with regular frequency.

                Speaking of natural radiation, checking for radon gas in ones home or property is probably a good idea. I think there were several cases of lung cancer in non smokers related to this and it’s not something normally considered or tested for.

              • Yes, a quick online search supplied a link to the infamous CDC site, which states:

                “Radioactive materials, like polonium-210 and lead-210 are found naturally in the soil and air. They are also found in the high-phosphate fertilizers that farmers use on their crops. Polonium-210 and lead-210 get into and onto tobacco leaves and remain there even after the tobacco has been processed.

                “When a smoker lights a cigarette and inhales the tobacco smoke, the toxic and radioactive substances in the smoke enter the lungs where they can cause direct and immediate damage to the cells and tissues. The same toxic and radioactive substances can also damage the lungs of people nearby.”

                I imagine these also get into our food crops as well, but maybe they just pass through without being absorbed. I didn’t continue to research further.

              • I think because your GI tract has different cell types that are replaced often, sloughed off etc versus lung tissue of a different cell type.

                Alveoli in lungs are one cell thick and if radioactive material gets in there can cause DNA damage. Plus tobacco paralyzes cillia and the lungs stop bringing up mucus. Smokers often notice when they quit they cough up a bunch of stuff, likely because the cillia start working again.

                On a side issue, I did notice much more GI cancer in young people even prior to the jab. Some were healthy and ate mostly plant based diets and had an absence of family history of cancer. I thought that was weird. Maybe over time eating foods with greater degrees of traces of radioactive particles is contributing? Who knows. It does seem like toxicity from something has increased over time.

              • The GI tract, not “yours” specifically regenerates quickly , soughs off, etc. Cells constantly replaced. There’s also lots of bacteria in the gut that help us out process things. Lungs are relatively sterile as far as I know.

            • There are no more comment levels following your mention of radon below, so I respond here. For a while, years ago, we heard constantly about radon, and then no more. I wonder where all the radon went?

              • It’s there. It possible to test for it. I had this done several years ago because I had two cats get cancer, one was lung cancer which was weird. This was in a city. The levels were within normal limits.

                My new country house has never been checked but I want to have it done. Radiation is one of those sneaky toxic exposures that can cause profound damage and you won’t know until it’s too late.

            • We are still stuck with the dwindling possibilities for commenting, depending on how many replies there have been already. In some cases (not this one) it looks like a commenter replies to his own comment until the person he is attacking cannot reply. But I should take a look at James’ video explaining the new interface before I complain.

              To the point: @ cu.h.j on 02/27/2024 at 10:33 am

              It seems that I have the same problem that James complained about recently. My slightly ironic rhetorical question was meant to imply a possible motive for the sudden disappearance of further mention of radon. I suppose we shouldn’t assume that all of the interactions between chemical fertilizers and radiation/toxins, natural and otherwise, have already been disclosed.

              • Thanks for the reply. Yup, I didn’t get the irony. Sometimes it’s really tough without subtle verbal and non verbal cues. I think that those parts of communication really convey a message much better than written words.

                I think I would possibly have picked up on it if we were speaking.

                Anyway, I didn’t consider that possibility when you wrote it, but that sure makes a lot of sense when you explicitly point it out!

                They want us sick and dying and will make a ton of money off of it in the process. The cancer industry is booming now and I bet some of it is related to toxic exposure and maybe radon exposure since people don’t normally consider testing.

                As an aside, I would recommend testing and also soil testing for other contaminants if someone can afford it or maybe even learn how to test their own land using the tools themselves.

                I’m in a remote location now and have been meaning to test my soil and the vicinity for contamination. I did try to pick a place that I felt lacked pollution however I haven’t checked for radon. I’ll have to research a possible solution if it is high.

                Thanks again for your response. Take care.

  28. In the New Year Thread there was some discussion about fluoride and lead toxicity. Removing high levels of heavy metals usually requires high levels of the minerals antagonistic to the toxin. A few years ago I had a very severe bout with heavy metal toxicity. Before the crisis, I suspected a mineral imbalance of some kind, probably a deficiency in magnesium, and was taking magnesium supplements, which might be the reason I survived. But I was not taking enough to solve the problem. I was also already looking into Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). Search it. The recommended levels of magnesium and zinc and various other supplements gradually solved my problem.

    Is it possible that the reason Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic therapies are often ineffective is that they were developed long before much of the human population was exposed to high levels of toxins? Herbs and teas are excellent support for health, but they don’t drive out toxic levels of minerals.

    Recently it has come to my attention that borax and sodium thiosulfate are being used successfully to remove heavy metals and fluoride. At the Earth Clinic site, contributors Ted in Bangkok and Bill in the Philippines are especially knowledgeable in matters of biochemistry and have posted detailed protocols for using borax and sodium thiosulfate. But before using them it would be a good idea to read all of the comments. S. t. especially must be used very knowledgeably and carefully.


    Anyone having mysterious, chronic symptoms probably should do HTMA.

    Here is the link to the Earth Clinic fluoride thread:


    • mutig,
      Thanks for your comment and link. For a brief write-up, I thought that the fluoride webpage had a pretty good overview with some good suggestions.

      Lead and Fluoride …bone build-up

      Both Lead and Fluoride are attracted to the bones, the calcium/phosphorus matrix. (hydroxyapatite)

      Tidbit… dead fish bones…
      Phosphate mining – The mining of phosphate ore or uranium (uranium layed down during same time period) as in Florida…that ore is basically dead fish bones.
      More or less – calcium fluoride phosphate, Ca5(PO4)3F

      Thanks to the Dental Lobby and Manhattan Project, we can recycle the fluoride from that phosphate ore to human bones during fluoridation.

      Everybody has lead in their body.
      Detoxing lead and fluoride are problematic because of this bone relationship.
      Bones are continuosly breaking down and rebuilding.
      Thus, fluoride will be released into the body system but may recirculate back into the bone matrix. Ditto for lead.

      Half of all fluoride consumed goes to the bones. For children, it is a higher percentage because they are actively generating more bone.

      Half of the fluoride consumed is excreted through the kidneys.
      But, if the kidneys aren’t working well then that fluoride will back-up and overload the body trying to find a ‘home’.

      Michael Connett Esq. interviewed by Kim Iverson
      QUEUED 12:22
      “…The other thing is: If you know anyone with kidney disease, especially someone with dialysis – they do not want to be at drinking fluoridated water. That’s the one population if I had the ability to like specifically notify and alert one population.
      Well, formula fed babies, pregnant mothers, and people with kidney disease, because if you have kidney disease you have a very impaired ability to excrete this stuff from your body and it builds up.
      You know one of the things because of the suppression of Science – In the early days one of the things I read, I spent a lot of time reading about this and it really bothered me a lot.
      In the 1970s it came to light that dialysis patients were suffering this crippling bone disease called osteomalacia, fluoride induced osteomalacia. It’s a softening of the bone, a very painful disease. Because the dialysis centers were not removing fluoridated water at the time, and people were being were being poisoned with fluoride.
      These dialysis patients now, they stopped. They stopped. The dialysis centers now remove fluoride from the dialysate.
      But if you’re drinking fluoridated water and you’re someone with advanced kidney disease you’re an “at risk population”…
      …That’s a major “at risk population for fluoride”, and the government has completely abandoned them. No one from the government ever, despite knowing that they’re “at risk”, no one has done anything to educate, to notify or to alert that very vulnerable population. No one. Nothing. They’ve just been left on their own. “

      • The Michael Connett interview should be broadcast everywhere. Most of the people who are most at risk will never hear this information. The trial in SF is going on now. I wonder how much press it will receive.

        We cannot hope to avoid all of the massive amounts of toxins we are exposed to. Fortunately, there is information about remedies and prevention of toxicity, but only a small part of the exposed populations are receiving it.

  29. Alison Morrow just did a great interview with Joel Salatin about the array of farmers protests and offers potential solutions. He is very nuanced and very controversial because he encourages self-empowerment instead of government reliance.
    This is right up the Corbett audience alley.
    Take a listen if you care about food and farmers.


    She’s also on Odysee and other channels if you don’t do Rokfin

  30. French ‘Article Pfizer’ Bill Aimed at Punishing Vaccine Critics Becomes Law


    “Health advocates claim the language specifically applies to anyone who advises against COVID-19 vaccines or other “medical treatments” and who are “obviously suitable according to the state of medical knowledge.” Those who suggested alternative therapies or medication would also be subject to penalty under the new law, which can mean up to one year in prison or a fine of up to 15,000 euros (about $16,100).”

    Likely found on other outlets. I saw that Bret Weinstein retweeted a post about this. In that post the fine was 45,000 euros and jail time 3 years, probably for bad-mouthing the mRNA shots..

    • From the Brownstone Institute: https://brownstone.org/articles/france-teeters-on-the-brink/

      “On February 14, the French National Assembly passed article 223-1-2 du code pénal. Contained therein, in Article 4 of that law, Robert Kogon writes:

      “Article 4 introduces a new crime into the French penal code: incitation to abandon or refrain from medical treatment or to adopt a would-be treatment, if, “in the current state of medical knowledge”, doing so “clearly” may cause harm to the person or persons in question. This crime is made punishable by one year in prison and a fine of €30,000 (£26,000) or, if the “incitation” has effect, i.e. the medical advice is followed, three years in prison and a fine of €45,000 (£39,000).

      Kogon notes that this must pass the French Senate to become law. Still, it is an extremely ominous piece of legislation that clearly criminalizes medical dissent.”

  31. Worthwhile Tucker Carlson interview of Mike Benz re censorship (1:04:45). Fast paced, with Mike doing most of the talking.

    Ep. 75 The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. “What I’m describing is military rule,” says Mike Benz. “It’s the inversion of democracy.”


    • jo-ann

      Thanks for the link to Tucker and Mike.
      I had no doubts about the deviousness and capabilities of these people
      but it’s always good to get details about how they work and it may help
      us to avoid some of their attacks and hacks down the road.
      It’s interesting to note how impressed Tucker is with this info when one
      thinks that he, of all people, would be much more aware of their tactics
      and how they do their works.

      Again, thanks for this and you should know that you add a lot to this
      comment section with your input and your references to things like
      And thanks to JC for making it possible for all of us.

  32. I just wanted to write something. 🙂

    • 😉 Good job! Dereks, I liked seeing your writing.

      James Corbett did a good job of resetting the comment features, including RECENT COMMENTS at the top right of each Thread.

      FAIR GAME – I think Oklahoma is still fair game…

      Q: Did you hear that the governor’s mansion in Oklahoma burned down?
      A: Almost took out the whole trailer park.

      Q: Why couldn’t the baby Jesus be born in Oklahoma?
      A: Because they couldn’t find 3 wise men or a virgin.

      Q: How can you tell if someone in Oklahoma is married?
      A: The tobacco spit stains are on both sides of his pickup truck.

      Q: What do you call a good looking girl on the University of Oklahoma campus?
      A: A visitor.

      I’m not saying Sooners basketball players are dumb, but the coach is dressing six players for this Saturdays game. The rest will dress themselves.

      SOURCES – Scientific Studies on Oklahoma

  33. 𝐂𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐭 𝐅𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐆𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐈𝐧 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐫𝐚 𝐎𝐟 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐋𝐚𝐰𝐧 𝐍𝐚𝐳𝐢𝐬

    Some helpful resources and lists for all you seditious satyagrahi out there interested in resisting turf tyranny and embracing food sovereignty.

    (this article is part satire but also packed full of very practical intel regardless of what type of neighborhood/community you live in and what ever kind of gardening you would like to do this year)


  34. Recent post from Whitney Webb and Mark Goodwin. Originally published at BitcoinMagazine.com:

    Tokenized, Inc: BlackRock’s Plan To Own The Fractionalized World


    “In the aftermath of the recent Bitcoin ETF approvals, BlackRock’s Larry Fink revealed that soon everything will be “ETF’d” and tokenized, threatening to fractionalize not just existing assets and commodities, but the natural world, reducing most living things into Wall Street financial products to be traded on a single, universal ledger.”

    Lengthy article with videos. This plan to catalogue everything might be new to some of the new Corbetteers.

    • Thanks for the heads up Jo-ann

      To Blackrock:

      Good luck trying to “tokenize” or “fractionalize” the knowledge and experience I cultivate when I work in the garden and all the heirloom seeds I have stored in the living soil in my garden, as well as all the seeds I have shared (and continue to share) with people all over the world (who in turn grow them, save seed and share with many others in their communities).

      Lets see how well your Aladdin does tryna lock down a decentralized grass roots movement empowered by the inherent regenerative capacity, abundance and wisdom of the living Earth. You crunch your numbers and manipulate your illusory fiat/CBDC markets depending on flimsy centralized infrastructure to get your food, i`ll be investing into the ancient living economy of the Earth and withdrawing from my account in the form of food and medicine that I can access anywhere at any time. We shall see what investment strategy pays off in the end.

  35. Germany announces wide-ranging plans to restrict the speech, travel and economic activity of political dissidents, in order to better control the “thought and speech patterns” of its own people


    Another “pseudo-democracy” coup near completion. I tried to obtain an English version of the German legislation, but was unsuccessful. From the article, there only has to be a suspicion of dissent against state narratives for the application of restrictions.

  36. For your awareness. From Robert Malone’s Substack.

    Sea lioning is a trolling or harassment tactic commonly deployed in online discussions and blogs. It involves the attacker asking relentless and insincere questions or requests for evidence under the guise of civility and a desire for genuine debate. These requests are often tangential or previously addressed, and when well deployed the attacker maintains a pretense of civility and sincerity, while feigning ignorance of the subject matter. Sea lioning is aimed at exhausting the patience and goodwill of the target, making them appear unreasonable.”

    • @jo-ann

      Interesting, i have had a few of those show up on my posts recently. Now I know what people call them.


  37. if the point of life is to build ones’ character, intentional use of intellect, until the spirit leaves the body. then one can only be in charge of what one proved in the body. to prepare for leadership after death can be exercised by exercising self control in life. self control is self health care. physically and spiritually. being a righteous manager of mold, fungus, virus, bacteria and parasite. our personally assigned universe.

    • “The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” – Henry Milller

      Quote taken from “Creative Death” in the “Wisdom of the Heart” 1941

      • i do not see the point of living a life like that. what is the end game?

        • kill time, do time, waste time, spend time or invest time. every one gets what they want when they want it bad enough. getting it in an orderly fashion helps make sense of it. the Creator is my cell mate. access is provided.

        • We each are free to chose our life’s purpose and what the end game might be. I wonder, though, do we need a purpose or has society told us we do. Beyond providing for the survival of the next generation(s), what other purpose is mandatory for life?

          To me it seems the best we can do is try to make the world a better place while causing as little harm as possible, whether by adopting certain religious practices, stoicism, or simply making thoughtful choices consistently towards those ends.

          • the free won’t is the thing to watch out for. the things we avoid while we cringe at the thought of involvement are the character builders. whether we work towards the end of life or towards a continued life we begin with a premise. i am there fore i think, i have been granted a gift not of my own choosing. i think therefore i am, i am the shot caller. i prefer the first form before de carte. from the cellular level to the spiritual level instructions always come from the outside. who gets screen credits?

            • Perhaps consider this as a mind exercise: Instruction always comes from within, from the cellular lever to the spiritual level. Information about the environment comes from the outside.

              • that is an exercise premise that is commonly taken. instruction comes from within the space where the spirit resides. the instruction comes from the spirit, not the particle. einstein pointed out that there are two things in the universe. space and particles. the space (the field) is in control of the particle. we look through the spiritual realm at the particle. you are stuck inside your space with the Creator as am i. Creator is spirit and humans are spirits. Creator is in all spaces and communicates with us as a KNOWING. if you know to do good and do not do it than you miss the point/mark. the information about the environment is perceived by our preceptors and interpreted by our intellect. by the way, sugar is good for you and undesirable elements are removed from the body if one facilitates rubbish remove. right tool for the right job.

              • tom RN – I am a fan of Ray Peat’s work. He posits that the level of consciousness we have is in proportion to our cellular energy. Therefore, we must minimize toxins (including those in man-made “food”) to improve mitochondrial function which moves us towards higher consciousness or improved intelligent cognition.

  38. Jimmy Dore talks to Dr. Leroy Hulsey about building 7. Venerable dr. seems quite a bit disillusioned. It’s a solid 1 hour conversation that is seen by 100k people in the first 6 hours. At around 34 minute mark they play our’s truly 5 minute 9/11 gem.


    Nothing new to the regulars here, but nice to see this topic being revived in the normie media.

    • BUMP
      This video has got legs.

      Video was published Jan 18.
      7am Texas time Monday Jan 19 (a U.S. government holiday “Presidents Day”)…
      218,554 views Feb 18, 2024

  39. Apologies if this article has been shared previously.

    IN-DEPTH: North Carolina Commissioners Vote to Remove Fluoride From Water
    Matt McGregor 2/8/2024 EPOCH Times


    “At the Union County Board of County Commissioners meeting on Feb. 5, commissioners voted 3-2 to remove fluoride from the county drinking water. The ordinance will still require a second reading and vote at the board’s next meeting on Feb. 19 because it wasn’t a unanimous 5-0 vote.”

    • They met their goal. Someone donated $1,354 to help them reach their goal faster.

  40. Just for fun. US citizens only.
    Take a survey, from the US Census Bureau. You don’t have to answer some of the questions they shouldn’t have asked in the first place.
    The last question is a doozy.
    My answer ; Bring up criminal and RICO charges against Fauchi,Gates,The Boards of Pfizer,Moderna, Johnson and Johnson.


    They leave links to some impressive places. Like COVID-19, where they say the free vaccines are safe and effective.

  41. Derrick Broze interviewed on Redacted – Excellent job by Derrick – Fluoride Trial

    Published on Tuesday Feb 20 (Same day as Closing Arguments by EPA and Michael Connett)

    Hang on! The U.S. government is POISONING American cities with Fluoride? | Redacted w Natali Morris
    (17 minutes)

  42. Censorship by governments made the news this week in UK (doxing list of “hate speech” makers to hamper their participation in society) and in Canada.

    In one article, a quote attributed to Trudeau made me chuckle because it sounds so ridiculous. Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/02/blackface-trudeau-says-there-is-deliberate-undermining-mainstream/

    Later today Justin Trudeau described the need for speech censorship. Trudeau told reporters “there is a deliberate undermining of the mainstream media” by “conspiracy theorists.”

  43. https://archive.org/details/growfoodnotlawns

    We live in a time when idiotic, exploitative and ecologically illiterate GMO agriculture practices have created a situation where here in North America we have simultaneous epidemics of obesity and malnutrition.

    We live in a time when the regions that have the most plowing and monoculture farming practices also import the highest amounts of food to feed their populations. For instance, Kansas is 95% agriculture by acreage and imports 95% of its food. Similar stats can be observed in some prairie communities in Canada and here in Ontario where GMO corn and soy fields dominate the landscape.

    The system of agriculture we have been conditioned to see as “normal” is insane, anti-human, ecologically degenerative, irrational, hubristic and nothing more than a means for profiteering (at the cost of human health and the integrity of the biosphere).

    Many of our front yards are a reflection of the “war on nature” thinking I just described above with regards to industrial agriculture methods. We waste land spending money we don’t have attempting to force a monoculture of imported grass onto the land while buying the products of industrial agriculture (funding ecological destruction and degrading our health).

    It is time to stop our futile efforts to wage war against the ecosystems that provide what we need to live and instead forge alliances with the more than human world. One of the most powerful leverage points each of us can engage with in this sacred task is right in our front yards.

    Grow Food, Not Lawns.

      • I like it, I am gonna go ahead and build on that solid foundation and run with this saying

        If you want to be happy for a day, get drunk. If you want to be happy for a year, get married. But if you want to be happy for a lifetime, plant a garden. If you want to be happy, healthy and resilient for a lifetime see the forest as your teacher, gather knowledge, gather seeds and plant a regenerative garden. If you want to spread that happiness, health and resilience into your entire community (and empower those around you to starve the corporations, corrupt governments and their bankster over lords) save seeds from your regenerative garden and share them along with the knowledge others will need to cultivate those seeds. 😉


        Thanks for the comment.

        • That sounds like a good motto. Most would doze off midway through, at best, but what can you do.

          • @mkey

            You may be right. There is an increasing trend of people reading only the title of my substack essays and then making comments based on those words alone.

            I have also encountered a growing number of people that prefer twitter and tictok attention span type material showing up on my substack and asking me to make my posts shorter.


            When they first introduced the function I expressed my concerned that the Substack “notes” feature would mark the beginning of the twittification of substack to gold fish attention span interactions becoming normalized… alas, it appears my concerns were well founded.

            Oh well, i`ll just keep doing what I do as I am not gonna change how I write to conform to a format that appeals to tik-tok-a-fied digitally hyper-stimulated minds.

            Hopefully, a few people that are still capable of reading more than 300 characters at a time will find my work and have access to the practical info to improve their quality of life and become resilient enough to face the challenges ahead. That is the best I can do.

            Thanks for the comment.

      • mold, fungus, parasite, virus and bacteria make up 90 percent of the body. that is our first garden.
        what you eat feeds them and then they feed you. we learn our world geography from the wars engaged in. we do the same with our bodies. your immune system was created to deal with the insults self induced and other wise. like fluoride, gmo, tritium. you can die gracefully and comfortably if you learn the truth. where to start? bible means book. first book everyone gets is anatomy. then microbiology, physiology and chemistry. start where you are at. learn the names of things, get the picture. do what you know to do that is good. who sets that standard? it was set long before we got here.

        • The act of becoming a student of the ecosystem around us nourishes the ecosystem within us. Cultivating seeds in the living Earth cultivates the seeds of our imagination in the fertile soils of the mind. Preserving the crops with our bacterial allies (fermentation) creates a synergistic feedback loop between outer and inner ecosystems. The veggie scraps go in the compost pile, another ecosystem is nourished. Through the act of regenerative gardening, all are nourished, within, and outside, as above so below.

          • great clip from the “Mounsey Minute”. remember that plants do not create nutrition from what is not there. if it is not in the soil then it is not in the plant. 60 minerals are required for the human body. like selenium. the quantity necessary for our health must be supplemented. it is quite helpful in controlling numerous maladies like sudden cardiac death, muscular dystrophy etc… (Dr. Wallach) but i never heard about it till i pursued specifics in academic studies. autodidact-ism needs a curriculum.

            • @this old man RN


              Yes I am aware of the detriments of mineral depleted dead soils on plant health (that is why I use the term “regenerative” in conjunction with gardening as it describes a type of food cultivation that necessitates ecological literacy, nourishing/building living soil and optimizing mineral uptake and phytonutrient synthesis in crops).

              Reason number 2 in my list of 24 reasons focused on that issue specifically. The article (shown in pics in the slideshow and linked below the video in the description section) stated:

              Food grown in rich living soils contain a much higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, proteins, anti-oxidants (and other beneficial phytochemicals) than store bought food.

              Most produce available in stores has lost over 40% of its nutritional value in the last 50 years because of poor farming practices, pesticides and the degradation of the food supply due to the introduction of GMO products.

              Store bought food is often grown in nutrient and mineral depleted soils (due to conventional degenerative agricultural practices, including genetic modification of seeds) and the plants are already stressed due to tight spacing and the lack of beneficial soil organisms. This leads to produce almost totally devoid of any valuable nutrition (regardless of how it may look on the outside).

              When compared to crops from conventional farms, crops from regenerative agriculture farms (which means grown in living soil like you would have in your regenerative garden) had 34% more vitamin K, 15% more vitamin E, 14% more vitamin B1 and 17% more vitamin B2. The regenerative agriculture crops also had 11% more calcium, 16% more phosphorus and 27% more copper.

              ( for reference: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35127297/ )

              The study also compared wheat crops. Regenerative wheat crops were planted in a crop rotation pattern that included cover crops between crops of spring barley and winter wheat. The regenerative wheat samples had 41% more boron, 29% more magnesium, 48% more calcium and 56% more zinc than conventional wheat samples.

              When you grow crops at home in living soil (created via adding homemade compost, companion planting and mulching) the produce you harvest is significantly more nutritious than store bought.

              I appreciate the comment and your giving me the chance to highlight the importance of growing food in living fertile soils in order to get the full nutrition from the crops so one can effectively use homegrown food as medicine.

              • are you familiar with dr. joel wallach? true, the percentage of nutrition in well fertilized crops is greater than NPK fertilized soils. however it is not enough to over come the depletion that occurs in the body due to inability to absorb nutrition. for the individual a complete understanding can only happen when the Creator connects the dots. you have to have dots in order to connect them. you clearly have a vocabulary and experience above the normal citizen because you intended it that way. not from the beginning but as is common to man you rearranged your trajectory as you went along. learning and planning, planning and learning. what do you plan to do after you are dead?

              • @this old man RN

                I am not familiar with dr. joel wallach. If you were to list the top three most important things that he explores in his work what would they be?

                RE: “it is not enough to over come the depletion that occurs in the body due to inability to absorb nutrition”

                Good point! Many in the modern world have a crippled microbiome due to eating tons of progressed garbage vegan food and GMO grain fed animal products (both laced with glyphosate) and so the ecosystem within them is not capable of dealing with anti-nutrients nor is it capable of actually extracting and processing the nutrients in food.

                That is one of the reasons I wrote this:


                Interestingly, again, reason number 2 in my list of 30 reasons, focuses on exactly what you mentioned in your comment above about bioavailability.

              • RE: “for the individual a complete understanding can only happen when the Creator connects the dots.”

                I do think that all of the most meaningful moments of inspiration, deep understanding and one’s ability to definitively perceive what is true and what is not, are only accessible via the Creator.

                However, I do not think our human brain is capable of housing the “complete understanding” of God all at once (but rather only capable of being gifted glimpses of vivid clarity on understanding the truth about particular individual facets of our reality when one makes their heart and mind receptive). Though unlike most people who seek to connect with the Creator I do not seek to cultivate that connection through dogmatic religious belief systems.

                (more on my own path to open myself up to receive glimpses of that understanding and ask Creator to help me connect the dots as much as I am capable so I can live in service of life here: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/spiritual-autodidacticism )

                Thank you for your kind words about my experience and vocabulary.

                RE: “what do you plan to do after you are dead?”

                Well, being someone that genuinely cares about my fellow beings on this Earth, seeing them as all sacred and deserving of respect, this life (in the age of industrialized mass murder and commodification of the sacred) can get to be pretty exhausting at times, so I imagine the first thing I do when I leave this body to go “home” is take a long and peaceful rest.

                That being said, based on what I remember and am able to perceive of my experiences and awareness as a soul existing in the non-physical realm in the space “between lives” lived in this physical universe, honestly, I expect that after I ‘sigh’ a deep exhale of relief and take account for the choices I have made in this life and how they made other beings feel, I will likely get right back into asking God where my gifts are most dearly needed and where I can be of service in this universe (embarking upon another physical experience in the 3 dimensional universe).

                Thanks for the comments and great question.

    • Gavinm – Your video is PERFECT!!! Clear, concise, motivating message with colorful visuals, all presented at a pace that is fast but not too fast. Excellent! I am going to share it with everyone I know. 🙂

  44. @jo-ann

    Thanks! I appreciate the positive feedback and your sharing.

    I may upload a slightly longer version of that clip that includes JEP’s comments but I made that one in a hurry with the clip I had access to at the time and wanted to get it up asap.

    If I find the time i`ll try to make slide shows with each Mounsey Minute segment after they air each month.

    I will also upload such videos to this channel https://odysee.com/@recipes4reciprocity:e as an alterative to Gootube


    February is “Black History Month” for the United States.
    It is kind of a big deal.

    RE: A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History

    While the article is full of overkill with hypertext links, there are some nuggets in there.
    I use it as a quick reference tool for sources.

    One example:
    James Corbett has interviewed Dr. Paul Connett on a number of occasions.
    Watch the October 24, 1996 Phyllis Mullenix videos. To her left is Dr. Paul Connett, full of activist animation. It was around this time that Ellen, his wife, gave Paul Connett extra work to do with the topic of fluoride.
    In that talk, Mullenix notes that fluoride was found throughout the brains of rats.

    Another nugget is Herb Needleman. The silver Kennedy half-dollars bribe for baby teeth was creative genius. The Lead Lobby crucified Needleman, and his career suffered for years. Christopher Bryson talks about Dr. Robert A. Kehoe, famous for his lifetime defense on the safety of leaded gasoline, and as a promoter of fluoride’s safety.
    The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) uploaded the AUDIO BOOK for The Fluoride Deception. The voice actors make the audio book fun and more interesting.

    Many of us were around during the 1990’s. A lot of events were taking place then, including Windows 95. Contrasting the fluoride related events with our memories of the era is a worthwhile exercise. The Soviet Union fell, Bosnia, L.A. Riots, WTC bombing, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Columbine High School, etc. President Clinton promised transparency with declassified Manhattan Project documents on October 3, 1995. The Oklahoma City bombing occurred on April 19, 1995.

    1990’s – Senior EPA scientist Dr. Stanley Marcus – Fluoride & cancer
    Writer Josh Walkos of Wrong Speak Publishing has a fabulous February 16, 2024 long-form article entitled: Fluoride Has Its Day In Court. In Josh’s article he details some of the events and people during the 1990’s, including Marcus and Mullenix.

    Anyone can use any part or all of the following “Opinion” article with no authorship attribution. If you get parts or all published in an OpEd publication, I’ll petition the priests to bless you.

  46. A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History

    A Dallas African American school teacher opened the door to a dark, hidden history. It is the history of secret human experiments by the government, universities and industry during World War 2 and the Cold War. It is the history of water fluoridation and the toxic, multi-fluorinated PFAS “forever chemicals” like Teflon and Scotchgard. Prior to World War 2, no one ever thought about swallowing fluoride. It was mainly used for pest control and industrial applications.

    In July 1992, Eileen Welsome, a journalist for an afternoon Albuquerque, New Mexico newspaper called a Dallas schoolteacher by the name of Elmerine Allen Whitfield. Her father, Elmer Allen, had been experimented on and injected with radioactive material (plutonium) during the top secret, classified Manhattan Project. Elmerine Allen Whitfield lives in Waxahachie today.

    The Manhattan Project was the World War 2 secret program to develop the Atomic Bomb. It involved many thousands of people, doctors and scientists, most major universities and huge industrial giants like DuPont, 3-M, and Alcoa Aluminum. In order to refine uranium for the Atomic Bomb, massive amounts of fluoride were needed. The amount of destruction, injuries and death as a result of fluoride’s toxicity was catastrophic. The government, universities, industrial giants and people went to great lengths to cover-up the tremendous harm which fluoride had caused during the 1940’s and early 1950’s via The Manhattan Project.

  47. (…continuing…”A Black Dallas School Teacher”)

    From 1945 to 1947, at least 18 people were injected with plutonium by Manhattan Project doctors. Government, universities and industry were involved. These experiments were under the supervision of Dr. Harold Hodge who also led many fluoride human experiments. In order to protect these institutions from public outcry and lawsuits against fluoride’s toxicity, Harold Hodge suggested that a new narrative could be created by promoting fluoride as good for teeth.

    You can see Dr. Harold Hodge at the chalkboard (1:54) saying “Fluoride is safe” in the recent documentary “Fluoride On Trial The Censored Science on Fluoride and Your Health” available as the first link in the DallasForSaferWater Jan 15 Press Release, which also points to the January 31 EPA Lawsuit Trial. Later, the documentary details aspects of The Manhattan Project. Also, in each of the linked Press Releases is the Dallas Water Utilities’ MEMORANDUM. On page 63, it describes the hazardous waste Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (HFS), which is used for Dallas fluoridation. It details that HFS is often the waste product of radioactive Uranium mining. Yes, radioactive particulates are added to Dallas drinking water.

    Because of that first interview with Elmerine Allen Whitfield, articles were published about the experiments during the Manhattan Project. This created a public outcry. Beginning in 1993, President Bill Clinton started declassifying some of these secret Manhattan Project documents. On October 3, 1995, the same day as the verdict in the O.J. Simpson case, President Bill Clinton made a public address to the nation promising to release all the secret Manhattan Project documents. Clinton stated, “Informed consent means your Doctor tells you the risk of the treatment you are about to undergo.”

  48. (…continuing…”A Black Dallas School Teacher”)

    Universities, industry and government agencies did destroy or bury many Manhattan Project documents during this time period. In September 1997, famous BBC journalist Christopher Bryson coauthored a news article: “Fluoride, Teeth and the Atomic Bomb”. In 1999, Eileen Welsome published her book “The Plutonium Files: America’s Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War”. The story of contacting Elmerine Whitfield is in the book. Years later after many interviews and deep research, Christopher Bryson published The Fluoride Deception in 2004. Christopher Bryson was interviewed about his book by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and also by Dr. Paul Connett. The Audio Book is here.

  49. (…continuing…”A Black Dallas School Teacher”)

    In 1977, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix was hired by Harvard Medical School to move to Boston and work with the now famous Dr. Herbert Needleman on the lead project, which in the 1979 study noted these traits: “distracted, not persistent, dependent, not organized, hyperactive, impulsive, frustrated, day dreamer, unable to follow simple directions, unable to follow sequences, low overall functioning, and social dysfunction.” Teenagers “were more likely to be dyslexic, drop or flunk out of high school, and get arrested if their lead levels” were higher.
    As the later lead studies in the Press Release show, early life exposure to toxins can predict future school failure and delinquent, criminal behavior.
    In 1982, while with Harvard Medical School, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix went to work in the toxicology department of the Dental Research Institute (Forsyth). She had developed a non-bias method of studying behavior in rats using computers. The Dental Research Institute asked her to study the toxicity of fluoride.
    In 1995 with impeccable peer review, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix published her Fluoride toxicity study.
    She found that fluoride accumulated in the brain. Depending upon prenatal or postnatal exposure a variety of behavioral changes occurred, such as hyperactivity / ADHD like symptoms or a “couch potato” dullness could result. In many respects, the fluoride brain damage could be compared to the Herbert Needleman 1979 lead toxicity study.

    Dr. Harold Hodge often would visit or call during the Mullenix fluoride studies. In 1996 people showed Dr. Mullenix declassified documents. Dr. Mullenix was shocked to discover that Dr. Harold Hodge had played a covert role on fluoride’s toxicity during The Manhattan Project. On October 24, 1996 Phyllis Mullenix describes her entire story in these three short 6 minute videos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

  50. (…continuing…”A Black Dallas School Teacher”)

    Harold Hodge helped to organize another mass human experiment using fluoride with Newburgh, New York. In 1945, it became one of the first cities to attempt water fluoridation. “In a classified operation code-named “Program F,” they secretly gathered and analyzed blood and tissue samples from Newburgh citizens.” The records of those tests have been destroyed.
    New York State’s first black female Mayor was Audrey Carey. In the 1990’s, she served two terms as Mayor of Newburgh. When someone showed her the declassified documents, Audrey Carey said, “I’m shocked…beyond words. It reminds me of the Tuskegee experiment that was done on syphilis patients down in Alabama. It is appalling to do any kind of experimentation and study without people’s knowledge and permission.”
    QUOTING the 1997 Chris Bryson article:
    “As a child in the early 1950s, Mayor Carey was taken to the old Newburgh firehouse on Broadway which housed the public health clinic. There, doctors from the Newburgh fluoridation project studied her teeth, and a peculiar fusion of two finger bones on her left hand which she’s had since birth. (Carey said that her granddaughter has white dental-fluorosis marks on her front teeth.)”

    With corporations, industry, universities, and government often protecting their reputations and vested interests, it can be a struggle for average citizens to seek justice.
    As the Washington Post reported in January 1994:
    “Elmerine Whitfield (C-Span) enlisted Reps. Martin Frost and Eddie Bernice Johnson in her campaign. This week, the two Dallas Democrats urged congressional hearings and compensation to the victims’ families.”

  51. (…continuing…”A Black Dallas School Teacher”)

    This is the first time in its 44-year history that citizens have reached the trial stage of a lawsuit against the EPA under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The Fluoride EPA Lawsuit could set a precedent for other environmental cases. The trial has dragged out since 2017 because of institutional interference. Here is more information about what occurred during the EPA Trial.
    Postscript: We do not know how many hundreds, if not thousands of African Americans were used as “fluoride experiments” during World War 2 and the Cold War. Most of the medical records were destroyed. While people from all ethnic backgrounds were targets of experiments, African Americans were often used in order to conceal fluoride’s toxic effects. For example: People with fair complexion would display an irritated, reddened face when exposed to the chemical’s vapors.
    In the linked free-to-read book, The Fluoride Deception, African Americans are mentioned on pages 38, 58, 60, 79, 87, 106, 110, 111, 119, 218, 258, 280. Feel free to spread the information. Anyone can use any portion without attribution.

    [ ENDA Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History]

  52. LINKS listed for
    A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History

    fluoridation – Vitamin D nutritional deficiencies


    multi-fluorinated – PFAS images


    “forever chemicals”

    IMAGE Sodium Fluoride – Insecticide


    Eileen Welsome

    Elmerine Allen Whitfield

    Elmer Allen



    The Manhattan Project – Mini-documentary 32 minutes by Hansen

    Dr. Harold Hodge

    fluoride’s toxicity

    “Fluoride is safe” – Hodge speaking – 6 minutes by Dr. Lanphear

    CHD documentary 58 minutes
    “Fluoride On Trial The Censored Science on Fluoride and Your Health”



    EPA Lawsuit Trial


    Clinton public address video

    Clinton stated – transcript

    “Fluoride, Teeth and the Atomic Bomb”

    “The Plutonium Files: America’s Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War”

    The Fluoride Deception

  53. (…continuing…)
    LINKS listed for
    A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History

    Democracy Now – Video

    Dr. Paul Connett – Video

    Audio Book is here

    Dr. Phyllis Mullenix

    Dr. Herbert Needleman – Superb article

    PRESS RELEASE – Brain Images Lead studies

    criminal behavior

    1979 lead toxicity study compared

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3


    corporations – carbs sugar

    Washington Post

    Fluoride EPA Lawsuit – Dr. Lanphear video 6 minutes

    institutional interference – Excellent Dan Ross article surprisingly printed in mainstream media

    what occurred during the EPA Trial

    • Thank you for sharing. I copied and pasted the text to create a six-page, single line-spaced document. I haven’t checked the links out yet, but want to thank you for investigating and organizing it all.

    • Monday February 26, 2024 – The Dallas Express – By Tom Nolan
      Opinion: A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History
      Opinión: Un maestro negro de una escuela de Dallas abrió la puerta a la historia del fluoruro

      By David Reynolds – Feb 26
      A black school teacher from Dallas opened the door to the story of fluoride

      Comments – DISQUS

      Texas Association of Secondary School Principals
      Texas Association of Secondary School Principals has a daily bulletin with news for “Teachers & Administration”.
      Here is the webfile for February 26, 2024
      ( ‘Ctrl’ + ‘F’ opens a search box on the webpage. Enter the key words.)
      [Two-thirds down the webpage is the title and link.]

      F.A.N. Fluoride Action Network – FluorideAlert.ORG – Feb 26
      Opinion: A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History

      Corbett Report – February Open Thread – (Time stamps are Japan time)
      A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History
      [This is an updated rendition of the Dallas Express OpEd which had originally been submitted early February. The FOREWORD gives some information and ‘free use’. ALL LINKS are separately listed below the article. It is a series of posts.]

    • Muck Rack
      Articles by Tom Nolan – The Wall Street Journal Journalist
      Contributing Writer and Book Reviewer, The Wall Street Journal –
      Los Angeles, United States – Arts and Entertainment, Opinion and Editorial –

      As seen in: The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Entertainment, Business Insider, Forbes, MSN (US), The Mirror UK, PBS NewsHour, Yahoo, Adweek, MarketWatch, Rolling Stone, The Conversation, The Daily Beast, bmj.com, Flipboard, Salon, The Mercury News, Phys.org, Boston Herald, Irish Examiner, Gallup, SBS, The Village Voice, Mic, Silicon Republic, The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, GuitarWorld, MYSA, NewsOne.com, Law360, ThePrint, GBH News (Boston, MA), Los Angeles Review of Books, The Art Newspaper, The Tyee, Buffalo News, Defense One, Powhatan Today, Roanoke Times, Winston-Salem Journal, Yakima Herald-Republic, Waco Tribune-Herald‎, Bryan-College Station Eagle, Grand Island Independent, Idaho Press, The Daily Progress, YES! Magazine, CommonWealth, The News & Advance, The Free Lance-Star, The News-Gazette (Champaign, IL), BJGP (British Journal of General Practice), Montana Standard, WMGT-TV (Macon, GA), Guitar Player, Hickory Daily Record, The Statesville Record & Landmark, Independent Tribune, The Arizona Mirror, Homeland Security News Wire, North Platte Telegraph, The Chicago Reporter, The Daily Nonpareil, Morganton News Herald, Kentucky New Era, Limerick Post, Martinsville Bulletin, Ohio Capital Journal, Moguldom, Inner Self Magazine, McDowell News, Chronicle-Tribune, Mystery Scene Magazine, Law360 UK, Gulf Breeze News, RealClear Books, News from the States, The Dallas Express, IQ Fin

      Articles by Tom Nolan
      Opinion: A Black Dallas School Teacher Opened the Door to Fluoride’s History
      3 days ago | By Tom Nolan Verified | The Dallas Express Verified
      A Dallas African American school teacher opened the door to a dark, hidden history. It is the history of secret human experiments by the government, universities and industry during World War 2 and the Cold War. It is the history of water fluoridation and the toxic, multi-fluorinated PFAS “Forever Chemicals” like Teflon and Scotchgard. Prior to World War 2, no one ever thought about swallowing fluoride. It was mainly used for pest control and industrial applications.

  54. Sharing a good resource about climate fraud: Climate Cite https://climatecite.com/

    Highly recommend for foundation of scientific understanding and references to data with integrity. This topic might not be as high a priority as threats against free speech, access to food, medical freedom, indoctrination of our youth, and “the great taking.” As most of these are interrelated threats, it pays to be armed with an elevator pitch to counter the false narratives when you have the opportunity or need.

    From the web site:
    “Our mission is to educate the largest number of citizens possible on the fraudulent science, politics, and business of the deceptive carbon dioxide based anthropogenic global warming hypothesis through rigorous scientific experimentation and analysis, and the false viability of “renewable” energy sources; thereby negating the green energy agenda of America’s elected leaders, leading to the removal of carbon dioxide from the U.S. EPA’s 2015 Endangerment Finding and the elimination of all carbon regulation, taxes, and trading worldwide.”

  55. Corbetter ejdoyle has recorded a motivating essay on YouTube that is worth the 9 minutes (or less if you speed up the playback rate). I found his message inspirational. Although I am already aware of the points he made, the wisdom he shared in this essay still struck a cord with me.

    SOLUTIONS [LIFE] ESSAY https://www.bitchute.com/video/TsqcMC9tPGg2/

  56. The post linked below offers Regenerative seed, seedling and tree sources in Canada and the US (with some European and a few African sources) for 2024


    If you can offer any suggestions to add to this list (your favorite local trustworthy (non-GMO) heirloom seed companies and tree nurseries, especially for Europe, South America, Africa, Asia or Australia please do in the comments section)!

    I will now share a few thoughts on the power of seed saving and regenerative gardening.

    In the spirit of resisting turf totalitarianism and providing the antidote for corporate parasites in each of our local communities and would like to now invite each of you to become Seed Satyagrahi and agents of regenerative ethnoecologcally defined ethnogenesis by inviting you to begin to create.. “..network(s) of individuals and organizations committed to align our thoughts and actions with the laws of Gaia, Pachamama, Vasundhara, Mother Earth… (and taking up the noble cause of endeavoring to) protect the biodiversity of the planet by defending of the freedom of the seed to evolve in integrity, self-organisation, and diversity. We are seed savers and seed defenders, farmers and gardeners, practitioners of regenerative agriculture..

    ..Our right to save and exchange our open pollinated, non GMO, non patented seed is non alienable. We will resist every law and technology that attempts to undermine our freedoms, and the freedom of the seed, which is intimately linked to the freedom of Mother Earth. Across Diverse Ecosystems and cultures we are united in defending Seed freedom/Seed sovereignty as the foundation of Food Freedom/Food Sovereignty, based on ecological production and fair and just distribution, beginning with protecting and promoting local food systems.”

    • That is super creepy but also important to be aware of, thanks for this.

  57. Another discussion about the overhead spraying for those interested – Catherine Austin Fitz and Dane Higgins interview on CHD-TV posted 2024Feb15:


    He states sprayed materials include plastic fibers, graphene, barium, strontium, aluminum, according to latest test results of air samples. Weather warfare targeting food production. Lots of references given below the video.

    • Thanks Jo-Ann.

      I`ll re-share some intel here regarding heavy metal detox that I had shared under a similar post on the Solari Report incase anyone finds it helpful/empowering.

      Here are links to some foods/natural substances that help with detoxing and/or protecting the body against the deleterious impact of aluminum, barium and strontium nano-particulates:





      Info on aluminum detox specifically:


      The only issue I see with buying silicon rich waters like Fiji, is the microplastics, though I suppose given the choice between the detriments of aluminum neurotoxicity and the detriments of microplastics, it might be worth choosing the lesser of two evils if that is the only effective way to get the metal out of the brain and bloodstream. The scientist who wrote the article linked above has expressed to me he is not concerned about microplastics in plastic bottled silica rich waters (like Fiji) but I think he is not taking an honest look at the data and has “tunnel vision” due to his having advocated drinking such bottled water strongly recently.

      Here are some of the foods that can assist specifically with natural chelation (heavy metal detox in general):

      – cilantro

      – garlic

      – blueberries

      – lemon water

      – spirulina

      – chlorella

      – barley grass juice or powder

      – dulse (sea weed)

      – curry

      – green tea

      – tomatoes

      – fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi (containing probiotic organisms)

      –Maitake mushrooms

      –white pine needle (or spruce needle) tea

      — Tusli (aka “holy basil”)

      — echinacea tea/extract

      — any sulfur-rich vegetables (Sulfur-rich Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage, mustard greens, arugula, Bok choy, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, collards, horseradish, kohlrabi, radishes, turnips, wasabi and watercress).

      It is worth noting that cilantro taken in conjunction with a blue green algae (like spirulina or chlorella) are among some of the most potent natural chelating foods in that list.

      (ps – Plastic fiber and Graphene detox are a whole different ball game and would require a more specialized approach than getting other toxic metallic nano-particles out of the body.)

      • Thank you for the resource.

        Instead of Figi water, I use choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid drops in home-distilled water.

        WARNING about DETOX – One needs to prepare for metal detoxification if you have a heavy burden, otherwise the body is likely to reabsorb the heavy metals in the detox organs or gut or elsewhere in the body. Dr. Kevin Conners has written a book “The 7 Phases of Detoxification” that explains how the body does it and how we can help ensure each step works as intended. Because the area where I live is heavily sprayed, I chose to follow his advice. Leaky-gut or intestinal permeability should be fixed if possible.

        • The guy who wrote the substack on Aluminum detox via silicic acid rich water linked above claims that products such as “choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid drops” are not effective and are a scam but as I said above, I think he has his blinders on in some cases (as he does not want to re-assess certain positions he has taken etc) so I am not sure if his views on that hold merit or not. His data in experiments regarding water like Fuji etc seems legit but I did not see any experiments disproving the effectiveness of silicic acid water supplementation products so he may just be speculating on that front.

          I am interested to learn more about the product you mentioned though, did the company that sells it do any testing of quantifying removal of the aluminum via urine tests?

          Yes regarding detox it is certainly important to make sure one property binds the heavy metals to an appropriate molecule to get it out of the gut and expelled from the body and someone with a damaged gut lining should certainly address that first.

          Thanks for the comment.

          • He might be correct. I only found an old study in a quick search online that is from 1996 and using BEER! https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8726215/

            “The chemical affinity of silicic acid for aluminium (AI) has been shown to reduce the bioavailability of AI in studies of human gastrointestinal (GI) absorption. Investigations were carried out to ascertain whether or not similar interactions may also enhance the renal excretion of AI by assessing the urinary output of both elements. Healthy individuals given monosilicic acid as naturally found in beer, excreted the majority of the silicic acid content (mean 56 percent) within 8 hours, concomitant with a significant increase in AI excretion (P < 0.05). Ingestion of increasing doses of silicic acid resulted in dose related increases in excretion of Si. Excretion of AI reached a maximum and then declined, consistent with depletion of AI body stores. This was confirmed using the 26AI isotope. The low serum but high urine concentration of Si suggests that if AI and Si interact to form an excretable species they do so in the kidney lumen such that Si limits the reabsorption of AI. Silicic acid's effect on the depletion of aluminium stores and reduced GI absorption suggest its addition to municipal water supplies may be a low risk public health measure to reduce the AI burden in the general population."

            • The article is behind a paywall so I didn’t read the study method. I envision a bunch of guys drinking beer, and the more they drink, the more aluminum they excrete. Maybe because the aluminum is from the beer can… !?

              • 😉

              • Aluminum cans have a thin plastic coating on the inside. You can find videos of people dissolving cans in some sort of an acid, leaving them with a transparent cylindrical bubble.

                Of course, I’m not saying aluminum doesn’t leech into the fluid. They probably put the coating just to prevent sudden deaths while people are consuming the product.

              • @mkey
                Wikipedia says: “Aluminum cans are coated internally to protect the aluminum from oxidizing. Despite this coating, trace amounts of aluminum can be degraded into the liquid, the amount depending on factors such as storage temperature and liquid composition.[12][13] Chemical compounds used in the internal coating of the can include types of epoxy resin.[14]”
                Epoxy resin doesn’t sound appealing either…

              • I quit cans a while back and it’s been a year since I quit plastic bottles.

                There is good reason why canned beer always has worse taste than that from glass bottles.

            • Thanks jo-ann.
              That is some interesting ‘confirming’ data, especially with the date.

              I try to eat cucumbers often because they are high in silica.

              I grow horsetail (scouring rush) and even use it sometimes to scour pans. It makes for a nice border between the sidewalk and garage (about a foot wide of isolated soil). I have peppermint mixed in.
              Occasionally, I will make a tea with the horsetail.
              I will spread the horsetail cuttings in the garden areas in the hopes of having more bio-available silica.

            • More recent paper (1999), also behind a paywall, studied aqueous orthosilicic acid and aluminum excretion. The study is comparable to the beer study above except no excretion of aluminum detected. The postulate that some substance other than orthosilicic acid in beer is responsible for aluminum excretion.

          • I have used two different brands, one was not the stabilized version. I bought the stabilized version because it was recommended by a doctor in a discussion of aluminum removal. There is also a YouTube video on how to make it yourself, but it is far to complex for most people. The stabilized version has numerous studies on its application to treat skin, hair, joint, and bone health problems, so at least it is helpful there. The modified citrus pectin also chelates aluminum, so I should be covered there, hopefully.

          • Two-Thirds down this webpage is a lot on Aluminum and Silica.
            “The Age of Aluminum”

            Silica and fluoride and aluminum (and lead) have relationships.
            After all, it is hydrofluorosilicic acid that is used for fluoridation.

            • Thank you. I must be looking right at it, but cannot find the post you refer to above. Do you have a date that I can use to refine my search? Thanks, again.

            • @HRS


              One thing I am wondering is if I could run bottled Fiji water through a filter system like this: https://lifestraw.com/products/lifestraw-home-glass-pitcher to get the microplastics out but leave the silicic acid in.

              Their website and tests day that their product cannot remove fluoride from water (which is also a solution in the format municipalities use to add to water if I remember correctly) to this seems to imply to me that the silicic acid may also be able to make it through their filter.

              You are a water expert as far as I am concerned.

              What do you think?

              (I also sent a message to the Lifestraw people to ask this question and I am waiting to hear back).

              • General rule of a thumb: if the filfters pores are larger than particles that need to be stopped, they won’t be stopped.

                This is perfectly valid for 10, 5, 1 mikron fabric filters.

                Ceramic filters can go below that.

                There are also carbon filters. I would generally say that carbon should be able to stop any particles, but not chemicals.

                I am not sure what does that pitcher use. But if it’s filtering at least something, it should be slow.

              • @mkey

                Thanks for the thoughtful info.

                In a substack post I linked in a comment to Jo-Ann below a scientist describes the molecule in question which I am wondering about.

                Here is a link to the image showing the silicic acid molecule and describing its mass/composition etc


                He describes it as a “solute” not a particle.

                I do not know enough about inorganic chemistry/ molecular physics to be able to decipher the actual size of a silicic acid molecule (into terms/metrics) that would allow me to effectively compare that number to the filter fabric size at this point in time.

                I`ll keep researching and get back to you if I figure out anything definitive.

              • Well, considering matter doesn’t exist, filtration is kind of a moot point 🙂

                I think the only proper solution is to distill water. But if the water does have some quality to it, it’s going to all go away.

              • @mkey

                okay so far This is what I’ve got on my mission to figure out where a particle ends and a “solute” (solution begins).

                Here is what the totally not corrupt and never trying to manipulate, social engineer and censor Wikipedia :


                – A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances.

                – The particles of solute in a solution cannot be seen by the naked eye. By contrast, particles may be visible in a suspension.

                – A solution does not cause beams of light to scatter. By contrast, the particles in a suspension or colloid can cause Tyndall scattering or Rayleigh scattering.

                – A solution is stable, and solutes will not precipitate unless added in excess of the mixture’s solubility, at which point the excess would remain in its solid phase.

                – A solution containing more dissolved solutes than at equilibrium is referred to as supersaturated.

                – The solutes and solvents in a solution cannot be separated by filtration (or mechanically).

                From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solution_(chemistry)

                okay so sounds like my filtering out the microplastics but leaving in the silicic acid idea should work.

                But this still makes me wonder about the fluoride in water that some filters (like Berkeys) are said to remove, isn’t fluoride a solute (solution)? If so, how does it remove the flouride? and is that dissolved fluoride the same as the dissolved silica (silicic acid) or do those molecules and how they interact with such a filter system differ somehow?

                I still have lots of questions..

            • @Jo-Ann

              Thanks that study is full of useful info.

              Here is the article where that scientist (who focuses on aluminum toxicology in his work) describes why the products being sold and promoted as containing various forms of silica and/or silicic acid are not the same thing as naturally occurring silica rich waters (created via geological processes such as volcanic springs)


              He seems to think that the product(s) you are describing may become bioavailable and have good health benefits for bone and internal tissue health, but they are still a different kind of molecule than the type his tests showed to be effective at chelating aluminum out of the blood and brain (without stripping other beneficial minerals as some chelation therapies do).

              I`ll cross reference the studies you have shared above and do a deep dive on other sources of testing and info before I write about this form of detox for publishing in my next book.

              Thanks for the helpful info.

              Given I am focused on permaculture design this inspires me to now analyze the mineral composition of the mountain and spring bed rock where the Fuji water is sourced from to see if back-engineering a water-enhancing system for rain water sequestration or filtered tap water using the proper rock types would be possible (for simulating the creation of silicic acid solution that takes place in nature within a water sequestration or pipe system to create a closer facsimile to the real thing using passive non-lab means.)

            • I don’t think berkey’s have a snowfalke’s chance in hell to remove fluoride,

              • Moot point as Berkey closed shop after EPA tried to classify their filters as a pesticide.

                They did sell an alumina-silica filter that followed the general “foundation” filter. The alumina-silica filter was claimed to remove fluoride and arsenic (III, V) and other residual heavy metals.

          • @Gavinm,

            What would you recommend for silicon rich water? I’m going to look for a product and make my own, but if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I use RO (reverse osmosis) water off of a well. When I lived in a city, I had a RO filter for my tap water.

            I didn’t know silicon reduces aluminum in the body, but I did some quick research and I believe it does.

            Anyway, I’m going to try it out with my RO water off my well and see if it has any effects.

            I did a genetic test (not using 23-and me or the other nasty DNA testing companies) recommended by a functional medicine doctor a few years ago and it turns out I may have an increased risk of dementia. I take these with a big grain of salt but that is not a disease I would want, in fact I would rather die than develop it. So I’m going to try this out, an aluminum detox.

            • I read the comments above, I’ll check out the suggestions (didn’t see those) so I think I have enough info.

            • If you are drinking RO water, you should not be getting any fluoride from the water. If you are trying to remove fluoride already stored in your body, then it makes sense to try orthosilicic acid.

              • “it makes sense to try orthosilicic acid”

                You are right, Jo-ann.
                The mechanics and chemistry are there.

                By the way, for that Fluoride-webpage mentioned north…

                Ctrl + F on the keyboard opens a search box.
                Type in the keyword, and ‘aluminum’ or ‘silica’ results will show.

              • @HomeRemedySuppy
                Thank you for the search tip. Found the text right away, and right where you told me to look. Only reinforces the notion that I was looking at it but could not see it.

              • I want to get rid of aluminum as well.

                I ordered some natural spring water with high concentration of silica in it. I’m going to try the detox for a couple months.

                Both fluoride and aluminum are probably related to cognitive problems which I want to avoid.

        • ortho-silicic acid (H4SiO4) (moving the comment stream left)

          I lost everything I had written a moment ago, but will recreate parts.

          Jo-ann has two links:
          WWWnutritionandmetabolism.biomedcentral.com/articles/ [EXCELLENT read]

          WATER GLASS – sodium-silicate (sodium water glass)
          Both Jo-ann links discuss water glass. The goodreads recipe call for water glass.

          Back in the late 1980’s, I was in an old-time pharmacy where they sold large jars of clear liquid Water Glass. I think it was often used for plaster casts on broken arms as a water proofer, but home mechanics would also buy it. I bought a jar and gave it to my 11 year old son and told him he could do what he wants with it. He had a funky, crooked tree branch stick that he had painted red. He covered the stick with water glass. The stick look liked it was coated in glass.
          Sodium Silicate || Water Glass: (Uses from Industrial to Daily Life)
          9 minutes

          Ag guys in soil science talk about soil particle size: Sand, silt and clay.
          Clays are the smallest soil particle. Most clays are aluminosilicates. This demonstrates the affinity that silica has for aluminum.

          My thinking is that when we consume an over abundance of H4SiO4, the body will pee it out. Hopefully, it will grab some aluminum or fluoride to take it out.
          The ‘reverse’ might be true. I seem to remember a study that hydrofluorosilicic acid might facilitate lead uptake to the brain via fluorosilicic acid.
          QUOTING the biomedical pdf
          Lower molecular forms, especially the ortho-silicic acid (H4SiO4), play a crucial role in delivering silicon to the living organisms’ cells and thus represent major sources of silicon for both humans and animals…
          …Besides the ortho-silicic acid, water soluble silicates are bioavailable silicon forms as well. For instance, pharmaceutically acceptable alkali metals silicates (M2SiO3; M= Na, K) in adequately diluted aqueous solutions, release ortho-silicic acid (H4SiO4) upon contact with stomach hydrochloric acid (HCl).

          I often put lemons in my leafy green smoothies. It can help draw out the alkali minerals.

          My thinking is that growing plants pump H4SiO4 through its system.
          For example: QUOTE Generally, silicon is abundantly present in foods derived from plants such as: cereals, oats, barley, white wheat flour, and polished rice.
          My thinking is that at the fruit (the grain), the H4SiO4 will ‘dehydrate’.

          I know with horsetail, that there is the H4SiO4 during growing process which later ‘solidifies’ to form its hard, coarse structure.

          Thus, I think that fresh young growing sprouts and leafy greens probably contain the ‘liquid’ H4SiO4. I believe that this is a viable source.
          Non-fresh produce likely contain less H4SiO4.

          Cucumbers are known for their high silica content.

          • Note regarding disappearing text: I informed James that Mr. Doyle, me, and now you have experience vanishing text.

            • disappearing text

              It was my fault. I started writing while searching, and then had a phone call come in. So my comment was in operation for over an hour or two.

              When I hit “Submit”, I found myself logged out.
              It could had been because Corbett refreshed the website with a new episode.

              Next time, I will copy my text on a time-consuming comment before I submit.

              • My mistake for assuming. (Sorry, James.)

          • Regarding facilitating lead uptake – I learned this from the link you provided a ways above – The compound used to fluoridate municipal water leaches lead and copper from pipes. Then we are poisoned when we drink that water unless we purify the water first. We have a good chance of chelating the lead and removing it from the body providing we don’t keep drinking more unpurified water.

    • Makes me want to start a billboard campaign with the estimated numbers killed by each of the communist regimes over the respective time periods. If I had enough money, I would do that with the message “Once free speech is outlawed, the killings begin” or an historical quote to that effect. (I would also want to check the murder of native citizens that were massacred by colonizers and victims of US democracy as well – I don’t thimk it’s just communists with murderous tendencies.)

    • Dear lord JC* save us.

      *I meant Jesus Christ, not James Corbett.

      • @mkey

        Why not both!?

        One can elucidate all the dangers of the transhumanist take over of humanity, offer decentralized solutions for all the everyday people (all while providing laughter as medicine to help the truth tincture go down) and the other can turn all the fluoride, glyphosate, graphene, aluminum and smart dust laced water into pure organic wine and call out the modern day pharisees (such as Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, Greta Thunberg, Musk, Fauci, and the 10 million social media “influencers” that preach about climate change/carbon emissions while living in a way that produces ten times more than the average person) and perhaps the two JC-s can team up to call out the “Money Changers” and flip over some tables at the BIS!

        Yes, I think the JC double team would be very effective indeed! 🙂

  58. On Monday, February 26th, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson lead a roundtable discussion titled, “What are Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel Hiding?”


    Also available on The Highwire – https://thehighwire.com/watch/
    “Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and a panel of experts share testimony on how the COVID Cartel – federal health agencies, Big Pharma, Legacy Media, and Big Tech – engaged in censorship and coverups. This discussion will also shine light on the failures and corruption of the global elite and their institutions.”

    Topics include: Covid-19 Vaccine Issues, History of Vaccine Injury Coverup, Corruption of Medical Research & Federal Health Agencies, Censorship/Propaganda, Covid Response in Other Countries, World Health Organization (WHO) Treaty

    Excellent presentations from a total of 23 activist scientists, doctors, and politicians. Some solutions discussed. Four hours, so I recommend play back at fast speed if desired.

  59. In a thread somewhere on TCT site this month, I mentioned a Pete Quinones podcast episode (Ep. 1011) that discussed what seemed to be “elite moves” by the PayPal Mafia. I couldn’t understand why they thought rule by Peter Thiele at al would be better than the current cabal of self-appointed technocrats. He goes much further into this with the host from 2Bit podcast. (See https://www.podbean.com/media/share/dir-8msfr-1d715eb9Episode 1018: Individualism is the Civilization Killer- Pete on the 2Bit Podcast).

    Here they discuss the people that seem to be making the moves and what actions they are taking, e.g. speaking against wars, illegal mass immigration, and China. They recommend reading Peter Thiele’s book, ZERO to ONE. The PayPal mafia has stated how they plan to get rid of most of the administrative state in the USA. They posit that Vivek Ramaswamy is serving as Trump’s “handler.” I think, personally, that it is another way to install rule by technocratic means, but I could be wrong, because one of their grievances is the current rule without accountability.

    It’s an interesting podcast but not for delicate ears as a lot of rough language and contempt for libertarian and voluntarist/anarchist group-think are expressed.

    • TCT is a typo – replace with TCR or The Corbett Report. Also I misspelled Thiel’s name.

    • Pete Quinones is reading Zero to One on his podcast over several episodes, for those who don’t want to buy/read the book.

      Further discussion about the proposed “replacement” elites can be found on several episodes of the Kingpilled podcast, where they also discuss political theories of Curtis Yarvin (aka Mencius Moldbug), who seems to have an elite following and favors a monarchy or autocracy (or perhaps technocracy?) rather than our representative form of government.

      • More information about Curtis Yarvin’s impact on the “New Right” from an October 2022 arteicle on Vox:


        Article is worth reading and has embedded links that I did not reproduce in the excerpt below.

        “Besides Vance and Masters (whose campaigns declined to comment for this story), Yarvin has had a decade-long association with billionaire Peter Thiel, who is similarly disillusioned with democracy and American government. “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible,” Thiel wrote in 2009, and earlier this year, he declared that Republican members of Congress who voted for Trump’s impeachment after the January 6 attacks were “traitorous.” Fox host Tucker Carlson is another fan, interviewing Yarvin with some fascination for his streaming program last year. He’s even influenced online discourse — Yarvin was the first to popularize the analogy from The Matrix of being “redpilled” or “-pilled,” suddenly losing your illusions and seeing the supposed reality of the world more clearly, as applied to politics.

        “Overall, Yarvin is arguably the leading intellectual figure on the New Right — a movement of thinkers and activists critical of the traditional Republican establishment who argue that an elite left “ruling class” has captured and is ruining America, and that drastic measures are necessary to fight back against them. And New Right ideas are getting more influential among Republican staffers and politicians. Trump’s advisers are already brainstorming Yarvinite — or at least Yarvin-lite — ideas for the second term, such as firing thousands of federal civil servants and replacing them with Trump loyalists. With hundreds of “election deniers” on the ballot this year, another disputed presidential election could happen soon — and Yarvin has written a playbook for the power grab he hopes will then unfold.”

      • Curtis Yarvin: How We Can Get Real Regime Change in America

        Charlie Kirk Show | 17-Jan-2024 | 1:17:14


        “Donald Trump’s first term was hobbled by the resistance of the Deep State, and if he wins another term, the regime will try to run the same playbook again. So, how do you overcome a D.C. elite that is determined to set the agenda no matter who wins the election? Curtis Yarvin is one of the most original and controversial thinkers in American politics. He joins Charlie for a sweeping, deeply thought-provoking discussion about the real sources of power in America, and what must be done to achieve a true constitutional reset that can revive American greatness.”

        • jo-ann,

          I have been working my way through this and I’m not surprised by the tactics being employed. Influencers, and manipulators of the Madison avenue variety. Guiding the populus to monarchy, autocracy and certainly technocracy . The realization that we live in a make believe democracy is going to be shocking and painful to many. I still have friends who are clueless to the reality of vote back betters false narrative. I worry about them.
          It imprints the ‘ you can do nothing to stop it ‘ or ‘your way of life is over,the quicker you conform, the quicker the pain will become a thing of the past’.
          This all is very dark, very dark indeed.

          • Interesting mention of monarchy. My understanding of many “reactionary right” thinkers like Yarvin are pro-monarchy. Many also think women don’t deserve the same rights as men and should be forced to be in the home essentially the property of men. They believe in biological determinism. While I do think there is some truth to this idea, don’t believe the subjugation of women is ethical.

            I find it distasteful and to me that is just another form of slavery. I certainly don’t want to be beholden to anyone. I don’t think this kind of thing could come to fruition though. There are some positive things (IMO) that have come from the notion of equal rights and that no one has the right to deprive another human of life, liberty or happiness. I’m sure property rights come into play here as well.

            I’ve not really delved into the discourses much but I do think they are influential among “right wing” male academic types.

            I’ll have to check it out though. I like to come to my own conclusions.

          • I agree it is a shock to learn that the world you thought you understood is only a deceptive illusion. One good thing about the worldwide lock-step lockdown on human rights and the government-sanctioned mass migrations is that it is waking people up. These activities are inconsistent with their former view of political power structures and their laws.

            • jo-ann,
              , inconsistent yes and warping of ones conscious reality,

              This also brings my mind to view this deception as a grand mass hypnosis. I have heard, but don’t know how scientifically or clinically accurate it is but how you wake a hypnotized person up can be dangerous for the person. I’m not even going to go look, for I’ve seen it in those who I have woke about the (sic.) non existing chemtrailing of the biosphere and ionosphere. Humans are dangerous creatures, This time we are in, must be very difficult for the mesmerizers. This business of spraying vaccines to bypass consent for the, hard of think, must be the key step in waking people up so ,-the They- can move on to transhumanism. It’s troubling to think about.

              I will leave this discussion between Elanna Freeland and Dr. Marie Mihalcea MD PhD.. again. No one has commented on it, so I don’t know if I have misunderstood what the significance of what they are talking about.It’s long but at the end it is poignant and answers some nagging questions about who is doing what and why. If I may indulge you for a second opinion?


              • I read the transcript below the video. I don’t doubt some of what she says, but wish she would provide references that support her claims. (Perhaps she does in her books. I know there is a reason I never bought any of her books, but do not recall why.) Obviously the religious claims cannot be referenced. For me, the religious stories detract from her credibility. She could easily be dismissed as “a nutter,” even by other religious folks who have faith in similar spiritual stories.

                It’s a good practice to read widely and question everything, like you are doing.

              • jo-ann

                Thank you for the reply.
                Yes there’s references. They read like PubMed. Papers summary.

        • Thanks for posting this jo-ann. I’ll have to find some of Yarvin’s commentary on women.

      • One of Yarvin’s books:

        Patchwork: A Political System for the 21st Century

        “Enter Patchwork, Mencius Moldbug’s inspiring vision of a political system for the 21st century. Patchwork’s innovative design, which relies on sovereign joint-stock republics with cryptographic governance, brings the promise of clean streets, negligible crime, invincible robot armies, and world peace.”

        Now I see how he fits in the Thiel, Musk, Zuckerberg, Ramaswamy, and other tech elites… they are planning their own version of dystopia.

        • That sounds about right and seems to have sucked in a lot of intelligent people.

          I remember a member asked a question a few years ago as a question for Corbett a few years ago. It was “Is there a good billionaire?”

          The answer was no and I agree. I think it is probably impossible to obtain that much wealth and keep it without pushing some elitists agenda. Since we don’t have a free market, it seems like one can only obtain that amount wealth and power via connections.

          But maybe I’m wrong? My gut says no, but I’m open to the possibility.

          Is Thiel less evil than the Rosthchild clan? Maybe. But will swapping out elites really be any better? There’s something that goes “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t”.

          Thanks for sharing such thought provoking commentary. It is nice to hear different perspectives and converse outside of echo chambers.

        • I’ll have to do some research on Thiel. I don’t know a thing about the guy.

        • I looked him up on Wikipedia and Wikispooks to get an idea of what kind of billionaire Peter Thiel is:



          In short, he seems like one of these creepy potentially psychopathic technocrats who has involvement with the CIA and rubbed elbows with other elites at Bilderberg on multiple occasions.

          He seems big on “life extension” technology as well. I think that is a big motivator for the ultra rich. They want to live forever or transfer their consciousness to a cyborg or something along those lines.

          I remember you asked why Pete Quinones was discussing this guy and potential “elite moves” being made and if that is supposed to be a good thing.

          Having done very brief check on who Peter Thiel is, I don’t think promoting him is a good thing. I think maybe it’s just a way to capture the resistance on “the right”. Both paths will lead to the same conclusion, a dystopian nightmare.

          • Related to this New Right are the writings of Marxist author James Burnham. His name has been mentioned in at least five podcasts that I have listened to while trying to understand how the elites plan to replace the structure of the USA government. I have also skimmed three blogs by Yarvin that talk about this specifically.

            A Vox article puts a nice bow on it – the (tech) elites versus the managerial class, as described in a book by Burnham. In the article, the discussion is primarily about Elon Musk.

            The 80-year-old book that explains Elon Musk and tech’s new right-wing tilt
            The long shadow of James Burnham’s The Managerial Revolution.
            By Zack Beauchamp Dec 14, 2022

            I know nearly nothing about world history or political science (I have natural science degrees), so this rabbit-hole has been a real eye-opener.

            • Thanks for the resources and research. I don’t have any background in political science or political philosophy either. My formal education is a biological science degree with a very small sprinkle of stuff outside of the major.

              It’s good you are exploring this because there are a substantial number of people who are becoming fan boys of Yarvin, Thiel, et.al.

              I read some critique of Yarvin’s writing and he seems a little similar to Chomsky who uses language to confuse people making things appear much more complex than they actually are. People then turn off their critical thinking and start trusting these types to think for them.

              Do people want to be ruled? It seems like this may indeed be a tendency among even the intelligent academic types on the right and left. Maybe it’s a tendency toward laziness, wanting to delegate and just kick back and go about ones daily life. I get it and I may even have some of that myself, but think that is a mistake. It’s important now for people to actually research and think and inform others.

              I may not have the time to do the vigorous research and voice findings in a compelling manner but it sounds like you are making strides. I think it might be good to post your findings when complete on some of the right wing forums.

              I’m a bit confused as to why Pete Quinones seems to be sucked in by this guy (Pete seems like he’s intelligent and wants to resist technocracy) but I think this is what’s happening.

              These “reactionary right” guys have a big audience it seems.

              • Thank you for your comments above and those that follow temporally. Further research yields the following bits:
                1.Burnham denounced Marxism later in his career, after he served with the CIA in the Far East (to destabilize nations).
                2. The Burnham book that Yarvin et al seem to worship from is Burnham’s book on Machiavelli.
                3. Yarvin is a frequent guest on Michael Mallice’s podcast. (I hardly can bear listening to Yarvin speak due to all the ahs, ums, and sidebars.)
                4. Pete Quinones has stated in various podcast discussions that the PayPal Mafia may not provide the best solution, but it has got to be better than the one we have now – meaning, I suppose, a bloated Executive Branch filled by captured agencies beholding to industry and the UN/WEF/WHO etc. – I still wonder if he is desperate.

              • I don’t understand how a monarchy is better than what we have now.

                It does seem like there is a trend toward consolidation of power. A monarchy to me seems to be just that.

                I don’t get how that is better than a “representative republic”. The US is not technically a democracy anyway so I don’t know why that term is even being used to formally describe the US.

                What we do seem to have is corrupt officials working for elitists towards their agenda under the guise of a republic. The bureaucratic state has been vastly increased over the years.

                To me the answer is to slowly decrease this and have decentralized communities so that power is not consolidated.

                Preventing centralization and consolidation lies in the hands of the populace.

                Maybe some men just want to take orders from someone, like a king as long as they like some of the talking points?

                It has been demonstrated that elected officials often break their promises. So how can we know that “the paypal mafia” will be better?

                Is it possible that it’s just the same string pullers using a different angle to get complete control?

              • Monarchy is a lot less insidious than a democracy. That is not to say I favour either.

                What we trully require is monarchy from within and anarchy from without. Each of us a ruler, ruling over the only space we are allowed to rule: the two inches between our eyes.

            • I can certainly write commentary on reactionary right blogs and such as well but I think you really dig into the details which I have not.

              I’ll check out the book you mentioned.

              Some of these ideas also go back to “elite theory” which is a very dense and detailed study/discourse in regime change going back to Machiavelli.

              It’s actually fascinating reading but to go back to the source the material is very dense and extensive.

              • When I say dense and extensive, I mean books greater than 800 pages, maybe more. The material also seems to require a solid foundation in world history and I know next to nothing about details.

  60. A nice movie, to my mind, relating to the famous Yom kippur war. Regarding the meysterious murder of Joe Alon


    Why am I bringing this up?
    Becuase of a new video, apparently from an IDF spokesmen, about a similar event to that preceeding the Yom Kippur war, now on the north of Israel. Dispossing of mines in the border


    I do not know if the video is real or fake. Do not know how to verify that.

    As I mentioned in a previous comment in this thread, I live somewhere in the north, so this is closer to home. Also, for the most part I stopped following what is happening. Still, I heard and saw enough to I find it unlikely there will be no big war errupting in the north, even if the shown video is fake. This is a link to the comment in case someone is interested.


  61. Have any of you read a book called “The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic” by Martín Prechtel ?

    Martín Prechtel describes the importance of “keeping the seeds alive” (literal, cultural and spiritual seeds) and “venturing deeper into the wilderness of the territory of our forgotten indigenous souls” to become “intact people” again.

    Here are a few select pages https://archive.org/details/seedsofcuchumaquic/Scregenshot%20%2863%29.png

    I highly recommend reading the whole book. Martín is an exquisite story teller and I would describe him as an adept wielder of the magic in linguistic arts.

    He engages in a sort of ‘sacred simple sabotage’, dismantling the myths of modernity and supplanting them with a more ancient, grounded and holistically nourishing mythology. He calls forth something arising from the innate seeds he nourishes within the reader, inviting the knowing of our souls to spring fourth from a place within us as ancient as the heart of the mountain peaks and the deep blue skies they once inhabited.

    • Jo-ann, Wow!…you keep up with so many things. Thanks.

      People involved with F.A.N. (in the email streams) have been talking about getting Joe Rogan to interview Michael Connett on the Fluoride issue.
      A dilemma is that almost none of the mainstream media has covered this Fluoride TSCA EPA Trial which ran through the first part of February with closing arguments on Feb 20th.
      However, there have been news stories, most of which, are profluoridation stories. But nothing much about the Trial.

      Shaping the narrative in the public eye.
      That is the real name of the game.

      FULL Joe Rogan (context to fluoride)
      Joe Rogan Experience #2111 – Katt Williams
      QUEUED at 2:47:10

      • You are so right about the power of the narrative. Wished I learned that at least 50 years ago.

        Thanks for the YouTube link, TGP’s twitter link doesn’t seem to work, at this moment.

        I don’t know if you could get a whole show featuring Michael Connett unless he was paired up with another big name, like a sports star or prominent medical freedom doctor. I wish them luck.

  62. Project 2025 may be of interest for USA residents.

    Project 2025 is organized by The Heritage Foundation. Project 2025 web site: https://www.project2025.org/

    They have a policy/manual book available online (free): https://thf_media.s3.amazonaws.com/project2025/2025_MandateForLeadership_FULL.pdf

    The Foreword lists the main goals of the project
    1. Restore the family as the centerpiece of American life and protect our children.
    2. Dismantle the administrative state and return self-governance to the American people.
    3. Defend our nation’s sovereignty, borders, and bounty against global threats.
    4. Secure our God-given individual rights to live freely—what our Constitution calls “the Blessings of Liberty.”

      • Update: Upon further study, it seems Yarvin’s political theories promote replacement of the broken U.S. government with what he call a monarchy, where the President would be analogous to chairman of the board, and the country would be run by a CEO. The proposed economic system seems to replace whatever version of capitalism we might have, with a joint stakeholder system. Yikes!!

      • Yarvin is a fan of the writings of James Burnham, who seems like a power-lusting psychopath based on what I have read so far. Never a student of political science or the power elite, I spent in inordinate amount of time this week skimming the web to get a basic understanding. Finally, I came across this gen, written by George Orwell:

        Published by Polemic, May 1946, and as James Burnham and the Managerial Revolution when published as a pamphlet, 1946

        A worthwhile read if you want to know how the “ruling class” thinks and what we might see transpire in the years ahead, with technocratic control for good measure.

        • Great essay, a gem indeed. Many quotable paragraphs, but I found this one particularly interesting by Orwell:

          “Power worship blurs political judgement because it leads, almost unavoidably, to the belief that present trends will continue. Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible. If the Japanese have conquered south Asia, then they will keep south Asia for ever, if the Germans have captured Tobruk, they will infallibly capture Cairo; if the Russians are in Berlin, it will not be long before they are in London: and so on.

          This habit of mind leads also to the belief that things will happen more quickly, completely, and catastrophically than they ever do in practice. The rise and fall of empires, the disappearance of cultures and religions, are expected to happen with earthquake suddenness, and processes which have barely started are talked about as though they were already at an end.

          Burnham’s writings are full of apocalyptic visions. Nations, governments, classes and social systems are constantly described as expanding, contracting, decaying, dissolving, toppling, crashing, crumbling, crystallizing, and, in general, behaving in an unstable and melodramatic way.

          The slowness of historical change, the fact that any epoch always contains a great deal of the last epoch, is never sufficiently allowed for. Such a manner of thinking is bound to lead to mistaken prophecies, because, even when it gauges the direction of events rightly, it will miscalculate their tempo.

          Within the space of five years Burnham foretold the domination of Russia by Germany and of Germany by Russia. In each case he was obeying the same instinct: the instinct to bow down before the conqueror of the moment, to accept the existing trend as irreversible…”

          I think maybe some people admire power even if it is the application of psychopathy on a grand scale.

          From my understanding of the crux of what Orwell was saying is that Burnham was proven wrong in several predictions because of his bias.

          I also interpreted from the essay that sometimes pragmatic considerations are ignored or overlooked. The actual ability to make it work in the real world, logistics are thrown out the window.

          On a related note, I think technocrats do this to a great degree. They believe they can do more than is possible. They ignore pragmatic considerations, basic will the tech actually work kind of stuff and can is it actually economically feasible seem to be completely absent from any discussion.

          This is one of the reasons I am hopeful because I think it will fail in part because of pragmatic reasons,

          Thanks again.

          • Thanks for your assessment. After thinking about the essay a bit longer, I wondered why Orwell wrote it. Surely he knows that all wars are bankers wars and history is written by the victors. Did Burnham not know that? The essay was published in 1946 and Orwell’s 1984 was not published until 1948.

            [Black Pill WARNING applies to the following theory] Perhaps the oligarchs don’t need to ensure their technocratic plans actually work. Maybe they are all part of the false narrative. Could it be that the PTSB are pushing the technologies on us as a means to break all social and economic institutions so that wars/murder, starvation, and disease can ensue throughout the globe? [End of Black Pill moment]

            • Maybe he was discussing the 2D overlay, the political science part?

              I think Orwell understood that people aren’t as predictable as the Machiavellians believe. I tend to agree with that.

              Orwell probably had his own bias. He seemed sympathetic to socialism in the essay, at least that was my interpretation.

              Burnham perhaps didn’t know or wanted to keep the discourse limited to the 2D?

              I really don’t know.

              I do think elites want life extension technology. I also think they want a population size more “manageable” and probably enjoy exploiting, maiming, killing etc.

              I also think power is like a drug and a small audience, small population wouldn’t provide the fix they get.

              Maybe they want to break everything to cause world wide slavery? I don’t know and I probably don’t understand the mind of a psychopath or narcissist in any depth.

              But the fact that the tech will probably fail to provide the “singularity” excessive longevity and all that should be considered. Also, if everything is destroyed and their is no backup, that can be a huge problem for them too.

              I don’t think they are invincible and everything unfolds according to plan. Lots of people survived the jabs. I mean it did cause profound damage but a substantial number of people survived which shocked me.

              I also think a lot of it is psychological manipulation, “nudging” etc. I don’t think I have enough knowledge to answer with certainty though. I am a novice with much of this.

              I have a huge amount of skepticism around some of the tech “self replicating nano bots” etc. I don’t doubt this is being studied or even that they may have a prototype but use on a mass scale IMO is untenable due to cost and the requirement of specialists to understand and manipulate it.

              I admit I can be wrong though.

              I am totally ignorant of geoengineering, HARP, weather control, sun dimming etc. So I don’t know how extensive it is or what it can actually do.

              • There are many threads that could be developed next month, and some could be interconnected, e.g. psychological manipulation and electromagnetic radio waves. This month I have posted in the Comments a few online resources pertaining to geoengineering. Most have some good videos to give an overview – which might be all folks want or need to know.

                Meanwhile I am going to look a little further into the PayPal Elite and Project 2025 to understand better who and how the U.S. government is going to be modified, if possible.

              • I’ll check out your other posts and also GBW’s info as well. I have a few more days off before I work a long stretch.

  63. For anyone craving a little exploration of Nature in my neck of the woods at the southern tip of the murderous yet polite nation state called “Canada” through the month of February:

    February’s Foresight


    The above post explores the abundance offered to the body, mind and spirit through the month of February as seen through my lens.

    (It may also be fun to share these pics of the frozen lake with some people who are heavily invested in the religion of “global warming” dogma as we live at approximately the same latitude as northern California yet sometimes our little patch of Lake Erie ends up looking like one would expect the north pole to look like).

    Enjoy! 🙂

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