Did A New Study Just Find GMOs Safe? – Questions For Corbett #030

by | Jun 19, 2016 | Questions For Corbett | 27 comments

Why does America attack the I-CIA-SIS it created? Was Gladio an outgrowth of SOE? How do you get a loved one out of the military? And did the National Academy of Sciences just find GMOs to be safe in a new study? Find out the answer to these and other burning questions as James opens the mailbag for this month’s edition of Questions For Corbett.

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  1. No, after 40 years of attempting to reverse, or correct the damage done, the agency created reported they had only had a %60 success, Congress taught the bureaucracy that failure is the way to succeed. Congress increased their budget 4 fold. According to the oral history of Pappy Job, the Job family had adopted a farming method, used throughout American History, of farming the land for short term maximum profit, without care of future use, (effectively destroying the land), they were, for 3 generations, able to acquire new land from the government and moving on and on. This was a well-known practice that was a big embarrassment to the farming community. Given, that over half the Congress was made up of farmers and ranchers, ignorance cannot be claimed. The Congress was also aware, after several hearings, that the proposed land reform would be a failure. This was not a problem for the business plan of the Job Family. Even we non-farmers are aware that some land is better for farming than others and the Oklahoma lands were among the worst. Congress was able to gain short-term political gains, and thus systemic needs of politics trumped common sense. John Wayne and the Sons of the Pioneers, cattlemen, were thrown off the land and Steinbeck did not write a Grapes of Wrath for them, John Wayne did make a B-movie about their plight. I always saw what happened to the Job
    Family as Cosmic Justice, correctly punishing people who were well deserving punishment. Unfortunately, none of the politicians were punished in any way, as usual. (A lesson learned, making a policy error contains little risk of public correction as opposed to Commercial failure.)

  2. Hi James, in answering your question about voting on issues like brexit as opposed to traditional candidates. I live in the UK unfortunately and it always staggers me how advanced the Orwellian nightmare is here and also how apathetic as a whole we Brits are. I as many Corbett report viewers would see the clear and obvious choice of voting to leave the EU. We have seen and also as previously discussed on the podcast how other referendums ended in a similar fashion and business as usual, centralisation of power continues. However, a great point is made by the fact that Britain has such a large influence on global economics and not to mention the biggest player in the nwo next to the US. Previous attempts to abolish the human rights act in the UK and the creation of a British constitution on the cards, could the choice to opt out possibly be more detrimental to our rights? Could similar strategies to totally crash the UK be on the cards as we have seen in the US? Just another case of da ja vu. Although its not a candidate we are voting for that can lie and finally deceive us. This could quite clearly be another case of which hand would you like to be beaten with, either way your getting hit. Fundamentally the same left right paradigm mind games are the mechanism and the goal, to continue to divide us and steer us from real issues of importance. Cheers, Stephen 

    • As an anarchist who is tired of the left-right politicking I agree fully with your questions and concerns… I’m hesitating between not voting (I see voting as morally problematic) and voting Brexit (I want to put sticks in the wheels of the NWO) but I share your concern that ultimately UK sovereignty is just as awful and hardly more accountable than EU sovereignty and will advance the NWO agenda regardless of the outcome of the vote.

      What tips the balance slightly in favour of Brexit is the false flag/psyop (in my estimation) against Jo Cox, which makes me think globalist scum are running scared of Brexit.

  3. Greetings James,
    I enjoyed viewing/listening to QFC #030, and I continue to appreciate the amount of time you invest in reviewing and responding to your subscribers, as much as I do hearing your subscriber’s questions.
    As you know, the people of the United Kingdom will be voting on the issue of whether or not to leave the EU. The outcome, either way, will lead to changing the dynamics of Europe, for perhaps the next century.
    The vote takes place on June 23, 2016.
    I spent some time this weekend, searching the internet for related articles and conversation about this issue, and I came across a documentary that I found to be very well done and informative. I encourage anyone and everyone who is interested in this issue, to click on the below and have a look for themselves.
    Best regards,


    Brexit: The Movie is written and directed by filmmaker Martin Durkin,
    and produced by Wag TV.

  4. 1. Answer to the Brexit question:
    You should vote leave. It is an opportunity to scale back government that won’t offer itself twice.
    2. Where to live? Everywhere I have been is infected with statism and socialism. Move to NH if you are in the US, if you are in the EU move to the least socialist one: Estonia.

    My QFC: What do you think of MGTOW and the Japanese counterpart of it?

  5. #QFC

    I have a mundane, presentational question for James. What is the story behind the title of the show New World Next Week?

    Does it mean there may be a New World Order next week, so we must be on a guard, or does it mean there’ll be a New, better word next week (unlikely given the content I’ll admit) or is it simply because it rolls off the tongue well?

    It’s a superficial question no doubt but it’s been playing on my mind for a while.

  6. I’m of the anarchist persuasion so I relate to your comment.

    I’m a UK resident and am ‘entitled’ to vote in the EU referendum.

    I am not voting in this referendum because whichever way I vote, my vote, along with millions of others, will be recuperated by unsavoury party political types whose ideas and discourse I find toxic.

    Take Brexit. If I vote Brexit out of concerns for the NWO agenda and the EU’s role in it, I know that that is not how my vote will be interpreted, i.e recuperated.

    Rather it will be recuperated as signalling assent to the anti-foreigner, anti-immigrant pro Brexit campaigners such as Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage whose statism, while not left wing, is still of the social control variety of the cheapest kind (‘security’, ‘stability’ etc.).

    Also the UK is very much on board with Washington and the NWO agenda and will ratify things like TTIP and GMO crops sooner than you can say ‘Bob’s your uncle’ – the EU has been halted in these processes by pressure groups. I don’t see such pressure groups carrying any weight in Westminster or Downing Street.

    So, to conclude, voting is problematic for many reasons – e.g. giving legitimacy to the fallacious idea of political representation, alienating personal sovereignty in favour of state sovereignty, signalling assent to authority and external control – but in the case of the referendum, where these issues are less apparent, I know that any which way I vote it will provide fuel to the causes of opportunistic, immoral controllers who will interpret my vote in a way that supports their very own NWO agenda, when all along I was seeking to undermine any kind of NWO agenda.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful reply, bubromer. You make some good points.

    • Just one thing, why bother how crooks and scumbags will interpret your vote (if you decide to vote)?
      We know (s)elections are just a game.

      • Precisely. I don’t necessarily want to play ball with those people or contribute to the (s)election process. In fact life would be so much better if nobody voted, ever., for then the sham nature of our democracy would be revealed for all to see. But they would then probably just force us to vote anyway under threat of penalties.

  7. Rappoport had an interesting article on the GMO front:


    From his article: In May, the NAS issued a comprehensive report: “Genetically Engineered Crops: Experiences and Prospects.” The report’s key finding takes in the entire period of US cultivation of GMO crops:

    “The nation-wide data on maize, cotton, or soybean in the United States do not show a significant signature of genetic-technology on the rate of yield increase.” — Chapter 6, Page 66.

    There’s deafening silence on the conclusion of this report. The GMO industry’s whole raison d’etre is increased yields. Yet the press, that reports on the stupidest little “scientific” study that has no importance to our lives, reports nothing. What a shock!

  8. Here is my view on the Brexit vote and why. As a very general background I consider myself mostly if not entirely Libertarian. Libertarians, like Anarchists I believe, believe in voluntary cooperation and the non-aggression principle and I would take this a step further to say I believe in the concept of individual sovereignty. To me sovereignty should almost never be delegated and if ever delegated should only be for a specific purpose and for a limited time that would automatically revert to the grantor unless the grantor specifically grants an extension of the delegated sovereignty. So on the Brexit vote I view any reduction in an individual’s delegated sovereignty as a move toward restoration of individual sovereignty and as such as a positive move in the direction of individual liberty, freedom and sovereignty, so to that extent I fully support Brexit and hope the UK will vote to leave the EU. Yes, there would still be delegated sovereignty but it would be reduced and closer to home so to that extent I think it would be a better result for the citizens of the UK.

    As far as the global economy is concerned, it is destabilized already and generally in a declining growth period. To say or think that the world economy is so fragile that Britain leaving the EU, which has been in an extended period of low growth, would somehow collapse the world economy seems, well ridiculous to me. The EU is giving a lot of signals in my opinion that low and declining growth is the most likely course for it for at least the next few years, if not outright recession and/or depression with or without the UK in it. The EU and the global government movement in general are looking more and more like global recessions and depressions without or very limited economic growth potential.

    I don’t know which country has the least terrible government and I guess this is somewhat subjective but the ones with the fewest laws and regulations and smallest central governments would be the first place I would look. Not knowing how many laws are on the books in this country Switzerland has always been high on my list and any country that has managed to stay out of wars for extended periods of time would also score high on my list.

  9. Hi James and fellow subscribers,
    A question about how privacy on the web. Does a VPN matter and what are the trade offs? What browser do you use and does the choice matter? I have researched this info somewhat but would like to hear what our virtual community has to say about it. I looked here as well… https://www.corbettreport.com/?s=privacy …but could not find anything about specific about VPN’s and so forth.
    Thank you,
    Mike in Oregon

      • Ahh, thanks mik, very informative link.

        Sometimes I feel like I’m self-censoring myself. And once in a while I get a twinge of unease when I click a youtube video that isn’t a cat playing a piano or something.

        Other times I’m really brave and do things like posting here! I say that with levity but it’s just a little bit under the surface type of true. But, since discovering James C, Sibel E, James Perloff, all the others from BFP, and my fellow subscribers here I feel braver. Truly, it is freeing for me to watch, listen (yea, on a iphone but at least I know what the consequences are now) and interact here.

        I figure if they ever did take a “steely hard look” at me they’d know I’m harmless. All I want right now today that is anywhere close to a restricted type of activity is to have some chickens on that unused plot of land outside my apartment. And after that; some eggs.

        Thanks James C for having my question on today’s QFC #031. I was surprised and it gave me a good feeling.

  10. #QFC

    Dear James, have you ever had the dubious pleasure of reading the infamous conspiracy document “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”? If you have, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.

    For my part I saw it as confirming the view that the monetary system as currently practiced is an instrument of mass enslavement. I also found it a fascinating portrait of the psychology (or should I say psychopathy) of those who dwell in the shadow government, regardless of whether the document is a genuine leak or a fabricated artefact.

    And there is no denying that, as I speak, society has moved much further towards the agenda of total control exposed in the document than when it was first discovered in 1979, especially in terms of mass surveillance and data gathering.

    It certainly is worth a read, if only to understand how globalist controllers view their fellow human beings.

    For those interested, my personal review of the document can be found here: http://scruffyowlet.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/silent-weapons-for-quiet-wars.html

  11. Question for Corbett –
    In your opinion, why do you think that 15 of the 19 who were “chosen”, were chosen to be Saudis and not other nationalities?

    Actually, the infamous Prince Bandar raises this point.
    “…Otherwise, is it accidental that they will choose 15 misguided young people to be out of 19 when they had a pool of so many people from so many different countries? So it was intentional, in my judgment, to do it that way to hurt our relationship….”

    (Links at http://911blogger.com/news/2016-06-24/brexit-britain-bae-saudi-arabia-28-pages-and-military-industrial-complex )

    Again and again recently, the 28 pages keeps cropping up in the news. July 2nd – Associated Press –

  12. James, and my only question in light of all off this glaring information is, could you potentially be a psychopath too!? lol

  13. dwayner,
    Nice quote of yours…

    “You are only as free as you act.”

    I am going to use it with our group “North Texans for 9/11 Truth”.
    (google it)
    We do a lot of “actions”, not just talk.
    The quote is sweet.
    “You are only as free as you act.”
    (On May 21st, out group enticed about 60 people to meet at Dealey Plaza (JFK grassy knoll) for a sign wave of anti-GMO anti-Monsanto)

  14. shiranaihito,
    — SEAN STONE —
    I politely disagree with you about Sean Stone. I admire him.

    His format is to openly interview people no matter what the topic or controversy. It is open communication and he talks to people from ALL walks of life, big names and small names. It certainly is an adventurous format.
    Hopefully, the listening audience has higher order critical thinking skills, and can glean what they desire… and perform further research on their own if they choose.

    Sure. Some guests have a “wacko idea of things” in my opinion.
    So what?

    I like Sean Stone’s personal philosophy as stated in this short clip.

    In the short clip, Sean points out the importance of “looking” and “listening” and finding “commonalities”.
    There is a lot to be said about finding commonalities with people, not focusing on divisive issues.

    In the 9/11 truth movement, a lot has been done to cause divisiveness.
    Let’s keep our commonalities and tolerance in mind.

    • Well said HomeRemedySupply…
      I find that so many people in our population are closed minded to deeper inquiry about things like 911, high level conspiracy and the deep state… And when individuals do the same thing (being closed minded and dismissive) with interdimensional/metaphysical and deep philosophical questions and inquiry, I find it a similar modernistic ignorance and pride that “mainstream” views on reality are the only “rational” way to view it… This to me is scientism, this to me modernism, this to simply has not engaged with the last 500 years of philosophy, epistemology, and much of the evidence that scientists on the “periphery” that are dismissed because their evidence doesn’t fit the mainstream scientific dogma of the day.

      Thankful for James and this community and the dominate aptness to question and be open to everything, rather than being selective and closed minded about our lines of inquiry.

  15. Thanks for the question, shiranaihito. May I ask a couple of questions in return for clarification?

    Firstly, why do you say that I interviewed Sean when he clearly interviewed me?

    Secondly, can you elaborate on your definition of “associate with” (especially as it pertains to media)?


    • Thanks for the clarifications, shiranaihito. I asked merely because it seems to me to make a huge difference whether I am reaching out to someone to ask for their expertise on a subject and to present their thought/work to my audience or whether someone is reaching out to me to ask for my expertise on a subject and present my thought/work to their audience. Wouldn’t you agree?

      The long story short is: if you don’t hear me say something or promote something then I am not saying it or promoting it. You can say that allowing myself to be interviewed by someone is tantamount to endorsing or promoting their (not discussed, not mentioned) worldview, but that’s in your head, not mine. I don’t take responsibility for what other people say when I’m not there and I don’t think allowing myself to be interviewed by someone constitutes “associating with” them in that kind of “their views are my views” way.

      So to the heart of your question, and just for the record: Do I believe in astral projection and annunaki and evil djinn? No. And I’d be happy to say so if Sean asked me about it. But he didn’t ask me about that, he asked me about economics because that’s what we were there to talk about. And, as you admit, it turned out to be an interesting (and rational) conversation. So that’s my mission accomplished.

      Anyway, if my appearing on this show somehow makes me an un-credible person in your eyes, then so be it. It’s a shame you’ll also have to stop listening to Peter Dale Scott and Richard Grove and Sibel Edmonds and Nomi Prins and a number of other great researchers, too. After all, you wouldn’t want to “associate” with people who “associate” with someone who has different beliefs than you, would you? What would people think?

      • shiranaihito,
        Could you post the link to your show?

      • Wow. So you are now comparing Sean Stone to Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot, all because he has different metaphysical beliefs than you? If I missed the several million people Sean is guilty of murdering then I do owe you and the audience an apology, but since that isn’t the case all I can say is that I’m much more concerned about people without the civility to allow others to have their (non-violent, non-aggressive) ideological differences.

        Also, your obsession with Sean is particularly strange given the fact that I have been interviewed by devout Muslims and devout Christians, Buddhists and assorted others, practitioners of transcendental meditation, deniers of 9/11 truth, believers in global warming, etc. etc. etc. But for some reason you’re fixated on the views of Sean Stone and the fact that he interviewed me about economics. As I’ve said before, I’m happy to go on any media outlet that will allow me to present my views in an unfiltered and unedited way, even the mainstream news networks (who actually are guilty of complicity in mass murderer for their Iraq war lies if nothing else). But for some reason you don’t seem to have a problem with any of those interviews, just this one.

        In conclusion, Sean was a gracious host and the interview was informative and interesting as even you admitted. I’d be happy to be on his program again in the future.

  16. James, a question:

    As a fan of your work, and a fan of Earnest Hancock (FreedomsPheonix.com) I really enjoy your regular appearances on his radio program. Best thing since CorbettRadio.

    Q. Why don’t you post your episodes on his program on corbettreport.com?

    I know that his show is raw and his speaking style is very abbreviated but they are some of most informative and real conversations I have heard you engage in.

    New viewers might find his style disconcerting but if nothing else I would suggest linking to your freedomspheonix.com shows on your monthly subscribers newsletter.

    Keep up the good work.


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