Eat Ze Bugs or You’re Racist! #PropagandaWatch

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You know how #SolutionsWatch replaced #PropagandaWatch three years ago? Well, I found a piece of propaganda so crazy, so self-contradictory, so hilariously reaching, so weirdly self-deconstructing that it has to be heard to be believed. Feast your ears on this wet hot dumpster fire of nonsense served up by the very confused propaganda pushers over at NPR.

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This right wing conspiracy theory about eating bugs is about as racist as you think

Huo Jingnan

Episode 381 – Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?

Nicole Kidman Eats Bugs | Secret Talent Theatre | Vanity Fair

Eating bugs to save the planet

Why you will be eating bugs very soon | James Rolin | TEDxBozeman

This London insect farm is changing the way we eat | Pioneers for Our Planet

Episode 040 – Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars


  1. Welcome back James, and in fine form too! Thanks for a good laugh.

  2. They just spoon-feed the sheeple with bugs.

  3. Idiot synchronizing by the
    lickspiddles? Did I hear lickspiddles? And your Uncle Bob! Bug ink, bug paper, bug you till you cough it up,.

    Where’s the damn book? I’ ll take ten copies please.

    • Editor en chief, was that lip-spittle or lick-spittles? Well.. what? You are on to sum’thin here. Try to listen to classical music on the local,public,radio, classical music channel, in HD, first in the state, without all that lickspiddles nonsense. You”ll hear” our sister station with all the news and headlines and commentary by National Public Radio.” Yeah!. Support us,give and enjoy as a listener. Brought to you by SEED, … Now it gets weird SEED…
      Wait for it, … gee what kind-a bug shit is this stuff?
      Whole-genome testing via shotgun sequencing of microbial DNA Unknown
      Oxford nanopore fully assembled closed genome sequencing for strain characterization….what the fudge?
      Paul Hinderman, Julian Scriabin Arnold Schoenberg,, never sounded better!

      • P.S. Racist? Yes as an underlying current. It smacks me right in the face. It’s so obvious that I can describe it in four symbols that Jamisan didn’t. The set-up, the delivery , I’d like to say the end but I’m not wasting another second on it to get to the wrap-up moral of the story.
        Ok, here is the whole of the race baiting play, the role play by the actors, the fuel from the writers , 4 it

        Ch’nk ‘n the Nig

        It’s disgusting

        • This episode definitely had me laughing. So I guess the host is a white supremacist as well? At this point they don’t even care if they make sense.

          • “…At this point they don’t even care if they make sense…..”

            They do not need to make sense for their target audience, this level of propaganda is for people of no value

        • “… Racist? Yes as an underlying current. It smacks me right in the face. ….”

          People in the west have been taught that being ‘racist’ is low class and makes them look bad…..they will cut their kids genitals off rather then be thought of as low class.

          Such low value people are not worthy of consideration except in as much as how much of a threat or how useful they are to actual human beings.

          Someone called me racist the other day and I asked what, if that were true, was wrong with being racist and they just spluttered. If racists has power these same fkwits would be racists, they are the kind of people who used to hate sodomites when the programing told them to and now love them.

  4. Well if we in the West are “just the fringe” of diets, leave us alone, we’re just 20%, we don’t really count.


    • If we are just the fringe case, a horrible culture of disgusting hate filled racists then why does the who world demand to come here and live with us?

      I stay away from horrible people who hate me. When I was scared and masked up I stayed away from those who were unmasked, not chased after them to shout about ‘killing grandma.’

      They will never leave the west alone willingly because the project demands the end of western civ.

  5. Hey NPR, you’re propaganda-ing wrong!
    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the male host loses his job for showing a little pushback

    • nope….he is to act as a ‘surrogate’ for the viewer and voice their concerns in such a way that he is shown how ‘silly’ and (more to the point) “Low Class” and “Not popular” those opinions are. You see the same thing in old TV with the laugh track, or the “reaction shot” of other actors faces, where the audience is shown what they are to think about what the characters saying.

      Its kinda like NLP where you ‘anchor’ an idea to something that the subject has an emotion attached to.

      The thing is that while adults are harder to do this to people who let their kids suck up the propaganda are letting those kids have their base view of the world formed in a very deep, very lasting way.

  6. Amazingly, some people will actually believe the nonsense on that podcast.

  7. Another thing is that it was obviously all scripted. You can tell epecially by how unnaturally the native Chinese speaker speaks (in long sentences with sometimes uncommon vocabulary, without ever any hesitation etc). So if it’s been scripted, it seems like it’s supposed to be contradictory and not supposed to make sense. It’s probably supposed to cause the listeners to totally lose their capacity to think. They understand that their average listener evidently barely thinks already (hence they’re listening to that podcast), and now they’re working their minds as if they were mashing soft potatoes. I’m sure they know how to do these things well by now, too, silly as the podcast seems. The goal is to make people like Winston Smith at the end of 1984.
    Overall it’s extremely stupid, but unfortunately that’s where we’re at now. God help us.

    • “….Overall it’s extremely stupid,….”

      Most PEOPLE are extremely stupid….you dont need to do a high class magic trick to hide a ball from your dog.

      This level of propaganda is for the people that dont matter, you could turn them into nazi’s in a month if Hitler owned the media. Such people cant be argued or reasoned with, they just need to get a firmware update from whoever has power.

      • Duck says:
        “This level of propaganda is for the people that don’t matter.”

        You hit the nail on the head.
        Their target audience is “the people that don’t matter.”

        • Homie,
          I got a question or two for you and Duck.
          ? How can it be ? A class of people that don’t matter? That is hateful.
          Number matters?
          Financial matters?
          Food matters?
          Propaganda matters?
          Water matters?
          Religion matters?
          Politic matters?
          People don’t matter?
          Well, why on this side of the grave do any people matter?
          How low and what scale do you have to go to before you don’t matter?
          They are drowning from the flood, are you gonna throw them a sack of rocks? You are not saying that; are you? You’d be agreeing with Duck that there’s a class of people out there that don’t matter. These people matter for the very reason Duck said, Malware of those Nazis in power not because of the stupidity of people and their taking up space in a democracy. In the wake of the flood will the score of drowned matter? Is that the motivation to throw them rocks ? Knock them numbers down? Those numbers are individual persons, stupid or not they are people.
          What kinda propaganda encourages the belief of people not mattering? The final solution to life is death.
          There is just enough Bacon English in your post to be misleading on my delicate inner ear. Maybe I’m wrong as the folks who attend the NPR church of statism.
          Maybe I’m missing the perspective you are taking?
          Duck you are saying there is a class of people that don’t matter. To Baconites you got to ask to what end , what will be needed to make them whole again? A place where democracy works? More propaganda?
          The NPR editors,producers believe people matter. They have raw clay to mold. The franchised folk have to be held culpable for watching as those who acted with malthesance. Are you saying this from ol’ T’s perspectives on really stupid people’s clay don’t matter ? Then why not blacks,Jews, inmates, dope addicts, Beaners, homeless? I don’t see the difference in perspectives. I don’t think a lot on this but the this is wrong think.. These blank slates can be molded into something other than what they are. Without propaganda? . Oh yeah, culpability everywhere. Are we tired old potters for democracy? Should the Nagasaki option be used and get it over quick. They are part of the human body, stupid, but must be necessary for they are alive. No surgeons, doctors, volunteerist, communist experts needed, just Bacon English
          Propaganda all around.

          • It’s not very nice to think like that, but to be perfectly honest, the majority of people just don’t matter. They aren’t any good for themselves or for posterity, they won’t leave any legacy behind, they won’t even come close to knowing any truth and they won’t be remembered as they will never do anything that was worth remembering.

            Not only will they refuse to elevate themselves, they will bring everyone around down. They hate themselves, they hate their children, they hate life and freedom. Broken, torn down, ragged empty husks. They were, of course, not born like that, but raised to the societal standard.

            You can usually see them coming out of the woodwork when there’s a crisis or an election coming around the corner.

            I don’t want them dead, but I would sure appreciate if they would leave me in peace.

            • Mkey, thanks for the Bacon, what’s it mean to matter. In your local third world failed state? Do they fall on you like loose roof tiles? Do they trip you up like up turned cobblestone? You are culpable if you don’t care. Acknowledge them and make them matter. Break up their training. They will come around or leave you the hell alone.
              I’ ll get this round and tell you about my introduction to Philly cowboy queer life…it had nothing to do with gender. Non of them thought about it as gay; it was about hedonism, pleasure, perversion money, dope, self loathing and isolation. Trained by a trainer. Trained by the owners of that society .
              I guess it’s grown.I didn’t want them dead, I just wish they would leave me alone. Ain’t that ironic? You get the next one, I’ll get dinner.

              • Try to get cops and bureaucrats to leave you alone. Or sol-diers when it comes their time to hit the streets. Good luck.

            • M
              “be perfectly honest, the majority of people just don’t matter”.

              isn’t that the fundamental premise of eugenics?
              I thought this site was, in principle, anti-eugenic?

              fool card: its what’s in the mind that matters, and the mind doesnt matter.

              • I have not proposed anything to be done with the untihinking dolts. I have not put forward plans to curb their reproduction. It is already curbed, fertility ratios being what they are. I don’t even hate these people.

                My only goal here is to understand what is and what is not. We can all see it every day, let’s be honest about it.

              • “let’s be honest about it”.

                I’ll try,

                I often say: “people are idiots”, but if my indignance gets too rich, it begins to sound like self pity.

                true, any dolt might read your comment and dolt-on and on about the matterless meaning of meaningless matter,

                what we need is empowered response to those who ignore. Not to save the world but even just make it down the street, starting and ending with peace of mind.

                The first comment I ever made on this thread (early teens?), I called us all out for being “useless eaters”, or complicit by degree. there is a symbiosis at play. I’ve not yet found the noble way to navigate without stepping in it.

                I’ve had the oneknighterrant (his story below) experience on wheels. all family, & friends, we shared our most vibrant years together. now most all have gone the way of the hyper ignorance gurgler. Hypno-brain washing has corralled the self-guarded herd.

                “being honest about it” has been like trying to steer a tornado. always the same default: a pandemic of naughty/abused children’s minds in adult bodies, killing anything in their way.

                As anti as the matter can be, one way I’ve found to slalom through & past is to keep caring but drop all interest.

                it looks as if the department of “what is” and “what is not” may have gotten the delivery address’ upside out inside to front and back down?.

                as sophisticated as the human body is, get real, our bodies are miraculous! but sure can behave in naïve /crude ways.

                free will, the final frontier

              • I don’t think that’s the fundamental premise of Eugenics as far as I know.

                In fact these ideas may be separate. The belief in “good stock” as being deterministic for good outcomes and that only “good stock” should exist are separate.

                Some do say that there are genetic influences on behavior and I happen to agree that that may be the case. But influencing is different from being entirely deterministic and that only certain genetic profiles should exist and all others should be eliminated.

                It’s that last part I see as “eugenics” or the negative aspect of it, forced sterilization and propaganda aimed at limiting reproduction of people or genetic groups one doesn’t like. That’s where it becomes evil.

                My guess is that most people have some kind of prejudice or bigotry or method of discernment that others may find off putting. There are lots of people I’d rather avoid and dislike, such as the idiots who were trying to force others to take the jabs. Those kinds of people, who are so far gone that they want to force others are not worthy of my empathy. I no longer have empathy for people who want to hurt me.

          • Actually, I personally feel that most all humanoids have value, even those who sometimes cause us grief.

            In my comment, I said,
            Their (NPR’s) target audience is “the people that don’t matter.”

            Maybe I should have said, “NPR’s target audience are wet noodles.”

            My concept is that NPR’s target audience is pretty much incompetent and lacks an ability to evaluate narratives.
            They are easily-shaped do-nothings who think that they are intellectuals. They stand on the side of NPR no matter the narrative, because that is the intellectual side.
            When they meditate, instead of saying “Ommmm”, they chant “Baaaaah Baaaah”.

            • I don’t think they have value, but potiential. That’s why working with children can be very rewarding. But soon down the line, the potential is squandered. Hit the school and you become a drone soon enough.

            • Why do you think they have value? Even if they are working against you?

              When I have to treat some of the worst human beings in the ER, foul tempered, smelly and abusive (some of the drug addicted homeless are this way), my honest feelings are that I want to be far away from them. Whatever caused that (probably the sick psychopathic system), I cannot fix whatever has caused the person to be this way.

              I don’t wish them harm and will do what I can with the resources available but I admit that I wouldn’t want to live right next to the person or have them littering up my space. I no longer live in a city so that issue has been solved for me.

              But does a person like that have value? Why do you think so? Is it because they mattered to someone at some period of time? Is it because they were brought into existence by “creation” or what gives a person that value for you?

              For me, it is seeing humanity in another person. If they have that spark still, to me they have value. If someone has lost their soul, I no longer see the value. To me a psychopath that has harmed others has no value (to me). They matter if they can hurt me, but as far as value, the world would be better of without them.

            • I see value in empathy. If someone still has it and would refrain from harming another person or living thing, they have value to me.

              I’m not saying filthy people have no value with my comment. I’ve met kind homeless people and it is those who I would much rather try to help than the person who has lost empathy.

              If a person is simply a follower and has no qualms about causing harm to others, I see no value in their existence. But that’s my personal opinion.

              All my questions are rhetorical BTW. Just some of the thoughts that came to mind.

          • I don’t understand your point here? I’m not trying to put you on the spot but are you saying that the problem is more of diminished consciousness “wisdom” rather than diminished value in greater numbers of people?

            If there are people who refuse to hear or cannot hear and only function as harmful drones, do they “matter”?

            I’d say they matter as a threat to us. The vile psychopathic scum who have the power to inflict harm on large numbers of people IMO should be prevented and held accountable. But they matter because they have tangible power. A person matters if they can hurt or help me.

            The mindless masses mater as far as being a potential threat to other people with working brains and the capacity to make a meaningful positive impact on the future.

            What’s a meaningful positive impact? A legacy? Maybe not just a biological legacy, or only a biological legacy, but something that helps enlighten a bit?

            If we describe the phenomenon observed during the scamdemic as being under the influence of “mass formation” or whatever nomenclature describes it, these masses did matter.

            Remember the “black friday” fatalities where people were trampled underfoot because people were pushing into stores to get a deal at Walmart or wherever it might have been?

            People who can cause one harm matter. I think of it like, someone who can influence my local environment positively or negatively as mattering from a perspective of self interest.

            I ask myself, do I matter? I certainly think so. The next question I ask myself is why? Have I made a positive impact on the world and overall made a net contribution to humanity? I don’t know.

            As far as genetic contribution, that is no guarantee. There are “bad seeds” who come from “good stock”. So what is it that gives someone “value”? What provides meaning?

            Anyway, you provide good food for thought.

          • generalbottlewasher
            “……I got a question or two for you and Duck.
            ? How can it be ? A class of people that don’t matter? ….”

            They do not matter to the outcome of events.

            They matter as human beings, but its a waste of time trying to argue with or convince them of anything because they will always look to power and think what Power tells them to think.

            As to
            “…. They are part of the human body, stupid, but must be necessary for they are alive. …..”

            To be brutal there is zero reason to think that they are ‘necessary’ for anything- were the people killed in the Black death “necessary”??

            Clearly not….we have had dozens of horrible wars and sicknesses and famines and lots and lots of people died and humanity still goes on because, at the end of the day, most of us ARE NOT special snowflakes who are vital to the future.

            I hope that in the future the NPR NPCs are alive, but if they are not because they chose to get a sixth vax shot or off’d themselves thru assisted suicide when they got sad thats not a real problem for anyone but them.

            As the saying goes the future belongs to those that want it most.

            • Thanks Duck,
              Some of what you say sounds reasonable backed by events in historical context. It might pass as the truth but as the editor in chief has tried to enlighten us as to the LIE of it all…well.
              But, I’m no longer an executioner of time. The Darwin model is that of the prince of darkness. As the saying goes… The future belongs to those that want it most. Yes,that is the big lie I discovered, hoping to change the course of that, that killing is a way to buy the killer time by taking away the time ,in this realm, the time of others. That’s a theft, a crime. Killing time, by taking life away reenforces this notion that it’s ok to destroy life.
              Unlike my neighbors, I don’t broadcast poison on the lawn that kills???,whatever lie that said do this and kill what’s pestering you ,and runs off the yard into the lake just 400 ft. away. Killing all the way into completely different bio, life systems. That’s the concept, of making a choice to kill the time allotted to others. That’s crazy thinking IMO, . It’s created by propaganda enforced by all the weaknesses of mens hubris. I certainly can see how this raw base idea has been hijacked by fairytale,myths, fables and religion and the self styled controllers.
              Concluding in a choice, we make choices, that are driven by lust for life at the expense of other lives. How is that acceptable. With lies,that’s how. Try not to kill any life forms for time here on earth and the whole of Darwin’s nature will let you know how much they appreciate it. Proof will be a surprise in how much time you get for yourself. Nutty? Try it and see. It will revealed it self as are we physical or spiritual beings? Is being God like in the animal kingdom killing life or not killing life the determining factor. I blame Derrick Jensen for planting these ideas but what really sold it to me is I tried it and the antidotal just keep piling up.
              What makes a believer, of anything, out of you Duck? Or any of you news reporters out here,?QFC?

              • General Bottle Washer

                Before I start let me reiterate that I do not WISH death on anyone, and will always do my best to warn them ( see Ezekiel 33 1 -10) but at the end of the day if they CHOOSE death after being warned its on them and they people that cause their death, no one else.

                “…The Darwin model is that of the prince of darkness. …”

                Very true. But one must not forget that THIS world is in the powe”…The Darwin model is that of the prince of darkness. …”currently in the power of that prince of darkness which is why people are, by their Fallen Nature, naturally selfish and prone to evil.

                This propensity to evil is countered by the old nature, IMO, given by God to man in the Garden before he chose to walk away from it.

                At the end of the day if people choose death thats on them, no other human OWNS them, and the only thing anyone can do is navigate around their corpses and do the best for those that want life.

                “…What makes a believer, of anything, out of you Duck?…”

                I read most of the religious texts and the only one that was consistent was the Bible.

                Faith is a gift that people ask for, a choice that people make, and no amount of evidence will convince anyone who has chosen not to believe. I have always had a desire for truth, and have done my best to set aside my own desires for what truth should be and look instead for what it actually is.


              • Duck,
                Thank you , I’m more concerned with killing. The down stream result is death. How we arrive at death is what I mean to get at here on the Sopha. Do we arrive at death by design or happenstance? This is way above my pay scale or scholastic achievement unfortunately. How to bring it into existence and it be a truth?
                Being God like is the question I suggested. ” ‘Is being God like in the animal kingdom killing life or not killing life?'”
                You give them a warning? IMO it’s killing, and not God like. So flawed thinking. Do we warn the forest before we clearcut it?
                Do my neighbors warn the water and all that depend on it before they kill the ticks on the shore? That’s what I’m saying here,it’s a choice, and killing can be avoided as you would avoid an insane person.
                Maybe it’s too conservative an idea to sell to the conditioned person who doesn’t see killing as relative or antithetical to all life. Somewhere along the way a collective craziness took over.
                This IMO is the currency of time, the value,false or true of time. Time has always fascinated me. My poor dead friend told me once it was the observance of money and it’s power motivated him to question, to describe and predict how that money power works in the equation of truth. Time to me is that part of the equation of truth that has yet to be realized as Alan Watt realized money. Money is not time but killing is. Proof? Help me out here. QFC

              • “…Do we arrive at death by design or happenstance? …”

                We arrive at death because man chose to disobey God and do his own thing. Death is not part of the intended Order of the universe, but instead a result of man choosing to break it.

                We can choose life, by returning to that natural order, but we can not get to that state until after the end of the current age.

                As to warning people…. if I see you heading down an alley that I know is full of dangerous people and DONT tell you to watch out then I may bear some responsibility.

                If I DO warn you and you choose to go there then its totally on you and the people who may harm you. My feelings or hopes for or against you are irrelevant to the outcome.

                What is happening now is beyond the control of even the people who think they run things. Its gone so far that there is no stopping it, ten years ago there was slim hope of avoiding it, twenty years it would have been a bigger hope, forty years ago it would have been relatively easy. Now its as inevitable as a flood from a broken dam

          • generalbottlewasher,
            After a sweating hard day in the garden and backyard yesterday, I took a re-look at what you said.

            You are right. Absolutely right.

            Many things matter. (including NPR’s gooey trash consumers)

            We are stewards.
            One’s humanity includes the aspect of caring.

            People and things do matter. And our humanity should strive to better conditions.

            Probably…one of my faults is joking around and a sometimes non-literal jest to phrases and words.
            Saying “Taxes don’t matter” is fine until the audit comes.

            I like joking around.
            When talking to my new neighbor about her roommate aged father Johnny disappearing on Easter without telling anyone, she said that another neighbor helped but she didn’t know her name. I replied, “Oh, that’s Anne. The gossip lady.” She smiled, cuz she knew what I meant.
            I do care about people, including the gossip lady who won’t shut up.

            Johnny got pissed on Easter ‘cuz his adult daughter wasn’t back home by noon. So, he got an Uber and took a bus to San Antonio, spent the night, then on to Del Rio. He didn’t tell anyone. I saw Johnny hobbling to the Uber that Sunday as I came in from the front garden. The police tracked him down.

            • Homie.
              You too Duck, thank you for response.
              Stewardship probably died for the majority of young people thirty years ago. I don’t know any young people with any aptitude or stewardship. In this chess game of life the back row has been designated inert and we are left with pawns only. Few if any know of the role stewardship plays in a future. A stable future.
              I’m impressed with Merle Ness and the interview James had with her. She is an old steward of the old society.
              I’m at odds over getting old and time running out. Collectively we oppose a death cult and I propose we oppose this cult by putting a moratorium on killing in our daily existence and see where that goes. Be sure I’m not saying Buddha.

        • Duck says:
          “This level of propaganda is for the people that don’t matter.”

          One perspective is…
          NPR does not matter.
          The communicator of information does not matter, because they spout trash. NPR’s information is trash.

          Who wants to consume trash?

          Hell, Corbett Members had a tough time just listening to the gooey trash that James showed a light-on.

          Thus, the target audience of NPR is “Gooey Trash Consumers”.

          • Surely they matter, otherwise why the podcast?
            I hate to say it, but even I in my slightly ageing cynicism see that all people do matter. Everyone has qualities that we ourself lack, thus we can learn something from them. To think otherwise is just arrogance.

            • “All people matter” doesn’t ring true for me. There are a small percentage of people, a bit greater than 1% who are psychopaths, many of whom are dangerous and for lack of a better word evil.

              Those kinds of people have no value to me. I have no empathy for psychopaths. I don’t wish them to be tortured or treated in an inhumane manner but if they ceased to exist, I’d have no problem with this.

              I don’t find that cruel or wrong to admit that. I have no love or empathy for psychopaths, especially those who have hurt others. Fortunately, this is not the majority of people though.

              I would say that many human beings or even a majority of human beings have some redeeming qualities that I value.

              • cu.h.j,
                I don’t believe you when you say “doesn’t ring true”

                You and your conscious are battling and I bet you care more and better than the white coat priesthood you work with.
                Here’s an example,

                [ but as far as value, the world would be better of✓ without them.]
                You can’t off✓ them you are
                ” of ”
                them, Sub conscious is revealing. Don’t get jaded, you are going to be ok cause you think things through, even the rhetorical you give voice to . All in a way that I must support and take notice of. You are the bomb.
                It’s no sin to get ye away from insane people, I suspect you would care for them anyway.

            • pd
              Everyone has qualities that we ourself lack, thus we can learn something from them. To think otherwise is just arrogance.


              The question of how to relate to those whose acts are counter productive or indeed evil, is something I’ve never found a solid answer for.

              Aggression usually begets further aggression. How then does one address being aggressed? walk away? thats the short answer I’d have if standing in gaza, but walls and trigger happy minyons of the gangster-puppets wont even let them walk away? I can just barely look at that truth.

              how was any demon ever defeated? The furthest I’ve glimpsed is ,,,an active compassionate force isnt describable, cant be orbited with words, but when compassion is active, through a human body, it honors no obstacles, they simply dissolve.

              If theres no clear map/example showing the way out, Was Euripides right? that wisdom comes through having chosen one of dilema’s horns, and once fully impaled, surviving the pain is the way to understanding and wisdom?

              I heard its carved into the wall of the birthcanal, just before the exit, easy to miss, its written “you will suffer”.

            • Pauldark.
              Thank you for knowing that and expressing that sentiment.

              You say arrogant, I say psychopathy. The constant barrages to wear down our empathy for our fellow man.
              The devil ain’t lazy , works twenty-four hours a day.

              • General Bottle Washer

                “…My nutty point is killing has always been married to lies. Lies fuel the motivation to kill….”

                YES…. and as the world is filled with more and more lies the drive to kill will grow bigger and bigger.

                Unless we de-funk our minds and strip out the propaganda our culture has fed them for the last 100 years things will end very badly.

                As Bauerlein, in “Dumbest Generation grows up” warns the five big lies milenials have been taught are why they are unhappy and dangerous

            • PaulDark
              “….Surely they matter, otherwise why the podcast?
              I hate to say it, but even I in my slightly ageing cynicism see that all people do matter….”

              They matter to God, but in the scheme of things they do not matter to the outcome of the events unfolding. They will follow whomever has the power and this kind of propaganda is telling them what to think about the decisions their masters have made……its not to convince or fool them or anything like that. They will believe two opposite nonsense ideas at once if doing so is coded as giving them status and letting them fit in.

              if Mr Corbett was world emperor they would all be anachists because he told them it was right, if Hitler was in power they would all be Nazis.

              They are not important, at least not to how things are going to be.

              “…..Everyone has qualities that we ourself lack, thus we can learn something from them. To think otherwise is just arrogance…..”

              No, people are really not all that special or different.

              There are “types” of people, but not very many truly unique ones.

              The idea that everyone is different is story they tell people to make them feel special.

          • HRS
            “…Thus, the target audience of NPR is “Gooey Trash Consumers”….”

            I actually used to actually like NPR years back.

            Either I stopped being so gooey or they got way way worse. Lol

            • Exactly – people can wake up. But for now let’s say that they’re useful idiots.

              • Duck, Pauldark,
                They may all be idiots but one thing is certain, they are not alike as individuals.
                No more alike untill they become a herd, a herd of sheep and they are in a herd but individually, each is unique. Each is important to the Shepard.
                Now , what? How is this related to propaganda or a truth proof?.
                My nutty point is killing has always been married to lies. Lies fuel the motivation to kill.

  8. You were right, propaganda watch is a waste of time. In defense of these hosts, I think they are that stupid.

  9. Good day James and Commentariat,

    Why the conflation of all those memes. It is a way of getting these ideas into the mind of those who watch NPR and feel safe because they feel superior.

    Then later you document the actual efforts being made to convince people (especially the West) to eat z bugs.

    REPLY; I didn’t save the link sadly. But another thing the West falls dramatically behind in is eating sea vegetation. Interestingly about 20,000 years ago Europeans did eat sea vegetation, their teeth document the fact. Then rather suddenly the ancient Europeans stopped eating sea vegetation. Why?

    Not sure. I speculate. Consider Asia, prior to WWII. Sea Vegetation (Kelp, sea weed etc.) was/is a principal part of their diet, for biologically good reason. It supplies a spectrum of minerals and phytonutrients not found in a land based diet. Now imagine what it would take to get all these people to stop eating sea vegetation. It would not be easy, that is for sure.

    So for the ancient Europeans to stop eating sea vegetation something profound happened to them. Whatever happened, the Europeans are still mad about it.

    Sea Vegetation has far greater nutritive value than bugs (except for the dumping of nuclear waste [Fukushima and other nuclear waste from around the world] and other forms of waste into the Ocean). But bugs provide corporate food producers the opportunity to enhance the nutrition of z bugs with various chems that modify behaviors. The vast majority of humanity life in CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) now. A great deal of psychological/emotional shaping is going on via cell phones, games, computers, movies, entertainment, etc. These are just some of the psycho/emotional inputs to humans in CAFOs. Fast food and corporate food provides additional shaping via biological inputs. Z bug would enhance that. It is much easier to grow bugs on waste products (let your imagination run wild) and feed to humans in CAFOs. Near total control will be accomplished via controlled inputs of food (including z bugs) via media and cell phone.

    Cut off from nature, mental reality becomes the only reality, there is no reality check provided if you don’t interact with the Earth/Gaia.

    I appreciate all the work you do James.

    • WM

      “…Then rather suddenly the ancient Europeans stopped eating sea vegetation. Why?….”

      I wonder if its because they used to live along rivers and coast lines because much of Europe was rather scary forest land. I read that pretty much the only way they got around was on the waterways.

      When they started clearing trees and farming I suspect that sea products were harder to get hold of for most…?

      • Hi Duck,

        Valid considerations. Please look at and look a Europe. There is a lot of water, ocean/sea water.

        The main reason I have trouble with that view is that it would have been true also for Asia. Even the Andean Indians would carry sea vegetation to their high altitude Andean farms.

        Something unique happened to the Europeans. Something no one else experienced in Asia, the Pacific, India, Africa.

        If I can ever find that research again I will save and post here. That is if this thread is still active.

        • :….Even the Andean Indians would carry sea vegetation to their high altitude Andean farms….”

          I wonder if they knew they needed the iodine or something? The Swiss used to get bad goiter from lack of it.

  10. Wonderful and uplifting #PropagandaWatch episode!


  11. The Guy is supposed to represent us. The woman is supposed to represent the people we should aspire to be. She is obviously the more informed and more enlightened of the two.
    Now, they make him act oblivious on purpose. If you are like him and have never heard of eating bugs, you are uncultured. Then they make her embarrassed for him. She acts like she feels sorry for him. Tells him she won’t make him eat bugs while implying that any “normal, non racist, informed, intelligent, cultured person” would know that everyone eats bugs and that it is good thing.
    Mission accomplished. Every simple minded person out there that does not want to be like that guy, and have people make fun of them, will be happy to eat the bugs.

    • Hm yeah, that’s a good take.

    • i got an overwhelming sense of condescension from the NPR parrots. Which is strange because the host was on the side of normal people who don’t like to eat bugs but he acted like it was crazy that people wouldn’t want to eat bugs. It really did seem a bit ham-fisted too. Of all the really weird and unsubstantiated “conspiracy theories” people have, why would they go for one that is so blatantly true and easily provable?

      Like with a great many things these days, it’s like they aren’t even trying any more. They aren’t trying to hide their disdain. They aren’t trying to make sense. They aren’t trying to even attempt feigning competence.

      I suppose you could say that they have essentially dispensed with the formalities.

    • Quite simple and accurate summary

    • Spooner,
      Your observations of this play are spot on. Now with that skill could you write us viewers up a play that brings all this home. I thank you could and I would love to read it. Not enough play writes or stories in this newspaper. Thank you for breaking that down.

  12. I giggled all the way through this. Good to have you back, James.

  13. Preaching to the converted but Leather Apron Club goes thru why bugs are less environmentally friendly then meat….which anyone who thinks about all the waste grass land that could have cows on it will already know.

  14. It is a bit surprising that they didn’t get to the idea of “you are going to kill Grandma” unless you succumb to eating “ze bugs”…

    Is it just me or does she sound a bit more AI than normal??

  15. Maybe they are experimenting with what level of bad propaganda they can release before they force #PropagandaWatch out of retirement :p

    • This does make sense. They obviously already pushed and obliterated the anvelope on good taste.

      • Mkey,
        Good afternoon. You got a winning word there, by accident or by way. Miss King who shares my joy of new words should enjoy it too.
        Anvelope= > envelope that’s made of steel, hardened, can’t be changed nor argued with, secured delivery of message.
        Verb, noun and additive . That is some smoked Bacon .

        • I did not mean to craft any new words, just made some mistakes.

          • Mkey, you are a regular Jackson Pollack with that keyboard.

  16. It’s not supposed to make sense, Boomer.
    Duh !!

    Emotional programming is where it’s at now kidz!

    … I wonder what age group they are targeting here – 14 years old is my guess.

    I would not have made it past 4 minutes without the captions – or you James !

  17. I enjoyed this episode of “Eat Ze Bugs or You’re Racist!”

    That 2008 clip of James talking about the propagandist strategy was gold. Deny, deny, deny…but wouldn’t it be good if….

    Corbett makes an important point. The folks like NPR don’t know “how to sell it”.
    The incompetence of it all becomes a joke. They strain to script a narrative and flaunt their snarky ‘smartness’ which only exposes how grossly incompetent they really are. These folks are mealworms who get their food from elitist funds…completely disposable insects.

  18. Hi James – Good to have you back. Guns blazing. A perfect way to end a well deserved hiatus: Dismantling an episode of National Propaganda Radio. An example of how desperate they must be to find credible script writers and presenters. This is the best they could come up with running damage control for the WEF. Which, after spending billions on the Eat Ze Bugs campaign, have discovered – IT’S NOT WORKING! People are not buying either the propaganda or the fried crickets. What now? A plea to NPR to come up with an excuse.

    However, there will still be a certain percentage of Normies who will swallow both the bugs and the WEF narrative. No matter what. A few days ago my niece and I were exchanging emails because she and family were considering coming to Thailand for a visit. She had initially asked if I wouldn’t mind meeting them down south. I sent her a link of all the things to do in Chiang Mai. Then I mentioned the Sunday night market at Tha Phae Gate, cleverly transitioning to your Who Is Bill Gates? documentary. I didn’t think she’d watch it and was surprised to receive this response:

    “Sooooo- I became curious and watched your bill gates documentary and it confirmed what I already believed – there’s nothing there. No smoking gun- no proof that he’s a monster. Just a lot of reaching and paranoia. The thing you might not know about me (but you probably do) is I am an extreme believer in and advocate for vaccines – I don’t think there’s any nefarious intent by bill gates or the government to harm the human race with vaccines – I don’t think covid was any kind of a scam – I am extremely grateful for the covid vaccine which I believe saved millions of lives – and I believe what bill gates is doing with his vaccine campaign in impoverished areas is saving millions of lives too, particularly children’s lives. Was he a power/money hungry business man who screwed people over to make his fortune? Most likely- BUT- I think what he is doing now with his life is based on a genuine interest in saving lives and trying to do good with the fortune he has acquired. So no, the documentary didn’t convince me of anything- I’ve heard all this before from many conspiracy theorists- I do a lot of reading. I know all the conspiracies floating around on so many different topics and I believe the vast majority of them are complete and utter paranoia and bullshit and they do so much harm to society – conspiracy theorists infuriate me for so many reasons. I could go on and on about this but I won’t. Anyway, this is why you and I shouldn’t discuss these topics – didn’t we discover this already during the pandemic?? we are quite literally at the polar opposite ends of the spectrum with our way of thinking about the world.”

    Virtually all friends and family share her view. They have their own line in the sand and I dare not cross it. I do what I can, when I can, where I am. Meantime – meditation. Changing the world by changing myself. Humming “Good Vibrations”.

    • Thanks for sharing. I am in the same, surreal situation – an island of awareness in my circle. Many thanks to The Corbett Report a for helping to keep us not only informed, but grounded.

      • From one island to another – thanks for your reply and letting me know you’re out there, jo-ann. Yes, Vive James Corbett! (You too, Broc!)

    • you sure thats not an ai troll-replying to you? I had an email back and forth with a new acquaintance we had met face to face, exchanged email addresses,, and later we figured out that he had not been writing the replies to my messages? what had come to me was sounding like him’ish, but also nudging me to order a book? (heads-up everyone)

      because you’ve got her reply in writing it should now be an easy task of listing the actions and claims as questions. I find keeping the discussion in writing is far more productive. It also gives those challenged the chance to read the points over and over:

      why do you think bill gates was kicked out of india?
      how many women became infertile because of his safe efficacy?
      is there a conflict of interest whereby he doubled his wealth over the period of jab mandates?

      My records of the evil arent the best kept, otherwise I coulda laid in more incrimination. The quality of the questions content and syntax will either yield more denial and stubborn bridge burning or a sudden need to surrender..

      “vaccine which I believe saved millions of lives”
      why do you believe that?
      what proof do you have that vaccines do anything? (site polio jab being introduced way after the bell curve of infection was over)?

      Some one like her (I know more of them than I’d like to admit), cant be told. they have to at least have half the conversation lead themselves, and/but if they refuse to communicate or simply dont have the courage then load her with questions, lest they drive her to jump off a,, its called “friendly competition”.

    • BUMP – anecdote of OneKnightErrant

    • Good that she likes getting shots, there’s going to be plenty more coming down the pipeline.

  19. Somewhat related to this PropagandaWatch episode…
    — Cass Sunstein —
    (Put “Cass Sunstein” in Corbett’s search bar.)

    Monday April 1, 2024 – The David Lin Report – (but video was recorded on Feb 15, 2024)
    David Lin interviews Cass Sunstein
    ”Democracy Is ‘Backsliding’ Around The World, Is Tyranny Next? | Cass Sunstein”
    (32 minutes)

    David Lin reports on market-moving events, as well as interviewing experts in finance, economics, science, and technology. David Lin previously worked for Kitco News.

    “People will get used to it.”
    Cass Sunstein, currently the Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard Law School, discusses how human habits are formed and broken, what makes a malicious actor, and how tyrants are created.
    0:00 – Intro
    1:14 – Cass Sunstein’s background
    2:45 – Habits
    12:38 – Identifying bad character traits
    17:50 – Authoritarianism
    22:00 – Misinformation in the media
    28:24 – How to complete tasks
    29:58 – Controlling emotions when trading
    The Misinformation segment was interesting.
    “Repeat the message” is a fundamental, broadly used, marketing tool, but was brought up by Sunstein.
    “illusory truth effect” and “ease of processing” are mentioned.
    27:42 – Fact checking – “reliable sources”
    [A lot could be said about “reliable sources”, such as “who determines a reliable source?”…an authority?]

  20. Sometimes Melisa Dykes makes some observations that are profound. James has that ability and to put it in a book form would be handy. As a reader I would use a book l suspect helpful, ,as a map,a reference and as a companion in my old age. I digress. The girl she pivots from in this story is a target of NPR. I hope she’s not taken in by the social engineering goons.
    Melissa Dykes explains how we lost the war in this piece she wrote, very much related to James’ post. It’s long but fulfilling.

  21. Does this mean I’m a racist for not wanting to eat the bugs?

  22. Main take away: I need to start listening to NPR whenever I need a good laugh! Great stuff James. Thanks for covering this!

  23. Kit from Off-Guardian explains “How the formerly unthinkable is normalised in public discourse.” in actually 5 steps:

    1. That doesn’t happen, and everyone who says it does is a conspiracy theorist.
    2. That happens sometimes but it’s very rare.
    3. That should actually happen more.
    4. That is happening a lot and it’s a good thing
    5. People who don’t like this happening are the problem.

  24. Lately, I have noticed a disturbing practice in interviews of important figures, e.g., the COO of SpaceX, StarLink, when she informs us that innovative technology is being delayed by FCC bureaucrats, e.g., delayed standard approval of permits for use of bandwidths. Then she stops to defend this “red tape” as created by people with the humane motive of safety. This interjection of an excuse comes twice. How does she know that her company is being targeted, unusually long, for noble ends? Is she a mind reader? Why are the FCC granting delays so competitors can catch up? This is open fascism, i.e., a business/govt. conspiracy requested in writing. Why not call them out, condemn them in public? Why pander to your enemies? It’s disgusting.

    • It’s probably because she has many ex and/or yet to be colleagues at FCC.

  25. I listen to nearly everything that James produces, but this NPR piece was so nauseating that I couldn’t bear it, even to hear James take it apart afterwards.

  26. Propaganda has a script!?
    What? What the Zionist church has in the works and what a reusable script looks like. I’m sure in the Zionist bible 911 will be a chapter and Gaza will be a sequel.
    Story by Richard Gage . Richard introduces the 55 minute documentary on Gaza and Oct. 7 th by John Hankey.


    In years past, sometimes for the birds in winter, I would buy mealworms. The birds loved them…
    …But not this year!
    They didn’t seem to want them.
    Instead, they preferred the nuts.

    My think is that probably this batch of mealworms was fed some kind of gmo grain.

    • Among many things animals are better than people is figuring out what’s food and what’s not.

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