Episode 438 – The Future Food False Flag

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Podcasts, Videos | 45 comments

The food supply is under attack. But by whom? And for what purpose? Find out the dirty truth about the global food crisis and how the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are trying to use this crisis as an opportunity to usher in the Great Food Reset on today’s fast-paced edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

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The Attack on Food Symposium + Solutions to Fight Back
Time Reference: 01:07


At least two people injured in explosion at Hermiston food plant
Time Reference: 02:52


Massive Fire Engulfs Salinas Food Processing Plant; Neighborhoods Evacuated
Time Reference: 03:06


Fire at Maricopa Food Pantry destroys 40,000 pounds of food
Time Reference: 03:18


Dade City poultry farm fire likely killed 250,000 chickens
Time Reference: 03:30


West Side food processing plant left with smoke damage after fire, SAFD says
Time Reference: 03:39


Crews battle large commercial fire at nut processing plant in Sutter County
Time Reference: 03:48


Potato-Processing Plant Fire In Belfast, Maine Leads To Shelter-In-Place Order
Time Reference: 03:59


Fire kills tens of thousands of chickens at Wright County farm
Time Reference: 04:13


Meat Processing Facility Catches Fire
Time Reference: 04:22


Zeemap of food processing incidents 2021-2022
Time Reference: 05:37


FBI warns of cyberattacks on US food plants after a dozen hit by mysterious fires
Time Reference: 07:30


Cyberattack on Dole
Time Reference: 09:39


Up Next: The Collapse of the Food Supply Chain
Time Reference: 10:46


Rahm Emanuel on the Opportunities of Crisis
Time Reference: 14:15


Ian Bremmer – Beyond 2023: A Global Outlook
Time Reference: 14:25


Henry Kissinger (HQ) Obama and The New World Order 1/5/09
Time Reference: 14:35


How a misunderstanding about Chinese characters has led many astray
Time Reference: 15:11


Eating Bioengineered Spores
Time Reference: 17:32


Israeli Company’s Pioneering ‘Sweet Proteins’
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Nicole Kidman Eats Bugs | Secret Talent Theatre | Vanity Fair
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Eating bugs to save the planet
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Why you will be eating bugs very soon | James Rolin | TEDxBozeman
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This London insect farm is changing the way we eat | Pioneers for Our Planet
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EATING JAMES FRANCO: Bite Lab Wants to Experiment with Celebrity Tissue to Make Edible Meats
Time Reference: 23:46


Insects on the menu as EU approves two for human consumption
Time Reference: 25:44


What is the Future of Food?
Time Reference: 26:31


Who is Behind the Great Food Reset?
Time Reference: 27:37


The Gates/Rockefeller “Green Revolution” Scam Exposed
Time Reference: 27:57


Glyphosate Now the Most-Used Agricultural Chemical Ever
Time Reference: 30:04


Bill Gates-Backed Vegan Burgers Hit Mainstream With Safeway Deal
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America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates
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“insects” search on World Economic Forum website
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EAT – who we are
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USAID: Systemic Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Agriculture, Nutrition, And Food Systems
Time Reference: 32:55


Another Globalist “Simulation” Comes True (Food Chain Reaction exercise)
Time Reference: 33:45


Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda
Time Reference: 39:59


The Future of Food (Is Ours to Decide)
Time Reference: 41:57



  1. Any examples of food plant sabotage in Europe?

  2. In 1970, Henry Kissinger said: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.”
    – Ezra Pound
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”
    – Voltaire
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    All the online “talk” and “posting” is meaningless without a wake up call to activist action.

    GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

    • Regarding Kissinger’s quote (who, unsurprisingly, partly ripped it off of an ancient Chinese emperor), I believe mankind transformation and dependency to supplies do go hand in hand.

      Man 2.0 would evolve from within due to his novel diet (and vax?) in order to merge with tech. But the transformation from these foods could also make him incompatible with any traditional organic sustenance.

      • No idea what you are trying to say???

        “Forge simple words children can understand”

          • Not really. The issue is people with narcissistic personality disorders, and lack of empathy, caught in a cognitive bias loop with the need to be right rather then make things right.

            It is the Dunning-Kruger effect. An assumption of being more knowledgeable then they really are from cut and paste web-ecation.

            Instead of looking and acting like an a z z you could have explained what your were talking about and looked civilized.

            A PSYCHIC EPIDEMIC (song)

            • Oh, how quick you were to diagnose me! Doesn’t say much about you I’m afraid… The way you answered before didn’t really make me feel like explaining myself, did you think of that?

              • Classic narcissist, need to blame others. All I said was I had no idea what you were saying and put a quote up for inspiration, but when your mind is soft, words have sharp edges.

                You could have just explained what you were saying, is that so difficult? Not trying to “say anything about me” as it was all about your comment and then your snide remark: “That’s your problem”

                Enough said. Sunny day, going on a motorcycle ride and far away from any digital nonsense.

              • But of course, all you did was to say “no comprendo amigo”, right?
                And you’re still going on with your two-bit diagnosis, Christ almighty…

                My mistake really: I didn’t look at your name before interacting with you. I’d seen your comments plague the site and yes, we know about your age, your career, your songs, your quotes, your imaginative personal anecdotes… and even how you squarely scold James when you think his work isn’t up to scratch, goddammit!

                So no worries, I’ll be more careful next time to leave you and your judgmental remarks alone.
                Indeed, I don’t write for children – but neither for your kind.


      • Incompatible with normal food and possibly allergic to some, even many of them. I’m thinking about how food allergies have increased over the last decades. Serious peanut allergies that can cause death which requires peanut butter free schools. What would happen if they change our diet completely, to foods we have never eaten before?

        • Had it happen to me 10 years ago. After decades of enjoying PB&J sandwiches I was watching a video, took two bites of a sandwich and within mins my lips were the size of hot dogs.

          17 miles from the ER I barely made it. Took a couple of Benedryl tabs that helped. Within the year…Strawberries and Peppermint did the same thing???

        • As the universe moves in its mysterious ways, I got off line, made a cup of coffee and was watching some youtube videos on my TV. Ran across one from Epoch Times, Roman Balmakov called Nano Tech Foods

          Apparently over 2000 foods have nano tech practicals in them. Some of it is for changing the color, (Make milk whiter) others to enhance flavor, etc. Titanium Dioxide is a very common one.

          The danger is the FDA said it is OK to use (GRAS) Generally Regarded As Safe in the larger particles so they assume in nano form it should be OK.

          However studies show the nano particles can cross the blood/brain barrier. Might be worth a look at the 17 min vid.

          • That’s probably why raw milk is illegal – they can’t add their poisons to it when its fresh from the cow!

            Thanks for the video link. I like to keep up to date on what the mad scientists are up to.

            I’m on a limited diet since I suffered from ulcerative colitis years ago, so I won’t be able to participate in their nano-tech, lab-grown meat, or bug eating experiments 🙂

            • Good point about raw milk. Up here in the White Mountains of AZ we had an excellent ranch/farm for buying eggs, milk, etc. and the county and state came down on them. It is pervasive all over, that dark agenda of taking down humanity.

              The yin and yang of colitis hey?

              I have spent years using homeopathic remedies and supplements for my health. Indeed, alopathic medicine has its place.
              *For lung and chest stuff Oregenol liquid is great.
              *Homeopathic salts for a wide variety of issues. The manual for usage is free online.
              *Although they were accused of being a $ scam I use DoTerra oils. First one I used was “Breathe” for mountain sickness at 7000 feet elevation.
              *I use only one “medicine,” 1/4 grain Armor Thyroid at 81.
              *An important supplement is NAC. I get mine through Walmart. A six month supply is about 24 dollars. Lots of good youtube vids on all its positives.

              My best to you.

              AIN’T IT FUN BEING ALIVE (song)

              • I try to avoid pharmaceutical drugs as much as possible, but take Benadryl when my sinuses are acting up. I try to take homeopathic allergy formulas before allergy season to avoid problem.

                I’ve been taking Schuessler Tissue Salts (the 12 in 1 combo) this winter just for added assurance that my minerals are up to snuff. Not sure if that is the salts you are referring to.

                I am prone to thyroid problems so I’ve been taking Lugol’s iodine since before Covid, in pretty high doses in accordance with Dr. Brownsteins recommendations. It’s apparently anti-cancer too which I like. I feel great since I’ve been taking it so it certainly doesn’t seem to be doing any harm.

                I haven’t heard about NAC but I’ll check out.

                Nice talking to you. Hopefully we’ll run into each other on another topic of interest.

            • Had to use this conversation to answer your last as the reply button didn’t come up???

              >>I try to avoid pharmaceutical drugs as much as possible,>>

              Smart. Any recommendation by a medical person for this or that med the first thing I do is look up the side effects. The med folks don’t seem to be able to grok that if a med can swell your throat, give you blurry vision, etc. it HAD to have happened to SOMEONE in the testing. A big no thanks from me.

              >>but take Benadryl when my sinuses are acting up.>>

              Same here.

              >>I try to take homeopathic allergy formulas before allergy season to avoid problem.>>

              Indeed. Tea Tree, etc. all work.

              >>I’ve been taking Schuessler Tissue Salts (the 12 in 1 combo) this winter just for added assurance that my minerals are up to snuff. Not sure if that is the salts you are referring to.>>

              This is the brand I use. Have all 12. Like Ferum Phos is (Iron derivative) and good for fevers and inflammation.

              >>I am prone to thyroid problems so I’ve been taking Lugol’s iodine since before Covid, in pretty high doses in accordance with Dr. Brownsteins recommendations. It’s apparently anti-cancer too which I like. I feel great since I’ve been taking it so it certainly doesn’t seem to be doing any harm.>>

              Thanks for the tip. I will check out my Health Food store next time in town.

              >>I haven’t heard about NAC but I’ll check out.>>

              Please do, just look up a few of the many videos on it on youtube. It has

              Here’s a good place to start. SOOO many benefits and inexpensive, although the FDA tried to make it into a “drug” that needed prescription during the Scamdemic but couldn’t get it done.

              >>Nice talking to you. Hopefully we’ll run into each other on another topic of interest.>>

              Same here. Lots of subjects to cover these days.

  3. James- i posted this talk /show notes to the WAPF group here in Marin- as well as to many friends. Hopefully- the way you lay out your show- will help my conspiracy minded friends to understand what is necessary to actually believe the conspiracies they look at every day- ie – your show notes–pretty hard to argue with that! If anyone sends me one more link to Paul died- the Beatles didn’t write their own music, Adrenochrome and the elite- or Flat Earth- I’m going to blow my top. People really enjoy using their imaginations- letting them run wild- and convince their friends of all the fear porn that runs rampant. Why not just at the reality- isn’t that scary enough??

    • Many seek “conspiracy theories” as a form of escapism. I mentioned it here before, all information needs to be classified and after making sure it isn’t obvious nonsense, the first criteria should be : Is this based on speculation (which does not mean untrue)? vs Is it backed by documents and/or factual evidence?

      It’s becoming urgent because that’s our Achilles’ heel against those who wish to defame us through sensationalism.

    • Yes indeed, reality is more frightening and people want to avoid it. People tend to avoid pain and have many ways to do it. Especially psychological pain and fear and loss of control. I think focusing on solutions and positive news would be so helpful. Also people learning how to do their own research and find primary source material.

      I think it would be really cool if JC re booted some of those videos, how to do research or find broken links and stuff like that. i can also go back and look for myself too. But stuff like that is part of the solution. There are so many solutions or at least trying to find solutions that I would like to start focusing on.

      We need to find their Achilles heal and weaknesses and exploit them.

  4. Nooooo! They are going to make it harder for me to continue my snack food addiction! Not the potato chip plant! Anything but that!! 🙂

    • (All jokes aside, I do hope those worker people were not burned badly and will make a full recovery)

  5. That Ilan Samish guy talking about his creepy GMO “sweet-proteins” is full of sh*t and does not know what he is talking about with regards to his comments about tropical environments not having plants that produce natural sugars because they are shaded under a dense canopy. There are plenty of shade loving rhizomatous, shrubs and understory trees that produce sweet and delicious fruit and other edible crops in not only the tropical jungle, but also here in the temperate climates.

    Also, his weird Adam and Eve in Eden analogy is a nonsensical attempt to obfuscate his true intentions behind quasi-religious propaganda designed to try and get people on board with his transhumanist/scientism religion (where humans hubristically attempt to play god).

    It is just another way they are trying to blur the lines to confuse people.

    BTW, thanks for the heads up on that GMO microbe food tracking tech (aka “Bioengineered Spores”) James, I had not heard of that until now.

    • I would say with much of this technology there is a lot of posturing and wild claims with zero to no hold in reality. It’s a lot easier to produce an ostentatious trailer than a coherent movie.

      But, on a less relevant note, I have to say I found those zeemaps funny. Zee map, something our pal Klaws could really dig. He could put zee bugs on zee map to help plan his zee brunch.

  6. Excellent episode James, thanks for putting together all this pertinent intel.


    For those interested in learning more about the Transgenic (aka “GMO”) industry side of this attack on and attempt at domination of the global food supply I share the following.

    ??? ????? ?? ?? ???????????: ?????????? ??? ?????????? ???????? – ????????? ?ℎ? ??????ℎ ????????’? ????????????? ??????? ???? ????/?????? ???ℎ ??? ?ℎ? ????????????? ???? ????????? ???????? ?? ??????? ???????, ?ℎ?????? ?ℎ? ?????ℎ??? ??? ????? ?ℎ? ??? ??? ??????.


    Much of the material in my essay linked above will be material that James has explored in his past articles and episodes but for those that want to have access to much of the data related to biopiracy (patenting seeds), glyphosate, its modern day agro-chemical successors, I have gathered that all in one place for ease of access and sharing.

    The answer and solution to breaking the chains of seed slavery and defanging the hyper-centralized corporate food industry, is of course, simple, but it requires hard work and a willingness to take responsibility for our role in shaping our shared future on an individual level (something many would rather not do as they are being told stories about how this rebel leader, or that savior or some politician / institution is gonna make everything all better).

  7. I’m surprised you’ve partnered with RFK and his CHD. Perhaps you don’t know it but they are scared of cooties and refuse to debate. In other words, they believe in the disproven germ theory and hoax known as virology. I oppose the tyranny of this psy op. They are perpetuating the tyranny. Repeating the fear pornography of “lab leak” and “gain of function” stir up fear for the sheeple to keep them from using their cognitive skills.

    I think they’re doing because admitting the truth might reduce their revenue stream.

    • Ya know…there probably is a reason that until 2020, I rarely, if never, heard a peep about “viruses don’t exist”.
      Even back in the day of mucho activism circa 2008 and so on, never did I see a YouTube video about “viruses don’t exist”.
      There is probably a reason that suddenly, out of the blue in this era, anyone who implies viruses exist is labeled traitorous and one who is perpetuating the tyranny.
      There is probably a reason for this suddenly happening.

      • Maybe it’s because of the widespread tyranny, homie? Such matters will inspire people to look for solutions, and those thinking logically might go in the direction of promulgating the obvious: the germ theory is just a theory.

        Medical opinion is just an opinion.

        Unsolicited spewings of unaccountable globalist organisations are as relevant as a fart down the wind.

        If you go back some decades, you will find Jon Rappoport wrote Aids inc. in 1988 and in that book he covers a very similar predicament to our current predicament.

      • People should not be labeled as perpetuating tyranny because they believe in germ theory which is still a theory and also embedded in how most people perceive their environment. With this in mind, the wise activist will meet people where they are and find ways to work together without labeling them as the enemy.

        It’s certainly an interesting topic and “the science” is not “settled” like with other theories. I am okay having theories exist.

        For me to really dig into the topic would require a lot of learning about experimental cell biology techniques and I don’t have the time or expertise and don’t know how some of the chemicals and biological compounds function and would have to spend time learning this. I also don’t remember a lot of the fundamental principals of biochemistry but I do know that that is important to understand when dealing with living things or biological material. Some of the fundamentals are based on physics and basic chemistry and if people can’t agree on that stuff, there may be no way to really debate the issue at all. Some people in the same “camp” will disagree and then the “camp” will be fighting each other and it becomes broken up into tiny pieces and swept away. It becomes a flat earth debate or plane/no plane issue and the entire issue is dismissed.

        Meanwhile there are multiple ways that our tyrants are trying to enslave us and divide us that some people also focus on those and it does not mean they are the enemy now.

    • I did a deep dive on this subject a while back and concluded that viruses do exist, they are largely harmless to us, except the animal viruses we get from vaccines.

    • I think that humans who want to be free will need to start collaborating with people who have opposing views (even if they are wrong) in order to fight a common enemy which is tyranny. Who are the “elites” who are doing this to us and how can we deprive them of resources and energy?

      There are a lot of divisive issues going on and I think putting some differences aside is a good strategy, possibly the only strategy that will stop what is coming.

      I hope that JC will be able to keep his level headed approach and optimism and good will towards people he may not agree with on all issues.

      Our enemies want us to hate each other and do their work for them. It’s clever. Smart people won’t fall for it.

    • I also think MSM talks about things just to stir the pot and cause stress, psychological harm and to get people fighting each other. People have to discern information based on their own research and also try not to hate people who have different views which is hard. I have hated the people who went along with the narrative and this hatred has been toxic. I think anger and hate are normal responses, but directing the energy is harder to master.

      How do we use anger and hate constructively? I have not figured that one out yet and it’s something I have failed miserably at so perhaps I am also part of the problem.

  8. RE: Episode 438 – The Future Food False Flag

    Despite Corbett using the ‘F’ words repeatedly, I really loved getting a wide lens on this topic.
    For me, it helps with context and perspective.

    It is lunacy for mankind to try to rewrite the software for natural processes which have been rolling along just fine since the inception of the planet.

    A major dilemma that I see…
    The media, corporations and these mad scientists have projected a cultural meme.
    They’ve made it “normal” to attempt the perverted.
    The “normalization” of perverse objectives.
    It is mentally sick. A mental illness that is contagious.

  9. If the scamdemic and resulting injection campaigns have taught us anything, it’s that we are on our own. It’s time to find your tribe and check out of the beast system before we are robbed of our free will to do so.

  10. James,
    After decades of following your work you finally broke down and said the magic words… “this is about much more than simple accruing dollars”. Not entirely sure what you now mean by this, but this is a critical point in comprehending the bigger picture. Thank you for your efforts, always in my prayers.

  11. As I have often posted here…. Buy Sprouting seeds which store small and will at least stop you getting scurvy and dying.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zw9HbZSgQE This demo has a way nicer setup then me, I just use mason jars and some mesh sprouting lids I got off Amazon years ago.

    Also get chickens if you can…they WILL eat ze bugs, while YOU eat the eggs 🙂

    Also get Bunnies…. tastes like chicken meat and super easy to do. I recommend the “Bop and Bleed” method. The first time is kinda gross but you get used to it.

    • I purchased some sprouting seeds and after 5 years in the fridge they still sprouted! And they provide more nutritional value then conventionally grown. Definitely a high value prepper item.

  12. I wonder also if a big part of the food false flag is letting farm land go fallow. I believe the rich who buy farmland and let it go fallow get climate credit against taxes and farmers are being rewarded for letting their farmland fallow with wildflowers in the UK. So not only is Gates a major holder of farmland in the US, there a good chance he has no intention of farming it.

    • Kate

      THAT is a good point… If I recall right Mr Corbett did a thing on Maurice Strong, who was an early adopter of scamming money thru ‘green’ initiatives, who bought up a massive aquifer and then got paid to not extract the water. (going off memory here)

      • James has done an excellent job describing the pieces of a puzzle which are all starting to fall in place. It’s scary the lengths these evil people have gone to enslave us. There’s about 30% who won’t take the jab to work and shop, but what if the other option is starving to death?

  13. There is definitely a well coordinated attack on food and also who controls it!
    I live in Canada and came across this article regarding LOBLAW who has profited immensely during the Scamdemic while Canadians suffer & struggle:


    “In Canada, Loblaw owns over two hundred chains, including Loblaws, Fortinos, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, and Shoppers Drug Mart.” The article describes how they control not only Food Prices & the meager wages employees earn, but also how they avoid paying taxes by stashing billions in Barbados to further burden Canadians.

    I did a little more research and found this page regarding “LBLCF Institutional Ownership and Shareholders – Loblaw Companies Limited (OTC) Stock”


    What grabbed my attention was a graph displaying how this institutional ownership has exploded 10X Times since the start of the pandemic, if I’m reading this correctly. Someone knew something back in December 2019. It appears VANGUARD is one of the biggest owners! They knew Food Prices would rise dramatically and heavily invested in it. Has anyone else come across something similar?

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