Interview 1046 – Patrick Wood Exposes the Technocracy Agenda

by | May 28, 2015 | Interviews | 9 comments

24/7 surveillance. Smart grid controls. Carbon rationing. Today we talk to “Technocracy Rising” author Patrick Wood about the hidden history of technocracy, the dark plan for a resource-based economy that is being pushed by the Trilateral Commission, the UN, and other globalist institutions in order to bring about a completely managed, controlled and regulated society.


Technocracy Rising

Technocracy Study Course Unabridged

Figueres: First time the world economy is transformed intentionally

Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth

Every adult in Britain should be forced to carry ‘carbon ration cards’, say MPs


  1. As the humorist Coluche said:

    – “Technocrats are people you ask a question to, and when they finished to answer you don’t even remember what you asked for in the first place.”

    – “Technocrats, if you give them the Sahara, five years later they’ll need to buy sand elsewhere.”

  2. Thanks for that, phreedomphile, and let me back you up on The Net. It’s an excellent documentary that I watched a few years ago and just re-watched a few months ago. I have no doubt it will be working its way into future Corbett Report work at some point.

  3. Fascinating topic, thanks!

    Can we say that petro-dollar is a prototype (or embryo) of resource-based economy?

    “Wall Street and the rise of China” is a must write! 🙂 BTW a chapter of a French book by Yann Moncomble written in 1981 entitled “The Globalist Plan and China” somehow covered the topic, I’ve translated it here:

  4. Your post was posted, but you posted it to the video post, not the podcast post, you silly goose:

    Also, since you put “held for moderation” in sneer quotes I’m sure a charge of censorship won’t be far behind. Your post was not “held for moderation” it was held for moderation because it had more than one link in it, an anti-spam measure that applies to every comment by everyone. Thanks for posting.

  5. Thanks for that, mbmurray4. I hope you send this feedback to Patrick as well so he knows the collaboration was appreciated.

  6. Nice find, nosoapradio. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I’d read about the Japanese investment in CITIC but hadn’t looked into it far enough to find the Trilateral connection. Not surprising in the least, but still good to know.

  7. “Missing” LINK…” Figueres: First time the world economy is transformed intentionally”
    I found the Wayback machine link via slapping the URL into the wayback machine and hitting the 2015 version of the page.

  8. James,

    Where can I find a backup of this video to share?

    I have downloaded a copy from YT a few months before you were wiped if you don’t have one.

    If you’ve got one, please update the video link whenever you get the chance =)


    • Thanks for letting me know about the problem, Aphix. Unfortunately there are now several hundred such broken video embeds scattered throughout the site. I am fixing them as I come across them (as I have just fixed this one), but in the meantime, you can always use two methods to try to find the video file.

      1) You can type the episode title (in this case, Patrick Wood Exposes the Technocracy Agenda) into the search bar on the sidebar to find the video post of the podcast. In this case, it’s the third search result, under the title “The Technocratic Agenda: Sustainable Development and Climate Eugenics.”

      2) You can find every single one of the videos from my deleted main YouTube channel on my Odysee channel:

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