Interview 1113 – New World Next Week – with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story 1: Putin Calls Out G20 Nations For Funding ISIS
33 ISIS Members Killed In Airstrikes
The Paris Terror Attacks: An Open Source Investigation

Story 2: After Paris Attacks, Encrypted Communication Is Back In Spotlight
NY Times Pulls Report Of French Officials’ Claims Paris Attackers Used Encrypted Apps
After Paris Attack: “The Enemies Of Encryption Have Their Knives Drawn.”
France Deploys 10,000 Troops To Patrol Streets In Wake Of Paris Attacks
Mission Accomplished: After Paris, Americans Want US To Attack ISIS
You Know You’re In Trouble When TV Makes New Graphics For “___ Under Attack”

Story 3: #GoodNewsNextWeek – The Disintegration Of The European Project
What Is The Schengen Area – And What Could Happen To It Now?
Why Whistleblowers Can’t Be Blamed For Paris Attacks
US Mass Surveillance Never Prevented Large Terror Attacks

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: So… Nigerian Flags All Around Then?
Boko Haram Ranked Ahead Of ISIS For Deadliest Terror Group
German ‘Triple Agent’ Admits Spying For CIA
Red Cross Accuses U.S.-Backed Saudis Of Deliberately Attacking Health Care Facilities In Yemen
‘Alarm’ As Patients Shun Flu Jab

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    • Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely pass it along to James (Pilato).

  1. Is ISIS oil business yet another myth? I’m arguing it is. Here are two articles describing how they do their oil business.

    Financial times: Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists
    Look at picture at the end of article

    The Most Important Question About ISIS That Nobody Is Asking

    In first article they are stating that ISIS gets $25-40 per barrel and driver/middleman gets up to $100. The second article says ISIS gets $40 and free market price is $93.

    Actually the price for oil on free market is $40-60 for almost a year.

    Things are simply not adding up. I think the law of free market is that you can’t get full price (or even more) for goods with defect (stolen goods, quality, etc.). Customer expects lower price because of possible inconvenience.
    When oil is extracted it must first pass through basic processing to remove impurities (sand, water..), so there can also be a problem with quality of ISIS oil since they operate in war conditions. Also, oil from different oil fields is not the same (sweet, sour oil). But refinery needs a batch of oil of the same quality to process without problems. The size of batch is considerably bigger then one truck. And the last, transportation costs.
    When taking into account everything I’ve just said, numbers proposed in the articles simply make no sense.
    I’m not saying that they are not doing this business. But they can’t get $1,5 million/day out of it. This is just a fairy tale to distract attention of people from real financiers of ISIS.

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