Interview 1279 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Hey Intercept, Something’s Very Wrong With Reality Winner

Statement On Justice Department Allegations

Do Not Trust The Intercept; or, How To Burn A Source

Secrets for Sale?: The Greenwald/Omidyar/NSA Connection

Story #2: PM May Says Internet Must Be Regulated Following London Bridge Attack

UK Police Starting to Make Arrests Based on Facial Recognition

Story #3: Supreme Court Struck Another Blow Against Asset Forfeiture Abuse

Media Monarchy: “Asset Forfeiture”

#GoodNewsNextWeek: The Sharing Economy Is The Real Economy

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    • Right. I came here specifically to ask why the Sgt. Peppers?

      I was hoping for a new angle on the Paul/Faul thing.

      Fuck 50?

      I remember when it was 20. I thought that was ooooooold then. I was teenage lifeguarding that summer when I fell into the Beatles. CDs were new, cassettes, 8-tracks and records were old.

  1. Sorry to post this, as it is off-topic for this video, which I have not had a chance to watch yet.

    I just wanted to let you know if you don’t already, that Eric Zuesse has published a negative piece on The Corbett Report “Shoddy Alt-News ‘Journalism’ Boosts Mainstream ‘Journalism’ (Propaganda”, specifically the 2016 9/11 “Dancing Israeli” video, which as I recall was but one of a series on 9/11 suspects. I saw it on Washington’s Blog.

    He seems to think you are identifying the Israelis as THE culprits, which is not how I remember it. I won’t say more, as I haven’t finished the article. I was just dumbfounded that he was targeting this website, as he usually seems pretty reasonable.

    • James, you will also be interested to know that, per Eric Zuesse, you are “left-wing”! His article, I believe, indicated that it was Part One, but so far I am questioning more what I have read by Zuesse than this website or CR videos.

      He has lifted this video out of context, as if it were presented as “news” and as if it were not part of a larger series. He says some correct things about journalism, but he seems to have a lot of faith in the FBI for some reason.

    • gbdjr, You are right. That guy is straining a hernia with his time-of-the-month hypercriticalness. When people strain that hard on their criticalness of decent folks, it is an indication that other aspects in their life are way out of whack.

    • I had never heard of him before you mentioned him, but if he can’t spend 5 minutes investigating a person’s website to find out what they are really about before incorrectly public accusing them of being something they are not, then it doesn’t say very positive things about them (or sites like the Huff post which will publish any old trash)

      Hopefully James might pick up a few viewers from it.

      • I agree, though I read this on Washington’s Blog, which does include some very good content by Carl Herman and Charles Hugh Smith and others, and also some that is not what I would consider on the mark. I wasn’t putting Zuesse’s work in the latter category previously, but now I will be taking his stuff with a large grain of salt.

        It may be that the Jewish thing is a hot button issue for him, or that the video was sent to him in a context which confused him.

        It is also possible that he is a gatekeeper of some sort charged with heading off any connection being made between Israel and 9/11, though if that is the case he took his sweet time getting around to “debunking” this video.

        But some of his remarks about viewers actually paying to support James’ work seem to cast aspersions on viewer-supported websites in general, suggesting, as I have found that people without a shadow of a clue often do, that those who get their funding from “more conventional” sources are more likely to be trustworthy.

        I was interested to see if James had any comment on the article, or finds any merit in the arguments presented, though it seems that Zuesse, after promising a good debunking, moves on to criticizing other videos (some of which are decidedly anti-semitic) which he thinks are the source for the CR video, which he has decided is plagiarized.

        So, I am leaning towards thinking that Zuesse is controlled opposition, but I am open to the modification of that stance.

        • This whole Jewish & Zionist thing is such a bag of worms.

          James often gets ridiculed for not focusing emphatically (OCD /Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder style) on the “big, all powerful, secretive, Zionist Jewish Elite Reptiles”.
          And then James gets ridiculed for lightly mentioning Zionism with the references cited.
          …Geez! A no-win scenario…
          …Some folks get all charged up with red ears on some topics; so sensitive. They need to go take a walk, extrovert on the trees and grass, and regain balance.

          I am glad that James is James, and is true to himself and his path.

  2. Incompetence by The Intercept? Perhaps.

    “Stinks to high heaven”? You betcha!

    In fact, the way this is playing out, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it was discovered the NSA leaked the docs!

  3. Political correctness, identity politics, multiculturalism are not just distraction, divide&concur. Far worse – they are completely false narrative, abuse of language, implanting of bullshit ideas, War on our Mind. They are meant to build a New Society.

    I don’t agree with statement in above Activist post article:”…Europeans have been given a false choice between the ideological cult of multiculturalism, or, martial law conditions”.

    We didn’t have a choice, we got both.

    Maybe it’s not so obvious today, but it will be. Behind all this happening world zombie economy is craftily hidden. And when people find out there is not enough of food in the bowl…scapegoat is already in place.

    Majority of immigrants are actually job seekers, although Europe is officially declaring that economic immigrants are not welcome. Latest wave of immigrants just came on top of those that came in previous years without big media attention. We should not forget also huge numbers of internal economic immigrants from European south/periphery.

    Real problem is quite well described in:
    Obsolete — Full Documentary Official (2016)

    But actually it’s worse. If you are closer to the Master’s (0,000001%) table you’ll get more crumbs. But if you are far away you’ll get none.

    Many people from third world are already obsolete for quite a while. Invisible, even more then the lowest caste in India.

    • ‘….controlled demolition of European cultures by muslim immigration….’

      They have been pretty successful in implanting (Thacher’s ?) idea that ‘There is no such a thing as Society’. Looks to me, that people (even individuals) are having trouble to find out and articulate a problem(s) that is common to everyone. On the other hand, problems that bothers minorities are, let’s say, better articulated.

      Since Society has gone, are we now talking about Culture(s)?

      Don’t you think that your statement I’m citing, is a bit loaded?
      Huge numbers of immigrants are somehow “problem”, not that they are Muslims.
      But the real problem is those at the Top of Pyramid and Games they are playing with us. They created migrations. They created multiculturalism and most of other bad things.
      This is The Common problem of us.

  4. Human Zoo

    I found that “Human Zoo” link very interesting.

    Odd ways mankind attempts to de-humanize others or has a lack of empathy.

    — Texas State Fair – Ideal Aryan Family –
    In the early 1960’s before integration, I was visiting the thousands of small exhibits at the Texas State Fair with my parents and brothers. One exhibit left an imprint in my mind.
    Behind the rope at one exhibit was a family of four, a white Caucasian family. The Husband was sitting reading a book, and the sign said something to the effect of “the ideal Caucasian family”. It may have had the word Aryan. I am not sure, because at the time I didn’t even know what the word meant.

    (ha…but I missed the highlight of the Fair that night with when the man riding a donkey was supposed to jump from a diving board into the small pool. The crowd was all gathered standing, looking up. The drum roll…then base drum boom! But the fat lady standing in front of me fainted on top of me. I missed it! And then my Mom was yelling at me to “get up off the ground”.)

    “Freak Show”
    About 1970, my High School friends and I went to the carnival. Hesitant because of the price, we paid to go into the “Freak Show” tent after the Carnival barker enticed us. A wind-along path with straw on the ground, we made our way looking at people behind different exhibits. The people had some kind of body situation not in the norm.
    Then, there was the “stage room” part of the tent with straw on the ground and light bulbs hanging, where different “freaks” got up on the stage and their story told.
    Following the show and returning outside to the rides and games, we three had an uncomfortable feeling, as if our nature was soiled. It took a while before we regained that jovial, adventurous High School insouciance.

  5. You linked Sutton before I could. If you want to know how much of our world’s history and idea of wars are a sham than Sutton is the man to look up. Anyone who tells me war in our day is justified has never read Mr Sutton’s books.

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