Interview 1368 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Congress Must Act to Stop US Involvement In The Yemen War

Obama Yemen Attacks Are Unconstitutional and Unwise

Yemen Facing Largest Documented Cholera Epidemic In Modern Times

No F-35s For Turkey: US Senate Blocks Sale Of Fighter Jets To Ankara

UAE Says US Rejected Repeated Requests To Help Attack Yemen Port

Saudi-Led Forces Seize Parts Of Yemen’s Hodeidah Airport In Heavy Fighting

Corbett Report: “Yemen” Search Archive

Media Monarchy: “Yemen” Search Archive

Story #2: Study Confirms Most Psychopaths Live In Washington D.C.

PDF: ‘Psychopathy By U.S. State’

Big Five Personality Traits

Corbett Report: “Psychopathy” Search Archive

Thanks to scpat for the Story: Study Confirms Most Psychopaths Live In Washington D.C.

Story #3: Update Roundup On Previous NWNW Stories

NWNW Flashback: Volkswagen CEO Resigns As Company Crashes Into Carbon Emissions Fraud (Sep. 25, 2015)

Head Of VW’s Audi Arrested In Germany Over Diesel Scandal, Throwing Carmaker Into Chaos

NWNW Flashback: CRISPR Gene Editing Can Cause Hundreds Of Unintended Mutations (Jun. 22, 2017)

A Serious New Hurdle For #CRISPR: Edited Cells Might Cause Cancer, Find Two Studies

NWNW Flashback: US to Create ‘Space Corps’ in Radical Air Force Overhaul (Jul. 6, 2017)

Trump Calls on Pentagon to Create #SpaceForce (Audio)

DOC: Space Policy Directive-3, National Space Traffic Management Policy

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  1. Much of what I experience now seems like a waking nightmare…and I cannot seem to manage ‘lucid dreaming’ to control it. SIGH. Thanks James and James.

  2. James’ comment that the public is only allowed to have out dated technologies, like 5G, rings ever so true. Likewise our computers and the software we can access. Computer wizard Quinn Michaels has made contact with what he believes to be a massive AI entity called #TYLER and is attempting to define its protocols and extentsiveness. It appears that ‘Anonymous’ group and the whole ‘Q Anon’ phenomena may be initially AI generated and then passed into the public domain via real humans. This as AI now surrounds all of us that dwell within the electronic world

  3. Mental illness is generally higher in city dwellers… I did a quick search and found this about a schizophrenia theory
    I did read in Ronson’s (the only guy I ever heard Corbett call ‘smarmy” lol) “The Psycopath Test”that he asked a guy (prison officer I think) if Scottish jails had many psychopaths and he said NO, because they all went to live in London where it was more exciting for them. Lol

  4. I quite often get surprised when other people are surprised at something hitting the news that I heard on the Corbett report six months before.
    A space force would actually be kinda of a cool thing if they built a fleet of the Project Orion class atomic bomb powered ships that they planned on in 60’s. They would have killed fewer people then deisel fumes and would have made it as easy to get to mars as to Australia in the 1900’s.

  5. Oh, new way of the comment section (at least for me).
    Concerning Space Force:
    The channel is Jim Lee and I hope more people who are interested in the nefarious works of governmental geoengeneering and weather warfare (worldwide and especially in the US) are checking him out.
    His work (imo) with his websites climateviewer . org, climateviewer . com and weathermodificationhistory . com as well as his youtube-channel under the name Jim Lee (were he explains his work) is absolutely phenomenal!
    Also US residents might get interested in his ENMODAA.

    Cheers to all,
    really like the new interface!

  6. Psychopathy simplified again.

    Somehow I’m surprised because I’m certain that JC already presented well balanced view on psychopathy.

    Study that is presented here doesn’t distinguish psychopathy from psychopathic behavior. Although one can argue it boils down to the same if one is confronted with either, the same logic is not acceptable for research.

    First sentences from introduction in research paper:

    “Rentfrow and Jokela (2012) review the growing literature examining regional differences in psychology, and their importance for social outcomes. This paper makes a small contribution to geographical psychology by developing estimates of the level of psychopathy….. ”

    This is an example of Fundamental Attribution Error.

    Milgram didn’t prove that 60% of people are evil. Circumstances made people evil in that experiment.

    The study used Hare Psychopathy Checklist and you can check serious criticism about it.

    Government, corporate, lawyers environments are inhumane (hope no proof needed). These are “psychopathic systems”
    They need “psychopaths” and they produce “psychopaths”.

  7. Agree.

    Anti-chronological system sucks.

    Oldest first is the only logical form. It can be adjusted with voting, but vote club will abuse it.

    This is your website.
    But this particular place, comments, are ours to some extent.
    Therefore, you should listen to our proposals and give us response.
    That would be anarchy in action, I think.

  8. DHS experts warn it’s a “matter of time” before hackers hit commercial airliners

    …In a presentation in January, researchers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory warned it is “a matter of time before a cybersecurity breach on an airline occurs,” according to 119 pages of heavily redacted documents provided by DHS to CBS News.

    …DHS team led by Dr. Robert Hickey took just two days to hack remotely into the plane while it was parked at a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) facility at the Atlantic City Airport in September of 2016.

    …”I think we’ve come to realize that cyberthreat is everywhere,” said Ron Hosko, former assistant director of the FBI. “My fear is that our nation acts most directly when they’re on the backside of a crisis. The crisis has occurred we lose a lot of lives and now we’re prepared to put money into infrastructure.”

    These ideas are increasingly being put into the ether. I know what we saw with Russia-gate and the cyber security hacker narrative. This seems like a logical place for the hacker boogeymen to be also. A perfect omnipresent threat. Seems like a good excuse for them to steal more of our liberties.

  9. Agree.

    mik says Anti-chronological system sucks.

    Oldest first is the only logical form. It can be adjusted with voting, but vote club will abuse it.

  10. Something that I found interesting from last week’s “New World Next Week”…
    Pilato had mentioned dryer sheets.
    Corbett mentioned that in Japan, they really don’t use dryers.

    Dog gone!
    I was surprised.
    I ran across a host of articles about this aspect.

    I remember during the 50’s, my Mother hanging the laundry on the lines in the backyard. Most houses had “laundry poles/lines”.

    Anyway, it was something interesting to find out about.

  11. Ditto to VoA, mik and HRS.

  12. Regarding causes of psychopathy, I ran into this old documentary by chance. It links child abuse with dysfunction in children whom may become resilient to issuing and accepting love and as such are prone to hurting and even murdering others. In this case, the little girl was nourished back into a sane state of mind, thankfully.

    Child of Rage The FULL Documentary

  13. I’d like to remind people once again that much of planetary energy needs could be satisfied inside a decade.

    The Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment

    This is an old documentary about the molten salt reactor which was made during the sixties. The entire project took only 5 years from initial design drawings to full completion, while they used work completed for the nuclear bomber attempt as the starting ground.

    The generator made at Oakridge had a 2.5MW output and it produced some 40.000 MWh during the 4 years of its operation. For comparison, 40.000 MWh would be sufficient to light up 10.000 classical 100W light bulbs for about 4.5 years. Or 10.000 of the more efficient LED bulbs for well over 50 years.

    The project proved that nuclear energy can be used safely, reliably and efficiently.

    ORNL studies indicate that molten-salt breeder reactors should be able to produce electricity at a low cost and with the high efficiency of modern steam plants. Thus the laboratory’s important goals of nuclear reactor development converge in the molten-salt breeder reactor: the search for a stable fuel at high temperature, the urge for fluid fuels and the capability of providing an infinite supply of electrical power at low cost.

  14. There is no such thing as a psychopath. I am surprised and disappointed that so many of you are falling for this bait. Discussions about psychopathy are similar to discussions about aliens: the participants think they are involving themselves in a fringe-subject, but in reality, the mainstream-media actively promotes alien-related material and encourages people to speculate about alien contact.

    The same is true for psychopaths. Dr Hare’s research into psychopathy is well known among educated audiences, and widely respected. When corporations or consulting agencies conduct management training, they teach about the existence of psychopaths and how to deal with them. The leaders of churches and schools look out for signs of psychopathy among their members. Belief in the existence of psychopaths is 100% mainstream.

    If you truly want to think outside the box, challenge the belief in psychopathy. If you are a person who opposes tyranny, stop holding the tyrannical belief that criminals are born criminals. Stop propagating the cruel and abusive superstition that psychopathy can and should be detected in young children. Free will is the scarce commodity.

    • “The leaders of churches[…]look out for signs of psychopathy among their members.”

      I seriously doubt that. Protestantism/determinism, by its very nihilistic nature, will never recognize human value, potential or reason. Through weekly sermons, classes and fellowship, the indoctrinated drones come to terms with their worthlessness, and soon realize they deserve nothing, especially justice. This is why mainstream churches led by celebrity, narcissist pastors have repeatedly shown themselves to be notoriously safe places for pedophiles & ephebophiles, and all kinds of authoritarian abuses.

      • I served in church-leadership before and they had training classes to detect psychopaths. When conflicts arose between two leaders, sometimes each would accuse the other of being a psychopath and marshall arguments to persuade the crowd. I am not arguing that church-leaders are not themselves immoral people. Most probably are. What I am saying is that the subject of psychopathy is commonly used in rhetoric by American leaders and managers.

        Psychopathy is not an arcane subject known to the alt-media alone. It is a subject which, like aliens and UFOs is actually promoted by the mainstream-media. The pioneer of the theory of psychopaths, Dr Robert Hare, whom James Corbett has repeatedly cited, received an award from the American Psychiatric Association which is Rockefeller-funded.

        • “I served in church-leadership before and they had training classes to detect psychopaths.”

          Very interesting – I stand corrected. But it is true that “biblical counseling” tends towards reducing legitimate mental issues (or any matter requiring common sense) to a matter of faith. Some people just might benefit from medication (or leaving a bad marriage), ya know?

          “When conflicts arose between two leaders, sometimes each would accuse the other of being a psychopath and marshall arguments to persuade the crowd.”

          Now that, I have no doubt!

          As to your original point, St. Gregory, I knew nothing of the Rockefeller facet, and thank you for mentioning it.

  15. I was doing some research on CRISPR and found that the article that announced many hundreds of unintended mutilations (Nature Methods article) has been retracted.

    I wonder if this is like the MMR vaccination linked to autism being retracted and then that retraction was retracted

    …OR the GMOs cause tumors in mice article being redacted

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