Interview 1369 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Police Chief Calls Press Conference and Then Arrests Everyone Who Showed Up

‘Clash With Bao’ Live Stream

Carlos Miller on Filming the Police

Story #2: California Considering Creating Advisory Group For Fake News With Orwellian Bill

SB-1424 Internet: Social Media: Advisory Group

Story #3: Southern Poverty Law Center Pays $3.4M to Resolve Defamation Case

‘About 60 Organizations’ Are Considering a Lawsuit Against the SPLC Following $3M Nawaz Settlement

Meet the Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center has lost all credibility

Hate is a Racket: SPLC Caught Funneling Millions Overseas

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  1. Just got this. And also reminded it on Minds from BitChute already. Just wanted to point out a few things. On that police officer in Texas; they are not just going over the top; they have lost the narrative. What happened there is not THAT far over some things I’ve seen here in fluorida. I think people are starting to wake up a bit, and they’re getting a bit pissed. I’m not talking the crazy left, they probably did more than anyone to piss off the rest.
    I would also like to add that it was an INDIVIDUAL that just took down the SPLC. So, tell me again people just how omnipotent these “elites” are. JimBob who is in love with ending sentences with prepositions.

    • Probably. If it wasn’t for that Grammatik program in the 90s, I never would have passed a single paper! Oh wait! I was talking about the previous sentence. Though I may be wrong as to what those people call those words. I get lost a little after noun/verb. JimBob who has always had trouble labeling things.

    • I thought “at” was Texan past tense of “eat”.
      Example– I “at” my Cheerios.
      So, is “eat” a preposition?

      • In georgia, et is past tense. JimBob who IS an expert in georgia redneck dialects ya’ll.

  2. We had some “thou shalt not record the cops” strife in my failed state semi lately. Basically, some fifth column lawyers teamed up with the so called news sites and stated it’s illegal to record cops and their actions. Because, why, imagine people going on recording whatever they want, like going into cop stations and recording misconduct there, THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Of course, the only real possibility of having some proof of misconduct is not something this lot finds worthy. People of authority should be just trusted instead.

    Anyway, most of our laws are quite ambiguous of course, but what’s written there is that one may not record a private person without informing them about being recorded. Cops have recently started recording (much of) their dealings with the public so I’m not exactly certain who’s breaking the so called law.

    People who pretend to uphold laws written by numbskulls want to make laws of their own as it suits them while hoping people will be so dumb to fall for it. What will happen when people start bringing guns of their own to such news people gatherings?

    • You reminded me of an incident in Daytona Beach, Fl. with the police chief chitwood (pronounced with a soft Sh sound by most people including myself when I argued with him). He was being filmed by a “legitimate” news crew and he chewed them out. I think he called them scumbags or something (he calls everyone that. I think it’s a mote in other people’s eye thing) and they started raking him over the coals and he had to apologize. Something he did a lot. He’s all over the net. A true POS. JimBob who grew up on a cattle farm so he knows what sh#t looks like. And he never ever steps in it.

    • This is good news, but without the followup it remains just a decision.

      • You are right.
        There is a strong effort to impose mandatory water fluoridation on the whole country.

        Of all the frauds, water fluoridation is one of the best hoaxes played on the world. A vast number of folks believe in that religion, despite the science.
        About 70 years.
        The hoax is so well embedded that the biggest failing people have is to recognize just how toxic it can be. The gradual poisoning and accumulation in the body make it difficult to see. It affects so many body processes, that a wild assortment of ailments are facilitated in the body over time.

        Melissa Gallico does a good job of relaying how far reaching the toxicity is in her new book: “The Hidden Cause of Acne”.

        • That’s completely besides the point. Even if it were 100% beneficial with no side effects, it’s still forced mass medication and that’s wrong. What’s next, mass valium?

          Of course, crooked politicians don’t care and people are making a profit on it. We’re more profitable when we pay for our poison and then for treatments.

          • Here here!

            Superphosphate fertilizer manufacturing has a long history in NZ:

            Most of the product used by NZ’s massive agriculture and horticulture industries is manufactured there. Example: Ballance (one of the biggest producers) make 800k tonnes per year –

            So, how to re-purpose (aka ‘where to DUMP’) all that toxic Hydrofluosilicic acidic sludge?

            • I apologize for spelling/naming errors in my last 2 posts. Lost internet 1/2 way through posting but the posts were submitted but disappeared … then earlier pre-checked versions were saved? Now I’m cluttering up the thread wittering on about apologizing… sorry!

        • Good news indeed! But I’m trying to get my head around the fine print in all this.

          So the NZSC rules it’s “medical treatment”, no requirement for absolute proof of harm, etc. Excellent. But as yet, the district council still has the right to fluoridate the water?

          “This legal battle was finally settled on Wednesday when the Supreme Court ruled that although fluoride did amount to a medical treatment, the council was justified in introducing it to the water supply and that was not constrained by section 11 of the Bill of Rights Act.”


          I guess the timing was unfortunate given the NZSC didn’t consider the research on IQ due to it being unpublished at the time? (ref. FFNZ article provided by HRS)

          Also, check out this stellar piece of reporting by the NZ MSM – no mention of the NZSC finding that fluoridate is actually medical treatment, no bias here whatsoever 😉

          ‘Helpful’ advice on opting out from the dentist who first proposed adding F to the Taranaki local water supply – from the first article (link above):

          “Pryor said if people didn’t want fluoride they could use water filters, “but don’t take it away from the people who need it”.”

          So, basically people who can’t afford a filter (i.e. those with the odds most stacked against them already) get to drink the stupifying fluro-kool-aid?

  3. JULY 2018 – Leon Valley, Texas POLICE UPDATE (small town in San Antonio area)

    A Lawsuit was filed.
    The City is scared…returning the confiscated items if one signs a waiver promising not to sue the City.

    One of the folks involved loves The Corbett Report, his favorite News Source.
    Reddit –
    See his YouTube giving details of the incident and this CorbettReport-MediaMonarchy Video…

    • And they should be scared. I certainly wouldn’t be signing those documents. But I would let them know my attorney would be real interested as to why they would keep my stuff when I’d committed no crime? But was a victim of the city now trying to backpedal…… It’s good to see bullies get called out like this. Thanks for sharing. I remembered this arrest and am glad to see that they will get their butts stomped now. JimBob who always likes it when cowardly bullies get called out like this.

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