Interview 1421 – Bruce Levine on Resisting Illegitimate Authority

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Dr. Bruce Levine joins us once again to discuss his book Resisting Illegitimate Authority: A Thinking Person’s Guide to Being an Anti-Authoritarian―Strategies, Tools, and Models. We talk about authoritarianism and anti-authoritarianism, how dissent has been pathologized by power structures in the past, how it is pathologized today, and how anti-authoritarians can fruitfully resist and dissent against oppressive power structures.

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Resisting Illegitimate Authority: A Thinking Person’s Guide to Being an Anti-Authoritarian―Strategies, Tools, and Models

Interview 474 – The Anti-Authoritarian Mind with Dr. Bruce Levine

Interview 786 – Bruce Levine Dissects the DSM-5

Why Anti-Authoritarians are Diagnosed as Mentally Ill, and How This Helps America’s Illegitimate Authorities Stay in Charge

Ronald Pies: “Chemical imbalance” theory of mental illness was an urban legend


  1. Terrific interview. I was bullied by teachers and my parents growing up for merely questioning the purpose of being in a school 5 days a week, 10 months a year for 12 years learning false history, fake economics, and learning no moral principles based on logic. They used the argument from intimidation instead of answering my questions. This work is necessary to give people the justification for questioning those who use violence to achieve their ends as opposed to voluntarism. Thank you James as always.

  2. Part of finding the truth in plain sight and becoming aware of my surrounding have brought me face to face with all the sights of childhood. The Masonic Temple and its invisibility as it was in sight but I never saw it. Thankfully my father steered me away from it unlike himself. I don’t know for sure but I’ve come to believe the saying ” seek the truth and you will be rewarded in heaven” is a Masonic warning to the initiate not to rat out the Selects evil and dastardly plans being implemented . Don’t stick your nose in where it doesn’t belong , you may wind up dead. Classic esoteric double meaning. I hope it means what you said but ….they are a very old order.

  3. Thanks James, a topic near and dear to my heart, as I have alluded to in the past. A great interview.

    It would have been nice to have delved a little deeper into the terms “Illegitimate Authority” and “Legitimate Authority”.

    As an anti-authoritarian, I have major issues with those who are deemed ‘legitimate authority’ figures.

  4. Today’s Interesting Links

    Russiagate In Flames: No Evidence Of Collusion, New Findings Challenge DNC Hack Narrative – Zerohedge

    What I Mean By “The Left Is Going INSANE” – Timcast
    A journalist on the left explains how insane things have gotten.

    He has another video about how the left already tries to blame “russian bots” for the next election.
    This probably starts more censorship on diverse opinions.

    From my outside perspective: the US has a real problem with the division that is caused by.. the CIA. With diversity of news and intelligent discussions one can actually see the US problems.

    This is the Perfect Explanation of How the War Industry Works – Morphonius
    The money and wars explained with banks and i$rael.

    Upcoming Venezuela False Flag, US Seeks To Tie Iran w/ al-Qaeda To Justify War
    – The Last American Vagabond
    Great stuff as always.
    Reason for war: “They have all that oil and they are right on our back door”
    Same thing Saddam said about Q8

    Where are the whistleblowers? – Kevin Shipp
    Explains the methods and laws and attacks that stop whistleblowers
    On this other channel there are many interviews with the same person
    He sometimes interviews FBI-whistleblowers with interesting new info.

    Enough news for today.

  5. The paradigm-change needed in Psychology & Psychiatry

    The major problem with Psychiatry and psychology is that they
    do not have the correct model for consciousness.

    The brain works like an receiver.
    This is clear from many characteristics:
    1) The wiring is like an antenna (circular circuits, Phase-locked-loop).
    2) The neural network is a adaptive signal processing system. It is by design not intelligent, but adaptive.
    3) There is no controlling system of the brain.
    Note: Neural networks are never self-controlling. This is done by the programmer.
    4) No computer, not even a neural network, can solve the stopping problem.
    Note: This means it can not make any real decision by itself.
    5) Signals in the brain are chaotic and unstable. This means that some kind of control is needed.
    6) The brain and nerves sometimes react AFTER the body or emotions are receiving the signal.
    7) Single cells can already be very intelligent (slime-mold). This can not be explained chemically.
    8) Brain-cells and bacteria can change their own DNA. So the DNA can not even be a controller.
    9) Dreams. No, they are not learning-cycles.

    Consciousness can affect the body:
    I have my own subreddit about that.
    (about the paradigm changes that are needed in science)
    We have chi, auras, chakras, telepathy, near-death-experiences,
    successful parapsychology experiments, etc.
    Chi and chakras are easy to experience yourself, which makes it very testable.

    But we know all of physics, don’t we?
    Here is the problem with science. We know everything inside the box, but our scientific method makes it impossible to investigate consistently anything outside the box.
    All laws of the physical world can still exist when we add extra dimensions.
    Just like balls on a pool-table can be described accurately in 2D, instead of 3D.
    And then we did not even include the human players.

    Now where does this bring us?
    If our model is wrong, it means that we miss something very crucial about our mind and feelings.
    Instead we need a model that describes what is outside our physical knowledge and is still kind of accurate.

    How? What?
    If you can experience chi, chakra’s and auras, the world becomes very different.
    Now you can actually observe the consciousness that is around living things
    and around humans.
    The interesting thing is that this consciousness has many layers and dimensions, as if the physical world is only a small expression of a much larger multidimensional world.
    This is what we see back in our personal experiences, which is also on different levels simultaneously.

    But let’s make it simple:
    Problems in chi lead to low energy and depression.
    Solution: physical exercise.
    Problems in chakra’s lead to personality problems.
    Solution: Play with different animals.
    Problems in the aura leads to psychiatric problems.
    Solution: Rest and meditate near a tree.

    But we can go further: Let’s talk about my real job
    And this may be very weird for many people,
    but it is something that I do every day.
    I help people with psychological and psychiatric problems.

    [SNIP: Comments are limited to 500 words. -JC]

  6. Thanks for the link detailing psychiatric drugs taken in the US. That was eye-opening. I thought people were acting weirder than usual these days. OMG! over 80 million on some type of suppressant? Boy. And, when a pill is missed? Volatility. Makes everyone around them a target.

    (As well, good reminder link about the hard-on authoritarians have for the idea of lithium drinking water.)

  7. Great interview. Bought the book. Thanks!

    • And on another related vein, I found University of Manitoba associate professor of psychology Jean Altemeyer’s 2006 book, “The Authoriarians,” an excellent read when I discovered it a few years ago.

      A quick peek at the introduction just now reminds me why I liked it so much: I not only learned a lot about authoritarians, but I was pleasantly surprised by the author’s conversational, humorous, folksy tone:

      • Oops, the name of the author of “The Authoriarians” is Bob Altemeyer. Dunno where I came up with “Jean.”

  8. Language, Labels and Magic Words:

    “Anarchist” is a label with a history. Perhaps, James, you might consider identifying as an “Anti-authoritarian” until such time as THAT label becomes weaponized. A rose is a rose is a rose until the masses have been programmed to gag reflexively at the mere mention of the word.

    “Science” is a magic word. It has replaced “God”. Only an Anarchist (i.e. tin-foil-hatter) would dare to take issue with a proclamation made In the name of Science.

    These magic words provide useful shortcuts in conversation… AND … in our 5 second-attention-span-twitter-meme world, thwart the exchange of ideas before conversation can begin.

    1) Identify magic words
    2) Use them sparingly, deliberately and judiciously

    • And I would add, word meaning changes are deliberate in many cases because they slow the progress of real social change. When a word meaning is changed that meaning must, once again, seep into the social consciousness. Such a demanding process greatly slows down social changes in humanity–social change is unsavory to the elitist overlords. It disturbs the power structure.

  9. Edward Snowjob? PLEASE! this audience is smarter than that controlled release stunt.

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