Interview 1430 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Interviews | 6 comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: 8D Deep State Grand Chessboard Updates // Trump Says “Russia Has To Get Out” Of Venezuela

Venezuela Becoming Trump’s Version of Obama’s Syria

Trump Signs Declaration Recognizing Israel’s Sovereignty Over Disputed Golan Heights

BREAKING: Ongoing right now, #Israel and the #US jointly bombing #Syria #Aleppo. This is what #Trump signing the #GolanHeights deal meant.

Russiagate Is WMD Times a Million; Iraq War Faceplant Damaged the Rep of the Press, This Destroyed It

Russiagate Might Be Dead, but Big Tech Censorship Is Here to Stay

Human Rights Group Accuses US of Killing At Least 14 Civilians In Trump’s Shadowy Drone War In Somalia

Maddow’s Russiagate-Fueled Coverage Slid Sharply After Mueller Probe Petered Out

Story #2: Putin Signs ‘Fake News,’ ‘Internet Insults’ Bills Into Law

Facebook, Axios and NBC Paid Ed Sussman To Whitewash Wikipedia Pages

Story #3: EU ‘Copyright Directive’ Holds Online Platforms Liable for Users’ Copyright Infringement

The EU’s Divisive New Copyright Plan Explained

MEPs Say They Mistakenly Voted for Articles 11 & 13, EU Says Too Bad

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  1. I like it when Corbett fires off a series of bullet points.
    Right on target.

  2. Interesting images.

    As Israel’s bitch, maybe more banks will loan Trump money which he never has to repay, wink-wink.

  3. I agree with James that the implementation of the EU’s copyright ‘directive’ is going to come down to member states ‘interpretations.’ However if you live under particularly authoritarian governments, such as those in the UK or France, I suspect the interpretation will be as harsh as possible.

    Interesting to see the comparison between Putins ‘Fake News’ law and the EU’s copyright directive. they’re all much of a muchness. In many respects the Copyright directive is the worse we’ve seen in my view. China are probably dia ssapointed they didn’t think of it.

    I noted Techdirts report and have expanded on it a bit if anyone fancies a read. Unbelievable really that the European Internet has effectively been censored by voting error (or mistake).

    Personally I don’t think it was a mistake at all (by the person who changed the amendment voting order.) Gerrymandering is more likely in my view.

    Time to get your blog on the blockchain if you have one. If anyone has a working solution for this I would love to hear it, as I am actively seeking solutions.

    All the best

  4. Truly amazing how Sarah Huckebee Sanders can say with a straight face that she is shocked her boss could be accused of being a foreign agent of Russia, and not even acknowledge her boss being an agent for Israel. How ? Could it be, the majority viewing her are dumber than a box of rocks? My poor countrywomen and countrymen. I can’t wait to here from the progressives I forwarded this to for an opinion. My guess is they will defend Rachel M. cause she is a Rhodes Scholar and can be a trusted force.
    This ought to ruin everyone’s day. Look at our presenters faces. Looks like they drank quinine.

  5. Morphonios explains the problems with Alex Jones from the side
    of the victims. (Sandy hook for example)

    In the video, he makes it clear that how Jones’ frantic
    conspiracy monologues are really bad.
    Conspiracies that were made bigger by showing only a
    part of the information.
    These talks can really hurt other people:
    People that are either on the edge of collapse.
    And the people who start believing these messages,
    and may even act on it.

    This is similar to what the mainstream does.

    They also have people playing the victim.


    With the messages that are shown, I suspect that Jones sometimes
    goes through psychotic episodes. And maybe we can help people like
    him, by pointing out their overreaction in a friendly way.

    On the other side, we should not stop ourselves from asking questions.

    These can be discussed.
    These discussions should try to avoid biases and logical fallacies.

    And in my experience, it works best if we combine it with solutions.
    That way discussions become constructive instead of destructive.

  6. James–Big week. It appears your level of disgust for the various world tyrants’ and their actions is almost equal to mine. I go a LOT of disgust going on.

    I particularly enjoyed that you, once again, set the whole Putin-is-our-savior-in-a-bottle thing straight. It’s taken a while for critical thinkers, who understood who/what he was from the beginning, to have a single act of tyranny at which to point as proof of who/what he is and stands for. (Not that the Putin ‘believers’ listen.) However, he has now set one of his tyrannous ideas into Russian government stone. In doing so he has told the world he has no regard for the Russian public.

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