Interview 1434 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Interviews | 6 comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Silencing the Whistle – The Intercept Shutters Snowden Archive, Citing Cost

NWNW Flashback: Reality Intercept_ed as Deep State Winner Busted (Jun. 8, 2017)

Story #2: US Refusal to Confirm or Deny It Put American Journalist on Drone Kill List Called ‘Chilling’

US Spies Helped UAE Hack Phones of Al Jazeera Chairman, BBC Host & Other Journalists

Story #3: Forget ‘Creepy’ – Biden Has A Major Ukraine Problem

.@SenFeinstein told me she was surprised she went viral, because: “You know what somebody said to me?–I didn’t see any of this–they said anybody with a cell phone in their hand can get you on international news in two minutes. I never knew that.”

Biden Accused By Two More Women of Inappropriate Touching

Biden Pledges In Video To Be More “Respectful” of Personal Space

NWNW Flashback: #CreepyJoeBiden and Lady Gaga to Establish Sexual Assault Centres (Nov. 16, 2017)

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  1. Good report guys. Had me laughing through the middle part–then Biden, ugh.

    A friend once showed me a picture of his high school sweetheart. I didn’t know her. The image was of them at a Prom. I asked, “This was your sweetheart? Wow, you’re brave. She looks crazy and completely unreliable.” He was pretty shocked by the comment because it was true. She was institutionalized later because she was completely bonkers.

    I don’t know if others see danger in Biden’s eyes or not. However, every image of him makes me cringe, literally. Besides the obvious creepy actions he’s caught in when around the public, take a good look at his eyes. They are vacant. It’s as if he’s not there, like he’s running off some foreign energy grid. Strongly puts me in mind of Hollywood’s depiction of demon souls who take over human bodies. It’s not because “he’s an dottier old man who doesn’t know what’s happening,” either. I’d cross any street to stay clear of those eyes. They read danger to me.

  2. “Vote Harder”

    That is such a great slogan!

    I should make and sell red caps for the next election which have “Vote Harder” above the bill/brim for the right aisle, and for the left aisle use green caps with the same slogan.

    I’ll get rich, ’cause a lot of folks sure will be voting harder.

    • Brilliant! Get ahead of the profit curve for the next election mania.

      However, I think I’d want a statement stamped across the middle of the two sides stating a position such as COMPLETELY UNINTERESTED or maybe an arrow pointing to one side or the other stating COMPLETELY BIASED. You-know so the hats could be given as gifts. Or one that states AMERICA’S NEXT TOP PRESIDENT stamped across the middle.

      It’s a much better idea than the ‘Trumpy Bear’ and they, apparently, sell. I don’t know why or to whom but they do.

      • You know in small letters on the back or side it would say

        “Viagra for Policrats”

  3. Hello fellow truth seekers. I don’t participate here often, so I don’t know exactly where to post something that I feel is important that I just noticed. I’m thinking that this is where to post a suggestion for a future story, which is what I’m trying to do here. If this is the wrong place for this, please let me know and my apologies in advance.

    My wife and I just started watching the new “Our Planet” series on Netflix, narrated by David Attenborough. It is listed as “Inspiring”. It is nothing less than an horrific guilt trip inducing “climate change” commercial. I’m not exaggerating. We’ve watched the first two episodes, which I could barely tolerate, because it is just dripping with the climate change narrative. My wife made me stop it near the end of episode 2 last night because it was too horrible to continue watching. They’re really going all out on this one, spared no expense, so I wanted to let the community here know about this asap.

    All the best to you all.

  4. Just as a followup since I like Mint Press News. I went to their Twitter and found the following message:

    “Our website is not working properly in some browsers, including Firefox. While we work out the issue, please visit MintPress News using Chrome. Thank you! :)”

    (I use Firefox, so I couldn’t access their site either.)

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