Interview 1495 – Questioning Edward Snowden with Jason Bermas

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James Corbett joins Jason Bermas to discuss Edward Snowden’s new book and the deeper questions surrounding the “Snowden revelations” narrative. *PLEASE NOTE: There are several audio drop-outs during this conversation, but it is still intelligible.


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  1. Thank you for this. This aspect of Snowden hasn’t been talked about enough. I hope you go into more detail on Snowden, Assange, and other Psyops in this “post truth” world we seem to be becoming more familiar with.

    • Perhaps the best work on Snowden has been done by Dave Emory. Emory is an anti-fascist researcher who has been on the air, radio, for some 41 years.

      As a “community radio/podcast commentator Dave Emory’s take on the guy,(is) summarized by the sobriquet he has given Snowden: “Eddie the Friendly Spook.

      He certainly does offer a perspective that contrasts greatly with the usual conspiracy oriented fare you hear on various community radio stations, which is generally supportive of Snowden.

      “Emory’s lengthy “Eddie the Friendly Spook” series certainly pulls no punches (“spook” being a slang name for spy). In July of 2013 he suggested that “in the background” of both Snowden “as well as his co-conspirators” at Wikileaks are “far-right, fascist elements,” most notably “big money” men like Peter Thiel and Carl Lundstrom. He accused both Snowden and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange of holding “far right political views.” Snowden may be working with a clandestine German intelligence operation, Emory added. In any event, Snowden’s actions “only make sense in the context of working to damage Obama.” Indeed, Emory charges, they “give every indication” of functioning as an “intelligence community destabilization operation.”

      Emory and Yasha Levine, author of Surveillance Valley have been on top of the Snowden story for years.

      You can find all Dave’s work at

      • I personally have never seen a claim that Germany is behind Snowden.

        What I have seen are claims he is an intelligence officer first and prime most.

        I would recommend you read Surveillance Valley by Yasha Levine.

        Did you know you can hire your own personal hacker?

        We do know that Pirates Bay was founded by Carl Lundstrom, a self proclaimed fascist. Pirates Bay was the first platform for Wikileaks.

    Lunduke discusses, among other things, how much data the NSA can hold… also talks about how Pokemon Go was funded by the intelligence service venture capital fund.
    A happy thought is that however much humans might think they can control everything is that every civilization has collapsed… every system has its own anti-thesis built in.
    I read in the 90’s that Carnivore was recording (keyword activation) phone calls…it amazes me how people dont asume their tables cameras and mics are not listening to them but the worst thing is how few people care.
    Perhaps the lack of public reaction was the real point of leaking the info.

    • He’s just saying “be afraid because everything about you is being captured”. This just innoculates young people to constant surveillance. They soon learn that it doesn’t matter, and so they are now nonchalant about the lack of privacy.

      I wish people would talk more about the need for whistleblowers, investigative reporters, activists (real activists, not Soros-sponsored yankers), and free-agent bloggers. Those are the people for whom surveillance is a danger. Those are the people we need to protect, and for whom the 4th amendment was written. So what if some comuter somewhere has some magetic bits on a piece of metal that, if someone were to look, would show that I made an illegal left turn? First of all, who’s going to look?

      Personally, I like targetted ads. I go to mostly news, research, and technical websites. In the 90s and early 2000s, I was placed in a demographic of young men. As the surveillance got better, I am now getting ads for weight-loss products, and insurance. Much better than the ads with half-naked big-boobed women that cluttered my web pages when they thought I was a young man.

      The constant surveillance is not a problem for me. If I were young and naive, I would be like most of the people I know, and think,”I don’t care if I’m being watched. I got nothing to hide”. When I hear this, I go on a diatribe about how much worse our society would be if TPTB knew that nothing they did, no matter how nefarious, would get out. That’s the end game for targetting for takedown the people who trouble the powerful, and why we need to afraid of total surveillance.

      This video totally fails at the this, and in fact, fosters the tendency that most people have that it’s OK. “I’ve been under surveillance for five years, and it’s only made my life more convenient.” Ergo, no need for privacy protection, they think!

      • ‘…The constant surveillance is not a problem for me…’
        Your wrong about your priorities IMO because we have had a ton of whistleblowers… and almost zero effect.
        I mean… no one cares that there are pretty much black sites for US CITIZENS ( ) no one cares that torture is pretty much legal or how many people get drone’d and how many people think the Iraq war intelligence was legit?
        BUT the constant fear of having your social media not match up or saying the wrong thing is very effective at shutting people up.
        G Edward Griffin said it best in an old movie that its not fear of going to jail that shuts people up in commie nations- its fear of not getting a good job or into a good school or being outcast other wise. As Mr Corbett has pointed out when they know everything about you its easy to shape your behavior by focusing what you see

        • It is difficult to prove a negative, so I dan’t provide iron-clad proof that exposure and whistle-blowers HAVE made a diference, but I think a little reflection will let you see that if there were aabsoutely no way dirty deeds would be exposed, we would be living in a much worse world. I think the fear of being front-page news keeps a lot of powerful decision-makers in line, and gives us a much better world than if the politicians and head-honchose knew they had carte-blanche to do whatever they want.

          You have a difficult job establishing that whistleblowers have had no effect – I think they’ve had a huge effect.

          As far as ordinary people being suppresse by social media – they are the ones that don’t matter. So I don’t go on Facebook and start railing about vaccinations – what effect would that have? Even if I did, it would just be suppressed, which is NOT the same thing as being surveilled. It is not fear that someone will find out how I feel about the pharmaceutcal industry that keeps me from posting on social media, it is the realizatino that I’m pissing in the wind. It doesn’t matter. Suppression and surveillance are the not same thing.

          The main reason for surveillance of the public is not to make people afraid to speak their mind, it’s a form of feedback, so the spinmeisters know what sort of propaganda works best.

          • margaret.bartley says:
            “…You have a difficult job establishing that whistleblowers have had no effect – I think they’ve had a huge effect.”


            “The main reason for surveillance of the public is not to make people afraid to speak their mind, it’s a form of feedback, so the spinmeisters know what sort of propaganda works best.”

  3. ‘…What kind of person is recruited by the CIA and/or applies to work there?..’
    I’d bet most are just regular people wanting to earn a living…regular people who only see their little bit of the job and who would be horrified if they knew what sort of world they were making for their kids.

  4. Perhaps the difference between Snowden and Assange is that one is a conscious double agent while the other is a victim of mind control. Unless Assange has a fetish for 6 by 8 dimly lit rooms.

    Snowden’s collection of antique surveillance equipment is interesting to those thinking of opening up an NSA history museum, but I’d like to know more about what those Frescale employees on flight MH370 were working on?

    World’s smallest microprocessor? able to power itself from heat? on-chip wireless, capable of forming an ad-hock mesh network, data transmission encoded to look like noise?

    No. I can’t think of an application for something like that!

  5. Sentient World Simulation:

    “[T]he US Department of Defense (DOD) may already be creating a copy of you in an alternate reality to see how long you can go without food or water, or how you will respond to televised propaganda.

    “The DOD is developing a parallel to Planet Earth, with billions of individual ‘nodes’ to reflect every man, woman, and child this side of the dividing line between reality and AR.

    “Called the Sentient World Simulation (SWS), it will be a ‘synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information’, according to a concept paper for the project.

    “‘SWS provides an environment for testing Psychological Operations (PSYOP),’ the paper reads, so that military leaders can ‘develop and test multiple courses of action to anticipate and shape behaviors of adversaries, neutrals, and partners’.

    “SWS also replicates financial institutions, utilities, media outlets, and street corner shops. By applying theories of economics and human psychology, its developers believe they can predict how individuals and mobs will respond to various stressors.”


    “Chaturvedi, as do many AR developers, also cites the work of positive psychology guru Martin Seligman (known, too, for his concept of “learned hopelessness”) as an influence on SEAS human behaviour models.”

    • An excellent suggestion too. The psychological panopticon effect strikes again.

      I started the video but had to put it on hold and will resume later (so I haven’t gotten to that part yet – I sure hope he’s right).

      • I never really thought about it. Wires? Of course put that way, it’s laughable. I imagined a chip or tiny electrodes or…??…

        • I just now finished watching the interview. He may very well be right (and God knows I want him to be right), but there was such an arrogance and certainty coming from him that reminded me of my numerous past experiences with doctors, their way of belittling and dismissing alternative methods or concerns, that I come away merely noting his objections which are based on currently “known”, mainstream science. Meanwhile, the psychopaths toil away day and night.

  6. Hi,

    Having studied the Snowden story and the coverage that came from his leaks extensively, I’m going to state on record that I think that the guy is legit (patriotic american, who as a kid signs up for the armed forces the ‘fight the bad guys’ and while still a patriot recognizes that that means the constitution and not the government and then sees the illegality of what they are doing).

    I dont think that “what did he say about aliens based on searches on the CIA’s network” are really that interesting a question.

    As for Assange comparisons, also not that relevant. Assange was delivered to the UK via bribery of a change of government in Equador, and now the UK is doing USA’s wishes and torturing the guy to death. Not so easy to do that with Russia as the custodian. He’s doing a great job for Russia by being able to speak against the ‘not so perfect’ state of the US.

    I think looking for undercurrents and controversies will return little. But, have at it if thats your thing.

    As for the Tor (is US Navy backdoored etc. etc.) thing, if you accept that what Snowden did was against the wishes of the US Mil Intel, and that he is being honest when declaring that Tor was one of his tools (the other being GPG, and/or encrypted chat) and that the NSA did not catch him, and has yet to provide any evidence that it has decrypted any of those communications, then what’s your argument? Have there been vulnerabilities in Tor? Shit yeah. But this is true of any software product that is not formally proven. Its a crap argument “All software has bugs, Tor is software, therefore it was intentionally backdoored at the beginning and remains so”.

    Enough for now.

    • I doubt that Tor was set up with bugs…. its just that when you have all the money in the world to hire smart people’ and can afford all the best toys, you can beat Tor.
      Its great for keeping NORMAL snoops (ISP’s, marketers, corporations) out of your internet, and I would say it might provide some protection from low level police and allow you to agitate and plot against 3rd world governments (which is why its useful for the US)….but TBH anyone who the NSA or GCHQ wants to spy on would be advised to use random 1 time pads (Babbage brute force cracked regular text versions with just ‘himself’…) and keep a note book…and never say anything near anything thats IOT… and maybe wear a hijab in public. This dude recons he can get a pic of just about anyones house pretty quick… everyone should think about how much data they leak TO ANY REGULAR PERSON WHO WANTS TO MAKE YOU A PROJECT every day before they worry if their gonna get a drone strike from the CIA 🙂 lol
      Not really a lol is imagining if some sicko like BTK has known this stuff.

  7. My nose hairs first started twitching with regard to Snowden when watching Citizen 4. There were scenes in which he came across as a guy playing a character in a movie. Just fishy.

    And the Academy Award- This and other film award shows are about publicity and promoting product, nothing more. Given the obvious influence of the State in the major film industry, there is no way this film would have been allowed to win an Oscar if Snowden was legit, in my view.

    Zero Dark Thirty- Oscar and other awards
    Citizen 4- Oscar and other awards

  8. What did Snowden accomplish?
    1) Retroactive pardons for all the decades of illegal surveillance that had been going on. The only person I’m aware of who went to jail was the President of QWest, who blew the whistle on NSA:

    “..According to court documents unveiled this week, former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio clearly wanted to argue in court that the NSA retaliated against his company after he turned down a NSA request on February 27, 2001 that he thought was illegal…”

    Everyone else got a pass

    2) NSA now has to share that data with other agencies. There were some pretty interesting stories on the internet back in the 90s about the interagency rivalry between the different intellegence agencies. Now, NSA doesn’t get to keep all the info to itself.

    In fact, I think the most probable scenario is that Snowden was recruited by another group to break the NSA hold on this surveillance information.

    3) The surveillance information is now held by the various private companies that handle the communications. To get that info, the NSA or any other agency needs a FISA rubber stamp, and then they have to pay the private company, and hope the private company returns with honest info.

    Guess where those companies reside. Hint – not North America.

    • margaret.bartley says:
      What did Snowden accomplish?
      1) Retroactive pardons for all the decades of illegal surveillance that had been going on. The only person I’m aware of who went to jail was the President of QWest, who blew the whistle on NSA…
      …2) NSA now has to share that data with other agencies…
      …3) The surveillance information is now held by the various private companies that handle the communications….

      • Point 1) could just as well be a seizing of opportunity once the cat was out of the bag.
        Point 2) was not an inevitable consequence of the revelations. Again it was the state asking, ‘how can we play this to the ‘law and order’ advantage?’
        As to point 3) for-profit security companies were always holding this surveillance information, it just happens to be visible now to the monopoly syndicates of TelCom and FAANG. And the fact of this acknowledged reality being visible to all is an immense advantage to the public intelligence set, where before it could never amount to more than paranoid conjecture relative to mainstream consensus.

        Snowden also accomplished an amazing thing as it relates to you and your intellectual & cognitive liberty: from now on, if you dare to suggest out loud that the government is watching you, you won’t automatically be assumed to be bat-shit insane/paranoid/conspiracy theorist/ready for processing at your local mental health facility. This is hugely significant in terms of the collective social/political maturation of the public at large.

        In this context the consensus view actually now bears some capacity to accommodate a legitimate address of other taboo subjects germane to ‘conspiracy theorizing,’ whereas before it could not. This is not something that the DOD or the CIA would have conspired to effect.

  9. Not being able to definitively nail Snowden as some sort of op agent doesn’t mean we can’t surmise the existence of an op. This seems to be born out as time and inspection of a growing amount of Snowden’s ‘cover’ becomes available. My assumption that Assange and Wikileaks was also another type of op, open to differing agencies or groups within the pyramid cap that may have wished to slag one another via Wiki, still leaves Assange in the hot seat for retribution. But if retribution for his publishing sensitive official docs was to come then why did it take close to seven years to finally get hands on Assange. What?…. the most powerful covert agencies on the planet couldn’t cancel Assange’s internet connection or arrange (two s’es away from Assange)for the embassy to have a fire or W.H.Y.?

    The sad part on this is all those that have flocked to Moscow to honour Snowden and by doing so taint their own reputations by association. Ray McGovern and his cohorts come to mind.Perhaps once a spook always a spook with some loyalties to one degree or another. Even Binney calls for the continuation of the spook agencies in this post truth world now created as the reality instead of actually trying to return to a reality that human beings should inhabit. That is if we are ever to walk our lives as natural honourable human beings.

  10. “Signal is not a secure network”, “there are many and various ways in which data is compromized” – can anyone direct to the sources of this claim? I saw quite confusing debate, where devs were rejecting to implement optional feature of locking app with passphrase, on the basis of
    1) making Signal more user-friedly and
    2) implying that this feature alone doesn’t improve privacy anyway.
    Is there more to that?

  11. Thanks for this James. I love Jason as he’s one of the guys who got me thinking about things around 9/11, but I really wish people were able to stay on topic more. Jason is keen and full of information but, he can get off on a tangent and then distract from some critical info you’re about to drop for all of us.

    I think I can tell when you’re doing your best to not interrupt your interviewer but also have to reign them in and get back on track.

    Either way, good stuff. I for one think Snowden is definitely a hangout and Greenwald and Co. need to be exposed and covered more. Who knows what else they will try and push if they are not shown in the proper light.

    • I really enjoyed this topic and interview also.
      Man!…the communication was flying! So much to say, and the time flew by.

  12. Alexandre,” The sell is the product.” Once again you have interrupted my slumber. I was having a long winters nap and blissfully unawares of the nagging thoughts riling my subconscious. Until bam!boom! It hit me like a hammer in me cavasa.
    “The sell is the product.” Where have i seen this in action? Where have I heard this? Here it is . Have a look.

    I was volunteering for this product and the owner said ” sell the warming , push the heating”
    It all comes around with patience and a belief in the mind.
    Now back to bed . Thanks compadre!

    • Alex, a funny thing happened on the way to Saturday morning. I have been watching, on TV, old sit-coms , 1978 program titled
      ” The Greatest American Hero”. The product is the sell. I like to point out, to myself, propaganda,future programming previews and foreshadowing in the scripts, images and such. Its very reviling what American audiences were subjected to from this point of view, seen many years later. Some are easy to spot, others not so easy. The shows are pure psy-opps to varying degrees.
      This morning was no exception. The plot was centered around the destruction of FBI-Treasury evidence destruction by a mad arsonist. One of the key automobiles in the plot had a license plate that the camera did a close shot of several times was
      { WTG911 }. It looked very much like WTC 911.
      Coincidences, sure, moving on. Seems the sell is the product.

      • Alex , Im looking for the clip. I will be totally freaked out if the plate was for New York even though the scene was set in a car lot in Los Angeles and would rightly be a California tag. Looking .
        I will view your links tonight , thanks ! Looking forward to it.

        • Found it Alex. Unfortunately its behind a pay-wall, Prime.
          The Greatest American Hero.
          Season 1 episode 7. The Fire Man 1981. J. Cannell.

          Tony hot wires a car in his new job for a repo company. The cars tag in the subject close up. WTG911 first few scenes

      • Alex, there is a lot missing here. It is great to see the resilience in Brazil. We seem to get sucked into the avalanche and after a great deal of time passes we are spit out much father down the mountain from where we once were. Anger for the emposed waste of our time. It could have turned out so differently. Compared to what? This must be the source of resilience people exhibit to reject the control that the BBC is promoting here. Imprison me so I can be free! Eric Blair all over.

        • Alexandre, your English is better than mine. Having looked upon the text I see all the holes in the story I must beg a pardon. Miles says “just take the instrument out of your mouth.” Simple, I will try to clear up the non-specifics.
          Think of the Irony of BBC documenting Globo. The pot calling the kettle black. Yes they could have included a lot more but held some back, skilled craftmanship in entertainment for the time.
          Yes to know Brazilians, Brazil. Are they the same thing. Globo seemed determined to shape Brazil into something quite unlike the Brazilian people.
          Resilience of the people was what I saw as the take away. However the BBC view of Globo as a benevolent tool placed in the right hands is all that the country needed to survive Citizen Cains tyranny is BBC. Orwellian to the point. ” imprison me so I can be free” TV captivates the viewer, the entertainment frees the viewer of knowing of that capture, blissful imprisonment.
          The car tag thing.Do I believe myself is the question. Drove me crazy in thinking of what can I remember of a show just after watching?. As the show starts you try to follow the story. How many stories are you being given? Maintaining Conscious thought while being programmed, hypnotized and bamboozled. Its an Olympic sport now to even watch TV anymore. Was my memory valid? The car tag was a flicker of no more than 2seconds.2 times. Was it significant? The answer is behind a paywall and Im not paying Jeff Bezo a cent to find out. I hate TV for screwing, uninvited, with my mind.
          Understanding America would be impossible with out acknowledging TV s dominion over the culture. I had not been aware of its impact on Brazil. That was a good documentary for that reason alone, but there was so much more. How quickly it was ushered in and how localized it became. The Novellas! . The original content was for the most part organic and not so much GMO {NWO}. Except for the GMO technology and techniques being employed by Citizen Cain and the short stint Time- Warner had in Globo. The documentary implies TV in Brazil was uniquely Brazilian. Alex, are Brazilians uniquely TV-ed.? Let me esplain. Americans , some, but I would say many, carry a TV persona with them at all times. It comes out for display like a split personality at the oddest times. You have had to be programmed by a program to communicate an idea from you but from or through the character you want to resemble. TV characters are implanted into the American fractured minds. So Im guessing roll playing, Cos-play and Hero worship are likely outcomes. Pokeymon? Reality has been taken to task and I must ask you , do Brazilians have these TV personas in their fractured personalities like the Americans.?. This may explain my perceived fractured witting? “Zeds dead sugar pie”*
          ** from Q. Tarantino’ s film ” Pulp Fiction”
          Thanks for finding/shareing the Globo documentary.

  13. MBP, I had to share this ” truth bomb throwing , Just for the record”
    Indian conversation with you. The cracks in Gandhi mythology are widening. Very interesting discussion around 12-14 minutes in.
    Ramola D and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Lots a bombs.

    • Complicated family those Kennedys. Joe is no Rob.Jr. Yes Boston is small enough.
      Dr.Shiva is no dummy but may exhibit naivity as a ploy to connect with the voting populace. Dr. Shiva has made his thoughts clear about the reductionist bus model and inclusion of all parties. Robt.Jr. ??? Got his Children’s Defense bus. Who knows. I’ll send Dr.Shiva a contribution and ask him. They both have an ax to grind.

  14. I have enjoyed some Joe Rogan podcasts but I could not get into this one. Edward Snowdens voice is very politician-like. Almost like our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. His tone is stiff, fake and devoid of authentic emotion. My BS detector started up and would not shut up.

    I then decided to check what Mandy Bombard (Body Language interpreter) said about him. Now I am not big on her political values (Pro Trump at times) and think she is a bit extreme (snarly sarcasm) but I decided to check her interpretations of Mr. Snowden to see if anything resonates with what I’m perceiving.

    She doesn’t say he is limited hangout or still-CIA.

    She thinks he’s a manipulative salesman.

  15. Snowden and Assange are both unusually hard to figure out.
    That itself sounds alarm bells for me.

  16. I was excited to hear you are doing a report on Hitler. I am eagerly looking forward to having what I learned at school and have been brainwashed by Hollywood into believing all put straight.

  17. I don’t understand, James, why you keep referring to your interview with John Young with so much confidence.

    He’s an archivist of government leaks (good, granted) that he does nothing to promote (meh, hmm…). He’s also an employee of a city agency, namely the DOB of NYC, the same org that has never bothered to have a conversation about Building 7, though it is perfectly within their jurisdiction and has an enormous implication on their entire raison d’être and legitimacy as a regulatory body to do so. And, most confounding to me, a brief review of Young’s CV indicates that he has worked as a consultant to CFR, Opus Dei, Columbia University’s School of International Affairs, among other highly questionable leaver pulling institutions. (Perhaps you should be noting this as a possible conflict of interest when discussing John Young.)

    He continues to maintain and publish while being an employee of the Empire City. Either he’s a master of bureaucratic loop-holes in order to get away with it and stay under the radar, or he’s something else. Interestingly Cryptome’s latest series concerns ‘unsafe high-rises’ among those of the new luxury tower gold-rush. (Why isn’t the DOB itself, nor the NYPost addressing this instead?) This could indicate some kind of out-sourcing of liability by the DOB, itself, or Young’s attempt to quietly whistleblow (dog-whistleblow?) on the agency that feeds him. Either way, whatever its public health intentions, the method of the prestige follows the Cryptome M.O.: It’s just enough to say I told you so, but not enough to ensure that nothing is accomplished or revealed. It pretends that any vibrant, independent journalism CAN exist, to pick up the slack.

    While these coincidences may all be innocuous – as many professionals work on many jobs for many evil clients without any kind of nefarious intention or effect – they at least all point to a slightly higher likelihood of him being party to dubious manipulation than, for instance, one guy (Snowden) who revealed mass blanket surveillance, and, for another instance, another guy (Assange) who published Panama Papers, CIA’s vault 7 & 8, neither of whom receive paychecks and benefits from leviathan tentacles. It also bears mention that John Young only talked with you once 10 years ago and he’s never followed up. Right?

    All I could see from that interview was that his personal style resembles Barrett Brown, Ben Davidson (of Suspicious Observers), Jan Irvin, and Dick Cheney. They are all suspiciously over-confident and bullying in their presentational manner.

    Relying on John Young’s finger-pointing for evidence that the actual whistleblowers (whose well-being is perpetually at risk) aren’t what they claim is a little ill-proportioned and mis-directed, to say the least. That’s all I’m saying. [Opus Dei and CFR for Christ’s sake! Right there on his resume.]
    Seen at the footer:
    John Young Architect:
    Following the link:

    As a post-script, James, have you ever attempted to score an interview with Snowden? You seem resentful that Rogan is a better book promotions venue than the Corbett Report. Did you offer your book promotions services to a man who’s only income comes from speaking engagements and publishing?

    • IF Mr. McCann or Mr. Saatchi wished to instrumentalize you into an aspect of some clandestine operation they were running, one option they’d have for paying you for your service and laundering your involvement, would be to hire you as a consultant for another totally innocent job with them, so that everything would look kosher on the books and in the company history. It’s a phenomenological concept, not an accusation.

      I reiterate my previous statement concerning Young: “While these coincidences may all be innocuous – as many professionals work on many jobs for many evil clients without any kind of nefarious intention or effect…”

      Regardless of whether you believe they were instrumentalized as some kind of acrobatic deep state psyOp or not, Mr. Assange and Mr. Snowden DID, as matters of fact, behave as journalist and whistleblower, respectively, in order to reveal sacred (and exceptionally damning) secrets about the leviathan surveillance state and the criminal military behemoth that both underpin our modern way of life behind veils of legitimacy. Those gentlemen pulled back the curtain in a way that has never been achieved in history. If you don’t endorse the simple virtue of their efforts, then you prefer to side with denialism, at best, and complicity, at worst, with the systemic criminal takeover of the US democratic republican government by invisible empire. Either you dig whistleblowing for revealing corruption, or you prefer to live with ever-metasticisimg corruption in perpetuity, no matter how overwhelming and dystopian it may become. Personally, I’d rather know than be ignorant. It’s pretty straight forward. The state isn’t going to police itself. “Whistleblower protection” and 4th Estate Journalism are farces of our state religion. They don’t exist beyond rhetorical myth.

      Those guys are suffering, or (to indulge this community’s particular conspiracy theory) they are feigning suffering; whereas we heard from John Young once a decade ago, who told us to be suspicious of those who reveal corruption, and who is he? He’s a government employee who has done consulting for a laundry list of evil entities that this community acknowledges for their conspiratorial imperial machinations, going back to the Vatican, the DOD, and the Rhodes/Milner/House Roundtable cabals. Who knows – maybe Young is just the face of Cryptome, the same way Applebaum was the face of TOR. Or maybe he’s a righteous whistleblower-support superhero hiding in plain site. (In which case god bless him, and I hate to think my constructive criticism puts his good job at risk.)

      I’m going to remain skeptical and indulge the people who enlighten the general public about the phenomenology of modern life, piss off MSM, scare weapons producers and expose the oligopoly… and I’m gonna hold their critics at arms length. You decide for yourself.

      • If anyone here thinks 9/11 Truth allegiance is the sole litmus test for loyalty to some fanciful resistance or woke awareness, I guarantee you’ll lose many opportunities for solidarity and alliance with others with whom you share common cause. You’ll surely lose any opportunity to persuade them in time. And without tolerating them for their diversity of opinion, all efforts at Public Intelligence are superficial and yet further alienating to better feedback loops and collective or person decisions making. Plenty of good people have emotional or strategic reasons for avoiding 9/11 as a third rail. Let it just be the sine qua non of state religion and let it go (as far as one’s obsession, not in terms of legit academic pursuit.)

        The only viable psyOp model I can rationally tolerate is the idea that Snowden was enabled to, or directed to, reveal all simply to create a global psychic panopticon, so that we’d effectively imprison ourselves through a belief in total surveillance. But the failure of that hypothesis is that his exposures so pissed off the establishment and disrupted their vast criminal enterprises that any remotely educated person now must reckon with the reality that their phone hates them and seeks to master them, as a simple matter of course. To be a reasonable hypothesis, it would require, for instance, that the NSA/CIA were at war with the City of London banking establishment behind the FED, which is pretty absurd. This idea of total surveillance used to belong to the domain of psychological imbalance and mental illness, from the consensus view, and now everyone (who thinks at all) knows it to be a banal fact. Hence the likelihood of Snowden being a psyOP is less than the likelihood that John Young is a psyOp.

        Make of it what you will.

        • Skip Tomalou,

          I’m with you.

          That rhymes. But, I think there’s rhyme to your reasoning here. Particularly this:

          “Plenty of good people have emotional or strategic reasons for avoiding 9/11 as a third rail.”

          I think that’s a very reasonable statement to put forth. For instance, many of the over 3000 architects and engineers that have signed their names to AE911Truth, have, as far as I’m concerned, placed their professional reputations on the line by doing so. How many more would do the same if not for fear of personal and/or professional repercussions?

          We’re all human beings, and not one size fits all. There are those who have a fear of flying, and there are others who don’t.

          It’s relatively easy to sit back and categorize and make a judgement call based upon a single filament of an individual’s life, when you’re looking for something – a crack in someone’s facade – some telltale sign of a poseur.

          Can we brand Julian Assange a gatekeeper based on a two minute answer to a question where he hedges on, and downplays the importance of opening up a new (meaning real) investigation of 911? To be sure, the link provided by manbearpig above is disturbing to listen to and to watch. For me, it was unsettling. Here’s the link:

          However, is it really so logical to assume based upon Assange’s elusive and negative answer that he’s a gatekeeper for NWO/American hegemony, maybe a stooge of some sort? Or as some may say, a Zionist pawn? Taken out of context, yes, his answer forms the basis for a definitive conclusion, that Assange is a poseur and not the person he’s been “presented” to be. But, I find such a conclusion to be an egregious and rather queer case of severe myopia. Better to step back a bit, take a look at his life, the man’s history, the fact that through wikileaks, he’s made mincemeat out of the pretense of moral fiber of the American military criminal war crimes infused juggernaut. Exposed to such a degree, they sicced the CIA on him, honey pots, and all. And we all know the consequence of that, we all know the dire straits he’s in at the moment. That’s freaking real. It’s not make believe. The powers that we all say shouldn’t be want him tortured and want him dead. That’s the reality.

          So, to some, I’d like to pose this simple question for argument’s sake, what kind of a sorry-assed gatekeeper is that?

          Another simple question: Why would John Pilger, a journalist and documentarian whose lifetime has been spent exposing US and Western crimes of imperialism defend Assange to the nth degree? Just because he’s a fellow countryman? Hardly.

          Third question: Why would Chelsea Manning, whose credentials are burnished, who has already been tortured in hell, risk getting thrown back into hell to protect Assange? Well, it ain’t because she thinks he’s some kind of gatekeeper. For damn sure.


          Gettin’ on 500….

          • Thanks CandleLight for acknowledging our agreement.

            It baffles me that perfectly skeptical, non-normy, eyes-open people can be so blind that they fail to at least perceive the enormous benefit of having a Wikileaks in the world. It’s a transparency machine that exposes state crime, period. It engenders public intelligence. …Exactly what journalism is supposed to do. Who gives a shit if such people find the man who created it to be of vexatious personality?

            Apparently superficial things like celebrity personae is more important to them than hard, verifiable content. These people do their cause a disservice, because their demonization of JA directly supports the further concealment of state crime, which otherwise has no outlet. It’s some twisted twilight zone where the Corbetts of the world would rather have Hoover Institute vaults to raid 70 years hence and FOIA scraps to analyze for their academic sleuthing of state crimes’ past, than have WL right now.

            I think it’s fair to say that the Osama Bin Laden fairy tale of 9/11 is the exoteric state religion of modern civilization’s mainstream, just as the Snowden/Assange-is-a-psyOp fairy tale is the esoteric state religion of the dissident class. Having devotion to either story enfolds one in the warm comfort of state religion – one which is accommodating enough for every life-style vertical that the political logos can produce. The state even produces QAnon in order to accommodate the demographic that falls somewhere in between (believing in 9/11, but also wishing to support a WL) to ensure that nobody needs anything that the state can’t provide for their immediate psychological needs. Meanwhile every individual ends up with severed feedback loops to reality that might enable their self-preservation and prevent the metastasizing of total dystopia.

            Se la Vie? I sure hope not.

            Meanwhile, how can anyone be sure that Cryptome wasn’t created by the NYC DOB with the express, premeditated intention of hiding their passive complicity in 9/11 in plain sight and managing the chatter among the skeptical? I’m referring of course to Building 7, a subject that falls square between their eyes. What’s John Young’s position on Building 7? I wish James had asked him that, so at least we’d have a little proportional parity in this conversation.


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