Interview 1509 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Russian Reforms – Is Putin Planning for His Successor?

Transcript: Putin’s Address to the Federal Assembly

The Russian Prime Minister Resigns And No One Knows Why

Meet Xi Jinping, President For Life (Mar. 25, 2018)

Story #2: The Green Swan – BIS Urges Climate Action to Prevent a New GFC

Climate Emergency: Lagarde Says ECB Must Step Up Action (Dec. 3, 2019)

UN Appoints Mark Carney to Help Finance Climate Action Goals (Dec. 1, 2019)

Story #3: Leaked Proposal Shows EU Considering 5-Year Ban On Facial Recognition

Hundreds of US Police Departments Using “Dystopian” Face Recognition App

Michael Maharrey on Facial Recognition Pushback

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  1. You say we need to push back on the threat from the global banisters, but how on earth do we do this? I am just an everyday person with no influence whatsoever and I have made the personal decision to live free or DIE. I need or want someone to give people like me ideas on what to do to fight the powers that shouldn’t be from taking all our freedom away. Any help on this

    • Lisa.h, a systems approach to this will be required. Looking around for solutions is like the invention of the wheel. It solved many problems and people didn’t try to invent the wheel for every problem.
      In this way of finding our way you can look at how people dealt with alcohol being forced on them. As a competition, people came to realize how destructive it was to life. A grass roots way was developed to counter this in a systems approach. Alcoholics Anonymous for the alcoholic and for the victims of acoholics a group called Al-Anon.
      Education on what your fighting is crucial. This will lead to discoveries on how to deny its power over you. Exchange the words Banksters, TPTSB, ect. for AA or Al-Anon, Narconon, ect. and apply a systems approach that has proven reliable. Its not for the faint of heart. Now what to name it… ahh… Awareness? Nope, we Need an Ad Man. We need a recovery.

    • I believe that it’s possible for a group of people to obtain such a degree of power that virtually nothing short of a catastrophic global event (such as another Younger Dryas comet impact) will keep them from reigning for hundreds, or even thousands, of years.

      It’s possible a group obtained (or cemented an extension on) that degree of power while the population was busy laboring 9-5 and watching football & sitcoms over the past 60+ years.

      I still have some hope though.
      The only noteworthy, currently practicable, solutions that I know of are non-participation (living outside of the system as much as possible), learning more about the way the system actually works, informing others about the same, and trying to think of new solutions.

      Another potentially disruptive solution could come along, like a decentralized Internet, a free energy device, advanced 3D printing (something more closely resembling the Stark Trek replicator), or something not even yet imagined. If someone manages to release it fast enough, or in an unblockable manner, it could quickly change everything.

      • I forgot to mention that, while you’re still living within the system, be very conscious of what you spend your money on, and teach others to do the same.
        Every time you purchase a product or service, you’re casting a vote to give more wealth and power to its producer.
        It’s arguably the most real and impactful voting system in existence.

        • AAF , Im so glad you mentioned money. Should groups gather to address gaining power over their lives money will be at the top of the list. It probably will be the cause and source of what will bind groups together and will drive the groups to urgency.
          Imagine those who try to buy their way into the groups once enough groups gain momentum. All that built up programming could be used to further a paradigm shift. At least for a time being . However you use human nature , to fix human nature seems to me we have a distinct possibility of winding up where we started. Hmmmm ??? Complicated.

  2. So, it seems the technocrats decided on “global warming” for their nation-uniting humanity boogeyman (even though the planet was barely warming, if at all) because they overestimated how quickly they could get the carbon tax system in place.

    In other words, they expected that, one day, people would ask “Why didn’t we all burn up from global warming like you said we would” and they thought they’d be able to answer “Because you allowed us to put those carbon taxes in place and together we saved the planet!”

    But… things didn’t work out as planned. It took decades longer than expected to get their carbon tax system in place, so they ended up in a very awkward situation where the people were indeed asking why we didn’t all burn up, but the technocrats had no answer. They couldn’t claim that we were all saved by the carbon tax system because the system hadn’t even been created yet.

    They had no contingency plan so they just just pulled “Global Warming Lull” out of their a** to buy some time, then began casually replacing the term global warming with the new, conveniently generic term “climate change”.

    Does this sound right, or am I missing something?

  3. When I first had read an article about the Putin speech and Putin giving up authority, I thought: “Give that man a brownie.”

    But now-a-days, so many things are suspect.

    I look forward to an article on this topic by James.

    • Yep, same Russian who also did a lot of ugly stuff.
      But anytime someone tries to reduce “authoritarianism”, I am game.

  4. I still have that vinyl LP soundtrack of the 1983 Strange Brew movie with SCTV’s Bob & Doug McKenzie. I had all Aphex Twin CDs to a point, but no longer. I’m curious why he chose to display those.

  5. Big points for the White Stripes comment.. you can just throw them in the overflowing collection you must have.

  6. Will someone please…I mean PLEASE…talk about how much of a FARCE the so-called Doomsday Clock is?? Please!!

    This ridiculous, arbitrary, and catastrophizing device I remember being used left and right during the Cold War years and smacks of just another fearmongering device to control the public…any thoughts?

  7. James&James, if you want real information about the changes in the Russian government, go to and Tom is a UF alum like me and he has 2 podcasts and an article that are on the money and The Saker has even more. The Oracle of London, Alexander Mercouris is interviewed in the second podcast and it is excellent. This has been carefully planned over several weeks or more. The first thing that came to my mind was that he was preventing another Yeltsin and there were other things I learned from the above and more from the YT channel of The Duran. There is a lot there and you guys have to learn a lot more than you know now.

  8. Hello,
    I have a general question about the BIS:
    Why are some central banks in the middle east, africa and central america not BIS members?
    Member states: (
    I am aware that they want to form monetary unions/currencys in different continents (Amero; African central bank and their new currency etc.), some Brazilian minister said something similar in Davos that there will be only 5 or 6 currencys in 20 years (, but I dont understand why they are not members of the BIS.
    The 60 member banks are already responsible for 95% of world GDP, so the others are not necessary to “dominate the economy of the world as a whole”, but if they want a world currency under the control of the BIS, why are the other central banks not simply join?

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