Interview 1527 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Interviews | 42 comments

Welcome to the 401st episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: US Ramps Up Sanctions Devastating Venezuela’s Health Sector As Coronavirus Spreads

US Imposes New Iran Sanctions, Complicating Coronavirus

Quarantine the US Military Machine?

China Locked in Hybrid War with US

Story #2: IMF Prepares $1 Trillion Bazooka

How Big is That Fed Liquidity Pump? $1.5 Trillion or $5 Trillion?

Global Economic Coordination Not Happening In Virus Crisis

NYSE to Temporarily Close Its Trading Floor

‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’

In the Pandemic, It’s Every Nation for Itself

‘Americans Need Cash Now:’ Coronavirus Has Lawmakers Calling For UBI

Story #3: FAANGsters Issue Joint Statement On Misinformation

YouTube Creator Blog: Protecting Our Extended Workforce And The Community

Facebook Hits C****vir*s Articles With Sledgehammer

U.S. Government, Tech Industry Discussing Ways to Harness Location Data to Combat Coronavirus

Facebook Censoring Ron Paul Based on Bogus Politifact ‘Fact-Check’

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  1. We need an open and transparent internet so that we can share information and then make our own decisions based on all the available facts. We do not need “fact-checkers” to hide facts from us and then feed us pablum-info as if we were little babies. If Ron Paul thinks this is a hoax, that’s his opinion. Is his opinion based on evidence, or is he simply challenging the news media because they are not providing sufficient evidence? I think that the go-to community are the health professionals who are on the front lines dealing with the situation. Talking heads are fine, but what do the doctors say? They are saying that they are scared sh*t**es. They are scared BECAUSE there are not enough hospital beds and equipment to deal with those who get sick. How do they know? BECAUSE that’s what happened/ /is happening in China, Italy, and Iran. Will it be different in the US? The evidence lies not in the number of people testing positive for coronavirus, but in the number of available hospital beds–both normal and ICU. In the cacophony of information coming from official and alternative outlets, I can’t find these numbers. I don’t care how many people are testing positive. I care if there is a hospital bed available if I get really sick. If the hospital beds are full of people with “respiratory distress” that tells me that I should probably self-isolate. But I do not have those numbers for my area. Therefore, I am self-isolating just in case. Sigh.

    • You are correct.
      The conventional medical establishment and workers are scared.
      They have never had ammunition to combat a virus, only methods to attenuate the symptoms.
      If a person has viral pneumonia…good luck with the conventional side.
      They will need it.

      Many of the Professional Integrative Medicine Doctors and other alternative health professionals are not scared at all.
      There are many tools to defend against and also to whoop a virus.

      I’ve beat up the boards with talking about Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Therapy to effectively address COVID-19.
      Follow the Thread scrolling down and hitting links…

      Many Corbett Members have offered all kinds of suggestions for preparing one’s health against the coronavirus.
      China was even using the Vitamin C IV therapy.

      There is a tremendous amount of information on these comment boards after each Corbett Report episode or article.

  2. But how old are they and what comorbidities did they have? Here in the US as a healthcare provider, I have not seen it killing mass numbers of people. I know people who have had it, older than 50, completely recover. How can we know what the actual statistics are if the tests are inaccurate?

    How old are these people who are dying? How much pollution does Italy have comparted to the US? How many of these people were smokers? How many immune-compromised?

    What other mechanisms exist to protect people besides medical martial law and the stripping of rights? Even as a health care worker, I am not convinced this disease is much worse than the flu, given the fact that we don’t have real numbers, not ones that I trust anyway, no rigorous analysis.


    Something of interest to watch on the timeline surrounding the fort detrick shutdown and possible corona virus outbreak being covered up in the US prior to the china event in wuhan.

    At this point from what I have seen – this surely is a slow roll out 911 and I think that this ball has only started rolling down the hill. This is how they are going to put the new world order in place if the people continue to fall into fear and this very old mind trick. There are now conducting the economic fire sale that will end with them rolling out the microchip: otherwise called by some the mark of the beast—

    There was the event 201 that was ran back in october but just like 911 they in trump’s administration stated that they didn’t imagine such a pandemic happening, like on the day of 911 they are running drills of the exact same thing and then claim they had no idea!

    This is certainly a bio-release on their part and the fact that they are dragging their heels on getting things in order for testing and so forth as reported by Ryan Christian over at TLAV tells me that they are waiting for it to spread, that is if it is going to spread as they want it to. It could very well be a dud.

    This looks to me to be the beginning of the great culling and corralling of the populations of the earth.

    The demolishing of the wuhan market is very suspicous as well – which tells me if this is an american bio-release why then would china demolish the market if they were not in on it as well.

    The new word order has no national affiliation at all as we know- it only uses nations as it sees fit to build it global edifice – behind the sceans they are working together – while the shakspearian stage of politics I will bet that china is going to go further proving this an american bio-weapon that will justify war – world war III.

    The long planned destruction of america is now under way which may very well may end with a chinese invasion.

    Stay strong and take care of yourselves. For the race is not for the fittest but for those whole can endure until the “end” – I pray that there will be a judgement day and that all of the true researchers into this agenda will sit on a great council as true justice is finally administered to the wicked fools who were behind all of this bullshit.

  4. A contradiction maybe??

    “….viruses are notoriously difficult if not impossible to control thus not practical to launch as an engineered bioweapon.”

    “…laboratory ‘tweaked’ (but not genetically engineered) viruses are being seeded around the world, some more dangerous than others, and they possess fail safe features…”

    It’s easy, just repeat over and over again, doesn’t matter true or lie.
    Look what they accomplished, Goebbels would be delighted

    • For me sounds like contradiction, still, but never mind.

      Are you talking about hybridization in a context of viruses?
      Isn’t hybridization conducted via sexual reproduction?

      • Man, I really had no intention to offend you.

        I’m aware it is not popular to say dis-agreement straightforward and another thing (looks unrelated), I hate yes-people.

        I agree it’s hard to explain difficult concepts that are far from common knowledge.

        Later I realized I’ve been hasty with my first reply and haven’t presented my point well.

        Virus was just an opportunity (planted or not) to unleash propaganda avalanche, unseen since 9/11, that brought them big advantage.

    • Off-Guardian also has an article regarding Italy. Excerpt follows:

      “Anything up to 99.2% of all of Italy’s recent Covid19-associated deaths could have been caused by pre-existing chronic conditions, according to a report released by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italian Institute of Health, ISS)

      “The report was translated and sent to us by Swiss Propaganda Research. Their team have been doing some great work collating and translating sources of information on the coronavirus pandemic. Their daily updated thread, here, is a valuable resource to anyone trying to keep up-to-date.

      “99.2% of Italian Covid19-related deaths were already sick with something else, and the ISS hasn’t actually determined they died of Covid19 at all.

      “That’s shocking. Especially when paired with the reports that the test kits can produce false positives.

      “It’s entirely possible that dozens, even hundreds, of deaths in Italy (and perhaps the rest of the world) are being mistakenly attributed to Covid19 rather than the heart disease, cancer, emphysema or whichever comorbidity actually caused the death.”

    • If you have not seen it, don’t miss this.

      Five Stars
      (18 minutes)

      Interview 1474 – James Corbett on Echoes of WWI

      “During the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017, the organizers recorded an interview with James Corbett about his presentation, Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War. This is that interview.”

    • QUOTE
      In Italy, which has seen the highest rate of infection outside of China, the average age of death reported by the country’s national health institute was reported as age 81, the majority with underlying health problems….

      I strongly encourage folks to at least look through this article
      “COVID19 – Fearmongering Born out of Uncertainty”
      The STATISTICS mentioned above were found from this article.

      A point which I want to make…
      If a nation mandated that everyone stayed inside for 2 or 3 weeks, it likely would not do any good for the health of the populace either this year or next.
      No herd immunity.
      There are gradients of that approach, which Professor Ferguson points out.

      Check out
      Burn Rate

      A Government’s Outline for “Burn Rate” and Herd Immunity
      From ‘no quarantine’ to ‘strict quarantine’.

      which is down the thread at the link above.

  5. Hey James, read this:

    Fukushima Fog Hanging Over The Tokyo Olympics
    Is Topped By Coronavirus 9 Years After 3/11

    By Yoichi Shimatsu
    Exclusive to Rense

    “Accidents happen. Or instead of mishap, let’s call the present cough-cough epidemic another blow-back for homicidal maniac Shinzo Abe’s NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) warfare operations. His Cabinet’s research funding for development of the HIV-Coronavirus-mTB chimera now grips a stunned Japanese public much like sarin fears did during the Tokyo Subway gassing, that earlier mass murder arising from Abe’s WMD team inside the Aum Shinrikyo front group of a quarter-century ago. Weapons of mass destruction have a way of slipping the leash to wreak massive harm on their demented creators, as we’ve seen in the weapons-grade plutonium bursts at underground sites in Haramachi and Hirono that triggered the reactor meltdowns at the TEPCO Fukushima No.1 nuclear station on March 11, 2011…”

  6. Most of these corporations who are receiving big bailouts have in the past been doing a covert stock deception.
    They have been using their earnings or borrowed money to “BUY BACK” their own stock shares.

    This has artificially made their stock price higher, which snowballs into attracting more stock buyers.

    Apple had been doing it for years.
    Virtually, it’s profits (earnings) from 7 years ago were the same as they were in December 2019, but their stock price was about double.

  7. Actually these sanctions on Venezuela are a favor. The face masks don’t do crap. As to the “test kits,” that is also a favor. The PCR Test is totally fraudulent. I am a chemist and have studied the CDC releases regarding how the “TEST” was constructed. Remove the “test kits” and the pandemic disappears into normal statistics for fatalities from respiratory diseases, though the latest data from Italy indicates that they are throwing in coronary heart disease, and diabetes II into the mix. Poof – it’s gone. Only thing that is anomalous is what is going on in Iran. I know when I am being punked.

  8. ha! They sure know how to do it in France!

  9. Is it just me, or were both of you hyperventilating? It felt like I was on Info Wars. I was just reading that previously blocked searches were now being allowed. How does this square with your current pangs? Might I suggest meditation. It does wonders for body and mind. Staying in the moment also produces correct action, so it’s not about going to sleep.

    • I thought that they were their normal selves.

  10. Anyone in New York City
    (and perhaps someone has Jason Bermas’ contact info. He might have an interest.)

    West 57th Street near 7th Ave
    Dr. Harold Robbins – Ozone Blood Therapy & tips for the CORONAVIRUS

    Published March 16th Monday
    Michael Johnson receives Ozone blood therapy (by direct method, not bagged blood method) from Dr. Harold Robbins in New York City.
    Contact information for Dr. Robbins is given at the end of the video.
    Dr. Robbins and Michael discuss measures to help ensure good health in light of the coronavirus / COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2.

    Dr. Robert Rowen and Dr. Harold Robbins often corroborate and also collaborate regarding Ozone and health topics.

    (The verb collaborate means to cooperate or work jointly with others. The verb corroborate means to strengthen, support, or confirm with evidence.)

    This Johnson/Robbins video was promoted by YouTube User “The Healthy Plumber” in his video “Coronavirus and ozone therapy”.
    “The Healthy Plumber” reversed his Multiple Sclerosis and has a book describing how he did it.

  11. Prrrr!
    I’m goona go hide in the closet.

  12. Excellent analogy, Alexandre! Bravo!

    • “Two categories of propaganda must be distinguished. The first strives to create a permanent disposition in its objects and constantly needs to be reinforced. Its goal is to make the masses ‘available,’ by working spells upon them and exercising a kind of fascination. The second category involves the creation of a sort of temporary impulsiveness in its objects. It operates by simple pressure and is often contradictory (since contradictory mass movement are sometimes necessary).” – Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society

      • Hey! I got another link for you, which I would’ve put in context but couldn’t remember which thread and I always forget to subscribe to replies:

        I got it slightly wrong. It’s not 1984, but,

        “Make Orwell Fiction Again”

        And, darn, no t-shirts!!

        Better yet, save the $$ and prop up a handmade poster in the background during these video conferences. But honestly, I’m not that brave. I wouldn’t put it past authoritarians to report such people, where the response may likely correspond to these crazy days.


    During the Adventures of Bill and Ted, we again meet Rufus…

    (And thank you YouTube Channel “Metal Matt”, as I strum the air guitar.)

    COVID-19 George Carlin – Germs and Immune System (Corona Virus)
    (6 EXCELLENT minutes)

    “Be Excellent to Each Other”

  14. Covid 19 problem solved
    70 year old medicine against Malaria works 100%.
    No need for rushed/untested vaccines anymore,
    even according to vaccine researchers.

    Early Nature article:

    Other study:

    Note: Things that don’t cure Covid-19 if ingested
    Examples of people that ended up in the hospital after
    drinking soap,alcoholics, bleach or eating excessive amounts of garlic.

  15. Alexandre…just thought you should know someone out there (me) read carefully through your entire orchestra analogy and thought it was amazing. An analogy I’m going to keep with me as I watch all of this unfold.

    Also, I’ve noticed the same thing with friends and family members that seem to have some weird attachment to the story they are being told… when I question it, they get testy… I wondered if maybe it was just that many people really are glad to have everything canceled, because they don’t really like what they have to do every day anyway. Or maybe they just enjoy being part of a big drama unfolding? I don’t know. But it sure makes it hard to snap sense into anyone.

    • You know the other day when I was at the Super Walmart, and after searching online, I tried for 30 minutes, searching every row up and down before finally asking the nearest guy in a blue shirt (who just happened to be standing next to the empty TP shelves),

      “Can you tell me….on which aisle can I find some COMMON SENSE?”

      • “it’s on backorder….not sure when….could be weeks…”

  16. Is Iran the real reason for the coronavirus distraction?

    I’ve been asking myself for awhile…so…what AREN’T we hearing about since the virus “broke out”?

    Does anybody remember…IRAN???

    We were at the edge of world war III just a little while ago, right? Maybe THATs why both China and Iran were the first, hardest hit countries with the virus….stupid or not? When was the last time you even HEARD ANYTHING about the “IRANIAN Crisis” of 2019-2020??

    This came out in Jan:
    By Alex Ward and Zack Beauchamp Jan 13, 2020, 12:40pm EST
    BTW…I can’t find that article AT ALL without looking on the wayback machine…big surprise…

    Just a small snippet from that article:

    “9) So what happens next?
    It’s hard to predict the future, but the safe bet is that the next few weeks could continue to be rocky.

    Iraq’s parliament — which is heavily influenced by Iran — passed a nonbinding resolution last week calling for America’s roughly 5,000 troops to leave Iraq as a result of the Soleimani strike. Trump brushed off an immediate exit and went as far as to say he would impose harsh sanctions on the country if it forced out US troops.

    Iranian lawmakers chant anti-American and anti-Israeli slogans to protest against the US killing of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Tehran, Iran, on January 5, 2020. Mohammad Hassanzadeh/Tasnim News Agency via AP
    But then confusion reigned. On January 6, a letter from US Marine Brig. Gen. William Seely to Iraqi Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir became public, and it detailed plans for “repositioning forces over the course of the coming days and weeks to prepare for onward movement.”

    “We respect your sovereign decision to order our departure,” the letter continued.

    But Esper and Army Gen. Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs chairman, both denied there was a change in US policy and claimed the letter was sent to the Iraqi government by “mistake.” However, it does appear that US forces will be relocating to safer areas in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.

    Trump has long wanted US troops out of Iraq, saying that America has already spent enough money and lost enough lives since the 2003 invasion. But a precipitous force withdrawal could hurt the US strategically in the Middle East.”

    It’s been nothing but nothing about Iran since Corona…hmmmm…..

    • Good points holmesmd2.

  17. I take it back…I did find this one article:

    Interesting, in the last two paragraphs or so the author examines the possibility that the REVERSE of my original question could have been the situation INSIDE Iran:

    by Joel Gehrke
    | March 18, 2020 07:00 AM

    “Some analysts believe that Iran has renewed attacks on U.S. forces in order to distract from the coronavirus outbreak. “Iranians are fiercely nationalistic,” American Enterprise Institute scholar Michael Rubin, who specializes in Iran and the Middle East, told the Washington Examiner. “And so, basically, it’s a no-brainer on the part of the Iranian regime to try to distract people from their own incompetence. And, even though — yeah, I’m a neocon, I’m a hawk, and so forth — I think the worst possible thing would be for Trump to hit Iran.””

    I’m not sure, but my hands are chapped.

  18. Another person I met randomly (a customer) in Walmart as well, told me that she actually got DIVORCED over the cognitive dissonance vs “enlightened” differences…or whatever you want to call that….she seemed reasonable to ME….of course, I already have a great girlfriend, LOL!

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