Interview 1545 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Ousted Whistleblower Warns of “Darkest Winter In Modern History”

Ousted Vaccine Chief Bright to Warn “Window of Opportunity Is Closing” for Virus Response

PDF: “Scientific Integrity in the COVID-19 Response – Statement of Rick Bright, Ph.D”

Colleagues Paint Mixed Picture of Ousted Vaccine Chief

’Dead Zone’ TV Episode ‘Plague’ From 2003: Coronavirus From China, Chloroquine As Treatment

“Operation Dark Winter” Videos (Jun. 22-23, 2001)

Story #2: Bars, Restaurants Allowed To Reopen If They Agree To Snitch On Customers

Washington State Restaurants Will Have to Keep Log of Customers to Aid in Contact Tracing

Kansas County Orders Businesses to Track Customers; Lawsuit Calls That Unconstitutional

Tesla’s Elon Musk Defies Government Orders in an Act of Economic Civil Disobedience

Opposing Lockdown Is NOT “Profits Before People”

Story #3: The Age Of ‘Rona Has ’Black Mirror’ Creator Writing Comedies Instead

BBC Two Confirms Charlie Brooker’s ‘Antiviral Wipe’

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  1. Just heard the agriculture report on the radio. Dairy farmers in a big bind. Corn prices down to 06 levels due to everydamnbody and their brother is planting it instead of real food. Sorry, GMO ain’t food in my book. 23% increase in farm bankruptcy this past month, and that sector dying for the last 5 months. If you ain’t got food in the ground, you might be a dumbass. Most important thing you can do, and if you’re too sorry to get your precious fingers dirty, then you deserve the fate you get. Now, I’ve experienced starvation before, it ain’t in my top 10 ways I want to die. So I suggest you rethink your dumbass thinking. But hey, I ain’t your master, so you go ahead and keep on with your “I’ll keep my head up my ass and the state won’t kill me” attitude if you want. Just don’t ask for my food later on.

    • I love hearing this.

      I rent a duplex with a small front and back yard. Gardens in both.

      I’ve been eating from my dirt. I love my onions with the greens and garlic too. Comfrey leaves go in my blender with other greens, alfalfa and herbs from the garden.
      I get the strawberries as they appear.
      Can’t wait for the black berries to finally form…a lot of blossoms this year.
      One peach tree is coming along fine, some almost ripe for picking. A few years ago, I planted two peach, a plum, a pear, and an apple.

      Different parts of the country are more suited to different planting times and plants. Jim Bob was talking about his watermelon. Damn! Mine seem to finally mature near Fall if the birds don’t peck ’em.

      Often, I take my store bought foods and will use the seeds. (watermelon, raw peanuts, peppers, pumpkin seeds, popcorn, garlic, ginger, etc.)
      Celery is the easiest. Chop off the stump and sit it in the ground. It will grow. (Cooler area with shade.)

      Chewing on fresh picked peppermint as I type.

      • You can’t buy comfrey for consumption here. I think it was an EU thing but no doubt pharma is figuring a patent. How long have you had it? I’m a little skittish because I don’t want it to take over

        • Comfrey
          Down here in north Texas, the summers get pretty hot.
          August will often see many days at 38 to 43 degrees Celsius.
          And my area has heavy black clay soil (“black gumbo” which cakes and sticks when damp, cracks when dry).

          I’m saying this, because some things I have tried to grow (e.g. ginseng) just don’t do well. They just bake.

          I’ve been babying my Comfrey – the plants still living from last summer. I disperse their locations. All the live ones are in some shade, and get sunburn if the neighboring plants don’t cover them.

          Dr. Mercola has a recent article about Comfrey and a toxin which might hurt the liver when ingested. He also mentions how it is like a weed in parts of the UK.

          A few years back, I ordered some bags of Comfrey leaves for my “Med Kit” in case I ever needed them to help repair a limb or cut. Dog gone!…the Comfrey came from Croatia which is Corbett Members “mik” and “mkey” part of the globe.

          I ordered my Comfrey from Coe’s Comfrey last Spring.

          He did a nice job of packing my plants and provides a lot of information. He is in North Carolina not far from the Smokey Mountains.
          Bocking #4 Comfrey – “Bocking comfrey plants do not spread or seed, and can remain where they are planted for years.”

          Coe’s Comfrey has some references on “The Alkaloid Content of Comfrey”. So, I eat some occasionally.

          I plan to also use the Comfrey to help improve the soil.
          In the past, I have also bought pounds of earthworms and set them loose in my garden and yard. I tried raising them boogers, but it was too much hassle. They like to crawl out and go where they want.

    • When the time comes, nobody will be asking for your food. But I’m sure you’ll be ready to defend your melons.

      • A panicky, clueless, starving, because they were unprepared, mob generally doesn’t ask. Look how fast everyone changed because of a fake ass plandemic. Unemployment has surpassed the great depression here in the states. And this is just the beginning phase. To make matters worse, people are doubling down on stupid as they insist on thinking as the tv tells them. You’re going to have a big learning spot coming up about what people won’t do once things really go south. Though I don’t have a garden now. Been at the river since 20 Mar. Woods are giant gardens, though most of the plants taste like crap. Which is why I stock up on vegetable powdered drinks and so on. People will try to take it, and the nastiest crowd will be your local government goons. A common larder, they’ll call it. But you won’t get a bite of it if you let them take it.

    • I know a guy who was growing food in polystyrene boxes on the roof of his carport, so If people are not lucky enough to have some green acres, they can always be innovative.

    • Just a thought. In Chinese Medicine, Black Ants are powerful. B12, lots of it and more. 1/2 teaspoon (ground) is a pre-workout dosage. And ants are easy to raise.

    • meal bugs are easy to raise. I used to use a tub and pick n mix but some people have propper factory boxes where the eggs fall thru to a lower layer and the levels are moved around depending on how far each layer’s crop has progressed. They eventually get too inbred to breed I read somewhere but mine just died from an accident

      Chickens love them and as long as you dont feed them filth I’d eat them in a pinch- I believe insects can get full of nasty stuff if they eat contaminated things though. No way would I eat the first or 2nd generation of ones that came in the mail- goodness knows what they fed them.

      I would bet that earth worms are pretty easy to farm too- and few looters would make off with a tub…hahaha

    • I’m also trying sweet potato plants in a big planter… they look like some mega houseplant and allegedly grow like weeds so even an apartment dweller should try them for fun even if they take a while to give anything – though I just read you can also eat the leaves. better double check that

  2. Well Rome wasn’t built in a day,
    and you can’t finish a documentary on Satan himself in just one week!

    • He is not satan, just a human being.
      People can be amazingly evil all by themselves even without spiritual aid and even without knowing how bad they are

      • If he was just a human being, someone would have killed him by now.

        • I hear ya.

          And I bet he is worried about being poisoned or shot. He should be.

        • Octium
          Not really…. most human beings are not big on killing unless its a directly felt need- say self defense, or to rob you. Even people who ‘hate’ Bill Gates in the ‘abstract’ (since they dont personally talk to or see him) generally dont FEEL it enough to take the mental effort to do something so awful to a human

          • Duck,
            Honestly, I think a lot of folks who see what is going on have these thoughts about “taking out the bad apples”.

            This is probably why Canada is hell bent on confiscating guns from its citizens.

            I watch what I say on these comment boards, but I know how the spirit of many runs.

            • @HomeRemedySupply

              They may THINK about taking out bad apples, but its in the circle of fantasy…. thats why you see such actions happening in TV shows so that people can enjoy the fantasy safely.
              Dont get me wrong- the people who run things DO fear that kind of thing, but humans in western culture are generally ‘fat and sleek’ and not even angry enough to take much political action.

              As it goes

              “..Let me have men about me that are fat,
              Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights.
              Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look,
              He thinks too much; such men are dangerous….”

              It takes a special kind of person to plan and plot a horrible deed, and most of those kind of people have jobs killing brown people overseas.
              The violence fantasy is often a valve to excuse people from doing anything now that could avert the real disaster.

              If things get REALLY bad then violent action might uptick, or those people in uniform might become like Smedly Butler, but I really hope people just push back now while its still easy to alter course

    • Now, now, Octium, no need to insult Satan.

  3. Bad News Next Week
    Government Wants More Citizens to Die

    Between late Wednesday the 13th and early Thursday May 14, 2020, Dr. Brownstein had to pull down all of his YouTube Videos, (with excellent Case Histories, some who thought they were going to die), and had to delete his Blog.

    The Federal Trade Commission (which has been “protecting America’s consumers for over 100 years” sent a notice to Dr. Brownstein’s office.

    Below is Dr. Brownstein’s statement.
    (NOTE: Dr. B was clever in that he mentions some of the therapeutic alternatives.)
    Dear CHM (Center for Holistic Medicine) Patients-

    I want to let you know that we have been ordered by the FTC to stop making any statements about our treatment protocols of Vitamins A, C and D as well as nutritional IV’s, iodine, ozone and nebulization to support the immune system with respect to Coronavirus Diseases 2019 (COVID-19).

    According to this letter:
    “It is unlawful under the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C Sec. 41 et seq. to advertise that a product or service can prevent, treat, or cure human disease unless you possess competent and reliable scientific evidence, including, when appropriate, well-controlled human clinical studies, substantiating that the claims are true at the time they are made. For COVID-19, no such study is currently known to exist for the products or services identified above. Thus, any Coronavirus-related prevention or treatment claims regarding such products or services are not supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence. You must immediately cease making all such claims.”

    What this means is that I will not be able to blog, post, tweet, email, etc. for awhile.

    I want you to know that CHM is NOT closing. I am still here and so are my colleagues. It is my honor to be your doctor.

    To All Our Health! ~DrB

    • A great overview of some of the successful actions employed by Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Ng are mentioned in this fantastic, but short article by Laraine Abbey-Katzev RN, MS, CNS at Activist Post.

      Can We Combat COVID-19 With Nutrients?
      …The protocols that follow are for general informational purposes…

      …Many physicians treat acute viral infections, with 4-days of very large daily doses of Vitamins A (100,000 IU) and D (50,000 IU), also using zinc along with Vitamin C, the latter of which should be continued indefinitely while symptomatic and for 36-48 hours after symptoms subside–as in the Cathcart bowel-tolerance dosing protocol.1 That treatment has also been used with COVID-19, and along with nebulized iodine and food grade peroxide diluted to 3.5% for lung symptoms. Other nutrients—including selenium and NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) are often used, as well as additional oxygen therapies of injectable ozone or delivered rectally or vaginally. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has also been reported as helpful.

      Vitamin D3 has recently been identified as extremely important for infectious disease immunity, including SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).2

      Very large dosing intravenously (IV) with vitamin C has also been used successfully around the world in the treatment of toxins and viruses.3 including COVID19. Note that there are various forms of vitamin C, such as acidic and non-acidic available in tablets or powders as well as lyposomal forms that some researchers tout as more effective than IV. The Orthomolecular Medicine News Service article “hot off the press” entitled Vitamin C Evidence for Treating Complications of COVID-19 and other Viral Infections serves as a reading guide for the most relevant sources on vitamin C and D for prevention and treatment of complications from COVID-19 and other viral infections.

      I’ve added additional valuable Vitamin C reference links at the end of the article.

      While no COVID protocols I am aware of are including natural source Vitamin E (d-alpha, not synthetic dl-alpha), I would strongly recommend 400-800 IU, as vitamin E reduces tissue requirements for oxygen (O2) and thus is O2 sparing. While also very beneficial in patients with congestive heart failure, it must be started slowly in heart failure patients at only 100 IU and increased gradually.

      Videos of Dr. David Brownstein’s recovered COVID patients can be seen at his YouTube channel where most of these therapies are discussed.

      His office has treated well over 100 such patients with ZERO deaths or hospitalizations…and yes, he treated really sick patients….

    • Our Story – Dr. David Brownstein, MD and Dr. Ng, MD

      First 20 minutes…
      This interview describes how both Doctors who once practiced conventional medicine migrated to integrative medicine with a Holistic approach.

      At the 20 minute mark, you are taken on a tour of the facility. You see the Ozone machines, IV drips, etc.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      In Texas, I have seen Holistic Medical Centers which are this large and larger with very similar set-ups.
      My personal Doctor has a much smaller set-up.

      • BUMP – nebulizer

        Suzi Q,
        I always enjoy seeing your comments. Sharing information is what makes these Corbett Report boards such a valuable resource.

    • Dan, You saw the notice from the FEDS.
      It can’t get much clearer than that: “Shut-up Brownstein”… or go to jail and get shut down.

      Brownstein is in Michigan.

      A few weeks ago, at the end of April, Michigan FOX 2 Detroit headlines…
      Michigan Doctor Charged with Felonies for Treating Coronavirus Patients with Vitamin C
      Lots of details at link and comment underneath.

      The Doctor had a whole chain of facilities and was making people better.
      People were pouring in.
      The FBI ran a sting, trumped up the charges and shut it down.

      • I can’t highlight it enough…

        From the get go, the Authorities have had no interest in making people well.
        At every turn, they have tried to increase the death count.

        They have tried to increase the death count by any means…fudge the numbers, provide bad care, provide no care, deliberately make old folks sick, suppress effective alternatives, etc.

        The Authorities have no interest in the well being of the human race – only its control.

    • An open letter to those oligarchs trying to take over the world by terrorizing, suppressing and seriously violating the lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness of others lacking sufficient resources to protect themselves against the ridiculousness of the extremely offensive and underhanded PsyOp (psychological warfare). Though I’ve written most of this generically, I am quoting the US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) law that HomeRemedySupply included in her post:

      Dear Oligarch (and any governments supporting their underhanded mission),

      I’m so glad that you are aware that, “It is unlawful under the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C Sec. 41 et seq. to advertise that a product or service can prevent, treat, or cure human disease unless you possess competent and reliable scientific evidence, including, when appropriate, well-controlled human clinical studies, substantiating that the claims are true at the time they are made.” When the time comes for you to release your deadly vaccines that you claim will “save the world”, I will be sure to remind you that, “for COVID-19, no such study is currently known to exist for the products or services identified above. Thus, any Coronavirus-related prevention or treatment claims regarding such products or services are not supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence. You must immediately cease making all such claims.” In addition, I will remind you that there is no way to develop immunity from COVID-19, so your combination Micro-Chipping / “Immunity Passport” idea is an utter joke.

      I sincerely wish you would return to reality and the truth, from which you have grossly departed.

      The truth will set you free,
      NeverWillinglyVaccinating / NeverWillinglyAgreeingToSpyWare / RefusingToBeMicroChipped / RefusingAnImmunityPassport / RefusingToStayAtHome / RefusingRidiculousness / RefusingToComplyWithTheSheeple / RefusingToFeelShamed

      • Thanks Dystopiary,

        Dr. Russell Blaylock – MASKS – Low Oxygen / Too much CO2 in blood

        He highlights some excellent points…
        ~~Lower Oxygen levels impair the immune system.
        ~~Concentration of the COVID in the nasal area could cause terrible damage in the brain.

        hypoxia – drop in oxygen levels
        hypercapnia – an elevation in blood carbon dioxide

        “Hypercapnia” (Hypercarbia)

  4. FWIW…. it’s said that Gates is a ‘Greenbaum victim’…. thus perhaps the programming could offer the defense that ‘he knows not what he does’? Not that it matters, as the OWO is being outed in favor of the NWO, global police state, anyway before Mother Nature arrives to ‘clean house’ within the next 7.5 yrs… as our time here comes to an end… all the rest of this is exposing the system, as they proudly demonstrate what the PTB/SG can do with their puppets, especially in the West.
    But when you realize you are dealing with front men/women, puppets, pawns and such Greenbaum types, it reminds you that they are there to mostly keep you distracted, stressed out and not a threat to their control. Meanwhile, the planet preps for the next level of this classroom/game/Maze/Matrix… as the two sides part ways. The latest Fort Detrick mistake shows how they create their own chaos when learning how to control the same… tunnel vision being their weakness, they see only what they want to see. As the Faust character Mephistopheles put it, (roughly) ‘in trying to do bad, I do good’… and thus is the role of the ‘dark side’ or negative polarity… to act as a mirror of reflection so the ‘light’ can ‘know thyself’… as we are all fractals of the same… with the same meaning to life.

    So, this is a test… of perspicacity…. so we can really wake up and Choose sides… especially as the rug is pulled out on the world as we know it.

  5. I am definitely biased but the “karen” thing is like a 5 year old that has yet to mastered or command the English vocabulary and will say “stupidhead” as an insult… Adults that could work on commanding the beauty of the English language and could do much better than being a stereo type of “Stupid American” when speaking our native language, and yet foreigners have a better grasp of it. Meanwhile the best we can do is use someones name as an insult… but otherwise great video as always!

  6. Two significant developments gleaned by Cryptogon:


    “DOD Awards $138 Million Contract, Enabling Pre-Filled Syringes for Future Covid-19 Vaccine”

    ”Statement attributed to Lt. Col. Mike Andrews, Department of Defense spokesman:

    “Today the Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, announce a $138 million contract with ApiJect Systems America for “Project Jumpstart” and “RAPID USA,” which together will dramatically expand U.S. production capability for domestically manufactured, medical-grade injection devices starting by October 2020.

    Spearheaded by the DOD’s Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF), in coordination with the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, the contract will support “Jumpstart” to create a U.S.-based, high-speed supply chain for prefilled syringes beginning later this year by using well-established Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) aseptic plastics manufacturing technology, suitable for combatting COVID-19 when a safe and proven vaccine becomes available.

    By immediately upgrading a sufficient number of existing domestic BFS facilities with installations of filling-line and technical improvements, “Jumpstart” will enable the manufacture of more than 100 million prefilled syringes for distribution across the United States by year-end 2020.”


    “Trump Will Mobilize Military to Distribute Coronavirus Vaccine When It’s Ready”

    President Trump says he would “rapidly” mobilize the U.S. military to distribute a coronavirus vaccine once it’s ready, focusing first on nursing homes and the elderly most vulnerable to deadly complications from the virus. Mr. Trump made the comments during an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo.

    “We’re mobilizing our military and other forces but we’re mobilizing our military on the basis that we do have a vaccine. You know, it’s a massive job to give this vaccine. Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly,” the president said.

    “We will have a tremendous force because assuming we get it, then you have to distribute it,” he added. “And unless you’re mobilized and ready, you’re not going to be able to do it for a long time. So we’re starting now.”

    • Lovely. The MILITARY will inject us (instead of, say, a licensed medical professional). And, the military will prepare the vaccines, too (instead of vaccine specialists). Does that mean that the vaccines will contain microchips (without our knowledge and consent)? And, will we have a choice as to whether or not we receive the vaccines (or will they be forced upon us violently by non-medical professionals).

    • Sure, nothing can go wrong with mrna crapccines. I would really like to know what is mean-time-before-failure (MTBF) or some other measure of reliability for rna printer.

      They don’t know much about genes, I guess more than half is unknown. Looks they would like to fill the gaps by collecting tonnes of data and unleash AI. And when they get answer 42, what then??

      And they are daydreaming about gene therapy…only believer in scientism and someone who doesn’t know basics about genes can buy this.
      Genes define less than half of who you are. Monozygotic (identical) twins are not the same!

  7. “.. I don’t think we’ll be driven to out and out starvation as that would lead to revolt…”

    IF they can keep blame something convincingly enough to fool a decent portion of the people AND keep control of the ‘MacGuffin’ s that the people with the heavy weapons hold dear they could starve 20 or 30% of the country to death before things started to break down. WHEN things broke down the people with the heavy weapons would be more concerned with feeding themselves then anyone else.

    “…The billionaires will have the medical tecnomoney to reproduce, the savages will die of old age…”
    They are not as smart as they think. They are often genetically inferior weirdos which is why they are so into such sick stuff and want to clear out the competition with cheating and disgenics

  8. ‘…contesting this corona confinement comedy almost seems to be encouraged now so that when the second wave does hit people will feel the sting even more intensely saying…’

    Trauma and fear are what they need to keep people scared and thinking only of themselves. Their whole plan for regular folks has been based on making them think only of themselves and their own immediate gratification and safety.

    They hate family, religion and community of any kind because they fear people having loyalty to something more complex (and harder to play on) then personal concerns

    • Last American Vagabond is on Bitchute, I follow him on Bitchute as well as the Corbett Report and a few others. So no problem. Best thing is to get off Censortube and start watching on the smaller sites.

  9. ick… I was thinking it was a joke page.

    • ive no doubt, david rockefeller needed “heroes”…

      “One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony…. Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously succeeded… in fostering high morale and community purpose. General social and economic progress is no less impressive….The enormous social advances of China have benefited greatly form the singleness of ideology and purpose…. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in history.”

  10. They are following the final path of Pride…. pride was the first sin, thinking people could live without God always leads to people thinking THEY are god.

    Even if God was not real human beings cant live in a complex society without “A” god to set limits on their behavior and morals- it will lead to what CS Lewis called the abolition of man and the reduction of humanity to animal status. the Third part of his book (with doodles!)

    • “Even if God was not real human beings cant live in a complex society without “A” god to set limits on their behavior and morals- ”

      Yes,another form of authoritarianism,religion. The argument that people who do not believe in supernaturalism cannot control their moral development is empirically disproved by reality and history.

      In fact,religion has been the source for mysoginy, racism, xenophobia, hatred of cultures and war since human civilization.

      Religion is immoral in that it asks people to give up their critical thinking and rational thought process and outsource them to some God, there have been claims to over five hundred.

      Supernatural thinking, be it the belief in rabbit feet, augerism, Roman Catholocism, Christ, hats on the bed, etc. is part of why people cannot think for themselves and is historically how people are controlled.

      The most moral people I know are atheists and the most immoral I know are ‘believers’ in some form of supernaturalism which is all religion is..

      • @weilunion

        ‘…. The argument that people who do not believe in supernaturalism cannot control their moral development is empirically disproved by reality and history….’

        Were? I know of zero examples of non religious complex cultures. An example or two would help your case

        ‘…es,another form of authoritarianism,religion….’

        FAR easier to control people by their appetites and vices then with religion which might tell the masters that some things even they are not allowed- you think modern culture is an accident?

        The only limit on ‘if i can get away with it i am right’ is an appeal to a higher authority- the divine right of kings was limited by the idea that he was only a lower ruler.
        The idea that slavery was wrong and humans had intrinsic value ONLY got traction thru this kind of thinking- even the atheist illuminist Tom Paine used Bible verse to justify liberty

        ‘…..he most moral people I know are atheists and the most immoral I know are ‘believers’ in some form of supernaturalism which is all religion is….’

        I am sure that you have met many immoral believers… there are plenty of bad people in the world.

        However- a pure materialist ought to reject such ideas as ‘morality’ unless he can base them on a solid thing – surely they are just a hold over or habit that cant restrain the enlightened mind?

        What would a materialist use as the source of ‘moral’ facts like ‘rape is bad’ or stealing is wrong?
        Real question-because unless morals have an existence outside human choice there is no real reason to follow them except habit.

        unless the base of morality comes from OUTSIDE of human choice then it is just a human preference subject to change when someone like Bill Gates gets enough power to make it so.

  11. I just wanted to share a little tv poem with you all….written by me in 2011. It streamed through my consciousness in a few minutes, as I wildly scribbled down the lines. I didn’t even own a tv nor was in the proximity of one at that time, but anyway…still as relevant as ever. Thank you both for all of your hard work.

    Live my Life for Me

    Rest and activity
    What is restful?
    What is active?
    Is watching television restful?
    Being infiltrated with words, images, concepts and ideas
    Evoking emotions, activating the mind to evaluate what is being seen, heard and noticed
    Disconnecting from the body
    Numbing physical sensation with external stimulation
    Give me more out there to judge so I don’t have to authentically feel
    Give me more lives to evaluate so I don’t have to pay attention to my own
    Tell me what to believe
    Drive my wants and needs
    Keep me in fear
    Destroy my potential for independent thought
    Keep me from moving into myself and discovering my core
    I want to be easily satisfied
    Easily gratified
    I want to numb my awareness yet feel fulfilled and happy
    Give me the answers, tell me what to do, then do it for me so I don’t have to move
    I’m too tired to think
    I had a hard day at work forgetting who I am
    Making enough money so I can move away from my feelings of self hatred towards consumption
    I want to be free, but would rather watch television, than learn to connect to my heart and love myself so that I could actually offer my gifts to the world




    I agree your shows provide good valuable information !

    This is why I visit your website right after clicking the internet-browser-icon, and after having read, listened and watched your news-items of the day, continue on the internet with a quick check-up at to read new incredibly well researched and splendid explained articles BEFORE engulfing myself in important arbitrary clickbait on youtube ending my browsing on the internet with binch-watching a full netflix-serial-killer-serie.

    In this worldwide offence on all of us done by governments from all over the world, almost all news presented by you Mr. Corbett is about stories happening in the UNITED SWAMPS and hey it’s your show so your prerogative.

    As I am an anarchist I feel no restraints to tell you that I personally practically always make that effort to include which countries or continents I talk about in my stories.

    Just a reminder you probably have hanging on the wall in your study room or bookmarked in your internet favorites 😉

    The legal definition of a fact is:

    “An actual and absolute reality, as distinguished from mere supposition or opinion; a truth, as distinguished from fiction or error.”

  13. This news has made me worry because I’m reminded about the terrible ‘hunger winter’ that killed many people in the Netherlands at the very end of WW2.

    The statement of this chemist/biologist about bad results treating corona with anti-malaria-vaccine is contrary to research results done in China as well as very promising results from Japan being conducted right now.
    I think the decisions not to allow workers at food-plantages as well as to stop all work in certain food processing factories will soon grow out towards many new restrictions and other corona rules that Americans will create dead-serious troubles and life threatening problems that has made reading this title ‘black winter’send shivers down my spine, tears down my face and makes me sick to the stomach.

    Just like with intelligence information gathered by Europe’s Secret Services that was shared with the US, the US government chooses to ignore it all and sticks to its own unreliable intelligence information because the American Government relies on their huge control on MSM and thus follows through with it’s false flag operations even if an operation is bound to fail.

    Alex Jones however already mentioned he will indeed kill his neighbors or ‘YOU’ in order to continue eating as well as providing food for his daughter.

    A black winter as a black summer made people eat people in Zombie-history-books.

    In the Netherlands we are still doing okay, have no shortages in supermarkets, still enjoy shopping with minor restrictions.

    Schools have reopened, as have sport-events for young people.

    All work in care-facilities like old-peoples homes remains active with a few adaptations in the rules that protect the workers there – like washing patients and feeding patients.

    All other events and gatherings are expected to be relieved of restrictions in the coming month or 2.

    Best wishes from my heart for my good Friend America, Stay strong willed to care for each other during this longer lasting and remember a black winter is not a black future !

    Also – no test was developed that speaks on the severity of Covid-19, only a test that identifies Covid-19 was recently developed in China and then tested on people in High Care Units in a hospital.

    This virus has been here probably for decades, the test that identifies it was only developed this year.

    All deaths in the world yearly is much lower now than in 1995,6,7. clearly showing a decline in total deaths a year.

    bye bye

  14. One thing is for certain…

    We ain’t seen ugly yet.

    In the coming months and years, there are going to be lots of frustrated people. …frustrated in the sense of “going postal” or doing all kinds of weird things. When people are frustrated, they are not being their normal selves.

  15. Thank you for this link, it is a very impressive interview!

  16. There are plenty of Americans armed to the teeth and if the government tries to starve us, we will fight!! I don’t have room to plant veggies, but am accumulating silver and gold and other things to trade. If need be, I would fight for my food. No one is going to starve me, my family, or my pets, period. I’m sure there are many people who feel the same way and are ready to fight.

    I really think that there would be another Civil war in the US if there are food shortages. I can be wrong though. I do know that I will not let them starve me, I would rather die in the fight than live like that.

    • ‘….we will fight!!….. I don’t have room to plant veggies…’

      Unless you have a bunch of other people to help you then you will not win, no matter how well armed you are.
      EVEN then UNLESS you can feed yourselves you cant win.

      All your enemies need to do is contain you a few months and you (or your neighbors) will be ratting each other out for ration scraps. They may be eating each other if things get bad enough.

      You are in a trap if you do not have the means to feed yourself.
      There is a short time to buy micro greens and plant a balcony garden. If you cant do that you can invest in indoor grow light gardening.

      Weapons are a huge part of freedom but unless you are able to at least eke out an existence outside their system they wont help you.

      Most people will not stand up if there are shortages, they will kiss the hand of those with food. If you are not buddies with similar healthy, armed and like minded folks then you will NOT be in a civil war- the real civil war took years of organization and politics to happen back when people cared about their state more then the federal nation. How long do armies fight without food?

      A bunch of disorganized angry folks will not be doing anything more then forlorn hope insurgency. Better to have group solidarity and be organized and have no guns then have more guns then hands and be all alone.

      Other people are the most important weapon we can have right now

        • If you need to ‘text’ someone on the interent to connect with your neighbors you are

          a)Joining a group with at least one Fed (he’ll be the one suggesting for you to saw off shotguns or that you murder someone)

          b)Joining people who think the way to meet people you need to trust is by sending text messages

          I would guess its a lot better then nothing, but ideally people should know at least some actual people they can trust to help them.

      • I am investing in some dried foods/emergency rations and protein powder too. I know someone who grows some vegetables. I can collaborate with them.

        I would also like to say that rarely do things go exactly as planned and so I think it’s important to continue to try to stop these lockdowns and spreading false information by the MSM.

        I think this could be an opportunity for people to unite and stop what is happening.

        • cu.h.j,
          Personally, I think that you are doing great!
          You often ask some profound questions and have insight based upon first hand observations.

          I like hearing your thoughts. It prompts my own.


  17. Yes, we need more of Rick Bright and Judy Mikovits type (ex bio-weapons) experts because than we will know and understand less…. Because ignorance is bliss.

    Regarding elon musk, he won’t occupy Mars, certainly not with people.

      • Truthstream media and Derick Broze made a video about EM radiation, I cannot help you with link.

        I doubt their assessment of actual damage by EMR. I wrote more in response to MBP below.

        “Is there something out there killing people?”

        Yes, it is. People are alive. Because they are alive they die.

        • I’m not aware of dying “more than usual”, except ‘rona, that made some spikes somewhere.

          One thing that changed without doubt in last three decades is prevalence of allergies, from rare to many.

    • “….electromagnetic field-based wireless technologies and marketed chemical substances….”

      Some people are freaking out about EMR, but very few about chemicals exposure. Damage from chemicals is most probably bigger, since we ingest them, there is no way of avoiding hundreds of toxic chemicals that are literally part of our biochemistry now. I’m definitely more concerned about chemical pollution.

      Radioactivity is EM radiation with high frequency. The higher frequency of EMR is, the higher is its potency for harming living organisms. Power of EMR is also important and that attenuates approximately with square of distance.

      I believe no-threshold theory of EMR exposure is correct, i.e. any amount of EMR exposure is harmful. The same amount of radioactivity will result in more damage compared to other EMR.

      Then we come to the crux of problem, what is actual damage?

      I think most of the harm comes from personal use of this technology, harm from infrastructure is minimal except for people who live nearby gsm masts. When you are talking on cell phone, you are frying your brain. More wifi devices you use at home the more you harm yourself.
      I’ve seen folks are connecting 5G and covid, bullshit no doubt. I certainly don’t want to downplay the harm and certainly this should be researched more.

      Certainly, in general, people are more harmed with bad ideas than with EMR!

      I have first hand story about EMR.
      Back in the day I had to mandatory serve in the army and for half a year I ended at radar installation. One of many stupid assignments was clearing vegetation in the vicinity of installation. Well, in radius of 30m around radar antenna that wasn’t necessary, grass was never taller than 10cm.
      Grass was growing there, it was green, although radar fried microwave radiation with peaks in range of megawatts(cellphone have peaks in range of watts).
      No officer had to tell us that while radar was active we didn’t hang around. This information was passed to rookies, always.

      • ‘…Radioactivity is EM radiation with high frequency…’

        No, it is atomic breakdown

        I guess Gamma rays may be considered EM radiation? But the rest of the dangerous product’s are particles

        ‘…Well, in radius of 30m around radar antenna that wasn’t necessary, grass was never taller than 10cm…’

        Ugh…I wish people would have that kind of info drilled into them as kids. I hate when people carry cellphones on them all the time or sit beside wireless routers because I wonder what its doing. I agree we should worry about all the weird chemicals in the environment more since they are harder to avoid simply

        • Thanks for correction. Radioactivity can be alpha, beta and gamma. Alpha and beta are particles, gamma is EMR.

          Regarding devices being close it depends, if they are idle they don’t emit anything, except very occasional ping.

          Still, cellphone can be idle, but if you will have it in pocket while driving in a car through a city, your genitals will be fried quite a lot, because phone has to switch between base stations.

  18. Heller Highwater. This is quite disturbing. Trump is ….
    What is Tonys take here ? Literal take . Trump is as bad a communicator as I am. Is this for real? I wish I hadn’t seen this.

    This has to stop.

    • 100,000 signatures to fire Fauci. Delivered to Washington D.C.. One mans madness is anothers brilliance.
      Just leave the signatures on the White House steps. Im sure The Donald will count every one. Bottoms Up!
      Shiva for Senate.

      • Well, I wasn’t too far off. The 100,000+ signatures to Fire Fauci were dropped off to the Republican National Committee bastion of truth, freedom and health.
        Hope they made copies and got a receipt.

    • Holy shit, fucking unbelievable!!!

      It would be interesting to hear what Tony has to say, now.
      Also what’s Q’s opinion.

      Some time ago I said to HRS that this vaccine won’t be administered in regular procedure with regular doctors.

      “I wish I hadn’t seen this.”

      Yea, that’s why normies stay in normieland.

      • Mik, your a regular clairvoyant.

      • I had to change underwear when I first heard that Trump statement about the military.

        This entire nightmare just gets worser and worser,
        as does my grammar with this mask on while I type at home in my plastic anti-microbial zip-suit and four layers of gloves.

    • Well its official. At warp-speed. The roll out by the commander in Warped Space.

      No amount of music will make this saturnsday night palatable.

  19. ‘…I don’t blame Dolf. The dude was a cokehead…’

    Meth head…and that was later on during the war when his creepy Dr started injecting him with wonder juice.

    It was not like he was a raving twitching foaming nut when he convinced people to vote for him…. funny thing is that I read that Kennedy ALSO got juiced up in the same way which is why he looked healthier then he actually was. Makes me wonder if HE would have gone nuts on a 2nd term.

  20. Covid19 and all these simulations remind me of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938. I believed for a long time that the mass panic was real and have since found conflicting evidence about it. Apparently it was the news papers reporting on it that caused minor panic. The parallel this time being the virus may be real but no worse than anything we’ve experienced but the media are causing mass panic.

  21. What they should do is stop the lockdown, stop the testing and put on death certificates what people actually die from. Solved, no more pandemic.

  22. No with all their drones and satellites unfortunately even a savage reservation is just a dream. If there was a savage reservation though that’s where I’d be heading.

  23. ehop
    ‘…this is all getting to me….’
    THAT is the point, the reason they are doing it. Dont be the mouse in their maze.
    Best way to cope…

    1) exercise even if its just skipping or jumping jacks (10 min= 1 mile run)
    Your body needs to rid itself of the stress hormones. If you die of stress or a heart attack you wont be any use anyway.

    2)Only allow yourself news and internet at certain regular(ish…) times of day- 99% of the stuff you can do something about you already know what actions need to be done. Wallowing in “Fear-porn” is an addictive buzz but long term not useful

    3)Grow something..anything edible and Find a way to store or purify water (life-straw is CHEEP)
    Doing ANY action, even a tiny one will make you feel better and lead you into more actions. NOT doing anything leads to being paralyzed.

    4)Make friends with people who can do useful things like fix stuff. Become one if you can


    Best of luck!

  24. ‘…number 33 keeps popping…..’

    They like their numerology- just like all the assumed 9/11 “foreshadowing” in the media there are certain numbers that are regarded as having significance and are therefore put in movies and media by people who may be signaling their in the cool kids club or who genuinely believe in magic.

    33 is one of the favorites- I dont exactly why but I read that its because the human spine has 33 bones. I still have not found out why ww1 ended at 11 11 11 11. You can go a bit crazy when you start seeing the same numbers all over the place and there are plenty of people who (I think) exaggerate the significance too

  25. Get it? There is a pandemic and people have to be protected…but be a martyr and rebel even as you confirm the main narrative

    In the last days I signed up on Twitter (now deleted) to see if I could find people in Spain who is against the narrative and I have realized exactly the same than you. It is true that there are some people who don’t believe in the virus at all (even if many don’t seem to understand what they are posting), but the vast majority of them believe in the narrative.

    As an example: I have seen the announcement of manifestations where they clearly said “if you don’t wear mask, DON’T COME”. In other words, what you have said: they believe in the MS narrative. Someone also posted this video praising Israel people for mantaining the 2 meters, masks and so on.

    I found to very good videos though, one of them is about the programming of kids (it is in Spanish but the images are what really matter) and the other is about an Italian “deputy” asking for the arrest of Bill Gates (I will post the link in another comment).

    To be honest, I have accessed The Corbett Report after a few days and I have felt grateful to know that people like you exist!

    • I think that the only way to get out of this situation and change the mind of “normies” is to show how kids are going to be treated. I have heard that some parents in my country (and for sure that also in others) refuse to bring their kids to schools with these awful measures. This is a sign of hope.

      I think the same than you. In fact I think all this have been specifically designed to target the mind of children. An adult remember how was life before this madness (well, I am starting to think that many have forgotten) but children will remember this for their entire lives. This is absolutely criminal, catastrophic, devastating, horrible and all the negative adjectives we can think of.

      I can imagine how easy it will be to sell a technocratic prison as an emancipated human condition to the kids.. The content of the video can be exactly described with this sentence!

      I think that you won’t have problems to understand the text in the video. Although I have to say that for me French is the most difficult language (except Romanian) of the Romance languages…

    • NSW = New South Wales, Australia, right? I am looking forward to go to this country (continent)!

      Yes, lockdown in Spain is likely one of the worst in the world, at least theoretically. Apart of that I live in one of the very few areas in my country that remains in the so-called phase 0, where there are strict hours to walk, stores are closed, and so on. The horrible thing is that many people are complaining (yes, COMPLAINING) because they are relaxing the measures. I think that rural areas in here are also dodging this crazyness, but cities have been invaded by fear and irrationality.

      Controlling the opposition, as well as creating “conspiracy theories” to keep people busy is, as you say, and old stunt. But it is necessary to mantain their power. Keep people busy thinking about other’s ideas, without assessing critically their experiences, and they will get lost in the rabbit hole. Just an example about failing in assessing experiences/data: there are many people who can’t believe that there are groups pursuing population reduction because “how can there be people so evil?”. Damn, we live in a world where there are thousands of murders every year only in wars, and just for economic reasons (at least in appearance)! And this is only a veeeery little aspect of their evilness.

    • via ManBearPig on a previous comment…
      …two tools…

      Habits and Guilt

      I want to BUMP BUMP mik’s comment with his
      (3 minutes)

      LIONEL: “I’m going to be the Psychologist.

      I want to manipulate people’s desires and thoughts…this, systematic, gradual, habituation, conditioning, getting you used to something slowly…

      …There’s two ways… I can put the gizmos on, but now I want to get really nasty, and I want them to basically put themselves in prison, I want them to imprison themselves. I want them to live and I want to scare them…

      …I want to get them frightened. So whether it’s ISIL, ISIS, IS, IQA, al-Nusra, I’m going to throw, as soon as they become conversant with one nefarious group of barbated beheaders, I’m going to give them another one.

      I’m going to see how far I can take it. I’m going to take them to the airport, and I’m going to make them take their shoes off and put their shoes on, and I’m going to corral them. I’m going to blast them with backscatter ionizing radiation cancer tubes.

      I’m going to manhandle and feel up and basically sexually abuse people – see how far they’ll go. And I will change the rules. Turn the lights on turn them off. Just when they think it’s daytime it’s not…

      …it’s “I’m just going to habituate you” and it’s called Learned Helplessness.”

  26. Hahaha! I just spilled my coffee, but God knows I needed a good laugh.

  27. ehop,
    There are a lot of folks from Texas here at Corbett Report.
    CQ is down near you. Derrick Broze once was, but is in Mexico now.

    I am in the Dallas area.
    Pearl is in Texas.
    HopefulOne, Joe S, Hanky and more are in Texas.

    Like you, I am very concerned.
    I am aghast at the insanity of it all.

    Del Bigtree in Austin, Texas at a recent rally at the Capital
    (7 minutes)

    • “Pearl is in Texas.”

      Around New Braunfels! 🙂

    • The second guy first interviewed by Del Bigtree is from Texas Right To Know which has been helping to promote the FACT that “Ozone Blood Therapy and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy” is a very effective tool for COVID patients and the body’s immune system.

      This link is a SUB-THREAD which leads to other SUB-THREADS about effective health regimens which can effectively deal with COVID-19 and other pathogens.
      “Texas Right to Know”

      Dr. Brownstein is repeatedly mentioned on the threads, because he had over 100 COVID-19 patients, many of whom thought they might die.
      All have recovered.
      However, the Government recently mandated that he remove all his videos of patients who testified as to what was occurring, and that he delete his public blogs.
      So, in short, many of Dr. Brownstein’s links are dead.
      The government censored Dr. Brownstein, because over 100 COVID patients got well.

    • Yes, I’m in H-town; I take it you’re just outside the Bayou City, ehop?

      When we need a dose of humor, Texas-based comedian JP Sears ( is in Austin. My thanks to whoever told us about him in a recent Corbett comment!

  28. Jed
    People looking for dates ARE eugenicists- do you want a healthy looking partner with a history of mental stability and a relatively symmetrical body OR…. would you pick an obese person with misshapen features and weird piercings and tattoos to indicate their mental state?

    Healthy normal people will naturally pick people that can give them good offspring- even kissing is just 2 people tasteing each others body chemistry and immune system. The issue with freaks like Gates and Darwins icky family is that his ilk like to use disgenic artificial situations to kill off better genes… in a natural enivroment the sick will be weeded out by nature, not some geek with a god complex

    • Redneard
      Dr Dutton the Jolly Heretic might suggest a small dark age… he says the industrial revolution allowed regular folks to have a good enough child survival rate that they managed to get as many wacky defective genes (fatal in tough conditions) as the inbred rich….
      Not sure I agree with everything he says but he does have a point about weird inbred genetic weirdos with delusions and perversions being unduly present in the aristocratic classes.
      I guess Gates counts as one?

  29. Check out interview on the Highwire with Dolores Cahill, PhD, proposing professional challenge and excellent steps forward. Also Del Bigtree with Informed Consent Action Network engaging into legal action against Fauci over botched study/conflict of interest. Last quarter of video. Coronavirus Unmasked.

  30. Hi James/All,

    As there’s so much info flying around atm my bros and I thought it would be good to make a quick vid showing Professor Chris Whitty (chief medical officer), explaining that the virus is not dangerous during a uk daily briefing. There is no argument that we can think of that justifies the lock down after finding this information out. In addition, no normie can really argue against this as it’s from an “official” source.

    Cheers for all your hard work.

    • Hank Moody, I couldn’t agree with that comment more!

  31. Senate vote allows FBI access to your browsing history without a warrant – Techspot
    May 14, 2020

    “The US has just voted to allow the FBI and other security agencies to access American citizens’ web histories without requiring a warrant. Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Steve Daines (R-MT) were trying to install privacy protections into the Patriot Act, but the amendment failed to pass by a single vote.

    … The addition to the Patriot act was drafted by Senate leader Mitch McConnell. Not only does it allow the collection of search and browsing data in section 215 of the law without probable cause, but that data is also likely to be stored and made available to multiple US agencies.”

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