Interview 1564 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Africa To Be Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” Vaccine Record, Payment System

Gavi and Mastercard Join Forces to Reach More Children With Lifesaving Vaccines

Story #2: Serbia Scraps Curfew Plan For Belgrade After Protests

Keith Knight and James Corbett Dissect Voluntary Servitude

Story #3: DAN DICKS CENSORED – The Press For Truth YouTube Channel Has Been PERMANENTLY DELETED!!!

Dan Dicks’ Press For Truth

A ‘Fairness Doctrine’ for the Internet Could Backfire on Conservatives

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  1. Ron Paul is going on about how these shutdowns are a boom for homeschooling. I suppose that is true, but mostly I think it means less indoctrination takes place. The schools here in fluorida that I’ve been around certainly don’t justify their existence. Is crazyfornia the same? Assuming you have an idea.

    • Thanks. That is good news. Everyone blames colleges, but the formative years are far more important. And they produced nothing to work with. I used to tell my friends going for their education degree that it was really a PowerPoint degree. They used it that much. I totally agree with the quote Gatto used in his book, Underground History that the public school system made parents caretakers of their children for the state.

    • The official homeschool program in fluorida is also junk. From looking at the books and courses that Tom woods put together for Ron, that homeschool is comparable to most colleges. Not that the introductory level of college was that great when I went. And I went from 92-97. Of course, I’d already had a lot of life experiences and a ton of books under my belt by then. But I ramble on.

      • True. In many ways the academic stifled my success. Before I went to college i could start up an idea and just run with it. Afterwards, not so much.
        I was a serious student, but I certainly found time for those extracurricular activities! 32 when I started. In a college that was mostly out of state. Which meant it was a party college. The Mrs degree was a thing there as well. But they got boring as I got older.

    • This depends on one’s location, in my area people are pretty far from even thinking about home schooling. Kids are, for all intents and purposes, left to their own means. The average parent here considers it’s the schools purpose to educate their children. Even broaching this subject is going to earn you some crazy looks.

      I think all of this ties in with the apparent disgust of personal responsibility.

      • Makes sense. Collectivism rejects personal responsibility. Hence its attraction to the weak.

        • But what’s the actual percentage of the feeble minded and how high can it before everything falls under its weight. While I appreciate that highly socialized failed states are really not the best indicators in this regard.

          • I live in fluorida. It seems to be close to 100%. All the jokes you hear about fluorida are true. I’ve only met a handful who don’t buy the official story. TV supplies all thoughts. Scary.

  2. Completely off topic because I am days behind on my videos. But hey Jed. I added to your poem/lyrics. Hopefully not screwing it up too much.
    I have been playing around with them in Gm. Haven’t been able to settle on a progression though.
    Hope you don’t mind me taking liberties. But your words inspired me I guess.
    Sorry if it is inappropriate to share them here.

    Cover your mouth slave,
    You’ve nothing to say,
    the trouble with truth is,
    it gets in our way.

    “Project Mockingbird” worked,
    way back in its day,
    but with lie after lie
    we forgot what to say.

    We paid the reporters
    ran scathing reviews,
    blamed things on commies,
    liberals and Jews.

    We killed all the leaders
    who stood in our way,
    We jailed the potheads
    and brought crack to LA.

    We’re still guarding the poppy fields.
    A most lucrative deal.
    We’re still waging war on words
    with unflagging zeal

    Our old pal Tim Ossman
    was a tool to be used.
    He played his part to perfection.
    But don’t be confused.

    We have an agenda.
    Plain for those who can see.
    We discredit those who spread
    wild conspiracies

    But it’s gotten too much now,
    its too big a task.
    We’d find it much easier
    if you’d just wear a mask.

  3. I loved it! Frightening in that it’s so true. Subscribed.

    • Thanks. It was good. And just common sense. Which still ain’t that common!

    • It doesn’t look like he noticed the number of “cases” is being wildly adjusted and misrepresented by changing the definition of “case”.

  4. One thing every voter can do is to vote only for candidates that stand for individual freedom (I know: voting, but this is a way to stop or slow the speedy roll out plan of Brave New World/1984).

    Since strength is in the numbers:

    Dr Pam Popper has set up a platform, Citizens in Charge, that is centered around medical freedom – Simply: no vote for candidates which support mandatory vaccinations.

    She is also collecting information on law suits for individuals/businesses harmed by illegal executive orders etc. and working closely with other ‘freedom fighters’ (as I call them).

    Her organization has also prepared materials to give guidance to parents who want to home school their children instead of seeing them ruined by the more and more degrading and toxic (vaccine mandates, 5G, WIFI, social traumatization by requirements for masks/social distancing) features of the US public school system.

  5. Yep they’ve got Melbourne and the whole of Victoria locked down again with no freedom to travel to the rest of the country. NSW is heading the same way so no doubt the lock-up will work it’s way up the country. Time to stock up on TP I guess?

  6. I was watching broken dreams, and when they got to the part where they shot the batteries and they caught on fire, I remembered I used to carry them in my rucksack in the army. think I’ll finish it tomorrow!

    • Finished it. Disgusting. I’ve dealt with the FAA before, in a very minor role, after a plane crash several years ago. They were extremely professional. The one agency I had no complaints about. But I didn’t deal with the leadership. I know there were repercussions at boing over this; but I also know justice will never be served. But I’m white trash, while Boeing execs are great people. I’ll stick with being white trash.

      • Just now finished the flight 800 one. The other was on the Boeing 787. But flight 800 had me wondering about the flight manifest. Did someone need to be silenced? Trying to remember what was going on at that time, but there’s been so much! Oh well, I’ve plenty of time out here by the river. Shouldn’t be that hard to dig something up.

        One thing I take exception to with the video. The rule of law. He calls for a return to it. But the rule of law is designed to keep the power structure in place. Something I oppose.

      • Can’t blame you. I’ve still never watched anything to do with just because in Panama. I really have a hard time watching any war movies. Outside of the Hollywood ones anyway. Those are comedies. It’s the bullshit documentaries that I refuse to watch.

      • The system has always been rotten. From its beginning. They may (though I don’t think so) have meant to be good rulers, but they certainly intended to rule.
        It is definitely true that people have become so submissive that they’ll just automatically bow to authority. Even the most strident opponents of the state decry violence; though the state never hesitates in that regard.
        But the state is no less pure than it was in our mythological past. Shay’s Rebellion, the Haymarket Massacre, the sinking of the Maine, the list is endless. And goes back to antiquity.
        We are simply at a stage where nearly all have begun to devolve in their own morality. Not that I’m saying were ever a moral species in the majority. But there was a sizeable minority at one point. Or maybe that’s just my rose colored glasses of my youth. A youth that lived through a time of lynchings and the like.
        On Lockerbie, I’ve heard there were CIA agents on board who were called in by the Defense Intelligence Agency because of their lucrative heroin ties. Also that there was someone seen tampering with the plane in London. Been a long time since I have read of it, but that’s what I remember.

      • I have to admit that even though I can see the path to passivity, I don’t understand how it worked. It’s not just one thing, that much I can figure out. Diet? TV? Critical Theory movements? Social alienation? The list is as long as we can imagine. And longer.
        Strange how the more technology we have access to, with information and connection far easier to get; the less power most people believe they have. I only know I’m not buying into it. Each of us are as powerful as we are prepared to be. In whatever way we choose. But so few bother to try.

      • You could be right. Also most people use the net for porn, video games, and watching senseless garbage videos. Anything except for pursuing education. And those that are trying to better understand the world often become paralyzed by thinking they must know more before they can take action. Very few, myself included,use it properly for success.
        And throw in Rockefeller medicine, GMO food, the ability to get through life without thinking for yourself; and you have a recipe for disaster.
        But we’ve all faced these challenges. We’ve just resisted them, to various degrees, and that makes all the difference.
        Personally, I don’t know how people can stand the lives they choose for themselves. I know an enlightened leadership would have tried to elevate the populace, but still; it is up to the individual to take charge of their own destiny. And no collective mind will ever do that. Nor will they survive what’s to come.

      • Have you ever noticed that individualists are less likely to vote than collectivists? Despite their claim in the power of the group, the collectivist always votes for an individual to lead them. Or rather, to think for them.

      • Great, and true, line about IQ!

  7. how oft times does wee jimmy refresh hims webhouse? is it daily? how many times does paddy need to log on. with a log. or fresh pickeral. ya. jes wondering….

  8. Right, James the people do have the power but only if they organize in tandem against a known enemy.

    Nothing can be imposed from up high as long as people are conscious and effectively organized.

    Individually, by ourselves separate from others, we can do nothing.

    Collectively we can change history.

  9. 1. “3,000 characters available” is not really true, based on my experience — why not change it?

    2. What is “media” for me? I don’t watch TV. I read a variety of websites of all kinds, left, right, and sideways. I’m subbed to the WSJ (I know it’s owned by Rupert) and the NYT (I’m aware of its imperfections), digital versions. I look at the Guardian’s site frequently (mostly because I discovered a subconscious connection to the old MG, when C.P. Scott was editor and owner — he died in 1932). I read Caitlin Johnstone’s pieces. I watch the Corbett Report (I even post links to it on FB amidst complex discussions). I’m subscribed to print versions of Wired, BloombergBusiness Week, and The New York Review of Books. I read books on a number of topics. I work in a corner of the tech business as a market research analyst so I view endless business-related websites all day, every day (ugh!) but know all kinds of people who work in tech who are good folks doing their best to help their particular companies succeed. They’re not focused on the technocratic side of things at all.

    3. It’s not practical for me to personally inspect overloaded hospitals in Houston, Arizona, or Florida, measure temperatures in Siberia or elsewhere, or wander around melting glaciers, so for these topics and all others beyond my sensory range I’m forced to rely on all of the above.

    Sometimes it just doesn’t add up.

    I’m aware of no end of Cold War shenanigans because they’re documented, and believe similar activities continue to this very day, but for situations lacking documentation and, as I lack a security clearance of any kind, I can’t prove any of it. Speculation is fun but it’s not the same (“…comment is free but facts are sacred.”).

    I know that empires have always had dark layers; empires have always risen and fallen. These patterns persist, no less than the corruption of wealth and power. None of that surprises me in the least.

    Still, I’m having trouble with the pandemic. (Much less so with environmental degradation and warming — causation is open to discussion for the latter but temperature readings from a variety of very different sources are not.)

    I find flaws with every opinion I’ve encountered (with the exception of those based on _The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events_ by Jane Roberts, but I’m trying to keep this short).

    It’s plain there is an actual pandemic in process (it’s easy to read about, say, Bergamo, Italy, or the Bronx). Recent events in the U.S. suggest it is not like seasonal flu, as some maintain.

    Sure “mainstream media” exaggerates and distorts. I’ve tended to focus on hospital/ICU overloads in “hotspots” and related spikes, obtaining info from different sources. After a hotspot appeared in the state I live in social distancing, business closures, and masks became part of policy. Gradually, the virus died down; the state is now opening, in stages.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  10. Congratulations Dan, you know you have really made it in the Alt Media world when you get banned from EweTube!

  11. James&James,

    I’m pretty sure you missed with story #2, probably it was not mostly, if at all, about resistance against corona fascism.

    When I first heard about protests in Belgrade I thought Huawei face recognition cameras are going down (haven’t found anything about it).

    Protests were conflation of many things: Kosovo problem, rigged elections, police violence, despotic government, current ‘rona situation,….

    I’ve checked protesters’ slogans on video you provided. Here are some translations:
    6:54 down with (until when) dictatorship
    baton hurts but betrayal creates…
    6:56 stop violence, don’t beat your people
    7:32 we don’t give up Kosovo
    7:40 no surrender (on Serbian flag)
    7:42 free Serbia from violence
    10:16 let’s look at grand Serbs, we are their descendants and not his (Vučić’) sheep
    10:30 no surrender (with picture of Kosovo)

    Words betrayal, surrender obviously go regarding Kosovo situation. Vučić (nicknamed Picousti = pussie-mouth) is known for shady dealings and now there are some talks about Kosovo that looks like “breakthrough”, I’ve heard also mentioning of territory exchange (utter blasphemy for nationalists).

    I have no one there, so I’ve checked internet and found this charming girl (in English).

    Her story is convincing providing some sources, but she is Slovenian, she is not from there and maybe some nuance is missing.
    Otherwise, she knows for whom the bell tolls.

  12. On the topic of censorship (actually, self-censorship) …

    Written in 2016 (therefore, still in a time of “intellectual freedom”), you could get one of the best-documented analysis on why face masks do not work, on this page:

    This was up until a few days ago. In an act of cowardice, they removed it. Not because “The content was published in 2016 and is no longer relevant in our current climate.”, but exactly the opposite.

    The content was TOO RELEVANT in our climate and NewCom Media Inc (the parent company of Oral Health Group) could not afford such brazen truths to “taint” their “reputation”.

    Fortunately, the WayBack Machine has still multiple copies of it, so you can still read it:*/

    And, since we are on the topic, I will also include this other excellent work:

    • Very good links. Thanks!

      Just in case wayback gets scrubbed, I also used

      Does anyone know how to archive videos (besides downloading)?

    • BUMP
      FACE MASKS –
      Why Face Masks Don’t Work: A Revealing Review

  13. Can’t be a coincidence. Thanks for posting the links, Alexandre. I’m going to check out the one on TWA800.

  14. A few stories from my todays up and about.

    #1 I went to the local supermarket to get a few kilos of lemons. Didn’t plan to take a mask, don’t have a mask and I don’t think I need one.

    Anyhow, not one other person (I’m not sure one should refer to these entities as human beings at this point) was mask free. Most of these people are tourists from all around the world, mostly central Europe. Meekness is thick in the air. Of course, most of these masks are worn improperly and I doubt even one of them could be, even remotely, considered sterile.

    Nobody broke my balls about not jumping on the bandwagon. If someone did engage, it was my plan to smack them over the top of the head with the bag of lemons and ask them what the hell do they think those are useful for.

    Quite a lot of people in there and it felt quite refreshing to get out. It does feel like “They” sans the pause button.

    #2 I went to the local bakery. This is a very small shop, you basically have a counter and for the past several months you could only ever see one customer at the time in there. I was second in line and was waiting outside for this fellow to come out. As he did so he immediately took off the cloth mask. Non sterile face mask, worn explicitly for compliance.

    I step up to the counter and the salesperson yells “you have to wear a mask”. I’m thinking, is that someone selling baked products or a clairvoyant medical professional who can gauge my medical condition and make an optimal on the spot decision what’s best for my health.

    I yell back: “am I allowed to make a purchase here without a mask”. We’re yelling at about 2 meter distance tops. She replies “you have to wear a mask”. I ask again the very same question to which she replies that they can’t let me in without a mask. I raise my hand in a motion that was somewhere between “goodbye” and “begone” and walk out of the shop.

    Of course, they will not see any more of my custom, regardless of the covid paranoia. I respect the proprietor’s right to set the operating conditions for their business as much as I respect my right to choose the venue in which I’ll make my purchase. I also think, with the coming economical hyper winter, no business owner can afford to lose customers.

    Lately, there has been a lot of propaganda on topic of issuing fines. It appears “inspectors” are very leery of issuing these as talking heads keep saying how we need to rely on the people to do the right thing. They are spitballing statistics about how 96% are wearing masks. In my experience, that stat is about 3% too low.

    • Great anecdote! – MASKS

  15. I agree!

    Its Just A Mask MRR – Video

  16. Great to have news from ground zero.

    Is it true Picousti (vučić) might sell Kosovo to some extent?

    And what interesting me most, did face recognition cameras survived?

    • Oh no…are you saying you are not aware that face recognition cameras have been targeted by protesters??

      btw, hiljade.kamera and Share foundation, what a white wash organizations, EU and most probably usual suspects sponsored, if you trace their connections you come to European Digital Rights(EDRi), Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (WTF). They will care for your rights….yeah, to be lost

      picousti would sell his mother, no doubt, worst kind of necktied baboons.


    Causes of death reported on 4,942 death records of patients with a positive test to SARS-CoV-2 were analyzed (15.6% of total deaths reported to the COVID-19 Surveillance System of the ISS until May 25th). The records include, besides COVID-19,all conditions and diseases that, according to the certifying physician, contributed in determining the death.

    Who know how many of the deceased got a proper obduction. We have seen how US doctors filled in the death certificate, I’m sure everything was above the table in Italy.

  18. What many journalists missed in Serbian presidents’ attempt to lock us down is him announcing that in a few months 2 million Serbs( 1/3 of population) will have to take flu shot-it -will be mandatory . It is necessary because we do not want covid to merge with seasonal flu .

  19. Hi mbp

    Down at MM JEP mentioned that JC took off because of a Japanese Holiday. The Internet tells me July 23rd was Marine day

    This whole mask-farce is a huge occult ritual too

    Good reading from you.


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