Interview 1648 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Japan Mulls Vaccinating All 70,000 Tokyo Games Volunteers

Senior Japan Olympic Official Jumps In Front Of Train In Suspected Suicide

Story #2: Cyber Polygon to Focus on Secure Development of Digital Ecosystems

WEF Partner JBS Meats Coincidentally Hit With Ransomware Attack

U.S. Recovered Millions in Ransom From Colonial Pipeline Hackers

Colonial Pipeline Was Fine, Its Owner Shut It Down To Make Sure They’d Get Paid Correctly

Story #3: Judge Orders VA School to Reinstate Teacher Who Refused to Use Trans Pronouns

Vaccination Rates Fall Off, Imperiling Biden’s July Fourth Goal

Houston Nurses Protest After Losing Their Jobs For Refusing COVID-19 Shots

‘Sweet Tooth’ Newspaper Ad Stunt Sparks Divisive Reaction

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  1. I look forward to this NWNW every week. You guys crack me up. The WWII veterans and Korean war veterans in Japan and the USA are dying. So here we go again with the fascists in both countries taking over. Fortunately the Japanese have better memories than Americans of the war, for obvious reasons.
    Some people say it will take “Divine Intervention” to stop this train to digital slavery. Maybe a solar flare event will do the trick.
    Bye Bye Digital. Back to analog reality.

    • Japan & Korea years back.

      In the 1960’s, my very first, formal, real date with a girl was with “Julie Hashimoto”, a wonderful cutie of Japanese-Hawaiian & German descent. While Julie Hashimoto is not her real name, the last name rhymes. Sometimes, I would go over to her house and lie on the carpet while she played her newest vinyl album. Living in a town next to a military base, there were many marriages which were associated with prior service overseas.

      When in Japan on R&R from flying choppers and fixed-wing for the Army in Korea, my Father would pick up items to ship back to his wife and two sons. At 3 years old, I recall how proud I was of my blue and white (with some red and gold) embroidered silk jacket with a dragon on the back. I was so disappointed as it became impossible to fit into it as I grew, plus little boys have no problem with getting clothes roughed up and dirty.

      When just under 3 years old, I well remember when my Dad left for Korea. It was late autumn in a small college town situated in southern Kansas. My mother’s Father, Gustav Adolf (German last name) was an English Professor at the college. He was born in a sod house on the Kansas prairie. He helped to set up an apartment for my Mother and her two boys, and my Father had helped to get everyone settled in.
      We were by the open closet of the bedroom, when my Dad picked me up and held me in his right arm. My Mother was facing him as they quietly talked, but the words were few. Mom was fighting back tears. Dad pulled his flight officer’s hat off the shelf and plopped it on my blonde head. The slick inner lining made the cap slide around. I felt important, and laughed. He pulled the hat off and I hugged his neck briefly before he put me down. Really, I had no real sense of Dad’s pending long-term departure, nor any emotional upset. I quietly played on the floor as my parents left the room.

      Being the daughter of an English Professor, my Mother spent her entire life correcting the grammar coming out of the lips of her 5 boys. Some of it stuck, some not.

      • Interesting how debilitating memories from the formative years tend to stick. Thanks for sharing.

  2. James Evan Thanks much. You keep knocking it out of the park. Please read Beware the World to come, to see what is next.

    “Over two thousand years ago the self-styled “Sons of Light” declared war on the seventy nations of the world, whom they call the “Sons of Darkness”. Hundreds of millions of lives have been lost in this conflict. The Sons of Light believe the contest will only be won when they utterly exterminate the Sons of Darkness. It will never be lost as long as one of the Sons of Light remains to carry on the fight. The war is mostly fought through deception. Only the Sons of Light know that they are engaged in this endless battle. The Sons of Darkness see the bodies piling up, but search in vain for their enemy, who is as subtle and sly as a holy serpent. Ultimate victory will mean the conquest of the entire Earth. It is close at hand for the Sons of Light. But the war continues and either side may yet win.”

    “Bjerknes explains for us the cyptic texts and cosmological meanings behind symbols and words. The Hammer and Sickle, Swastika, the Crucifix and the Sephirotic Tree Of Life. If you want to know what has been going on with the Abrahamic religions for the last 2,000+ years, and want to know where the world is going, — then you must read this book!”

    This book will change the world if the word gets out.

  3. Will CHEERING be allowed at the Olympics?

    Envision a stadium with silent spectators at a sporting event.

    On May 31st, Zero Hedge had this…
    Japan Asks Olympics Fans For COVID Tests; No Eating, Drinking, Cheering At Games

    Local newspaper Yomiuri reveals Japanese authorities are mulling over expanding eligibility criteria, including a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination history, for fans before entering the Tokyo Olympics this summer.
    Once inside, spectators might be forbidden from eating, drinking, and cheering.

    Yomiuri said the government is considering that all spectators be required to show a negative COVID test within a week before attending the event that is set to run between July 23 and Aug. 8.

    Reuters quoted the government’s top spokesman Katsunobu Kato, who told reporters that he’s unaware of any decision on eligibility criteria.

    “To make the Games a success it’s necessary to take into account the feelings of the people,” Kato said, adding that organizers were planning to ensure measures were in place.

    In addition to those measures, wearing masks will be mandatory at all times inside each of the sporting venues. Authorities are considering a ban on eating and drinking at the venues to avoid the virus from spreading. Chaotic and loud cheering, hugging, and high-fiving may also be banned, according to Yomiuri.

    Expanding eligibility criteria to enter venues and restrictions within will only apply to Japanese fans because foreign fans and volunteers have been banned. This is a massive blow to the event because it already sold 900,000 tickets to overseas visitors….

  4. Enlightening as always. ‘The two James alliance’.

    To build up on what James C. was saying about the russian support of cyber polygon. A think which struck me yesterday:

    1. it is not only Sberbank Group that it is there. Look at the list of 2020 partners: (dominated by russia and entities from ex-soviet countries)
    – TASS
    – Rabitabank
    – Pochta Bank
    etc., etc….

    2. the website has two languages available EN and RUS.

    And then, we’ll hear: ‘russia did it’. ‘we must retaliate’

  5. RE: Story #2

    Zero Hedge calls “Bullshit!!” on the official narrative of JBS and Colonial Pipeline ransomware hacking.

    Thursday June 10, 2021 – Zero Hedge
    Here We Go Again: JBS “Paid” “Russian” “Hackers” $11 Million In Bitcoin To Resolve “Ransomware” Attack

    There was a moment of sheer hilarity earlier today when, during a Congressional Hearing, the CEO of Colonial Pipeline Joseph Blount took the merely farcical episode of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware hack – when, as a reminder, a ragtag band of elite “Russian” hackers somehow managed to penetrate the company’s cyberdefenses but was so stupid it left most if not all of the $4.4 million bitcoins it demanded in ransom in an easily traceable address for the FBI to track down and magically confiscate (it is still unclear how the Feds got the private key to access the “hackers” digital wallet) in days if not hours – and elevated it to a level of sheer ridiculous absurdity when he told Congress that he didn’t consult the FBI before paying the ransom.

    This, pardon the parlance of our times, is complete bullshit: either the CEO is lying or, worse, he is telling the truth and as some have speculated, he, the FBI and the “hackers” are all in on this so-called ransomware breach…

    … a scenario which for now is yet another “conspiracy theory” and which we expect will become proven fact in the usual 6-9 months.

    Yet just a few hours later, the exact same ridiculous narrative meant to achieve just one thing – tarnish the reputation of bitcoin further to the point where the US has to ban it – has struck again, and according to the WSJ last week’s big hack, that of food processing giant JBS, was also resolved when the company paid $11 million – in bitcoin of course, because in this day and age one can’t simply dump a suitcase full of cash or send a wire transfer to an incognito account – as ransom to the criminals (who will naturally soon be unveiled as Russians because of course) responsible for the cyberattack that halted the company’s operations.

    Yes, if this story seems identical to that of Colonial Pipeline, up to and almost matching the demanded ransom amount, it’s because it is: so barren is the imagination of the administration’s narrative writers that they can only regurgitate the same old story over and over….
    [Much more in article.]

    • This and many other stupid things done by “stupid” people is one reason I’m not worried about Agenda 2030 ever coming to fruition. Maybe, just maybe Agenda 2030 in the 25 century… If those poor old filthy rich assholes only had a clue that treating human beings that have slaved for them for decades and know A.I. is going to replace them in the near future or they will have to be bio-engineered with Elon Musk’s wireless chip. If you could only see these smug arrogant robber baron’s talk to them or about us you would vomit in their face as your sword went through them giving you the satisfaction you hungered for … the last harrahhh

  6. Forced vaccination (for work) is the most horrendous violation of human rights in our lifetimes.

    • New Mexico has some top legal minds going to court soon on hopefully a president setting case. open this can of worms and get the ball rolling.

  7. The pressure for the vaccine is intensifying in my local area. I notice there are road signs that say something like “stay safe, get vaccinated, go to MyTurn to sign up”. These are signs on the highway that usually remind people to wear seatbelts and not to drink (alcohol) and drive.

    The vaccine numbers must be falling off. I wonder how many people have refused, besides me.

    I was at work a few days ago and I was talking to one of the travel nurses who mentioned a travel assignment they southern California where he noticed a lot of “anti-vaxers and anti-maskers” there. He’s young, probable late 20s early 30s. The destain in his tone of voice was off putting and I thought to myself that he would probably have that same destain towards me if he knew that I also refused the vaccine and am an “anti-masker” (outside of the hospital setting). I changed the subject because I don’t want to draw attention to myself. I didn’t want to be the target of the animosity. Similar to when I was in school as a kid and was the target of hostility and it was so uncomfortable. But I probably should have said something, and challenged this narrow-minded obedience and subservience to health “authorities”.

    • I think that the psychological manipulation is a form of bullying to make people who oppose this feel like there is something wrong with them, that they are sub-human, an outcast of society. This type of hate and shunning is very effective. It’s a form of bullying and it’s disgusting.

      I realize that this will be the most challenging thing I will face, to be shunned and an out-cast.

      I took a new job recently and wonder if they are going to try to coerce me to take this experimental injection. It will be interesting to find out. I will refuse and have to find an attorney in my area who will be willing to help me. Even if the injection isn’t mandated or if I get an exemption, I will have to learn to tolerate the distain I will get from coworkers.

      I am so disappointed in and disgusted by people who are trying to bully others into taking this injection. They make me sick and I hate them and I hope that they get all the nasty side effects and adverse reactions that these injections can cause. They are the enemy of humanity.

    • By Law and the Nuremberg Code no authority can force anyone into taking an “experimental drug” , vaccine etc. Has to be voluntary with informed consent.

  8. I can vouch that living in a slow, failed, even retarded state is not without its merits.

  9. If ignorance is bliss than why am I not feeling blissful? Thank you James your a scholar and a gentleman. Also everyone else I learn from you all on a daily basis. Thank you.

  10. This is why Biden is going to speak to Putin. Also my belief is going to be another Ransomware to TV stations. Then many other businesses. Klaus Schwab forgot a few things. His personal servants are not A.I. but will be a last hurrahhhhhh… for we are our brothers keepers!

  11. Thanks for the great information you brought to our attention in this show.

    Few things about cyberpolygon.
    I think that it’s important to not be blinded by what we see or hear but to focus on what we know. 

    Thanks to James’ great work in his piece on war games [1], we learned that each one of their operations takes a few years in the making. I didn’t dig much yet, but it seems to me that the cyberpolygon operation is still in its infancy. 

    When trying to understand current events, it’s essential to have the right mindset, meaning thinking like they do, and not reacting to whatever news they throw to the world. 

    What we’re facing is a crime against humanity. And as for every crime, their operations have a modus operandi:
    Run few war games in order to prevent a so called threat. Around D-day, run the last one to make sure that everything goes smoothly. 

    The second thing is that the globalists are on a hunt. They’re hunting humanity and that’s a huge prey. I’m no hunter but I know that when going after a huge prey, choosing the killing ground is fundamental. You slowly push the animal to where you want it to go, closing doors until it’s too late to react.

    There will be a cyber attack. But not now. 
    Now, what they want is to destroy traditional businesses and push people online. 
    The folks that cannot make a leaving will get UBI. The others will continue their activities on the internet. 

    How you do that?
    You follow their MO.
    In 2015 [2], Bill Gates announced the biggest threat to humanity in the form of a virus. 4-5 years later, it became reality. And we can now assume that the previous sanitary crisis like SRAS or H1N1 were drafts before the real one.
    In 2017 [3], Bill Gates announced that the second big threat would be a bio terrorist attack. They have already war gamed it. [4] The timing is somewhat correct and the 20th anniversary of the 911 events is coming. 

    Another thing occurred to me yesterday. If we follow this line of reasoning and apply it to current events, let’s say like Bills Gates trying to dim the sun to protect us from global warming [5] , we could say that the chemtrails were their war games to prepare the formula that fits their purpose. 
    It could go two ways:
    They dim the sun long enough to deplete food stocks, starve humanity so that people are forced to adopt their synthetic food. This would be in line with what iceagefarmer is warning about. 
    They could also go for the killing and create a snowpiercer type scenario [6]
    It could be the next big event but the effects would take a few years to materialize. If it happens, though, well…

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