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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Protesters Rage Across Europe As Lockdown, Vaccination Mandates Begin

‘Filthy, Disgusting & Selfish’: Australian Leaders Blast Anti-Lockdown Protesters, Unleash ‘Strike Force’ to Track Them Down

Story #2: US, NATO Pledge Billions to Back Afghan Forces

Joint Force Command Norfolk Is NATO’s First Operational Command In North America

Joint Force Command Norfolk

The Secret Lie That Started the Afghan War

Chinese FM Meets With Afghan Taliban’s Political Chief

Image: China’s FM Meets With The Taliban,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Story #3: Pfizer Recalls Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix Due to Cancer-Causing Chemical

FDA Data Shows Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix Linked to More Than 500 Suicides (Nov. 21, 2013)

J&J Recalls 5 Sunscreen Sprays Found to Contain Carcinogen Benzene

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  1. People must find a way to stop supporting institutions that are pushing this agenda or getting rich off of it, like Amazon. Also, the places that are requiring a “vaccine” passport should be boycotted. They want to bring this here to the US, particularly in places like CA, NY and other large cities.

    Governments won’t listen to protesters and protests aren’t really for our “leaders”. It inspires people to join movements because it shows that we are not alone. Protests are a way to build community and show solidarity, so I do think they are very helpful for solidarity. Humans tend to act more bravely when they know they aren’t the only one standing up against tyranny. But, the way to actually affect government is to stop feeding it and to stop supporting it. To stop businesses from going along with this, people need to stop supporting them.

    I hope that there are some people who are organizing boycott information so that people can strategically boycott and support business who won’t go a long.

      • I would say that their analysis of Delgado’s work was very much reasonable. How many times did the two of them point out that they are obviously not scientists, but that doesn’t really preclude them from assessing the presented conclusions (the expert fallacy which is, by the way, driving those whole fiasco)?

        I guess there could be some validity in the claim regarding the 99% graphene thing. Such arguments can often go either way.

        Oh, and burden of proof is absolutely on the original autor. No need to contact the guy, he needs to get his fasts straight and issue a correction or withdraw his work when its veracity is publicly called into question.

    • Interesting hypothesis. I will read more about this. But there were people who presented with classic Covid symptoms prior to massive mask use and swabbing in 2019. Also, I have been using masks for 18 months now at work and have never been affected by them. I have been swabbed once. Maybe some of the masks and swabs don’t have this substance, who knows.

      Thanks for the link.

      • Classic covid symptoms? What would those be? Dry cough and mildly increased body temperature? If that’s the case, I think I had covid for the first time sometime in 1988 after running around the neighborhood, like an idiot, during cold weather.

        • I know what cu.h.j is saying.
          She points out that the symptom phenomena is different from other respiratory infections, such as the flu.

          Watching Dr. Brownstein interview his patients way back in March and April of 2020, gave me a heads-up. They all described similiar phenomena along a time-line.
          There is a certain set of symptoms that often occur at different stages. Some people knock it out in the beginning, but other people go on with other stages.
          Dr. Peter McCullough and other Doctors discuss these stages that they observe. In their treatment protocols, they also point out how treatments will vary depending upon the stage.

          I have had friends and also spoke to people who had certain specific phenomena which was unlike the flu, but similiar in patterns assigned to Covid.

          I and my co-workers may have had “Covid” back around December 2019/January 2020. We all had the same dry cough…you could hear it…and we all felt like crap for a few days, but continued working out in the cold. It wasn’t like other flu-like symptoms.
          Regina told me that she and others think that they had it in the exact time period.
          I might be mistaken, but I think Corbett briefly had a bug around that time period.

          Regardless, like you point out mkey, this Covid or any other “virus” is not an alarming threat if a person has a healthy immune system and/or treatment options for better health.

          • I want to plug James Corbett here.
            On Being Sick – Subscriber Exclusive #073
            James Corbett talks about being sick…
            From February 2018 Corbett Report NewsLetter.


            The above link was March 12, 2020, just as the Covid narrative was gaining heavy traction.
            Nice episode!…
            Show notes include “Coronavirus: The “Cures” Will Be Worse Than the Disease”
            and “Event 201” and other stuff.

          • The point I wanted to carry forward is that we tend to jump to conclusions way to often. And more we do that, less insight we will gain into any new illness that comes by because “it’s all covid”.

            • I hear ya on that!
              It is so easy to “jump” at the first whiff of an idea without a thorough examination. I find myself doing it time and again.

        • When I say “Covid” symptoms, I should qualify this. I observed people come in to the ER with high fever (103 F and above), severe shortness of breath associated with low oxygen saturation sometimes in 60s on room air and then when you looked at the labs, the white blood cells were normal, the d dimer was often elevated, and the c-reactive protein was elevated and the liver function enzymes were often elevated. The people with this syndrome required supplemental oxygen and anti inflammatory medicines. This syndrome was present overwhelmingly in people with pre existing health issues like diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure and in people greater than 65, though a few outliers were young and most of them overweight.

          I don’t think the PCR test was discerning between people with the illness described above and people with mild symptoms like a sore throat and fever, though perhaps they did have this condition but they weren’t susceptible to the severe symptoms.

          With regular flu type A, people do come into the hospital as well, but usually the oxygen saturation is often higher and a low oxygen saturation in flu A would be in the high 80s on room air. I also didn’t notice the elevated liver enzymes in flu patients in 2019-2020.

          But even if a person developed the severe illness their chances of survival were still good if they weren’t diabetic or had pre existing diseases, but even then they would likely survive. Also, mechanical ventilation was not a good choice for most people because it causes lung damage and the disease was helped by supplemental oxygen and frequent changes in position to maximize oxygen exchange and anti inflammatory medication. Mechanical ventilation was associated/caused poor prognosis.

          I think there was a direct link between people with one or more disease and developing the sever syndrome, particularly diabetes and they are hospitalized often with other diseases, like bacterial infections, flu, heart attacks, strokes. Diabetics are very prone to secondary diseases, including Covid.

          Having said all this, I think Ivermectin, zinc, vitamin C and trying to improve health with exercise and healthy diet could have mitigated a lot of the hospitalizations. But, this was not presented as an option

          The bad food, sodas, and laziness promoted in the US leads to a lot of morbidity and mortality probably by design, but also because people tend to do what is easier.

          • I’m sure many ERs workers around the globe see a very specific set of something they are ready to attribute to covid because they are lambasted by misinformation on it 24/7. This is nothing but a logical fallacy of attribution.

            Looks like something new -> covid is all the news is about for close to two years now -> this new thing must be covid.

            • There are other medical providers who don’t look at MSM though. In November 2019, before the MSM started the propaganda campaign, people came in with respiratory illness described above that tested negative for flu. I remember this clearly.

              Each year there are coronavirus related respiratory disease and influenza related respiratory disease. A huge difference in 2019 was indeed the propaganda campaign. To confirm the presence of a novel disease we would need to compare 2017 flu season with 2019. 2017 was a bad flu season, lots of hospitalizations, and probably lots of deaths in susceptible populations.

              What should be done is to look at patient charts and compare 2017 to 2019 comparing symptoms and lab values of patients. This would remove MSM from the analysis. I wonder if this was done.

              I suspect that there were differences in the lab values and disease presentations in 2017 and 2019, however I can’t confirm this because I don’t have access to the data.

              Regardless of it being a new disease or a version of an old disease, what has never been done is to shut down society. I don’t think people have to all believe viruses don’t exist or there is no Covid disease to agree that lockdowns and “vaccines” and biosecurity is wrong and harmful. Those things can be shown conclusively to be harmful and ineffective for any disease and also to restrict freedom a necessary element of living. Living is about taking risks and at some point in time everyone will die of something. There is no way around it as far as I know. This is why people must live their lives to the fullest now because we can’t know what the future will bring.

            • I’m curious to understand how does one diagnose covid if they didn’t hear about on TV first. I do agree with your other points, it’s common sense.

            • Before MSM ever mentioned Covid, hospitals get reports on diseases of concern each year. MERS was on our screening tool, then the added Covid. We were screening for Covid before CNN even mentioned it to the public. However the reaction was magnified by the hysteria in the media. TB has been monitored for years and years, but rarely mentioned in the media. TB has different characteristics from other respiratory illness documented in medical literature.

          • Flu shots could have made people more susceptible to “it” and I think that that should be considered.

            I have not taken these since 2016 and have been very healthy for the last 5 years.

            We will probably never know for sure, but what is certain is that lockdowns, tyrannical “biosecurity” and experimental injections are not a solution.

          • Here is a nurse who is talking about a sterilization agent used on two examples of long swabs she chose that were both made in China.
            The chemical, Ethylene Glycol, is apparent a carcinogen and probably not something people should be shoving up their noses.

            8 minutes.


            It got me to thinking though. Fackchecker’s toxin idea makes sense. And when you combine that with the fact that most people don’t take very good care of themselves and all the microwave and 5G radiation.
            Seems like a camel waiting for a graphene straw.

    • While Graphene is toxic like Asbestos is toxic,
      it is not a major component of Pfizer’s poison.
      The 99% is based on bullshit logic.

      Can you see from the color of a forest how many Birch trees are there?
      It is not even certain if it is found, because it is
      a component that is hard to detect with even the instruments
      that they used.

      And because biological substances can be very strange,
      it can even be a residue of a the biological components
      in the vaccine.
      Like components from rat-cells or human-cancer cells.

      I do suspect that they could have used graphene filters in
      the laboratory. Nowadays graphene can be in many places.
      So did they find some evidence for pollution?

      The graphene is also not ferro magnetic,
      so it does not let your magnets stick to the skin.
      Just calculate how much special iron filled graphene you
      need to hold a magnet.
      Test magnetism with stuff in between. Like paper and tinfoil.
      A good magnet will hold with 20 layers or more.

      The graphene fear is all just hypothetical science fiction.
      And it just gets crazier each time I see a new story.
      I am just waiting until it combines with Alien implants.
      Feel free to explore, but it is mainly a huge distraction.

      What is definitely real is that people are being killed with mRNA “side-effects.

    • It is useless to protest and impossible to win a fight against the global elite. Instead, we must shun them and establish an independent, parallel economy. Stage one involves personally disconnecting from their systems. Cancel all of your ties to Big Tech. Stop giving them your money, data and information. Move your phone, internet, mail & social media accounts to independent suppliers who don’t sell your data, betray your privacy, and censor information. Watch how fast Big Tech becomes Big Wreck on the stock market. At the same time, start thinking about what products and services you can offer to other people in the movement. Form a local hub and expand throughout your community. Set up a barter board where you can trade goods and services and organize more complex projects. Hold regular social events and gatherings to share stories, build friendships, celebrate freedom and enjoy life.

      Stage Two begins when collective new ventures are launched that significantly expand and strengthen the new community. Some examples might be larger scale farming or manufacturing collectives, new housing construction, alternative energy or other resource projects. Also in stage two, an expansion beyond local begins with connections to other communities, expanding markets, resource trading & partnerships.

      Disconnect from fear and control and start pioneering a free way of life.

    • cu.h.j,
      I can think of many examples where Protests have proven to be effective. When the Oligarchs who control the money and the media are pushing Lies that will lead to the death and destruction of perhaps 70% of the human race it is time (past time) to take a stand against them.
      Having been vocal about the Media Lies and Propaganda surrounding the Events of 9/11/01, I found out what it is like to be on a government shit list. Individuals, make easy targets for hired goons. Many good Journalists have been killed for simply attempting to expose the Oligarchs and their plans, yet now we see these plans hidden in plain site.
      When the Protests become to many to manage Corporate Governments will attempt Marshal Law, but they need money to pay the goons, and we The People can make that Money no good by refusing to except it.
      Christians brought down the Roman Empire by refusing to be Slaves or Soldiers. They learned to live without Roman money.

    • Do you have any information on graphene oxide being used in dentistry?

      I can’t find out if this is about future technology or if they are already using it. Personally, I’m wondering if I have any GO in my mouth right now. If I asked my dentist would he tell me?

      “The Use of Graphene Oxide in dentistry”

      “Welcome to the Exciting World of Graphene”

      Improving PMMA resin using graphene oxide for a definitive prosthodontic rehabilitation – A clinical report

      Graphene oxide: A new direction in dentistry

      Graphene-Based Coatings for Dental Implant Surface Modification

    • Haven’t used Amazon in years don’t have a Facebook don’t use Google but I do have a gmail account probably should change that. I totally agree I have a account at a building that rents to Facebook and I’ll probably lose that job do to not getting the vaccine. Looks like I’ll be living in the woods in a year or so.?

  2. Discussion: A Tale Of Two COVID Narratives
    The mainstream propaganda version versus
    the version from on (mostly censored) doctors and experts

    I find this interesting how the mainstream side has locked itself
    in deep propaganda, without a real basis of science.
    Yet they are using the word “science” and other fallacies
    to support their side.

    Discussion questions:
    Can we convince people that we are on the correct side?

    What arguments/topics would give the strongest persuasion?

    • Can we convince people that we are on the correct side?

      I think it is possible if we can reduce the fear
      that has been put in the propaganda.
      The fear gives power to the hypnosis.

      People need to know that they do not need to be afraid.

      What arguments/topics would give the strongest persuasion?

      Personally I think that Ivermectin is an important factor,
      because it reduces the fear and is supported by many doctors and papers.

      The PCR test is also a good way to reduce fear.
      The numbers are clearly overrated.
      Sadly people have been fed far too much
      propaganda to have a clear mind on this.

      Jokes / Memes:

      • Great suggestions, reduce fear and get past the cognitive dissonance with jokes.

        There are some people who will never see though, no matter how hard you try. They are the kins of people who enjoyed bullying other children as kids, who just went a long with targeting people. Some people have sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies. Those people can’t be helped, in my opinion.

      • zyxzven
        “…Can we convince people that we are on the correct side?…”

        As long as the food and the entertainment keeps flowing and they don’t feel like they personally are gonna get killed in the next year or so argument does not matter.. As Mr Corbett says, you can’t wake people who are only pretending to sleep. Most people are as susceptible to argument and evidence as chimpanzees

        ONLY if you convince them that you are the most popular/powerful will they join your side- you could turn almost every one of those people supporting social justice into actual nazi’s in a couple of months if you could convince them NAzi’s were popular and had power.

        I hate to say it, because his politics are pretty dark, but the guy who has the best handle on propaganda is Devon Stack over at Blackpilled.. and he is correct that as long as the food and the entertainment and the comfort keeps coming most people will not pay attention to the approaching death

    • Compare past flu seasons to this one and the lack of lock down and all of tyranny.

      Ask people what they see with their own eyes and ears. Do they really know many people who have died, those without pre existing conditions.

      Also showing how people have been harmed by the lockdown and having people who have taken the experimental mRNA and adenovirus injection and have had bad adverse reactions speak out.

      Also, the idea of safety over freedom. Is living like this worth it? What does it mean to truly live? This is miserable a half life and totally unnecessary. We have had diseases throughout human history and the first time government has been involved and they are making this worse.

      • Common Sense post destroys propaganda. Yet it never gets traction.

    • Interviews of the Corona Commission with Reinard Feulmich
      First part is in german, you can skip it.

      At 1:40 Killer medicine
      about Remdesivir killing people,
      and about how companies already knew how the experimental Vaccines
      would cause 100s of side-effects.

      Next: 3:08 Mass hypnosis
      About hypnosis
      how mass hypnosis is used in the crisis,
      and that is why the people can not see reality any more.
      Smart people tend to follow the rules, not to think.
      And in a totalitarian system the leaders are also hypnotized
      into thinking that lies and sacrifices are Ok.

  3. Great episode. I think the observation about this being a world wide civil war and I think it’s very accurate. This experience will bring out the worst and the best in people and who is an ally and who is an enemy.

    I have found it interesting that a former enemy has become an ally through this experience. People who betray what it means to be human are the enemy. Those who would turn their neighbors to the state and go along with tyranny and witch hunts will reveal themselves.

  4. Wow! Great insights…

    I totally agree with James that it used to be the Left that resisted corporate propaganda pressure but it is now the Left that is a mindless collective pushing propaganda. The power of narrative is indeed a form of black magic when used with ill intent.

    It makes me think of the manifesto of the Unabomber (Ted Kaczinski) whom wrote extensively about the left (you can read it here ) on how the left tends to be collectivist in its thinking due to a collective sense of powerlessness and low self esteem. Such individuals feel power only as part of a collective and what they perceive to be a cause.

    Granted…that’s from the Unabomber…but Ted was a mathematics professor with a phenomenally high IQ and was the unfortunate victim of a CIA MK Ultra experiment at Harvard. It was in these experiments that he was systematically abused psychologically to lower his confidence, will, and self-esteem. So, perhaps he had insight on how collectivist thinking forms.

    I think it’s not the “left” but as G. Edward Griffin appropriately called collectivism. It’s quite evident the powers that be do not want strong individuals with high self efficacy to dominate in society.

    • “…. left tends to be collectivist in its thinking due to a collective sense of powerlessness and low self esteem.”

      Holy shit, what a blather, what an unsubstantiated psychologizing

    • The unabomber was a pretty smart guy, its sad he turned so dark and was , personally, such a damaged freak. He was dead right in the broad view of the psycology of “left-ish” people, though the reason he focused on the left is that they are the side that had all the power. The NPC class will always follow power and popular thinking.
      I think Chris LAsch was pretty good too… he had a handle on the world of today LOOOONG before we got here , in Culture Of Narcissism, and his other book Revolt Of The Elite’s kinda predicted the Trump style figure rising
      ha! Found it

  5. Not all of the birkenstock lefties are supporting the official COVID narrative. I have seen a few articles about the “QAnon Conspiracy Problem” that is, apparently, rampant throughout the natural wellness and spiritual community. “Conspirituality” they call it. Below is one of those articles, and it includes links to others. The author also claims that the nazis were proponents of yoga.

  6. Misinformation about misinformation.

    “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” ~ Mark Twain

    No More Lockdowns is an organization in Ontario Canada, who, obviously is against the idea of lockdowns.

    link to signature petition:

    where they argue lockdowns have effects, such as:

    hundreds of thousands of Ontarians remain unemployed and tens of thousands of small to medium sized businesses have permanently closed;


    Covid restrictions and additional lockdowns cause more harm than good to the overall well-being of Ontarians;

    Seems TorStar has a problem with one of the few small vocal opposition groups that I had heard of.

    A big tent of COVID misinformation
    Like the virus itself, the hashtag #nomorelockdowns has spread across global borders

    Makes me sad

  7. I share the feelings of isolation and also disappointed in people some who are former friends. But I have made a couple new friends from this experience. I feel like we are in a laboratory experiment. I find it hard to believe that people would take an experimental drug with no long term safety data in order to go along with the “in” group. But it shows how effective isolation is at coercion. People would risk their lives to avoid being shunned. Maybe my childhood experience with being bullied was helpful for me because I have the strength to endure being unpopular. Some people don’t have the same degree of tolerance for being an outcast.

    • Thanks for posting this. We will benefit from people like you.

    • sandbag:

      I’m sorry you have to face this type of betrayal, it’s wrong. I feel similarly betrayed and saddened because I am a nurse and will likely never be able to work as a nurse again if this “vaccine” is mandated. I may get a religious exemption from HR, but if people know, I will be shunned and shamed by colleagues if they know. But I won’t comply with this. It’s wrong to do this to people. Thank you for sharing and I’m sorry that the military is doing this to you. They should be honored to have you because you actually have honor. I hope that you are able to find someone to defend your rights to refuse.

    • Agree 100% with all comments above. The cost of this isolation and discrimination on our soul will be high. It’s terribly sad.

      • Where are all the mental health professionals speaking out about the effects of forced house arrests, the isolation of many and the societal transformation taking place?

        • They are getting the jab unfortunately. Most of them have been assimilated. I had to stop seeing my therapist because she was one of “them” and I no longer felt like she could help me because we weren’t seeing things in a similar way.

          She also started checking my temperature at our appointments and I was like I’m done with this.

          I hate to say this, but I feel like western medicine is being taken over and it’s best to rely on it minimally, including mental health providers.

    • cu.h.j
      Never underestimate the power of mind control… as long as the Magic Mirror in their living room tells them its all good and everyone is complying they will

      Bystander effect, smoke filled room experiment

      Candid Camera, Elavator

      Judas Goat…

      As long as people can pretend nothing bad is happening they will follow what they think the crowd is doing
      Magical roots of advertizing , lol, kinda cool

  8. Does it look like to anyone that JEP is not a fan of taking NWNW completely off YouTube?

    • Not everyone has good Internet access, the removal of videos from YouTube means less overall views. Not because people are not aware of the alternatives, not because they are not prepared to use the alternatives, but because the alternatives don’t work for everyone.

  9. Here’s a link for an organization who may be able to help. There are other organizations as well that may be more appropriate for military personnel.

  10. Way ahead of ya James…. and the republican party heard us. cost a few million but check it out.

  11. My recent walk in L.A. where I was approached by a neighbor, a retired UCLA professor – “Yeah Jude, these drug companies are the scum sucking worst, and part of the problem”… then continued “but you know it feels like the country is going to hell. I mean, someone i know well was just saying to me, and i think he’s one of those Trumpsters… he said ‘you know the Rothschilds own most of the money’. “Can you believe that? People are losing their minds!”

    To which I replied after a brief pause, “hey… that RV trailer across the ravine… is that new or has it been here?”
    There’s a sobering tone happening with this show and others like it. It used to be fun poking fun at the idiocracy. Sadly it’s not anymore.

    • Good anecdote Jude.

      It makes a point…
      “There’s a sobering tone happening with this show and others like it. It used to be fun poking fun at the idiocracy. Sadly it’s not anymore.”

  12. I support this channel. I’ve sent $100 to James in Japan and donate $10/month to Media Monarchy. I’ve followed James Corbett for years. Brilliant documentaries he makes. And Google finally kicked him off of the platform for telling the truth. Typical.
    I have a friend in Canada. She lives in the Okanagan. She says she may have to get jabbed to keep her job. What to do?
    I recently read, “The Graves are Walking” by John Kelly about the Irish potato famine. Kelly writes that the Irish who emigrated died enroute to the New World or were enslaved when they got there. With on exception.
    The Irish who made it to Canada and headed north into the bush, were left alone to fend for themselves.
    So I told my friend in the Okanagan to “Head north. No one cares if you’ve been jabbed in the bush.” I know that was a bad joke/pun.
    But it is true.
    I am a Celt. The Celts were pushed to the edges of Europe; Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Brittany.. onto stony wet ground that none of the powers that be wanted.
    If you want out of this nightmare. Head for the empty places.
    PS: The highest concentration in the world of my Irish family’s last name is in rural Newfoundland.

  13. “The incredible power of propaganda,,,”

    Could there be any other something(s) that are the “power” part of that statement? Rather, weve seen clearly that the propaganda becomes the narrative that people then repeat and make choices based on,, but what gets some to take the blue over the red fork in the road?

    Yes people are showing their hands. I’ve lost respect and trust from most of my friends; without a hitch for the past 45yrs and suddenly whamo#%#$^^&%, and most my family, all because I dont agree with the narrative. I’ve been as diplomatic and humorous as I know how, but it wasn’t enough. I smell something more insidious than wordsmithing that can own peoples discernment so completely. Hypnosis comes to mind, as does other forms of psychic possession. But I wonder if theres something missing in the instructions (broken dna?) that they’re operating with at the microbiome level?

    Whatever it is thats facilitating the capture its working well, and I concur with the emphatic suggestion to “not normalize the progression of increasing tyranny”.

    what a mess.

    • I agree with you vadoum. My sister turned against me when she got the chemo for her lymphoma.
      Drugs. Drugs are being used from Big Pharma and Big Ag to change us. You are right. It’s not just words.

    • i’m not happy to read this for you, but a bit relieved to see that it’s not just me. 2 of my 4 closest friends for 30+ years became people i no longer recognized, ultimately betraying the friendship beyond repair. they happen to be the 2 friends i bent over backwards for both, one financially and the other with long-lasting career help. and this is just scratching the surface of so many other relationships.
      Timmy’s message above about heading for the empty places… i think about it every day.

      • Hi jude.c, Yes it is very sad how many friends and family we have lost. Like you I had much invested in time, energy, money with these people who have turned to the dark side. We have to let them go. I used to get angry about it, but that just upset me.
        When I was young and a hippie I headed to the empty places. I lived in a Yellow Farmhouse on Bluff Road outside of Vermillion, South Dakota. Those two years were an idyllic nightmare. I was never happier. I was never more depressed than in that Yellow Farmhouse.
        In the empty places there is nowhere to hide from yourself.

  14. My sister turned against me today.

    I am very depressed about it.

    The crickets are chirping outside my window. They are good luck.

    • I’m really sorry about your sister. I no longer worry about people who have broken contact with me, that includes all family, my two daughters who are in their forties and several friends. I deliberately choose not to dwell on my daughter’s not allowing my eldest grandchildren to keep in touch by email. One did for a few months but his mum found out.
      My biggest concern is I’m sure my grandchildren will be encouraged to get the jab.
      I live in a village in England and I think I’m a “stand alone ” in declining the tests and jabs more than once, the NHS is constantly sending me letters and texts regarding it. It is the one thing I will never back down on, no matter what happens, I also have never worn a mask.
      I know it’s hard when family and friends turn against you but try not to dwell on it. I let my daughters know I will always be here if they need me and that I love them both regardless of how they feel. Maybe if you do that as regards your sister it will help you to put it to one side.
      All the best.

      • Thank you rheadmaeo for your kind reply. So sorry to hear about your family turning to the dark side. You are brave, especially in the UK with your stance of liberty.
        I will do my best not to dwell on it. I have my wife, my son, and some very good friends on the Internet. None here in our little town in Sonoma County, California.
        We had to wear masks to shop for food, but refused to wear them elsewhere. Mask mandates are gone for now here.
        My brother and his wife just returned to St. Louis from visiting their daughter’s family in London, UK. My brother misses the pubs of old in England. And it was hot with no air conditioning.
        Thanks again for your message.

        • I live kind of close to you, maybe we can get a beer or something. If you’d be interested, let me know.

          • I think that people who are in the same vicinity should try to build community. When people have community of other like minded individuals, this helps with the isolation and helps people endure. I’m going to be moving in 3 months though, but like minded people would be welcome at my new home as well.

          • Well it is the 20s again, so maybe we need a return of the sly grog shops!

  15. I’ve been following Alexander Mercouris who I find a useful geopolitical commentator. He largely recites statements from the Russian or Chinese sites our mouthpieces as a way of looking at what they’re saying diplomatically. He also does some interpretation.

    The Afghan story is interesting. The Taliban sent a delegation to Iran, then Russia then China. The message from the Russian and Chinese is three-fold a) form in inclusive government; you need to negotiate b) peace is the goal c) you must prevent Afghanistan from being a base for terrorists. And d) please cut back on the poppies and woe betide you if Afghan heroine starts showing up in Russia and especially China, who remember the Opium Wars all too well.

    If the Taliban can live up to these requests which they have committed to then economic assistance and infrastructure development will ensue and Afghanistan will be welcomed into the Eurasian integration.

    The “terrorist” thing is code for warning that, of course, the CIA will attempt Mujaheddin 2.0. The Eastern Turkestan Independence Movement, already declared a terrorist organisation by the UN Security Council, is seen as just one of the proxies that various disruptors will be supporting, but is particularly sensitive for China due the insurgency movement in Xinjiang.

    I repeat that the rail links for the BRI is planned to skirt Afghanistan, but it has a potentially important road/truck route into Pakistan to connect with a major sea port there. It is quite amazing what the Chinese are doing. Links through Laos to Thailand, the rail project through Thailand to Malaysia, the western rail routes through the ‘stans via Iran to link into Iraq and Syria (just invited to join the BRI), and of course the northern routes into Russia. Watch for Myanmar. And that’s just rail.

    To top is all off the Chinese just told the US to “go to hell” diplomatically, issuing demands on the USA. Pepe Escobar in his most recent piece predicts a China, Russia, Iran and German type trade alliance which would scare the hell out of Uncle Shmuel.

    Interesting times ahead, geopolitically.



  16. Yes… this has been said over and over and over again; how incomprehensible it is that the people who would scream for the end of dictatorships and censorships and fight for freedom are the ones supporting house arrests (aka lockdowns), assault on children (aka as masking them, scaring them, locking them, disinfecting them, etc etc etc) and the list goes on.
    I’m actually feeling a lot of grief now. Or I’m finally acknowledging it.
    I “lost” ALL of my family, MOST of my friends, loving shopkeepers whit whom I had a warm and close relationship and complicity (as a loyal customer) and now I can’t see and chat anymore because I refuse “signing in” (QR codes and stufff) to be traced and tracked and it’s now compulsory in EVERY PLACE you step your foot in, even if for 3 seconds to, lets say, ask a question (even on a public toilet, believe me, or not).
    Sadness and grief are kicking in badly.
    It’s devastating.
    I refuse the division, I refuse to avoid people because of the “shading” from the injection and judging or separating from people who want to do whatever of this shit they like.
    But THEY are starting to be uncomfortable around me because of my pacific civil disobedience, even if we don’t talk about anything (which is also very uncomfortable and awkward)
    It’s finally starting to kick in the reality of not being able to shop anymore, to work, to have relationships with other humans…
    Gosh, how much I miss the old world
    This shit is hitting my soul. Badly.
    Thanks for covering a bit of Australia (where I live).
    Please have a look at the madness in Brazil!!! It’s disgusting. All “cool” people, artists, intellectuals, lefts, indigenous rights activists, alternative people, young people – and the list goes on – all PROUD to be vaccinated. You are so very true about the “my body my choice” t-shirt “other” James:) HIPPIE HOMEBIRTH MIDWIVES LOVING VACCINES AND FORCING WOMEN TO WEAR MASKS TO GIVE BIRTH!!!
    It’s definitely the end of the world. We are all really fucked!

  17. …also, just an observation I made yesterday in a small shopping centre; in cities where the new “law” is that you must do the freaking QR code sign in to enter a place, EVERYONE HAS A PHONE ON THEIR HAND AT ALL TIMES! Phones are not left in homes, cars, pockets or handbags anymore. They are literally in everyone’s hands 100% of the time (much, much more than it “normally” is). Would this be also part of some plan/strategy for something?… It’s so disturbing to watch.

    • yes (well said – thanks),
      and so which part of the machine’s mind do you think we are influenced by, those that claim sovereignty distinct from it, as we race back to “the net” for just another glimpse of like-minds and the unprecedented quagmire of current humanity?

      Could the red pilled mob also be part of a greater matrix?

      Fctchkr “the unbearable burden of free will”

      M.Igan “Lifes about standing face to face with infinity and trying not to fall down”

      buddhists “,,,take refuge in the dharma” (which is “right actions and words”

      Taking refuge is like putting on sunnies while driving west at dusk.

      giving away freewill is at least self-harming, at worst its psychic suicide; yet even the dominators that orchestrate that en-mass have also psychically (chosen?) to torture/imprison themselves. They have comfy chairs on jazzy jets affording stunning views but no peace of mind, capacity for genuine interpersonal connection is shunted/stunted and defaults to gargantuan aggressive consumption.

      I’m thinking that the so called “DNA” parts of our bodies may behave as an antenna, receiving instructions from whichever source it is tuned to. perhaps most begin life with enormous potential, and arrive into adulthood with a hand dealt from a stacked deck. If the antennas get broke bent & bogged, forced and refocused then the proper, lawful instructions cant download, or worse, some quite lawless behavior ensues.

      in practical terms: handheld microwave transmitters (“smart phones’) are aptly known to be water destructuring devices. They are the single most obvious physical change that has been brought into humanity’s day by day over the past decade+; eventually “cash fridays” were followed by “microwave free mondays” and step by step the humantennas began to tune to a finer potential, and as receiver-transmitters began loosing creation song’s arrow on a vector of sublime resonance.

      This was the message form today’s “good morning spirits”. I’m sure others have described this more thoroughly; If anyone has further reference to study of the notion of DNA as an “antenna”, please share.

      History of understanding is so stacked with Copernican leaps and bounds

      • Life really is short you guys. Lighten up a bit.

        FactChecker, do you have any pets? I know that you, like myself don’t have offspring but do you have any other life form that depends entirely on your consistent care for it’s survival?
        Do you have a tree that you planted and watched grow for years until it grew fruit? Have you ever grown a rose bush and cut the perfect flower for your lover?

        Are you ever brought to tears by the beauty of a piece of music, poetry or art?

        Don’t let your cynicism drive out your common sense.
        No matter what the reason is that we exist. Whether because we are created by a malevolent and sadistic deity and put here now for it’s sick pleasure. As you seem to espouse.
        Or whether this life is one we chose in order to further our eternal journey toward enlightenment.
        There is really only one way to respond to the madness we’re facing that makes any sense at all.
        And that way certainly isn’t with an attitude of hopelessness.
        The only thing that really makes sense is to resolve to live your life in a way that values things like joy, as fleeting as those moments may be. Intangible things like love and hope and even personal emotional and intellectual growth more than you value this physical life.
        Prioritizing your principles over your pride or comfort.

        Look for joy. Look for some hope. It doesn’t take much. I could almost guarantee that a puppy on your lap would put a smile on your face.

        Until it peed.

        • F.C.

          “The most powerfully immune suppressive thing there is is fear and anger.”
          Dr. Judy Mikovitz

          So lighten up for your health buddy. (And everybody else’s)

  18. I’m astonished with belligerent tone of this episode: fight, civil war…what else.

    I agree situation is bad, very bad, still we must have our nerves under control. We cannot afford the fight, because we are doomed in this case, they will unleash all the pitbulls they have. Resistance, protest, non-obedience are proper words.
    We don’t know how far they are prepared to go, but probably far enough to make our lives miserable. Then we will live like outlaws.

    I’m really interested in how much anti-jab protests are the thing of so called right. On the next protest I’ll go around and conduct a survey on hundred people and, of course, report findings here.

    On the other hand, maybe such a survey, even if it would be done in the most professional way, is actually meaningless.
    Namely, left and right became so meaningless that it would more appropriate to talk about fake left and right. Both have been inculcated with such utter nonsenses……beyond belief. Left has lgbtqxy+-, sjw, pc, right in the US has been inculcated to elect the orange one, some to believe in Q. Oh, that would be a beautiful day, when both camps start to clean up their own room like lobster theorist said.

    I think, talking about left-right divide or fight is a nice example of Misplaced Concreteness (A. Whitehead).

    • But we are being pushed in that direction and the pro injection people are becoming more aggressive. If you look back through history people who don’t fight might end up getting shipped of to gulags and death camps. It’s better to fight than have that happen.

      But I agree with non compliance boycotting and buycotting and mass non compliance. But don’t think for one minute that governments won’t use it’s might against a peaceful population.

      • “… we are being pushed…”

        As far as I know your world-view you believe in Choice.
        You also have functional prefrontal cortex I think…..
        Therefore where is a problem?

        If we come to gulags then we would be well across the point of no return, in uncharted territory for all players involved.

        • The coercion with jobs and restricting access to public spaces is just the beginning. Do you think that these sick elitists who are pushing this agenda will stop at that? I don’t think so and we will find out in the coming year just what other restrictions and methods of force they will use.

          There are some people who are depending on their jobs to feed their families and they will take the jab if it means eating and clothing their family. Is the alternative economy ready to support a mass exodus of people to provide basic subsistence?

          I think that having the ability to fight back and harm an opposing force is necessary to ensure a basic amount of freedom. Historically, this has shown to be true. Once people are disarmed and have no economy or means of subsistence they are easy to enslave. Why would gulags or camps be out of the question, they have been used before relatively recently? The people running this agenda are psychopaths, they have no qualms about sticking people in gulags and camps if they can get away with it. I am in a place to be able to choose, others may feel they are not.

          • “ Do you think that these sick elitists who are pushing this agenda will stop at that? I don’t think so”

            I don’t either. As long as they have a high enough compliance rate for every new escalation they will be encouraged to continue.
            That is the problem. That is always the problem. Thats why the state in the tyrannical form we know it exists at all. Thats why stores still sell glyphosate. Thats why the stadiums are going cashless and the TSA still fondles your junk.
            Because too many people simply have to fly. Too many people couldn’t imagine living without attending a sports event. To many people have a phobia about freaking weeds. Too many people refuse to walk into a store without a mask because they don’t like confrontation.
            Too many people refuse to take responsibility for their own future and prepare.

            Its so simple and yet seemingly so unattainable. “The Tiny Dot” by Larken Rose, heck, just about anyt book Corbett recommends repeats the same theme. The people have the numbers. The people drive the economy. The people would overwhelm the state if they could unite and cooperate. But they don’t because they do the tyrants work for them.
            The people become fearful when told to. Indignant and warlike when told to. And if you don’t react to the problem as the state desires you to. Well the state simply uses peer pressure, intimidation and threats of loss of comforts to bring people in line.

            Domination of the people is the objective and the people are the tool being used to achieve it.

            I don’t care if I sound like a broken record. I am going to keep saying it.

            Pathetic, pessimistic people are pawns of the pricks in power! They are hope sucking, harbingers of helplessness who are aiding and abetting their masters.
            They are the other monkeys.
            They are the real enemy because they have the numbers.

            • Steve Smith,

              “The people would overwhelm the state if they could unite and cooperate.”

              Oh, yeaah. So simple, but why it seems so impossible? I’m contemplating this for many years.

              No, pathetic and pessimistic people are not the ultimate problem. People in the west have been indoctrinated from birth that “self-interest is the mainspring of human nature” (Bastiat). The outcome of this (twisted) world-view is quasi-society of atomized individuals.

              What will unite them????

              Further on, this prevent people to recognize the importance of circumstances to individual’s psyche and the outcome is psychologizing: if only people wouldn’t have some bad psychological traits like pessimism, psychopathy, cowardliness….
              Even if people achieve kind of unity in a dire situation, something not uncommon in history, how to prevent a decent to un-unity after, something that always happened in history.

              With monkeys you went really far, too far.
              By using monkeys experiment to elucidate the situation of deluded people, you denied them free will, you dehumanized them. You declared them enemies.

              How can this line of thinking bring about unity?
              How much is writing off a considerable portion of humanity different from transhumanism?

              • I’m not writing off anyone.
                I’m trying to convince the monkeys that they don’t have to continue being tools in the hands of the state. It’s their defeatist and pessimistic attitudes that in part keep them from breaking their conditioning. Their learned helplessness is what keeps people from even trying to fight back.

              • I’m not judging you.
                My judgment goes for way of thinking.
                To say someone is enemy or monkey won’t make one a friend.

              • “ To say someone is enemy or monkey won’t make one a friend.”

                Those words are gentle compared to what I am thinking as I watch what these people are doing.
                And I am definitely not trying to make friends with them. The people that are facilitating the tyranny are state worshiping zombies for the most part. They are dangerous and short sighted.
                No, I’m simply trying to forestall the hell that is coming by nonviolent means before that option is off the table.
                I am trying to help enough people to realize that unless they draw their line in the sand and refuse to comply soon. While the consequences for rebellion is having to drive to a different grocery store or having a confrontation with a karen. When soon the consequences might be going without food.
                Perhaps soon people won’t be allowed to quit their jobs when faced with an ultimatum. Perhaps soon people won’t be allowed to move their families or even leave their counties or states.

                You’re having a conversation with cu.h.j. about owning personal weapons. Here’s an article that sort of backs you up.


                But in the cases the article talks about. It could be argued that things had not progressed to the point where personal arms would be crucial.

                In the case of the United States, I am damn glad that everyone here knows that there is a good possibility that the person they are dealing with might be armed. Especially cops.
                That knowledge might make them suspicious but it also makes them cautious. And usually polite.
                There is a real possibility that many people, especially here, will fight to the death for what they have left of their liberty and I for one am glad I won’t be heading into that fight unarmed.

            • another thing

              Continuing from enemy thing and adding preppers, guns and shtf.

              A nasty scenario:
              SHTF happened. Preppers on their homesteads armed to the teeth. Poor ex-city-dwellers wandering around countryside, some just trying to survive, some looting, everything… They come to homestead and they are gunned down, preppers protect their family….and also accomplishing “final solution” for the government.

              How close the scene reminds on series Walking Dead

              Unfortunately, sometime ago I’ve read an article at from Brandon Smith (usually lucid guy) writing about the same scenario….holy shit, un-fucking believable.

              • The shit has hit the fan before. We know the horror stories. We know that governments have intentionally starved millions of their own people. We know that they have enslaved people since the beginning of their existence.
                We know that they turn people against each other. They always have. They always will. As long as governments refuse to adopt the non aggression principle as the foundation stone of their existence. Until every prospective leader vows to uphold that basic principle, government will never change. Constitutions be damned!

                Thats why we’re all here. Being inspired by James and each other to figure out how to get a large enough number of our fellow humans to realize that the first, most important, and probably the only thing that we can (or need to) do to solve this eternal paradox is to figure out a way to end authoritarian or coercive rule.

                The only thing that has never really been tried in human civilization seems to be the simple idea of voluntarism. Or anarchy as I prefer to call it.

                The problem is that as long as a large number of people are unwilling to sacrifice their comfort. And another large number of people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives. And another large number is driven by fear into accepting or even begging for the state to make them safe. We will always remain hopelessly divided.
                It always comes down to being divided to the point of ineffectiveness no matter what the issue.

                The point is that the folks that are driven to extremes by the actions of the governments are not the problem. The government is the problem.

                There are anarchists who are pacifists. Robert Murphy comes to mind. But I am not one of them. My personal weapons, not just firearms, are the best tools that I can afford and I will not hesitate to use them against anyone should they threaten the lives of myself or those I care about.

                There are those who can’t imagine life being worth living should we have to live without the governments of the world and all the wonderful things that modern civilization provides us.
                Then there are people like me who think going back to the dark ages for awhile just might be what the doctor ordered.

                We live in interesting times.

            • reply to


              Although you say you are not dismissive of deluded people, in fact you are or you are very inconsistent in your thoughts. Not sure are you aware that this fuels division.
              It’s bad people don’t realize what is going on and people are perceiving us in best case like buffoons. I tend to agree with a friend saying, things are still too good for majority, their asses are full….things must become ugly, very ugly and then they will come out of slumbers. But then usually according to history, they lose their mind, go berserk, and we had ‘death to king, long live the king’.

              • Mik, either I am worse than I thought I was at conveying my thoughts or else you’re simply looking past the main thrust of my posts intentionally in an attempt to make a point that I am missing.
                Its late here and perhaps I’m just too tired to kick my brain in gear.
                Doesn’t matter either way.
                Have a great week.

          • cu.h.j,

            I have a feeling that you don’t hear/understand me and just pushing your thing. Think about it…. from the perspective of the notion of cooperation.

            I’m very aware situation is very bad, my own existence is in jeopardy if they will enforce non-essential stores are off limits. I’m not afraid, I’ll find a way. I’m sure many won’t….yeah, just another group of fucked people, nothing new on this world.

            You seems to be scared, furious, in the fight mode with chambered gun. Maybe even in doom mode since gulags are persistently in your repertoire. History just shows us gulags are possibility, but they are in no way necessity, guaranteed outcome.

            “Once people are disarmed….”

            Bluntly, an excellent example of american self-centeredness…huge majority of this mf world is unarmed (I support you been armed, for me that is your cultural thing). But be serious, your gun(s) compared to state’s arsenal means bringing knife to gunfight. No doubt, knife is better then bare hands. Your guns are only useful as long they are a deterrent, ones fired you’ll be stamped out.

            Courage is a virtue in short supply. It’s not a digital thing, it goes from cowardice to rashness, temerity.
            Best soldier is the one who survives. He will fight another day.

            • Guns along with sufficient training in how to use them are indeed a deterrent. This is probably one of the only reasons why the US has not had harsh lockdown.

              For people who don’t have access to guns there are other ways like reaching people who are capable of enforcing tyranny to change their minds and refuse.

              In the US, the state does have a huge military advantage against the population because they have more guns, and tanks, and drones and armor and all kinds of other tools to kill us with. This is all true. However there are some well trained civilians and former military with enough guns to make an all out war non trivial. Having said that, economic boycotts and development of alternative ways of subsistence are equally if not more important. Creating desirable alternatives are an excellent way to persuade people to stop building the prison system.

              • We in Croatia didn’t have harsh lockdowns and we are not armed, legally is very restrictive, illegally who knows, you can’t but ammo just like bread.

                Every (stable)state is just too formidable opponent and entertaining thoughts to fight it openly is just ludicrous. Subversion is the way to go and you don’t need arms.

                Btw, I’ve seen your exchange with mkey on military. Interesting, talking about the same thing without a wish to understand each other.
                Army is just no, no….and again no, no.
                Some people still go there but I wouldn’t condemn them by default but also not making up excuses that they are maybe not killing and providing for their families.
                You mentioned some enlist because they are dirt poor.
                Can we say for some of them that they didn’t have a choice?
                I mean army or a bum, what a choice.

    • The mainstream media have done their best to link anti vaccination with far right group. It is not the case. I know a lot of people who are not political at all and are against the vaccine. The vaccination passport or health card is the slippery slope to fascism. I think that people who refuse to get vaccination need to start now to organize in group in order start some buying co-op or things like this so that we can still purchase good later on if they decide we have to prove vaccination in order to the grocery store. People need start growing their own food as much as possible in case the worst scenario comes true. In BC the government knows exactly who and who is not vaccinated because they find out on your provincial medical electronic file. I assume it must be the same for all the other provinces. a friend of mine who has been vaccinated said, yes, that is the first thing they do, they swipe you BC medical card. Some people have apparently received a letter from Interior Health Authority telling them there was a vaccine waiting for them… I can see the propaganda starting on mass media who are now saying: “This is the pandemic of the unvaccinated” US and THEM: Divide and conquer. Those who believe in the vaccine think that it will prevent harm to people. Those who do not believe in the gene therapy believe that the vaccine will do more harm and thus would like to prevent harm to the people. So emotionally we are on the same side. We disagree about the vaccine. We need to remind people of this. Before the vaccines came out 2 % of the world population got Covid which meant that 98 % were still healthy. Mortality rate: 0.4%. Numbers do not lie. The spanish flu killed 25 % of the population. Fear has taken over logic. It is very hard to discuss this with people. Now most of my family has been vaccinated. I have tried for the last year to tell them about this but to no avail. They are starting to listen a little bit now but it is too late. It is very sad. May be we will have to end up starting our own community somewhere in the futur. But we will see what happens in the fall. If a lot of the vaccinated people starts to be sick from the vaccine things might turn around and the truth might finally come out. We will have to try to find a way to help them. I saw a video of one nurse saying that those who come with health problem due to the vaccine are not properly cared for by doctors because they actually do not know how to treat them. Very sad.

    • I know this is serious but

      Oh, that would be a beautiful day, when both camps start to clean up their own room like lobster theorist said.

      jolly did that sentence make me laugh out loud! Sometimes humor is the best antidote for me.

  19. Re:
    “Story #1: Protesters Rage Across Europe As Lockdown, Vaccination Mandates Begin”

    Corbett Report Member MagicBullet gave us a heads-up:
    WORLD WIDE DEMONSTRATION 3.0 on Saturday July 24th, 2021 …and James Corbett has a cameo video clip appearance in that excellent overview presentation, “The Pushback”.

    And, here is what is next…
    18th September, 2021

  20. SOLUTION segue re:
    Story #1: Protesters Rage Across Europe As Lockdown, Vaccination Mandates Begin

    Dr Jeffrey Barke, MD of “America’s Frontline Doctors” was interviewed on Thursday’s July 29th “” Episode 226: Ahead of the Curve. He comes on about one hour into the episode.
    At 1:12:30, Dr Barke talks about “We are REALLY GOOD at treating this illness with re-purposed medication…”

    Obtaining… – Ivermectin – Hydroxychloroquine – Budesonide …and more
    Dr Jeffrey Barke encourages people to get help BEFORE “you need it”. He says that a person can pay about $100 for a telemedicine talk with a Doctor and get the medication prior to any sudden illness.
    How Do I Get COVID-19 Medication? at America’s Frontline Doctors
    Barke also gives his own website as a source of telemedicine.

    • MERCOLA – July 30, 2021
      Newest MATH+ Protocol

      …The protocol for hospitalized patients was initially based on the following:
      Intravenous Methylprednisolone
      High-dose intravenous Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
      Plus optional treatments Thiamine, zinc and vitamin D
      Full dose low molecular weight Heparin
      …Ivermectin Added to MATH+
      …Dr. Paul Marik believes that a mass distribution program of ivermectin, together with melatonin, vitamin D and aspirin, could end the pandemic.
      By assuming everyone is infected and treating with this safe combination of inexpensive compounds, Marik says, “We’ll eliminate SARS-CoV-2. It will be gone.”19 This isn’t likely to happen, though, due to “economic and political factors that benefit from the ongoing pandemic.”

      …HCQ, a zinc ionophore, was part of the MATH+ protocol for the first six months of the pandemic. (They have recently swapped quercetin for HCQ.)
      Quercetin, also a zinc ionophore, is an over-the-counter alternative to HCQ and works much like HCQ does….

        When taking Quercetin, Rutin or other Bioflavinoids, it is often recommended to also take Bromelain to help with breaking it down for digestion. Many brands of Quercetin supplements have Bromelain added.

        Recent studies have shown that “SYSTEMIC ENZYME THERAPY” may have a beneficial effect against Covid, or shedding, or vaccine injury detoxification.

      • MERCOLA and N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and
        Nebulizing and Oral Hydrogen Peroxide Protocols

        On a variety of his articles, Dr. Mercola recommends NAC for Covid or for detoxification and for other benefits.
        He is also adamant about the benefits of NEBULIZING for Covid, respiratory infections, or general health.
        LINKS to his articles are here…

    • G. Edward Griffin “Need To Know” News – July 25, 2021
      Study Shows Dandelion-Leaf Extract Blocks Covid Spike Proteins from Causing Harm

      A German university study reported that water-based extract from the common dandelion can block spike proteins from binding to the ACE2 cell surface receptors in human lung and kidney cells.
      According to the European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy, the recommended dosage of dandelion leaf is 4–10 grams steeped in hot water, up to three times per day.

      Other natural compounds from citrus peels and fruits, licorice, and pomegranate peels may also produce benefits…

      …Other natural compounds have been investigated using molecular docking studies. Nobiletin is a flavonoid isolated from citrus peels. Neohesperidin, a derivative of hesperetin, is a flavanone glycoside also found in citrus fruits. Glycyrrhizin is a molecular compound extracted from licorice root. All three of these natural substances also block spike proteins from binding to ACE2 receptors. Hydroalcoholic pomegranate peel extract blocks the spike protein at the ACE2 receptor with 74 percent efficacy. When its principal constituents were tested separately, punicalagin was 64 percent effective, and ellagic acid was 36% percent effective.

      NOTE: Quercetin is a bioflavonoid.

  21. If it makes you feel a bit more hopeful for humanity, I am a tree-hugging, vegan, sandal-wearing hippie who hasn’t taken any vaccines. I live in Quebec, where it may become mandatory soon, but I still don’t want to do it. I have a more central politics mindset with perhaps a slight lean to the left, but not far from center. I’ve read 1984, Animal Farm, Tragedy and Hope, and The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Although that genre is not my main choice, it’s an important one. I’ll read Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake more often than dry political books but understand the validity of understanding our societies. All of that while wearing floral prints and bell bottoms.

  22. The disease presentation called Covid isn’t a hoax. There was a respiratory illness this past year. Maybe Covid existed in 2015 flu season and they called it the flu, who knows. I wasn’t looking as hard at the lab values of patients. The hypoxia on presentation to the ER is peculiar, probably worse than normal flu. But by and large, the disease affects people in poor health. The wealth elites have access to the best treatments and are probably in excellent health.

    I don’t think they would release a bio-weapon that could kill them though, unless they had a cure.

    • A controlled release of an agent is certainly possible. I wouldn’t put it past them.

    • “releasing targeted, limited-range toxins”
      as well as the possibility that most are broken or bent enough that GHz micro & lilly waves could do the job.

  23. We are being filmed in shops so they can see who is entering ignoring QR codes and sanitizer and who is not. Then I heard two people having a conversation saying those people (who are not complying) should be “named and shamed”, in other words, same procedure done with criminals, robbery, shoplifting, etc: print pics of these people’s faces and hang the photos on shop windows. Couldn’t get any lower than that, right?
    Let’s definitely start to grow our own food folks.

  24. What you need to is stop blindly following orders and walk away. Realize your extremely poor decision to join the military and walk away.

    Without order followers there could never be mass slaughter and tyranny.

    • Once someone joins it’s hard to get out whenever you want to. A dishonorable discharge has a lot of consequences like banning a person from certain jobs and owning firearms. He certainly could just do that but there are options available.

      Some people join the military to learn job skills and never even fight in wars. Though it’s not a choice I would make, I can’t blame people for wanting a job and benefits if there’s no economy in their state. Some people thought that the military protests our country and are young kids when they join and there are still some good people in the military. Additionally many militia personnel have prior military training and can be a fierce ally when the shit hits the fan.

      • As long as you don’t mind militarized police on the streets of your cities, with brain damaged ex “service men” (i.e. killers trained in urban settings on the middle east) driving anti personnel armored vehicles.

        • That is a generalization. I am not talking about police but militia that want to preserve the constitution and can train civilians to protect themselves. The civilian police is different though there are probably some that can be allies as well. It’s good to try to not make generalizations about people and I try not to because I always meet exceptions to the rule.

          The training in the military can be used to protect people from those who want to force inject people or stick them in camps. People must be prepared to fight and be able to overcome fear. Those are very useful skills.

          • Well, you may choose to talk about anything you want. Most of it will probably be a non sequitur.

            The guy stated “active military” service and decries coercion. What do you imagine your militia will need to be trained for? What kind of force could warrant summoning a militia? Standing armies, perhaps? Just like the one sandbag over there is so merrily serving in? The which I’m telling him he needs to walk away from and you condone his “service” by saying “oh, he’s just doing his job?”

            Are you completely insane? Can you entertain a logical train of though for 30 seconds?

            • You are putting words in my mouth, possibly because you are extremely rigid in your thought process and unable to see things from other peoples perspective. That is your shortcoming not mine.

              Am I insane? Perhaps I am, but I am probably better equipped than you to interact with people from different backgrounds.

              You should try to tone down your condemnation of people because you might find yourself needing some help in the times ahead and no one likes to help someone that acts like an elitist know it all who thinks that they are a cut above everyone else. That type of attitude is in the same attitude as Bill Gates has, that he is “better” and “smarter” than others. You don’t know this person who asked for help, or what his circumstances might be. Don’t be like them, by putting everyone is groups and condemning them.

              When you join the military, you sign up for a period of time. Many people join to learn job skills, not fight in wars or because they are dirt poor and can’t get a job and are 18 years old (that’s still a teenager). Maybe you were born with a trust fund or went to college or were gifted in some way, but some people weren’t and they make different choices based on circumstances at hand. People come here to learn things that aren’t taught and kept out of public awareness. Why are you blaming this person for not knowing? Why are you insulting people who don’t use your logic and think the way you do? What kind of person does that? Is that what the voluntarist community is like, some judgmental elitist people who point their finger at others and insult them?

            • I guess the reply to my last question is a stern NO. Somehow that is not surprising.

              Do let me know if this exchange flashes before your eyes when you get some mind shot order followers barging down your door. How will it then feel to know that you have wasted air on justifying their action when it wasn’t on your doorstep?

              This might be a moot pooint as you will be either soiling your pants or loading up your gun, either way posting to this site will probably be the farthest thing on your mind.

              I’m sure they will be telling themselves the same mantra “I’m just doing my job, got a family to feed.” They will also be longing to get home to their loved ones, who will also be very proud of their raping, murdering and looting providers.

              The more sadistic among them will be doing it just to get a high.

              Weak minds only ever require weak justifications. Maybe time to look in the mirror.

              I shall not engange you further and will wish you good luck. Have a nice day.

            • I agree that following orders blindly is wrong. I got the sense that the poster sandbag was starting to figure this out because the military turned on him and he and others like him have the possibility of helping resist this agenda. The tone of your post was kind of harsh and seemed to lack sufficient explanation in particular to my post when I tried to explain that there are young kids with little opportunity and may be poor join the military.

              Some people think that working for the military and police are a good thing because they are protecting people. They just don’t know. My grandfather joined the air force when he was 17 years old and didn’t know about the corruption and how it ruined his life until he had finished his service in Korea. He stayed on in the reserves to have a pension and care for his family. He was dirt poor as a kid and went hungry on many occasions. He was susceptible to propaganda like many people are.

              I was giving the poster who asked for help the benefit of the doubt. He is refusing to follow orders now and will face consequences. There is probably a way for him to get an exemption and get out without a dishonorable discharge on his record and can be in a better position.

              I am not defending people who blindly follow orders. There are many people in the military and police who realize that those institutions enforce tyranny and go on to help expose it and their skills can be used to train regular citizens to resist and fight. I think that people may need that before people who are blindly following orders come knocking on doors.

              What we need (people who want to resist and stop this and survive) is to try to reach people, in the tech field, in healthcare, in the military and police to help stop this.

              There was a sherif in Arizona who refused to enforce lockdowns and masks. We need people to refuse. When people are shamed for mistakes, I believe this will just turn them away.

              I believe that there are good people in the military, some of them work a desk job and never kill anyone, who are just trying to feed their family.

              Asking someone if they are insane is provocative and a little offensive. Telling someone their posts are illogical without explaining is rude. I was expressing that I felt this attitude is not only rude, but seemed a little elitist. If you want to explain your point, you could do it in way that others can hear it without the insults.

    • “ Without order followers there could never be mass slaughter and tyranny.”

      True. And it applies to everyone who is playing their part in this madness. Whether they are scientists and doctors who lie or or the masses that continue to comply in all the little ways so that they can keep their jobs. Or so they don’t have to move. Or a million other reasons.
      Being a soldier or government worker in regards to this charade only means that they are facing the hard choices first.
      You’re being kind of harsh with someone who seems to be reaching out for help. Maybe he had never even heard of James Corbett when he was convinced to join the military. Maybe he is only beginning to grasp the big picture.

      • Non armed government workers without armed government workers backup are a non issue. The only reason people go along is because they are affraid of violence to be performed by the armed jack booted thugs. I.e. police and military.

        Do you think we have time to sugar coat things? This PC insanity needs to stop, it needs to be brought to an abrupt end. Euphemism are a poison for the mind, it is how we are separated from the effect of words that we utter, we don’t feel their meaning anymore. Hurt feelings are great, it’s how we grow and change our lives. There is nothing wrong with feeling an emotion, we need to let it run through our body and adjust our actions accordingly.

        Order followers needs to stop doing what they are doing NOW. Just doing their job? Fuck that noise. If they are so incompetent that they will starve if they cease and desist from this obnoxioua activity, so be it. It’s a small price to pay.

        But I’m sure that is not the case, it’s just that people are stuck in the childish (better said immature) mentality and are acting like cowards. Skills that one does not have can be gained. It just requires work.

        What kind of brain damage is it required to be able to pull a trigger on an unkown human being while at the same time being scared to death of doing the right thing?

        • “ The only reason people go along is because they are affraid of violence to be performed by the armed jack booted thugs. I.e. police and military.”

          Do you really believe that? Do you really believe that all those morons still driving around or walking down the street wearing masks are only going along because they are afraid of the authorities?
          They are afraid of violence if they don’t take a fake ass vaccine? Really?

          Just about everyone on both sides of my family have taken the shot already and only one supposedly had to for work.
          No. They took the shot so they could go places. So they could fly and shop. The only thing that they claim to be afraid of is the virus. But they aren’t even really afraid of that. If they were they would quit smoking and take better care of themselves.
          But virtually none of them are afraid of being beaten up by jack booted thugs. They love the state.

          No. I think you’re way off base on this. The reason why the scam has been able to get to this point is because of all the little order followers. All the mask wearers. All the people who abuse their children by smothering them so they can attend schools. Free babysitting don’t you know. All the people who donned masks to shop or forced others to. They are the problem.
          The police and military play their parts. But the masses of compilers are the ones who are the real culprits.

          • They do not wear the mask to get into the store. They wear the mask to not get shit at the entrance. The underlying reason is COWARDICE.

            They do not believe they deserve any better and with that they do not believe their children deserve it either. The underlying reason to refuse to even entertain the notion of changing oneself is SELF HATE.

  25. Robert, there’s no chance in hell people will get on board with any of the provided options, and I don’t think that’s required, frankly. One thing we can certainly get on board about is the fact we are getting shafted. The exact how any why is more akin to to how exactly were the towers brought down. Not important to understand the official narrative is a paltry lie.

  26. Here is my response from my Federal Member of Parliament in Australia regarding the injection apartheid being established;

    ‘The Government has always said that the COVID-19 vaccine will not be compulsory. People are entirely free not to take the vaccine if they choose to do so. However, we know that the COVID-19 vaccines save lives and are crucial to Australia emerging successfully from this pandemic. Therefore, we are strongly encouraging people to be vaccinated to safeguard their health and the health of the wider community. To maximise uptake, we will also be providing incentives to participate, such as exemption from lockdown measures if they are imposed by the States. Everything we are doing is wholly consistent with Australia’s longstanding policies which have been designed to maximise vaccination rates – No Jab, No Play is one example. If someone chooses not to receive the vaccine, that is their choice. However, they must make that choice in the knowledge that there may be consequences for doing so which are unattractive to them, but necessary to protect the community as a whole.’

    • Maybe good to send back an excerpt containing pages 181-184 from teh Trials of War criminals before the Nuernberg military triblunal, volume II, The medical case. I’ll provide a brief excerpt from point 1 here:

      This means that the person involved should have legal capacity
      to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise
      free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of
      force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form
      of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge
      and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved
      as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened de-
      cision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance
      of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should
      be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the
      experiment; the method and means by which it is to be con-
      ducted all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected
      and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly
      come from his participation in the experiment.

      The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the
      consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs or engages
      in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which
      may not be delegated to another with impunity.

      • Pardon my obnoxious typos. Whenever I invoke the Nuremberg trial in discussions, people will just shut down. You can literally see them reaching with their heads into the ground, as their posteriors elevate into a more appropriate, receptive position.

        Here’s the URL for your perusal.

        (leads to, I shortened it because it breaks the page layout. Well, it’s just ugly)

      • BUMP
        BUMP Excerpt
        BUMP – “Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuremberg”

        • Hi mkey and HomeRemedySupply. The post-WWII period is intriguing. In the mid to late 1940’s we have the Nuremberg Trials that dealt with experimentation without consent. During the same time period (19 December 1946), in Australia we had an amendment to the section 51 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act to prohibit the ‘civil conscription’ of ‘medical services’. Constitution Watch is a brilliant resource for those interested –

      • I really appreciate this mkey. I will take your advice and provide this politician with a lesson in history. I will then ask him whether he plans on repeating history…

  27. I do not have a specific lawyer to recommend; however, in the mean time, here is a form you can download/print from ‘Doctors for Covid Ethics’ website.

    Employer & School Disclosure Forms for Covid-19 Injections

    Forms for employees and students whose employers, colleges or universities are mandating vaccination.

  28. Future headline: “Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer recall the mRNA gene therapy shots, oops, sorry about that! We’ve total immunity from prosecution, pun intended.”

    And of course, Abolish the Federal Reserve and the Pentagon. The Covid-19 fairytale would come crashing down if that miracle were to happen. Treat the root cause of the disease, not the symptoms. I’m rather jealous of the Amish.

  29. James is right – this is global civil war. The globalists have already declared war against humanity. Can’t ignore it any longer.

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