Interview 1690 – Jason Bermas on NASA’s Bio/Nano/Meta Road Map

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James joins Jason Bermas for a livestream on how the COVID-1984 scamdemic is leading us through the bio/nano revolution into a world of genomic manipulation, metaverse creation and, ultimately, the end of humanity. Happy listening!

NOTE: The video of this conversation is on Rofkin, which does not allow for video to be embedded, so if you really need to see a video of two guys talking to each other, you’ll have to watch it there. Or, you know, you could just listen to the audio above.

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  1. Greg Hunter recently did a very interesting interview with Cliff High ( see link below)

    Vax Die-Off for Next Three Years – Clif High 1.22.22 | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

    I like the way Cliff thinks. He has made a number of accurate predictions in the past. He collects millions, if not billions, of bits of data which he annualizes and uses to make predictions.

    At some point the number of deaths will get to great and the lies will get too big to cover-up. The truth will win out in the end, however a lot of people are going to have to die before enough people get pissed off enough to remove the evil Oligarchs from power.

  2. Don’t know, thought crossed my mind might be Five-Eyes related… (After said New Zealand, Australia and Canada, I filled in the blanks UK and USA.)

  3. MASKS – “Repeating the Message” of the Narrative
    Daily, in social life, we are reminded of the narrative by all the people wearing masks.

    We all know that just a one-time message of “Take the Covid Vaccine” is not how you shape the narrative in a society.
    ‘Repeat the Message’ is crucial if one wants the communication to stick.

    Certainly, many who promote masks are just banging the tribal drum chant. They are just going along with the tribe’s mantra, oblivious to the real facts about masks.

    Any Corbett Member, and a large segment of society, knows that masks are useless in the preventiona and spread of a virus.
    It is very evident that Anthony Fauci and other top dogs know this also.

    Mask wearers serve a purpose.
    They repeat the message of the narrative.
    Go shopping or to work or to school. Masks wearers abound.
    If a large part of the population is wearing masks, then the message also includes this aspect — that non-maskwearers are outsiders to ‘normal moral society’.

    Anyway, masks are a very clever method of “repeating the message”.
    And the populace itself repeats the message daily.
    It is a well crafted way to to reinforce the narrative.

    The 2009 short video clip which Bermas played demonstrates how to convey a concept with the mask images.

    However, “repeating the message” is a tool which we can use also in getting a communication to stick.

  4. Time Magazine, which in 2020 promoted Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, awarded Elon Musk “Person of the Year” in 2021.

  5. I am one who’d prefer
    1. to be able to speed up the info (unable to do so above) but also need
    2. to see two guys talking (lips moving) when closed captions are not available (which they are not ,above either).
    The “watch it here” embedded link showed “sorry that page is missing” I eventually found Jason Bermas’s Rokfin page, with his list of videos & was able to click on the most recent James Corbett interview. Both URLs to the one I found and the one to which is embedded above are indeed, one in the same.
    Note: later upon trying the embedding link again and refreshing it, the “missing page” warning, still appeared. But after x-ing out the offer to “check if a saved version is available on The Wayback Machine” it would finally play. Anyway, the is the video URL typed out (with two spaces) is as follows (just in case anyone else is in a similar boat): https:// rokfin .com/stream/13467/The-POSTTRUTH-World-With-James-Corbett
    The information discussed here is truly pertinent, informative, and relative to what’s happening right now before our very eyes, making it imperative, not only to know about, but to understand and be able to identify. Thanks for all your work, James, Jason & community contributors.
    ~ NC Liberty Belle

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