Interview 1762 – James Corbett Produces a Biosecurity Data Dump

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via James Corbett + Meryl Nass, M.D. break down the COVID-19 Crisis from Homeland Security to Biosecurity, citing similarities to the US government’s 9/11 response, H1N1 crisis + other disastrous parallels. Will the government lead us down an endless emergency crisis, pulling the ‘emergency’ stop switch, whenever they please? Was the COVID security infrastructure set up to be permanent? Are the same players involved in the coming Climate Crisis following the Eugenics playbook? Tune in to find out.



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  1. Knowing our rights is very important but I don’t think we really know what they are, I started learning law for mankind and it seems to be the best knowledge I have found about our rights, they are having a free Q&A on Nov 9, anyone interested check it out. We set can set our own laws we just have to learn how to uphold them because it has been hidden from us like so many other things.

  2. Bruce Gellin was on that Milken Institute Panel (an Employee of the Rockefeller Foundation). You can see him in the crowd of event 201 a couple months later. Just sayin’.

    • And that military guy in Event 201 was seen standing behind Trump/Fauci a few months later. 🙁

  3. How we’re seeing come to fruition the quote James mentioned from Bertrand Russell “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.”
    There is therefore good reason Gandhi wrote many years back that “Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time.”

    One of the most devious delusions which continue to keep humanity enslaved is the misconception that a ‘vaccine’ is for their benefit and will somehow protect them from a boogyman that has never been proven to exist only reported as being so, by devious people who were/are funded by devious occult organisations, who have the same eugenics ethos as their forefathers who are in a nutshell nothing less than anti-human in their agenda.
    I agree with James the ‘super class’ wins UNLESS we actively and consciously inform ourselves, change our mindset and realise we do not need a place at their table…we simply need to create our own, but we can only do this when we are well informed and educated in how to move forward.

    We need a better understanding of what anarchy is, and what real sovereignty means in health, essentially understanding how we work, and how we fit into this place, we need to understand how very lied to we have been which has manipulated our thinking processes into a completely fruitless paradigm that we could hamster wheel in forever (which the cult would love), then as Steiner, and many others who have a good grasp on the true nature of reality have written about, essentially understand how this applies to our social community networks, only then can we create the world we want to see. It may mean going right out of our comfort zone, and addressing the very heart of how the globalist cult (as I refer to them) are able to bring about this technocracy, the fruits of their ideology through ‘Diet, Injections and Injunctions’ and why we as a society so readily accept the very things designed to end humanity….for me I found it really begins with becoming properly educated in the nature of reality.

    A fascinating conversation, material we know James has covered in so much depth already…but at least it gets that out there on the CHD site.

  4. Considering the reference to Cloak of Green, I’m just wondering if Elain Dewar’s book Cloak of Green should be listed in the show notes?


    Having first listened to this interview and then watching it once it was possible, I realize how very much Broc West’s visuals add to the comprehension and retention of the info, at least for us visual types.

    Finally, as I was listening the first time around with no visuals, I was wondering about Mr. Corbett’s expression as Ms. Nass was underlining the necessity of re-establishing the judiciary system and other state or statist bodies.
    With the visuals I was able to see, mostly poker-faced but diplomatically acquiescing at the end. or so it seemed.

  5. This conversation certainly highlighted the significance of the all important Trigger event of 2001 (any coincidence event 201 was so aptly called?)

    Interestingly James Burkes Connections began with flight 911 the twin towers and more and was called ‘The TRIGGER Effect’ Just an Interesting observation on a series that offers much insight in various ways. (link below)

  6. A powerful interview James, well done!
    You were on fire throughout! 🙂
    So much food for thought, and directs people to exactly what they should be focusing on these days.

    James mentioned the ‘million pieces’ that they are trying to implement.
    I am keenly aware of each new piece that I encounter, however subtle it may be and I am pushing back whenever I can, letting businesses know I won’t put up with their b.s.

    It starts with something as mundane as more and more businesses that want to put cookies on your computer.

    Google/Facebook et al. trying to get their foot in the door of almost every single login you make to a website. “Sign in with Google etc. etc.”
    (What could go wrong?)

    Banks and other companies not allowing you to log into their sites until they call you on your phone to get a code from you!

    Not being able to install more and more apps without giving your telephone number out. It’s the thin edge of the wedge before they try to implement digital ID.

    Protest all of these subtle changes folks!
    Because soon they won’t be so subtle.

  7. This was an interesting conversation, but as I looked into Meryl Nass’ website and other things she’s said, she has a very poor argument for the “virus” that nobody seems to have been able to isolate. Even the scientific study to which she linked seemed to be written by the CDC or its ilk, for “virus” promotion. I hated to find out that she is a true believer when it comes to the “virus.” I can handle it when someone says he or she is not sure about the existence of the “virus,” but I’ve yet to see anyone who’s made a good argument, or shown scientific proof, that the “virus” exists. Unfortunately, this doctor goes right along with the mainstream narrative on belief in the “virus.” She needs to find some scientific proof for her words and write a cohesive argument. Otherwise, she sounds a lot like Shill Mercola, et al. Why don’t you try interviewing someone like Jon Rappoport?

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