Interview 1792 – James Corbett Redpills the Croatians on CBDC

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via SLOBODNIpodcast: In this edition of the Redpill series, James Corbett talks to Andrija Klarić of the Slobodni podcast about CBDCs. As Croatians enter the Brave New Monetary World of the globalists by joining the eurozone, they suddenly find themselves on the doorstep of the EU’s coming central bank digital currencies. James explains why CBDCs are a bad thing and what the people of Croatia (and others around the world) can do to fend off this threat to human liberty.


via SLOBODNIpodcast

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  1. Get Real, James. You won’t be redpilling anyone in Croatia. Maybe if you had one those “oops I caused massive inflation by running a throwing money from a helicopter but rubes are non the wiser” pills people would be lining up (in droves) to take it, but alas.

    The stupider the pill, easier it goes down.

    • With all due respect, I don’t quite agree. I have lived in Croatia for a few years and I see more and more people seeing right through this nonsense. Thank you, James, for all your work and research!

    • Actually, as a Canadian of Croatian descent, I know of numerous Croatians who absolutely loved James’s interview on “Slobodni” (meaning: Free).

      After watching the excellent interview, I immediately sent it to all of my cousins living in Croatia. Incidentally, my cousins did not take the experimental gene therapy. They were so impressed by the interview that they told me they will share it with as many people as possible.

    • And if you still think I may be dumb or a bit slow, please check out my articles at

      I think you may find that you and I are on the same page, at least in terms of what dangers humanity is facing at this critical juncture in human history.

    • I will accept everyone’s point of view.

      My poont of view, after 41 years of living in this country, is that people here are extremely obdurate. Yes, there are exceptions, and yes I know quite a few that have found the whole “covid vaccine” thing quite strange or even a joke, but they still took it.

      The vast majority wore masks without question and they they had they nasal cavity proded on a regular basis as a means of exchange.

      I am, of course, only talking about my real life experience which covers a narrow sliver of the population.

      There were a few relatively large protests, but in my opinion people still did not know what exactly were protesting against. And now that it’s all been normalized, people seem ready for the next thing that is in the pipeline.


      Here’s a recent “sceptic” pandemic meetup in a pub, where questions can be asked of the experts. And experts they are, answering questions without providing an answer requires expertise.

      The host of this podcast appears sometime around 1:24:00 and challanges the experts to a debate, which is essentially brushed over. With an applause. Appeals to authority, the expert fallacy, strawman arguments etc.

      Several questions are asked in afterwards, most of it is brushed off with: you do not know, you do not understand and you can not understand. They insist that they were issuing recommendations, be it for locking down or jabbing people. They also insist this thing originated in China, and that shots are safe end effective.

      They claim there are no reputable sources claiming non covid related increase in death. They blame anti experts for increased covid death tolls.

      At 1:48:00 Filip Slipcevic, who has built a decent channel by applying logic abd common sense to various topics, asks about the Pfizer exec and her unsavory statements over at the EU parliament and how does that affect the “vaccinate to protect others” motto.

      The expert in chief says that he wasn’t the one who made up that motto but that it usually is valid for vaccination. He also said that he knew about that non testing for transmission thing, but it was tested for the symptomatic disease thing, so what? Applause.

      Terrain theory is even mentioned near the end, it is also laughed at by the sycophants. The expert in chief said that ridding the body of the toxins does not make sense because some people will not survive the process. The lapdog expert stated that she knows about a lot of evidence for existance of the virus and doesn’t know about any evidence for the terrain thingy.

      Andrija Klaric landed more questions at the end. His points are brushed off as “if this was important I would know about it”. Later the expert even claims he is simply not interested in the matter.

      • mkey,
        I couldn’t help but laugh at various points when I was reading your comment.

        It was like the Comedy Hour with Dense and Denser.

        Some classic stuff.

        Some great lines in your prose…
        “And experts they are, answering questions without providing an answer requires expertise.”

        …brushed off as “if this was important I would know about it”.

        This one did it for me…
        “The expert in chief said that ridding the body of the toxins does not make sense because some people will not survive the process.”

        • These are basically minutes of the meeting. These people are so histerically funny that it would be worth learning Croatian just to appreciate their drivel fully. Of course, most of them don’t even speek business level english, so you can’t expect to be exposed to their musings otherwise.

  2. …hmmmm…old people problems. How to download vigja from Rumble?

  3. “It seems like every Croatian that I run into is a crazy Conspiracy Theorist!”

    I really enjoyed watching this Croatian interview by Andrija Klarić!

    Attorney and MEP Mislav Kolakušić publicly exposed the excess mortality.
    There are other Croatians who I see that are trying to get the word out.
    Be sure to check out the
    SUB-THREAD – EU Parliament Members Fighting For Liberty
    which is linked on this comment

  4. All paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value. Zero


    “The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination.” -Voltaire

    Yep, been around for a long time.

  5. James,
    This is not just about “control from a distance” that they’re after. As you know, at first, the US dollar was backed by gold. Today it’s backed by oil, so that if you want to buy or sell oil ANYWHERE in the world, it must be done in US dollars, and that rule is backed by our military. It forces the US dollar to be the world’s reserve currency, and other currencies are tightly pegged to the US dollar for stability. However, this system is coming to an abrupt end for many different reasons. First, the BRICS nations have their own plans for a world reserve currency. Besides the banking crisis, there’s also the massive US debt crisis. In 2012, an economist calculated the unfunded liabilities in the USA to be $222T. Can’t imagine how high that might be today! $400T? $500T?
    Bottom line: The Great Reset will see a change in the backing of the CBDC, and I think it’ll ultimately be US that backs it. James Giordano from Georgetown University says that the Brain is the next (military) battlefield. It is possible to surveill people to a degree where it can be seen if they’re performing a certain activity or not, if the transhuman progression is far enough along.

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