Interview 1811 – James Corbett on the WHO’s Anti-Human Agenda

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via The New American: In this interview with The New American, award-winning investigative journalist James Corbett speaks about the gradual expansion of the biosecurity state and the weaponization of the healthcare apparatus and explains the key facts about the WHO’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Zero Draft that would provide the organization with unparalleled authoritarian powers.



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WHO chief declares monkeypox an international emergency after expert panel fails to reach consensus

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Propaganda by Edward Bernays


  1. WHO chief declares monkeypox an international emergency after expert panel fails to reach consensus

    The did reach a “consensus”, but the consensus went against the grain. This is really insidious propaganda, but also very obvious to all with the eyes to see.

  2. Agitations James , needs a bat sometimes .
    Well stated backstory. As I stated in another link. Some have the oratory skills that highlight how smart you are by pointing out how dumb are you.?

  3. This was gratifying on so many levels! I loved that we didn’t need a split screen for a change! Great interviewer (although it might have been sensible of her to rehearse the preferred pronunciation of her guest’s name before filming) and superb answers succinctly given. I hope everyone shares this with their normie friends.

    • Good statement.
      You echo my sentiments.
      Mr CorBAT packed a lot into 14 minutes.

      An aside:
      Nice visual/color/resolution on Corbett’s head shots. It’s flattering.

  4. [Audio is horrible]

    The tenacious tendrils of transformation starts at birth. The majority no longer breast fed are infused with the toxins of big pharma and the food industry “baby food” from the work of lobbyists playing on the greed of congressional hyenas.

    From the Healthy Home Economist:
    -In 1950, there were 3 childhood vaccines typically given when a child
    entered school.

    -In 1983, there were 10 recommended vaccines by the age of 6 years old (24 doses, 7 injections, 4 oral doses for polio).

    -In 2010, the CDC vax schedule totaled 68 doses with more than half given by the time a child was only a year and a half old.

    -In 2016, the schedule has increased to 74 doses by age 17 with 53
    injections and 3 oral doses of rotavirus.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    In the 1980’s, the rate of autism in the US was 1 in 10,000. Now it is one in 59.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “Water fluoridation delivers a drug to infants that if prescribed by a doctor would be gross malpractice.
    Dr. David C. Kennedy, past president of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    (Regarding the VAXX)
    From the CEO of One America Ins
    The mortality rate in working age people (18-54) is up 40%. In mathematics that is about a one in one Billion years possibility under “normal” conditions.

    When considering all the agendas to dominate humanity…The NWO Agenda; UN Agenda 21&2030; UN Wildlife Project; The Kalergi Plan; The Communist Goal put into the the Congressional Record 60 years ago; etc., we are quite doomed without a mass standing up of the people.


  5. @ ejdoyle
    Please elucidate on the Communist Goal put in the congressional record 60 years ago. Thanks.
    agreed: [worst audio]

  6. For anyone who doesnt know the New American(link above), is a mag put out by the John Birch Society. It is one of the few groups that have been warning us about what is happening now. It has been warning about the WHO, UN, WEF, swamp, communists, banking cartel, etc. In fact Edward Griffin’s book, the Creature from Jekyll Island was financed by members of JBS.
    If you are a truther, I encourage you to join.

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