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via Truth Over Comfort: In todays video, I spoke with James Corbett, about Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, Financial Giants & The Oligopoly. The “big three” asset management corporations own shares in almost every major US company in each industry, making them the top institutional shareholders for these giant corporations. The list is endless… They are also the top shareholders in each other, raising serious questions about competition, consolidation, monopolisation and influence, including in government. We also discuss the general trend of consolidation. Feel free to use Yahoo Finance, type in a company and go to holders to see the top shareholders.



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  1. James, you seem to insinuate, I think, that the true story of BR’s founding is different from the traditional tale. Or is that tail?

    Am I correct in my thought? I don’t remember you telling a different tale in your earlier BR deep dive. Thanks!

  2. Sounds like Fink created the B.R. playbook from the woe T.Boone Pickens suffered at the hands of the Japanese Triads/ Keiretsu system. Came to be known as ” The Pickens Affair. His takeover battle of the undervalued Japanese automobile industry Koito manufacture, . The top car makers were impenetrable , like what you are describing of BR,VG and SS. They are not competitors but oligarchy cartels protecting each other from takeovers… Boone was livid and wrote a book in 1991 called ” The Second Pearl Harber” More here…

  3. Great video, and easy to see how this is all playing out. I love how BlackRock is pushing for AKA ESG, and all the companies go along BEGRUDGELY?

    I saw this years ago as one grocery store chain after another was subject to consolidation. When Amazon was allowed to buy Whole Foods, the real agenda became clear, control through food.

    I live in the Southwest of the US, and all around Phoenix they are building HUGE warehouses, and I can only imagine why…As they seem to be pushing people out of California, driving them to the open air prison of AZ. Soon we will all be Palestinians.

    I remember reading the religion connections between the “Black Rock”, like black cube and black stone….

  4. These transnational financial monopolies are never subject to the Sherman Anti Trust Act in the US for as James noted, the entire society is dependent on them.

    This is the era of neo-liberal economics and of course consolidation and acquisitions and mergers fill the air.

    Stock buy backs and mergers have accounted for the prices of stocks, along with dividends paid out.

    Nothing is being produced by this financial hanky-panky and if it is, it is subject to control by the predatory cartels.

    They are no different than drug cartels in their lust for profits.

    Financial capitalism is the outgrowth of industrial capitalism.

    America is a rentier society, as are most ‘modern’ societies.

    With the dollar in the cross-hairs due to war and sanctions, it remains to be seen how long this financial criminal enterprise, called capitalism, can continue.

    Lenin said it best a century ago:

    “A monopoly, once it is formed and controls thousands of millions [of dollars], inevitably penetrates into every sphere of public life, regardless of the form of government and all other details.”

    ~Vladimir Lenin; Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism Chapter 3

    War, debt, cuts to all social services, along with the accumulation and concentration of wealth in the hands of 0001% has destroyed America and many other countries.

    America: 31 trillion in debt and 21 trillion GDP. Chinese and Japanese, Saudis and India are dumping their treasuries and not buying any more.

    Who will buy the debt?


  5. That “Ukraine of the Future” video is super creepy. It’s as if they are destroying the country before our eyes, forcing us to watch, and then expecting us to thank them for doing it! Notice how the (computer voice?) narrator claims at the end that this new Ukraine will be “brave”, as in Brave New World.

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