Interview 949 – Financial Survival: US to Stay in Afghanistan

by | Oct 3, 2014 | Interviews | 2 comments

Every week, James joins Alfred Adask on the Financial Survival program to discuss the latest geopolitical and economic news from around the globe. This week they discuss the CDC patenting of Ebola, the US-Afghan security agreement to keep US troops in the country beyond the 2014 “pullout,” and the ongoing internationalization of the yuan.


Episode 293 – The Ebola Effect

CDC patent on Ebola Bundibugyo virus (not current outbreak strain)

Diamond v. Chakrabarty

CDC patents SARS (2003)

New Afghanistan pact means America’s longest war will last until at least 2024

Invasion orders for Afghanistan September 4, 2001 (NSPD-9)

Afghanistan: The Saudi Arabia of Lithium?

Background on Brzezinski and “the Eurasian Balkans”

Yuan to Start Direct Trading With Euro as China Pushes Usage

Gold market turns eastward, London loses glitter


  1. That part about the CDC patenting a virus so that it doesn’t get patented in the private sector (which would mean licensing fees for those who wanted to find a cure) doesn’t ring true to me. Recently the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration for being “disparaging of Native Americans” (URL below). I know we’re talking trademark as opposed to patent here but I would think (and it’s just a guess) that a patent could be canceled for “the public good” if necessary.

  2. SEE JAMES! I am not the only one who is blown away by your diction!
    I often listen to you just to see if you will make a mistake!
    I think you made ONE mistake with your interview with Lionel. You said, “verbal verbosity” but I think you meant to say, “verbal prowess”? Other than your son, I think you have another youngest fan! My nephew likes listening to you and he is 2! He has to take his nap and sometimes we both do in the afternoon, but he always requests James!
    One of these days, you will have to tell him, Hello! He likes your “stories”!

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