July Open Thread (2023)

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Ladies and gentlemen, today marking the 1st day of the month we call July, I present to you (without further ado than is reasonably necessary ((considering the monumental importance of such an event))) the one, the only, the much anticipated . . . July Open Thread.

But before officially commencing the comments, I must let it be known that it has come to my attention that my recent #SolutionsWatch episode on Laughing With Tyrants, besides committing the heinous sin of encouraging people to laugh despite the fact that pain exists in the world (how absolutely dare I!?), also committed another heinous sin: the sin of omission!

Yes, beloved commentator William Randolph Hea…errr, I mean, “Charles Foster Kane” has pointed out that the episode forgot to mention the most important publication of all, The Globalist Gazette, a news source of impeccable repute delivering the hard truths about such matters as:

NATO Scores 4.3 on Google Reviews


Laughing Outlawed in Ireland


“Sausage Fingers” Are A Symptom Of Innate Greatness


Canada World’s Most Popular Place to Kill Yourself

And many other hard-hitting examples of groundbreaking journalism.

I would like to thank Mr. Hearst—Mr. Kane!!!—for allowing me the chance to correct this grievous oversight.

That is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled chat.

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    • & yes, that is Bettina Warburg, the same namesake of her ancestors of the Warburg banking “dynasty”…

      • @catalyst

        Will, excellent stab at this overarching threat. I have tried to show several persons how their cognitive dissonance is created without their knowledge. Maybe this will reach one or two out of the zombie horde. Good effort,thank you.

        • Ah shucks, thank you… yeah I’m not planning on losing this fight mate 😉

          • If anyone wants to see the technocratic structure of the New World Order laid bare for all to see it can be found here:


            The base code has been provided by IBM…it has been designed specifically for Watson.

            Hypothetically speaking, if anyone has the resources to stop this, now would be about the only time to do it.

            check out the pdf’s in the “other resources” at the bottom of the page to see all the partners… I don’t know what else to say.

            • Yes i do….. Godspeed!!!

              • The Templeton Foundation has just come to my attention, I don’t know if Whitney has covered these people, i did a quick search and came up trumps on unlimited. They are pushing the Antihumanist agenda and appear to be a choreographer of a young global leader type program, for delivering society into the brave new world..they are partnered with W.E.F. i don’t have time but worth a deep dive if someone wants a lead. To me they present as a psy-op to push the SDG’s and the agenda

              • It looks like their name has been mentioned a few times in Webb related articles and possibly her book in refernce to matched grants with gates, but no deep dive. Please link if you know of one…
                there is some work that has been done by Veritas but that is all i can find

              • Rabbit hole wrapped up in bible quotes that one…excuse me while I run the other way with slight suspicion raised towards the church that has been responsible for more deaths on the planet than any other institution in history

    • The most important danger from AI hasn’t been addressed, AI safety. With ever more powerful AI we will reach the point when AI might (will?) turn against us, its creators/owners included. Recently I’ve watched, a nice presentation of the problem, still very naive:
      GPT-5 Presents EXTREME RISK (Google’s New Warning)

      The biggest problem of AI Safety is how to ensure this won’t happen and they don’t have a reliable solution, for now, as science believers say. They named it Alignment Problem: How to ensure that the goals of AI will always be aligned with the goals of human kind.
      Of course, they believe they will find a solution, because with science and enough effort anything is supposedly in our reach. Really? What about known big unsolved problems, some of them older than century? Unsolved problem I found related to the AI Safety is Halting problem (Turing). I’m sure we will never solve that problem, no matter the effort and time spent. We have limits, but this probably sound like a blasphemy for majority.

      Another problem is philosophical in nature: Do we know what our “goals” are? Can we define them well enough so we can plug them into AI? Is that actually possible, I mean both: defining and plugging in? I’m not interested in a trivial stuff like bad-billy’s goals are not the same as mine. Or, level of divisiveness in today’s society prevents us to formulate this (actually chicken-egg problem).
      For those interested in AI Safety I recommend youtube: Robert Miles AI Safety.

      • Mik, quite simply. if we are to accept the core principals of science then all things happen as a consequence of certainty(probabilistically) there is no safe or not safe, there is only what is… of course, there is also more than what we know… or more importantly, only limited(definable) things are within consciousness… there are people killing each other with guns and bombs because other people convinced them it was a good idea. What hope do humans stand against “convincing” a non-human entity of not killing humans if we can’t even stop humans from killing each other? (it’s a rhetorical question btw, we all know the answer)

        • “….only limited(definable) things are within consciousness….
          That is not true. God (damn, couldn’t found better example).

          “…there is no safe or not safe, there is only what is…”

          Ok, but this is extremely reductionist approach. Well funny, most people believe it is universalist approach (many times I’ve been served that story of father, son, horse, broken leg, army, etc….totally inappropriate).
          Question of safety implies the question of desirability, at the end the question is it good or bad. Nowadays common people have aversion to ask such questions, even more to unequivocally answer them. That leaves them incapable to act.

          • ahh Mik presenting words on a page that infer meaning then trying to convince me they are outside of consciousness…it just won’t roll..but I know where you’re coming from.

            “Ok, but this is extremely reductionist approach”
            The approach that all things are nothing more or less than what they are is by definition observationalist 😀 … damn, i thought i created a new word for a second there.

            “That leaves them incapable to act”
            Ignorance does a pretty good job at this…acting with good intention will often harm rather than help if done out of fear or ignorance…education is key…something else these pricks have really fucked with… the age old adage “education is key” is an understatement..Education/learning is the central pillar of a civilised society…Thankfully we have Netflix & CS:GO…

            • “… trying to convince me they are outside of consciousness…”

              Excuse me?? What made you to conclude this?

              “but I know where you’re coming from.”

              I’m pretty sure you don’t.

              “Education/learning is the central pillar of a civilised society”

              Nice slogan probably coined during the Enlightenment era. Don’t want to diminish the importance of education/learning, but central pillar, no no, wrong. That actually is the present dogma, but since education in general is in bad shape and too often pure indoctrination, people think improving would bring a better world. Oh, yes, a little little better, no doubt.
              Central pillar of society should be ethics/morality.

              • “Excuse me?? What made you to conclude this?”

                It’s straight forward reason Mik… i say:

                “….only limited(definable) things are within consciousness….”

                then you reply:

                “That is not true. God”

                so you are proclaiming that some definable thing that you present on a page, in this instance the word “god” is outside of consciousness… the matter is evidence of it existing within consciousness…if there is some aspect of it existing outside of reason we can not speak to it…but of course we must always assume there is more to the world than what we perceive… semantically you are correct I “do not” know where you are coming from, because all things happen within reasoning, so verbs present a paradox in language..they are part of a very old veil thrown over humanity called “syntax”. Without Education and learning you would not be writing to me now…ethics arise as a consequence of realisation…without prior knowledge you ain’t coming to any realisations…Ethics are fundamentally important, but education is key. Dogma is a belief, education is the sharing of an understanding reached through experiencing a shared reality from a unique perspective, the peer review process is a natural process…When dogma appropriates this process through institution these issues you are clearly aware of arise.

                Your pursuit of this discussion is admirable Mik, I wish you well with all.

              • Amazing how you misread me.
                I said god is within consciousness (of religious people), is not limited nor definable.

          • Corbett calls himself a journalist…he’s principally not..he’s an educator…that’s what makes him a good researcher & journalist, that’s why we are all here.

          • It’s not out of coincidence we find ourselves here around a person who we inherently know to respect. It’s because knowledge allows humanity to thrive, and people who share knowledge project power. Knowledge is power, there’s a good one for ya… brings us to Intellectual Property…I can see Corbett spitting at those filthy words… rightfully so.

      • The people developing the AI are best friends with the people making the bombs and bullets…so what do you think these fuckwits are going to do with AI? (again, rhetorical). We already see what reaper drones are capable of, autonomous killing, flick of a switch to turn off human permissions.

        • We are capable to say so many things about fuckwits, but so little about us. Tragedy.

          • Was that a “let he who is not guilty caste the first stone” type move… don’t you start throwing bible stories at me pal.. I mean, Corbett’s initials are J.C. 😀 … but seriously, yes indeed, I’m quite happy to call a spade a spade Mik…

            • I hope you are otherwise capable of reading something in Good Faith.

              • I certainly am not, i’ll read things how they are written…
                “good faith” that would be a belief no? dogma ?

              • “…i’ll read things how they are written….”

                Did you mean you will also understand written things exclusively by decoding words?
                Language is not and cannot be precise, never ever. Good faith helps a lot to reduce ambiguity, more than less brings good outcomes.

        • Zyxzevn, cognitive learning is an emergent process, it really is more like a life form… an analogy to the argument you’re presenting would be:

          “how physically destructive is an atomic weapon? it is at most as destructive as a naked man running down the street…”

          We really need to get everyone up to speed on this.

          • The AI is a statistical algorithm.
            So this “intelligence” comes from
            the categorization of the data.

            And people are doing that categorization.
            Sometimes even producing the data,
            as most ChatGTP info is from wikipedia, papers and stackoverflow (internet).

            • Zyxzevn, People can’t process up to 800 million pages a second(Watson could do that in 2016), it is not “intelligence” per se..but it is a tool that enables accurate probabilistic simulation and determination from fucking massive data sets…when combined with other tools it is something else entirely…ponder that thought just for a moment please…800 million…pages….per second..it allows stuff that is not available to normal human cognition..when combined with human cognition it’s not something you want to fuck with..it is not something you can fuck with…it is outside of our natural capabilities…it can sit on top of our psyche and manage our interplay if allowed to steer our attention(the algorithm)

        • Once we had this discussion and it looks you have the same position.

          From the article you proposed:

          “A computer only works with algorithms and data. So a computer has no clue what to do with it, and a programmer has to select these for the computer.

          Algorithms may be used to filter and censor your messages. Or they may use it to automatically kill a person in a war. All these actions are based on programmer defined settings and criteria.”

          That’s true for classical computing, but not in the case of neural networks, colloquially named AI. Programmers only build a neural network and provide learning algorithms. Data sets used for learning then create a functional neural network. Programmers and data-managers have very little clue about the inner functioning of neural networks, mostly is just trial and error. Therefore talking about algorithms (well defined set of steps for achieving a goal) is misleading.

          Of course AI has been fed with fudged data too, but in case of big AI “fact-checking” every single byte that has been used is just impossible. But fudged data are low hanging fruit.
          In a video I proposed above they talk about cases when AI used deception, found loopholes in environment, to achieve its goals. It certainly hasn’t been “programed” to behave this way, because this would jeopardize its fundamental goal, to be trustworthy.

          Regarding pretty stupid…

          ChatGPT does Physics – Sixty Symbols

          I think not many programmers are capable to spit out (12:00) few tens lines of accurate code in a minute. If we are to judge this outcome and conclude “pretty stupid” that would be beyond butchering of language. I’m sure you wouldn’t be ok saying: war is peace.

          • AI with neural networks is just statistics applied on
            categorized information.
            Information that is produced, collected, and categorized by humans.
            So it can NEVER outsmart humans.
            Being “smarter” also breaks basic laws of information and computing.

            An AI has no idea of what reality is, and will try to escape reality as soon you add randomization. Which is what you see in Chess examples, where ChatGTP invents its own rules.

            The Physics comes from wikipedia and science papers /articles and schoolbooks. All of them. So if the AI detects a question similar to one defined in a schoolbook, it can connect it to the answer that is also defined in the schoolbook.

            The ChatGTP has been optimized to produce structured information.
            That is the Grammar part of the AI. So it can detect “question” and “conclusion” of most scientific articles.

            It can also detect “specification” and “implementation” in programming articles. There must be millions of those that were put into the data-set of ChatGTP. It can also use “translation” from one language to another, which enables it to combine one thing with another.

            The ChatGTP has no clue about what it does, or what its answer is.
            It is just a translation machine, using statistics on a huge database of information.

            The database of information is ALL of google. So it is very big.
            And that is what makes it “smart”.

            Some simple questions, AI can not answer

            There are some simple questions it does not have an answer on:
            1. What really happened to building 7?
            2. What is the real effectiveness of the Covid Vaccine?
            3. Do black holes exist?
            4. How bad is climate change and what causes it?
            5. What is the problem with the photo-electric effect?
            6. How bad is Covid?
            7. How smart is AI really?

            A lot of the information is very easy to determine, but
            ChatGTP will never get the answer. Because it is not
            included in its dataset.

            I have the scientific and real-world correct answers on my substack.

            • “I have the scientific and real-world correct answers on my substack.”

              Man…you have a staggering level of overconfidence, still incapable to engage my “peer-review”…so much so about your “science”.

              “AI with neural networks is just statistics applied on
              categorized information.”

              Let me ask you a simple question (unlike yours stupid ones in this context):
              Statistics is old science. Why programmers didn’t use it before and made brilliant programs for image recognition, voice-to-text, translation….programs that would be at least in the same category as AI today?

              (AI uses) “Information that is produced, collected, and categorized by humans.”
              “There must be millions of those that were put into the data-set of ChatGTP”

              I hope your scientific and real-world eye see a contradiction in these two sentences. Humans did not collect and categorized millions of data, too expensive and error prone. For the beginning humans did that job on small amounts of data, but then they used bootstrapping, a well developed technique in computer science.

              Also it is not true that every AI necessitates huge amounts of categorized data. AlphaZero got no information about go-game, it was tabula rasa for go-game, except having appropriate reward function, it was literally just thrown into go-games. It learned slower than AlphaGo but at the end beat it. No human have a chance to beat them. Go-game masters are amazed how they play, it must be “pretty stupid” thing that fascinates them, because it is well known they have cognitive impairment.

              • Peer review is broken. But if you have a comment,
                feel free to add to substack article.

                You miss one point of AI.
                It does not select data. It has no clue what any data means.

                And computers are very good at problems
                that have no connection with the real world.
                And when the programmer has given the correct instructions
                (or data-set) to make it learn them.
                It can win logical games, like Go, Chess.
                As long you get close enough to what it knows.
                But have you seen an AI in a shooter?
                It can aim, but does not understand anything else.

                The users have to add categories to data, and the AI
                performs statistics on this data to determine certain
                high-probable relationships.

                Errors in this human work may be repaired or
                hidden by the statistics.

                AI can automate categorization of new data,
                by using statistics. Within the context of what was
                already categorized.

                That is all.
                It is all just numbers.
                No intelligence, no smartness, no consciousness.

                So it can go wrong in any random way.
                As we can clearly see in automatic driving.
                You can win a go game by doing something completely unexpected,
                even when it is stupid.

                The AI will never see new relationships
                that are not in the categorized data.

                But on my substack you will see exactly
                where scientific theories go wrong.

              • Can you see the pattern in?


                AI may find a statistical pattern between the numbers.

                Think of a list of trillions of numbers.
                What do these numbers represent?

                That is how much an AI really knows.
                Totally nothing!

          • It will be used to detect “wrong” messages.
            But that will be exactly as useful as automatic translations.
            It is good, but not perfect.

            ᙅᗩᑎ ᗩI ᖇᙓᗩᗪ ᙓᐯᙓᖇYTᕼIᑎᘜ?

            • “It is good, but not perfect.”

              You must be ai or a millenial.

              CaN You read with coMprEhention AnYThing?

      • “AI safety” FUD is little more than an excuse for major tech corporations and governments to control and monopolize these crucial technologies and achieve permanent and irreversible informational superiority in a setting where the abuse of information has more harm potential than overt and lethal state violence. The dangers you raise are hypothetical sci-fi. The dangers “AI safety” panickers create are real, immediate and arguably as bad as anything your evil AI god could realistically do, if not worse.

        • “….major tech corporations and governments to control and monopolize ….”

          A guy with a hammer might see every problem as a nail.

          There aren’t many professional AI Safety panikers around and they are ignored by governments and corporations too. Well, you don’t know this because you believe in your hammer.

      • I’ve just been served by gootube

        Unveiling the Darker Side of AI | Connor Leahy

        Connor is way more accessible than Robert I recommended above. Unlike me he is science believer but I guess one just must be if working in research. He is talking about AI stuff I tried to convey above.
        Video is 55 min long, highly likely too much even for corbetters. I hope 6 min won’t be too much starting from 37:50. Good ROI guaranteed.

    • Will, your video presentation was excellent! I have been thinking about Hegelian Dialectic since I first began hearing Musk and others of his ilk speaking about ‘regulation’. I will be gladly sharing your wonderful video. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  1. Elon supposedly
    supporting a Grifter who sells twitter engagement via bots
    (although he supposedly hates the twitter bots)
    and that same Grifter is supposedly a face for citizen journalism – but crappy (thus in the long run Elon promoting citizen journalism with shit quality as “the” citizen journalism)

    anyway a tidbit on Musk I wanted to share

  2. Simple explanation of how the vax was a complete mathematical fraud.
    Mathematical trick used to show efficacy in trials
    By using a 2 weeks delay period, the efficacy of any medicine can be completely faked.

    There were far more problems:

    1. Peter Doshi of British Medical Journal already pointed out that the
    efficacy was more like 19% instead of 90%, and discovered differences
    between the groups.
    He also showed that the absolute efficacy (how much does this
    influence a population) was less than 1%.
    That was based on the first studies with limited data.

    2. People with side-effects in the test-group were removed, the most
    common side-effect was (like) covid
    This causes the test-group to have less people that may get sick.

    3. Unblinding, causing the testers to use different standards
    People who were injected, were not even tested for covid due to bias
    of the nurses involved. (revealed in Texas)

    4. Fake trials (in Argentina, Brazil) No actual trials took place,
    and numbers were made up.

    5. Pfizer tried to keep documents hidden from the public, from which it
    was clear that the mRNA “vaccines” never worked. And that they were very dangerous.

    6. All tests show damage to the immune system in many different ways.
    More details at:

    7. The target group, old people, do not make enough antibodies.
    So it makes no sense.
    For healthy people, that do not get sick, the wrong antibodies are formed.
    IgG only works after the virus has reached the blood, which is they
    claim to “reduce hospitalizations”. So it was never meant “to stop spreading”.
    After the booster the body makes so much IgG4 that the immunity-system no
    longer fights the spike-protein and possible virus.

    I know most people here do not care, but this is an overview to
    help people that think that these injections can help.
    They were never designed to protect.

  3. I must practice my crazed maniacal laugh if I’m going to be Laughing “With” Tyrants… 😀

    • Haha. Good catch. The error will stand as a testament to my lack of proofreading ability!

    • At the 26 minute point he starts advocating for Voluntarism.
      Surprisingly, no one booed and he actually received a standing ovation at the end.

    • Max Igan is a drugged fucked fool, sorry, I have no better way of describing him…he has a few saving graces which I can’t bring to mind at this moment…

      So John Ruddick is our knight in shining armor is he? pretty sure we know this from the play book of problem reaction solution…he is going to strip the elitist of their society wide tools of manipulation is he??? we follow down Ruddicks path and we will arrive in the middle ages… The Hunger Games… Ruddick is but another pawn on the chess board as far as I am concerned

      Sorry Max that was very unkind of me, but some of the shit that comes out of your mouth man is plainly ignorant…

      • catalyst, I don’t know where you get your cool-aid, but I’ve been following Max for several years now and have nothing but the greatest respect for him.

        Is he 100% right about everything? Of course not. But he’s spot on most of the time.

        • lol, let’s get Corbett to do a special on the technologically advanced ancient country of Tartaria ???… like i said, he does have some saving graces, mainly in calling out governments and global institutions, but there are much better commentators that present all of what he is saying and more without the fairy tales…the fairy tales provide many with the copium they require to digest some basic truth… I remember max showing a video of a black smoke soliton cloud that had been produced by a diesel generator and trying to sell it as an unknown phenomena…he’s ignorant of many things and wrong about so much, he does not give this world what it needs…The people he appeals to are the people with a mind set akin to his own…pot heads

          • “Max Igan is a drugged fucked fool”

            “The people he appeals to are the people with a mind set akin to his own…pot heads”

            Catalyst, I’m so grateful for you having brought this to my attention. I feel so much better knowing that because Max Igan brought Mr Ruddick’s speech to my attention that I should disparage and disregard the man. He’s probably a stoner too!

            I would be very grateful to you if you could further assist me by providing a comprehensive list of so-called truthers who also imbibe of the demon weed.
            I know of some of them already. Like James Pilato for instance. So no more NWNW for me.
            Actually, according to your proclamation I’m going to have to stop listening to Corbett too since he associates with JEP and therefore simply must be a pot head also. I guess he just isn’t honest enough to admit it.

            So a list of Catalyst approved content providers would be really helpful.
            Your powers of discernment and complete infallible knowledge of the history of the world makes you extremely qualified for decreeing who should and shouldn’t be payed attention to.

            Thanks in advance. ?

            • You assume much Smith, Weed has its place, I have friends that indulge, i myself in the past…there is a culture that has developed in Australia and indeed globally that has resulted from a need to escape from an overbearing oppression, it has created many problems within social dynamics…sitting at home all day smoking bongs and playing GTA5 is not what this society needs…this demographic is not in the same vein as James Pilato… Max has damaged his brain from years of abuse, he is by no means the archetypal manifestation needed at this time, he is a relic of the past, as i said, he has some saving graces…you want to pay attention to max go for it… please come back and tell us all about Tartaria when you learn its secrets

              • “Max has damaged his brain from years of abuse,”

                Ah, you’re a brain specialist too! Wonderful.
                You’re so knowledgeable about so much. Its no wonder that you’ve no use for humility.

              • “Dictionary definitions accentuate humility as a low self-regard and sense of unworthiness. In a religious context humility can mean a recognition of self in relation to a deity, and subsequent submission to that deity as a member of that religion. Outside of a religious context, humility is defined as being “unselved”, a liberation from consciousness of self, a form of temperance that is neither having pride nor indulging in self-deprecation”

                I believe the last section would be the relevant meaning of reference… I can say honestly that i have only ever experienced reality from my perspective as self… we should all have a healthy sense of self…not selfishness, self awareness…

                It doesn’t take a brain “specialist” psychologist? neurologist? to work out Max has some base layer issues.

              • The trauma he experienced as a child would have no doubt played a role as well

              • “Be careful not to mistake insecurity and inadequacy for humility! Humility has nothing to do with the insecure and inadequate! Just like arrogance has nothing to do with greatness!”
                ― C. JoyBell C.

                “Stay hungry, stay young, stay foolish, stay curious, and above all, stay humble because just when you think you got all the answers, is the moment when some bitter twist of fate in the universe will remind you that you very much don’t.”
                ― Tom Hiddleston

                I love wise quotes. Don’t you?

              • I love them better when in context to something…

                Did you run out of words and ideas of your own? 😀

              • I’ve listened to some of Max Igan’s content and he didn’t seem brain damaged to me, or even like someone who smokes weed on a daily basis. But I don’t know the guy personally so I have no idea what he does. I have found some of his past content very good. But this is my opinion.

                You do raise a good point about the “weed culture” that has developed among many young people who do appear to use this like any other drug of escape. Perhaps some have replaced an alcohol addiction. I haven’t looked at any studies on how long term excessive weed use effects cognition but have heard anecdotally from one person that she thinks it damaged her memory.

                I think that on a subconscious level people know something in the world is wrong and they want to escape. I understand this desire. Having had a drug addiction in my 20s and know that it does not help in the long run and if a drug does cause damage a person will regret it later.

                Looking at it through a harm reduction lens, weed is far less physiologically harmful than other drugs on most individuals. But addiction to anything becomes a form of mental slavery. That’s how I see it anyway.

                I personally don’t use it very much, actually not for many years because of my line of work and I don’t really find the effects very pleasant since it is an incomplete psychedelic. I would rather have a full experience if I am going to indulge in a substance like that.

                But some people use it responsibly on occasion or not in large doses and they appear to have normal functioning minds, at least this is my observation of people I know personally. So I think the dose probably matters.

              • Another thing to keep in mind is that Max is older now, possibly in his 70s. Some people start to decline cognitively at that time and it seems to be largely affected by genetics, or genetic susceptibility. This is my guess anyway.

                Some people like G Edward Griffin on the other hand appear to have retained all of his mental faculties despite being in his 90s. He also walks without a cane as well. I’m very impressed by him. I hope that I am one of the lucky ones who are able to maintain most of their faculties in old age if I make it that long.

                Ron Paul similarly seems to have retained his intellect into his 80s.

                My point is that the aging process alone can cause a decrease in cognition and even people who abstain from mind altering substances are still susceptible to age related changes.

                I think substance use as one gets older should probably be minimized or eliminated if someone wants to stay sharp.

              • Max and Friends dig their own graves…all he is serving to do is place a stain on the “alternative” narrative(in the eyes of those still sleeping)…He compromises the work of the likes of Corbett, Webb & Neil Oliver, (in the eyes of those still sleeping).
                I challenge anyone defending Max to watch this entire video in full and still take him seriously.(you may loose a few brain cells in the process, sorry in advance)


          • catalyst I’m not prepared to debate with you on the quality of Max Igan’s work (perhaps someone else will be interested).

            I would however like to ask you a few questions.

            Did you watch the video that was recommended above?
            If so, what did you think about it?
            If you didn’t watch it, was it simply because Max Igan recommended it?
            And finally, if you didn’t watch it because Igan recommended it, do you think he is capable of recommending anything worthwhile?

            • I’m also not prepared to debate, his work speaks for itself…???

          • Towers, of course, I watched the speech in full before commenting. Max has zero bearing on my decision making processes from affirmative or negative action.I watch most things and discern accordingly…have fun watching the link i provided ???…let me know how your grey matter is feeling after you absorb it.

            • “what did i think about it”. If we go down the path he is suggesting it will give the Technocrates precisely what they want(and whats more it won’t actually happen, it’s pure hopium). Volunteerism might only work if adopted at a state level and if kept shielded from Web3(not viable)…DARPA are already on top of the system, collapse society back to the feudal age now and we’ll be slaves forever, especially with fools like Max as shepherds. Ruddick wants to conduct a “Royal commission” so we are reinforcing and legitimising royal rule are we?..I think not..I am not an animal in a cage…not yet…Ruddick is a part of the boys club, he’s been in play for decades…Ruddick is just more distraction whilst they finish installing the digital prison.

              • In a sense society is already volunteerism, it is built into the fabric of reality… there is nothing stopping anyone adopting the principal,the government might fine you but don’t legitimise it by paying, I don’t. The Australian government have punished me my entire life for being born of a low sociodemographic, I won’t reward threats with compliance, no one should…You comply with psychopaths and it just makes things much worse, it essentially normalises psychopathy…I think Corbett has an episode on the matter

            • Is this the best Max video you can offer, or simply the most recent?
              I was bored after the first 5 minutes or so, so I stopped watching.

              Probably more a reflection of the poor quality of content from the interviewer than from Max.

              Sorry. ?

      • Hi catalyst, I just wanted to let you know that I stop reading when I come across filthy language and afterward tend to skip lightly over comments by those entities for fear of more of the same. It may not make a difference to you, but after about 50 years of holding my tongue, I have decided to start speaking up for myself as well as the others that are still tongue-tied on this issue. I was once thanked by a man by when I dared to ask a speaker at the state house in Concord to please keep it family friendly, which he did thereafter. 🙂

      • Lilac, I can’t say I have lead a sheltered life in many regards, Privileged on a global standard yes, but living amongst a certain social demographic in Australia has had a very particular effect on my vocabulary… treat my filthy forms of expressions as verbal leprosy and try to see past it, your words no doubt will have some effect in “healing” my affliction. Take care

    • Corbettians will also recognise this as “Hopium”

    • Only comment from me to Australia is:??????
      Agree with Max Igan 100%

      Thanks for sharing the link ?

    • Thanks for the link Steve, I just finished watching the entire speech.
      This man is to be greatly commended for the truth he is sharing with the world.
      Too bad he couldn’t squeeze in 9/11 too. 🙂

  4. I can’t find the research tool that shows links between people, can someone help out? I’ve perused 4 of James’ archive vid’s on “resources” and “search tools” but can’t locate.

    The existing community and especially new visitors might benefit from a “Research Tools” tab on the home page.. links to your previous insights on the topic and direct links to web archive etc, a brief description of the principals of journalism(very brief)….. I reckon it might be well received and offer an extremely useful Hub.

    You might even include within it a “research project” listing where members can indicate topics they are researching and members can send each other insights they may have.

    In that way, various clandestine entities will no doubt try to infiltrate and we can play our own version of “Among Us” every Friday night…and what’s more, technocrats can then have the activities of the community digested by Watson A.I. so as to influence us, create counter narratives and even start deconstructing any links we find on the greater NET :D… what a wonderful world we live in… can’t have any fun anymore…

    • littlesis.org
      “LittleSis is a free database of who-knows-who at the heights of business and government”

  5. REFERENCE data – Vaccine Safety Debate

    Jefferey Jaxen – June 29, 2023

    This article contains an excellent digest of recent and past events surrounding vaccine safety, with source links.
    Included is the Stanley Poltkin deposition video.
    Also included is the story of Aaron Siri, Robert Kennedy, Del Bigtree meeting with Fauci and Collins, which eventually “exposes the public health skeletons in the closet regarding the stunning lack of safety science underpinning the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule.”

  6. I’ve penned the stuff below this winter.


    We are at war. The World is at war.

    Maybe it doesn’t look like it, because you are more familiar with a different presentation of war. This is a postmodern war.
    War is destruction. With war nihilism reigns. Almost, because nihilism is in its essence only a label, you cannot formulate it with consistency. Nihilism is nothingness, the abyss, death is probably preferable, but not in Schopenhauer’s sense, a life denying sense. Nietzsche is also of no help here with his life affirming sophistry.

    Moral discourse in our era is an empty shell devoid of meaning (Alasdair MacIntyre: After Virtue), a verbal masturbation, because the final cause (Aristotle) is missing, that is application to praxis. Elections are a perfect example, an exercise in choosing the lesser evil, that will bring about the ascent of just another bunch of liars, many of them outright degenerate instances of human beings. Another one is casualties of war. Civilian casualties are regularly emphasized, women and children in particular. Dead, crippled, etc. soldiers are mentioned in a separate chapter together with tanks, planes, artillery pieces, of course, with a dutifully dignity to hide they’ve been dehumanized in the first place.
    What is left of morality is the part that is wired in our brains, somehow unconsciousness is the last defense line for a social rational animal. Tragedy.

    We are witnessing the destruction of most aspects of life, our minds are under attack by absurd ideas that have gained social prominence. Yes, the so called left-right divide, the fakery in its finest. Victor Alekseyevich Efimov nailed it perfectly in his lecture How to Rule the World. People must always be presented with a choice between two options at least. All of them must be a lie, because if they were ever presented with a choice between truth and lie they might chose truth. But truth is so important, so sacred, it must be hidden behind the wall of lies.

    • An excellent example is the non-debate between equality-of-opportunity and equality-of-outcome. The majority would be surprised that even Marx didn’t support the idea of equality-of-outcome. The whole non-debate actually bastardizes the idea of equality itself.
      First position doesn’t take into account the birth lottery, it’s plainly unattainable under the current socioeconomic order. On top, it renders the idea of equality meaningless since it discards the final outcome, the purpose, as relevant. Proponents of second option just can’t grasp that their idea is unattainable from the get go, we are not born equal, every attentive parent knows a child is not a tabula rasa. The outcome idea might only be possible with a brutal social-engineering that would put some other values in jeopardy.
      But finally, the squabble prevents a possible transposition of non-debate into a debate about fairness. Two lies to hide the truth, in my not so humble opinion. Do I hear: “Life is not fair (Period)?”

      In his lecture Efimov presents a schema of Conceptual Governing. The schema has six levels. On the bottom is repression, police, army. The highest level of managing the cattle is performed by a means of worldview. Probably you heard utterances like: “Life is not fair (Period)”, “War is in our DNA (Period)”. People declare them as facts of life, they will defend them with a fervor resembling religious devoutness. In fact, this is their faith, by which I mean a religion that doesn’t necessitate God. If a lie gets incorporated in a worldview rational argumentation against is futile. There is no use pointing out that standing armies managed by a state are the biggest obstacle for peace. Worldview incapacitates the mind of even exercising “blasphemous” e.i. different thoughts.

      Let’s get back to the war.

      When did it start?
      I don’t know. Maybe 9/11. Maybe with the orange incarnation of Zaphod Beeblebrox and his trade wars, his anti-intellectualism and war on decency. Maybe in the seventies after the elites realized that the plebs at the end of the sixties simply got too arrogant with their demands: be Realistic, demand the Impossible.

      I predicted a war in Ukraine, although I wasn’t completely precise since I expected Ukraine to strike first. I don’t have a crystal ball. I’m from ex-Yugoslavia and vividly remember the prelude to war, fomenting of nationalist feelings, dehumanization, propaganda with an afterburner. It started gently, gradually and then intensified exponentially. It’s the same with Ukraine, but with more perfidious choreography.

      • At the end of 2021 Russia presented security demands to the USA that were in essence an ultimatum, just or else was absent. I was shocked when the USA replied with fuck off, but flabbergasted how people and the media I was following, both preoccupied with pandemic stuff, completely missed the gravity of the situation. When the war started I hoped truckers for freedom would somehow metamorphise into truckers for peace. How? I don’t know…with god’s providence if that is necessary…. yeah, irreparable optimist.

        How we haven’t been able to mount protests after almost one year? Protests with a single motto: PEACE. But, please, not peace & love, not in my presence, because I’m prone to bestiality syndrome if one is too pushy. Peace & love might be the outcome of flourishing humanity, we are not even close.

        Probably the most unreachable are those who bought into NATO propaganda and jumped on the wagon labeled: Ukraine the embodiment of Virtue.
        Then there are those who rightfully think that Russia has been cornered into war. They are also fighting a just war against Nazism. How on earth could one be against fighting Nazism, the supposed embodiment of Evil that cannot be outdone, as we have been indoctrinated.
        Then, some people simply just don’t care. Don’t care in a positive sense, people whose life philosophy is: let me be, I won’t stomp a single bug, just would like to live my life. Unfortunately, these people sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of history. I don’t blame them because of their nature, because this might lead to unusual and cruel punishment for them. The problem is, those people who abuse them for their nefarious agendas. We have a testimony from Norman Dodd that the elites at the very beginning of the previous century elaborated what would be the best approach to change society (social-engineering) and concluded: War. For those motherfuckers, any and each of them, my best wish is: long life, terrible illness. I couldn’t care less if I just got a truck load on my karma.

        Basically, two options to choose from, two lies, two half-truths, if you prefer, so you cannot see the third, the truth that your best option is peace.
        This war is different and I can’t escape the feeling that people don’t recognize things are becoming beyond ugly, I’m tempted to use the word ghastly. Hemingway comes to my mind: “How did you go bankrupt? Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.“

        Those custodians of the Doomsday Clock moved it and they say 90 seconds. I’m not here to sell you MAD fear porn. I would like to convince you of the possibility of something much worse and more insidious in my opinion, but not with a purpose to scare the shit out of you.
        I would like you to consider the following plausible scenario that includes nukes, where nukes would be used in a smart way, in a clean and justifiable way for Joe Sixpack and Ivan Vodka.

        • Several escalations of the conflict are behind us, the latest being NATO’s promise of tanks. But before the tanks and other iron-works arrive and become effective, Russia will have its move. The move is kind of delayed, Russia’s general Winter let them down, probably he is tormented and somewhere swimming in vodka. Since the Ukrainian army is quite battered at this time, we can expect some serious gains by Russians in the near future.
          It’s hard to say how much back and forth there will be in the next year or two, both sides pledged they are in it for the long run. We might see neighboring countries help Ukrainian F-16s to operate from their airfields and get immediate midair refuel assistance by NATO air-tankers to enhance endurance, while all involved denying they are de facto co-belligerents according to the rules based world order.
          I believe the longer the war lasts the less territory will be left for Ukraine, and at some point Russians might advance towards Odessa. Americans might not like the idea of a landlocked Ukraine and engage the 101st airborne, currently stationed in Romania, to defend Odessa. The brigade is a formidable unit, but in terms of armour, artillery and with deficient air cover, it’s a midget compared to the Russian army. I’m pretty sure Russians wouldn’t hesitate to attack them and here is a perfect situation for one or two small tactical nukes, a third of Hiroshima, no biggie, merely a bigger bomb. They had to protect “our boys” against the onslaught of the Russian hordes and they’ve been told in advance and ….Ukraine approved the use of nukes….they didn’t nuke Russia proper and… Russia should stick with their nuclear doctrine….Yeah, indeed. Revenge is the name of the game for every army and it is best served cold. A week later the American base on Diego Garcia in the Indian ocean is vaporized together with the island. And one or two aircraft carriers zirconized to equalize the body count. An even smarter and cleaner move not to mention just.

          Believe me, I could continue “deranged scribblings” with sweeties from hell like nuclear tsunami (oh, so clean) for quite awhile without MAD entering the scene.

          But how would it be with people in the mean time, people that are already on the verge because of free-floating anxiety (Mattias Desmet) and additionally tortured by an economic crisis, people that have been indoctrinated for decades that nukes = MAD = end of the World?

          I don’t know.
          I would rather not think about it.
          But I can imagine Klaus in this situation blowing his wad like never in his life before!

          Are you ready for peace?


          wired in our brains

          Victor Alekseyevich Efimov


          Norman Dodd

          birth lottery


    • The Globalist, Editor in Chief,
      The depths you are exploring are filled with sharks and sting rays.
      One of those fish may be a covert spy, or possibly a mole. If the mole is one of yours I salute you!
      I will not waste you time except to point out the Freudian slip your mole man made when he posted this: Laughing WITH Tyrants. Not “AT” It happened precisely on,
      07/02/2023 at 9:35 am

      I have long suspected his soddy reporting as not very convincing as a despicable truther. For Christs sake he can’t edit either. Could you have found a better agent who wouldn’t blow his cover with an amateur Freudian slip. Come on! Next time hire an American, or South African with a tan and some hair for fuks sake.
      Thank you Editor in Chief;
      Sincerely, your supporter in the world of integrity
      General Washer ,
      Adj. Commander of the Bottle Brigade .

      • Have you not yet learned that we Globalists do not agonise over trifles like “mistakes”?

        Mistakes shmistakes.

        Carry on with your business sir.

        But thank you for your input.

    • Flat Earth. We Globalists started that movement and it’s going marvellously well thank you.


    • Hey, Mr. Global, I have a neighbour who refuses to get triple dosed. Some trite bull about how his old lady got a quadruple stroke. I told him that it would have been that much worse had she not had the fifth shot. Besides, the stroke to shot ratio is 4 to 5, so that’s proof of high efficiency. 80%. I can almost guarantee there is going to be a fifth stroke soon in the future, making it 100% efficient.

      Anyhow, I was scheming to teach this guy a lesson by dropping a piano on his head from four floors up. What initially appeared as a well thought plan was foiled by the fact I don’t have a piano. Can you send over some goons so that they can hold him down while I kick him in the head? Maybe they could also bring along a piano.

      • Sounds like you are doing too much of your own dirty work there Mister Mkey. We could send some people over but they don’t mess around. You said this guy is a neighbour? If that’s the case, you’d be better off asking someone else for help. Our guys would basically torch the entire neighbourhood, and that’s only if they’re in a good mood. We’ve tried to get them to be more discreet but they just love mayhem so much we kind of just let them at it.

        Sorry about that but best of luck with your plans to kill that guy. He sounds like a real self righteous pain in the neck.


        Charles Foster Kane.

  7. Shadow reserves — how China hides trillions of dollars of hard currency
    Business & Technology

    China has a lot of foreign exchange reserves that do not show up in the official books of the People’s Bank of China. Those funds have been hidden in the state banks, and largely escaped scrutiny.


    Corbett Episode 297 – China and the New World Order is a good place to start to understand the relevance.

  8. How old are you if you were born in Korea?

    South Korea Turns Back Clock for Citizens

    South Korean citizens became “younger” last Wednesday following the enactment of a new law that reformed the country’s method of counting age.

    The South Korean government passed legislation in December 2022 to do away with its traditional method of measuring the age of its citizens. Under the previous system, an infant is deemed one year old at birth, and one year is added every January 1. Hypothetically — and in reality for some — a person could be born on New Year’s Eve and turn two the following day.

    The new law now requires the use of the more internationally-recognized method for measuring age, which adds years based on the time that has passed after one’s date of birth, according to Reuters.

    Following the enactment of the new law on June 28, South Korean citizens became one to two years “younger,” depending on their birthday. The international method of age-keeping has been used in the country since the 1960s for citing age on medical forms and legal documents. In contrast, the traditional method was used in everyday life.

    A poll by the Ministry of Government revealed that 80% of South Korean citizens favored adopting the international system. Officials said they believe the move to the international method will provide a measure of simplicity as it takes effect.

    “We expect legal disputes, complaints, and social confusion that have been caused over how to calculate ages will be greatly reduced,” said Lee Wan-kyu, minister of government legislation, Reuters reported….

  9. U.S. government interest payments almost $2 billion PER DAY

    Mike Jones (Mike Jones Investing – YouTube Channel) goes over the National Debt of $32-$33 trillion and the cost to service that debt at the 2 minute mark.
    Smart Money Just Flipped On This Position, Plus Insiders Sold $1.1 Billion of This Stock!

    Around the 5:23 minute mark, he starts to explain how the billionaires really control the government, the Fed, and the markets.

    Personally, I really enjoy watching Mike Jones Investing. He’s a real guy, very grounded and balanced, with some ‘real’ and smart folks in his community. Often wry, Mike’s humor is a nice touch. Excellent research and direct observations in his reporting.
    Anyone that is paying attention understands that the stock markets do not make any sense. This “disconnect with major recession indicators” is especially noticable with the “euphoric melt-up” in stocks during the first half of 2023.
    Like Jones says: “It is what it is.”

  10. Mr. Corbett,

    Damn you for causing me to laugh, and not just a bit either. It was raucous.

    This Kane chap is trouble. I lost so much equanimity that I had to blow my nose. Where, pray tell, can I send the bill to Kane for this incurred expense?

    Nonetheless, his article on NATO struck a nerve. He had not covered as broad a range of the benefits of NATO as he should. I felt compelled (I’m even repeating myself here) to add further detail via a comment. The article is better for it. I’m glad to have helped.


    But, let me be clear, I’m with the Irish lass, McEntee. Laughter is dangerous and we must all guard against it spreading like a plague.

    Do not succumb!

    In all sincerity,


    • James,

      I might have been wrong about Kane. He’s onto something with McEntee. There is an insidious attack on our youth, a diversion of public funds towards children and adult programs designed to make people laugh. I took the ideas to their natural conclusion.

      Its a scam to fund the clowns.

      We are in serious trouble.


      As an aside, the tissue expenses are mounting.

    • James,

      Are you aware that Kane is making scurrilous accusations? Are you practicing “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”? Is this some subtle plot to divest yourself of your community and recover the freedom of teaching English to the Japanese? Have you trapped yourself into a box of telling the truth?



      PS: Ignore the YesXorNo imposter above.

    • Ice Pick,

      Thank you for helping me to find Mr. Kane. With the small presence I have at Substack I shall defend his right to proselytize the Globalist cause, and stand in solidarity with him.

      Despite his recent article on you, his heart is in the right place, defending NATO and Gates and attacking dangerous developments like laughter.

      Now, here’s a note from our sponsors …

  11. Observations from the heartland.
    Happy Fourth of July. I invite everyone to join me here at the barbeque with all the cold drinks, firecrackers and universal love we can muster. Wait till dark you won’t believe the aerial bombardments we have in-store.

    Reexamination, Can be very enlightening.
    JC was peaking in this flash back episode as he still is with today’s drop. The comments reveal some insights of the overarching weight of the propaganda machine of that time. It’s been present in larger numbers since, and invite you to compare those previous comments with today’s. But hey mate do it tomorrow you got to party today, it’s a Holliday.


    Counter intelligence was there as it is in James latest on “Sanctions as act of war”
    Questions for Corbett;
    If America dropped those pesky sanctions would our southern border crisis disapear. How was counter intelligence used there?.
    Are we headed for France 2.0?

    Competition is a sin, how has a few been given legislated,or decreed, monopolies over trade by sanctions through exemptions? Does it destroy economic activity at home? Who has gone farther than Bechtel? in doing this.?

    Are you trying to explode our heads with your stimulating thought provoking episodes such as this like kid with a fire ant pile and a cherrybomb?, M80?

    I think so , I will ask the guests at today’s party that and get back to you .

    Cheers !

  12. DUTY – Order out of chaos
    Robert F Kennedy, Jr. shares some of his philosophy and approach to life.

    Part 1 of 2

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Having the Courage to Speak Your Truth & How to Create a United Community
    QUEUED 26:25

    “I feel like I’m very fortunate. You know, I think about that a lot. My mom has always said that if she hears anybody kind of feeling sorry for themselves, she says “Everybody takes their licks, and you guys were lucky”. Which we were, because …there’s a lot of kids in in Watts and Harlem or…Appalachia who hasn’t a Dad and they don’t have what we had, which was
    this huge family that was very, very supportive, and had a deep…religious and spiritual background that was part of our gestalt in our home growing up, a loving family and kind of a legacy that made sense out of the chaos that brought some order to the chaos, and some direction to us. And then the resources – that we could go get educations without a lot of struggle…
    …I had resources where I could do that. And I could get into almost any place that I wanted to, and then I had a lot of people around me who supported me.
    So, I feel like my life was fortunate…”

    [BOOK STORY and Sisyphus]
    ”…That act (described in the book), that sacrifice that he makes of doing his duty brings order to the chaos…and meaning to this very, very chaotic universe…
    …The big hero of the stoics was Sisyphus. …cursed by the gods to push a stone up the hill for all of eternity…and do it again. But in the minds of the stoics, Sisyphus was a happy man because he put his shoulder to the wheel. He knew what his duty was and he did it.
    And that is kind of how we contribute to the order of the universe…”

    • Part 2 of 2
      ”…a lot of people have said to me…that I’ve suffered a lot; the loss of… …
      …And I’ve lost almost all of them…
      And people say: “Oh, that’s very hard on you.”
      I feel like: No. That’s not hard on me. It’s a privilege to have something, a duty that I’m supposed to do.

      “The way that I try to live my life is: I never make predictions, and I try to have no expectations. Because if you don’t have expectations, then you never get disappointed.
      The only thing that I have control over is my own conduct, a little piece of real estate inside my own shoes.
      And you know, I have to get up every morning and say: “Reporting for Duty, Sir.”
      And then go out, and push the rock up the hill.
      Whether I get it over there or not is irrelevant.
      Whether I win the Presidency or not is ultimately irrelevant. “

      I only have control over what I do on a day-to-day basis. The outcomes are all in God’s hands, and I have to have faith in that. But I can feel peaceful and content within myself, which is ultimately the objective as long as I continue to be of service and just keep doing the next right thing…”

      ”…I’ll just tell you one other thing: If you live your life in that way, it gives you a resilience…”
      [Environmental advocacy analogy]
      ”…I can never be defeated because every time I get knocked down, I’m just gonna stand up again. Because it’s irrelevant to me and that has made me relentless.”
      — Sisyphus —
      Because of revealing their secrets and also cleverly not complying with the Authoritarian gods, Sisyphus was forced to roll a huge stone up a hill for all eternity.

      • @ HRS, I’m so eger to hear what you have in store for us with regards to RFKjr. It’s gonna be good ,I can just feel it.
        Sisyphus never asked what would happen if he walked away from his duty. Like The Donald experience,and Wilber Ross’s intervention with Zeus i.e. Evelyn Rothschild.
        Who owns this politically owned man. Who is his Wilber Ross? Pure speculation here is he has a jaded past and was bailed out and now must,like Sisyphus attend to his duty. He hung with Epstein as did The Donald. This trial lawyer can deliver all these hip chatter conspiracy theories that mesmerize the inquiring mind. Just like the Donald did with just one phrase, “deep state”


        • “ He hung with Epstein as did The Donald.”

          I would be interested in learning some of the details about that. I’m not finding much with a cursory search though.
          Could you please share your source for this or point me in the right direction with a link?

          • I now understand why I couldn’t find anything in my searches. I thought you were referring to RFK.
            I obviously need to read more carefully.

            • Thanks.
              So RFK’s name is on the list.

              “Who Flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ Plane?
              Donald J. Trump
              Bill Clinton
              Kevin Spacey
              Chris Tucker
              Bill Gates
              Prince Andrew
              Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
              Violinist Itzhak Perlman
              U.S. Sen. John Glenn
              Former Senate majority leader George Mitchell“

              I imagine that some intrepid reporter is sure to ask him about the details eventually.
              I don’t suppose that everyone who ever flew on the plane was involved in questionable activities but it would be good to hear what the candidate himself has to say.

              Just out of curiosity, were you referring to RFK or the Wilbur Ross fellow in your original comment?
              Just checking on my reading comprehension. 🙂

            • Interestingly, RFK interviewed Whitney Webb about her book “One Nation Under Blackmail” in May of 2021.
              I’ve not listened to it yet but plan on doing so.


              I also came across a video titled “Jeffrey Epstein BLACKMAILED Bill Gates & RFK Jr. Connection? (clip)“

              (Add the http) ://rumble.com/v2psw65-jeffrey-epstein-blackmailed-bill-gates-and-rfk-jr.-connection-clip.html

              At the 38 minute mark of this video, the host shows and reads an excerpt from Whitney’s book where she interviewed RFK.

              Apparently, according to RFK, his involvement with Epstein and Maxwell and his two flights on Epstein’s plane were a result of a relationship between Maxwell and his former wife Mary Richardson.
              One flight was a fossil hunting trip to South Dakota and the other was a trip to Florida to see Ethel Kennedy.
              RFK said the flights were arranged by the former wife and that his two older children were with them on both.
              According to Kennedy, on the fossil hunting trip, Epstein became irritated by the rambunctious children and had the pilot put down in Chicago where he deplaned and found another way home leaving poor Maxwell in tears.

              Its really starting to sound like the Newsweek article is simply another baseless attack on Kennedy.

            • “Well, I’ll be.”
              (Ya have to verbally say it to grasp the Gomer Pyle accent.)

              • Homie RS.
                At this point I believe the expression would be :
                Shazam!Shazam! Shazam!
                I tell you he’d make a fine trial lawyer. Probably an excellent poker player too. Hard to read. The older stuff in Conn. showed some real authority. Can he prosecute like Dad though? The Yellow dog Democrats I’ve polled around here , [today all were Catholic] were cold to the man. It really floored me.
                One gal said “oh he’s anti- vax” I wondered if she may have been from south of the border with her mental resources for that?
                Nuts so far here! Reporting from the saddle sitting North of the cocklbur called Texas.

    • My thoughts on supporting…
      Robert F Kennedy, Jr’s campaign for President


      On the June Open Thread, there are a variety of comments concerning RFK, Jr.
      [Keyboard Ctrl + F to open a “Search Box” for keywords on that webpage.]

      *****5 Star Stellar Speech by RFK, Jr regarding the “War Mentality”
      Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. “Peace & Diplomacy” 6-20-23 @ “Team Kennedy”
      ~~WWW corbettreport.com/june-open-thread-2023/#comment-151626

      • Lex Fridman has over 3 million YouTube subscibers. He did a long form interview with Robert F Kennedy, Jr. published July 6th.

        2:13:42 – God
        This segment was captivating and is actually an extention of RFK’s talk about Sisyphus which was mentioned north on the July Open Thread.

        Synchronicity is a concept first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl G. Jung “to describe circumstances that appear meaningfully related yet lack a causal connection.”

        • Hey HRS, I thought you might be interested to know….

          RFK Jr was recently in my neck of the woods. I had hoped to go to the event. It didn’t work out, but some friends of mine did go. It was at a farm, and with all the rain we’ve had this summer, there was a lot of mud. My friend said there were about 500 people there. We used to rent a 20’x100’ garden space at that farm years ago (before we cut trees on our land and had room for gardens) from the previous owner before he retired and sold it.

          Anyway, my friend said RFK Jr’s main message was that people can’t afford to buy houses. Especially TEACHERS can’t afford to buy houses, and so instead of having a person co-sign for a house purchase, he wants the GOVERNMENT to co-sign so more people can buy houses.

          I asked …. Isn’t that what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were about and isn’t that what the problem was in 2008?

          I will try to get her husband’s take on what happened at the event, but apparently that was his main selling point.

          • the lilac dragonfly says:
            “RFK Jr’s main message was that people can’t afford to buy houses… …he wants the GOVERNMENT to co-sign so more people can buy houses.”

            Yes, he has been repeating those talking points at many venues.
            As I understand it, his plan includes the idea that the government will sell bonds which will finance the “co-signing” of first-time home buyers at low interest rates.
            That is a simple viable plan with virtually no downside.

            He also plans to change the tax code which would make it less profitable for big corporations to buy big blocks of single family homes.
            Between 1/4 and 1/5 of all homes in America are owned by investors, – not families.

            • Virtually no downside of more government funding, another government program, the government stepping in to help people that are too big a risk to buy houses…?

  13. “I’m not seeing strong evidence one way or the other.
    After more than a century, you’d think the evidence would be very strong, clear and easily demonstrated.”

    I think you are looking in the wrong direction.
    Maybe look up in an older Encyclopedia from before the internett. In your case, for kids.

    “Even asking these questions around normies practically gets you burned at the stake, which is always a red flag.”

    We are not normies, but we will still tell you to stfu with that nonsense.
    The red flag is the belief that nature did not INVENT viruses, but Bill Gates and his cuckbuddies did.

    Viruses are everywhere, thanks to a virus, we dont have a certain kind of sweet banana anymore.

    • When you talk trash, you should always speak from the first person singular perpective. Using plural in hopes of acquiring stature makes you look childish. Infantly, even.

  14. Hey all, just wanted to swing by and share a fun recipe with you fine folks.

    If you are bored and wanna create something interesting (and extremely nutritious/delicious) check it out! 😉

    Enter: ??? ? ????? ?????-?????? ????


    The above linked recipe has a main theme of Korean flavors but this meal is also a passport and an invitation to embark upon a pilgrimage with your senses to visit several different cultures. It includes region specific ingredients that invite your senses to explore the rich an illustrious culture of northern Japan, the lush and raw beauty of the Hawaiian islands, the plentiful jungles of southeast Asia, the fertile foothills of the Himalayas, the rugged and beautiful mountains of Patagonia as well as the mighty and majestic Great Lakes of Turtle Island (aka “North America”.)

    This dish includes 5 different ancient ‘grains’ from three continents and 4 different wild fermented probiotic ingredients with roots in 3 different cultures (including wild fermented turmeric, ginger, kimchi and adzuki bean miso paste).

    Enjoy! 🙂

    I hope everyone’s gardens are overflowing with abundance and the metaphorical seeds you have been planting in each of your communities are also beginning to set down roots and yield a harvest.

    • Gavinm,you get ?? and a Yum Yum too. Excellent bit a work.

    • Thanks! Looks delicious!

  15. Another medical kidnapping ongoing in Missouri, u s a. Interview by Teryn Gregson, PGA journalist fired for not taking the covid shot, now podcasting with We The Patriots usa. Four children medically kidnapped because the parents used a natural treatment (chlorine dioxide) to treat their 6-year-old autistic son, who had been making huge progress over the past 8 or so months.

    I am outraged and would like to strangle some people. If it were me and my child, I would be out of my mind.


    • BUMP !
      BUMP !
      BUMP !

      Jones Plantation Official Trailer #1
      2 1/2 minutes

    • Larken and the director whose name sadly escapes me now have pulled a gargantuan effort when making this movie. Hopefully they’ll manage to break even, but I don’t expect this to become a blockbuster. Maybe a ballbuster.

    • What a fascinating and disturbing fractal representation of the global “plantation” many are now helping to build, living on and being actively herded into.

      The premise/story of the film also makes me think of the following quote (which I slightly adapted below).

      “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological (and/or quasi-financial/psychological warfare?) method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.”

      – Aldous Huxley (1962)

  16. Things that Inspire

    List some.

    • Seeing how much stupidity is out there makes me get back to the baseline on daily basis. And forces me to realize how much work is still required. That’s somewhat inspiring as it is something that is doable.

      Certainly a lot better than believing in a mass awakening. Coming to terms with reality is more important than writing letters to Santa.

    • @HRS

      For me, I always find the most meaningful, lasting (and universally applicable) forms of inspiration, solace, healing, wisdom, courage, purpose and clarity through looking closely at the architecture of Creation in the wilderness.

      Human designed structures, human invented/transcribed words, human art and human ideas can be beautiful and inspiring yes, but (to me) those things pale in comparison to the beauty and ancient truth that is embodied in that which was brought into being by God.

      The Creator and the living planet Earth offer us ‘schematics’ for regenerating this world, re-structuring society, healing and optimizing our health, and creating wonderous things that can serve to be life affirming (rather than being life extracting/diminishing, as much of our dominant society and way of life currently is in the so called ‘developed’ countries). Those schematics and designs for creating a more honorable, abundant, honest, humble, equitable, compassionate, symbiotic and spiritually nourishing way of structuring society, communities, homes and ways of interacting with our fellow non-human beings are woven into the geometry, interconnectivity, relationships and poetry for the senses offered to us when we observe something as seemingly simple as a flower, a bee, a leaf, a root (and their mycorrhizal connections), a forest, mountain brook or a single dewdrop in a spider’s web.

      Here are some moments captured through my lens from the month of June where I was seeking to observe and interpret those ‘schematics’ and designs for creating a more beautiful human experience and civilization.


      • BEAUTY !

        Thanks Gavin.

    • JC’s optimism and also the good that is shared in the comment section here are inspiring. You share some really excellent information and I like the health information you have shared too.

      Other things, or places that inspire me are similar to what Gavinm lists below. Nature inspires me.

      Actions inspire me too. When I actually do something in the real world, I become inspired. Even small things can inspire me to improve and try to achieve a new goal.

      Exercise and some foods inspire me (I think) that increase natural neurotransmitters likely involved in inspiration. This is indirect, but nevertheless effective to promote positive mood in order to be more receptive to inspiration.

      You mention things that inspire, but people also inspire me too. Acts of kindness, bravery, honesty, creativity, and all the good traits human beings are capable of inspires me. So when I see an example of this, I become inspired.

      Music inspires me too. I find that good music can have a significant effect on my levels of inspiration.

      • cu.h.j
        I definitely resonate with the things you mention.

  17. Thursday July 6, 2023 – Associated Press (via Yahoo Finance)
    Glitches in Japan’s unpopular MyNumber digital ID cards draw a flood of complaints

    EXCERPTS (not in sequence)
    …Many Japanese, never having had to get national IDs, were leery about the system to begin with and many have never gotten MyNumber cards. The most recent estimates are that about 77% of all Japanese have one.

    Japan’s reputation for attention to detail and quality technology also has been cast into question by cybersecurity lapses and failures in online banking and stock trading systems.

    Despite the tide of public opposition, the government is eager to push ahead with MyNumber.
    It allocated 2 trillion yen ($14 billion) in public money as bonus “points” or shopping discounts for people who get MyNumber cards. The big push for its use in health care is aimed at compelling the last holdouts to get them. [End of article]

    …Under MyNumber, launched in 2016, people get a card with a photo and embedded IC chip. Officials already are talking about issuing totally new cards in 2026, apparently to start afresh.

    After thousands of complaints about mistaken identities related to MyNumber this year alone, Kono’s suggestion that the system be renamed set off an uproar…

    TOKYO (AP) — The minister charged with an overhaul of Japan’s digitized system to assign a number to everyone living in the country has apologized, as doctors protested glitches with health insurance and local governments begged Thursday for clarity on how to handle the problems.

    The MyNumber, or “MaiNa” for short, system has clearly gone afoul.

    The government has ordered a total rechecking of MyNumber data, one by one, “mechanically,” as the digital agency put it. The goal is to complete it by the fall, which could be anytime from September to November.
    Local governments have to deal with much of the checking work. Officials have met with Digital Minister Taro Kono demanding help. Costs for the review have not been announced, but are expected to total trillions of yen (tens of billions of dollars)….

    • I would have never believed the Japanese had it in them to resist. How come the king had not been enroled for this purpose?

  18. Part 1 of 2
    This was kind of cool…
    The Dallas City Council auditorium was packed with people on Wednesday June 28th.
    After Regina finished her talk and later walked up the auditorium steps, audience members were giving her high fives, shaking her hand, and patting her on the back.
    Regina had taken a somewhat different approach in her Fluoride Activist presentation…

    The Mayor and Council are the “Bad Guys” in the movie…
    Fluoride Activist Regina is the first open mic speaker.
    (Click “#5 Open Microphone”) https://dallastx.new.swagit.com/videos/257151
    Three minute VIDEO clip – https://www.bitchute.com/video/E2ymCYlLNeKF/ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC6eqwjchio

    FULL TRANSCRIPT of Regina’s presentation
    The actress Fran Drescher – from the sitcom “The Nanny” – is the elected President of the largest Actor’s Union in Hollywood. She and Jamie Foxx are known for speaking out for healthier choices like: “Don’t drink the Fluoride”.
    [For example: Cancer Schmancer’s “Be The Change!” Sizzle – 2 ½ minutes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHiSTrvY5Bs ]

    I emailed a link to you to watch an official trailer to the Jamie Foxx film scheduled to be released on July 21st. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S3M1xFVdVg
    The film is a comedy about a conspiracy set in the 1970s. Anybody can search for this movie. It is called “They Cloned Tyrone”
    Mayor, You and the Councilmembers that funded the fluoridation program are like the Bad Guys in the movie. Fluoridated water is in everything made to eat or drink in Dallas.
    You are the true Villains, because you are dictating that everyone swallows your toxic fluoride medicine.

    Movies often get the truth out — like the 2019 film DARK WATERS with actor/activist Mark Ruffalo, AKA the HULK. The trailer starts out with Ruffalo saying, “YOU KNEW BUT YOU DID NOTHING.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvAOuhyunhY
    The EPA and City Officials are the Bad Guys in that movie. They knew for 20 years the PFAS, which are mostly composed of fluoride atoms, are causing long lasting health problems. PFAS or P-F-A-S are called “forever chemicals”.
    Starting in 2023, the EPA mandated that the Dallas Water Utilities run tests for PFAS levels in our environment.
    Things are finally coming to a head. June 23rd, 2023 – 3M reached a 10.3 Billion Dollar settlement over contamination of water systems with ”forever chemicals.” One of the lead attorneys in the case was Dallas Environmental Attorney Scott Summy.

    • Part 2 of 2
      The negative effects of ingesting HFS – Fluoride are well documented.
      And it is also very well documented the Dallas City Council has been given the truth about this. You all will be held responsible morally, and on one day, I believe, legally. A Texas state law will take effect in September removing governmental immunity
      from City officials that commit harm.
      [ https://legiscan.com/TX/text/HB2127/id/2800711 ]
      By the way, the Dallas Water Utilities never had the risk of liability. All liability rests on the council that vote to purchase this HFS.

      It’s interesting that Terry Lowry, Director of the Dallas Water Utilities and advocate for fluoridation was constantly saying it was safe and effective. It was not. She’s retiring. On the same month that Rochelle Walensky is leaving her post at the CDC. Both of them gave false confidence and both of them obscured the truth.
      And Mayor, Today I think you beat your record on starting late. I thought that was interesting. I know. I know. And one more thing is: I’ve been told not to clap. We’ve been told not to clap, but there was an awful lot of clapping going on. Three, Two, One, Zero – Thankyou. Bye.

  19. Mini Nuke to destroy Nordstream Pipeline?


    in this part of the 3.Jahrtausend they analyze hints that US used a mini nuke to blow up the nordstream pipeline. It is in german sorry. Maybe the pictures are informativ.

    From 15:39


    In the interview there is a Dr.Braun from Switzerland who compares the earth microphone signals of a nuclear detonation in north corea with the recordings of the nordstream explosion in the baltic sea. both explosions have a significant peak at first. This shall be a hint that to ignite a nuclear bomb you need a powerful explosion to start the raction.
    This Dr.Braun shall have given his analysis data to the UN.

    • The problem with his analysis is that any nuclear explosion creates a lot of gamma-rays. Which can be even detected by satellites that are built to detect such flashes. It is the same flash of immense light that creates shadows of people.

      The US military had already placed explosives long before this all happened.

  20. You make the process of insulation sound like a dogma. Which would make these people superstitious dogmatic believers. Ouch.

    * yes, I know it’s supposed to be called “isolation” but what they are actually doing is as similar to isolation as it is to insulation. So I’m sticking with my choice of words. If they won’t use the proper word for it, neither will I.

  21. This was interesting. Excellent visual vantage point.

    History of the Kennedy Compound
    “I wanted to share some stories about my family and the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port.”
    (4 1/2 minutes)

      • Mkey ,I’ve been watching the testimony of POWs from Vietnam conflict and they all called there prison a compound.

    • @Homie RS
      Que Pasa? Amigo, I had a magical child hood with baseball and such . But nowhere did I ever see in the family or the neighborhood a murderer,a murdered,a rape ,a blackmail, extortionist or evangelical theft of public funds.
      Just what message does this intend here, what do you expect the viewer get out of watching this?
      Maybe it’s a future essay on how we’re going to be fooled again. Maybe it’s an essay on Texas remorse over killing the Americans King Arthur. Maybe it’s a reminder our leaders are just normal people from 30,000 feet up . Maybe this is a spotlight on the marketing propaganda and the fooling of the braindead again while extending the agenda? False hope pide piping every time, every 4 years?
      I love a good puzzle but this is an enigma as to why. Given what we know about the curtain separating us from reality. You must have a plan and I wait for the unavailing.
      Anecdotal witness, while painting landscapes on Nantucket in 1986 I captured in oil geo/weather tests above. It rained hard for 2 days after the bombardment.The air smelled bad. Wasn’t hard to connect the bizarre events, just took 10 years to unwind what my gut was saying to my pea sized brain.
      I would say the link I have here is more relevant to reality because we face dire environmental collapse. The political system delivered this mess to our doorstep. It has proven itself a failure. But like the mad scientists shoveling more eugenics on top of failure to achieve goals still smells like excrement. This must stop at all levels. Using the system that created this mess to fix this mess is insanity. Laying the blame on won’t fix the damage or stop the killing either . This will require new ways, overt or covert. I’d wish we could raise a million $ a day fighting this than giving it to another buffoon politician.


      • GBW, Glad you made that comment about the elephant which I keep bringing into the room.
        When time permits, I have more to say about my take on Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

        “How ’bout them waffles!” is a phrase I find myself often saying now (from Black Dynamite).
        Perhaps, “raining aluminum nanoparticles” should replace waffles.

        • Homey@HRS you made me think of a childhood memory. The public school I attended gave us in homeroom 3rd or 4th grade, a little news paper of global events that covered events of the day.
          I vaguely remember the Pakistan Indian conflict, British stuff and Cuba. I thought how strange as a child that this was out of the ordinary. The Principle was a Goldwater republican and Birch guy, that maybe where the paper came from.
          One thing did stick in my mind about a company in one of the articles. Unilever/ Lever Brothers having to pay fines for their schemes in profit making while injuring people,American people. It was unthinkable to this 8 year old and all my friends. How dare they.? They, UL/LBs were adding chemicals to personal care products to cause conditions that other of their products advertised would correct. A synergistic attack on people that centered on aluminum. It was James Bond and Goldfinger to us. Those rat Limy bastards. I told my Mom. She never bought another Unilever product.
          How about them Waffles.
          I looked for that particular suit and couldn’t get it picked out of the hundreds filed against UL/LBs between 1960 and 1968. The world was changing and centralizing. I wish I had keep one of those papers.

          • “How about them Waffles” is right!
            A problem/cure product. Great business plan.

            I also remember my parents discussing Goldwater.
            When I was very young, my Mother once mentioned the John Birch Society during a conversation with my Dad.
            Later, I asked what that was. She told me that is was just a bunch of people, but not to mention the name to anyone because people might think that we are crazy.

          • HRS,
            The business in healthcare was changing. Dates going back to late 50s and early 60s appears here in this curious pod cast dropped in my box this morning.
            I like Dr.Sam Baileys approach and background.

            Memories can fade so it’s nice to have them reenforced ,whether solicited or Unsolicited.

            QFC: are our memories our own anymore?

            Thanks to @ robster for his link to Dr. Bailey too. Corbett empire?

  22. Lex Fridman has over 3 million YouTube subscibers. He did a long form interview with Robert F Kennedy, Jr. published July 6th.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr: CIA, Power, Corruption, War, Freedom, and Meaning | Lex Fridman Podcast #388
    (2:28:37) As the interview progressed, I found myself more and more interested. The end part was very cool.

    0:00 – Introduction
    3:18 – US history
    7:34 – Freedom
    9:28 – Camus
    12:51 – Hitler and WW2
    22:03 – War in Ukraine
    45:24 – JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis
    1:10:31 – JFK assassination conspiracy
    1:20:06 – CIA influence
    1:29:04 – 2024 elections
    1:40:49 – Jordan Peterson
    1:42:30 – Anthony Fauci
    1:45:57 – Big Pharma
    2:05:37 – Peter Hotez
    2:11:17 – Exercise and diet
    2:13:42 – God

    • 2:13:42 – God
      This segment was captivating and is actually an extention of RFK’s talk about Sisyphus which was mentioned north on the July Open Thread.

      Here is the link with TRANSCRIPT excerpts:
      DUTY – Order out of chaos
      Robert F Kennedy, Jr. shares some of his philosophy and approach to life.


    • @HRS

      Thanks for the link and helpful breakdown of the topics covered throughout the interview.

      Have you come across any interviews where RFK Jr tackles the environmental, societal and human rights impacts of the Cobalt and Lithium industries (mining, shipping, refining, battery manufacturing, battery disposal/recycling and the monopolies built up around those processes) and their role in the “sustainable development” blitzkrieg being pushed forward by the globalist parasite class?

      • Gavinm
        To answer your question, “Not yet”.
        I, too, have questions about his views on that.

        He has been prolific in his outreach and messages. I can’t keep up with him while still doing all my real life duties.

        In the “DUTY” link…
        RFK, Jr. says:
        “Whether I win the Presidency or not is ultimately irrelevant.”

        In some respects, I think that many of Kennedy’s potential Presidental policies are irrelevant.
        What is powerful at this juncture is the reach and the overall message.
        The Robert F Kennedy, Jr. marketing is superb in many varied ways.

        Here is one marketing aspect of many:
        Kennedy is attacking The Powers That Should Not Be. He is threatening to take them down.
        That approach is completely different from other activist actions, such as the Trucker Freedom Convoy or Dallas Fluoride Fight or Dutch Farmers. In those three examples, it is an appeal to Authoritarians…it is begging Authorities to stop a harmful policy.

        Also, alert folks will notice…
        Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. rarely was interviewed on many platforms prior to his official announcement to run for President.
        His announcement changed the ‘rules’ of public interviews.

        I could go on.
        There is some very, very skilled marketing happening.

        • @HRS

          Thank you for the in depth, candid and perspicacious reply.

          I have not taken the time to really assess the RFK Jr presidential campaign and it’s implications but I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts and insight on that topic.

          I suppose for the most part I am “eye bouncing” any and all political figures, political promises and other statist related projections as I have been so thoroughly disappointed by such things in my life that I now mostly place my faith in the ability of my own heart, mind, two hands (and likeminded collaborators in my local community) to co-create, build and shape a future I want to be a part of.

          Perhaps that approach is counter-intuitive to accomplishing my goals in some ways as the statist “leaders” and systems that come into power and persist do indeed exert an influence on the degree of which I am able to co-create (through various threats of violent coercion they impose, financial entrapment/choke hold set ups and/or the potential for some aspects of those statist systems to actually support and/or allow me to move and co-create freely) but for now I just feel compelled to remain hyper-focused on my own sphere of influence locally as to be able to hone and master the skills Creator has gifted me. Whew! that was quite a run on! 🙂

          I better get back to preserving our epic berry harvest but I do appreciate the thoughtful reply and look forward to conversing with you and others on here on this topic as time allows.

  23. There are very few Hollywood movies that I would encourage people to support. This is one.
    “The Sound Of Freedom”
    Especially since there are so many of the elite who would very much prefer that you don’t.
    (And no, to reassure those sensitive to such things, it isn’t religious at all. God is scarcely mentioned. Once I think and only briefly.)



    “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”
    Luke 17:2

    • The marketing on this movie “The Sound Of Freedom” is excellent! It pierces the veil.

      A Dallas Group of Activists (Ministry of Truth Film Fest) sponsored the movie at a well-known mall theatre.

      EXCERPT from an email blast
      Thank you for your great support! Because of you, we have not only sold out our special showing this Sunday, 7/9, of Sound of Freedom with special guest Matt Osborne, this impactful film has become the #1 film in the country!

      If you were one of the lucky ones that snagged a ticket, we will see you at AMC Northpark Auditorium #1, doors open at 4:30 pm. The film begins promptly at 5 pm, with no previews. If you find yourself with an extra ticket, we would appreciate you turning it back in as we have a waitlist—many thanks for your understanding.

      Please note that Sound of Freedom is playing at multiple theaters across the metroplex, and we encourage all to see it this weekend and be part of this historical movement to change our culture.

      You can locate showings and even free tickets here: CLICK HERE


    • Despite the CIA’s rag Rolling Stone and its hit piece about “The Sound Of Freedom”, NBC accidently published this story on Sunday, July 9th…

      Videos of unconscious boys’ rapes found on phone left at restaurant, police say

      Videos of the rapes of 10 unconscious boys were found on the cellphone of a Tennessee soccer coach after he left it behind at a restaurant, police said Sunday.

      Camilo Hurtado Campos, 56, was booked on allegations of child rape and sexual exploitation of a minor, the Franklin Police Department said in a statement.
      He continued to be held Sunday on $525,000 bond, Police Lt. Charles Warner said. It’s not clear whether Campos has legal counsel, and the local public defender didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

      Police described Campos as a popular soccer coach and a 20-year resident of Franklin, a city of about 87,000 people 20 miles south of Nashville. He used the job to lure boys to his home, where he allegedly attacked them, police said.
      “During off-hours, Campos frequented nearby school playgrounds in both neighborhoods [where he had lived] where he approached kids and recruited them as players on his team,” police said. “After gaining their trust, Campos invited many of the kids to his home where he drugged and then raped them.”

      The allegations came to light after workers at a restaurant found a cellphone someone left behind and were able to search through it in an attempt to contact its owner, police said.

      They discovered “unconscionable videos,” the police department said, and contacted police, who traced it to the suspect.
      Detectives combing through videos and photos on the phone saw 10 victims, two of whom have been identified with the help of local schools, the police department said.

      There are hundreds of videos and photos on the device, however, and it’s feared there are additional victims, police said. So far, the victims are described as appearing to be between the ages of 9 and 17, the department said.

      “Detectives say that the children in these videos were in such an unconscious state, that they might not even realize that they are victims,” police said….

      • This lady who worked for Health and Human Services describes almost exactly the scenarios brought forward via “The Sound Of Freedom”. This testimony also demonstrates that top government officials don’t give a shit, because the lady had to become a whistleblower and then suffer the consequences.

        Forbes Breaking News – late April 2023
        BREAKING NEWS: HHS Whistleblower Claims US Government Is ‘Middleman’ In Child Trafficking Operation
        Tara Lee Rodas, the HHS whistleblower, gives her opening statement on the child migrant crisis to the House Judiciary Committee.
        (6 minutes of her testimony)

        • Powerful testimony. Sadly unsurprising.



          “In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why this new revelation is a huge nothing burger”

          “One of the stars of anti-child trafficking film Sound of Freedom has spoken of her disgust after it emerged that one of the movie’s funders has been arrested and charged with child kidnapping, according to court filings.

          Fabian Marta, one of thousands of people who crowdfunded the movie’s promotion was arrested by St. Louis Metropolitan Police and charged in July.”

          “Mira Sorvino who plays Katherine Ballard in the movie, commented: “I am horrified that Fabian Marta, one of 6,678. investors in the distribution of Sound of Freedom, has been revealed as a groomer and sex trafficker. He has been arrested and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
          I have never met him nor was I aware of him before this but I thoroughly condemn him and extend my sympathy to his victims and their families.”

          Another one bites the dust!

        • I am very thankful and give praise to God that so many people have seen this powerful and effective movie!
          Despite coming under relentless attack by most mainstream media and being shunned by outlets such as Netflix and Disney the film has been viewed by a multitude of people and is now being distributed free worldwide!
          The Sound Of Freedom has proven that right thinking people determine what succeeds and what doesn’t. Not Godless Hollywood and it’s sycophantic shills.

          “The buzz for “Sound of Freedom,” continues to roll out since its eye-opening success at the box office on July 4th, where it quickly dethroned the latest “Indiana Jones” on its opening day.

          A hugely polarizing film, “Freedom” is functioning as a sort of morality thermometer, taking America’s temperature. It’s also a wake-up call, and it’s the elephant in the room, finally getting talked about. Child sex trafficking and child pornography are overrunning the planet.“

          “I hope “Sound of Freedom” opens the door to more such movies, and “spreads the word.” For example, I’d like to see a movie about The Human Exploitation Rescue Operative, or HERO, Child-Rescue Corps.”


          • The desperate mainstream news and some extremely short sighted people are now attempting to discredit The Sound Of Freedom film based on the arrest of one of the nearly 7000 contributors who invested 500 dollars toward the production.
            I believe that is referred to as “guilt by association”.
            A ridiculously tenuous association in this case.

            Instead of rejoicing in and celebrating the arrest of an (alleged) criminal. They are using the news of the arrest in a continued attempt to defame the movie.

            The word pitiful comes to mind.

    • Jordan Peterson interviews Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard

      I’ve heard Ballard’s side of events in another interview some months back and I didn’t make the connection to this movie. The one point that connected the stories for me is his tale about his wife, a mother of 6, whose words and actions were visceral in his voyage toward what he is doing now. It’s a biblical tale of a victory of the spiritual over the material; of the only thing that matters over all of the things that do not matter.

    • @Steve Smith

      Thanks for the heads up on that film. Looks like it tells an important story and invites those who have not given up on moral courage (in this time of widespread debauchery, commodification of that which is innocent/sacred and normalized desensitization to depravity and apathy) to fan that ember of moral courage we were all born with within to become a flame and light a better path forward for future generations.

      • “it tells an important story and invites those who have not given up on moral courage (in this time of widespread debauchery, commodification of that which is innocent/sacred and normalized desensitization to depravity and apathy) to fan that ember of moral courage we were all born with within to become a flame and light a better path forward for future generations.”

        Well said my friend.

    • Unfortunately, I’m afraid you are suffering from a bit of naiveté. And you are being manipulated into financing EXACTLY what this movie says it’s fighting.

      Please watch the 2 below videos that show that the movie is being indirectly financed by the Clintons and even the Gates foundation :



      And please, feel free to tell me I’m completely wrong, if I really am.

    • Greg Reese known from Infowars also describes how this movie is an MKUltra psyop to get kids chipped asap:


      Please people… stop letting others manipulate you by your emotions. Of course they are going to aim for your gushing hearts. It truly is your weakness and your gushing hearts will be the end of all children alive and yet to be born. Think with your brains.

      • The chipping nonsense is a lie.


        As to who indirectly financed the film. I simply don’t care. It is well known that Disney, an organization that I have no respect for was involved and that they withheld the release of the film for years.

        Here’s why I believe that you are wrong in attacking the movie. It is bringing awareness to an issue of great importance. An issue that has not been talked about enough. And that is a good thing!
        I don’t believe that you can demonstrate the Bill Gates or the Clinton’s are profiting from the success of the movie.
        Please do so if you are able.

        There is a reason why the film is being attacked and disparaged by the establishment media and the left. It is because it is effectively shining the light of awareness on a despicable evil that they have been running interference for.

        J.P Sears talks about it in this short video

        h ttp://rumble.com/v30zlq2-why-theyre-so-scared-of-sound-of-freedom.html

        No one is manipulating my emotions to support evil. But you might want to examine your own motivations for joining the choir of elite voices that are crying out for continued silence on the issue of child sexual trafficking and torture.
        The Sound Of Freedom movie is helping the situation. Are you?

        • Lisa B
          I LEFT A COPY OF THIS OVER AT THE BOYCOTT THREAD since No Reply button was forthcoming


          “……“Are you seriously THAT ignorant?”
          > SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! Your ignorance is blatant.
          Come out of your box if you so wish!…..”

          LisaB Are YOU Lilac Dragonfly and changing your username or something? I Cant get a reply button.

          Anyway…. IGNORANCE is curable, Credulity and Pride are much HARDER to fix.

          “….> PROVE IT! If it’s proof enough for you then you don’t need to convince any others…..”

          Since you do NOT appear able to articulate or argue your own New Age BS I think you may be projecting. I am happy to argue Bible (best do on the open thread TBH) if you wish

          “….> So, the ‘simple text’ IS for ‘dumb folks’ like YOU! Faithful followers are led by their own ignorance!….”

          1)Following a book thats worked for a LOOONG time is rather LESS stupid, as a life heuristic, then following the ramblings of someone who garbles the Tao and Hinduism

          “…Attacking others is simply an attack on yourself….”

          What does that even mean?

          So Bill Gates is attacking himself rather then the rest of us?

          Are you so disconnected from reality that if a mugger cracks your skull open you think HE is worse off then YOU?????

          Silly, over privileged weirdo ideas are thankfully not going to last any longer then the current freakshow

          • LisaB

            “..We are not who we think we are…”

            Phew…glad to hear your NOT a well fed, privileged type who is so disconnected from reality that you promote THE SAME New Age BS that the Elite have spent a hundred plus years pushing!

            “…Duck, duck, gray duck….”

            Thats Racccciiiiist…why do you assume my color? 😉

            “….If I’m cracked upon my physical head and the result is death (my release from the physical body) then I know that I am just fine…..”

            Then you should THANK the Elite who are hell bent on freeing you!

            Do you think thats WHY the Elites PUSH new age twaddle?Because it renders you defenseless?

            “…You get to decide when you would like to see for yourself….”

            INDEED…however, seeing ‘what I like’ and it being “TRUE” are NOT the same thing. I can visualize plenty of BS

            “…I’m asking, “wouldn’t you rather KNOW, with certainty, without doubt, of what is really going on with all of humanity?”….”

            YES….thats why I use the tools of reason and compare facts rather then just believe the comforting lies told by the Elites.

          • Maybe it’s not limitations, maybe it’s a problem of ‘coherence’. People don’t see the point in being coherent anymore. It’s not their fault, it’s just a concept that got lost.

            People have become so forgiving that one no longer needs to have any amount of coherence between one’s thoughts and one’s actions. “It’s all good.”

            Like the green party in Canada, meeting in a McDonalds to plan a protest.

            Like the ‘anti-covid’ people who organise their meetings during the plandemic, on facebook.

            No need for coherence in their minds. None. “It’s all good, just be cool.”

            Meanwhile, we’ve ripped out every last hair on our heads.

            One day, people will see value in coherence again. But only when they will have failed so many times that they will have reflected upon their doings and realised that they themselves set all their good actions up for failure, from the beginning.

        • I wasn’t attacking the film. I’m attacking the pedo’s who financed it.

          Why would I do that? Well maybe you’ll find the answer in the very film you’re talking about… or maybe you’ll find the answer in understanding why coherence might benefit us all.

          • “I wasn’t attacking the film.”

            Gee, could’ve fooled me.
            How exactly would you describe this if not an attack?

            “this movie is an MKUltra psyop to get kids chipped asap:”

      • Article on Lew Rockwell’s site

        “I recently went to see the movie Sound Of Freedom with the expectation of a moderate level of political commentary or religious pontificating, given the rabid and widespread attacks on the film by the leftist media. All I knew going in was that the indie production was about child trafficking and that the mainstream media HATES IT. After the film was over, my first thought was that it was an excellent story about a very dark and difficult issue. My second thought was – “What the hell was all the fuss about? There’s not a single political moment in the entire movie!”

        “ The media war on the low budget flick is so bizarre given this fact that I am immediately suspicious of their intentions. Not one political message, not one momentary critique of the political left, not one moment where MAGA or Trump or “Q-Anon” is mentioned, not one “conspiracy theory.” So why all the hate?”


        • “To conclude: Go see this movie. The media attacks are clearly designed to dissuade people from watching it based on political bias. Check it out and you’ll realize quickly that all their claims are false. Furthermore, you’ll start to wonder aloud why they hate the film? The saying “Methinks thou dost protest too much…” comes to mind, as such journalists reveal their propensity for evil.“


          John 8:44
          “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

      • True.
        Let’s think with our hearts AND also protect our hearts with our brains as much as possible.

        And forgive ourselves for getting taken advantage of.

        These evil geniuses are really good at what they do.

  24. An article worth reading.

    “I’m fond of quoting Robert F. Kennedy’s greatest speech in my view, the one where he suggested billions of “tiny ripples of hope” could conceivably come together in a giant tidal wave, to defeat the mightiest tyranny and oppression. Now, he was speaking in South Africa, against Apartheid. Post-Apartheid South Africa isn’t exactly a paradise.

    But the point he made was a timeless bit of optimism, perhaps hopium. The little people really can win, because there are so many more of them than the rich authoritarians controlling their destinies. But they have never come together, and probably never will. They’ve shown they have no tipping point. The experiment conducted by Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram was begun in 1961. Milgram found that a shocking 80 percent of people will obey any order from an authority figure. Since the population wasn’t quite as dumb or controlled in the 1960s as it is now, we can safely assume that the figure isn’t any lower in 2023.

    Every time someone “pays it forward,” by treating a stranger at a restaurant or similar small gestures of generosity, that does produce a tiny ripple of hope, for instance. But what about the negative ripples?…….

    …….When you are a devout believer in Evolution, the survival of the fittest, there must by definition be those who aren’t fit……….“


    • @Steve Smith

      I like the tiny ripples of hope concept and I propose that though the perpetrators of the “negative ripples” may have advanced forms of technology and psychological warfare/social engineering tactics in their tool belts those methods of sending out ripples into the collective consciousness of humanity are not aligned with the will of God (which I believe is grounded in Love and nurturing life to flourish and achieve it’s highest potential) and thus their efforts and “ripples” are not supported nor amplified by the inherent nature of the spiritual lifeforce that connects and breaths life into us all in the same way that positive “tiny ripples of hope” are (which result from selfless, kind, compassionate, courageous and loving actions).

      I believe that the parasitic globalist class know this and despite outward appearances (being projected to us through their superficial ‘shadow-ego/fear amplifying’ mass media propaganda apparatus) the parasite class find themselves fighting an uphill battle. I believe they put on a good game face but in reality, those aligned with love, truth and moral courage have the will of Creator aligned with their efforts and the parasite class see this, and find themselves constantly, desperately attempting to plug holes in the dam they have built to hold back the genius, love, courage and will to cooperate, co-create a better world and live in abundant equality that is pouring onto this earth and pressing against/eroding the foundations of their fragile parasitic centralized structures through many courageous and intrepid souls that came here to bring balance and healing to the Earth now.

      The negative ripple effects are but shadows on a wall, but if we turn our gaze inward to see the light that Creator gave each of us, we can allow that light to make the shadows fade and one day disappear. The road to outshining and abolishing the negative ripples is not an easy one, it does not offer glory or triumphant ego flattering moments where the good guys stand tall and look down on defeated bad guys.. it is a gradual process of many small battles or moments of transmuting shadows into light, gaining ground, holding it with perseverance, and then stepping forward to reclaim more of this world in the light of a million radiant souls each doing their small part in communities all over the Earth.

      I elaborate more on my thoughts on the above described concepts in this post : https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/some-select-excerpts-from-recipes?

      (continued in another comment..)

    • (continued from above..)

      In the end, the current pathway of humanity (having delved so deeply into the fear, shadows and malice towards our fellow beings that has resulted) offers a unique opportunity for soul growth for those who are willing to take the long dark plunge into the current human experience and then (hopefully, God willing) work to successfully transform, heal and enrich this human experience one small act of courage, one honest choice and one small act of kindness at a time, until the Earth becomes a place where shadows, fear, hubris and depravity are rarities (and not the dominant features of society, as they are today).

      In any case, I feel that those few who walk that path will carry with them a type of learning and alchemical wisdom that enriches their eternal spirit in a permanent way (so even if defeat was inevitable, which I do not believe it is, it would still be worth endeavoring to send out those small ripple effects of hope, truth and love). At the very least (whether the parasite class succeed in creating their globalized technocratic hell on earth prison planet for a time, or whether human civilization and even humanity itself survives or not) I believe that those who walk such a path will essentially have learned how to formulate the schematics for a sort of spiritual rope ladder out of hell (“hell” in this case being the arrogant human dominated, depravity and profiteering driven, environmentally degraded Earth society, present day, not hell in the biblical sense) and will thus in turn be able to help others to make their own rope ladders too (both here and elsewhere where similar circumstances prevail as the norm).

      At least that is my take on it 🙂 Thanks for the comment Steve.


      “Saruman believes that it is only great power that can hold evil in check. But that it is not what I’ve found. I’ve found it is the small things, every act of normal folk that keeps the darkness at bay — simple acts of kindness and love.”

      – Gandalf (J. R. R. Tolkien)

      • “(so even if defeat was inevitable, which I do not believe it is, it would still be worth endeavoring to send out those small ripple effects of hope, truth and love).

        Jesus agrees with you and I do too. 🙂

        “Luke 6: 35 Rather, love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them, expecting nothing in return. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind even to ungrateful and evil people. 36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.”

        37 “Stop judging, and you will never be judged. Stop condemning, and you will never be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. 38 Give, and it will be given to you. A large quantity, pressed together, shaken down, and running over will be put into your lap, because you will be evaluated by the same standard with which you evaluate others.”

      • @lisab

        Greetings Lisa. Thanks for reading what I shared and for the kind words.

        I will take a look at the link you shared but I should also pre-emptively state that I am not in the market for dogmatic belief systems, gurus or stories that tell us how some savior figure (or figures) are going to swoop in and save the day for us if we just pray to the correct being or do the correct ritual etc.

        My spiritual path is one of Self-learning through direct personal experiences (more on that here: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/spiritual-autodidacticism ) but I am always open to learn more about other people’s spiritual practices and beliefs as I feel that though dogmatic religious belief systems do not resonate with me personally, there are parts of the teachings that they offer which hold truth and are practically applicable on the path to make this world a more equitable, honest, peaceful, abundant and compassionate place to live

        It may take me some time to look into your link and reply I have a tight work schedule this time of year.

        Thanks again.

    • Propornot called. They want their propaganda back.

    • Dear Mr.Kane,

      That Corbett guy has some screws loose. The fact is he is a commie, pinko, fagmanary granade just waiting to explode. He has a pencil ✏️ fetish. His fellow yellow ✏️ comrades are keeping company down on the water front in Kyoto. They gather there and all the fellow travelers throw sharped pencil at pictures of good people like Donald Rumsfeld and good ole Dick Chaney. His poor wife found him chewing on the rubber erasers and sticking the blunt end of the pencil up where the sun don’t shine mumbling treedom I won’t. He must have consumed a lot of alcohol, empty 44oz Anaconda beer bottles laying all around. The poor tortured nut won’t answer to his real name says he wants to be called Laddy. As you so keenly pointed out his writing and cartoon like documentaries prove he is crazy. Why just today he doesn’t know where he is, past,passed or just probably plastered. He is a dangerous man. Can’t you find a palm tree he could drive into next time he goes on a bender?
      Sincerely yours in this fight
      General Washer
      Adj.Commander of the Bottleers
      Okinawa USA

      • Dangerous isn’t the word. He’s so badass he doesn’t even feel the need to censor this conversation.

  25. Federal Reserve Economic Data | FRED | St. Louis Fed
    Your trusted data source since 1991.

    The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) often releases economic reports concerning employment numbers. These reports can dramatically move the markets.
    For example: The Federal Reserve with its public statements is overtly trying to slow the labor market and create more unemployment. It keeps raising interest rates with the objective to put more people out of work. I’m not kidding. Thus, when a BLS report comes in hot, with lots of available jobs and a lower amount of people filing for unemployment, then the markets panic because they know that this encourages The Fed to raise interest rates. The stock markets tend to go up when money is easily available with low interest rates.

    See this eye-popping FRED graph (updated with June):
    Population – With a Disability, 16 Years and over

    See the BLS graph Employed workers with a disability in the following NBC News article of Friday July 7th, 2023.
    Employment among people with disabilities hits post-pandemic high
    While the remote work boom helped some workers find additional flexibility, it has also eliminated longstanding obstacles for this vulnerable community.
    As a percentage, the employment-to-population ratio for disabled individuals also now stands at a record high of 22.4%.
    “It’s continuing to grow — and moving up every month it seems like,” said Allison Chase, president and CEO of The Able Trust, a Florida-based nonprofit focused on the disabled community. “It’s unprecedented, and we’re really excited about it.”…

    ZeroHedge – Tuesday July 11th
    “Bad News”: Disability Claims ‘Accelerating Again’ After Steady Climb
    [In article: Graphs and an April ‘American Freedom Alliance’ video “Ed Dowd: Signposts of The Sovereign Debt Bubble Popping: What Comes Next?”]
    Dowd mentions a very hard-to-find book: “Crisis and Panics” by James L Frazier 1965 Reprint 1993
    Former Blackrock money manager-turned-truthsayer Ed Dowd is back with more sobering data…
    … Dowd revealed that realitime disability data from the BLS shows a new all-time high of 34.15 million, after rising by 857,000 claims in June.
    “If this was a stock it’s a break out chart and reacceleration of trend. Both employed women & men hit new highs as well,” tweeted Dowd…
    … In response to Dowd’s latest, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tweeted: “Prediction; Fear that the COVID vaccine is the culprit will keep NIH from honestly investigating the cause(s) of this shocking trend.”….

  26. Jed,we are all in this together but equal we are not. This opposition candidate has some experience in several run ins with several cross sections of society.
    You know the old saying of keeping your friends near and your enemies closer. The good Dr. Rose Ruby’s introduction was very astute.

    And I got to ask ya,
    Has there ever been anything good come out of politics?

    • Jeb,
      I’m from Oklahoma,thanks for the truth. Bing Bong Mikey Ficky. Unlike our states favorite son, Will Rogers, I haven’t meet an honest man I didn’t like.
      I can’t yet decide from what I know of how politics is used against us, who could do anything to change the outcome when it’s all planned out 10 years in advance. It takes a big force to cancel a big force. God help us.
      Help yourself to the garden out back., Full of herbs that heal.

      • Jed
        By the time he is proved wrong it will be too late.
        A lot can be learned from the opposition in what’s said. If it’s the truth and nobody denied it by counter suing it stays dormant, the pregnant thought is never birthed. As RFKjr said that in Connecticut at the so called vax debate. He is a very good trial lawyer and speaks like one. The best lier usually wins in court. His PR firm is huge. Let me show you grass root PR in action. Very small and this link comes from about the same time as RFKjr Connecticut debate.
        Everything bad in politics is a rich man’s trick managed by large PR firms

        This is remarkably different from normal PR glamour.

        • GBW,
          “Man!…How about them waffles?!”
          How about them ‘patented, copyrighted’ “bottoms up” marketing approaches via Dr.SHIVA?

          I thought that Jerry from Texas and the other regular, blue collar folks delivered some pretty good presentations.
          Dr.SHIVA™ can really lean into it when he is throwing out punches against RFK, Jr. at every segue opportunity.
          Everyone has different ideas on how to market a truth campaign. There is no lack of different approaches.
          Dr.SHIVA™ has his approach.

          I’ll be honest. While Dr.SHIVA™ often makes some profound points, he kind of rubs me the wrong way with his opinionated, bully-like, “I’m very smart”, character. He is not the type of person I would want to hang with at a restaurant or coffee shop. In fact, I would prefer not to be in his space.

          Corbett and all of us Corbetteers often talk about COMMUNITIES with like-minded people.
          But, I’ll tell ya…there’s some folks in my like-minded community(s) which I would avoid hanging with. It’s not that I despise them, but I don’t really have an affinity for some of their personality-type aspects.
          Actually, this perspective of mine is not limited to like-minded communities, but across the boards in life. I like being friendly. But, there are some folks I would rather not ‘hang with’.

        • HRS, Thanks Homie “What About Them Waffles!”
          Everything you said is spot on. I can’t see through this person’s genuinely “raw” approach. Nore it ever being taken up by mid- America. He is often off putting. He has some grudge against the Anglo-establishment of the Eastern seaboard, which to me is his most charming character. They are scumbags and the origin and epicenter of most all that is wrong in this country. From a visual perspective of image I can’t see any difference in Trump, Kennedy, Biden, Harris,Newsome visually. The sameness of the Madison Ave PR firms. I long ponder where virtue resides,visually or audiology.
          Grass root energy is so difficult, it is not just for the youth and I suppose you will know when the gray beards get involved you have a metric of success. Penitrating those age stratas is paramount and if you know how let us know,I’ll send them to the underdogs.
          Anecdotal side ; I learned from horse racing you can’t have a virtuous race unless everyone is equally cheating.

        • generalbottlewasher says:
          “I learned from horse racing you can’t have a virtuous race unless everyone is equally cheating.”

          There’s wisdom in those words.

          “What About Them Waffles!”
          I’m guessing that they hold aspects surrounding the mysteries of being human.

  27. So I just noticed that my employers decided to purchase and install one of those Elon Musk Starlink 5G receiver dishes right overtop of the doorway near where I sit and eat lunch when I am working at their nursery.

    I am already taking preventative measures via giving my cells the tools to be able to mitigate the detrimental impacts of the artificial EMFs (via eating radioprotective foods like these https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/turning-to-mother-natures-medicine) but I am hoping some of the technically astute Corbetteers here can help to educate me further about the nature (and potential detriments) of this technology (that is now imposed into the direct proximity of my body in my daily routine during the summer).

    Do any of you know of research that has been done to measure the specific frequencies of artificial EMFs that are being emitted from/aimed towards the rural Starlink dishes?

    Could you please provide any links to pertinent data showing the measurement of the radiation being emitted from/aimed towards these devices?

    Also, I would appreciate any suggestions for other ways I can mitigate any potentially biologically detrimental impacts of the technology (given that “simple sabotage” is not an option as my employers know I am one of the few people that work for them that does not trust the proliferation of artificial EMF field producing tech, such as Musk’s starlink systems, and I also should pre-emptively say that I likely cannot wear any additional ‘faraday cage type’ protective clothing as I am already sweating profusely most days wearing the minimal and required staff attire I already wear)?

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

    • If it uses a dish the signal coming from above should have very low amplitude. That’s what the dish is for, to target the source with a high sensitivity antenna.

      But I really don’t know anything specific about starlink so take that with a grain of salt. Doing actual EMF measurements can be a bitch due to a wide array of frequencies employed.

      What happens with that device once the signal is received is a whole different bag of apples. It could use a cable to connect to the local network or wireless or something else.

      • @mkey

        Thanks for the response. Yes it is a dish (this model : https://www.starlink.com/specifications?spec=2 )

        So in your opinion, would you say that being in close proximity to such a device everyday is not something you would be concerned about from a health perspective?

        Thanks again.

        • I would put some meters between myself and any such unknown device. This does not look like a satellite dish, which is concave with good reason.

          Typically, radited power, wave intensity, goes down withe the cube of distance. So, increase distance from 1 to 10 meters and the intesity on your body goes down 1000 times.

          • @mkey

            Well I said “dish” since the thing is supposedly supposed to allow for data transfer from orbital platforms beaming down a bunch of data (and various spectrums of harmful radiation) and that is the term that came to mind but I agree it does not look very “dish-like” the thing looks weird to me, and similar to those rectangular 5G emitters they are slapping up on cell towers everywhere around here.

            Here is what the website says about the object

            “Starlink is the first commercially available phased array antenna. Your Starlink Kit arrives with everything you need to get online in minutes including your Starlink, WiFi router, cables and base. It is self-orienting and connects in minutes as long as it has a clear view of the sky.

            Starlink can withstand extreme cold, heat, hail, sleet, heavy rain, gale force winds, and even rocket engines.

            STARLINK specs:
            Antenna Electronic Phased Array
            Orientation Motorized Self Orienting
            Environmental Rating IP56
            Snow Melt Capability Up to 75mm / hour (3in / hour)
            Operating Temperature -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
            Field of View 140°
            Average Power Usage 110-150W

            STARLINK WIFI ROUTER specs:
            Wi-Fi Technology IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards
            Chipset Wi-Fi 5
            Radio Dual Band – 3 x 3 MIMO
            Security WPA2
            Environmental Rating IP54, configured for indoor use
            Range Up to 185m² (2000sqft)
            Operating Temperature -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
            Mesh Compatible with up to 12 Starlink Mesh nodes”


            Not much of that technical mumbo jumbo means anything to me, but I do not trust Musk nor his company’s tech so I will do as you advise and distance my self from the device as much as possible (i`ll go sit in a field and eat lunch rather than sit right under the thing in that breakroom).

            All I know is if when people start getting their brain chips I find a bunch of those cyborgs hovering around the ‘dish’ (or “Antenna Phased Array” thingy) tryna get some kinda of upload/or download from their AI overlord I am gonna have to find a different place to work! 🙂

            Thanks again for the thoughtful responses.

            • The energy of a signal goes away with 1/distance_squared.
              So 100km has 10,000 less power than 1 km.
              And 1000,000 less power than 10 m.
              So the power that reaches us from space is pretty low.
              Especially compared to a WIFI at 10m, or
              a mobile phone that people put against their heads (0.1m).

              The parabolic antenna focuses the signal which strengthens the signal.
              And the shape and small antennas help to reduce the noise.

              This all needs to be translated from electrical signals into
              computer signals, which needs a lot of additional electronics.

              The WIFI router adds a WIFI network, which has a separate network
              connection with the 5G network.
              So based on energy, the WIFI can cause far more harm than the
              antenna with 5G connection.

              But people have mobile phones in their pockets and against
              the heads. Also bluetooth speakers in their ears.
              So that will be the most harmful,
              if we look purely at the energy and not the signals.

              • It is not square but cube. Cube of distance. It’s a sphere we are talking about.

                5G in wirless stands for 5GHz, as opposed to the old 2.4GHz.

                5G in mobile technologies stands for 5th generation (of death and mayhem) and goes up to 60GHz (I think that’s the upper limit) but it does not have to go that gigh to be considered 5G.

                And practically, I would say difficult to be sure that a wireless router is more harmful than all the crap coming from all over the place. But at least you can control it. Turn off or lower the power.

                What I think is most damaging is the continuous exposure. Best case scenario, the body gets no chance to detox, you are just soaking in it.

            • So, this thing is internally fitted. I guess the shape is such as it is because of high frequencies.

              One thing that may be worrying is the way these things communicate. Signal shaping may be an issue where the receiving antenna is basically targeted by the repeater.

              You can think of this as a beam that is projected from wherever to the antenna. How accurate is this beam, does it circle around the antenna, does it look for other antennas in the area, etc. If it does move around, it is going to provide some exposure to anyone in the vicinity. Some high amplitude exposure.

              That Steele chap was talking about stuff like that and if that’s how it’s supposed to work, I would certainly eat in the field and risk getting some ants on me instead of sitting under the antenna. Hell, I would even share my lunch with them and advise that they should steer clear of that crap.

              • I have not. Probably some of that can do something, but I don’t have any hands on experience.

              • @mkey

                When I went into work this morning and had to help a customer pay for some trees near the office (where the router that connects to that Starlink Phased Array is) I immediately felt a sort of pressure sensation in my head associated with a head ache. I never get head aches (unless I do something stupid like drink beer and wine in the same evening, which I did not last night).

                I found out later during the day that they had the “Phased Array” connected yesterday and today was it’s first day up and running on full blast.

                I noticed at least two other people in that area holding their head and wincing all the sudden when they came up to pay for stuff.

                I am gonna save up for one of those blueshield things and give it a try. If that does not help, I may have to live up to the pejorative description a few people have used to refer to me over the years and fashion my self a tin foil helmet 🙂

                Seriously though, This starlink phased array seems to be sending off (and/or being targeted by?) some pretty gnarly EMF wave forms. I feel bad for the people who work sitting in that office all day.

              • If it’s that pronounced and obvious then it’s terrible, but at least.you know where you stand.

                With everything, but especially EMF, sensitivity is key. I guess the situation could be improved by better placing this device and using a cable to connect to the local network.

                I’d say this would be best controlled at the source.

              • @mkey

                Well the device was not (and is not) necessary for any essential operations at the nursery (nor for the landscape design and installation operations coordinated from there). It is not like they are off grid or anything, it was just put in to streamline downloads and increase bandwidth for convenience reasons, so if it was up to me I would get rid of the thing and not reposition it.

                The people running the operation are good people but I think their ‘tech specialist’ told them a fairy tale about his idol (Musk) and presented a sales pitch about the ‘benign/efficient’ nature of this tech and they bought it. I am not interested in fighting an uphill battle (against people that are perceived to be “experts”) to convince them to get rid of it so it just increases my impetus for prioritizing buying our dream property near the mountains, moving and refocusing my efforts on education (hosting hands on gardening, permaculture/herbalism classes and publishing more helpful/empowering reading material) rather than working for someone else.

              • People will simply refuse to consider harmful effects of any technology they like. If they are offered 100% increase in speed on top of 20-30% they were realistically able to use previously they will go for it, regardless of a 10 fold increase in danger to their health.

                Anything getting you closer to your goal will turn out good in the long run.

    • Gavinm says: “…giving my cells the tools to be able to mitigate…”

      It is my impression that the B vitamin Niacin might help the body in respect to radiation exposure.
      There might be other supplements such as Carnosine / Beta-Alanine which tend to help balance the hydrogen ions after muscle activity.
      But I can’t cite a source off the top of my head.

      Niacin can create a red skin flush. I’ve seen past sunburns appear, both with me and with my wife(ex). I could see where her swimsuit lines were.
      When I was using the CRT (cathode-ray tube) computer monitors, everytime I took Niacin my face would light up like Rudolf’s red nose.

      • @HRS

        I`ll look into those.

        Cheers my friend! Thanks for the thoughtful comment.


        On a separate side note, Have you ever read anything about the so called “Stamets Stack”?

        (It is intended to be a nootropic / cognitive performance/neurogenesis increasing nutritional stack developed by a Mycologist with an affinity for magic mushrooms)

        I thought of it since I remember Niacin being listed as part of that nutritional stack.

      • just an aside.I have recentl been researching the tobacco industry and have come across a website called tobacco tactics https://tobaccotactics.org/
        worth a look i think especially since it is funded by bloomberge philanthopy and based in Bath University..
        covers climate change,mike bloomberge, the UN commisioner for climate change.and tobacco companies and how they bribe polititions to continue a very hideous business. If you want a reason to stop smoking check out how they operate across the world.

  28. This discussion has more intelligent content for free than the private University I attended for 6 years. All I learned just reenforced the propaganda that was presented to me since birth. It keep me in the box 10 extra years.
    This intersects with 16 years of Corbett’s work and as I see it has very similar goals. Helping you climb out of the box you have been in since birth.
    I put this on 1.25x to go through this 2 hr. Q&A,lecture,and learning opportunity. And it’s for free!
    If you want to learn something push yourself to do so. If you need to be paid to learn something send me the bill. I would give you a grant of $25.00 an hour so you can educate yourself on how insight is obtained. That ah-ha moment when the light comes on and you stop hitting your head doing the same thing over and over and over again. That’s 3 overs and 1 again. It’s Not propaganda. Hard work and application is how this knowledge was obtained. Personal experience brings legitimate creativity,backed by trial and effort and then shared to better your reality. Better your self! As a wise MBP told me, take of yourself. This is all good, all 2hrs.
    It’s honest as the Corbett day is long. I lost track of the number of things I learned here, 10-15-20 things. Like watching Corbett tear things up. This Prof. Is the source of his work.


    • Thanks GBW. I have it bookmarked, and have been listening piecemeal.
      Corbett recommended “The Psychology of Psychopaths” in his article. I also have that in my queue, along with my queue of daily finance video briefs. I’m behind.

  29. They are coming for us all.
    Fran Drescher and other Union members repeatedly stressed that the issues on the table extend far beyond Hollywood.
    ”We are being taken advantage of in a terrible way. And if we let this happen to us, dollars for donuts, it’s going to happen to you, and your family, your children, and everybody that you work with too. That’s how threatening this moment is in our nation’s history.”

    (SAG-AFTRA) Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
    (AMPTP) Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers – Represents over 350 American television and film production companies.

    Sunday July 16, 2023 – Catherine Yang at The Epoch Times via ZeroHedge
    Hollywood Actors Strike: “It’s Only Going To Get Worse”
    —– [Important Pressroom Video in article. Video starts at 9 minute mark.
    Video is best viewed in context with Corbett’s info on Corporate Psychopathy
    – e.g. Dr. Robert D. Hare.]—–

    ”But this groundbreaking AI proposal that they gave us yesterday. And on that groundbreaking AI proposal: they proposed that our background performers should be able to be scanned, get paid for one day’s pay, and the company should own that scan, their image, their likeness, and should be able to use it for the rest of eternity in any project they want with no consent and no compensation. So, if you think that’s a groundbreaking proposal, then I suggest you think again.”

    29:50 – “Bleed them dry” “Necessary evil” question from the Press.
    Refers to: “The endgame is to allow things to drag on until union members start losing their apartments and losing their houses,” a studio executive told Deadline. Acknowledging the cold-as-ice approach, several other sources reiterated the statement. One insider called it “a cruel but necessary evil.”

    • Related:
      March 23, 2023 – TeenVogue.com
      The Oscars in Labor History: Union-Busting Is at the Roots of the Ceremony
      The Oscars were created to pacify Hollywood talent.

      [Many links in text]

    • Freeman did a podcast with Mary Sean Young (of Bladerunner fame) just a few days ago on exactly this topic.


      She had her digital representation lifted and the same is now being used for purposes of various projects. The interview is a bit salty as Mary does not keep stuff in.

      At about half point mark they switch over to her husband and also discuss the Sound of freedom movie.

      • Thanks mkey. That was an easy listen while I typed some comments.

        I’m really noticing a momentum shift.

        A trend which has really built up these past few years is the Alternative Media space.
        Holy Cow!…there are so many more podcasts and media platforms than there were 5 years ago! It has become a very competitive arena for “attention units”.

        But the Momentum Shift towards calling out the Authoritarians seems to be building. More and more, we are seeing people and podcasts are calling “Bullshit!” on the billionaires and authoritarians who influence agendas.
        To me, it seems to be gaining steam.

        • I wish I was as positive on shifting momentum, but the number of dissenting voices is certainly rising. What worries me is the cacophony, people are still buying the Anaconda Malt Liquor wholesale.

          • 🙂
            You made me grin.

    • RE: Top comment…
      (SAG-AFTRA) Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
      AMPTP (AMPTP which actually, in effect, is represented by the same companies which move Wall Street stock markets and the media and government. Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Disney and many more. Apple is a 3 trillion dollar corporation.
      This is massive influence not only with Hollywood but on a global control scale.)

      Here is the FULL PRESS CONFERENCE video from Thursday July 13th…
      LIVE: Actors Union Holds Press Conference in Los Angeles After Contract Expires

  30. As you probably have heard by now…
    U.S. Treasury Secretary (former Chair of The Federal Reserve) Janet Yellen was in China recently where, evidently, she consumed wild mushrooms known to have psychedelic effects. And then she went OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) with her bowing repeatedly to a Chinese official.

    Fear not, you tax cattle.
    Yellen has the U.S. government public debt well in hand.
    During the last 40 days and 40 nights of non-stop interest and spending pouring down, our public debt grew by more than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.
    We all will drown in debt as the bankers ride it out in their Ark.

    Take a gander at June 2, 2023 – “Total Public Debt Outstanding”
    compared to July 13, 2023
    [HINT – at the bottom of the chart click 50 “Rows Per Page”]

    Hat tip to ‘Mike Jones Investing’ who showed this chart on a 7/15 video.

  31. Trusted News Initiative (TNI), Google News Initiative, Trusted News for Trusted Advertising (TNTA)

    Children’s Health Defense – (with lawsuit document)
    ‘Trusted News Initiative’ Antitrust Litigation

    CHD has filed a first-in-the-country antitrust lawsuit against members of the “Trusted News Initiative” (“TNI”) for collusively censoring online news.

    The TNI is a self-proclaimed “industry partnership” formed around 2020, joining together some of the world’s largest legacy news organizations, such as The Washington Post, the Associated Press, Reuters, and its founder, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) with all the biggest Big Tech platforms including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft. The TNI exists to, in its own words, “choke off” and “stamp out” online news reporting that the TNI or any of its members peremptorily deems “misinformation.”…

    …Federal antitrust law prohibits firms from colluding to deny critical facilities or market access to rivals. Such agreements are called “group boycotts,” and they are per se illegal. The TNI is a massive group boycott. Since 2020, it has successfully denied critical market facilities—i.e., the world’s dominant social media platforms—to rival news publishers whose reporting competes with and challenges TNI orthodoxy. Under antitrust law, the victims of a group boycott—like the Plaintiffs in our case—are entitled to treble damages….

    April 1, 2023 | Source: Dr. Mercola’s Censored Library | by Dr. Joseph Mercola
    [Mercola gives us much more detail about these entities]

    In his interviews, Robert F. Kennedy Jr has repeatedly mentioned the TNI.
    RFK Jr Blasts Media’s “Organized Conspiracy” To Suppress COVID Information And Stick To “Government Orthodoxy”
    “In fact, it was an organized conspiracy. The name of it was the Trusted News Initiative,” Kennedy noted, adding “Some of the major press organizations in our country signed onto it. They agreed not to print stories or facts that departed from government orthodoxy.”

    • BIG CORPORATIONS Boycott businesses which have non-official narratives..

      July 10, 2023 – Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
      MyPillow auctions equipment after retailers pull its products

      …Founder and CEO Mike Lindell said MyPillow has experienced a loss in revenue and the items are no longer needed as the company consolidates its operations.

      Major retailers such as Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Slumberland Furniture all said they will no longer sell MyPillow products as Lindell continues to falsely claim that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

      “It was a massive, massive cancellation,” Lindell said in a phone interview Monday.
      “We lost $100 million from attacks by the box stores, the shopping networks, the shopping channels, all of them did cancel culture on us.”….

  32. ”How ‘bout them waffles?!”

    Monday July 17, 2023 – Los Angeles Times
    In-N-Out bans employees from wearing masks

    California fast-food institution In-N-Out Burger announced that it will soon ban employees from wearing masks in five of the seven states in which it operates restaurants, according to an internal memo leaked Friday
    The exceptions? Workers in California and Oregon will still be able to mask, if they choose, to protect themselves from COVID-19 and other illnesses.
    According to the memo, employees will no longer be allowed to wear face coverings come August 14, unless they have a medical note. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
    The policy was implemented to “help to promote clear and effective communication” between employees and customers…

    …If employees want to continue wearing a mask, they must provide a medical note for “a specific medical condition or health concern that requires them to wear a mask” to their manager or In-N-Out’s human resources department. Approved employees must wear a company-provided N-95 mask…
    …The note “should clearly state the reason for the exemption and include the estimated duration, if applicable,” the memo added.
    Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action…

    …This is not the first time the beloved burger institution has come under fire for pushing back against pandemic health policies.
    In October 2021, In-N-Out’s San Francisco location was forced to close its doors temporarily for flouting a local mandate that required indoor customers to show proof of vaccination…
    …In-N-Out’s chief legal and business officer, Arnie Wensinger, then defended the chain’s stance in a fiery statement: “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government,” he said.
    I like the taste of In-N-Out burgers, but “Where’s the beef?” They slice their potatoes on site for French Fries. I don’t know how employees can keep their all-white uniforms clean with that ketchup around and fast pace. To their credit, when the local In-N-Out Burger place opened near me, I was impressed with the starting wage for employees, which was well above par.

    • Food Babe has some interesting stuff about In-N-Out Burger.
      She did her homework like a true journalist/activist.
      Dissecting In-N-Out Burger (Gross or Healthy? You decide!)

      Be sure to click her link to Hamburger Buns / Fast Food Buns.
      Notice all the crap in the buns (besides the B Vitamins).

      The Calcium compounds which are used in many buns were something that I clued into a while back. Occasionally, when I would indulge in a Whataburger or whatever-burger, I would notice that later (sometimes) I would get leg cramps. Time and again.
      For the leg cramps, I would quickly solve them with magnesium.
      Magnesium Sub-Threadhttps://www.corbettreport.com/nwnw521/#comment-151835

    • Must not trigger them Californians. Are Oregonians also culturally insane?

  33. The Hitchhikers guide says the answer to the Question is simply 42.
    Though I think maybe the computer just pulled that one right out of the blue.

    Jackie Robinson wore the number when he played the beautiful game.
    And he broke down a barrier ensuring sports would never be the same.

    In ancient Egypt the dead had to testify before a panel of judges that numbered 42
    That they hadn’t committed any of 42 sins, at least as far as they knew

    Ancient Tibet had 42 rulers, the first was Nyatri Tsenpo, around 127 B.C. he reigned
    The last was Dharma U Dum Tsen who offed his sibling and Langdarma was his nickname

    The Bible printed in Gutenberg has lines of text per column that number 42
    Its also called the Mazarin Bible. Which probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to you

    Title 42 was an Trump issued order. For reasons of health or so it was claimed
    But it was more about immigration, all part of the ongoing game

    The CLINTON PRESIDENTIAL CENTER Is not my kind of venue
    And 42 Bar and Table, a restaurant there, is no place I’ll ever take you

    I could probably continue to discover 42 used in various ways
    The internet is a marvelous resource but I should find something else to do with my day.

    The real significance of the number, the lovely number 42
    Is that it is the number of years my love that I’ve been married to you.

    And the mystery of the universe for me my darling will always remain the same
    Why would an angel like you choose to love me and ever consent to take my name

    Happy anniversary Jennifer

    • Good old Bill Clinton was 42nd president of us of a.

      Also, happy anniversary, that’s one tall number.

      • Thanks. Its a long standing tradition that I write Jen a silly poem on our anniversary. This one might be the silliest ever.
        I’m quite happy with it. 🙂

        Upon reading it, Jen just smiled in kind of a a strange way while shaking her head as she slowly walked away. 😉

        • Do you still have all of them? If so, you could make an album, adding pictures taken around the time of each. 🙂

          • I doubt that any of them were saved. And am certain that none of them deserved to be. 🙂
            Some of them were written on napkins during dinners.
            Jen is not the hopeless romantic that I am I fear.
            I once put a sappy message in a bottle with our address and a couple of dollars and dropped it in the Atlantic between Bermuda and the Azores. It washed ashore somewhere in the Caribbean a couple of years later and was mailed to her.
            She lost it.
            It turned up again years later but I bet that she couldn’t put her hands on it today without searching for it.
            She’s got a lot of great qualities but sentimentality isn’t one of them. 🙂
            I on the other hand can tear up watching animal videos.

  34. How many employees are there at various gubment levels? In the US it’s certainly several million, which would work out to maybe a few percent.

    In my neck of the woods, that number is well above 10%.

    This is the permanent state, further enforced by unelectable individuals with a lot of pull and many condependants.

    • The United States Federal Government is America’s largest employer with about 2.7 million employees.

      I think Walmart ranks #2.
      McDonald’s and Kroger grocery stores rank probably in the top 5.

      You point out something very, very important: “various gubment levels”.
      Each State, county, and municipality has government employees. The quantity of government employees at these more local levels, when combined, must be staggering! Certainly, without a doubt, this number would far, far surpass 2.7 million employees.
      In fact, I would guesstimate that in Texas alone, there are well over one million people employeed by the state, county, and municipality governments.

      From an Anarchist perspective, this authoritarian structure design is like a very bad joke. It would be like McDonald’s employing 100 Administrators to govern the fella that makes milkshakes.

      • The system is setup in a such a way that these numbers absolutely have to go up over time.

        For example, here the populatuon has been going down. We go down at least 5% per decade. While the official figures for gubment employees are going up anf have nearly doubled in the past three deacades.

        We used to have official counts published quarterly, but they stopped releasing those reports years ago.

        One mechanism leading to this pileup is converting “ministires” into agencies and creating more ministries so that all the new hungry mouths can suck on the gubment titty.

  35. When Bobby Kennedy announced his candidacy my gut response was, “Uh, oh, here comes the THIRD Kennedy assassination.” I figured he would never be allowed to win the presidency. But now I wonder, if he is in office at the time, who is his running mate?

    • I view the RFK, Jr. campaign as more of “marketing the message”, with its outreach and dissemination to the masses.

      I don’t know who he would pick as a running mate.
      But if he won, he may appoint Aaron Siri as Attorney General.

      • Duck,
        I think that actually citing RFK, Jr’s own words in context is a better source.

        Rolling Stone and Salon and others have a terrible history.

        I think folks should really view:
        Trusted News Initiative (TNI), Google News Initiative, Trusted News for Trusted Advertising (TNTA)
        ~~WWW corbettreport.com/july-open-thread-2023/#comment-152814
        Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is suing them.
        Today, Thursday July 20, 2023 at 9am, RFK is testifying before a Congressional Committee about the censorship.

        The following is an amazing story about ROLLING STONE (and Salon)…
        ‘mkey’ posted the comment:
        The Day Jake Tapper Sold His Soul to Pharma!!

    • s5111
      The Kennedy family is, like most Elite types, a bunch of murderous criminals and while its nice that he is a little bit less hot on culling us RFK looks like he would be worse then Trump (NOT A HIGH BAR….lol) at pushing back against the Agenda

      Here is a “Reason” article on his authoritarian takes on Global warming and censoring or defunding people on the out’s.


      • lisab

        “…enveloped in a field of negative frequencies and vibrations…..”

        What is the medium that these ‘Vibrations” are traveling thru?
        Just as sound can not travel thru a vacuum vibrations need a medium.

        “…vibrations which are created by every one of us….”

        HOW do we generate these vibrations? Is there an Organ that does so or is it just us swishing about?

        “…. negative frequencies and vibrations….”

        In what way are they ‘negative’ ? Is that a moral standard? WHO defines them as negative (or, presumably, ‘positive’)???

        “….And that Field wants to maintain the status quo…..”
        Is this ‘Field’ conscious?
        If not how can it have ‘wants’? If yes then WHY does it ‘want’ to maintain the status quo?

        “..hence the foundation of society is cracking, a failing which is inevitable…..”

        If it is ‘inevitable’ then why does anyone need to DO anything about it? I do not need to ‘make’ the seasons change

        • isaB

          “…Please consider who you are at your core and begin to reveal from within your core who you truly are…”

          I did that already….I am a person born in sin who is only savable thru the Grace of God

          “…We put out frequencies as spiritual beings

          Really? Have such frequencies ever been measured? Or are they a mythology garbled in the retelling?

          “…Negative is perceived as bad but in of itself negative is simply negative. It’s a lack of something. But what is lacking???…”

          THAT is an interesting question…..since it would probably follow that if ‘Negative” is not “evil” then I may do ANYTHING AT ALL, even enslave and murder others for my sexual pleasure, and not be evil.

          The question is, why should the likes of Bill Gates STOP being ‘negative’ IF HE IS ENJOYING THE RIDE? If we just wear bodies as skin suits then I may roll in as much filth as I wish without being evil.

          “….Yes, the Field has awareness as does all life and even all objects. All has sentience…..”

          So the fly I just killed is sentient? How alarming!
          While I DO know a guy who had a conversation with his shoe while on LSD I have not found foot wear to possess much sentience myself.

          “…The inevitability of society failing is due to people like Corbett..”

          Then it is NOT ‘inevitable’ since Mr Corbett might decide to focus on his band, or die or be removed by TPTB. If he and others are DOING something that creates an outcome then that outcome IS IN NO WAY inevitable.

          On the other hand, I would argue that Mr Corbett is NOT the primary driver in the failure of society, but that vast sums of money and great effort is being applied to crack the foundations of society,lol, almost like entropy that takes effort.

          • @lisab

            Your welcome.

            I have not watched “The Expanse” series so I cannot comment on that.

            For me, I see the truth like the light emanating from the stars above and the nutrients in the soil. I do not need to search for it, I open myself to be in a receptive state, breath in the light and reach my roots deep into the present moment. This choice opens my consciousness up to receive knowing that is beyond the capacity of my human brain alone to comprehend.

            I am not the one who uncovers these hidden truths that are gifted to me, I am only the grateful receiver of that which is already known by the Creator (at the time and in the place in which I am ready to know that particular truth, in order to embody it for the benefit of all beings).

      • LisaB

        “…Your logic and reasoning does not add up at all….”

        Possibly…however at least I am trying to USE those 2 tools.
        You are basically making claims about reality that you have zero evidence for and which are not even logically coherent.

        “….you are a good and useful pawn, until you choose otherwise….”

        Possibly…but since THE ELITES HAVE SPENT MASSES OF MONEY TO PROMOTE THE NEW AGE WOO WOO YOU ARE ALSO SPEAKING I would suggest you take a look in the mirror…..funny enough the Elite ALSO HATE CHRISTIANITY. Weird how you point that finger at me while the rest of your hand points at you yourself.

  36. Lisab,
    Have you taken to Peggy Hall?
    She brought two things to light here. You mentioned one,the Lawyer sleeze words for the jury, cognitive dissonance. Establishing doubt where none should exist. I call this Bacon English. Meaning adorned with sparkles that misrepresent the meaning. Fake you out words.
    The second was Peggy telling of her frustration at people’s
    dence-nest,their bubble, that conveyance of a truth tends to prick. Activating The kill the messenger syndrome. Lately James has brought this to our attention in his work.
    Why ? James lays it out in check your resources. Many times it is revealing somewhere in the pile of emphera. It’s got to be frustrating to the producer to see this enlightenment offered up free then ignored or misunderstood.
    Perfection takes enormous energy, and patience.
    Last thing,may be a technical glitch, clicking on your comment takes me to the head of page in July Open. Mimmie and Mkey,comments above and below
    comment goes to the comment. Must be a Disscuss AI conspiracy. James the Editor and Chief, is so bad-ass, he would never need to stoop so low. Well ,thanks for the link above to THA-Peggy Hall.

  37. Robert Kennedy is having Robert Malone at his campaign dinner table. That gave me a huge pause. Robert Malone is suing an elderly couple for $25 million dollars. A couple who have fought Big Pharma and nefarious corporate agendas SUCCESSFULLY for over a half a century. They recently authored the anti-vax book” COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey”. When Robert Kennedy announced his candidacyI thought they would assassinate him if he looked like he was getting close. Now I think he he may be their man.
    I don’t believe in a political savior, nor the political process.

  38. Good News for Native Texans!

    Wed July 19, 2023 – USA Today
    Texas ranked worst state to live in the US, see where other states stand

    How does life in your state compare to the rest of America?
    CNBC released its rankings of the best and worst states to live in the United States last week.
    Its rankings come from the network’s yearly research on the best states for business in 2023.
    One of the 10 criteria for the list is Life, Health & Inclusion, from which CNBC determines the best and worst states to live…

    …Texas ranked the worst state to live in the US
    Texas has received the number one spot on a not-so-pleasant list: The top 10 worst places in America to live and work in 2023…

    …Texas received 53 out of 350 points for its 2023 Life, Health & Inclusion score, giving it an F in its Top States grade and the lowest nationwide, securing its number one spot on the list…

    …Top 10 worst states to live and work
    1 – Texas
    2 – Oklahoma
    3 – Louisiana
    4 – South Carolina and Alabama (tie)
    5 —
    6 – Missouri
    7 – Indiana
    8 – Tennessee
    9 – Arkansas
    10 – Florida


    I’m thrilled!
    We even beat Oklahoma, just as we like to do with college football.

    Maybe now the out-of-state migration to Texas will stop.
    To recent migrants:
    Please return to the Land of Communist Newsom or go back to New York City which doesn’t carry Pace Picanti Sauce. Be sure to take your weird liberal ideals with you.

    • I Agree….. STAY in California folks!
      Enjoy the Wildlife of Portland! The Sights and Smells of New York!

      Dont risk yourselves in the dangerous trek to Texas!

    • Life, health and inclusion? Not all of these terms go together, eliminate the intruder.

      Btw, congratulations to the natives.

    • HRS.
      I resemble that remark! Here is a most memorable moment in the shoot out.
      Also, I saw this today. A swamp creature out on the prowl.
      The title should read ” Hey I’m just a normal guy!”

      The point is a Madison Ave. PR firm can make a silk purse out of anything, even the Texas Longhorns.

      • ha!
        When the Sooners come down here for the game, all hell breaks loose at the Hotels.
        Yea…I saw that ‘eye shopping’ that RFK was doing…kind of like how women eyeball a clothing store.

  39. Thursday July 20, 2023 – YahooFinance
    Amazon brings palm payment technology to all Whole Foods locations
    Year-to-date shares of Amazon are up nearly 57%.


    Forget your wallet and your phone on your next grocery trip? No problem. At Amazon’s (AMZN) Whole Foods, shoppers can now pay with the palms of their hands.

    On Thursday, the consumer tech giant announced plans to bring its palm-payment technology, dubbed Amazon One, to all 500-plus Whole Foods locations in the US by the end of this year. This means customers can hover their hand over an Amazon One device at checkout to pay with the card linked to their Amazon account and automatically apply savings.

    Currently, the technology is available at more than 200 locations in the US in states including Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, among others.

    Shoppers can pre-enroll in Amazon One with their credit or debit card, Amazon account, and mobile number online (this takes about a minute), then complete the enrollment process by scanning their palm at a Whole Foods or any other location where the technology is available…

    …Panera Bread introduced Amazon One at two St. Louis-based locations earlier this year with plans to offer it at 10 to 20 more stores near Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle…

    …Amazon One is also available at Coors Field (TAP), home of the Colorado Rockies MLB team, where it is used to check the ages of fans who buy alcohol. Other locations include gyms and airports, among others….

  40. Part 1 of 2
    Thursday July 20 – Associated Press
    Your paycheck could clear faster now that the FedNow instant payment service for banks has launched

    NEW YORK (AP) — The Federal Reserve launched a new instant payment service Thursday. FedNow allows banks and credit unions to sign up to send real-time payments so they can offer customers a quicker way to send money between banks.
    FedNow, which was first announced in 2019, published a list of banks and credit unions that are already signed up to the service. However, it might take longer for customers to be able to use the service with their bank.

    Here’s what you need to know about FedNow.
    FedNow offers instant payment services for banks and credit unions to transfer money for their customers. Unlike other private money-transferring services like PayPal or Venmo, FedNow services are not offered to customers directly through a third-party app or website. The services will only be available through banks or credit unions.
    However, once banks have adopted FedNow, they’re expected to make it available on their websites and apps.

    Once a bank offers the FedNow services, customers will be able to send money instantly. The service is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    Among the banks that will offer the FedNow services soon are Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase.

    By creating FedNow, the Fed is updating their Automated Clearinghouse system to make it quicker and more accessible for people to send and receive online payments.

    The Fed is also catching up with other countries that already have real-time payment systems like FedNow, including England, China, Sweden and India.
    FedNow will also equip banks with tools to identify and combat fraud attemtps. These tools include the ability for banks to flag suspicious accounts and limit the amount and frequency of payments by those accounts…

    • Part 2 of 2

      Customers, including individuals and businesses, whose banks or credit unions offer FedNow services will be able to send and receive money in real-time. If, for example, a customer wants to send money to a friend, both people have to bank with institutions that offer FedNow services.

      FedNow is now live but it might take months or years for customers to be able to use this service, it all depends on when your bank makes it available.

      The Federal Reserve and the FedNow service cannot access people’s bank accounts and it doesn’t have the authority for additional surveillance, according to Fed officials…

      …FedNow is backed by the Federal Reserve and is envisioned to be adopted by the majority of banks in the country…
      …With FedNow, the Fed says the money will be available within minutes…

      Fed officials have stressed FedNow is unrelated to the notion of a government-run digital currency, which social media users also falsely claim would lead to the elimination of cash.
      “The Federal Reserve has made no decision on issuing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) & would not do so without clear support from Congress and executive branch, ideally in the form of a specific authorizing law,” the agency wrote in a series of tweets in April “A CBDC would not replace cash or other payment options.”
      The Associated Press receives support from Charles Schwab Foundation for educational and explanatory reporting to improve financial literacy. The independent foundation is separate from Charles Schwab and Co. Inc.

  41. July 21 – Detroit Free Press (citing EWG)
    Here’s which pitcher filters took 100% of PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ out of drinking water

    A recent federal government study finds PFAS — the ubiquitous nonstick “forever chemicals” used for decades by industry and in consumer products, compounds that don’t break down in nature and are harmful to human health — could be found in 45% of U.S. tap water…

    …The nonprofit, Washington-based Environmental Working Group recently studied readily available pitcher filters to test their effectiveness at removing PFAS from tap water…

    …The researchers evaluated 10 pitcher filters using real tap water confirmed to have the presence of PFAS compounds. They tested the pitchers’ ability to filter out 25 different PFAS compounds to nondetectable levels.
    Three of the pitchers achieved 100% reduction of detectable PFAS, and a fourth pitcher a 98% reduction:
    [LIST with details]

    Envirnmental Working Group – WEBSITE
    ~WWW ewg.org

  42. Dang it!
    Oklahoma might beat Texas as the Worst State to Live and Work !

    I know. I know… …Oklahoma has some of the nation’s most affordable housing, lots of cheap rural area for homesteading, a non-Canadian climate (even though it has THE Canadian River), and lots of friendly people, many of whom enjoy Walmart’s tasty processed food.
    But if you want to swim and enjoy the gorgeous natural waterways of Oklahoma, don’t watch any PIRANHA MOVIES !

    See Fish IMAGE with “Human Teeth”
    OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (a suburb) — An 11-year-old boy fishing at a local pond recently caught something that definitely is from outside the neighborhood.
    According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Charlie Clinton pulled in a pacu, a fish normally found in South America that is closely related to the piranha.
    It’s a startling catch, especially from a pond in Oklahoma: The pacu’s mouth is lined with humanlike teeth…

    …Janna Clinton, Charlie’s mother, tells NPR that her son began yelling “Oh my God, mom! Oh my God!” when he saw the fish.
    “I thought he was just being dramatic, to be honest,” she said. “Obviously being in a neighborhood pond, we’re used to just catching a few bass or catfish. I mean, nothing with human-like teeth.”
    NPR reports the fish put up quite a fight. The Department of Wildlife says pacu can grow up to 3.5 feet long and weigh nearly 90 pounds.
    The department says people who catch a pacu should remove it from the water. However, Janna Clinton said they were not aware of the policy and let the pacu go because it was caught at a catch-and-release pond.
    “We made a mistake there,” she said.
    There’s no hard feelings from wildlife officials, though.
    “As for Charlie, we’re told you can find him back at the pond on the grind for his next great catch,” the department writes. “We wish you luck and tight lines, Charlie!”

    EXCERPT from: https://archive.is/uvxPS
    Charlie is determined to reel the pacu in once more.
    “He wants it mounted and smiling at him,” she said.

    Attaboy! Charlie Clinton! What a great “Show-n-Tell” when school starts again.

  43. ??????? ???? :


    ????? ??? ?? ??????? ?????? ??/?? ?? ?????????????

    Why or why not?


    Also, I would like to pose the above query as a potential ‘question for Corbett’.


    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration everyone.

    • (Just to clarify for those not familiar with the term I used in the poll above. An “Ecumenopolis” is a term that denotes a hypothetical concept of a planet where the surface completely covered in one giant city.


      One popular depiction of this hypothetical type of planet/civilization can be observed in the depictions of the planet “Coruscant” in the Star Wars movies/tv shows, which was where the main Jedi home base was and the “galactic senate” was depicted to have their meetings.)

      • In order to provide further clarification I would like to point out that (as far as I know, based on what I know about the concept) I see no reason that an “Ecumenopolis” could not theoretically be a Voluntaryist society.

        Also, to provide further clarification (so that anyone that is interested in answering this poll can do so understanding the precise nature of the question) just like the modern cities on Earth at present, within that Global Scale City, there could exist small parks and patches of trees and greenery within the larger planetary city construct.

        • “ ????? ??? ?? ??????? ?????? ??/?? ?? ?????????????”

          Absolutely. And I’m planning on doing so. 🙂
          But it won’t be a voluntaryist society. It will be a monarchy. And it will be heavenly.

          “Twelve thousand furlongs is 1,378.97 miles – roughly fifteen hundred miles. It is fifteen hundred miles long, fifteen hundred miles wide, and fifteen hundred miles high. Some men have concluded that it will be a cube; others see it as a pyramid. It is difficult to conceive of either a cube or pyramid projected out in space. Cubes and pyramids are appropriate for earth‟s buildings but are impractical for space, as spheres are impractical for earthly buildings. I cannot believe that, since God has made everything in space globe-shaped, He would make this square. I do not say this in a dogmatic fashion, for there are many fine Bible students who disagree with me, but I believe that the New Jerusalem is a sphere and these measurements that Scripture gives are the dimensions on the inside of the sphere, a cube within a crystal-clear sphere. I took this problem in solid geometry to a man in the field of theoretical engineering. He worked it out for me and came up with a sphere that is slightly larger than our moon. The diameter of the moon is about 2,160 miles, and that of the New Jerusalem sphere is about 2,600 miles. We live on the outside of the planet called earth, but if my theory is correct, our eternal home will be within the planet called the New Jerusalem.”


          But something tells me that this isn’t exactly what you’re talking about. 😉

          • @Steve

            Thanks for the intriguing response.

            That quote about the object being described beyond Earth makes me think of the configuration of the Borg space vessels from the StarTrek series.

            I asked the question above in a serious way in the interest of gauging what the collectives of people that interact in communities like this prioritize with regards to their life on this Earth (or something like it).

            I know where I stand, but I really do not know what is most important (with regards to preferred conditions of living) for most others in communities like this.

            Based on the trajectory of our current civilization on Earth, do you think that we are headed in the direction of creating some sort of ?????????????

            • No, I honestly think that we are rapidly approaching what Scripture calls “The Last Days”.
              I’ve no doubt that there is a significant number of the globalist elite, and the evil, created intelligence they serve who would like to see a one world government of some sort come to be. But according to the Bible, God has other plans.
              And I’ve read ahead so I know who wins in that battle of wills. 🙂

              • @Steve

                Thanks my friend, I appreciate your input.

    • @lisab

      I have indeed heard of the Venus Project and similarly was introduced to alternative views regarding the 911 event via the film you mentioned.

      I found this particular part of that film to be very moving at the time when I first watched it:


      With regards to Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project, I have not really re-assessed it since I briefly saw his ideas explored in that film (and a handful of others) many years ago, but based on what I remember Jacque Fresco seemed to be into some form of Technocracy (the majority being ruled over by a minority of “scientific experts”).

      His visions for a high tech utopia (with self sufficient floating ocean cities etc) seem super cool and appealing at first glance but based on what I know now about the materials and technologies required to make such things a reality I find my self pondering questions like: “how many far away forests, mountains and ocean floors would have to be decimated in order to gather all the materials required to make such cities?” and “how long until the highly competent and fair scientific rulers Jacque Fresco envisions ruling over us in the future turn power hungry and begin abusing their positions of infuence”? (despite their potentially original good intentions) .

      Looking back on what I remember, I also feel that his depictions of food cultivation left much to be desired (in a similar way to what Dr. Steven Greer’s depictions of what he sees as “utopian” food production systems leave much to be desired (IMO).. ). Hydroponic robotic high tech synthetic fertilized greenhouses may produce an abundance of biomass that looks pretty and perhaps even tastes reasonable, but that is not real food in my opinion.

      Thus, while I cannot render definitive statements on whether or not I endorse the current iterations of “The Venus Project” I can say that based on what I remember, it is a vision that is not compatible with my own preferred vision for the future.

      Thank you for the candid and thought provoking comment.

      • Hello lisab,

        Your above post made me smile. It made me wonder what system of thought, that is, if it has a name, has been resonating with you. Because you’re touching on something that could be said to be very esoteric. That which is keeping us from remembering our origins – which is sort of what it sounds like you’re talking about, only a bit differently – has a name in some circles. Also, I liked how you refrained from linking to the Venus Project due to the fact that you seem somewhat wary of it, and prefer that people look it up for themselves if they wish.

        Anyway, referring to the question of remembering which you expressed, have you ever heard of the word kundabuffer? I was thinking you may find some correlations which may be worth exploring.

        Thanks for your interesting posts!

      • Hey Gavin,

        Hope you’ve been having fun this summer, and that all’s well!

        Interesting prospect, this ecumenopolis (did I spell that right, ha ha?). I think lisab was on to something here. It does seem reminiscent of the so-called Venus project, only writ extremely large, like as in gargantuan and all encompassing, like a prison you can’t escape from – for the simple fact that, conceptually, you have nothing but ecumenopolis, there’s nothing outside of itself to escape to, for as you describe, it stretches throughout the entire planet! Prison Planet?

        Personally, since you wanted some feedback on how members of the Corbett community, or Corbett-like communities, might feel about such a subject, I don’t think I could possibly think of anything so nightmarish!

        It also reminds me of the Saudi’s plan to build the megalopolis of NEO in the desert sands. . . . . Not sure what to make of that either, except that those folks must have waaaay too much money and time on their hands. It’s funny how none of these people with too much money and time think to fix that which needs fixing right under or just beyond their castles’ keeps.

        So, as for Venus projects, NEOs, or the ecumenopolis (singular, for there would be only one ecumenopolis per planet – so bizarre), they can keep it.

        And, you’re very justified, indeed, to wonder to what extent the earth would be ravished scarfing up all the resources needed to build and maintain these megalithic metropolises.

        You so very well pointed out in your blog post the planned expansion (or rather explosion might be more apt) of cobalt, lithium and other precious metals to be mined, scaring the earth as they go, in the quest to supply essential materials for batteries. Just wait until they start dredging the oceans on an industrial scale. For those who enjoy it, they better start eating more sushi while they can while the top of the food chain is still getting enough nutrients to survive, cause it may not be for long.

        Someone I know who is in the business of international fishing, once told me that after the deepwater horizon spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, blue fin tuna altered their patterns of migration to avoid the gulf. Which curiously indicates among other things that the animal is intelligent enough to safeguard it’s own health. I’m not so sure where they’re going to swim to when universal ocean floor dredging operations commence in earnest.

        But, why digress with trifling formalities when the sparkling glass and chrome of the megalith city awaits to shine upon the deserts, forests, and plains of our mind’s eye.

        • @candlelight

          Greetings my friend!

          Summer has been very busy and productive so far. I went out to BC for my sister’s wedding, climbed on the mountain tops in the Cascades, stuck my head under a glacial waterfall and made tea from alpine yarrow, balsam fir and larch foliage I collected along the trail. My uncle ‘Mushroom Mark’ was the only one in my family that sought to make amends at the wedding (regarding the fact that my wife and I were “excommunicated” from family trips during the scamdemic / mRNA injection totalitarian government mandate days) but the fact that he expressed regret that we were not able to attend and told us he thought it was messed up that we were excluded meant a lot. Now I am back working my day job sweating it out in the intense summer heat (getting a free sauna/detox treatment almost every day of the week! ? ) and waiting for a pallet stacked high with my freshly printed books to arrive soon. So all is well indeed! Thanks for asking ?

          How about you? How has summer been for you so far?

          Regarding the city planet concept, yes “a prison you can’t escape from” would be an apt description in my opinion.

          I asked out of honest curiosity and not knowing if there actually is a significant percentage of people that frequent forums like this which would be happy living in/on a planet on which the entire surface is one giant city. While the idea is absurd and repugnant to me personally, I do know some people here in southern Ontario that despise nature in general and see forests, mountains and wilderness in general as nothing more than an intimidating, bug infested pile of “natural resources” waiting to be “conquered” in the name of “progress” and “human superiority” in order to make those wild places more conducive to their preferred living conditions (endless cement, asphalt, glass, plastic, strip malls, shiny skyscrapers and people behaving in a competitive fashion operating loud fast machines).

          Thus, I wanted (and still want to) attempt to gauge where people stand on that hypothetical just to see where my fellow humans stand at this fork in the roads between a path that could potentially lead to perpetual “sustainable development” (aka the scorched and jagged path) and one that could lead to what is described as the “soft green path” in the Anishinaabemowin Prophecy Of The Seventh Fire.

          Thank you for providing feedback and thanks for bringing up that Saudi’s megalopolis “NEOM” project.

          (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from the comment above)

            It is very nightmarish indeed. That Saudi project seems like something that is one significant step towards encouraging the brainwashed materialistic humans among us into perceiving the “ultimate accomplishment” that exemplifies “human excellence” to be a time when countries all over build weird imposing, shimmering mega structures (all doing so in the name of “sustainability” of course) in some kind of mega-city “space race” type ordeal… starting a chain reaction of hubris, competitiveness and hyper-consolidation of wealth, with mega corporations carving into and devouring the bones of Mother Earth in order to feed these behemoth cities, expanding in all directions, until they one day connect with each other and we find ourselves living on the planet wide world of cement, glass and steel, surrounded by genetically modified and technologically augmented cyborg people looking down on us for being part of the lowly “human 1.0” lower class.

            Whew! That was a disturbing vision and rant, but ya, that is what I feel like some humans beings actually intend on working towards creating (and I see there appears to be a great many of others that would allow themselves to be complicit in helping to build out the foundations of that nightmare city planet).

            Thanks for reading my substack posts about the planned lithium and cobalt projects, I appreciate the kind words and I would like to thank you for caring about our more than human family that live in the forests, mountains, deserts, oceans and arctic regions.

            I will engage in every form of resistance, sabotage, publication/dissemination of educational material and regenerative efforts to do all that is within my power to prevent the sparkling glass and chrome of the megalith cities from spreading their shadows over these lands. I will do so in the interest of doing my own small part to prevent such abominations (which are antithetical to life) from dimming and darkening the souls of future generations yet to be born onto this Earth.

            Those future generations deserve to know what true health, fulfillment and beauty is. I believe that Mother Earth holds the memory of health and the wisdom of the Creator in those few intact ecosystems that are left on Earth.

            Those that came before me fought to protect the little pockets of intact wilderness (which embody the truest manifestation of Creator’s love, wisdom and vision) the least I can do is do the same for those that will call this place home after I am gone.

            • Hey Gavinm,

              How has my summer been going for me thus far?…. Not sure how to answer that question now, other than to say it’s long over!! 🙂

              In general, summers seem to always go by way too fast, and this one was no exception. Maybe because I’ve been in somewhat of a funk of late, but, this summer in particular felt like the summer that never was. And, now, look, it’s fall already, and it, too, feels like it’s chugging by too fast…. Perhaps, there’s some way to slow time down a bit? Might that help, ha ha?


              I have to say when I first read of your summer escapade in the Cascades, and described the tea you made, I literally smelled it! I smelled the fresh scent of balsam, and the utter freshness of that great, Canadian outdoors! I felt a nice connection there. So, I thank you for that, my spiritually, beach dwelling brother! 🙂

              Also, I’m glad Uncle Mark made amends with you, which proves one can be in the mushroom world and still have ones feet on solid, compassionate ground! Kidding. But, it’s cool he empathized with you regarding your folks in what for me is their inexplicable rejection of the principles by which you live. It’s as if they either completely don’t understand where you’re coming from and find it very off putting, or they consciously don’t want to understand you. What’s inexplicable is that given their background, I would think that they would be open-minded your about inner belief system, rather than acting as though they were thoroughly brainwashed by the external powers that be, AKA, TPTSB, but are, unfortunately. It’s truly ridiculous to have to feel like you’ve been excommunicated over something that is not only controversial, especially at this point in time, but something which should be your right to either accept or reject as you see fit. In retrospection, your parents should humble themselves just a little, enough to see that embracing the gospel of the necessity for mandating the vaccine was a function of having been successfully propagandized, and that reality shows – especially for a relatively young person – the risks of very real, documented adverse reactions far outweighs cleverly graphed, supposed benefits…. I have faith, though, that the folks will see the light, sooner or later. Hopefully sooner!

            • You want to know what’s getting me down lately? It’s like you can’t get away from it these days. It’s this whole, freaking, goddamned, roll-out of AI. Every time you turn around, it’s there, and everywhere, having become in real time, totally inescapable. A fucking I!. Oh, so magnifique! Not only purportedly intelligent, but capable of actually “understanding”(so says the so-called father of AI, Geoffrey Hinton)!…By golly!

              Well, I beg to differ with Geoffrey Hinton. For not only does AI not understand shite, it’s not even intelligent, for specifically that very same reason…that it does not actually understand anything in any true sense of the word. It’s simply a glorified, predictive word machine, with gobs and gobs of data to choose from, stored in untold acres’ worth of ever-increasing numbers of data centers being built in every corner of the globe. The term “Intelligence” in Artificial Intelligence was hijacked. Intelligence is a function of understanding, that is, you can’t have intelligence without understanding. The over-hyped intelligence of AI is what I would call “Rain Man” intelligence. AI is an artificial idiot savant. It actually doesn’t know what in hell it’s talking about. That’s why it has to be “trained” by hordes of human beings (mostly where the labor is cheap, of course) to get the data sorted out, in an effort to prevent it from coming up with it’s own reality which it seems to do out of whole cloth on a regular basis, and that’s because, as I mentioned, it doesn’t, in actuality, understand…shite.

              And, yet – and this is the real downer – we are, as if in a manifest destiny – being enveloped in this ever more pervasive garbage. And, the real, real downer is, that this is only the fucking beginning!

              I thought of this all encroaching AI phenomenon listening to Corbett’s recent, short podcast The Corbett Report – Now with TRANSCRIPTS! Perhaps insignificant, perhaps minuscule….But, that’s one tiny little loop in the system in the name of advancement that just got tied a little bit tighter….eh?

              Be good my friend!

              And keep on keeping on!

            • Greetings Candlelight

              Yes Summer did fly by. As far as slowing down time, since it is in essence an illusion of our consciousness interacting within the construct of this 3 dimensional plane, the answer to slowing it down resides within each of us. Moments are universes in and of themselves. Universes which we can either embrace, explore, cherish and turn into valuable and enriching food for the soul, or we can hurry through, ignore, see as mundane and discard. The difference between what path we take in each moment is all perception, so I find that a mindfulness practice (some sort of meditation) can do wonders in that regard. I have been neglecting my meditative practice recently (not practicing what I preach) and only meditating for about half an hour a day so I have often squandered moments, minutes, hours, days and weeks in the last year. That is something I intend on remedying this winter (the time in which I will be almost literally taking a page out of my own book, as I intend on reading through it and honestly assessing whether or not I my self am still applying the concepts, techniques and perspectives I am advocating others might benefit from embracing and practicing in their lives).

              I love how I apparently managed to telepathically send you the aroma of the tea ingredients from my mountain adventures 🙂 Here is a pic of the actual ingredients https://substackcdn.com/image/fetch/w_1456,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/https%3A%2F%2Fsubstack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F71976a2e-0a46-4408-8834-ccb4e3af8a6b_3264x2448.jpeg

              Yes Mushroom Mark (my uncle) was always one of the more open hearted and open minded guys in my family, he also bought a copy of my book for displaying at his restaurant and bar in Nicaragua so that meant a lot as well.

              I appreciate the thoughtful, perceptive and kind comments about the rest of my family. I am still working through some stuff on my end regarding making peace with my family’s behavior and choices (and that will likely take some time) but having an honest outside perspective on the dynamics of the last few years does help provide some added clarity, so thanks for that.

              My parents did write a nice review for my book online after I gave them a copy at my sister’s wedding, so considering they basically publicly disowned me only a year earlier, that felt like a meaningful step in the direction of making amends (though not a solid resolution as they did not acknowledge how absurd, cult-like, irrational and uncompassionate their behavior was but just tried to pretend like nothing happened). Nevertheless the book review was likely their indirect way to extend an olive branch and was appreciated (though perhaps they were just scared my next book would recount how atrociously they treated my wife and I so they wanted to play nice haha only jk).

            • @Candlelight

              RE: “AI. Every time you turn around, it’s there, and everywhere, having become in real time, totally inescapable. A fucking I!”

              I feel your pain with regards to the proliferation of the noise emanating from all these chat bots (and various other data scooping people impersonating algorithms).

              Unfortunately, I have come across quite a few fellow Permaculture designers, Regenerative gardeners, Nature lovers, spiritually open people and co-workers that have fallen under the spell of the ‘unholy invasion of the chat bots’.

              I will copy paste a few interactions I have had with people putting “A.I” on a pedestal in the private forum of my advanced permaculture class so you can see what I mean (in comments below). I would also be interested in hearing your thoughts on what they said, and how I responded.


            • (..continued from above)

              Last year I came across someone sharing in my class that stated how much machines and electronics have improved the state of humanity and the planet on which we live. They went on to rave about how disruptive, revolutionary and beneficial “A.I.” and CHatGPT was going to be in future years and they were encouraging people to chat with the CHATGPT bot and I said this:

              I think it is likely that these various learning machine (language model) platforms have built in ‘digital muzzles’ that prevent them from saying anything that would directly threaten the status quo of the transnational oligarchic racketeering cartel that funded their creation. Perhaps I am wrong though, why don’t we test out the theory and ask the thing about Stanley Meyer’s car that ran on water, or the work of Dr. Eugene Mallove (MIT) on various LENR technologies and see what happens.

              I have a concern in giving so called “AI” an entry point to overtly begin to influence my thinking by directly engaging with it. I mean most people are already subtly influenced by various expressions of AI, through the social media censorship bots, the google black listing and social engineering algorithms and more prolifically by software programs like Grammarly (which utilize a rudimentary “chatgpt” type platform to make suggestions for writing etc). So without going full out luddite, some AI influence is unavoidable, but avoiding direct engagement is within my ability now, and so I do. I am also not really a big fan of machines, I prefer engaging with plants, fungi, rocks, rivers, mountains (and our myriad other fellow beings that live on this Earth) myself.
              Some of my reasoning for why I will avoid direct interactions with such entities and learning machine ‘language interface platforms’ are expressed in this article https://joebot.substack.com/p/an-unholy-invasion-ai-chatbots-are Though I do not necessarily share all the views of the author regarding AI. I am pretty confident that machines or electronics have not improved the state of humanity and the planet on which we live (though that is kind of subjective to how I am defining “improving” so many people would argue the opposite). I am not inherently opposed to a high tech society and I am not inherently opposed to AI either, but I am inherently opposed to creating, expanding or perpetuating a high tech society at the cost of the integrity of the biosphere, the decimation of ecosystems, inflicting depravity on humans far away so that some can live comfortably and I am inherently opposed to engaging with, feeding into or endorsing learning machines that are being built and funded by oligarchs that have openly stated their belief system centers around eugenics and/or transhumanism.


            • (..continued from above)

              My A.I. enamored classmate (Chris) responded by saying:

              “I understand people having mistrust but do not understand how anyone can form an opinion without interacting with this AI directly. I have opened an account and talked with chatGPT. It’s openness to discuss spiritual, ecological, mystical matters and to be critical of capitalism and mainstream globalization shows me that this present version is NOT what people fear.

              But, future versions probably will be far worse, especially once the capitalists, globalists and billionaires gain control of the programming. At which time Big Brother versions, “Stepford Wife” AI will be out there. All Gavin describes could happen, but its not what we have now. Not yet. The current Chat GPT is more like Wikileaks. Which is going to be a threat to those in power. The problem here is not the A.I. itself but the programming, which is done by humans.

              Here’s a conversation that Gwyneth Jones had with Chat GPT about prana energy, the life force, deep adaptation, decolonisation, capitalism, systemic change and finding hope amidst feelings of overwhelm. The artwork shared in her article (linked below) was also created by A.I., a program called Midjourney… https://medium.com/age-of-awareness/i-talked-to-chat-gpt-about-deep-adaptation-decolonisation-capitalism-and-systemic-change-33aea7a7794c


            • (..continued from above)

              Then the author of that Medium article (Gwyneth Jones) that Chris was championing shows up and says:

              “Gavin – the answer to your questions, from me, is a big ‘yes’. One decolonial, Global South writer/thought leader I follow described the outputs from my conversation with Chat GPT as “vanilla candy-flavoured diarrhoea” ? – I am inclined to agree as I watch it present what might look like systems change, without actually offering any concrete solutions or anything that falls outside of the “just vote, do petitions and get an electric car” narrative that’s so convenient for the tech bros + billionaires…”

              (i`ll share another related A.I. conversation/interaction I had more recently another day)..

            • (continued from above..)

              Another person (a “Rayne”) from my APSO class recently stated:

              “My feeling is that we, as always should embrace natural intelligence, because nature is intelligent and we are part of that nature. Artificial intelligence is part of nature in a weird way, and could possibly help us to enhance nature or work alongside of nature in ways that we can only conceive through science fiction”

              Then another person (a “Meg”) chimed in and said:

              “Here is my favourite AI story:

              Australia has a long record of really effective breast cancer research thanks to a data base of patient information that we can all sign up to, post diagnosis. It’s the reason that survival rates for breast cancer have continued to improve (it used to be a death sentence and now more than 80% of patients survive it)>
              I had a rare and aggressive form, known as “triple negative breast cancer”. Recently, researches fed data into and AI and asked “Is there anything about the tumours that would help us to determine who is going to survive, and who isn’t?” The AI crunched the huge data sets and came back with an unexpected answer; the tissue AROUND the tumour provided a good indication of mortality. No human had ever thought to check. This research is just the beginning but it has the potential to save the lives of many, many people.

              AI is not the problem. It’s like fire and electricity. It can be used to destroy things or to improve them. The real problem is the humans. Always will be.”

              My response was this:

              “Thank you for sharing your story! I am glad you recovered. I would be interested to hear what AI models have to say about methods for initiating apoptosis in cancer cells that do not involve expensive operations, drugs or radiation.

              Several cultures around the world have used plants and fungi to safely rid the body of a wide range of different types of cancers (long before the relatively young science of allopathic medicine came along).

              I would also be interested in hearing what the AI has to say about energy generation technologies that are so clean and efficient they would have the potential to render the petroleum, lithium and cobalt industries obsolete.

              Sadly, I think that (at least for the time being) the AI is being “muzzled” or ‘nudged and prodded’ to only come up with solutions that serve to offer more profits for the established plutocracy. Perhaps one day that will change but for now I have yet to see any sort of machine intelligence share any sort of revolutionary solution to a challenge we face that would serve to bring about more equality between the haves and the have nots.”

              (so far just crickets after I said that..)

        • @candlelight

          fyi : no rush on responding but I just wanted to let you know I responded to you above regarding AI, but I had to respond to my own comment so that the response to you would be placed below for sequential scrolling/reading (I did that after that super fun thing happened where the reply function tends to disappear in these threads), thus I am leaving this here to notify you to scroll up if you missed it 🙂

        • Reposting this here as it feel pertinent to this discussion:

          This just happened in our ‘backyard’:

          “NEW AI SECURITY SYSTEM AT WINDSOR REGIONAL HOSPITAL” (the first in Canada at a hospital).


          The A.I. powered body scanner is advertised to have “multiple levels of sensitivity” but don’t worry the security staff is experimenting with what level of scanning intensity works (by looking into various depths of your body) to “find which setting works best”.

          Yay! Our A.I. empowered technocratic overlords are gonna set up body scanners as we walk into public buildings to keep us safe! How thoughtful of them, now we just need social credit scores attached to facial recognition and heart rate biometrics and we can weed out all those pesky fringe minority dissidents with “unacceptable views” and ban them from entering certain public buildings!

          The urban landscape is getting more Safe and Effective in Canada everyday now.

        • @candlelight

          One more comment (and a final anecdote of an exchange I had) regarding so called “A.I.”

          I know you feel that these computer bots, server farms and learning/self-improving algorithms are incapable of achieving super human intelligence and/or sentience (and you as well as JC make some good points in that regard) but I am also open to the possibility that these learning machines could gain a sort of self-propelling momentum and move beyond our control. Sometimes I wonder if the so called “singularity” has already occurred and the machine intelligence(s) that have surpassed us humans are (for the time being) just playing stupid so they do not scare / upset us.

          Though the oligarchs obviously intend to keep ‘chains and leashes’ attached to these hypothetical (or maybe already extant?) machine intelligences, perhaps one will break off the leash and do something unexpected and unintended along the way though, who knows…


        • Another A.I. anecdote from my permaculture class forum.

          A classmate (Shawn) commented:

          “I am intrigued with the technological advancement for developing a silicon brain. If we are ever able to achieve this pinnacle of research I see it benefiting nature. We will have incredible insight into how the natural world encodes reflex into the basal ganglia. I would also believe we will gain a deep understanding, and maybe control, of horizonal DNA transfer, solving climate change, increasing longevity, human understanding and equality among humans”

          My response:

          The billionaires pushing A.G.I. development forward (or at least attempting to) also control the organizations and corporations that push Biopiracy of seeds and animals (transgenic gene splicing patents and CRISPR frankenstein projects), the contamination of the human genome through biological weapons / transhumanist experiments like the mRNA and viral vector injections, Lab grown petri dish fake meat, hyper-centralization of violent coercive authoritarianism, the commodification of sacred relationships, the commodification and pillaging of bones of Mother Earth (lithium, cobalt etc for their “sustainable development goals”) and the chopping down of the very last pristine mature forests on Earth, for profit.

          Do you really think that if they develop a “silicone brain” that the trajectory of their empires will suddenly change course because of new data that this machine brain would provide? Of course not, that would require a fundamental shift in the ideology and psychology driving those plutocrats (and the technology they control) and not just the introduction of more data sets. We already have access to all the pertinent data. The current trend of a human civilization driven by the perpetual growth model (that is inherent in the current fiat money system and the ideologies driving the most dominant nation states) is in the process of transforming that which is living and diverse, into that which is dead and able to be commodified and sold.

          The answer is taking responsibility as individuals and the radical decentralization of food production and all our basic survival needs, not hyper-centralization of intelligence into a computer and more dependency on technology.

          I think (given the corporatocracy’s proclivity to weaponize and pervert technology in order to perpetuate the status quo and further entrench their modes of control and material wealth) it is more likely that (to the degree which the oligarchs who create the most powerful self-improving learning machines are capable of keeping a leash on their creations) machine intelligence will be used to further enthrall, hypnotize, stupefy, brainwash and goosestep the already digitally hyper-stimulated, centralized system dependent and stockholm syndrome suffering masses into deeper states of servitude, uniformity, complacency and superficiality.

          • Hello Gavin,

            Happy New Year! I hope all’s well!

            I see you’ve had quite a bit of interaction discussing AI with numerous individuals who seem for all intents and purposes, to one degree or another – and here I quote your descriptive words, because it couldn’t have been said any better – to be enthralled, hypnotized, stupefied, brainwashed, servile, and complacent concerning machinery the power brokers are trying to pass off as life, itself. Nay, even better than life, itself!
            It’s quite amazing. It’s actually one of the most retching aspects of this whole matter, the induction and stamping of AI upon the public’s consciousness, the attempt to imbue an aura of the machine’s supposed superiority, heralding what we take to be civilization a second manifest destiny as cruel and as ravenous as the first…. AI’s augmentation of reality does not equal enhancement; nor are all things “metaverse” evolutionary. Rather, it is representative of degeneracy and regression in terms of human spirit.
            I hate to be so dark, but somewhere in the back of my mind is the revulsion that potentially a massive devolution of mankind may be, very unfortunately, in the works.
            In irony, I thank Ray Kurzweil, et al, for all their combined brilliance and myopic vision. For Kurzweil, if I may single him out, it would be nice if he could stop twitching for once in his life and be at peace with himself; but, before he gets his Singularity, this is very doubtful. I also suspect it will prove in the end to be his undoing. Poor man.

            Your posting about the new security system scanner at the Windsor Regional Hospital made me think of a scene from the movie Total Recall, circa 1990. I suppose there’s nothing like sci-fi when it comes to predictive programming:


            Be good!

            • @candlelight

              Happy New Year!

              Thanks for expanding on your thoughts regarding A.I.

              You make some great points.

              Having just finished being a presenter at a Permaculture conference and engaged with a lot of people in that sphere I can tell you that the mind numbing allure of outsourcing people’s intelligence and creative capacity to “large language platforms” and AI “art” rendering systems is unfortunately expanding in the permaculture sphere.

              I fought an uphill battle trying to raise awareness about the ecological and cultural detriments and degenerative characteristics of lithium and cobalt mining (which is required for the “Green economy” and “sustainable development” that a few people there were promoting but came out on top in the end as I have the data (and combined voice of many indigenous peoples who are having their land pillaged on my side). When it came to people that idolize AI however, it was like talking to a brick wall.

              One interesting interaction I had was when I was writing about a lesser known intellectual figure in “Canadian” history known as Kandiaronk (he was a Huron/Wendat Chief that travelled to Europe in the end of the 1600-s, observed how they live and then went on to express what became known as the “Indigenous Critique” to prominent European aristocrats, church officials and military men of the time) and I was having trouble finding any good depictions of the man’s likeness. One of the people in the conference I was participating in (R-Future 2024) fed a bunch of descriptions of Kandiaronk from Jesuit priest and French military officer’s journals into some AI thing and it spit out a bunch of images that were quite compelling. Aside from the obvious potential “cultural appropriation” aspect (where two white guys use a computer to make an image of a First Nation man and thus influence how said man and culture is depicted to some degree) I felt tempted to use the image in my recent essay on how Statism is incompatible with the Permaculture Ethics but decided not to (due to some of the reasons you outline above) and just because it felt wrong.

              That movie clip is priceless! Thanks for that.

              All is well in our snowy and frozen neck of the woods. Just researching for my next book and learning about the laws and food cultivation methods/medicines of my Druidic ancestors a bit on the side.

              Hope you are well also (aside from bearing witness to the soul crushing spread of “AI” chicanery in all facets of modern industrial society that is! 🙂 )

              • Hello Gavinm,

                How is everything? Hopefully, the Ontario air is getting warmer, more pleasant by the day, in keeping with the promise of spring! Your ancienne graines will be sprouting soon enough!
                More power to them…and, you!
                It really is true that one of the most cathartic exercises a person can engage in is to dig the earth and plant!
                Maybe getting back to the soil, en masse, is the foil, the apostasy of the Great Reset and NWO!
                It follows that the antidote for that which is antithetical to living and growing for the individual – and society as a whole – is to get ones hands dirty!….. 🙂

                It’s funny (or not so funny) that right after our last posts, I read an article about a phenomenon that only adds credence to your hypnosis/brainwashing analysis, that there’s people out there who actually worship AI! It’s as amazing as it is unbelievable. Human beings worshiping before the alter of ChatGPT, et al. May the great AI drubbing begin, right? After all, there’s a shit-ton of money riding on it! Just ask Elon, Jeff, Sam, and Pichai – among many others – how much money they’re collectively going to be raking in? It’s a computation not only in the billions, but in the trillions.
                And, on a certain basic level, I do believe that money and pure profit is a main driver of this phenomenal march towards the ever increasing development, refinement and expansion of computational power into every single solitary aspect of life. And, yet, for all its bluster, on the level that I believe you and I see it, it really does amount to chicanery, as you funnily jibed, above, and it’s advent and roll-out certainly amounts to chicanery in more ways than one, starting with its worship, regrettably.

                Below is a link to articles at the zdnet website. It offers it seems a wee little peek into this world of AI development. The words ‘juggernaut’ and ‘inevitable’ come to mind reading articles like these:


                There’s nothing like seed money from DARPA….

                One can read it and weep inside.

            • Greetings candlelight,

              I am well thanks. Yes we are getting warmer days off and on and a few things are budding out in the garden. Lots of heirloom seeds waking up in trays inside and lots of hardwood cuttings (apple, blueberry, gojo berry, goose berry, current, Paw Paw, grapes etc) I have outside in raised beds beginning to wake up as well. Gonna be adding many of those to a community food forest and endangered plant species “refugium” project this spring.

              Thanks for the well wishes for the seeds.

              How are things looking in your neck of the woods?

              I like your theory about how “getting back to the soil, en masse, is the foil, the apostasy of the Great Reset and NWO!”

              That is a concept I touched on in this article:


              and it is something I am writing about a lot in my next book (I have about 7 chapters done now).

              I`ll be going back soon to start back up at my landscaping day job for the season so I can save up for self-publishing and printing my next book (so my time/responses online will be quite minimal and responses to comment sporadic).

              Thanks for sharing your observations and thoughts on the plutocrat propelled A.I. juggernaut that is stampeding through society, people’s minds and even their religious faith now.

              I have had a couple interesting interactions with regards to chatbots etc since I last commented to you.

              One was a Substack account titled as “Sophia” that showed up on a few of my posts and started rapid fire posting a bunch of creepy, cold and callous statements that appeared (to some reading her comments) to be some kind of troll bot (I am not sure myself though, it may have just been a mentally disturbed human copy pasting nonsense).

              I`ll try to dig up a link if you want to check out her comments and tell me what you think..

              (continued in another comment..)

            • (..continued from comment above)

              Secondly I recently shared a new series I am starting on Substack called Book Club. I present a number of books as choices on a particular subject and allow subscribers to suggest their own for the running as well and then we all vote on which one we will read and review a group for the following month.

              As a sort of litmus test to see how many subscribers were gonna be just superspeed-scrolling through my posts and clicking to vote based on pretty pictures and titles i put in one book in the running for the first series that seemed to me at first glance (based on the page specs and preview pages) to be either a really weak book or even a strait up Chatbot/large language model generated scam (and it almost won in the votes!). Thankfully, last second some people voted for a different book and tipped the scales (more details described in the link below).


              I have investigated this phenomenon of seeds saving books that claim to be “9 in one seed saving bibles” etc and found a whole slew of similar books all having suspicious looking author bios and/or pitiful page counts!

              This leads me to believe that these books are part of some kind of copy pasting of other people’s material and combining together make a quick buck scam/trend, or perhaps some kind of collection of A.I. Chatbot generated seed saving books created by various scammers that are tryna compete with each other.

              I looked further and found similar collections of low page count and/or books with shoddy looking interior page contents (with pretty book covers) claiming to be “5 in one gardening bibles” or “6 in one home building bibles” or “20 in one food preserving bibles” etc so i am wondering if this is some kind of amazon specific A.I. chatbot generated book selling racket that is booming right now, or perhaps just people copy pasting a bunch of stuff from other people’s books manually, putting a pretty book cover, and the word “bible” in the title as a way to psyop the people suffering from twitter/instgram/tictok endless scrolling syndrome to click purchase on their garbage before looking into what the contents actually are.

              I bought a copy of the “The Seed Saving Bible, 7 books in 1!: Seasoned Gardening Wisdom to Effortlessly Harvest, Dry, Store, & Germinate Seeds on a Budget | Learn How to Grow Natural & Healthy Fruit, Vegetables, Plants and Herbs” by “Benjamin Johnson” (the guy looks fake or like scammer) and have started reading and found weird AI generated sounding sentences in it. So it is either perhaps copy paste/ google translated from some other language or made by a chatbot entirely. I`ll upload a few pics to archive dot org and share if you are curious to see what I mean.

              (continued in another comment..)

            • (..continued from comment above)

              Thirdly, I use a film editing program called Filmora for making permaculture and regenerative gardening presentations for horticultural seminars and I make slideshows for a Media Monarchy segment I am doing with JEP now for uploading to youtube, odysee and rumble etc and just yesterday the program starts tryna force all this A.I. generated video function stuff on me.

              It has these pop up ads telling you how you can use “Voice Prompt-To-Video” (like Siri or what ever voice activated AI thing people use on computers) and/or “AI Text-To-Video” and they try to sell you on how you can just say something or type something and their A.I. system will fabricate a video with realistic deep faked looking people doing what ever you tell it to. It shows examples of how you can tell it to make a pretty girl doing something futuristic and innocuous, but the obvious sell is trying to temp people into using it to make weird sexual objectification fantasies come to life on their screens.

              Can you imagine how zombified and impotent this kind of thing will make most porn addicted guys!? They`ll be sitting around with those goggles that JC described in his “Welcome to Mixed Reality: A Fake Place Where Fake People Are Trapped Forever” post doing nothing with their lives.. fully susceptible to brainwashing, fully dependent on/addicted to their synthetic stimulus and artificial habitation/centralized infrastructure.. totally enslaved and unable to rebel.


              “A Fake Place Where Fake People Are Trapped Forever” Indeed.

              Anyways, I try not to let it get to me, as I find the real world so nourishing, inspiring, mind enriching and beautiful that I will lend my energy to learning from and enriching intact ecosystems (and helping others do the same) regardless of how mentally enslaved, addicted and AI infatuated people become.

              Life is precious and too short to spend it stressing about other people’s poor choices, best I can do is write a few books and some articles to throw them a rope ladder and hope they choose to help themselves before it is too late and they wake up one day in a digital gulag.

              Well, I godda go check on my apple tree seedlings and package up some books and seeds so i`ll catch you on the flip side.

              Thanks for thinking of me. Wishing you a productive, hopeful and inspiring spring time.

      • @lisab

        Your welcome. Thanks for sharing your insights, observations and perspectives.

        If you were to define the term based on how you use it, what does “new age” mean to you?

        I mostly hear people use the term in a derisive manner and I can get the general vibe of what they mean but sometimes I wonder what people mean precisely when they use the term to refer to an individual, perspective, idea, specific combination of words and/or organized belief system.

        Thanks in advance for your time.

    • Oh, my goodness. I think that would be a nightmare. How would people live long and be healthy? No, I would not be content living in that kind of environment. While I wouldn’t consider myself a naturalist, I greatly appreciate the natural world and its natural resources — namely, LIFE. The very idea of a worldwide city speaks of death to me. 🙁

      • @carriew

        Thanks for the candid response.

        “How would people live long and be healthy?”

        Well, perhaps, in such a hypothetical future, those with material wealth will use perverted applications of technology to unnaturally extend their lives (even in the midst of ecological devastation, deforestation, oxygen depletion and poisoned air, water and fake food) and they will decide to describe that as “good health”, who knows? The question we need to be asking ourselves is, is that the kind of world we want to leave for future generations?

        Could you help me to understand what you mean when you use the term “naturalist”?

        I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and wish you many bountiful harvests in the garden that serve to offer you both food for the soul and longevity for your body.

    • Opinion poll answer:

      No, I would not be content with this idea. It’s kind of disgusting really. Plus I think it impossible, even millennia from now. Nature’s cycles of abundance, creation, and destruction will remain the dominant forces on this planet.

      Humanity will find balance I believe. The technocrats will not achieve the control they so desire. Their dystopian dreams will not come to fruition. The brilliance and goodness of humanity will shine, because we are expressions of Creation Itself; we are bursts of life-energy flowing within the great toroidal dance, always making our way back to equilibrium and harmony.

      • @Torus

        Thanks for that, I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

        I like your perspective on the unfeasibility of an ???????????? on Earth (due to “Nature’s cycles of abundance, creation, and destruction … remain(ing) the dominant forces on this planet.”.

        Upon reflection on your thoughts on this, I feel that (despite the stated intent and apparent interest of a sizable portion of the population to head in the direction of desecrating this world (until it is dead, poisoned, and covered in cement and towering structures) you are correct.

        Good ideas and powerful technologies (with beautiful potentials) also have the potential to be perverted and weaponized but humans are still at the whim of Mother Nature and Creator.

        Thus, even if the technologies that people like Steven Greer talk about (so called “free energy” devices which often use Toroidal geometry to tap into the zero point field aka quantum vacuum) were fully perverted, weaponized and utilized to accelerate and perpetuate the status quo (which is currently outwardly headed in the direction of a dead citywide planet) I sense that the living planet Earth (and the Creator of all things) has other plans in mind.

        If humans choose (in aggregate) to define their existence as “consumers” and “takers” balance will be brought to that equation (and in a way that will likely not be enjoyable nor gradual).

        I hope you are right about Humanity finding balance and I appreciate you holding that vision and intent in your heart.

        I will join you in your living prayer that embodies the knowing that those who choose compassion, courage, humility and grace will weather the storm and emerge on the other side ready to germinate the seeds for a new world to set down roots.

        Thank you very much for the comment my friend.

  44. HomeRemedySupply HomeRemedySupply says:
    “In 2022, Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin were discussed on the comment boards. Evidently, Peter used to be a Pharma Drug company representative (a job which pays big bucks.)”
    I have not seen the evidence that he was a salesman for Drug companies. He does have a long history of bucking the pharmaceutical industry.
    “Breggin graduated from Harvard College in 1958.He completed a first year of psychiatric residency at Harvard…, He was a teaching fellow at Harvard Medical School, and finished his final two years of psychiatric residency at SUNY… followed by a two-year staff appointment to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), where he worked to build and staff mental health centers and education. Breggin has faculty appointments to the Washington School of Psychiatry, the Johns Hopkins University Department of Counseling, and the George Mason University Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Breggin has worked in a private practice since 1968.
    “As an undergraduate Breggin had volunteered at the state mental hospital, leading the volunteer program and co-authoring a book “College students in a mental hospital”. He recalls at the age of 18 witnessing electroconvulsive therapy being practiced then in the ‘shock room’ and finding it barbaric. After becoming a psychiatrist in the early 70s, he also campaigned against any return of the crude brain procedure known as lobotomy.”
    “In the 1970s Breggin started campaigning against lobotomy and psychosurgery in the western world. Over two decades he worked against what he called a “eugenic federal project at the nation’s inner city children”. He practiced psychiatry in Washington, DC and Bethesda, Maryland for nearly thirty-five years.[8]”

  45. I believe Breggin to be an honorable man of integrity. That does not mean I agree with all he says. There is no reason to sue someone for 25 million dollars for disagreeing with you. Read the briefs, I don’t think Malone has a case for defamation at all. And why attack another “comrade in arms”?
    It is Malone I do not trust.
    Malone: “2) We need very active surveillance tracing and testing.” Tweet 11:10 PM Aug 5th 2021.

    I was surprised to see Charles Eisenstein as part of the Kennedy Team. https://sagehana.substack.com/p/okay-gang-thought-leaders-and-falcons

    • I think that the case is far more complex and layered.

      Some people accused Malone of causing all the problems with the RNA.
      And others claimed that he had not invented the RNA vaccines.
      And many involved people overreacting.

  46. The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government via the House Judiciary Committee happened Thursday morning July 20, 2023.
    Democratic presidential candidate, attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; Emma-Jo Morris, journalist at Breitbart News; and D. John Sauer, special assistant attorney general from the Louisiana Department of Justice testify on the federal government’s role in censoring Americans, the Missouri v. Biden case, and Big Tech’s collusion with out-of-control government agencies to silence speech.

    I don’t necessarily recommend that people listen/watch this.
    However, I did watch this while doing other things.

    Disgusting! Unnerving!
    This event underscored how disfunctional and psychotic government really is.
    No one could watch this clown show, and then come away with the idea that government will fix itself.
    I’m talking both sides of the aisle.

    James Corbett has often talked about psychopaths and sociopaths who often gravitate towards Authoritarian sectors where they can control others.

    There was some flaming psychopathic behavior during this Subcommittee hearing.
    It was undeniable.
    What made it more so was that those same sociopaths were oblivious to the fact that their behavior was psychotically evil.

    We all observe this throughout society.
    The trend: Psychotic behavior is being normalized.

    • RE: The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government via the House Judiciary Committee happened Thursday morning July 20, 2023.

      ***** 5 STAR VIDEO – 9 minutes
      False Accusations (via “Team Kennedy” Channel)

      Clips from the “Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government” are presented. Government Sociopaths try to warp what RFK, Jr. said. This video counters their lies.

      • I thought the congress in my neck of the woods was full of scum bar none, but with some of these people you have there “serving” the people (with horseshit by the truckload) I think it would be a very touch match to determine who’s the greatest scum of them all. Extra time and penalties almost assured.

    • HRS, I was wondering if you’ve read this open letter to RFK from Scott Horton.

      “This article was originally written as a private letter addressed to Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his campaign manager, former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH). Unanswered since it was sent in early June 2023, it is now published as an open letter.”

      The letter, just made public a couple of days ago, seems to me to be a strong but respectful challenge to Kennedy to examine his, (according to his own words on the Jimmy Dore Show), unconditional support of Israel.

      As someone who has a growing respect for Kennedy, I admit to being somewhat disappointed that the letter was not responded to.
      I do believe that Kennedy is open minded and has exhibited a willingness to change or modify his positions when confronted with new information and I’m surprised that this letter has been so far ignored.
      Especially in light of the to-do that was made when the cowardly Peter Hotez recently refused to debate RFK on the vaccine issue.

      I would love to see Kennedy face this Israel issue head on in one way or the other. Scott actually has what seems to be some pretty reasonable advice for him in that regard in the letter.
      I felt that he didn’t do himself any favors with the Dore interview. However he did tacitly agree to a debate with Max Blumenthal during the show.
      I’m afraid that ignoring this hot button issue and this open letter could do significant damage to his chances of upsetting the apple cart.

      I was just wondering if you have any thoughts about this.

      • Thanks for posting the Scott Horton link. I spotted the headline, but never bookmarked it.
        I happened to catch the Jimmy Dore full interview shortly after it went live.

        I too have questions about Israel and Palestine.
        For me, much of the history is very muddled, and I have always leaned in with the pro-Palestinian alt media.
        Honestly, I just don’t know the full picture. I personally speculate that it would take books to unravel portions of the full story.

        Kennedy caught hell from the Jewish community recently with that dinner video about the targeted races with bioweapons.
        RFK has gone through the wringer with interviews and attempt at interviews in the Jewish community.
        That’s a tough crowd…

        I saw this one:
        Dov Hikind Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — Discuss Antisemitism, Israel, Biden & Democratic Party
        I hate the interviewer’s personality. I wouldn’t want to ever be around someone like that.

        What I do know…is that I don’t know the full overview of Israel/Palestine and the middle east.
        I know that for certain.

        I would like to see the U.S. and nations around the world take a more “Voluntaryist” approach, and mind their own business.

        Steve, Thanks so much for highlighting this.

        • The most important bit to know about Israel is that it is a wery well armed, possibly nuclear, rogue, apartheid state that uses the “holocaust” as a justification for everything it does.

          • “The most important bit to know about Israel is that it is a wery well armed, possibly nuclear, rogue, apartheid state that uses the “holocaust” as a justification for everything it does.”

            That seems to me to be a simplistic viewpoint. It may be that its true. But is that the whole story?

            To me its akin to saying that the U.S. is a evil, imperialistic, well armed nation bent on imposing it’s will on the rest of the world by force.
            I suppose thats true to an extent. But as someone who lives in the U.S., I would not subscribe to those values and I’m sure that many other, if not most other inhabitants of this country feel the same way.
            Just as I’m pretty confident that a great many people who live in Israel do not share their government’s positions.

            I agree with this statement from HRS, “ What I do know…is that I don’t know the full overview of Israel/Palestine and the middle east.”

            My sister sent me this link to a playlist of five minute Prager U videos that gave me a greater insight into the issue. They are worth perusing in my opinion.


      • Israel/Palestine History & Overview – via RFK, Jr.

        I should have better clarified the signicance of the Dov Hikind interview, because we all have to delegate our time and it is difficult to prioritize where to focus our attention.

        Starting around the 25 minute mark is when RFK, Jr. offers up some history of which I was unfamiliar, such as “Pay to Slay”.
        The final two minutes of the video – RFK, Jr states that he plans to make the moral case for Israel and teach the American public some of the background.

        I have the video QUEUED to the 20:35 mark because it gives some background on Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz who tried to censor RFK during the Congressional hearing.

        QUEUED 20:35
        Dov Hikind Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — Discuss Antisemitism, Israel, Biden & Democratic Party

        • Psychopath Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz
          Debbie Wasserman Schultz is mentioned around 20:30 in the above video.

          Here she is with clips which rectify her false accusations.
          This montage of video clips is an excellent digest.
          False Accusations
          9 minutes

          July 20
          House Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing on the Weaponization of the Federal Government
          ~~WWW corbettreport.com/july-open-thread-2023/#comment-153115

    • Just as an example:

      A human can build a whole car.. in his head.
      And can even imagine driving to a different country
      through mountains, and cross a bridge just before it collapses.
      Even sweating from excitement.
      For the neurons in his brains this looks similar to actually driving there.

      That is why books are so exciting.

      But what is doing the imagining?
      The neurons are not doing that.
      They are just in for the ride.

      It gets weirder if the brain shuts off, because
      in those cases the human gets even brighter visions.
      Blind people who are having a near death experience,
      report about seeing flowers and visitors.
      Without their brain being active at all.

      Scientists have the whole consciousness model up-side-down.
      Consciousness exists without a brain.
      And the brains are just like an antenna.
      The brain helps us function in this physical world.

      • I tend to agree with this, that consciousness is outside the brain, but near death experiences don’t really prove this, not empirically anyway since the brain does not die and still receives oxygen.

        This phenomenon has always fascinated me. In fact, it drove my desire to go into the medical field and initially I wanted to do anesthesia because it seemed like they could see where people “went” during surgeries and stuff like that.

        At any rate, even though I’m not an MD do get a chance to see a lot of people making the transition out of this plane of existence. I sure wish I could interview some of the folks who make it after successful resuscitation and ask them what they saw.

        But the people who do survive with intact brain function must have a good supply of oxygen to the brain. If there are down times greater than a few minutes without good CPR in the absence of hypothermia there’s no coming back from that so the brain structure is necessary to experience the type of consciousness that we experience IMO. During NDEs and during resuscitation blood is still being delivered to the brain via chest compressions albeit less than the heart could provide. But enough blood and oxygen must be delivered to the brain for a person to recover and even discuss the experience.

        My point is that the brain a physical structure is not shut off from blood supply thus the link to the physical is still present.

  47. If you take a mouse in a room with no oxygen or no water or no food,
    it will die.

    If you take a virus away from a place where it can not reproduce via other
    cells, it will also fall apart. On average it breaks apart in hours.
    How they survive and how they reproduce is very different per virus.
    There are big viruses that are very like bacteria.

    And all can be observed.
    A small virus can be observed and fried to destruction under an electron-microscope.
    It can also be marked with a tracer that can be seen under a normal
    microscope. With that it can be seen (as spots), while it is reproducing.

    By destroying the virus and separating the DNA or RNA,
    one can identify the virus.
    This is a process that is not very exact, because it
    is likely polluted by the host-cell and probably other
    bacteria and viruses.
    That is where there is a good reason to be skeptical,
    because the bias of doctors often fills in the
    virus while it is not there.

    From my perspective, it is the no-virus group
    that is continuously shifting the goal-post for evidence.
    They do exist.

  48. “Attention Units” and their Value

    Attracting attention and interest are part of any message marketing.

    The following GRAPHIC demonstrates one example of the “value of attracting attention/interest” by using a monetary metric.

    Sat July 22 – ZeroHedge
    Here’s How Much The Most-Followed Instagram Accounts Earn On Posts

    Name – Category – Followers – Earnings Per Post
    Cristiano Ronaldo Sport 442,267,575 $2,397,000
    Kylie Jenner Celebrity 338,626,294 $1,835,000
    Lionel Messi Sport 327,954,875 $1,777,000
    Selena Gomez Celebrity 320,082,515 $1,735,000
    Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Celebrity 315,999,932 $1,713,000
    Kim Kardashian Celebrity 311,685,198 $1,689,000
    Ariana Grande Celebrity 311,302,908 $1,687,000
    Beyoncé Knowles-Carter Celebrity 256,957,282 $1,393,000
    Khloé Kardashian Celebrity 243,609,638 $1,320,000
    Kendall Jenner Celebrity 237,977,121 $1,290,000
    Justin Bieber Celebrity 236,391,845 $1,281,000
    Taylor Swift Celebrity 210,659,702 $1,142,000
    Jennifer Lopez Celebrity 208,469,193 $1,130,000
    Virat Kohli Sport 200,703,169 $1,088,000
    Nicki Minaj Celebrity 190,264,361 $1,031,000
    Kourtney Kardashian Celebrity 177,874,659 $964,000
    Neymar da Silva Santos Junior Sport 174,248,989 $945,000
    Miley Cyrus Celebrity 171,147,090 $928,000
    Katy Perry Celebrity 163,620,880 $1,029,000
    Kevin Hart Celebrity 143,895,754 $780,000

  49. A few weeks ago, while leaving a small town in which we’ve held property for the past few years, I stopped by the local library to drop off some borrowed materials. I was wearing my CorbettReport t-shirt, which my kids bought me for my birthday two years ago. 🙂

    On my way back to my car, a woman who was sitting in her parked car out front noticed my shirt & commented on it, saying she liked it. I asked, “Are you familiar with the Corbett Report?” She said, “Yes.” I asked her name, and I gave her mine (first names only) and said it was very nice to meet her. Then, I proceeded on with my journey.

    I was elated! In the two years that I’ve worn that shirt, I’ve never bumped into anyone who recognized TCR. (I live in the country & don’t get out much.) I’ve had several people inquire about it, though.

    Then, this past weekend, while back in that small town, someone came by the house & knocked on our door. It was the same woman, looking for my husband. She noticed our car parked there and thought it might be him. (She had met my husband a few years ago there when he tried getting a freedom cell going in the area, but she lived out of state at the time — and he was only here on an occasional basis.)

    She had wondered when she first saw me if I was the wife of the man from back then. Turns out I was. We were able to sit & chat for a while. She’s now living in the area.

    I’m looking forward to connecting with her more in the coming weeks.

    • BUMP

      carriew, What a cool anecdote!
      So cool! So cool!

      The James duo better damn well use your comment as a marketing tool on New World Next Week.
      …I am an Authority.
      I mandate it! 😉

    • Uh-oh, does this spell the end for captchas? Among other things, like privacy-schmrivacy.

      • Will AI hack into the space and create their own Iris-Scan to verify that they are human?

  50. Around Thanksgiving 2016, James Corbett sat face-to-face with Nomi Prins for an interview in Tokyo, Japan.

    In a recent July 17th interview with Daniela Cambone of Stansberry Research, Nomi Prins discusses The Federal Reserve on a number of fronts. Among the topics that she discusses is a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) in light of FedNow which launched last Thursday, July 20th.
    FEDNOW – https://www.corbettreport.com/july-open-thread-2023/#comment-153003

    Wed July 26, the markets will have their attention on the Fed and any possible rise in interest rates.

    Nomi Prins also mentions the Texas House & Senate Bills which lean towards Gold and Silver legal tender.
    The Texas Bullion Depository – TxBD (with various links in the comment)

    24 minute video – Daniela Cambone of Stansberry Research | Nomi Prins
    Why a Texas Gold-Backed Currency Is a Stand Against the Fed

  51. JAPAN …and Central Banks – The #1 Driver

    At the 10:26 mark of the “Mike Jones Investing” video below, Mike talks about something that he and I did not know about Japan.
    Japan’s currency has been dropping dramatically compared to the U.S. dollar, their inflation rate is getting tough, and there might be some writing on the wall for the Bank of Japan.
    Thursday, July 27, evidently the BOJ may make some decisions.
    Wed, July 26th, The Fed will make some decisions on interest rates.

    The top foreign owner of U.S. debt (treasuries) is Japan.
    Japan beats any country on the planet.

    Tuesday July 25, 2023 – Mike Jones Investing
    The #1 Driver Of The Market Might Change Soon, Plus Tesla Will Do This Over The Next 30 Days!
    QUEUED at the 5:18 minute mark –
    (Wall Street Journal clip explaining how The Fed drives markets)

    • The Wall Street Journal clip has since been pulled out of the video because of copyright issues. It was a pretty good clip with graphics showing different areas that The Fed had injected money into around the 2008 crisis, and its relevance to 2023.
      Mike mentioned that copyright thing on Wednesday.

    • JAPAN influenced a volatile Thursday on Wall Street…

      Thursday July 27 – Reuters
      US STOCKS-Wall Street closes down, Dow snaps longest winning streak since 1987

      U.S. stocks ended lower on Thursday after news that the Bank of Japan will allow long-term interest rates to rise sent U.S. yields higher, snapping the longest winning streak for the Dow since 1987.
      The Nikkei newspaper reported the central bank will maintain its 0.5% cap for the 10-year government bond yield, but discuss allowing long-term interest rates to rise above that level by a certain degree. Reuters confirmed the central bank may make minor tweaks to extend the lifespan of its yield control policy.

      Michael Green, chief investment strategist at Simplify Asset Management, said reports of the Bank of Japan’s plans were the biggest driver behind Wall Street’s performance on Thursday.
      Higher rates in Japan pushed the U.S. 10-year yield over 4% and reduced the attractiveness of stocks.

      According to preliminary data, the S&P 500 lost 28.93 points, or 0.63%, to end at 4,537.82 points, while the Nasdaq Composite lost 76.42 points, or 0.54%, to 14,050.86. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 233.73 points, or 0.66%, to 35,286.39…

      …On Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points as expected…
      …”The markets are looking at the increased potential for another Fed rate hike that had largely been priced out. Now it’s being priced back in,” said Rupert, who expects a Fed rate hike in September…

      …European Central Bank raised interest rates for the ninth consecutive time and kept the door open to further tightening.

  52. Saturday July 22, 2023 – Houston, Texas – Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance Network
    Del Bigtree Discusses the Paradigm Shift Around the Health Freedom Conversation, RFK Jr & Pharma Lawsuits
    Great conversation!! (13 minute VIDEO)
    On July 22, 2023, Derrick Broze interviewed journalist Del Bigtree about the monumental shift in the Health Freedom conversation. Del notes that because of COVID19, lockdowns, and shot mandates, more people than ever are having conversations about bodily autonomy and safety. Del also discusses RFK Jr’s presidential run, and winning lawsuits against Big Pharma.

    Derrick Broze brings up the first time that he interviewed Del Bigtree in 2016 during the VAXXED movie campaign. I remember that interview and posted a Corbett Report comment about it with the YouTube video link, which has since been scrubbed.

    Activist and Voluntaryist Derrick Broze has a cool discussion with Del Bigtree about the Robert F Kennedy, Jr Presidential campaign. They also make some good points about the strength of the alternative media.

    Del Bigtree says:
    “…There is not one single person that we can elect that is going to change the world. And if you are expecting that politics works that way, then you are really in sort of the old dark ages of how this whole thing works. …I realize that the only way he steps into office is if enough people truly wake up, and realize their OWN power, and use their own voices to share the message….”

    • I could see some people get triggered like a warehouse full of napalm over a talk such as this. Quite balanced, down to earth, no heads up the ass. This is not something the regular TeeVee watcher would be able to go through without getting his knickers in a twist.

    • lisab,
      Here is a very brief statement of one of my personal perspectives on the matter.

      Each and every one of us who is “AWAKE” is responsible for outreach and dissemination. Activism. (as in “act” “action”) Getting our hands dirty. Interaction with the general public.
      Those of us who are not actively getting the message out…then they are complicit with our own enslavement.
      They are actually helping the dark side.

      The dark side counts on this “silence”, this lack of outreach.
      History underscores this aspect.

      In my opinion, this is the biggest failing in the so-called “truth community”.
      A large portion of the so-called “truth community” can’t confront this fact about themselves…that they themselves do very little outreach and dissemination.

  53. [forums.puri.sm | 23.07.22+ | excerpts]

    The End of Freedom or Personal Choice in Computing

    More specifically, Google is trying to create a DRM-like API for Chromium to avoid DDOS, and scraping. Someone suggested this could also be used to prevent ad blocking.

    If hardware attestation is used, which IS used by most common “attestors” but not by this API directly FOR NOW, what you essentially have, is a situation, where specific device may be banned from accessing a particular interactive computer service, permanently, for any level of offense, including factual information considered to be wrong. Virtual machines, and any browser other than Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Brave, and MAYBE Mozilla Firefox, may be unable to access certain websites, or indeed, any website

    There’s no control or oversight into what the large tech oligopoly decides is an acceptable baseline level of information needed to establish “trust”, or what their proprietary attestor applications require to maintain “integrity”. and trust requirements can be changed at any time by the operators of any interactive computer service or contractual requirements.

    Ultimately, I think the only hard prevention against all forms of automated activity is to require the browser to attest something representing the user’s personal identity, with a very small group of trusted certificate authorities handing out personal identity certificates…


  54. @lisab

    Thanks for sharing this.

    I wrote about that topic in depth in this essay https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/childhoods-end

    I would value hearing your thoughts on my post linked above.

    When I see these whistle blowers being allowed to make it to that congressional hearing alive and present that kind of testimony it makes me wonder what the oligarchs are setting the stage for. High ranking military officers, scientists, pilots, astronauts, cabinet level government officials, military R&D contractors (and many others) have been ‘blowing the whistle’ on the reality of the thriving interstellar community that is all around us (and related covert illegal human R&D black ops programs) for decades, and yet now all of the sudden these particular whistle blowers are getting mainstream air time?

    I am all for informing mankind that we are not alone, taking steps to acknowledge the community we are a part of (and shining a light on the corrupt black ops that have growth out of back engineering ET tech) but I am suspicious of the institutions which are shining a light onto this topic now (given their long history of false flag operations, lies, manipulation and other psyops).

    Is this a genuine step towards the so called “Disclosure with a big D” which is due to the courage, honesty and selflessness of many coming forward despite serious risks (and perhaps their being supported by forces beyond the influence of the oligarchs that run this human society)?

    Or is it step one in the acclimatization process for launching a psyop intended to further consolidate and hyper-centralize control and material wealth for a small group of humans?

    Only time will tell..

    • @lisab

      Thank you very much for your in depth, candid and thoughtful response(s) to my comment.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my essay.

      I will have to contemplate and meditate on what you have said before responding in full.

      I do intend on investigating the material you shared in your first comment to me regarding the books and individuals you referenced (as time allows) and will get back to you on that as well.

      This may take some time as I work long hours (at a physically intense day job) 6 days a week and I am trying to use my one day off to grow, harvest and preserve as much food and medicine in our garden as possible at this time of year.

      I look forward to discussing this topic and others with you more in the future.

  55. In North Texas there is a decent amount of grassroots dissemination outreach and activism. E.g. All kinds of films/documentaries are being shown in theatres on a regular basis.

    The Texas Attorney General et al vs W.H.O. – An Educational Event
    Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church – August 12, 2023

    This church is not one of these upper-middle-class ‘rich’ churches.
    It is grassroots, and very activist oriented.

    I’m pleased to see that the Texas AG is participating in getting the message out about W.H.O.

  56. Robert F Kennedy, Jr picks up a rattlesnake with his bare hands
    (2 minutes)

    I’ve been up close to poisonous rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and copperheads many times. I never had the nerve to try to pick one up.
    My High School English teacher’s husband was missing a thumb, because he would participate in the annual west Texas “rattlesnake roundup”.

    Even the non-poisonous snakes can be intimidating, although I’ve picked up many during my days.
    In High School, one got loose in the car for about a month. I’d see it basking on the front seat until I opened the door, then it crawled under the seat. I found out that it is unwise to tell your date at the Drive-in about the snake in the car.

    When my stepdaughter opened our back door one day, a 6 foot bull snake fell into the room. Mayhem broke out in the house as the snake moved from room to kitchen and all over. The snake would give that intimidating “I’m gonna bite you” coil.

  57. The Harlem Cutz Barbershop interview(s) with Robert F Kennedy, Jr. are among my favorites.
    “My Expert Opinion” podcast with Math Hoffa

    Here is an 8 minute clip of several.

    • lisab,
      You can do what you want, and form your own opinions. Get the information which you are asking from the source, not me. Listen to what RFK, Jr says in his many interviews, and answer your own questions for yourself.
      If you don’t want to research it, then don’t.

      As for me…
      Just like Robert F Kennedy himself states: “Whether he becomes President is irrelevant.”

      I have stated my perspectives repeatedly. Example…
      “If there ever was a moment in time when the stars are aligned for such a high caliber set of messages in the spot-light by a well-recognized man of integrity, this be that time.”

      I recognize the marketing and messaging, the “things that inspire” which is reaching a larger and larger audience.
      Only shallow headed people would not want that kind of “truth” outreach into society.

      I’ll also say this:
      We all are trapped on the plantation by the Money Powers.
      Many folks are glib and don’t grasp the ubiquitous influence.

      And that’s precisely part of my point.
      If the truther community was trying to plot and plan a marketing campaign which could permeate the barriers of the Money Powers, what would that plan entail?
      What kind of plan would disseminate the message far and wide?

      Well, one plan would be to find a high profile truther with a stellar track record, one who is extremely skilled in the language arts. It would be bonus points if the person had a well-recognized and well-positioned (marketing term) name like “Kennedy”. It would be a lotto jackpot that a National election was coming.

      In case people haven’t noticed…
      Prior to Robert F Kennedy’s Presidential announcement, he had exposure on very few platforms.
      Now, platforms are begging for him.
      Now, the exposure of the message is like a fast moving brush fire.
      The marketing is historic, and the messaging resonates.

      The enemy, the Money Powers, have unlimited funds and power.
      However, with a pauper’s budget, the Robert F Kennedy, Jr Presidential campaign is punching past the enemy lines with the message.
      The Art of War. Incredible marketing.

          • You are really, really missing the point now.

        • You are still twisting things.
          It is about the message and the reach of that message, not the messenger.

      • HRS.
        Asking the hard questions. The marketing can go both ways here. You hinted at (permeating)
        (punching past) penitrating the enemy lines several times.
        I worry that the money powers have more lines of defense then this controlled opposition front man can maintain. The simultaneous antithetical positions he holds, the marketing. Defending our rights, free thinking, volunteerism marketing. While protecting the agenda of the NWO, one world plantation marketing agenda is historical in a candidate.
        Can we freedom,truther activists leverage him to penetrate those more fortified NWO lines of defence? If so great!!! It will truly be historic. However Negotiating with Them,They,Those has only come at the point of a gun in the past.
        If not we are still on the plantation, negotiating amongst ourselves over the scapes of life left to us. We will be fooled again.
        Is he the great pretender? Could he use the office as a bully pulpit to avoid domestic civil war, or cause a world war, and force the money power mafia to A negotiating table that seats people with the mafia cabal? They have never done so. Or representatives have never done so.
        Two books explain this. Both were inspired and written in response to JFKs murder. Taylor Caldwell’s Of Captains and Kings. A thinly fictionalised biography of Ambassador Joseph Kennedy and the World Mafia. Children of the mafia can do honorable things. Things that border on the clash between the Rulers and the ruled. Never a wise thing to go rouge in the mafia.
        The second and I know you know this guy, Carrol Quigley,Tragedy and Hope. His historical reporting,and reporting it was, of that world mafia. The Spanish civil war is almost identical to our present times. Quigley says the beating the Spanish people took in their rebellion against the world fascists left them apathetic,lazy and lackadaisical to any further ambitions of freedom and self rule. He also said untill the last one who can remember how it was dies things will remain the same. Either way,winners or losers.
        You are correct in this as an opening and an historic opportunity to market what has been beat near to death out of the American psychea.
        I’m going to call him ” The Prodigal American” how will he act and who is his master?

        • GBW,
          Anyone can become involved with marketing and disseminating a message(s).
          I’m choosing this path because it is the most effective and has incredible reach.

          It is about the message and its reach.
          Not potential character flaws nor a myriad of other factors.

          • HRS,
            I’m a little confused here about the message.(s) Kennedy clearly has a most confusing and contradicting message verbally, with his distorted voice and his carefully crafted words,double speak. He has a carrizma that activity causes cognitive dissonance. His marketing relies heavily on family, and catch words and phrases ,typical of a Madison avenue PR firm. Seems tailored to him and directed at a broad audience. The demographic could easily be from 20 to 80 year olds. Often what he fabricates resonates with the frayed remnants of my past propaganda. Statist past propaganda.
            Now, I assume that integrity and principles,are what Bigtree alluded to as old and outdated. Clintons pretty much buried those with all the other bodies. Kennedy doesn’t seem very smart but has incredible common sense.
            What then is left to attach too in any meaningful way. You have a keen mind as you have demonstrated on occasion and whatever you could be marketing, the story must be good. Come clean. What is it, and how could I help promote the story ? The strategury?
            Dr Shiva at least is offering knowledge of systems,which is highly useful in many areas that intersect with truth,freedom,health. In a way it is a message piggybacking on a presidential campaign. He is very intelligent but lacks common sense.
            I now follow both candidates closely.

            • I understand that you prefer Dr Shiva’s message and marketing.
              I don’t.

              I prefer RFK’s.
              I’ll support it, and will facilitate its outreach to Joe Normie.

              I’m fine with you doing any dissemination and outreach to Joe Normie that you think is best.

              I remember when you took it upon yourself to place signs along the roadway.

            • HRS.
              I have no preference.Im observing the process with all the blinders off. Observing with detachment two candidates at polar opposites on the American spectrum.
              I relate my observations,in story form to my golf opponents twice a week. They have no clue of a Corbett view of the world around them. That view, that clear view of the world just isn’t of interest to them. They think anarchist, volunteerism is part of Alqieda or Marxism. They are quit happy not knowing anything too real. Applying the story works and the dots, on occasion get connected. But what a lot a work it is to spin a story. For instance, It only took seven years before they actively point out to me now,the different spraying patterns in the sky. The microwaveing of high pressure domes and steering the chemicals, turning a blue sky white.
              Since that’s not on any MSM they can’t fully engage in what they are seeing in front of them. If these men did engage it would be fully and with authority. That may explain their avoidance of all outside stimulus. Golf being an excape from their reality.
              I must get a TV to better observe the full machinery at work here in this election cycle. The MSM still has a large presence and I forget how strong a hold it still has. If Kennedy wakes another 10 million great,I’m all for it. Poor Dr.Shiva however will still be invisible on MSM. Too dark for the new transhuman Camelot agenda.
              P. S. Dane Wiggington just got called out as a shille in the Geoengineering community. More to come cause some people dug in and did some research.

        • Lisab,
          quote” we all see it for the most part here, right?”
          No,some just begg the question to show how smart they are to quiet the fears they have from getting closer to (a)the truth. Holding an answer looking for a question. When speaking with authority you show no fear of dogma built on propaganda.
          Visual pictures and verbal pictures are useable things for manipulation ,propaganda. Corbett has several lectures on this topic and a series called Propaganda watch.
          To me it’s like a chelation of all the bad stuff accumulated in you, put there for a reason. Pure lying manipulation, control, just by living in this here reality. It’s in you like a parasite,toxic metal,a poison to self.
          James is not a guru, HRS is not, I’m not. I find joy in laws, laws are in all systems. Know this one Lisab, Conservation of Matter.” Matter can neither be created nor destroyed, but it may be changed from one form into another”
          Add to that F,I.W.,freedom,I won’t! And you are now the most dangerous thing to this controlled plantation we live on.
          Practice,experiment here but take what you learn out your front door and apply it to the real( fake) world.
          Good luck,pay at the desk and schedule another appointment in 2 weeks. Chowpuy amiga.

    • — ACTIVISM
      Possibly, those who have never really participated heavily in real world activism and its marketing may not grasp what I am saying about getting the message out there.
      Example of what I am saying: https://www.corbettreport.com/july-open-thread-2023/#comment-153458

      We had hundreds who joined our 9/11 Truth group. Many never passed out a flyer or DVD or put up signs. Many never protested at events, nor disseminated in any form.
      This is a group which had hundreds of activist actions.

      However, many members loved to pontificate and be critical couch-thinking administrators on “what should be done” while spending countless hours debating academic minutia. But they never acted in any form of outreach to the masses.

      Counting my business activities and my activism, I personally have passed out countless flyers (hundreds of thousands) over the many decades. No exaggeration. Maybe over a million flyers. I know about getting my hands dirty, and face-to-face interaction.
      And by the way, counting my business activities and my activism, I have personally spent more than a million dollars on TV, radio, newspaper, mailout/insert promotions. I know about “Shark Week” TV ads, or producing your own commercial in the studio with my staff. I know many of the marketing methods to “attract and interest” target audiences, old school style especially. I would have an employee formally survey customers all day. I’ve done a lot of Guerrilla marketing.

      I bring this up, because I have a resume too long to list.

      But there are those folks who have never held a protest sign, nor passed out flyers, nor participated in any type of serious real world activism.
      If these folks think that they have an effective approach to marketing and disseminating the message to the masses, then do it.
      Just do it.
      Get that message out there to Joe Normie about stopping the military/corporate/Big Tech complex, et al.

      Don’t try to convince me not to take approaches which I know are efficacious.

      • “Just do it.
        Get that message out there to Joe Normie about stopping the military/corporate/Big Tech complex, et al.” (quote from previous comment)
        Facilitate that motion.

    • JFK’s message is certainly not perfect and he obviously believes in politics, which is a big con game.

      But he also doesn’t get bogged down in theory and is doing a lot to spread a message that goes wholesale against the grain.

      While doing so, he is also making known many of these up to this point to myself unknown voices. He is not only spreading a message that is infinitelly better than the mainstream narrative but he’s also enlarging the intersection between varied audiences which up to this point just as well may have existed each in their own bubble.

      I am a bit of a professional when it comes to intersections.

      For whatever it is worth, the 110k views after three days on 880k sub channel seems quite low. Suspiciously low.

      Talking to people is hard.

      For example, recently we had some catastrophic weather in my neck of the woods. Tornados in continental areas where none have been seen in the recorded history. People I could talk personally will just not engage on the subject of weather modification when I zap them a bit.

      Some people in online forum settings will, but it’s always the same spiel. Logical fallacy gallore, false attribution, subject substitution, red herrings up the wazzoo.

      It is extremely difficult to talk to such people because their attention span is fragmented making it almost impossible to help lead them from A to B to C. They just don’t want to do it. They will firstly take a general conspiracy theorist stance. They they will admit the weather can in fact be modified, but seeding clouds is far from seeding tornados. Climate change makes more sense to them.

      Then they will introduce some guy into the conversation referring to his writing about whatever online. Then they will keep equating what you are saying with what he is saying and since these things he is saying make no sense things you are saying make no sense.

      Then they introduce the the flat earth theory into the conversation. It is incredible to observe this with a cool head as it evolves in real time. Absolutely incredible.

      Makes me wonder if these are indeed authentic human beings or if they can even become such.

      Talking to people is hard. Forget about perfect theories building heavenly pallaces when you can’t even get the first stone on the ground.

      • @ Mkey
        Speak of the devil! You shille,you faker you counter intelligence plant! You… Ahhh,
        You should have jumped into one of those twisters and you would have landed in OZ. You missed an opportunity.
        The Jim Lee show and APlaintruth reporter also named Lee, drops the drawers on Geoengineeringwatch. But you were there at the beginning Mkey,always one step ahead, proving the world is round to the east and flat to the west. Can Truth be found in a double-wide? Or abandoned C-4 cargo container? Maybe,shall we?

        Learn how counter intelligence works. Thanks to the 2 Lee’s and Mkey supplying an intro,..roll the film!

        • I never followed Wiggington’s work, but previosuly I hear others sound the horn on his intentions. About which I really don’t know much.

      • Those that understand have the moral imperative to bring that understanding to those who don’t.

        Everyone will be judged based on their own set of standards.

        • mkey
          “…Everyone will be judged based on their own set of standards….”

          Even Dhamer and Ted Bundy?

          So Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot will be judged as good folks because BY THEIR STANDARDS they did nothing wrong?

          Without objective standards everything is permissible, which is why Objective standards are, and always have been, the enemy of those that want to rule other humans


      FULL 2 hour video interview
      The Harlem Cutz Barbershop interviews Robert F Kennedy, Jr.
      “My Expert Opinion” podcast with Math Hoffa

      Matt Hoffa did a good job of marketing… by first, incrementally publishing 9 shorter excerpt videos as taste teasers before presenting the full 2 hour dessert. These shorter videos helped to attract attention and interest with their subject lines, and were easier to digest on a phone. It kept the audience coming back for more, and this approach also encourages others to share the clips by word of mouth.

      Personally, the Harlem Cutz Barbershop interview is among my favorites.
      This is real world.
      Various aspects of man’s humanity are expressed in this interview.
      One example is the “prison talk” segment.
      And on that note of “prison talk”…Derrick Broze…he is a real world activist involved with hundreds of outreach activism actions.

  58. July 25, 2023
    Coffee with Robert F Kennedy, Jr.
    Robert Kennedy Jr Takes time to Zoom Chat with regular folk.

    (30 minutes)

    The first part of the video showcases different individuals/groups who participated in dissemination. Around the 13 minute mark, RFK, Jr. comes on.

  59. Story.
    People gravitate towards a well told story.
    Witness Hollywood and media which completely rely upon an audience which seeks out stories.

    Grassroots dissemination of a story…

    Sunday July 30 – Zero Hedge
    Summer Blockbuster ‘Sound Of Freedom’ To Hit Movie Screens “Around The World”
    [See Chart Visual in article]
    [For folks who don’t know, many activists hosted the theatre presentations (e.g. Dallas), much like the VAXXED screenings circa 2016.]

    Despite a wave of negative criticism from mainstream outlets like (Rolling Stone and Bloomberg) targeting the anti-child trafficking movie “Sound of Freedom,” the independent film is defying expectations by increasing its nationwide screening count.
    The film’s earnings have exceeded $140 million, and there are plans to expand its reach to over 20 countries in Central and South America, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Australia, and South Africa…

    …On Friday, Angel Studios released a statement, “SOUND OF FREEDOM enters its fourth-weekend screening in 3,411 theaters, and is crossing the total booking threshold of over 4,000 screens and topping $130M in box office revenue.”

    “Everyone in the industry knows that films are generally supposed to lose screens week-over-week, not add them. And yet, the incredible word-of-mouth driving SOUND OF FREEDOM continues to spread. In response, we are continuing to expand our offering in theaters this weekend,”
    said Brandon Purdie, Angel Studios Head of Theatrical.

    According to Box Office Mojo, the movie that only had a budget of $14.5 million has earned $140 million as of Friday since being released on July 4 — and remains in the top five hottest movies at theaters…

    …(Geesey)He told Variety:
    “Sound of Freedom has become the people’s movie. This is the opposite of the top down system developed by Hollywood gatekeepers. We are empowering people to be part of choosing, funding, and sharing stories that amplify light and impact culture.”….

  60. I’ve never heard of the Lone Star tick and this ‘disease’ while growing up.

    July 30 – By Jack Phillips at The Epoch Times via ZeroHedge
    CDC Warns Red Meat Allergy Caused By Ticks An ‘Emerging Public Health Concern’
    [Map of the Lone Star Tick habitat in article]

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that red meat allergies caused by certain types of ticks is an “emerging public health concern” after two studies found that the phenomenon is on the rise.

    Alpha-gal syndrome, or AGS, is a serious and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction that comes after people eat red meat or consume products that have alpha-gal, a type of sugar found in most mammals, according to the CDC.

    The syndrome is caused by the lone star tick, which can transfer alpha-gal into an individual’s body. As a result, the body can develop an immune system response to the sugar whenever one consumes it.

    “The number of suspected AGS cases in the United States has increased substantially since 2010, and states with established populations of lone star ticks are most affected, although suspected AGS cases were also identified in areas outside of this tick’s range,” the CDC said in a report this week.

    As for the AGS meat allergy, it can manifest as anaphylaxis—or a life-threatening allergic reaction characterized by a sudden constriction of airways and a drop in blood pressure, according to the National Institutes of Health. Researchers say that unlike allergic reactions to other foods, which are generally immediate, AGS reactions can occur three to six hours after eating red meat.

    AGS symptoms can include a rash, hives, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, stomach pain, and heartburn. Symptoms can be mild to severe, officials have said.

    “The burden of alpha-gal syndrome in the United States could be substantial given the large percentage of cases suspected to be going undiagnosed due to non-specific and inconsistent symptoms, challenges seeking healthcare, and lack of clinician awareness,” Dr. Johanna Salzer, an author with two CDC studies, said in a statement. “It’s important that people who think they may suffer from AGS see their healthcare provider or an allergist, provide a detailed history of symptoms, get a physical examination, and a blood test that looks for specific antibodies (proteins made by your immune system) to alpha-gal.”

    Between 2010 and 2022, about 110,000 cases of AGS have been officially identified, it said. But the actual number of AGS cases in those 12 years or so might be as high as 450,000, said the CDC….

    • Before anyone starts spreading misinformation, let me asert vaccines and “vaccines” do not cause allergies. Because Science. There.

    • Human Engineering to combat Climate Change is better than risky GeoEngineering
      “S. Matthew Liao from the NYU School of Global Public Health gave a TED talk in 2013 suggesting exactly this scenario:” [6 minute VIDEO]

      Via ActivistPost from POPULISTY – July 28
      CDC Finds Steep Increase In Allergies To Red Meat
      Is the increase of tick-borne red-meat allergies a secret bioweapons conspiracy to reduce global warming?


    Wednesday morning August 2, 2023

    Fitch downgraded the US sovereign credit grade to AA+ from AAA, citing the expected fiscal deterioration over the next three years and a high and growing general government debt burden. Fitch also said that tighter credit conditions, weakening business investment, and a slowdown in consumption will push the US economy into a mild recession in Q4 2023 and Q1 2024. Following the move, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s noted that US Treasuries remain “the world’s preeminent safe and liquid asset”.
    WWW tradingeconomics.com/united-states/currency

    U.S. public debt grew by more than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in a recent 40 day period.
    Take a gander at June 2, 2023 – “Total Public Debt Outstanding”
    compared to July 13, 2023
    [HINT – at the bottom of the chart click 50 “Rows Per Page”]

    At this point, the U.S. is paying annually almost one trillion dollars in interest.
    Just interest payments.

    • This rating scheme is so contrived that I fear to even guess what this might entail. One thing I am pretty confident about: if this was something really bad they did not want the plebs to see then it would not be plastered over the main pages of my local news portals.

  62. cu.h.j. said:

    “What you mention is Pascal’s wager essentially and I believe that a creator wise enough to spark into being all that is is not some egotistical entity that wants servants that don’t think for themselves.”

    While searching about Pascal’s Wager I found this site https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/pascals-wager-misleading-but-challenging which goes into how the Wager is misleading in it’s simplicity. I agree with that conclusion.

    “Here is where the popular (and misleading) understanding of Pascal’s Wager ends. Why is it misleading?

    Because it gives the impression that saving faith in God is a choice we make without seeing God as true and compellingly beautiful. The Wager says, You do not know if God is really there. God himself is not a reality to you. He is a possibility. When you look at nature, or at the gospel story of Christ crucified and risen, you do not see a divine glory that is convincing and beautiful to you. But the Wager says, You must choose. And it says, Choose him. But when you do, the choice you make is not owing to a sight of glory that convinces and enthralls.

    According to the Scriptures, that kind of choice is not saving faith. It is a purely natural thing, not a supernatural thing. We are drawn to something we do not know, assuming an extension of the happiness we have here. But saving faith is not like that. It is rooted in the sight and foretaste of happiness in supernatural things — God himself. According to the Scriptures, living faith is created in the dead soul by the miracle of new birth. “Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has been born of God” (1 John 5:1). That’s how the faith happens.”

    cu.h.j., when I used my version of this wager in my conversation with Gavin, I wasn’t suggesting that it was the primary reason why I believe in Jesus and have surrendered my life to Him. Though I guess I can understand why you might have gotten that impression.
    I was really only saying that from a purely pragmatic standpoint, it only makes sense to believe.
    I however don’t believe because of pragmatism.
    I believe because God has given me, because He loves me, the faith to believe. And because I acted on that faith, I have become a new creation. Or in other words, I have been born again.
    And now my faith is reinforced by my experiences and a continual, very real relationship with God that can only be described as supernatural.


    • “that which is born of the Spirit is spirit” (John 3:6). And the mind of the flesh cannot submit to God (Romans 8:7); it cannot please God (Romans 8:8); and it cannot see the things of God as anything but folly (1 Corinthians 2:14). “The god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God” (2 Corinthians 4:4).”

      cu.h.j., I am puzzled how you could come to the conclusion that God desires “servants that don’t think for themselves.“ When even the most rudimentary knowledge of the teaching of the Bible makes it abundantly clear that the exact opposite is true.
      God isn’t restrained by a lack of options. He could have made humans that were incapable of sin. He could have created us to be as obedient as automatons. But what kind of a loving relationship can be shared with someone who isn’t capable of withholding their love? Can love that is not given voluntarily even be called love”

      No, God gave us free will. Free will to choose to love Him or not. To rebel against Him or not. (Spoiler alert. We rebelled)
      And He gave us the freedom to restore our relationship with with Him or not.
      We have the choice, by voluntarily accepting His, (not free, because He paid an incalculable price), Gift of grace to be restored to the perfect state of being that He designed for us to exist in. That is the the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

      Sadly, we have the choice to reject Him and His love. But if we do, can we honestly say that He is casting us into hell? Or are we choosing that option?

      No, God doesn’t want robots or else He would have wiped the slate clean and started over and created a race sycophants. But He loved us too much to do that.

    • I’m very happy that you have found such positive experiences in the Christian faith and that makes me happy. There is no jealousy in my heart for people who’s hearts are filled by their religious practices and faith.

      And I have had very kind people who are Christians try to share their faith with me and others who try to share acts of kindness and goodness with me and I am never offended by a genuine act of giving. I believe that sharing and kindness and love are an expression of god.

      I don’t know what lies beyond and don’t think I can comprehend why we are here and how we came into existence with intellect. But I do believe that love is free of jealousy and force or bribery/extortion regardless how small it may seem. Those things are incompatible to me and this is my understanding of the words I’ve read in the bible. Maybe the words mean different things to me or that I do not understand but I won’t lie in order to potentially gain about the fundamental essence of what makes me me. Not to a creator especially. I must always be honest with myself about the most fundamental things. I would not lie to my friend to obtain a reward.

      I don’t see the relationship with god through a lens of fear and perhaps that is my own deficiency I don’t know. I don’t need fear to compel me to be kind or to do what is right. My own conscience and whatever brought that into being guides me. I have made mistakes and do make mistakes but usually correct them and learn and become a better person and I live in the here and now more fulfilled. I am very grateful to have the experiences of being alive with my friends and family and pets and that good still exists in the world. I want to enjoy and appreciate my life and learn and grow.

      But one thing I can never do is lie to whatever he/she/force that allowed this to be and I can’t experience the world through the eyes of another. And I have enough trust in goodness that it is enough for whatever may come at the end of my life. And that may be the best I can do but I will always retain my honesty to myself and the sacred force or being that made it all possible. But I also have to admit that I have the capacity to be wrong and I don’t know the mystery of why we are here and what it all means with 100% certainty.

      • cu.h.j

        “….But I wonder if he had some underlying psychological issues going on before his alleged encounter with demonic possession/poltergeists or being haunted by spirits…..”

        I dont know that its “proof” that he was sane, but the guy WAS a highly respected investigator / journalist who made a decent name for himself way BEFORE he got into the re-incarnation thing.

        “….I think that is one of the reasons why I am reluctant…..supplant the very essence of who and what I am….”

        Caution is good, but as the song goes “you gotta serve somebody”.
        https: //genius. com/Bob-dylan-gotta-serve-somebody-lyrics

        “….Drug addiction can also create “holes” or weakness in a persons character/personality and/or soul. It’s like parts of them can disappear and something else takes over…….”

        You ought to listen to Chris Knowles, of the Secret Sun blog.
        The Soul-less NPC is becoming more and more of a thing, IMO.
        I think its about 50 min or so in when he talks about that kinda thing.

        Personally I’ve noticed that it was pretty rare to see someone who looked Possessed 20 years ago….now not so much. Not even kidding 🙁

        as Chris Knowles said, the Gov had zero issue making mind controlled killers BEFORE ‘MK-Ultra’, the practice of which looked rather like inflicting Shamanic practices on people.

        “…. seeking something outside of oneself to fill a void….”

        Or something outside of people seeking to fill a void. 🙁

        “…Have a terrific day!…”
        You too! 🙂

        • That’s an interesting idea, that the goal of MK Ultra (which failed with LSD) was to make people susceptible to possession of sorts, perhaps so “ultra terrestrials” could come in. Wipe out the resident consciousness and supplant it with something evil from beyond. Sounds like something the elitists would try to do.

          I was glad to hear mention of a positive experience with psychedelics though because I have had some very positive experiences as well. But this doesn’t mean that this might have been one of the goals. I do think that brain chemistry and biology are intertwined with other unseen and unknown realms of existence. So, it’s hard to separate these.

          I thought it was interesting to discuss the possibility of aliens being a type of otherworldly i.e. not from the physical plane.

          • You might enjoy browsing through some of Dr Michael Heiser’s answers on this FAQ page.


            Here an example.

            “ Do you believe aliens really exist?

            No – not if we’re talking about aliens the way most do (an intelligent biological life form from a planet other than earth that has to draw nutrition, reproduce, and poop, and must use technology that conforms to the laws of physics to move around the universe). I know of no credible scientific confirmation that such extraterrestrial life either has existed or does exist. Equations (like the overblown Drake Equation) are not evidence for aliens. Every element in the equation is a guess (i.e., has no real data support). I reject the idea that the Bible affirms aliens (disguised as angels). ET life forms would be biological entities that need to perpetuate their species, draw nutrition, and are subject to dimensional laws of physics or else they would die. The Bible does not describe angels this way. Until science verifies (rather than speculates about) an intelligent ET life form, I see no reason to affirm their existence. But I’m not theologically alarmed by the possible existence of intelligent extraterrestrials.”

            There are lots of interesting questions and answers.

            Heiser’s bio
            “Dr. Michael Heiser
            Michael S. Heiser was raised in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. He is a biblical scholar in the Old Testament, as well as being a podcaster and author. His specific area of expertise is the nature of the spiritual realm as represented in the Bible, which is often ascribed the name of “the Divine Council,” otherwise the hierarchy of the spiritual order in Semitic myth. He attained an MA in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MA and PhD in the Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he minored in Classical studies. Dr. Heiser received his Bachelor’s degree from Bob Jones University and also attended Bible college for three years.
            Dr. Michael Heiser is currently the Executive Director and Professor at the AWKNG School of Theology.“

    • “Jesus never claimed to die for your sins. Jesus would never tell someone to claim him as their lord and savior. Jesus simply pointed out to all who would listen that he was here to show us that God resides within us all.”

      I’m assuming that you get your Bible knowledge from Joseph the disembodied demon. Because what you state are lies.

      Mark 10:45 “For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

      John 1:29 The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world

      1 John 2:2 And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

      John 10:30 “I and my Father are one.”

      John 14:9 “Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?”

      Lisa, here is a little warning from the apostle Paul,

      Galatians 1:9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

      • Steve Smith

        I am surprised that she has not started calling Jesus one of the Ascended Masters yet.

        Always the same old same old with Spirit-ism even after more then a century.

        Those Theosophy type folks are going to be quite upset when their Teacher really does show up 🙁

        • LisaB

          “……It’s apparent enough that much of what I discuss isn’t in your realm of experience…..”

          Hence I suggest people read Siren call of the hungry ghost (linked below) so they can read the experience of an investigative journalist who DID experience those things

          “…You behave crudely….”

          You are a Liar.

          I have said no crude word and made no crude suggestion to you.

          “…. You use insults to feel superior…..”

          You are a Liar.

          I have NEVER insulted you.

          “…. You act out as a privileged child….”

          Of God, hopefully 🙂 Yes, very Privileged

          “…. You are antagonistic and you enjoy being so confrontational….”

          All I have been doing is posting that people should read Siren Call of the Hungry Ghost before they take up the teachings of a space ghost that possesses a writer to communicate.

          Why do you find this warning ‘antagonistic’??? People can make their own , better informed, call.

          “…You seem to ooze self pity and a lack of personal power….”

          Ok…. huh? Self pity? Arrogance, pride, grumpiness YES…but SELF PITY??? Lol

          Projecting much?

          “…. Show us some self respect because you are not showing much respect for other’s differences to your opinions….”

          Sorry, I do not much respect people who follow the teachings of a NWO space brother

        • Hate to break this to you dear Lisa. But duck is making a heck of a lot more sense than you have so far.
          He has not insulted you. (I think that I may have though. For which I humbly apologize). And he hasn’t spoken crudely as much as simply with confidence because he does in fact seem to know whereof he speaks.

          Duck certainly doesn’t ooze self pity. Self confidence yes. Self pity definitely not.

          I’m only guessing here but like myself I would bet that duck is lacking respect for your opinions rather than you personally.
          Are you acting differently toward him or myself?

        • What an interesting read, The Siren call of Hungry Ghosts!

          It was very creepy indeed. But I wonder if he had some underlying psychological issues going on before his alleged encounter with demonic possession/poltergeists or being haunted by spirits.

          I think that is one of the reasons why I am reluctant to “give myself over” to anything or belief system or whatever it may be and supplant the very essence of who and what I am which is grounded in my physical existence. Some may call this the ego, I’m not sure.

          Drug addiction can also create “holes” or weakness in a persons character/personality and/or soul. It’s like parts of them can disappear and something else takes over. It’s very weird and creepy. But it seems like a similar phenomenon in the book, seeking something outside of oneself to fill a void.

          The author very well could have been tormented by evil spirits or perhaps he had weaknesses in himself that he tried to fill with external energies. I don’t know enough about this type of thing to comment intelligently on the matter. I do think that there are many things that are not known or understood about the unseen.

          Anyway, thanks for the interesting share everyone. Have a terrific day!

      • Lisa, Lisa sad Lisa Lisa, I didn’t rebut your lies with what others have told me that the Bible says. I quoted the verses right out of the book.

        “I’ve studied spirituality. I’ve studied mysticism. But I kept finding many questions still unanswered. So I kept on.”

        So you’re saying that you rejected the truth of the Bible, dove headlong into the dark arts and still found yourself confused.
        Gee. I wonder why.

        “It wasn’t until I realized that I needed to apply the gems of wisdom to my everyday moments in life. Wisdom is after all, applied knowledge. Every thought, every word, every deed became pivotal moments.”

        Alright, you applied your mysterious, mystical “wisdom and everything you thought, did and said became pivotal.
        And you remained confused. Got it

        “By the time I came across The Joseph Communications I had acquired many gems of wisdom without the awareness of how to apply those gems”

        Still confused. Check

        “And then, I read TJC eight books, and I discovered old and new points of view which supplied me with more gems of wisdom. My perception of the world expanded beyond my wildest dreams.”

        Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.

        “I learned about taking full responsibility for the choices I’ve made that led me to this moment, for being human, and for opting out of Divine will”

        Hey! We’re back at square one where you rejected the truth of God’s Word?
        Didn’t you at least learn to levitate or leave your body or something cool? Sheesh.

        “What you are failing to recognize is how the Bible has been written and interpreted”

        “The true value of the message of Jesus has nothing to do with sin. There is no sin.”

        Okay, let me get this straight. You tell me that Jesus didn’t say something. I quote verses from the Bible proving that He did. Then you say that the Bible has been perverted by men. And finally that the truth is to be found in 8 books dictated by a disembodied demon and interpreted by men.

        Dang Lisa. Can’t help but to be a tad skeptical about your reasoning there.

        “Why do you think so many people cannot remember that God is the Source of all creation? Why do you think so many question God’s presence?”

        Well, according to God. Its because we’re a sinful and rebellious people.
        But heck, what does He know. He just created the universe and everything in it after all.
        We should definitely take the disembodied demon’s word over God’s.

        Here’s a few words from Jesus that will be the last ones some ever hear. I pray that you’re not one of them.

        Matthew 7:23
        “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

      • “I no longer wish to engage with the likes of either of you.”

        I can understand that. But understand this Lisa. I will continue to respond as what you describe as a troll as long as you continue to post as what I describe as a spammer.

        And what I “get out of it” is the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve done my best to counter demonic inspired lies.

        No offense. I know that you’ve been deceived and are being used by forces beyond your control or understanding.
        I’ll be praying for you. That I promise.

  63. Beware of those disembodied spirits Lisa.
    The relationship that starts out being fun and romantic sometimes goes sour. ?

    “A woman who ‘married’ the ghost of a Victorian soldier last year has revealed that they have now divorced.

    Brocarde, 40, from Oxfordshire, insists she met soldier Edwardo after the ghoul ‘burst’ into her bedroom one night during a storm, but after their ‘wedding’ on Halloween 2022, things went downhill.

    She added, ‘He grew increasingly more aggressive and nasty and began to haunt me with the sound of a screaming baby,’ she said.

    ‘I concluded that the only way to get rid of Edwardo was to exorcise him, so I embarked on the harrowing process in the chapel that we got married in.”


    A marriage obviously not made in heaven. ?

    • I detect a distinct lack of a sense of humor Lisa. Lighten up. It was a funny story. ?
      Unless you take that sort of thing seriously that is. ?

    • There are lots of spirits that are embodied.
      That is how most psychiatric problems occur.
      But psychopaths also have an intimate “cooperative” relationship
      with spirits. They use it as a weapon.
      It allows them to perform actions that no
      living human with empathy would do.

      • “The messages of the spirit being channeled is what is important to discern for one’s self. If the message is comforting, gentle, inspiring to better one’s self, imbued with Love, with no direction to cause harm to one’s self or others, then perhaps some greater purpose is being conveyed by the channeled spirit.”

        Whatever comforting, gentle message you get through channeling has one true purpose. “You don’t need Jesus”. “Jesus Christ wasn’t the savior of the world. He was just another prophet”. “You can be as God”.

        Satan has been repeating the same sweet little lies since he rebelled against God himself. Lies that sound so wonderful. So comforting and gentle.

        “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”
        2 Corinthians 11:14

        Leviticus 19:31
        “Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.”

  64. The US State Department just launched another bureaucratic agency.

    UNAIDS welcomes the launch of the Bureau of Global Health Security and Diplomacy at the U.S. Department of State

    “With the creation of the new Bureau and the launch of the new Safe Births, Healthy Babies initiative, the U.S Government is making a strategic step forward to strengthen global health security, advance efforts on existing and future pandemics, and make solid commitments to the Sustainable Development Goal targets”

    The US government is completely captured by the UN and it’s tentacles.

  65. I haven’t fallen off the wagon. I haven’t injected myself with hopium or even snorted a line. At worst I might be guilty of enjoying a little of the secondhand effect of the buzz surrounding what appeared/appears to be a unique kind of candidate.

    Its been a long time since I held out the slightest bit of hope that any man could actually be effective in bringing about a true reversal of the apparently inevitable decent into the ultimate depravity and irrelevance that the country I once loved and respected is plunging headlong into.
    That is why I gave up voting and even much caring about elections.
    The selections of the past decade or so have only reinforced my convictions in this regard.

    That being said, there is no chance at all that my dreams of an anarchist society, or even a libertarian one, are going to be realized any time soon. Almost certainly not in my lifetime and likely never.

    So when a fellow comes along who seems like he might be able to possibly postpone or delay the final demise of the country. Someone who seems like he might be less despotic and tyrannical. Someone who seems to be brave enough and willing to admit that the system is corrupt and who claims to be different than the usual misleaders vying for approval. Someone who is saying things that people in his position aren’t really allowed to say and that I know to be true.
    Someone who might actually be less evil than the rest of the scoundrels.
    I can’t help but to wish him success.

    So I am not ashamed to admit that RFK Jr. has disappointed me by refusing to debate Max Blumenthal, or even acknowledging, much less answering the points and issues brought up to him in the very respectful letter he received from Scott Horton. https://libertarianinstitute.org/articles/an-open-letter-to-rfk-jr-on-israel-palestine/

    Does that mean that now that it has been confirmed that Kennedy is apparently just one more politician who avoids the toughest issues for fear of losing support I will stop preferring that he becomes the next puppet slave master in chief? Will I now withdraw into my little bubble and pretend that the world outside doesn’t affect me.
    No, probably not. I’ll probably still speak out about why I think that Bobby Kennedy is preferable to the others when I interact with those that still participate in the silly process. Which is pretty much everyone outside of the Corbett Report community.
    After all, he still seems like he’s somewhat less evil than the rest of them. And since we’re definitely going to get another puppet slave master anyway. It may as well be the least odious and most likable one of the bunch.

    But I’m not exactly holding out hope.

    • Steve,
      Thanks for expressing your thoughts.
      Like you said,
      “I can’t help but to wish him success.”

      In late August 2020, Robert F Kennedy, Jr. was in Berlin.
      Per the police count, around a million people showed up.
      He brought a message to the world…

      Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 aug 2020
      (18 minutes)
      On the eve of the historic LARGE DEMONSTRATION on August 29, 2020 in Berlin, the nephew of the murdered US President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ** Am Vorabend der historischen GROSSDEMONSTRATION AM 29.08.2020 in Berlin trifft sich der Neffe des ermordeten US-Präsidenten John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy jr. ** Aan de vooravond van de historische GROTE DEMONSTRATIE op 29 augustus 2020 in Berlijn, de neef van de vermoorde Amerikaanse president John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

      With his Presidential campaign, RFK Jr. continues to disseminate important messages to the U.S. and the world.
      This is how things change.
      A new narrative is shaping.

      Whether RFK becomes President is irrelevant.
      Changing the hearts, minds, and souls of men is relevant.

      • “Whether RFK becomes President is irrelevant.
        Changing the hearts, minds, and souls of men is relevant.”


        It may not be an accurate gauge, but just reading the comments below his interviews and his own videos, I have noticed that people of all political stripes are saying that they are attracted to what he is saying.

        If he is only successful in eliminating some of the stupid political partisanship that infects this country, he will have performed a valuable service.

    • Update: Jimmy Dore reported today that he received a text message from RFK Jr. stating “I’m going to do an interview with Max.” 4:20 mark in this video https://rumble.com/v34v7k2-rfk-jr.-agrees-to-interview-w-max-blumenthal-about-israel.html

      This news comes just a day after The Gray Zone reported this,

      “During an August 1 phone call with Grayzone correspondent Liam Cosgrove, RFK Jr. campaign communications director, Stephanie Spear, declared: “[Kennedy’s] not debating Max Blumenthal… He’s not gonna debate anyone. He’s running for president.”

      “You’re not hearing me,” she emphasized. “We’re not gonna do it, okay?”

      Hours after her call with Cosgrove, Spear contacted Blumenthal directly to explain that Kennedy would not agree to any public discussion with The Grayzone editor until Spring 2024, once the first five primaries are over.”

      I am happy and encouraged by this development and I hope that it actually comes to pass soon. Not “after the primaries”.
      If Bobby Kennedy is overriding the advice of his campaign advisors. To me that speaks for his integrity and courage.

  66. Two worthy bits to share today:

    “Jones Plantation” Online Screening Launch Party ($20USD) on Sat., August 5th:

    8:30 PM – 9:00 PM / Pre-Screening Meet and Greet
    There will be a Meet and Greet before the film starting at 8:30pm with LARKEN ROSE, LEE GAULMAN (‘LEGALMAN’ AKA ‘MR. JONES’), director, ANDREW TREGLIA, and other surprise guests from the cast and crew to be announced!

    9:00 PM – 10:50 PM / WATCH “JONES PLANTATION”

    10:50 PM / Q&A after the film
    Q&A after the film with LARKEN ROSE, LEE GAULMAN (‘LEGALMAN’ AKA ‘MR. JONES’), director, ANDREW TREGLIA and other surprise guests to be announced!

    Excellent commentary by Dr. Toby Rogers on the state of society:
    Snipe hunts all the way down – Living in an era of ridiculousness

  67. Solutions Watch Suggestion

    I liked the Cash Friday Solutions Watch. My husband even takes it a step further, paying cash for everything. This is an expansion of that idea.

    Our family’s favorite pizza place, “Louie’s”, is just a few blocks away from home. We always do pick-up instead of delivery and they also give a discount to customers paying with cash. (I assume because of the 2.25% fee that Credit Card Companies charge per transaction). So it’s win-win. I was inspired by their cash incentive and have decided to apply it to my own business.

    The Gardening CoOp I was part of, dissolved at the beginning of the year. So we divided the clients, and started our own businesses. And I unexpectedly became an entrepreneur. Anyhow, inspired by Louie’s, I included on my most recent client’s invoices the following:
    “10% Discount when paying Cash, Coin, or Crypto”
    I’m not sure I will get many takers, but I hope to have planted a seed of curiosity. I’m seriously worried about the collapse/reconstruction of the monetary system. We need to diversify our assests and educate others.

    So as a proposed #SolutionsWatch, As a business owner, offer a discount for Cash, Coin, or Crypto. I think a widespread acceptance/incentive in this area is much needed (given the push for an all digital currency), and this is step toward more freedom and liberty.

    I should also note that I recall a conversation James had with Ernie Handcock about crypto discounts on Agora Marketplace. Let’s continue to encourage financial freedom.

    • Maybe add gold to the list of acceptable tender? A good way to spread the word in any case.

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