Welcome to Mixed Reality: A Fake Place Where Fake People Are Trapped Forever

by | Feb 25, 2024 | Newsletter | 38 comments

“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”
Frank Herbert

The worst thing in the world is to be right.

No, that’s not quite right. Let me amend that. The worst thing in the world is to be right about something horrific and inescapable, a looming danger that you can see approaching from the distance but whose progress you are powerless to prevent no matter how loudly you ring the alarm.

This is the lesson of Cassandra, the Trojan princess of Greek mythology who, having deceived the god Apollo, was cursed with the gift of uttering true prophecies that were never believed by anyone.

And, agonizingly, it is also the lesson I have had the displeasure of learning through personal experience during my 17 years of creating The Corbett Report.

I produced podcasts warning about transhumanism and technocracy before most people even knew what a podcast was.

I filed a report on Medical Martial Law in 2009, back when quarantines and forced vaccinations were treated as the far-out fantasies of Hollywood script writers.

And in 2021 I warned about the coming of the next stage of The Media Matrix: the metaverse.

Now, here we are in 2024, and, once again, the general population is just starting to catch up with what we Corbett Reporteers have seen coming for years.

So, are you ready for the horrors of an always-on, constantly connected, interminably intermediated “mixed reality”?

No, of course you aren’t. Here’s why.


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  1. Sadly, I think the subtlety of augmented reality is already well immersed in the masses. Whether one is wearing tech to enhance the experience or not, ones senses will no doubt be digitized.

    Why? Because as James suggested, the “digi-verse” is far more enticing than the boring analog world; at least, that has always been the sell. People have projected their minds into the “side realm” of the digital purgatory that most people cultivate their identities from and through. It is a trap, potentially on the level of the “soul”.

    To James’ point, yes, it may be part of the plan to advertise the “failure” of the tech only to soften people to the dystopian implications, but again, perhaps people are already well immersed in this blended reality and one is to think that as long as they aren’t wearing any instruments of augmentation, then they are safe.

    I am not speaking from a place of paranoia, more from direct observation of how difficult it is to connect with people anymore. How so many of them feel like they are “some’where’ else”.

    Maybe it is smart dust and the “Internet of Bodies” already in place and only a matter of time for the slow crawl of the digital takeover to reach a level of no return for many who become consumed by it.

    One must be vigilant with their mind and their senses.

    • “the “digi-verse” is far more enticing than the boring analog world; at least, that has always been the sell. People have projected their minds into the “side realm” of the digital purgatory that most people cultivate their identities from and through. It is a trap”

      I agree it is a trap and what is the most tragic thing about the current state of affairs to me, is we have entire generations and millions of people born into cities or highly “developed” (ecologically decimated, exploited and now GMO farmed) landscapes like where I currently live in southern Ontario that have no idea what real nourishment for their soul is, as all they have known is a concrete landscape or one that is denuded of trees, with small “parks” etc only existing as a shallow echo of what being in nature used to be like in that area. Of course such people will fall for the trap and be enticed into digital escapism, they have never known what real nourishment and fulfillment feels like, and so they desperately latch onto anything that can distract them and fill the gaping hole in their heart and soul (which they do not consciously understand the source of).

      I grew up amongst the ancient Douglas Fir and Western Cedars of BC, spending countless hours communing with those wise, loving and watchful beings. Seeing what is happening to the last little bits of primary ancient forest on Vancouver Island that nourished my spirit when I was young has not been easy to bear witness to, but I feel an obligation to honor those beings with my conscious awareness and attention.

      Many choose the easier path of looking away, or perhaps even more tragically, they have never known the multi-faceted soul/mind/body enriching experience of communing with ancient trees in a climax ecosystem at all in their lives, and so they can look right at the clearcut devastation and feel nothing (some even cheering on the clearcutting saying it is “good for the economy”).

      I however refuse to ignore the ancient beings that are slaughtered in the name of “progress”, I will honor them with my love, I will plant their seeds and carry their memory in my heart. In an attempt to play a small part in bearing witness to and inviting other to find the courage to bear witness to what is happening to those last few ancient temperate rain forests in Canada (and on Earth) I created the following post.


      Hopefully such images and windows into a world beyond the confines of their digital, concrete and plastic feeding lots and slave pens can help slap some of these zombies in the face and wake up that part deep within them that longs for something more. Many will choose to stay as hyper-stimulated slaves in the transhumanist feeding pen, but I have hope that some will yet escape the coop to re-wild their hearts and heal their souls.

  2. Do the media controllers move together like a flock???
    This news release from Lee Enterprises. Some of their radio is being moved. Seems they are going back with print over waves.


    I noticed Birkeyville – Hathaway did almost the same a decade ago when aquiring controll of the dinosaur newspapers, then moving them to Lee. before Trumps introduction on the selection scheme. All was a stock / debt deal.

    Speaking of D-e-c-a-d-e-s ! James ,you said on more than one occasion you have been pointing out SAI for decades.. . Maybe you have, but not on TCP without rounding up. Now, I can see Pilato using decades in a loosy-goosy fashion, but you? Decades would imply 20 +years. And you started the CR in 2007? Maybe I’m off a little here,or, hear takes on a whole nother meaning than the one I heard.

    • Well, it may be the hard heard of a herd hauling fart tube over New Mexico. It’s really like space mountain out here in the wilderness. And I will confirm Pilatos look out the window, at 37,000 feet I’m looking out the window over El Rita and it’s a spider in the sky writing a love letter to Soros, Bill or Huma…

  3. First I wish to tell you once again how I love your writing!, contents aside. Now, the contents, how are we, non vax, critical good citizens of the world and its demoniac owners, (grand) mothers, (grand) fathers, or lonely individuals supposed to live? I make great efforts to keep smiling in my own surroundings, but the reality you’ve been warning us for 17 years, sinks my heart a bit every day. My love and thankfulness from Latin America, where governments (left or right, we know that) are faithful lucifer compliants!

  4. >>…a looming danger that you can see approaching from the distance but whose progress you are powerless to prevent no matter how loudly you ring the alarm.>>

    Been at your side all those years James. And why you are the last blog I am active on. The last hope, not the lost hope in a world of pop culture madness.

    Been “ringing the alarm” that falls on far too many “deaf” ears who ignore Brain Food for ear candy for half a century now.

    Forcing drugs on students, patients, prisoners
    A LONG CLIMB 1974

    Growing lack of empathy for others after reaching success

    * The danger of public cameras

    * And the AI challenge the same year

    * Need to resist the management and killing off of society

    * The breakdown of society
    DAYS OF DARKNESS 7/16/11

    * Pointing out the obvious and not so
    WHO WANTS US TO DIE 3/21/15

    * The language cops and speech limitations

    * Technology addictions/entrapment
    GET OFF THE PHONE 4/20/2020

    * Questioning our future, ballot box or bullet box
    WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE 6/07 2023

    This is going to be a VERY challenging year for sure.


  5. That was a wonderful piece, James. Thank you.

    My 16-year-old son came down while I was reading it on my desktop. I asked him if he heard of the Vision Pro, and he said yes. I had him explain to me what it was, and then I read him your editorial. Crazy times. He said he doesn’t know why anyone would wear something that cost so much around like that (the people pictured in the twitter/x video). I explained to him that it starts out costing a lot — and some people like to be on the cutting edge of technology, but in time, the price will go down and more & more people will take to it. I informed him that his grandfather was one of the early purchasers of a car phone (by Motorola) back in the 80s — and look where we are today with mobile phones.

    (My kids never got cell phones growing up. My oldest (20-yr-old) only started using one recently, primarily as a business tool.)

    Anyway, the direction technology like this is headed is very disturbing, to say the least.

    Hence, my commitment to work like my kids’ future depended on it because I know it does. I’m continually trying to reel people back into the real world to experience meaningful human connections on a regular basis and engage in either non-digital or dinosaur technology more than the modern tech as much as possible.

  6. “Let me take you on a brief tour of imagined futures.

    The Skyted noise-blocking microphone mask looks like something a fighter pilot would wear. But it’s made for chatty commuters and coffee shop patrons—or maybe secret agents and drug dealers—who don’t want their phone conversations overheard.

    On the one hand, pointless face masks are super annoying. On the other, people who yak on their phones in public are twice as annoying. Until we can abolish speakerphones, this mask may be a tolerable compromise. Seriously, I think we should mandate them along with earbuds.

    Volume up? Cover up!

    Not to be outdone, the Shiftall crew combined this phone-muzzle tech with virtual reality goggles. When I came upon their demo at the media sneak peek, a little Asian man in overalls was dancing around with his eyes and mouth covered. He looked like a borged out Ghostbuster who’d been shoved into Thunder Dome. On a nearby screen, his virtual avatar was an anime waifu wearing pigtails.

    The scene was somewhere between transgender and transhuman. It looked like some sort of psychological torture. In the Metaverse 2.0, no one can hear you scream…

    …Across the metaverse area of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the digital invaded the physical through holographic LED video walls and 3D phantoms hovering inside crystal balls. Meanwhile, attendees escaped the physical world into virtual reality goggles. They donned all sorts of haptic gloves and bracelets and vests. They shot bad guys with machine guns. They grasped Platonic solids in virtual space. They played drum n’ bass on airborne sequencers.

    As consumer BCIs become more common, corporations won’t have to wonder if their game-addicted customers are getting brain damage. They can watch the decay in real time…

    There were plenty of actual brain interfaces on display at CES—for the impaired and curious alike.
    The VRLCO virtual reality system looked like it had a brain-computer interface attached. A clawed device is locked onto the player’s head like a parasitic crab. Apparently, it just holds the goggles on—for now. But neurotech companies like NextMind and OpenBCI have already developed wearable brain scanners for VR applications. You’ll soon see them for sale everywhere.

    Laina Emmanuel at BrainSight AI told me about her company’s quest to map cognitive function. Their systems track the attention network, executive function, and the structural connections that make humans go. The AI can analyze neural data gathered from either non-invasive scanners or implanted brain-computer interfaces. The end result is a “virtual twin” of a patient’s gray matter. This digital double can be used to assist neurosurgery, for early dementia diagnosis, and to help treat various “psychiatric disorders”

    (transhumanism tech detected/enforced patholagization of dissent anyone?)

    From: https://joebot.substack.com/p/ces-2024-consuming-an-ersatz-singularity

  7. Maybe the best way to discourage these kinds of harmful gadgets is to demonstrate how to live fully engaged in the real world? Yoga, meditation, exercise, outdoor activity etc. are much more fulfilling than playing a video game or social media or the new weird VR games and this new device. I wonder if people were paid to use these things outside in public, like “the torches of freedom”?

    It looks weird and dangerous to navigate in the real world with that thing to distract and confuse engagements in reality. It does make me even more anxious when I drive. For young healthy people mentally and physically, I just don’t get the allure. What about doing real activities with friends and real dating not via an avitar? I mean there’s no better excitement than love in my experience. This kind of tech can’t provide that at least I don’t understand how it could. Even drugs don’t provide the experience that love does and raw unadulterated living life.

    This tech seems like at pseudo heroin or an attempt at it because it does have a very addictive quality. I think Zuckerberg and Meta are being sued because of the additive nature of social media. There is actually addiction therapy being offered for social media, similar to what exists for drugs. If this new VR tech is more addictive and harmful (re wiring the brain) it could have profound damage on users.

    It’s all very creepy. It’s evil stuff and very much like drugs used to keep people slaves, distracting themselves constantly and using up the finite amount of time they have sucked into an addiction a false reality.

    I think the controllers seem to have a far greater understanding of the dark side of humanity than the unsuspecting public.

  8. “Once someone cracks the design code and makes glasses that are comfortable and stylish, then the social engineers will have removed the one obstacle to this technology that they have allowed us to recognize.”

    Yup, and they have that ready for sure. But as they are testing(?) the ultimate brain interface, which I would be wiling to bet is already fully developed, they are just doing what they always do. Training (addicting) people to line up for that new(?) ultimate brain interface. Mission accomplished.

    Then again, I keep reading about the bioweapon injections with self assembling nano tech particulates which will merge with our brains. The ultimate Programable Trans Human Robot.

    James, could you star working on that? Maybe you have already, I gotta do a search.

    • Yup, Strange that my memory is getting bad. I happened upon a couple of your podcasts on the subject a while back. Gotta watch them again.

  9. Well, for one, I’m glad I’m sitting in the departure lounge. But aside from that, ‘astronomy’ may have a different plan for our planet (and the solar system) at about the time (or before) this ‘future 50 years from now’ arrives. The sun is meant to micronova sometime mid century, and for some years prior to that extravaganza, knock out all earthly electric circuits. Oops.

  10. There is one man out there who has also been onto this stuff for many years and amazingly he is still on YT. I’m referring of course to ‘Dayz of Noah’. Dayz went to Berkeley so he knows of what he speaks when he reports on the IT transhumanism projects that are already up and running. Dayz is a very based Christian. This helps you understand why he has some moral concerns about this AI stuff. Would love to hear a convo between Dayz and James. Here’s his latest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oa4vRnBFshU&pp=ygUMZGF5eiBvZiBub2Fo

  11. It would be interesting to understand from a biological and behavioral point of view why we’re heading in this direction.

    The answer seems relatively clear in regard to Mankind History:

    1) pleasure (satisfaction) seeking (drink, eat, copulate)
    2) seeking to reproduce the gratifying experience
    3) setting up dominance hierarchies on this capacity
    4) management based on saturation of the reward beam (MFB medial forebrain bundle)
    5) habituation
    6) expansionism
    7) conflicts

    What try (because they certainly believed it was an option and because they are “just doing business”) the “leaders” is to avoid the next conflict but they have saturated our brains first with objects (material rewarding objects) and with much more efficient and cheap in regard to thermodynamical problems: digital stimulation.

    And here we are, caught up in the virtual world from which we’ll only emerge once we’ve understood why we’ve come to this point (points 1 to 7)…

    A short video as summary: http://www.nouvellegrille.info/video/video_trailer.mp4


  12. “Popcorn Brain”

    I contend that society is being transformed, both with intentional agendas and with unaware herding trends.
    There are countless assaults upon our mental faculties.
    Welcome to Mixed Reality: A Fake Place Where Fake People Are Trapped Forever lays it out well.
    I wonder how the article reads when wearing iphone goggles. 😉

    Feb 25 – By Jesse Oberoi
    Does Social Media Destroy Focus?
    Too much exposure to social media could harm your attention span, a phenomenon some experts are calling “popcorn brain.”
    Popcorn brain is not new, however. Researcher David Levy coined the term over a decade back in 2011. It refers to a person’s focus rapidly shifting between thoughts, likening the lack of focus to a kernel jumping around inside a bag of popcorn….

    …then, let’s normalize “popcorn brains”…

    Study Suggests ADHD Evolutionary Advantage
    … Hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and difficulty paying attention may have had evolutionary benefits, a new study has suggested.
    Research from the University of Pennsylvania’s (UPenn) Wharton Behavioral Lab has drawn attention to how some traits typically viewed negatively today may have helped humans survive before the agricultural revolution….

    #SolutionWatch – Change the definition.

    … Celebrity civil rights attorney Ben Crump made the remarks while being filmed speaking with the Rev. Al Sharpton and several other black activists over a game of billiards. Crump has represented families in some of the most racially charged civil cases of the past several years, including those of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

    “We can get rid of all the crime in America overnight, just like that,” Crump said.
    “And people ask, ‘How attorney Crump?’ Change the definition of crime.

  13. NYTs Report: CIA OPS in Ukraine for a Decade
    Turns out Russia had good reason for grave concern
    The New York Times just reported that the CIA has been very active in conducting anti-Russian operations in Ukraine for over a decade, and is now playing an active role in combat operations against Russia.

    CIA doing its anti-human business as usual.
    Is it like the Phoenix program?

    Is this reveal for preparing peace negotiations?

  14. I’m waiting for a model of that headset with a built in snorkel.

    • That mental image… …it puts a whole new spin on being ‘cool’. I’m laughing.

    • I frequent forests more than cities so I am happy to say that I never encountered any of the Pokémon fanatics teaming around to find imaginary cartoon characters.

      Now that I watch that video you linked though, I can see that with how powerfully addictive (and perhaps even eventually wirelessly neurologically invasive/manipulative) these VR goggles/BMIs are becoming, there could end up being even more crazy stampedes of transhumanist gaming zombies doing stupid things in cities in the future.

      Learning how to build small scale EMP devices would come in handy, would be nice to be able to sabotage the devices of these cyborg zombies and all the autonomous machines being pushed onto the streets in a crunch if they start engaging in dangerous behavior if need be.

      • I can’t say I have seen such scenes live. Thankfully.

        Not sure EMP blasts would be a good way to deal with such herds. If they took off their goggles and looked around and realized you’re the only one without blood shot eyes in the are and are holding a strange device in your hand… that could get nasty really quickly.

        • 🙂 Good point! They could go into withdrawal immediately and turn rabid.

          Perhaps some sort of non explosive EMP “grenade” that could be lobbed from a distance or rolled into the crowd of humans or armed robot dogs ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlDLwTsRHtU ) to disable them from a safe distance. Maybe a soccer ball could serve as a good disguise.

          Who would have thought we would be living in a time when we need to start thinking like Sarah Connor…

    • Yes, this seems very similar.

  15. Some one should tell them they look crazy acting out their trip.

  16. The part about cracking the design code and producing stylish glasses immediately reminded me of the movie They Live, only the glasses you are talking about do not show us the truth.
    Being, I think of a slightly older generation, I am curious about your take these movies: Omega Man, Solent Green, Logan’s Run and (there was a fourth that crossed my mind, but now I cannot recall it. Maybe I am from an older generation than I imagine.). Were they warning us, or steering us?

    • Windfeather !
      Glad I caught your comment.
      While some of those movies are mentioned on different episodes like New World Next Week, James Corbett has…
      …Film, Literature and the New World Order (FLNWO) – [From the Corbett ‘Search Bar’]
      But just go to the top Menu and see the drop-down on Audio
      Solent Green is there.

      Texas tidbit
      During the summer of 1975, LOGAN’S RUN filming took place within two buildings on the Dallas Market Center campus; the Apparel Mart and the World Trade Center. In the 80’s, I owned part of a Dallas women’s wholesale & retail apparel place and would often go into these buildings. When the people climb out of the water towards the end, that was filmed at the downtown Fort Worth Water Gardens.

      “They Live” – SubTread with all kinds of stuff, including the film
      Originally from the Dallas – Ft Worth area, the world famous Joe Bob Briggs interviews guest Rowdy Roddy Piper on TNT’s Monstervision. My hero worship of Joe Bob damaged my brain and is the primary reason my jokes suck.

      • Fun facts to know here. I certainly did not know the Texas connections. I was raised in southeast Louisiana and we have had our share of movies around my home town of Jackson. (One example is The undefeated with John Wayne and Rock Hudson. I was probably 14 or 15 at the time.)
        I have been following James Corbett on Substack for almost a year, and just became a member of The Corbett Report. I figured it was about time I anted up. Thank you for the reply.

        • Glad you are a subscriber and can comment.
          Comments from different people help us all gain insights.

          You were a lucky person to be raised in that part of the country. I consider Louisiana to be like “another country” in a way.

          During the early-mid 1980’s, I spent about a cumulative year traveling and staying in different towns in Louisiana. Never did make it up to your way, nor to Natchez. I loved my time in Louisiana.
          My memories are loaded with anecdotes…from ‘cash in an envelope’ to the Parish Sheriff, to a real Hobo from back-in-the-day, to the gorgeous women of Lafayette and the beauty of New Iberia, to the New Orleans’ ice cream trucks that looked like armored trucks with a slit to stick your hand/cash in and pull out an ice cream bar.

          When street vending $10 designer jeans on 15 tables in Metairie, I had a pistol showing stuck in the front of my pants and a guy on the back of the truck standing next to a shotgun for all to see. The smiling police came and bought jeans, but never said a word about the guns. The smaller towns like Leesville, Alexandria, and Natchitoches were much less stressful.

          When I first started traveling there, I was so naive. Along the highways, everytime it rained hard, I noticed that a lot of cars had pulled over. I thought to myself, “What’s wrong with these people who pull over because of the rain?” Then, slow as my mind is, things clicked. They had buckets to pick up the crayfish that were coming up out of the gullies. It is amazing to see armies of crawdads crossing the road.

          I remember hearing about Morgan City and Tarzan when I was headed to Houma.
          I found this today:
          Hollywood on the Bayou

  17. This article is a great example of why the general population do not engage with the alternative media including Corbett Report. To start with I want to make it clear I think there is great value to this work and find it informative, well researched and enlightening.

    However there is a strong tone of us vs them. The superior vs inferior, intelligent vs stupid, awake vs asleep alienates people. The tribe of Corbett Report readers and everyone else. I know this is not intentional which is why I am bringing attention to it. I would like to see more inclusive, less divisive approach. I suspect that is why the use of humour cuts through so effectively to those who normally dismiss “conspiracy theories”, because humour can be a great way for people to drop their defensive resistance to information that doesn’t agree with their existing narrative (we are laughing at ourselves so others can too and then they might listen).

  18. Hi everyone, just bought a membership for the first time and wanted to say hello 👋😄

  19. I live in Australia, It,s a beauiful country but lots of rules, luckly I work outdoors and would spend most my waking hours outside in the real world, I live in the country and allways have. so I get to expirience community on a real level, I do have a mobile phone but only use it for listening to podcasts, but find quiet days of no outside Input the best days. The reality of nature can not be overshadowed by the digital world it is a box within a box within a box. The world is so amazing and i am in awe of it every moment, there are things that scare me a little and i hope i can remain strong in the face of the madness. I love your work James, althoughI don’t join in the chat much, I gleen a lot from reading the post from this community, thank you all! Peace.

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