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Joining us today is Aaron Day, a liberty activist who hasn’t used fiat currency since 2019. James and Aaron discuss the biggest threat to human liberty and the Manhattan Project that Aaron is proposing to come up with a solution for those looking to escape the coming CBDC tyranny.

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Aaron’s Website / Day’s Twitter / Day’s articles at Brownstone

The Final Countdown: Crypto, Gold, Silver, and the People’s Last Stand Against Tyranny by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Podcast – Aaron Day – CBDC Rollout Hits DEFCON 1 & Roger Ver’s Arrest is Just the Beginning

2024-05-14 — Ernest Hancock interviews Aaron Day on Roger Ver

DEFCON 1: Manhattan Project Broadcast (will be live Wednesday, May 22 at 8 PM Eastern)


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UPMA (If people are interested in setting up an online account where they buy gold, silver, and goldbacks which are stored in a central vault in Utah but that can be redeemed physically through the mail or have the value transferred to a debit card. This is a referral link from Aaron Day.)

Crypto veterans call out DOJ for targeting Roger Ver a decade after he left US

Hijacking Bitcoin: The Hidden History of BTC by Roger Ver and Steve Patterson

Joi Ito resigns as MIT Media Lab head in wake of Jeffrey Epstein reporting

Enemies of the State DC Bash where Aaron Day will be honouring Roger Ver

Porcfest 2024 – Day will be giving at least 3 talks on CBDCs and related topics. He is also doing a talk with Steve Patterson, the co-author with Roger Ver of Hijacking Bitcoin



  1. Great interview. On a similar topic, about 10 days ago Gabriel Custodiet discussed “details surrounding the arrest of the Samourai Wallet developers. They then look at how we can protect our own Samourai Wallets in light of various seizures. They conclude by looking at the future of financial privacy.”

    • I agree Jo-ann. This was a GREAT interview with Aaron Day!

      An incredible amount of valuable content was packed into 37 minutes.

      Ya gotta hand it to Corbett – He is a superb host, and lets the guest talk without being interrupted.
      ( 😉 Del Bigtree should take some lessons from Corbett.)

    • This is one topic that scares the living hell out of me as I am disabled and receive state benefits to live off in the UK. I am not wealthy and have very little in the way of savings.
      I’ve always had a skeptical view of how the world actually works and had been awake quite a few years before 9/11 when many more people began to realise the nefarious goings-on of the global elite’s so obviously became aware of the Corbett Report quite early on and also was already Vaccine skeptical way before the proposal of the scamdemic back in 2011 at the Rockerfella foundation seminar. This being said I obviously didn’t get the medical intervention but can’t figure how I could possibly survive a change to a DBC asi have no other source of income.
      I have multiple disabilities and couldn’t possibly go back to work as sometimes I can be awake for 5 days or more due to pain which greatly effects my concentration level and then I sleep through pure exhaustion most of the time I struggle just getting out of bed and pottering around
      It worries me that because of my non compliance with accepting the lethal injection I will be frozen out of any digital currency and have no income whatsoever. I’m not very computer literate and find it difficult to retain information as my mind for the most part is distracted by pain. I am sure a great many other people are or will be in a similar position to me and fear that we could slip through the cracks.
      I would appreciate any ideas of what I can possibly do and also how I can help other’s in the same position
      I have no experience of bit coin or similar currency and no capital to invest in gold or silver.
      Everything seems to be heading to a final conclusion pretty soon and I feel powerless in determining my own future. I get pretty overwhelmed at times and find I have to purge more and more from any and all media all my treatments have stopped since the beginning of 2019 and now I’m just given my meds and no other treatment so not addressing my issue’s just dulling the pain but that doesn’t work anymore and I have really lost all faith in the medical industry anyway
      I don’t have a garden so can’t grow my own food not that I’m fit enough to either. I visit lots of different alternative media sites and see lots of people have woken up to whats happening but AI algorithms very quickly pidgin hole sites to stop new traffic seeing content and although there are lots of good idea’s I feel I don’t fit into any because I can’t really contribute and nothing seems to be happening to stop the Oligarchs from pursuing their plans. People seem to know now that they’ve been duped but no signs of arrests being made hard to tell if any progress is being made also no idea what the future plans would hold for vunerable people like myself.

      • Although you cannot garden, perhaps you can sprout seed for fresh greens, plant vegetables such as small tomatoes and leafy greens in pots in a sunny location. Best wishes to you in your endeavors to live free.

  2. The truth to our reality is THEY set up what ever game they want to play to control us, our health, our well being, etc. THEY took away barter, trade, etc. to be replaced with never ending debt.

    THEY pushed the non existent COVID nonsense to further break us down, see how we would follow stupid ideas like standing 6 feet apart, wearing face diapers, destroyed countless small businesses,

    THEY keep us in constant wars for the profit of corporations that make the war materials and “repair” the damage post war.

    And the REAL truth is we out number THEM thousands to one but their clever dumbing down and never ending agenda of things to fear has taken a once, strong nation of smart, focused, warrior men and women and turned us into fat, lazy, sheep.

    GOTTA RISE UP (song)

  3. Roger Ver was charged with resisting the rape of devaluation of his property. (capital gains tax).

  4. This was a great interview James, congrats!
    Kudos to Aaron for sticking his neck out on this crucial issue.

    I’m sure you must have bit your tongue when he mentioned the upcoming event in Washington honoring Snowden, Assange, et al.

    I remember your interview with Jason Bermas where you discussed Snowden’s book and went through the ‘bath water’ portions after the ‘baby’ parts.

    According to Snowden:

    1. 9/11 was not an inside job.
    2. Men on moon; yes.
    3. Climate change; is real.
    4. Chem trails; not real.

    In my books it’s strike four you’re out!
    But I think you’ll give him the moon landing, if I remember your position correctly. 🙂

    Given everything he said about crypto and Bitcoin I think we might be seeing a last minute crash
    and burn scenario about to unfold on the markets. Bitcoin is now at close to an all-time high of $70,000 US.

    As far as a Gold debit card or any of the other alternative financial currencies he mentioned is concerned, I’m not averse to any of them. However until a tried and true and tested alternative currency system is set up with a large retail adoption, I won’t be parking more than a token amount of my fiat money into it.

    We may soon reach a tipping point where it will be sink or swim. Get sucked into CBDC’s or jump ship and park your life savings into currency ‘x’. 🙁

  5. At 25:50 Aaron says “the only role of the Government in passing a CBDC is to pass a bill that the bankers…..” Please can someone tell me how this sentence ends because I have listened several times now and I cannot understand what he says. Thank you 🙂

    • I understand this:

      “… write and they don’t read”

    • For the general Corbett Audience…
      Corbett TRANSCRIPTS at Substack

      The TRANSCIPTS are high quality, especially compared to YouTube.
      They are searchable with a built-in search box.

      24:53 Aaron Day says:
      “…And when you study the CBDCs that they’re trying to roll out, they’ve been working on this since 2016…
      …It’s important to note the government isn’t creating a CBDC.
      It is the largest banks in the world who are funding the smartest developers in the world to build the CBDC.
      They’ve been doing it since 2016.
      There are at least two Bitcoin core developers that worked on the US retail CBDC.
      One developer in particular, Corey Fields, his name is on the white paper for the US retail CBDC. So these are the best, smartest people.

      The only role of the government in passing a CBDC is to pass a bill that the bankers write that they don’t read.
      That is the only role of Congress in passing a CBDC.
      This is why when I say it’s urgent, this is why it’s urgent, because I think at this point we should all probably accept that it’s pretty likely that they would just sign on to a bill that somebody else wrote in an emergency situation.

      Now, with that said, having lived off of crypto and knowing that it’s become more difficult to use over the years….”

  6. This all sounds so complex. Good thing I have no money to worry about.

    I do however have a very important question:

    Please, can anyone send me to a report or video of the Covid Table Top Exercise?
    I need the date of that. The computer seems to have forgotten it occurred.
    Can’t even pull it up in the search bar here in the Corbett Report.
    Duckie duckie never heard of it.


    Thank you in advance. Digging deep into the star maps of events. You’d be surprised.
    And Trump’s natal chart? Holy Shit.

    • October 18th 2019 – Months prior to the official Pandemic, two Major Events occurred on that date:
      EVENT 201 and also the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan China.

      Both of these can be watched online via YouTube (queue into the 2:17:00 mark of the Military Games for bizarre “New World Order” stuff.)
      EVENT 201 was sponsored by Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum (you know…”The Great Reset” Davos folks) and John Hopkins.
      It has 5 hours of video, with a 12 minute video clip of Highlights.
      Everyone should see it, because it drilled a scenario of a Novel-Coronavirus from China which turned into a global pandemic with millions dying, businesses shutting down, and governments/media censoring the public over the internet.
      When Wuhan was preparing for the Military Games, they ran security drills of a possible escaped virus from the Wuhan Lab a month prior to October 18th. It was in the news.

      Live: Grand opening ceremony of the 7th Military World Games (queue 2:17:00)
      Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel – “centerforhealthsecurity” YouTube Channel

      For the record, prior to the 7th Military World Games, Wuhan ran a number of exercises to ensure security and no major emergency event.
      Here is the archived blog post…
      Wuhan Customs Holds 30 Days Countdown to Military Games and Emergency Response Drill at Ports
      …the drill was performed as if it was real, simulating an actual case of the Novel Coronavirus infection as recently discovered in the Wuhan airport. The drill practice involved epidemiological investigation, medical screening, temporary quarantine zone setting, isolation detention, case transfer, sanitary treatment, and other crucial risk management steps. Moreover, the drill also carefully simulated a recent discovery of baggage with overshooting nuclear radiation….

        • Thank you. That’s another interesting map to examine.
          No doubt it’s all about war, eh?

          “When will they ever learn?”

      • PS I did view that when it was first known to us. I wasn’t surprised by then, though.
        I had perceived the military nature of it by end of Feb. 2020. Simply because they were moving two steps forward, then one back. That’s a military tactic learned from the birthing process, and this truth was confirmed immediately by my 34 years old friend who had recently served eight years in the air force, in communications. Still had to haul dead bodies into planes, though, they all did.
        Anyway, soon after that …and I have no idea how I found this…Dark Journalist did a broadcast re: how suddenly COG was being brought out publicly. I already knew some about COG, ..from the Iran-Contra crap.
        But to view Trump’s natal chart in relation to these specific dates…..damn. Nothing random , nor “elected through popularity” there. How they do know their sidereal astrology.
        And how they do use it. I said a little about it above or below here…

    • Ditto to “Good thing I have no money to worry about.” LOL!

      • here’s an additional laugh:
        Years ago on the Big Island, with my last teenager, we hitched a ride into town. The nice folks who picked us up, young and upcoming, asked us how we were doing in the “economic downturn”.

        I was a bit taken aback. I responded that there was no “down” for us to turn to.
        Later, I related this episode to a friend, who summed it up brilliantly:

        Poverty Is Economic Security

        Then there was the meme in which the “old poor” are coaching the “new poor” on the deal. heehee

    • openlens:

      “This all sounds so complex. Good thing I have no money to worry about.”


      “Ditto to “Good thing I have no money to worry about.” LOL!”

      I don’t think anyone should rest on their laurels concerning CBDC’s and be complacent simply because they aren’t wealthy.

      CBDC’s would be the tip of the iceberg. If and when they are implemented you will notice your privacy being eroded more and more, ever so gradually.
      You may even reach a stage where you are totally controlled (money, movement, way of life, socializing, food etc.).

      • Thank you for responding.
        ‘Well, some us were totally wrong at birth, and “social credit scores” have always been in the negative range for us. Some folks have little to lose other than their life.

        This insane and torturous microwave warfare agenda, fucking the weather up completely to “ionize the sky” so their nifty little DEW’s work good, and then assaulting us with unbelievable amounts of microwave for days and weeks at a time, full pitch screaming in the head twenty four hours a day, with tons of chems everywhere, to move in squared off “rain clouds” to dump their toxic loads.

        It’s a hard rain that’s a falling. It’s not only CBDC technology that’s a death cult. All of technology is a death cult.

        Machines Destroy Sacred Space.

        Sure, they make guys more “powerful”, artificially, so that with those machines that destroy sacred space they can claim and gain more and more and more.

        While all sacred space is destroyed.

        While the wild, which is the source and repository of all life on the planet, including ourselves, “disappears” as did the Native Americans.

        • “…some of us were totally wrong at birth…” ?? Explain.
          “All of technology is a death cult.” The source of tech is the human mind. The 1st tech was simple tools, e.g., bits of chipped stone used to fashion sticks into spears. Without our minds we couldn’t survive because we are inferior physically.
          What is “sacred space”? As individuals, we all disappear. It’s our species that may be immortal, but not if superstition persists.

          • Well, thank you for these questions.

            As I won’t be able to do my yoga practice with this running through my head, I’d best do it first. A curve ball I’ve dealt with for decades, but a bit unsettling first thing in the morning.

            Okay, “born wrong”. Without getting personal and maudlin, ” ’cause everybody dies famous in a small town”, and “every soul has their story to tell” (Miranda Lambert).
            There’s the matter of “original sin”. Seems those who aren’t fully human project this sin of their own upon us.

            The difference between a tool and a technology is such an important question that I’ve long ago spent years defining and understanding this for myself.
            This is my understanding.

            A tool is an implement, an extension of ability with a one-to-one relationship to the “wielder” of the tool; the agent of activation of the tool
            A technology is a multiplication of ability or power or strength or speed..etc…Which “creates”…actually,in truth, multiplies through artifice…the initial input from the “activating agent. ”

            The way I would tell the story of a tool vs. a technology, if I was storytelling to all my relations of all ages, is thus:

            There was an apprentice. The apprentice’s master said”Today your practice is to cut these vegetables. ”

            The apprentice who wants to be a warrior is angry. Mars does not want to be in the kitchen, Mars wants to burn down the battlefield . He’s so mad he may cut himself.

            The apprentice who wants to be a chef will apply every bit of expertise and speed and finesse to cutting those veggies.

            The apprentice who wants to talk to angels, will cut those vegetables reverently and gratefully and feel uplifted by their colors and textures and forms, and he will feel one with all of creation through the contemplation of the wonder and mystery of life.

            The apprentice who wants to be a sorcerer will soon put down the knife, pick up his “spelling book”, and incite the knife to cut the vegetables for him, on it’s own.
            That’s technology.

            When the knife is being used by the hand, a one-to-one relationship, this is a tool.
            When the tool can be made to “replicate” it’s activity without additional one to one input, this is a technology.

            Tools are human, even crows use tools. Machines are not. Technology is from the Machine. Tools are from the Mind.
            The activating agent of a tool is alive. The multiplicating agent of a machine is dead stuff.

            I’m sorry. The question “what is sacred space” is the saddest question I’ve ever heard.

            However, a man from Spain was relating to me last eve how his father scorned him when he told his dad that if one gets entirely away from all electromagnetic pollution, one sleeps amazingly well and fully.
            Then his dad went to such a place. And then he knew this experience for himself.

            It’s impossible to share the “experience” of the Cascade Peaks or West Virginia in the springtime with a person who has lived in NYC their entire life. They have no reference.

          • To be super brief:

            The laborer/worker is the tool.
            Slavery is the technology.
            Part of that technology are all the words in english for tools which are applied to men and men’s genitals.
            ref: Peter Murphy: “Studs, Tools, and The Family Jewels. “

          • Your statement, “as individuals we all disappear” is especially applicable to Native North Americans.

            I would challenge the grounds and embodied perspective of this statement.
            Who says? How does that serve them?

        • Openlens,
          I agree with your sacred space and technology but the Hollywood Indian commit is going to have to be explained. All the Indians were men and women and acted as human. What evil or admiral qualities ran the length of what being human has always been. They did not disappear,they adapted and you leave the reader amused at the Hollywood version of disappeared. Can you explain kemosabi?

          • Go find the actual statistics, proudly published for centuries, of how the North American Native population was decimated by app. 97% within a scant 150 years, basically.
            Sure, there’s as many of us left as Buffalo, General Custer. Sucks to have to face the fact that what goes around, comes around. Even when it’s smack in your face.

            The policy was and remains one of complete extermination. OTherwise, you have zero claim to the land. End. Of. Story.

            I know, I know it’s the total shits to have to realize in the full light of day that you’re being done up the same way your ancestors done up those who were in “their way”. But it’s the truth.

            Passion, aggression, and ignorance are the three “crops” most addictively cultivated by humans. What they want, what they don’t want, and what they are determined to never know.

            Ignorance, of course, is The King of Poisons. It undergirds the other two.

          • By the way, General Custer, is this “Hollywood” you speak of something on your tv?

            So sorry. I blew up the tv in 1967. Raised a family of six and wouldn’t have any of it ever in my home. Wouldn’t let them be “sat or kept” by anyone as would sit them in front of that sick shit, either.

            So yeah, I wouldn’t know much about your “Hollywood”, or what exactly that means to you when you refer to it.
            Although we did spend a couple of weeks crashing there in the early seventies. I read the novel about Manson and Polansky’s fun together. And never wanted to go anywhere near the place again.

            How about you? What’s your “Hollywood” experience?

            • Openlens

              I was curious about your statement among some of your other very nice writings.

              [While the wild, which is the source and repository of all life on the planet, including ourselves, “disappears” as did the Native Americans.]

              My question came from your big island experience. Did you see any natives on the big island or have they also all disappeared. It’s curious to me , those statements are ambiguous. As though the natives were in a vacuum outside or separate from the victors telling of history after the fact. You know the Hollywood version.
              It really bugs me when the disappearing native narrative is thrown out like dice, comes up craps most times. Makes them as invisible today as they were back in the day, the days of killing the pests that inhabited the landbase.
              I did enjoy the rest of what you espoused. We are all renters here.

              • YEs, there are native Hawaiians on the Big Island. They are generally the most impoverished, and so in recent years this has been addressed many ways. Not always effective.
                Such as…when the lava takes land, it reverts to the State. And so, when the Hawaiian people of Kalapana years ago lost an entire community, as happens regularly, there are provisions for them to have land to live on returned to them.
                Only glitch is it takes about thirty years. The “hawaiian HOmelands” govt. agency controls. And now, after those thirty years, when they are given an area of black rock to build on, what they build, of course, must be done “to code”.
                So….Hawaii has traditionally, since colonization, been run by first the Brits, then Americans, but for long now, the Japanese. They took control of the University and the politics. They are the dentists and lawyers, for the most part.
                Hawaii politics is dirty and infamous. Was known as “The Laughing Stock of The EPA” ( lead article sunday SF paper, app. 1989) Because any chemical banned in the US could be sold easily in Hawaii. The Hawaii CAne and Sugar was bankrupt fo twenty years while the govt. subsidized it to continue spraying every poison imaginable. The rate of birth defects is very hign.
                The cane is finally gone.
                All non-native Hawaiians of dark skin are known as “locals”. Any one with not dark skin is known as “Haoli”, which means “without breath”. Blacks are considered outcastes to them.
                It’s not the advertised Paradise. It’s very violent, as is the volcano, and known as rip-off central, even to travellers.
                Yes, we are all travelers here, just passing through. But we’re all here to learn different skills and ways.

                I’m still trying to get an interview with the person who owned it all from the start and sold it. No luck yet.

                MY substack is Laughing’s substack, Blue Electric Storm.
                I do some astrology there, and am about to go through D. Drumph’s chart bit by bit. I really prefer doing event charts, but it’s necessary for us to learn that we are different for good reasons. And it’s all needed to complete the circle. Not a one of us can perceive except from our unique embodied position. We need perceivers all the way around.
                NOw, if we can just get them to notice the elephant

              • PS The Hawaiian Natives are the smallest minority on the Islands.
                They are, the Islands, the US Military’s “Nuclear Stockpile of The Pacific”.

                The base up at the top of Big Island is littered with depleted uranium bullets. Practice, you know.

                If you’re driving by it’s area up top there, and you stop for a bit to cool your brakes, crazy road, they’ll be on you in ten minutes, offering to guide you down the hill and rescue you if your machine freaks and fails.
                But you can’t stop anywhere on that road near that base. That’s all.
                Big Island is extremely unique and alive. New land being laid down continuously. NO dead spirits are allowed to hang out. It’s fresh and new. Going back and forth from ghost saturated Thailand to the Big Island showed me exactly what the “night walkers” role is.
                The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated land base on the planet. They are a fascination. Don’t miss it.
                Blessed Be

    • Thank you to all who responded. I assumed it began at 9 am. Though it was sponsored by Gates and WEF, it was held in Trump’s home town of NYC. Thank you also for all the additional info and links.

      Uhmmm, I heard a comment some weeks ago about Trump being sent to military academy for some time when young to get him out of the parental home, due to his annoying arrogance or something.

      Naw. I don’t think so. The dates of Event 201, Warp Speed Announcement, they both have Trump’s birth chart writ all over them. That dude seriously considers himself a Major Military Leader.

      So does the chart of the destruction of Paradise California,;as well as that of when he and his black Jesuit buddies” did their sickening photo op there eleven days later.

      It’s intense. The dude was born smack dab in the crux of a total lunar eclipse. He considers himself a king. A Very Dark King. Born into shadow.

      The man is a total fail at business. His first wife made his fortunes for him. And as Gerald Celente repeats, “when all else fails, take them to war. ”

      History proves that “war leaders” have to be the biggest and best con artists.

      Every one of these puppets are chosen for their roles because of their sidereal birth placements. It’s so evident it’s scary. Frankly.

      After thirty five years of very critical and dubious and careful study of astrology, with a focus on the ancient Indus core of the Moon Mansions for the past fifteen years, I can say that if I was offered someone’s ten year diary ,or someone’s time and place of birth, as a resource with which to “get to know them”, I’d take the birth data, hands down.

      • Openlens, with your experience in astrology, of which I am curious but do not know my birth time, is there a resource you would recommend that we can access in order to work out our birth time (presumably from looking at the dates of the major events in our lives) so we can then find our birth chart?

        I understand that from our birth chart we can identify our life’s purpose. I am very curious to know this. Thank you in advance.

        • If you know the place and date, the day you were born, you can still learn very much. For one thing, people didn’t have accurate clocks, so the Moon was and still is the main indicator for much , because the Moon shows the Mind.
          The precise time is needed to figure the ascendant degree, which then becomes, whatever rashi/sign that is in, become the first house.
          And of course, once the first house is set, then all the houses proceed in order with the signs in them proceeding in order also.
          So knowing that ascendant is important for it is very indicative of the person overall and generally, and sets the order of the signs in the houses, Each “house” is a different “area of activity” of our lives.

          Chart rectification is complex, I haven’t learned it, but I will search around and see if I can find some instructions. YEs, it is done through matching up events and planets and houses, etc., in retrospect. Such as when your siblings were born, stuff like that.

          Asking as astrologer to do that for you, you’d want to know what kind of system they are using, which some like to get smarny complex and mix them up these days.
          Look for upcoming substack posts, I’ll post it there when and if I find actual directions available for doing that. My substack is “Laughing’s substack ..Blue Electric Storm. ”
          I did do a post a few months back on how to pull up your sidereal chart from
          Our purpose, our duty in life, what we came here to do, that is named Dharma.

  7. Aaron suggests we need a “better, faster, cheaper alternative”.

    This already exists (in alfa). It is the big block version of bitcoin, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV).

    The next generation BSV node software, Teranode, is currently demonstrating over 1 million transactions per second. That is way more than all card payment systems combined. See

    A BSV transactions is super cheap. Currently 0.000007 USD for a typical peer-to-peer transaction. See for proof.

    Why are you not involved in this blockchain?

  8. I’m one of those who thinks that people who’s address is on a mail box at the end of their driveway, and use a phone to talk deserve to have their financial system transparent and fairly administered !
    Their wealth should not be stolen through new technology that is beyond their comprehension and distributed to people who have never earned or saved using technology based mystic money magic stealing their inheritance for the money changers !
    My wealth is in land , water, livestock , tools, books, and most importantly knowledge and experience !
    My savings and SSI go to pay taxes and support my equipment and losses farming and ranching with some supporting my retirement excesses like food medicine and travel its bad enough having government and industry tracking my plate and cards!
    Having to transact with unreliable tractable cell phone technology is not on my list of good things , cash is king in the world of small business !

    I have however invested in precious metals candy bars, bulk and junk silver coins that can be used for tokens of value in a pinch ,take a 90 % silver coin and the spot on silver and simple math will give you exchange rate that can be done with a pencil pad and with simple math that even I can do ! I’m sure there is and app and people under 60 can use a calculator and cell phone since most cant do basic anything without one !
    I once handed a shovel to a young man and instructed him to shovel shit unto a wheel barrel and dump outside barn in a pile and he couldnt figure out he had to put phone away to operate a shovel , it was somewhat comical watching him google shoveling shit with one hand and attempting to operate the shovel with the other , then he informed me it was against child labor laws and he wanted a break , he’s been on break for several years now ! He’ll probably sue when he gets out of law school !
    Technology has allowed and facilitated a acceleration of the gift and theft of the resources of my once great country and any new technology will just accelerate the death of the family farm and the middle class into a classless digital society of theft and deception !
    Monetary Revolution will never occur until we admit what is wrong with current system and punish the Government theft and what is proposed is just a better way to steal , theft by technology is still theft !

    • You sound like one of them domestic terrorists. Tsk, tsk.

    • 🙂 Nice comical anecdote with a punch line…“he wanted a break, he’s been on break for several years now!”

  9. An excerpt from the interview:

    > Wiped out due to the growing state and unintended consequences of gigantic regulation.

    This strikes me as a very ingenuous statement. If overreaching “regulation” has a purpose that is to obliterate competition. That is it’s first and foremost purpose, I find it strange that someone who ran/runs a large company does not understand that.

    One random thought: why is electricity expenditure never mentioned when talking about crypto currencies?

  10. This episode is like a massive 5 alarm warning. The title is very understated.

  11. Thank you for all the content you produce James. It’s commendable that Aaron Day encourages people to decrease their use of fiat.

    To all reading this, please don’t lower your guard too much. It is sad to see what happened to Roger Ver, but please do listen to those who remain with Bitcoin as well. The push to drastically increase block size would have hurt the decentralized properties of Bitcoin. While not everyone should have to run a node, keeping the cost of doing so relatively low is critical. Storing every single coffee purchase transaction directly on the blockchain for all time is crazy. Having the majority on layer 2 (Lightning Network etc) just makes sense.

    If you take Roger Ver’s arrest as proof of “real resistance”, please note that the Bitcoin Samourai privacy service founders where also recently arrested. It’s just that the cathedral has woken up to crypto more in general.

    Satoshi actually wanted to use the sequence field in transactions to enable layer 2 payment channels. Since miners cannot be relied upon to respect that field, something more complex like the Lightning Network was required.

    The forking of and cambrian explosion of cryptos out from the original may in fact be viewed as an attack on Bitcoin. It’s reminiscent of the flooding-approach suggested by participants in Event 201 pandemic exercise around how to control the narrative and blur out true dissent.

    The recent Bitcoin ETFs risk encouraging fractional reserve, which I certainly do not like. Whatever crypto you buy/use – get it off exchanges and take custody yourself!

    Bitcoin is not perfect, I have some respect for Monero, but the cat has been out of the bag since 2009 and creating a “better bitcoin” with new developers in full control does not a decentralized network make. Bitcoin today is the better bitcoin. It’s still not done, it has a lot of shortcomings, but a small army of government disrespectors are working on improving it and the ecosystem around it.

    It would be great if James would also have someone from the Bitcoin ecosystem on to share their perspective.

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Best solutions watch ever! BCH baby! This is one that I can really sink my teeth into. Remember, don’t put all your value in at once. Buy a little, spend a little. It gets easier as you go. BCH!!

  13. I love the way this man thinks. I think he is bang on, and what he is saying makes so much sense. If we can’t wake up enough people quickly enough, we have to create an alternative that even unawake people will prefer and therefore use.

  14. I have stored by wealth in gold/silver since 1966, when I read Greenspan’s “Gold and Economic Freedom”. He was a close friend of Ayn Rand before he went over to “the dark side”.
    The use of ounces is inconvenient. We should use grams to denote quantities of money, e.g., a GG, gold gram.
    I don’t trust a repository. It can be physically attacked. I favor totally decentralized money, not paper promises or digitally represented. Banking may work, but only after humanity stops concentrating political power and totally decentralizes it down to the sovereign individual.

  15. I wonder whether Aaron Day is familiar with Qortal. James Corbett has discussed this decentralized network in the past. Ernie Hancock has interviewed the founder, as has Mike Adams and Sayer Ji. Qortal is not well known yet, I think, but actually has may features that Aaron Day values.

  16. Avoid Spritz at all cost, it’s a full-on KYC platform with biometrics included.

    • And Bitpay is the same…

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